Communists in Nepal Unite, at Least for Parliamentary Motions

In a rare instance in the history of Communist movement in Nepal, several communist outfits in the parliament have agreed to come together, at least, for the motions that are tabled at the parliament. There is a popular saying in the communist circle that one communist in Nepal thinks the other is not a real communist and vice versa. Communist parties keep on splitting on weird reasons that according to them are based on ‘genuine principles’. Anyway, news of the day is that the top leaders of the communist parties in parliament- CPN-UML, the CPN-Maoist, the People’s Front Nepal (PFN) and the CPN-Unified- have decided to vote for the motions. The vote is likely to take place after the special session of the interim parliament resumes on 11:00 am Friday, eKantipur reports. Communist leaders took the decision this evening after the talks with the Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala-led Nepali Congress (NC) could not make headway. They have issued a kind of an ultimatum to the NC to agree on one of the key demands- an immediate declaration of a republic or a fully proportional representation (PR) system for the Constituent Assembly (CA) elections.

“By the evening, there is a possibility that all the parties which accept republic and PR system will come and vote together,” Maoist Chairman Prachanda said emerging from the meeting. He hinted that the Maoist and the UML parties could withdraw their motions and come up with a joint motion. The Maoist supremo also informed that they wanted to conclude the debate on the motions today, but agreed to wait till tomorrow after the Nepali Congress, UML and other party leaders said that they should wait for a day.
“We would either reach an agreement by tomorrow or settle the motions through voting,” he said. UML standing committee member Amrit Kumar Bohara also echoed Prachanda’s voice. (read more about this here.)





14 responses to “Communists in Nepal Unite, at Least for Parliamentary Motions”

  1. guyfromktm Avatar

    Dahi chieurey MKP led so-called communist party UML has shown its true colors– they had been trying to play both sides all along and take the credit for whateverr outcome that might come out- and finally, they have realized that what people of this country want is for this useless but veryr expensive deadlock to come to an end. Right in the end, they have jumped ship and have lined up with the Maoists agenda. This makes a mockery of the constitution ammendmend motion that they themselves had been trying to pass. MKP and his comrades are a frustrated lot and thier current move demonstrate that very well. They will keep on trying to fool the people. Who known they might vote for the Maoists motion tomorrow with a note of dissent, if the laws allowed that. They might think that they can then invoke that note of dissent later and try and fool this nation yet again. This is height of dishonesty– feel sorry for all us, the Nepalese people who have to deal and live with these very selfish and insincere political parties.

  2. Observer Avatar

    Political polarization? Communists will loose ultimately. UML is not a real communist; I mean they are better folks than the rest of the commies. So they will not go sati with the Maoist agendas.

  3. commie_hang Avatar

    Nomatter what,Communist will prevail at last.

  4. ram Avatar

    This is not a big issue. They unite only for voting. we really donot want communism in Nepal. I hope UML believe in democracy and it move to get democray not a single commnist rule like in North Korea. Maoist will also join democracy of Republican Nepal.

  5. tooreee lahuraay Avatar
    tooreee lahuraay

    aba gyane ra girije lai nepal bata dhapaune bela aayo.

    Long last commies unity.
    Declare nepal a republic state.
    Commies come forward to lead the nation.

  6. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Madhav is not real Marxist, Pachanda is not real Maoist, Girija is not real Nepali, and so on.

  7. sankalpa Avatar

    This move just shows how powerful maoists are getting everyday, UML is the biggest party (debatable)in Nepal, with a vast network all over the country, even if they are joining hands with the maoist for a short time , it is not a good sign for nepal. UML has a strong support base in Terai, but due to recent uprising Madav Nepal fears loosing election from his district, so this could be politically selfish move in the part of the general secretary and it is specially sad because maoist have been telling all along that terai crisis can be easily be solved by their party and they mean using force. Madav Nepal should step down as the party leader, WE NEED TO SOLVE TERAI CRISIS NOW.

  8. tooreee lahuraay Avatar

    well well well… here writes gyane’s goon..

    “it is not a good sign for nepal”.

    Count your days (not left).. ops hours( just few)… minutes (still plenty of) .. aah.. seconds (lots of)..

    Once parliament declares republic.. get your ticket to “Kashi” for rest of your life.

  9. cyclone Avatar

    Misfortune of Nepal is people who run and decide on tit bits of information, selective historical analysis, and outright righteousness.

    India decides a course and people like tooree and his ball licking boss does turn around at a speed that is mindblowing- Senile Girja does 180 just a basis of Mukerjee’s granting of audience- so all you Dhai Churias- listen up- YOU HAVE LOST THE SOVEREIGNTY so stop barking up the wrong tree.

  10. sagarmatha Avatar

    tooree lahuraay,

    Don’t get too much excited.

    Whether it will republic setup or communist regime or even Indian regime we people will accept it but the current symptons showing that we may be kicked out by bihari from power or maybe made their Chaukidar in very near future. Prachanda and Baburam going to Indian Ambassador’s gate showing half of the way to that destination.

  11. Paribartan Avatar

    Dear Wagley Jee,
    I wish this unity to last longer. Though I do not support communist notions, yet I wish that all the communists leaders and parties overcome their differences and unify into a single party. In my opinion, one block of communists will pose a serious threat to Nepali Congress and thus paves the way for two party system. If we can realize this kind of political alignment, then there will be few chances the royalists would ever come to power. Congress or Communists, the power will be used by pro-Lokatantrabadi force.

    On political side, formation of one single block of communist will necessiate democratization of the communists’ outlook and practice. They will have to make their party process and hierarchial system more democratic and they will have to jetison dogmatism. Shadow government will have to gain wider acceptability and for that also they need to install some of the democratic norms. Similarly, unity amongst the left forces will definitely force Nepali Congress to revamp its policies and make it to adopt some leaftist leanining. It has been felt in many quarters that Congress lacks in real issues and is always lackdaizical in connecting with people. In a nut shell, I wish for “????????????? ???????????? ? ?????????? ???????????”.

    However, given present political reality and political opportunism on all the political parties, this kind of alignment is not likely to achieve. If we can achieve it, it will institutionalize Lokatantra.


  12. sagarmatha Avatar


    I think you forgot to notice the uprising of ethnic parties and their interest , they are going to be the major political players in coming years. I think the spam will hardly get 40% of the total vote if they will not address the issues of different ethnic groups. And definately royalist will grab some of the votes of congress who still believe in constitutional/ ceremonial monarchy. So talking about two political formation will be useless talk at present. But yes all communist parties can stand in one side and able to lead the nation but India might be the barrier to them. The whole thing depend on the interest of India. The current super power of Indian Ambassador is showing the truth and reality.

  13. Sangesh Avatar

    Good, aba ta nepal pani developed huncha ki

    let’s hope such unity lasts forever.

  14. Yvonne Wagley - Wagner Avatar
    Yvonne Wagley – Wagner

    My maiden name is Wagley , my family is the only such with this name in the US. I did not know there were others abroad. I know we are darker than most in the US but was unaware of our ethnic backround. My grandfather’s name was William Thomas Wagley. Is there anyone there who would know if this is where we came from? Thank you.

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