Maoists Suspected of Corruption in Managing PLA Fund

Government says no more funding for disqualified, absentee Maoist soldiers (PLA members). After failing to furnish details on the expenditure, Maoist leaders have put pressure on the government to convert the amount into grant so that it will not be binding on them to audit the amount.

By Yuvraj Acharya ,the Kathmandu Post

The government has cut the ration for absentee Maoist combatants in UN-monitored cantonments now and has decided to deny monthly allowance to those disqualified during the UN verification. The decision was taken last week when the government released Rs 244.1 million as three-month allowance for combatants. “We have already written to the Maoists that we will not provide ration and monthly allowance to combatants who are not in the cantonments and have failed the UN’s verification,” said Peace and Reconstruction Minister Ram Chandra Poudel. According to a government source, the United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) has submitted final verification report on four of the seven main cantonments where the number of disqualified and absentees is about 39.7 percent of the total 15,948.

The number of absentees in the PLA 1st division Jhapa , 2nd Division Sindhuli, 6th Division Surkhet and 7th Division Kailali camps is 24 percent. The report on 14,994 combatants in Rolpa, Chitwan and Nawalparasi districts is still awaited, but the trend showed that the number of Maoist combatants is likely to come down to around 19,000 from the registered 30,852. The source informed that the government has provided Rs 1.378 billion for cantonment management alone. Of the amount, Rs 506.4 million is foreign assistance for construction of roads and shelters for combatants.

Maoist leader in the interim parliament Krishna Bahadur Mahara has received Rs 461.2 million for cantonment management and has submitted a report stating that Rs 194,081 more than the received amount has been spent. The amount spent by Mahara, however, has been questioned by an internal audit panel of the government. Especially, the amount spent on office operation and house construction is questionable as there is no existence of the houses constructed worth Rs 48.5 million. Office operation costs of Maoists seem to be unexpectedly high as they have spent Rs Rs 110.6 million without furnishing details. The Maoist leaders have been demanding the combatants’ allowances in lump sum instead of attendance basis.

The government has also received claims of Rs 70 million from state-run Timber Corporation of Nepal. Besides, it has already released Rs 3,071,129 as royalty for timber used by the Chitwan cantonment. The government has also provided 264,000 cubic ft of timber to the cantonments.
After failing to furnish details on the expenditure, Maoist leaders have put pressure on the government to convert the amount into grant so that it will not be binding on them to audit the amount. A government source said Rs 60 per person per day for absentee combatants has been embezzled even if the Maoists produce proof of expenditure for the same.





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  1. what if Avatar
    what if

    Maoist are one of the most corrupted faces in Nepal. THey looted bank, illegally tax many people, extortion and so many. All central level maosit have luxuary car and security guard. where the money come form if they dont corrupt the fund for PLA. If you go and see the pachanda niwas at nayabazar, it may require montly 100,000 rs to maintain and new prachanda niwas is getting ready at koteshwor area. I dont see any different between King G and Supremo prachnada. THey both are blood sucker of nepali. Maoist talk about equality in society. Is this the equality where prachanda supremo are living lavishing, luxurious life where as their cadres and pla are dying with starvation in camp.

  2. ufck democracy ! Avatar
    ufck democracy !

    Abducted Indian schoolboy found killed in Nepal :

    Nepal’s biggest Hindu festival became a nightmare for an Indian family in Kathmandu with the abduction and subsequent murder of their 11-year-old son.

    The body of schoolboy Rohit Gupta, whose father Vasudev is a small businessman in Kathmandu, was found on Sunday night ( 14th Oct ) in the upmarket Kamladi area, according to preliminary reports.

    ufcking masoist !!! They should all be slaughtered like the pigs they are !!

    ufck democracy !! Nepal was 20 times better when the kings were ruling.
    Face the truth man ! Just because a bunch of ufcking currupt retarded “politicians” have brainwashed evryone, facts prove otherwise.

    A kidnapping and murder of a child almost everyday !
    Extortion !
    Robbery !
    abduction !
    Murder !
    No petrol !
    No gas !
    No elctricity !
    War in the Tarai !

    The king’s rule was heaven compared the neverending hell we have arrived at !

  3. ufck democracy ! Avatar
    ufck democracy !

    Welcome to the New democratic Nepal !!
    Let us all support it and feel proud that we are all a part of it !! Cheers !! ia Oct 15 07

    Abduction and murder cases on the rise

    On the eve of the Dashain festival, incidents of murder and abduction of children have increased with the police not being able to combat the issue.

