Sinister South: Interference in Nepal

Some reports about Indian inference might be over hyped and exaggerated but no one can deny that Indians do have their sinister intentions in Nepali politics and society.

“Prime Minister Says: ‘Nepal’s Independence At Risk.’ After all from whom?”

That’s the title at the cover of Nepal Magazine this week. The magazine has the answer in the cover story which is not new: There is a long history of China, the nation beyond Himalayas, not interfering in Nepal. United Stats also doesn’t have the same political clout here that India that shares borders on three sides of Nepal has. If any foreign power that has traditional influence in every sector including Nepal’s political forces, media, civil society and professional, it’s the southern neighbor. That’s why it’s not hard to understand that Prime Minister Koirala’s signal is pointed towards that.

Six ousted contestants of an Indian TV singing talent show performed in Pulchok yesterday providing entertainment to a few thousand people present there. The crowd enjoyed the show. At the same time, a top Indian official- Shiv Shankar Menon- was engaged in ‘serious’ talks with several top political leaders in Kathmandu that was definitely not as enjoyable like the musical show. It was rather humiliating and depressing because the Indian establishment was engaged in blatant interference in Nepali state affairs.

As I am typing these lines, I am tuning in to a Bollywood song and the best thing I like about India is its democracy. I have a great respect and admiration for the democratic system there and I always envy that we also had the same system here in Nepal. But when I see and/or read reports about the Indian interference in Nepali politics, I become agitated, feel very bad and ask myself this question: How come these Indians, who were slaves of the British Empire until recently, forget the pains of foreign interference? Why do they want to become the ‘Indian Empire’? Why go back to sixty years ago to remind them of the old pain? Just look at the way some Indian feel about their country’s civilian nuclear deal with the United States.

Let me quote the second last paragraph of Nepal Magazine story, written by its editor Sudheer Sharma:

“If there is threat to Nepal’s sovereignty from anywhere, that’s from the thoughts and (working) style of the political parties that they can’t reach in the government without taking Indian support,” says an analyst. “India is taking advantage of that.” It’s the old Indian old style (of functioning): keep equal relationships with all power centers (in Nepal) and push the one forward that benefits it.

Some reports about Indian inference might be over hyped and exaggerated but no one can deny that Indians do have their sinister intentions in Nepali state affairs. When you think about our how political forces have been used by India, you reach the conclusion which I want to put in Hindi: sab ka sab chor hey saala.

The Magazine says that Nepali Congress decided to go for republic set up because of Indian pressure. Prime Minister’s own declaration to provide 48 seats to Terai was against his wish (in other word, was on Indian pressure). The magazine says Koirala was frightened by the Indian effort to create a new political party by splitting Madhesi leaders of Nepali Congress. Koirala has already expressed his disappointment in New Delhi about the Indian ambassador Shiv Shakar Mukharjee’s warning that this interim government’s legality end if the Constituent Assembly election doesn’t happen, the magazine writes.

Indian ambassador Mukharjee had held a secret meeting with the suspended king and his son Paras on Bhadra 7th to advise them in ‘diplomatic language’ to go for voluntary retirement so that grandson Hrideyandra could be made ‘ceremonial monarch’.
Magh 19 (Feb 2005 coup) was the second chapter of Asoj 18 (October 2002 dismissal of elected government). The king had taken over the regime for the second time in Indian support. Maoits, pissed off with New Delhi, had come back to Rolpa declaring to fight tunnel war against India though their strategic intention was to work together with king/army and join the government. Even secret contact between king/army and Maoist leaders had been established. But India foiled the possible alliance by prodding the king.

Of course, I don’t believe, just like the conclusion of the magazine, that Nepal could be Sikkimized by India for we are in different age and we the Nepali are definitely different. But the point is: Why do we always have to talk about our sovereignty being at risk? Are we working to create such a situation where India (or any other country for that matter) can’t meddle with our internal politics? If we are not, we must. –by Wagle





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  1. ramesh Avatar

    Only constitutional monarchy can save nepal from foreign intervention.

