Headlines: The Great Mistrust Between Congress and Maoist

The growing mistrust between Nepali Congress and CPN Maoist, and the ‘neither-this-side-nor-that-side’ policy of the CPN UML are the main reasons of the current political impasse that, it seems, will not be easily solved in the regular session of the parliament that will start tomorrow. UWB presents the headlines and news snippets related to the current crisis that are as varied as the voices and arguments within the six party alliance that appears to be on the edge of the break up (click on the headlines to read in detail):

Parties intensify discussions to end deadlock

Maoists step up pressure campaign

KATHMANDU, Nov 18 – The political parties have intensified intra- and inter-party discussions Sunday afternoon in bid to find a consensus among them to implement the motions endorsed by the special session of the interim parliament, seeking an arrangement for declaring the country a republic and adopting an all-out proportional system for the Constituent Assembly elections before the winter session of the House begins on Monday.
The Nepali Congress (NC) is holding its parliamentary party meeting at the official residence of the Prime Minister in the run up winter House session.

No alternative to implementation of House motions: Speaker

KATHMANDU, Nov 18 – Speaker Subash Chandra Nemwang Sunday said that there is no alternative to implement the motions on a republic and a fully proportional representation system passed by the special session of the interim parliament.

PM downplays left demand for his ouster

Kathmandu, Nov 18: Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala has brushed aside as a “worn-out thing” plans of some leftist parties, including the Maoists, to seek his resignation, which he said he has heard only on the media. Responding to a question raised by journalists that the other parties were seeking his resignation, PM Koirala said, “I have heard of that through newspapers.

NC won’t violate constitution to overthrow monarchy: Shekhar

KATHMANDU, Nov 18 – Nepali Congress Central Member Dr Shekhar Koirala Sunday said that the party does not want to overthrow the monarchy breaching the interim constitution.

SPA meet to discuss House directives

Kathmandu, Nov 18: Amid growing pressure from the Maoists and the CPN-UML to implement the parliamentary special session’s strictures, Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala will put the issue before a seven-party meeting on Monday.

The seven-party meeting will take place a few hours before the start of the regular session of parliament slated for Monday.

PM should step down: MPRF chief

BANKE, Nov 17 – Chairman of Madheshi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) Upendra Yadav has said Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala should step down on moral grounds for his failure to fulfil the mandate of the April 2006s

Going against House directive will cost NC dear: Dr Bhattarai

Nov 18: Maoist No. 2 Dr Baburam Bhattarai has warned that the Nepali Congress “will have to pay a heavy price” if it goes against the directive of the parliament to declare the country a republic and adopt proportional voting system.

Declare republic and fix new date for CA polls: CMDP

Nov 18: The Civil Society Movement for Democracy and Peace (CMDP) has advised the political parties to declare the country a republic from the interim parliament and immediately fix a date for the election to Constituent Assembly by reaching a political consensus.

NC-Maoist Rift will Result in Crisis: Nepal

Bara, November 18: General secretary of the CPN (UML) Madav Kumar Nepal warned on Saturday that widening gulf between the Nepali Congress and the Maoists will give rise to a great crisis.

He was addressing a function organised in Inarwasira of Bara to condole the death of journalist Birendra Shah. “The nation has already stepped into the path of a republic,” Nepal said, adding, “The CPN (UML) is working for the abolition of monarchy.”

Winter session will resolve political deadlock, claims Sitaula

Nov 17: Home Minister Krishna Prasad Situala has claimed that the forthcoming winter session of the interim parliament will find a solution to the current political deadlock.

Speaking at programme in the capital Saturday, Sitaula said, “Whatever the Maoists may have said, the forthcoming parliament session will surely resolve the political deadlock.”

NC’s last-ditch bid to iron out differences

Kathmandu, November 17: With just two days left for the regular winter session of the interim parliament, the Nepali Congress has initiated consultations with political parties to reach a consensus on the contentious issues of republic and fully proportional electoral system.

