Political Memo: A Tale of Three Parties

When Maoist Chairman Prachanda says that the implementation of peace agreement is a must the happening of Constituent Assembly polls, he seems to have forgotten the fact that the holding of CA itself is part of the peace process. It’s no secret that the comrade’s party is running away from the electoral competition in one pretext or the other. The Maoist party has fallen into a trap. The party that fought a bloody civil war demanding the CA election is now shying away from election, the fact Prachanda loves to deny saying that how could a party that fought the war for election run away from election. What Prachanda is saying is vastly different from what his party, under the pressure of radical nationalism, doing lately.

The situation on the Nepali Congress front is not encouraging either. Sujata Koirala, one of the persons who shamelessly encouraged corruption and nepotism in the democratic period of the 90s, is talking about reactivating the 1990 constitution that gives sweeping powers to the king in the name of constitutional monarchy. Guess who is standing with Sujata for this reactionary intention? Yes, you guessed it right: Govinda Raj Joshi, a man who plundered the nation during the 90s and was chargesheeted by the anti-graft body CIAA.One can only wish, at this point in time, that the republican force in the party successfully quell this menace sponsored by the palace-paid group of corrupts as soon as possible.

On the UML front, KP Oli is heavily coming against Maoists and the UML’s decision to cooperate with the Maoists in the recently concluded special session of the parliament. Oli’s betenoire in the UML, General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal, is as always, sending confusing signals that suggest his hunger for power and unclear mindset. He appears to have encouraged by the prodding he got from the Maoists regarding the possible leader of the government if Koirala administration falls. That seems far from happening for now.





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  2. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    The worst role at this juncture is being played by UML.
    Makune is hell bent to be PM at the cost of anything. UML is emerging
    like a party without any CHARACTER, like Maoists. Because of its present role UML will have to pay the price in the election. People won’t vote for a party theta is misleading the people. People want peace, not this or that system of election. Both UML and Maoists are posing obstacles to the PEACE.

  3. sagarmatha Avatar

    To be very frank all three thug leaders Koirala, Dahal and Nepal are the problem of this country in present context. Until and unless they are removed or wiped out from the politics neither this country lead to democracy and peace nor any economic development. Their tussle bringing ethnic war in Nepal.

    Now Limbuwan and khumbuwan have 6000 forces, Sadhbhavan has developed 23,000 forces and Jwala and Goit has announced 26 brigade i.e. around 4000 arm forces. Where maoist have 35,000 arm forces and 100,000 forces. In addition, Nepal government has around 150,000 arm forces in addition to around 30,000 police forces. How much other ethnic groups developed their forces in near future yet to be seen in their tenure.

  4. nischalu chhantyal Avatar
    nischalu chhantyal

    It is HIGH time guys to start thinking about waging a new, peacful revolution. This brand new revolution should be launched to get rid of the same old faces in nepali politics. Girija, Makune, and Dahal have shown their true colors. They only care about their personal fulfulment. When have they talked about nation as a whole? They do not have any clue about how to set the country in the right direction. We, the young generation must seriously worry about what’ happening to our dear motherland. These old bastards are not capable of running the country’s affairs.

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