Role Hungry United Nations Mission in Nepal

Role-hungry statements from the UN will only complicate matters. An excerpt from an article published in the Kathmandu Post:

If two of the capital’s most notorious gangsters- Milan Gurung alias Chakre Milan, and Rajib Gurung aka Dipak Manange, both of who are in prison now- were to form a political party, continue with their criminal activities and then say that they would talk with the government only under UN supervision, would the UN jump in?

By Damakanta Jaishi

Have a look at the UN’s official news portal. On Oct 23, it carried excerpts from Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s latest report to the United Nations Security Council: “The past year saw unity among eight key Nepalese parties tested by their failure to carry out agreements, including those covering responsibilities toward cantoned Maoist personnel and the return of properties seized during the 10-year conflict.” Secretary-General recommends a review of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and its implementation. “The shortcomings and enduring strengths of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement need to be assessed in order to build on its achievements,” he writes.

Not only this, all the press statements and conferences, whether out of New York or Kathmandu, started laying equal blame on the SPA and the CPN (Maoist) for bottlenecks in the peace process and the second postponement of the constituent assembly election. Perhaps, the UN’s absolute neutrality demands that the blame be shared equally.

This is the second example of the UN overstepping its mandate. The first one was responding to Jaya Krishna Goit’s demand to talk to the government only under the United Nations’ supervision. The UN duly obliged, saying it was ready to play a role if everyone agreed to it.
It is very easy these days to indulge in crime, wear a political apron and say that they will talk only if their demands are met. This is what is happening in the tarai. Both factions of the JTMM – whether led by Goit or Nagendra Kumar Paswan (Jwala Singh) – are criminal gangs who are killing people and have made the lives of people miserable with their extortion demands. By offering to mediate, the UN only encourages these criminals.

Carrying out murder and extortion under cover of political demands has immense benefits as well. And if it has a communal angle (in this case Pahade-Madhesi), all the better. Not only do the government and its police force hesitate to take the necessary action because the criminal gang is a political outfit, but they also remain paralyzed because of the fear of causing communal violence. (article in detail)





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  1. Krishna Hari Pushkar Avatar

    Hi-Hi to UNMIN: Nepalese Need Peace Not Your Speech

    The peace process in Nepal is in the exodus and facing sever maladies. This is not expected situation by any peace lovers that such circumstances will take place in presence of such huge UN political mission……………….
    Weakness of UNMIN:
    1. Except the conveyance routine jobs, UNMIN is totally failed to guard, convince, balance and coordinate effectively the peace accord among the stakeholders as per mandate provided by UN Security Council, accordingly, bargaining hazards, troubles, dishonouring and violations are frequently occurring by both Maoist and government side, hence, peace site is going away beyond the hope in presence of such huge UN political mission.
    2. The second needy major point is to build appropriate atmosphere for the election of constitutional assembly, but sorry, it is not possible in current situation at all, until the dozens of warrior groups and ethnic panels either convince about the CA election or ready to participate in the political mainstreaming. Even though, UNMIN seems heavy-eyed in this matter, despites the frequent request of warier groups.
    3. It is sad but hardcore decent to say that UNMIN also failed to use, coordinate and mobilize properly the synergetic and collective efforts of international communities and the power resources of Nepalese civic societies’ too through the missions’ platform.
    4. UNMIN is also suffering with the imbalance and discriminative local team composition, the UNMIN recruitment process failed to balance the gender, socio- ethnic and geographical representation in their locals’ team which is crucial during any conflict resolution course of action. It might be also a cause of poor performances and low feat.
    5. UNMIN has a very light multi spheres network that is not enough to fulfil the assigned responsibilities. In such situation UNMIN will not even able to gain effective understanding of situation and neither able to build inclusive dealing strategy properly in accordance with political psychologies of people of Nepal and intention of UN too.
    In the above mentioned ground, I would like to request to UNMIN for the facilitation of the recently recommended and suggested path of International crisis group besides the routine jobs with following additional suggestive remarks:
    A. UNMIN has to develop a special diplomatic level observer task force of local diplomats and envoys through central UN channels whose countries and authorities have been expressing and providing supports in ongoing the peace process. This task force will be highly effective for collective diplomatic pressure and actions.
    B. UNMIN has to also draw out tactfully the diplomatic counter treatment through UN centre and other International communities network in case any party daring to violet or dishonour the peace accord or concerns commitments.
    C. UNMIN need immediately to constitute a broader helping hands civic volunteer taskforce in central, regional, district and rural level. These helping hands should be a group of peace lovers who can report, facilitate, monitor, observe and act locally in behalf of UNMIN based on assigned mended.
    D. UNMIN could use, process or coordinate by adapting the diplomatic and international laws’ tools through central UN or local mechanism to bring the all warier groups into peace process or political mainstreaming. This is possible through the helping hands local mechanisms that makes easy access to consult with all leaders of warier groups. In addition, the helping hand could also develop civic pressure to the warier groups to bring into peace process. Hence, such mechanism would be very helpful to conduct the CA election in peaceful environment.
    E. The socio-ethnic and gender balanced local staffs would be most essential for such mission, that should be corrected immediately and these staffs should assign to play leading coordinative role of those helping hands.
    F. UNMIN should conduct an open peace performances evaluation program through multi party regular meeting in possible part of the country by mobilizing and utilizing the local wings, it could help UNMIN for grassroots updates and immediate grip over emerged crisis.
    G. UNMIN should conduct a nation wide peace tutoring campaign in partnership of peace ministry and other donor agencies with the assistive help of education ministry, local development ministry and women ministry for school and community peace education because plenty of Nepalese are still ignorant of what’s going on in the nation in rural areas. The role of women and students are crucial to convince members of society about the peace process.
    H. UNMIN should publish the weekly evaluation report of peace process performances.
    (This is just a small piece from my own article. The original and complete analytical article/report has been already submitted to the all concerned authorities and especially to the UN Secretary General and UN Security Council too through UN channels for their immediate and serious consideration)

  2. Vashir Avatar

    Yep, the UN is the hyperactive sheep here. I guess, they’d even want to run for the CA polls if they could!!