An NC taskforce headed by NC acting president Sushil Koirala met the leaders of the CPN-Maoist at their party office at Buddhanagar this morning and discussed the ways to implement the understandings and agreements reached in the past and the ways to move ahead in the future keeping intact the seven-party unity.

Declaring republic without NC’s wish is not possible: Minister Pokharel

Nov 18: Minister for Health and Population Giriraj Mani Pokharel has said that declaring the country a republic against Nepali Congress’s wishes and holding Constituent Assembly election without Maoists participating in it is impossible.

Speaking at a programme in Gaighat of Udaypur district, Minister Pokharel said that the seven parties are holding discussions to build a new agreement in order to ensure implementation of the proposal on turning the country a republic and adopting a proportional representation based electoral system.

Street Protests Can’t Topple Govt: Shekhar

Phidim, November 18: Nepali Congress (NC) central leader Dr Shekhar Koirala today expressed strong objection over the remark of Maoist chairman Prachanda of changing the government guard and parliament from the street if there was no political understanding by November 22.

Maoist irresponsibility caused crisis: K P Oli

KATHMANDU, Nov 15 – CPN-UML leader K P Sharma Oli has held the Maoists mostly responsible for postponing the constituent assembly (CA) election and rendering it further uncertain.
“The Maoists’ self-contradictory slogan — ‘Let’s disrupt CA polls for ensuring the CA’ — itself makes it crystal clear what they want and who is responsible for postponing the polls,” he said at a function organized by Reporters’ Club Nepal in the capital, Thursday.

‘NC should be ready for change in govt leadership’

KATHMANDU, Nov 15 – General Secretary of CPN-UML Madhav Kumar Nepal on Thursday said the Nepali Congress (NC) should be ready for a change in the leadership of the government if the Maoists refuse to go for Constituent Assembly (CA) elections under present leadership.

Following a meeting with General Secretary of CPN-Unity Center (Masal) Narayankaji Shrestha ‘Prakash’, Nepal said, “The Nepali Congress should take it seriously and be ready for a change in government leadership so that the Maoists will take part in the Constituent Assembly poll.”

POLITICAL CONSULTATIONS: Merry-go-round parleys bring outlet no nearer

KATHMANDU, Nov 14 – Despite an endless merry-go-round of political consultations and a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, a way out of the current political impasse seems distant still.
The cabinet held its first meeting after the Tihar festival this morning but didn’t discuss the political stalemate in great detail. Some ministers raised questions about what the official stance of cabinet members should be regarding the proposals passed by the interim parliament.

Parties working out accord: Prachanda

DANG, Nov 14 – CPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda) said here on Wednesday that the political parties have stepped up their efforts to reach an agreement before November 19 when the winter session of the interim parliament begins.

Addressing a press meet organized by the Revolutionary Journalists Association in Ghorahi, Dang district on Wednesday, Prachanda asserted that remedies for the current political crisis should be sought from within the seven parties. “The constituent assembly (CA) elections would remain uncertain if the parties don’t reach an agreement in the next few days,” he warned.





24 responses to “Headlines: The Great Mistrust Between Congress and Maoist”

  1. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Misturst between the NC and the Maoists? I think the heading should read “Mistrust between the Nepalese people and the Maoists” or “Mistrust between the Maoists and Nepal”.
    Who trusts the Maoists in Nepal besides a handful of their own cadres?

  2. Nepali Avatar

    Bhudai Pundit, you are right that only Wagle can say that and he can only trust to Maoist Terrorist.

  3. Bhaskar Avatar

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    Therefore, the Nepali Congress Party should not fear the threatenings of these raskals; they should kick the Maoists out of power.

    What if the Nepali Congress arrest these inhuman animals and throw them in the jail, ban the Maoist Party and conduct election with the help of the army and the international community?

    ??????? ?????

  4. s 1:17 Avatar
    s 1:17

    HA HA and HA again…

  5. Vashir Avatar

    Power struggle between NC and CPNM

    That is what is going on between NC and CPNM, it is not mistrust. In politics, there is no such thing as trust, there are but only transient alliances of common vested interests.

