Nepali Congress Is United

Nepal’s largest democratic political party is unified with its breakaway faction

After five years and four months of their split, Nepali Congress and the break away faction Nepali Congress Democratic have united today amidst a grand ceremony of joint maha samiti meeting. Girija Prasad Koirala and Sher Bahadur Deuba has signed the agreement paper. This is yet another milestone in the political polarization that is taking place in Nepal in the past months. The unified party is expected to adopt the policy of federal democratic republic.

[more about the event here]

At the time of writing this post, Koirala just finished his speech to the gathering of the activists of the unified party. When the MC invited Deuba to address, he introduced Deuba as president of NC D which he immediately corrected: leader of Nepali Congress which received clapping from the activists.

At the time of split, Sher Bahadur Deuba was the prime minister and he wanted to extend the emergency to continue with the military action against the Maoists. Terming that extension as unnecessary and against the party policy, the party had expelled Deuba. That incident also marks the informal beginning of the regression in Nepal. It was widely believed at that time that Deuba extended the emergency as part of a grand design by the palace to create rift in the biggest political party in the country and ultimately make the government weak. The weakness was ultimately exploited by the king.

Girija Prasad Koirala, president of Nepali Congress, is the president of unified party. As per the unification agreement, NC Vice-president Sushil Koirala has become acting president of the united party while the party’s founding leader Krishna Prasad Bhattarai and NC-D President Sher Bahadur Deuba are in second and third place of the party hierarchy, after PM Koirala.

Two NC-D vice-presidents- Gopal Man Shrestha and Prakash Man Singh- are the new vice presidents of the united party. Ram Chandra Poudel and KB Gurung have continued as general secretaries while NC-D General Secretary Bimalendra Nidhi from the NC-D has joined the new committee in the same capacity and Dr Ram Baran Yadav from NC has been added to the committee as fourth general secretary.

All the 27 Central Working Committee members from NC-D and 37 from NC are continuing as CWC members of the unified party.
There was tentative understanding to give charge of Nepal Students Union to Pradip Poudel of NC and Nepal Tarun Dal to Mahendra Yadav of NC-D. Nepal Women’s Association leadership goes to NC and Aadibasi Janajati leadership goes to NC-D.

The leaders also have agreed to merge all party units from top to bottom to form collective committees and give the charge of president of these committees to the president who is senior to the other and had contributed more to the democratic movement. They have agreed to run village and constituency-level committees through the president and joint presidents if the units fail to agree on a senior leader to lead the committees.






16 responses to “Nepali Congress Is United”

  1. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Party leaders decided to divide the pie among themselves. If there is no democracy in the party they represent how can we believe that they will bring democracy in Nepal?

  2. Rohit Avatar

    Deuba and Koirala may have been united but its hard to forget how foolishly Deuba played Bhivishan to help make way for Gyanendra’s takeover. Although one might claim that eventually it ended up with better results!
    As long as fools like Deuba, Khum Bahadur, Sujata, Govinde, C Wagle remain in the hierarchy, I have no hope that Congress will deliver. I wish this unification drama is not a prelude to saving monarchy after the CA elections (Take a note D Wagleji). Girija has one last opportunity to make his name as a statesman and we will see if he can do that. While I am not very optimistic, I hope this results in something positive for the future of Nepal.

  3. puspa kamal dahal Avatar
    puspa kamal dahal


    Udayo Sapana Sabai Huri le..

  4. kalu Avatar

    Prashant: Greater than “Greater Nepal”

    Kathmandu: The manner with which the entire Nepali population across the length and breadth of the country took the victory of Prashant Tamang in the Indian Idol competition sponsored by the Indian TV channel- SONY, was simply beyond imagination.

    Prashant’s victory in the said competition said so many things unspoken. The Nepali population living in different parts of the globe exhibited their extra-ordinary sentiment and emotional love and honor for this Nepali “gene” and secured his victory in a competition which so far has remained out of reach for the Nepalese either for political reasons or for some inherent weaknesses residing in the Nepali being.

  5. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    What a waste of everyone’s time! Firstly who gives a fcuk? And secondly the NC will split again shortly. Girija Babu is nothing less then a dictator. Deuba is an idiot and too many people in the NC (formerly Girija’s boys) despise/loath him for being stupid and playing into Gyanendra’s hands. Like I said what a waste of everyone’s time!

  6. Bhuday Avatar

    Hey dude Bhudai,

    Never seen a jerk like you, a real one, before. You are anti CPNM, UML, NC, Gyane, and anti everything on this earth. Are you paras Shah?

  7. XYZ Avatar

    Nobody has looted this country more than these two bastards Girija and sher bahadur. Now, they are united again to rob this country more than ever. Girija became Prime minister five times and shere became PM three times. What Have they done for the benefit of the people of this country? NOTHING!!

  8. Neil Horning Avatar

    Well, Now that it’s clear what the delay past June 22 was needed for, It’s time to meet the Maoist demands and get on with the election.

    Also lay off Bhudai. He’s one of the few consistent people in here. It appears he can see the lice in everybody’s field, not just his neighbors’.

  9. sagarmatha Avatar


    It means maoist agreed to loose the CA electation.

  10. scoop Avatar

    Desperation. These guys just appear together. It’s a hodge podge job, heading for implosion again. Mr. Horning, if these Congess could think so far as you suggest (i.e.delaying election in June) , we would be a developed country by now.

  11. hope Avatar

    Merger in haste to break again!! Would be interesting to see whether they can outdo Sadbhavana Party(Anandidevi)’ fate. Just for reminder they remained united more than five months before they call it a day!! Would be an achievement itself if Congress can beat their time period at least!!

    Cheers, United Congress!!

  12. Patriot Avatar

    XYZ – thnx for speaking my mind.

  13. sagarmatha Avatar

    Eight parties are nothing but the followers of Prachanda Path.

  14. hammer Avatar

    while the news of unification is talk of the town..
    I give credit to Girija’s ability to linger the things around .He creates his share in everysteps he takes. I am amazed how he stood in following things:
    1. He put Deuba on his toes , pleading for unifiaction. Deuba was about to die for unification.
    2. In 12 pt agreement , he agreed to make the Spaeaker from CPM(UML) , but later, he arose the candiddate Chitralekha YAdav, created demonstration all over, and finally gave up, but, this made UML look worse, in the case..clever Girija..
    3. He didn’t appoint VC’s of different Universaties, after greater number of people from hjis party.
    4. Ambassador for different countries will only be appoimted after Sailaja Acharya will be made for India….He got for US, Britain,India…….what a share..
    5. Krishna Sitaula is the worst homeminister Nepal has ever got..Girija can backup him and is still in power…wow Girija..
    .. for all these things..this Unification is also in favor of Girija..pretty soon Deuba and his men will be returning to their status….

  15. scope Avatar

    So Deuba finally succeeded in snatching away NC from Koirala. Now wait for the day he will submit it to Nirmal Niwas at the feet of Parase.

  16. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    If I am anti-Gyane why would I be Paras Shah? That doesn’t even make any sense. Moron.
    Why shouldn’t I be against everyone? Which leader has ever acted in Nepal’s interest? We are the poorest country in the world. Even other countries in South Aisa are over-taking us. Despite all the potential we have where we are is totally unacceptable and shameful so why shouldn’t I be against all the leaders who have bought us to this present state?

    PS. Please come up with another name so as to avoid confusion and to show me that your brain has that much ability. Why don’t you call yourself ‘Bhudai Wannabe’?

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