The Madhes Report: Police Weakness Responsible For Deaths

An extensive investigation by a judicial commission has found that weakness and ineffectiveness of the police administration in some cases during the Madhes (southern Nepal) agitations in January-February were largely responsible for the deaths of 21 persons (including a security personnel), injury of 1,951 persons (including 230 security personnel), and destruction of properties worth Rs 136.3 million (including personal, governmental and non-governmental). The commission led by Supreme Court justice Khil Raj Regmi submitted its report to Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala today.

The government had formed the commission on May 25 to investigate and evaluate the destruction, impact and reason behind the Terai agitation. Initially, the judicial panel was asked to probe into repercussions of the agitation in Bara, Parsa, Rautahat, Morang, Sarlahi, Dhanusha, Mahottari, Siraha, Saptari and Sunsari districts. However, the government extended in mandate to investigate into the violent incidents in districts such as Nawalparasi, Rupandehi, Kapilvastu and Banke in February. (more about the report here)





8 responses to “The Madhes Report: Police Weakness Responsible For Deaths”

  1. Sangesh Avatar

    Too little, Too late

    We have, in the past, viewed many reports, pratibedan and what ever. But the main thing is that the conclusion of the report and that what the report focus on.

    Still let’s see that the culprits are found and put behind bars.

    Let peace prevail in Nepal

  2. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    We have been treating Madhesis as second class citizens for long time. This has to be stopped. First of all Army and Police should begin hiring more personnel from Madhesi group.

  3. sagarmatha Avatar

    At the end police made culprits for everything. What more this spam can do to escape from the reality ? What Girija and Sitaula are doing if police done the mistake of the death ….total bias report…..

    not only madhesi but other groups will uprise if they don’t get genuine share in ruling….the alternate to spam’s misrule will be united ethnic parties in tomorrow’s political scenario….

  4. Kishan Avatar

    There are a number of similar reports, which led to nothing and ended up in trash. Just another eye wash. These power-grabbers have no capacity to enforce laws.

    Ironically, in the name of investigating and writing such reports, millions of rupees get allocated to these special committees. Politically appointed committee members and the appointers both benefit very well while undermining already exisitng institutions which are meant for carrying out such tasks – further empowering the self-proclaimed political leaders further weakening the governance system.

    It is more akin to just another political tool for downplaying the spirit, truth, and facts of terai movement, a kind and of the scale that Nepal has never seen in its history. All for misleading and pacifying the people in a hope to further perpetuate the status quo. Not impressed!

  5. Vashir Avatar

    I don’t believe anyone in the government is man enough to punish the criminals. They can’t. They are just “Sukulgunda” and nothing more. Wait and see. And we can’t do anything about people killing innocent nepalis because we believe our leaders will serve us justice. Police weakness you say? Our police is worse than even a three legged dog. At least the dog will die fighting for its master. You’re talking about the police who let maoists smuggle weapons from india, are you? well, even after loktantra, they are still there. hello. so we had a cool new anthem. in 6 months we will be a republic. but we want to be ruled by those same bastards that killed our brothers and sisters. to hell with our leaders, our bureaucracy, our justice system, our laws. we are waiting to hand our country over to india, or to the UN. we have failed.

  6. sankalpa Avatar

    Give me some details on what were the ineffectiveness on the part of the police that this judicial commission found. these people just know how to point finger, wat happened at gaur can happen in any part of terai, any time, because the security is non existent, a man with a gun can easily rob a village, rape a women , torture anyone with ease, and you know the funny thing is these idiots will again tell it is the police’s fault that those people could smuggle gun from india. Wagle, you love to travel right, just go to birjung and try to find how ,be it guns or drugs or any other illegal things can be smuggled into nepal, go try it is very easy,
    The open border with bihar and uttar pradesh that have the most number of criminals in whole of india can be secured but it will take more than police’s effort, it will take collective effort and this needs to be planned by the government. and we all know wat our government can do, it can only blame someone else for everything. These incompetent fools can never do anything good for this country,
    and also provide the detail of the people in this judicial commission, i bet those people must be slaves of these party leaders.
    Girija and that sitaula must take responsibility of it and resign and Girija why don’t you die , why are you screwing us again.

  7. openborder Avatar

    Eruope has unsucessfully regulated borders, we are now in a police terrorist Europe with racism.
    India is now more important actually some say, than even China.
    Maybe busy keeping the good works up.
    Context is more important than only Nepal, only Spain. Spain is proudy now they have laws and conquered civil war. Latin America laughs at a spanish king and president or prime minister when they ask for respect!!!
    In Parliament?Hugo Chavez is the clown.How many centuries of foreign occupation????
    Jay Nepal. No police no army, India is Mother and GOd. or prachandra. Long live democracy and peaceful culture.

  8. satyarthi vivek kushawaha Avatar
    satyarthi vivek kushawaha

    Ramesh mahato
    is matyares of madeshi right and he die in madeshi aandolan.he is from laahan.

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