    Poor Ian Martin, he’s only a clown. Tsk Tsk

  3. Sangesh Avatar

    Well i loved the excerpt.

    And yes, I had to say about this too. The UN has been looking in to the Bhutanese refugee situation in nepal which is soon going to reach in the 2nd decade. what is the role of the UN? only to calm the situation or to try to dismiss the situation itself bring to talks to those involved in the situation?

  4. Bideshi Avatar

    The UN has not been effective since the Korean War. Don’t expect any real help.

  5. admin Avatar

    As the top says “Role Hungry United Nations…”

    This is very true

    United Nations does not seem quite effective than it should have been.

    Sad, but true.

  6. sagarmatha Avatar

    The hoax of peace agreement of spaM is almost failed. These crook/law breaker/syndicate leaders and their opportunist followers fooled the world by showing themselves super heroes of this nation and their say will work whatever they desired.

    But now unspoken people have been realised the truth that more than 70% ethnically deprived people are the major source to establish the peace and development in the country. Until and unless these ethnic groups gets equal opportunities at central power to bottom level, thinking about peace and development in the country will become day-dream. The internal tussle of the maoist is the result of the voice raised by different ethnic groups. That is why maoist leaders decided to go for Proportional Representation to make them silent. The so-called high caste dominated rulers of the present even know about it, but they silently opposing the truth and reality to stick in the power forever although they give speeches of “New Nepal”, “changed Nepal”, “Republic Nepal” and “Loktantra” etc. etc. Till now ethnic groups have not felt that they got the equal opportunities in this changed scenario and they are not optimistic in getting future as well. That is the result why they are now coming unitedly even to oppose the present rulers.

  7. cyclone Avatar

    If you look at track record of UN- you would shudder, never have they done any good on any nation except create protracted situation that never sees the light of day. Its like giving a dog a bone.

    So make your bet.

  8. Kirat Avatar

    I despise the wasteful UN as much as the other person but to blame our predicament on the UNMIN? What an idiot! Only someone with a name like Jaishi could be smart enough to do that!

    Look the Maoists basically backed out of all agreements because they knew they would get thrashed in the CA elections. You want to blame the UNMIN for that?

    You make it look as if, if the UNMIN packed their bags and left everything would be hunky dory. Like I said it takes someone like you to come out with logic like that.

  9. tooree lahuray Avatar
    tooree lahuray

    UN N UN…
    Unlimited Nonsense..


    Unlimited Nonsense Morons in Nepal.

    Ian Martin is Gay, you can see him in thamels Gay bar.

  10. cyclone Avatar

    The direct result of UN is rise of ethnic and regional divide which we see in Nepal- Like I said they need to create mess in order to maintain their relevancy and rent seeking.

  11. sagarmatha Avatar

    The crook leaders are busy in going to Indian Ambassador for their future security. So blaming all to UN is nothing but biasness.

  12. mahila  sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    Indian Ambassdor is giving directive to Girija ( naya Ledup dorjee) and so called revolutionaries Prachande Polpote and RAW agent Baburam Bhattrai. It is not people of Nepal ruling this country we have became gulam of Indian dogs. They have bought all the Nagarik samaj Ka Haguwa, Journalists, So called human right wala. Shame on Them !! So this is Naya Nepal I would prefer hundred time purano Nepal.

  13. Patriot Avatar

    People like Jaisi and those who keep harboring the view that UN is creating more trouble and are here to make things worse – I feel sad we have pseudo intellectuals like you that belong to the past. Your time has come and surely you need to cede.

    No point blaming anyone when we cant get our own house on order. And if I recall, it was the eight parties and ass cheek intellectuals like you who wanted UN to mediate.

  14. Bikash Avatar

    I respect the arguments in support and oppose of the UN. These all are somehow true and logically makes sense too. However, there are something technical aspect that all nepalese should know about our peace process see something very interesring research work.

  15. GAESO Avatar

    UN or USA?


  16. kumar singh khadgi Avatar
    kumar singh khadgi

    you stupid uneducated people talking about UN role in nepal , I do not think you people have a little idea of your country we are begging from every where we can put our hands on, and let us face the truth without India help we are nothing , we can not even pay our oil bills which is running into hundred of crores, so first check the ground realty than speak, if we are so self sufficiant why we begging for credit or charity

  17. sagarmatha Avatar

    Indian Ambassador has been made the decision maker of this nation and also our future creator by these Girija, Madhav and Prachanda baje. But we are surprised to see even other leaders waiting the instruction of Indian Ambassador. If this country will fall down or apart then these three bajes will be known as photocopy of Lendup of Sikkim. where do they turn our country yet to be seen but the symptons showing that we are heading toward wrong direction.

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