    The Delhi agreement is a living proof of it. Now that both the NC and CPNM got what they wanted, they are tussling for the top spot on the pecking order.

    The sufferings of the people of this country is due to the mixture of all of the feudal monarchy, the autocratic rana oligarchy, the fascist panchayat, the corrupt prajatantra, the people’s war, and now, the downward spiralling loktantra.

    The stalwarts of democracy- NC, UML and CPNM too are undemocratic.

    When two bulls fight, it is the grass that gets trampled. So, in the end, we the people will be the greatest losers.

    If we were to remove all these parasitic forces, we would need management, funding, organization, dedication and devotion. For that, we will need everyone of the country and expatriot nepalis behind us.

    At this point, all of us engaged in our own problems- that for survival, for education, for jobs etc. So, these parties take undue advantage.

    A dialogue won’t help in our context because every party is stubborn. Using military force will not help either.

    A civil movement, like that started by Gandhi in India, can only cleanse our country of all the artificial divide and instability these forces are bringing to our beloved country. I wish we had someone like Gandhi for Nepal.

  6. democracy Avatar

    What was Gandhi’s suggestion for the foreign ideas?

  7. hope Avatar

    Lefts are forcing NC to forge alliance with disgruntled monarchy ultimately.

    The solution for current stalemate is REFERENDUM. Referendum for Monarchy, for CA polls(PR or mixed PR), for PLAs ‘integration ‘ into NA. And if maoists still donot come onboard and accept the verdict then a complete war against a terrorist party, with military support from neighbours and the US.

    Got to get the solution, time is runing out , unfortunately ,not only for the SPAs but also for the People. Otherwise Nepal will follow the situation of Somalia,Burundi,Ruwanda!!

  8. democracy Avatar

    Referendum is the swiss secret it is slow and it works they voted against summertime because it was not good for cow and women got voting right only in the sixties, but they are boss over their own counttry.
    Italian secret is NOT TO DO ANYTHING AT ALL.
    Italy is a mess swiss is fine, unfortunately profoundly racist. Mountain people, closed by nature.

  9. B Avatar


    You hope too much. First you hoped that the inclusion of maoists in the the mainstream politics and ouster of the king will turn this country into a paradise. Now, you hope bringing in foreign troops into Nepal will give nepalis peace and happiness. Your first hope has almost cost this nation its independence, sovereignity and existance. Your new hope will wipe out a lot of innocent and patriot nepalis too.

  10. sagarmatha Avatar


    Don’t forget, the maoist is the co-partner of NC in Janaandolan -2 to till now. Because of the support of maoist, Girija got this position now. And Girija is still saying that our unity with maoist will be as it is.

    But why…… first you aks this question to Girija and come back to the people….

  11. ufck democracy ! Avatar
    ufck democracy !

    Mr. HOPE ! Just go and live in the villages of Nepal for a while.

    You will then realize that we are no better than Somalia,Burundi,Ruwanda already !!

    The Maoists warlords are no better than the murdering
    Hutus of Rwanda. Loot, Murder, Rape is common. Anyone who speaks out dissapears – 2 murdered journalists are just the tip of the iceberg !

  12. Damodar Gautam Avatar
    Damodar Gautam


    Agendas discussed


    • The party is very weak in the terai and there is no one who can
    provide competent leadership in the terai.
    • Terai representative MP Yadav has failed to contribute to the
    government and the organization.


    • Maoist ministers in the government haven’t performed well because of
    the prevalent conservative working style, the prime minister
    functioning as if he heads a majority government, the outdated
    perceptions and approach of the bourgeois NC and UML, hostility of
    civil servants and employees, non cooperation of the international
    community and the biasness of security forces.


    • Foreign policy inconsistent and ambiguous
    • ‘China card’, meant for power balance, has had a detrimental effect
    on the party
    • Not in party’s interest to adopt a tough policy towards India.


    • In view of the possibility of indigenous people’s agitation inviting
    ethnic conflict and even national disintegration, discussions must be
    held with them to address their just demands while current
    constitution is still operational.
    • Federal state structure is the best alternative.