  2. DOA Avatar

    You shout on their best interest, you unknowingly or knowlingly kow tow their agenda and go blastic on over hyped CA dividends and now you have the guts to question “interference.”

    Your last sentence ” Why do we always have to talk about our sovereignty being at risk? Are we working to create such a situation where India (or any other country for that matter) can’t meddle with our internal politics? If we are not, we must.” Shows your total lack of understanding of geo-politics and ground reality that is Nepal. Your over zealous ranting was, as per your writing, totally flawed without any basis. You floated the idea that rights were inherent but the concept of earning the rights through education and development was foreign to you. You speak as if from hindsight but its you who have made Nepal a mistress of powers-that-be who are in position to do as they please, dictate and mould according their asipirations NOT ours. So this nation is in disarry and for others do their cherry picking at their will and their leisure time as we gradually become second class citizens in our homeland.

  3. sagarmatha Avatar

    Girija and soverignity…it is a laughing stuff…

    1. If he had that feeling then why he went to Delhi to sign the nation issue ?
    2. Why he lied to the people that he went to Delhi for medical treatment ?
    3. why he had given citizens to Bihari nationalities by corruption ?
    4. Why he is regularly taking advice with Indian Embassy for each and every national issues ?

  4. S 1:17 Avatar
    S 1:17

    DOA i completly agree with you.
    I dont understand all the fuss about this indian singer. one of then is from darjeeling or somewhere near. So??? no need to go apes about it. im sure he sang in hindi just like GPK does when interviewed. and im also preety sure that he feels more indian than nepali. and the guy who is writing the article what can i say dude. short sighted ppl like you are nepals sovrentys greatest threat. you listening to devouring their stupid neverending awful musicals, adoring their way of life, praising their leaders folowing their footsteps and tell felow nepalis that they are meedling with us??? what an idiot. you are inviting them in.
    another thing you wrote ” Of course, I don’t believe, just like the conclusion of the magazine, that Nepal could be Sikkimized by India for we are in different age and we the Nepali are definitely differen” well remind me in which age the royal family got anilated????
    i repeat its ppl like you with myopic vision who are greatest threat to nepal.

  5. coke Avatar

    Finally …. finally youths here talk of Indian interference, i still remeber my writing when i said Lokatantra as india imposed one…after not so many months we have at least recognized what India means to us….and there are also still half educated men like wagley- i call him half educated as these are the socalled liberals who would compromise to national soverignty just to show how liberals they are…
    I had said the day maoists join the main stream india will make Monsters out of Madheisis- that did happened. now the coutnry is divided–just think once again who is behind… is out inept raw paid lendup dorje’s (Girija, Madhav and the rest )and their illegitimate fahterts in Delhi who will finally make sikkim out of nepal

  6. sagarmatha Avatar

    Indefinite curfew imposed in Butwal and Taulihawa

    Local administrations of Rupandehi and Kapilvastu districts have imposed indefinite curfew in Butwal Municipality and Taulihawa respectively from Sunday afternoon in view of possible violence in demonstrations organised by supporters of Mohit Khan, a former leader of anti-Maoist resistance group, who was shot dead by unidentified group this morning.

    Local residents and supporters of Khan had started angry protests after he was killed by the unidentified group at Chandrauta, Kapilvastu, at around 8:30 am today near his home.

    The local administrations said the curfew would remain till the situation returns to normal. The Kapilvastu administration has imposed curfew in certain stretches of highways linking the district headquarters, reports said. The protesters had lobbed a bomb at a team of Armed Police Force (APF) at Chanuata, injuring one APF man.

    Local people in Butwal say some rounds of gunfire were also heard in the town just before the curfew was imposed. The demonstrators attacked vehicles, shops and government offices due to which the marketplaces had remained shut and vehicles stayed off the roads from morning. A number of vehicles and private houses have been vandalised by the demonstrators.

    Police said armed criminal groups from across the southern border had infiltrated into the demonstrations to instigate mayhem.

