The Yoga Mystery: Ram Dev's Nepal Trip

Yoga Ram Dev in Nepal

It was supposed to be a strictly yoga affair. But it turned out to be more than that when police requested the Indian yoga teacher Ram Dev to cancel his class that was scheduled to start yesterday. The yoga sessions resumed today morning after Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula inaugurated. (Pics by Shaligram Tiwari via Kantipur)

We saw a drama yesterday evening as security officials poorly handled the situation that was created after the cancellation. A minister in the cabinet, Rajendra Mahato of Sadbhavana Party Anandidevi, speaking at a press conference along with Ram Dev and other representatives of Nepali political parties, offered apologies to the Yoga instructor for the cancellation. Both the apology and Home Minister’s inauguration were unnecessary and unwarranted.

Yoga Ram Dev in Nepal

Yoga is not a political event and the incident of cancellation should have been handled by the security personnel. It still remains mystery to the public why the first day’s session was canceled as Police haven’t explained why they felt that the event needed to be canceled. The cancellation did nothing but embarrassed the Nepali authorities. If the cancellation was for genuine purpose like saving possible accident in the venue, that was fine but an explanation on this regard must come from security agencies.

After some Indian news channels were quick to conclude that the Maoists were behind the cancellation while the Maoists immediately rejected those claims. Maoist spokesperson Krishna Bahadur Mahara, who resigned from Information ministry a few days ago, was present in the press conference with Ram Dev to show that his party was actually for the yoga. Indian Hindi news channels have very low reputation in Nepal for their continuous immature and false coverage of issues related to Nepal.

Yoga Ram Dev in Nepal

Ram Dev is hugely popular in Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal that has satellite connection with Astha channel for his Yoga skills. Many seem to have benefited from his instructions.





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  1. ripvanwinkle Avatar

    ya ya my friend told me that the yoga classes were very helpfull for him after the four days that he spent in que to get 3 liters of mattitel he had felt quite stiff but the yoga really saved his life.

  2. sagarmatha Avatar

    “The Yoga Mystery: Ram Dev’s Nepal Trip”

    Palace is behind it…..isn’t it ?

    “Indian Hindi news channels have very low reputation in Nepal for their continuous immature and false coverage of issues related to Nepal.”

    Yes I also donot totally agree with that news.

    But what about Kantipur news ? Do you think they have good reputation for suppressing the news like peoples war, terai andolan (much more bigger than Janaandolan-2) and mass destruction in Rautahat and kapilvastu (like in Somalia) to cover-up the great mistakes of spaM govt. ?

  3. KingCobra Avatar

    Pol pot Puspa Kamal Dahal:

    You said sometimes you will go right and sometimes you will go left in your strategy, but I say you will be forced to go where I dictate you to go, that is, I will not allow you to go neither left nor right, BUT STRAIGHT. If your maoist thugs including you do not obey what I ask you to do, then your cadres including you will face the same fate that Girendra yadav and his brother Raj Kishore met in Mahottari the other day. Forget about maoism; even communism has become obsolete today.

  4. Madhesi Avatar

    Killer Prachande,

    STOP talking about rubbish left- right strategy!!! You need to join this Yoga initiated by Ram Dev, and then India will have soft corner on you.

  5. sojho kura Avatar
    sojho kura

    lol on horning’s comment.

    what else stupid westerner can think of?

  6. devid sapkota Avatar
    devid sapkota

    yoga, a yogi to nepal means nepal ko paisa india bhaga ho yo.

  7. Breanne Avatar

    Nice post, keep up the good work!

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