    • In view of the EPA’s success thus far in taking the nation forward,
    this unity is further bolstered in future also.


    • To strengthen EPA unity and gain trust of the international
    community, all previous accords and agreements with SPA must be


    • The Comprehensive Peace Agreement must be respected.

    • Emphasis must be given to camp construction and management.
    • All possible measures should be adopted to ensure favorable
    verification process.
    • While about 2680 combatants have deserted camps since 22/09/06, the
    number of absconders after verification stands at around 1750.
    • It is but natural for young, immature and untrained manpower to desert.
    • UNMINS follows USA’s bidding.
    • UNMIN is most inefficient.
    • In recent times, UNMIN has been prejudiced.
    • For these reasons, there’s no need to accept UNMIN as the highest
    and most effective authority.


    • Continue efforts to ensure relief to the martyr’s family and injured
    and continue collecting details of the disappeared.
    • Galvanize and activate human rights activists, media, NGO/INGO,
    physically challenged people, the oppressed and exploited classes,
    martyr’s families and sister organizations to create disturbances so
    that security forces will have no option but to seek the Maoist
    • Use disturbances as excuse to foment agitation.


    • NC – Confused, inclined to salvaging the remnants of monarchy, main
    opponents Maoists
    • UML – Extremely unstable and unpredictable, has fallen in the rightists trap.
    • RJP – RPP – Totally against Maoists, in favor of monarchy.
    • Madeshi Janadhikar Forum and Sadhbhavna – Strong indication that
    they will unite to form a strong alliance and concentrate on
    eliminating the Maoists.


    • Although UML is the main obstacle, efforts at forging left unity
    will continue even if it entails splitting that party.


    • CA elections cannot be held under the present circumstances.
    • If elections are held at the stipulated time, it will damage the
    party to a large extent.


    • To politically damage the possible unification of the two NC’s and
    to eliminate the parties (esp. NC) from the terai region, there will
    be no compromise on the demand for a PR system.


    • YCL’s militant and unruly behaviors must be curbed and the
    organization transformed into a creative, competent and popular one,
    which can win the hearts and minds of the people.
    • Change YCL’s name, if necessary.


    • Possibility of a dangerous conspiracy by regressive forces in the
    immediate future is remote.
    • The regressive element is isolated, having lost confidence and trust
    both at home and abroad.
    • However, this element should not be underestimated and it is
    essential to remain vigilant and alert against it.


    • This agenda was not accepted because of domestic circumstance and
    the international environment.
    • Priority must be given to creating a favorable environment and
    getting this proposal adopted.


    • With the country’s future uncertain and a bleak economic crisis
    looming high, there is a need to identify new natural and export
    oriented resources.


    • The chairman’s report skillfully addresses the opponents’ demands
    and has succeeded in silencing them.
    • Although opponents: Vaidya, Gajurel, Badal and Biplav – supported
    the report, they believe the chairman is killing the revolution by not
    opting for continuation of the people’s movement.
    • The opponents had proposed quitting the government to start an
    uprising but since they had no concrete program, they were forced to
    remain silent.
    The essence and objectives of the Chairman’s report are as follows:

    1. to appease the opponents by addressing their agenda
    2. to calm resentment against Maoist ministers
    3. to prove that the leadership is still revolutionary
    4. to wreck the environment needed to conduct elections, while always
    stress on the necessity of elections
    5. to show that the party is in favor of peace
    6. to garner international sympathy and support
    7. to keep high the morale of the distraught rank and file
    8. to encourage and energize combatants and YCl
    9. to intensify and take advantage of infighting in other parties
    10. to buy time to introduce some reforms in their own party by
    ensuring other parties become ineffective
    11. to invigorate organizational expansion within the party
    12. to strengthen the organization structure of the party, its
    leadership and cadre base
    13. to hide the failures and inadequacies of the past one year
    14. to deceive RIM AND COMPOSA so that they do not boycott the party


    • not to quit the government or EPA
    • not to end the ceasefire or return to war
    • Always talk about holding elections but, in reality, ensure they are not held.