    Eleven year old Rohit Gupta, son of Basudev Gupta, permanent resident of Sitamadi in India, was found dead at Kamaladi last night. The child was abducted a few days ago from Kamaladi. The Gupta family had paid ransom of Rs 200,000 to the demands of the abductors for a sum of Rs 250,000.

    A few days ago, a child was abducted and killed in Bhaisepati. Another abducted at Old Baneshor was rescued by the police.

    Last year, on the eve of the Dashain festival, Bibek Luitel was abducted which had disrupted normal life in Kathmandu.

    In another report, Shiva Kumar Mukhiya of Siraha was found dead on Saturday morning. He was missing for two weeks. The dead body was decomposed while the cause of his death has not been acertained. The dead body was recovered from underneath the Pathargada Bridge.

    He was associated with the Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha.

    Likewise, police have recovered a dead body of an old man from Chatara channel in Sunsari on Sunday morning. Chandra Bahadur Khadka, 56, was out of contact with family members since Friday morning. Police said there were indications of a roped tied around the neck while his chest has several cuts by a Khukuri.

  4. Avatar

    ufck… its terrible….
    Nepal is getting worse day by day …

  5. Kirat Avatar

    suspected? since when did the journos become so naive! you can bet your bottom rupee that the maoists have misused the funds!

  6. Kirat Avatar

    I smell a royalist coup coming. All this while they had been desperately looking for an opening, the Maoists and the political parties have given them a real good one. Hope things work out for my dear country and country folk.

  7. Patriot Avatar

    Wild guess – of the 80% swindled, 40% going to commanders pockets, another 40% stocking their arms and ammo.

  8. bridohi Avatar

    Now we are seeing the true face of the Maoists. Power corrupts. They don’t speak for the people. Its only their misguided self-interest.

    The government should in no way give the money management to the Maoists in a lump sum grant basis. Maos need to be held accountable. It is not their money. It is the people’s money. There needs to be an audit. If they so truely always speak for the people, then, they need to open up their financial books & be transparent.

    Cantonment is a bs idea anyway. The real hardcore PLA are not in cantonment. They are in the YCL. Its a joke. We are just wasting money.

  9. guyfromktm Avatar

    It is quite historic that a terrorist party is also now being accused of corruption– the fact is that, these terrorists have always been looting the people of Nepal– this was the first time they had taken anything “legally” but then, old habits die hard– even this money was misused and embezzeled. These terrorists thugs deserve a kick on the butt and be knocked out of the country.

  10. sangesh Avatar

    Well there is a lot to be suspected to tell the truth.

    Not just the government, maoists, the seven/eight parties

    the story is an untold one.

  11. WEB_DESIGNER Avatar

    Humm…. it is the maoists who are to blame and the most blame is to the government when they sanctioned the money to the maoists.

    why wasn’t any criteria being put? why wasn’t it being checked or being monitored?

    every one is a suspect here.

  12. Sudip Avatar

    Oh God, Maoists have another new face ! Corruption ? How many faces do they have? Leaders like lizard which changes its colour very fast ! Leaders who talk only for benefit of RIM. And, they gave Nepal only chaos. Nowadays it seems that they do not believe even themselves. Example- Constituent assembly.

  13. Avatar

    What more can you expect from those power hungry Maoists?
    They have gotten used to misusing power and money.

  14. Ram Bahadur KC Avatar
    Ram Bahadur KC

    Hey Kirant Bandu

    how long you have still fear of King and how long you will sell bogas story to naive people. you are in real business.
    Wake up !

  15. viewtech Avatar

    First it was, give maoist a chance, now he smells royalist coup. what vision!!

  16. asheem Avatar

    i knew it and now u know it…
    hip hip hurrey for “LOKTANTRA”

  17. safetyfirst Avatar

    maobadi in this area, and royalist when I go for tea there.

    Does anyone nkow where to understand what it means to vote for whom and why not?

  18. hope Avatar

    Those who take pride in killing thousands of innocent lives, those who came to power by destruction , extortion,vandalism,threat,violence and terrorism, has anybody expected anythig else?? BTW corruption is a common phenomenon practiced by all other parties as well, I don’t blame them for this particular attribute, may they just want to show the public at least in one point they already in MAINSTREAM POLITICS!!

  19. hope Avatar

    And yes Kirat, I just feel like we are going to have Special Vijaya Dashami!! Paras was declared crown prince on that very day, hmmm, would be interesting to watch next episode……..