    After leading armed resistance campaign in parts of Kapilvastu, Khan had joined the Madhesi Democratic Forum

  7. ramesh Avatar

    Interesting article: source-

    Ajay Sharma

    (We received this letter via electronic mail. The Maoists high command is hereby requested to go through the story and act accordingly. The letter has been signed by Ajay Sharma currently residing in the

    The letter follows:

    When an illegal alien in the United States becomes Nepal’s Ambassador to Australia…….Shame on you, the Maoists!!

    Right after Nepal government announced Ambassadorial nominees for different countries, I received many calls in my New York residence, where I have been living for many years, congratulating me for “being” one of the nominees for Australia. Friends congratulating me were confused because the nominee carried similar name as mine – Ajay Sharma. I was at pain to deny that I was not the nominee. I had to remind friends that the name in parenthesis i.e. (Yogendra Dhakal) does not belong to me.

    I have never known this fellow Ajay Sharma a.k.a. Yogendra Dhakal. But as his name created confusion among my friends, I wanted to know who he was. I checked with friends around NY City and found out very embarrassing and damaging information about the person nominated as Ambassador to Australia from the Maoist party’s quota. I was dumbfounded to see Maoists’ lack of vetting for the person they were recommending for the highly prestigious job of an Ambassador.

    I found out that he lived in NY for nearly seven years, four years in a row, as a person without legal status working illegally in menial jobs – from restaurant waiter to a jewelry store attendant. In common parlance, such person is called illegal alien. A few days ago I read in a Kathmandu newspaper available in the internet that Mr. Dhakal’s stay in America has been a matter of much talk in Kathmandu and that he tells the newspaper that he was living in America as a “refugee” hunted by the Army on charges of being a Maoist.

    Could it be? Was he really living as a political asylee or he was trying to present himself as a respectful person in the guise of “political refugee?” A couple of thoughts ran into mind. My mind quickly said the latter was the truth. First, if he had applied for political asylum on grounds of running Maoist hunted by the army, he sure would have been hunted by the FBI and thrown into jail or deported back to Nepal as the United States Government lists the Maoists as Terrorists. Second, if he was really a political refugee, he must have applied claiming as ” a victim of Maoist terror in Nepal.”

    These are very embarrassing and damaging information on Mr. Dhakal. Did the Maoists nominated their own bonafide person or a seasonal opportunist for the position? Moreover, he had joined the Maoist party only after the April 2006 revolution.

    His nomination as an Ambassador is likely to embarrass not only the Maoist leadership in Nepal but also the receiving county of Australia. How would the Australian government accept him as an Ambassador when they would check his background and know the fellow had been an illegal alien in the United Sates? Even if the Australian government ignored his past and accepted him as an Ambassador from Nepal, the diplomatic community in Canberra is certain to look down on him as his background lacks the traditionally required norms in an elite community of diplomats. He would be denied a visa in the event he needs to make a trip to the U.S. not on account of being a Maoist but on account of spending years in U.S. as an illegal alien. How could such a person enhance the prestige of Nepal? He will be isolated, ignored, and be a matter of gossip in the diplomatic community. Moreover, the Nepali community in Australia will have hard time raising their heads.

    How should the self-respecting Nepali react in this situation: shame on you Maoists for creating a situation of embarrassment for yourself, the people of Nepal, the Nepali community in Australia, and damaging the image of the country abroad. [Received via email from Mr. Ajay Sharma]

  8. B Avatar

    Our ex prime minister goes out of his way to meet indian foreign secretary. Comes out to his front gate to see off the secretary. The foreign secretary can come and visit any minister or prime minister any time of the day without any official agenda. God if this is not sikkimization then why would India need to sikkimize Nepal?

  9. hope Avatar

    Yes , B, you got it right this time . It would be highly stupid of India if they officially Sikkimise Nepal and irk intl community when they are enjoying all the benifit of that already. Indians don’t even send their ministerial level envoy now, just foreign secretary and he is received by even the self declared head of the state. I guess he even doesn’t have to make formal appointment to meet the PM.