    • the party’s foreign policy is erroneous
    • the party is soft on India
    • the government, which includes their own party, is unsuccessful
    • the leadership makes compromises on principles and is opportunistic
    and materialistic
    • the party cadres are terrorized
    • The party has lost the cause of nationalism and is entangled in
    Indian influence.
    • more emphasis is laid on encouraging YCL violence than their
    intellectual transformation
    • Declare Nepal a republic from the interim parliament or quit the government.
    • A revolution is indispensable
    • The demands and agenda of the opposing faction were naturally
    sidelined because of the cordial relationships between the chairman
    and leader Dr.Bhatterai.
    • No one has the courage to challenge the leadership and Prachanda
    continues as the undisputed chairman.
    • Many central level leaders had speculated that the plenum would
    adopt chairman Prachanda’s report, which was full of double standards,
    without any difficulty and that he would succeed in continuing the
    status quo policy by confusing the cadres
    • The ‘double standards policy’ of the chairman refers to his stated
    policy to mobilize an uprising on the one hand and his other strategy
    of strengthening and adhering to the current status quo on the other.


    • The YCL is criticized all over.
    • Public confidence in and support for the party is waning.
    • In the Terai, the party cannot even defend itself, while, in the
    hilly regions, it is not in a position of strength.
    • There is no doubt that the people’s movement and uprising will not
    receive public approval.
    • In reality, the results of the forthcoming CA elections will
    challenge their very survival as a political party
    • The party would be totally destroyed if they broke the ceasefire and
    returned to war
    • Should the party opt to quit the government, the EPA alliance would
    collapse and it would be left alone
    • It is not possible to unilaterally withdraw from the 12- point
    agreement and other accords
    • The Nepalese and the international community will not recognize the
    declaration of a republic from the Interim Parliament


    • South Block’s suggestion to quit the government and take up the role
    of an opposition party was taken by the Chairman as an international
    ploy to isolate and eliminate the Maoists
    • The chairman agreed that Prof S.D.Muni and RAW’s advise to enter the
    political mainstream was the best and only alternative for the party
    • As the major political parties have lost their popularity in the
    Terai, he thought it appropriate to raise the demand for proportional
    representation in the CA elections as the main issue in order to
    appease India and the Terai population and minimize the role of other
    • At a time when the causes of nationalism and patriotism are lost, he
    has taken into consideration the other parties’ suggestion that an
    uprising and war could divide the nation even further


    • Chairman Prachanda’s report was adopted without much difficulty
    after a simple discussion
    • Chairman Prachanda was established as the unanimous leader in the party
    • Although a simple discussion was held on the agenda of initiating an
    uprising and struggle, not more than 10 % of MP’s, ministers and 25 %
    of those representing districts endorsed it.
    • There will be an increase in the number of Central Committee members
    and responsibilities are to be reassigned.
    • Although internal strife continues within the party, Chairman
    Prachanda cleverly neutralized it to avoid dissention among combatants
    and cadres.
    • Emphasis was laid on unity among left parties as an essential
    pre-requisite for people’s movement although the chances of such a
    movement taking place in the immediate future are minimal.
    • The plenum sent a message to the international community that
    Maoists are in favor of CA elections and the regressive forces, Nepali
    Congress and Terai were to be blamed should it be postponed.
    • The YCL must be transformed into a popular and effective organization.
    • The party’s authority and influence over the security forces, civil
    service and foreign affairs must be ensured by exploiting its position
    in the government and Interim Parliament.
    • The security situation and administrative and judicial systems must
    be further weakened to the benefit of the Maoists.
    • Pressure and influence must be applied to realize the proposal to
    form a national army.
    • The party must come up with new ideas at ending monarchy.

    August 10, 2007.

  13. Sangesh Avatar

    Is this the starting of a new war between these parties?

    Is this going to be something of a volcano? what is the main this that they are worried about or are not agreeing upon? god knows…

    but till when will they keep fighting like these cat and mouse?