  20. sagarmatha Avatar

    Now people start to compare this current rule to monarchy system.

  21. sagarmatha Avatar

    If one look at the yestday’s kantipur, one can find out how these leaders taking vehicles from Nepal Electricity Authority. the people are staying in line for 6 hours to get the petrol and these leaders’ families are roaming around in private numbers without tension and free-of-cost. The increased cost due to purchase of vehicles for leaders have to bear by the poor people. These filthy leaders should understand that their luxury is paid by taxed money and high charged of electricity and petrol. Are they for the people ? Is that the mandate of the people ?

  22. sagarmatha Avatar

    It is true that heyna and Giddhhe Girija is the problem for this country…..Indian Congress like to see Nepal without King that is why he is following his masters’ instruction….He will be another Lendup for Nepal….

  23. Kirat Avatar

    Well since neither the political parties or the king could defeat the Maoists militarily they had to be given a chance to in the political arena. They got their chance and wasted it. Now they need to be treated as insurgents/thugs and tackled in that manner. Frustratingly the SPA has no will/guts to do this. This has created a huge political mess. This mess gives an opening to the previously sidelined royalists. Who knows, it might be better for the country or might make things worse(probably the latter going by precedence). This is a possible scenario, that’s all.

    Only an idiot like viewtech would have a problem understanding this.

  24. viewtech Avatar

    lol kirat, why did you even post?

  25. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    A royalist coup seems unlikely to me. Given what’s happened in Pakistan, Burnma etc. it just doesn’t seem like a possibility. I doubt the NA will risk it. Plus Gyanendra is too demoralized so there isn’t any leadership. Nepal is just sliding down into a lawless jungle.
    The SPA is powerless, the Maoists have been sidelined (thank God for that) and now the King/NA is sidelined… it’s like a major political vacume. India is now calling the shots… what a bunch of fcuk ups our leaders are

  26. Ram Bahadur KC Avatar
    Ram Bahadur KC

    Mr. Budhai Pundit

    Kidnapped at gun point, forcefully donation collection, destruction of development, economic infrastructure and democratic norms, death threat to civil servant officers, killings to innocent civilians and bring country under her knees and country almost collapse are governance tools of Maoist terrorists.

    You are ABSOLUTELY right that such mayhem who does are integral part of peace process. You have great observation and analysis of the current situation of the country and promoting such terrorist by this blog is great work you guys have been doing, it is thankful work.

  27. XXX2XXX Avatar

    Murderer Puspa Kamal Dahal:

    He is the GREATEST kidnapper, extortinist, and murderer in Nepal. Police should arrest him as soon as possible to prevent such crimes.

  28. XXX2XXX Avatar

    Murderer Puspa Kamal Dahal:

    He is the GREATEST kidnapper, extortinist, and murderer in Nepal. Police should arrest him as soon as possible to prevent such crimes.

  29. XXX2XXX Avatar

    Murderer Puspa Kamal Dahal:

    He is the GREATEST kidnapper, extortinist, and murderer in Nepal. Police should arrest him as soon as possible to prevent such crimes.

  30. sankalpa Avatar

    hey , ma ram bahadur, no one is promoting the maoists. but who do you support? parties or the royals.
    if i have to choose between the royals and the parties i will go with the parties,
    but if the keep on repeating the same mistakes over and over again i might change my stance and go with the maoists, i don’t like blood sheed but the way i see it is maobadis will be reach, and once that are rich now will flee the country, that means the royals and the party people , atleast we will have a new ruling class.

  31. Ram Bahadur KC Avatar
    Ram Bahadur KC

    Maoist (s) is neither party or belong to any political group, they are terrorists, criminals, thugs and traitors, whom are master in destroying development infrastructures, values of good governance, killings innocent people, plot bomb in public transports and place.

  32. sankalpa Avatar

    ram bahadur, whatever you say is correct, but wat i am saying is king can have similar adjectives too and so can the political parties, all of them are terrorists, criminals, thugs and traitors……………………….
    now the question to you is do you think nepal can have a political solution without the maoists?????

  33. someNepaliName Avatar

    ‘Suspected’? Either you had way too much ‘wasa’ during dashain, or you clearly are from Mars.

  34. click here button Avatar

    I don’t know whether it’s just me or if everybody else experiencing problems with your website. It appears like some of the written text in your content are running off the screen. Can someone else please comment and let me know if this is happening to them too? This could be a problem with my internet browser because I’ve had this happen previously. Kudos

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