  14. Shreemani Avatar

    the political parties not being strict to the maoist. The maoists have put their demand, they have not kept their word and still keeps on doing what they used to do before coming to the main political mainstream and still is in govt.

    they should leave such acts.

    we want to live in nepal without maoists.

  15. democracy Avatar

    Taking of properties also seems China already situation of outlaw. Better judge the people for something else.

  16. sagarmatha Avatar

    It has been heard that these syndicate spam are exercising to convert this parliament into CA. Because they know that the existing parliament members won’t be the gainer in the CA election. It has been assumed that spam will get hardly 40% vote. That is why they always talk about unity although they have different ideologies to rule the nation.

  17. democracy Avatar

    If this was Holland somebody would say Prachandra get one fine suit and also Baburam dress Milano italian style tip top and we can all have peace for christssake.

  18. ???? Avatar

    Yes,there is.But what can we do?Just we have to see their drama.

  19. Yatri Avatar

    spaM to Mother Nepal…”Wham Bam Thank you, Maam”

    Bhaskar Pandit are still rooting for Girijas & his cahoots after the mess he’s got us all into.

    Prachanda & his inane followers have proved to be nothing but common criminals who are just going to take Nepal back to the 14th century. Not that we are in the 21st century like others, might I add.

    India and the US, while first encouraging the Congress to align itself with the Maoist to counter King G, have come to realize that now the Maoist Tail is wagging the Congress Dog. This doesn’t sit well with the US, who by large was letting India take the lead in shaping/ enabling/interfering in Nepal political arena. So, these 2 powers incited Terai people like Goit and Singh to call for agitation against the center government and especially check the Maoists unabated power.

    These Maoists are not going to let the polls happen for they know that they’ll be routed badly in Terai and may just get a handful of seats in the hills. They are in a lot better position right now with 80 odd seat in the so-called Parliament and a few ministrial berths as well as appointment of their envoys in the embassies and missions aboard.

    They are making every effort create chaos and confusion and keep the staus quo. They are doing this not to save King G like Bhaskar wants us to believe but to save their own arses.

  20. Kirat Avatar

    The true reality of Nepal is so depressing that it makes you want to commit suicide.

    1. 1990-Democracy.
    We were so hopeful that finally we had our own destiny in our own hands and that we would make Nepal a prosperous peaceful country where all it’s citizens could look forward to a better future.
    2. Oct 2002-King dismisses Deuba govt. and installs Chand govt.
    We were cautiously optimistic that KG would show the way on how a govt. should function and how he would rid it of corruption. We also believed he would settle the Maoists problem.
    3. Feb 2005-King formally takes direct control
    We were certain that finally order and control would be restored that the Maoists problem would be settled one way or another and around the corner was peace and a bright future for Nepal.
    4. April 2006-King steps down and ‘democratic’ forces take control
    We were so happy and certain that now the Maoists problem would finally be solved, peace restored and the rule of law implemented.

    November 2007-FCUK

  21. XYZ Avatar

    Mr. T:

    That is right we should never trust these maoists because look at what they did to journalists Birendra Shah and Thakuri even after joining the government.

  22. noname Avatar

    In Hindi there is a saying, “chor chor mauserey bhai.”

  23. sagarmatha Avatar



    How our Indian chamcha leader like Giddhe Girija has been used by Delhi Durbar to finish the country……

  24. KarlMAX Avatar

    How clearly you have stated in Nepali the true face of this terrorist gang! I 100% agree to you. These coward mobs are aftraid to go to election and always want to bring out some excuses to avoid this. But Nepali people are gradually getting familiar to their true intentions. People have smoked them out from the holes of Terai and soon they will be chased away from the caves of mountains….If they think they can always stay in KTM shouting “jindabad / murdabad” they are stupid. Soon valley people will chase them out and they will be found dispersed driving rickshow in gorakhpur and cleaning dishes in Delhi….They are insult on the face of Nepal. Go anywhere in to world and people will tell you that dinasours and communists should be only found in the book of history. They have no place in modern civilization….

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