    And people are still worrying about annexing Nepal into India! Do they really have to??

  10. Kirat Avatar

    The obesiance that our major political parties pay to the Indian govt. is really irksome. They have no self-respect and no respect for Nepal as a sovereign nation. I understand that good relations must be maintained with our powerful southern neighbour but sometimes they really over do it. United we stand, divided we fall.

  11. Neil Horning Avatar

    If the U.S. was giving refugee status to those fleeing the Maoists but none to those fleeing the Government (It led the world in dissapperences during the conflict) It is a matter of embarasment to me as an American that my country would have such double standards.

  12. Rohit Avatar

    These people who fear that India will take over Nepal don’t know a clue about contemporary international politics. If India takes over Nepal, India will face countless suicide bombings, insurgencies and civil war across the whole country. The country will be ripped apart. Do the Indians want to see South Asia turned into Middle East? Do they want to confront Hamas and Hezbullah? As a proud Nepali who loves the sovereignty of my country, I will readily blow up any Indian installment if India tries to wipe my country off the map. There is justification of suicide attacks against India if it dare tries swallowing my country. Let Indian diplomats in Kathmandu and Delhi hear this.

  13. hope Avatar

    Haha, Double standard?? By the US,……………you must be kidding Neil!!

  14. Baje Avatar

    Please lobby your Congressman (woman) immediately Neil! See if you can put up a blog to decry such unimaginable double standards!

  15. B Avatar


    I understand that it would be stupid for India to take over Nepal. But they have been know to do stupid things. You can look at all small countries around India to measure her stupidity.

  16. sagarmatha Avatar

    India is handling Nepal by the secretarial level…what more we expect this than Sikkimization….Girija is coming out to the main door to welcome and to say goodbye to the secretaries of India…the status of Girija (so-called head of the state) is less than the level of the secretary of India…

  17. Patriot Avatar

    The problem with India’s south block establishment is their master-servant colonial mindset from which they are yet to come out. Truth of the matter is India is still a toddler when it comes to foreign policy matters.

    India is trying to poise for a superpower status, and that starts with being a mature & progressive regional player. So it will be hard for India to Sikkimize Nepal and risk whats at stake. But India’s unwillingness to give up this proxy war and indecisiveness is perhaps rooted in its own character and state of affairs.

    Its in India’s best interest to adopt progressive relations with Nepal, least it wants to add another foe in its already list of North-east, ULFA, Naxals, Chinese, ISI …

  18. rameshwar karki Avatar

    yes,comment ramro lagyo.But you do not write about the article of chaudhari in this same edition.I think that the writer should be kamal thapa, Rameshnath pandey or pashupati bhakta. Read the article and again comment. I think sudhir is taking big amount of money from palace. otherwise why he is hiding the writer ?pls give me the answer.

  19. asheem Avatar

    well i had a couple of months back written about indias longterm plan on nepal. annexing nepal is useless for india. here are some of the points on what benifit india will get if they have a puppet government in nepal instead of annexing her.

    1. social harmony will be maintained in India ( supporting in rohits point of view)
    2. blind vote in UN
    3. ass kissing state in SAARC besides Bhutan
    4. an atm machine as they get to tax Nepal on anything and everything they want
    5. don’t have to spend money on Nepal (as they do on other states)
    6. buffer zone between china and India
    7. get to practice their ideology without any risk. (get to experiment on Nepal with stuff they aren’t sure if it will work in India. i.e: guinie pig.
    8. no international pressure

    well why would India risk all of it just for the sake of increasing its population and area when they can have a puppet government who does everything on their behalf.

    last but on the least: India will save the monarchy as if there is no monarchy, then India wont have any trump card to show to the puppet government if in case these fools decide to do things against the wishes of the Indian. why do you think menon came to Nepal in a time when Maoist were bragging about protest and all other shit. it is simply a game for India. a game of balance and neutralization. they used democracy to neutralize the monarchy in late 80s and last year and if in case, they will surely use the monarchy to neutralize the puppet government.

    as far as i can see, Maoist problem spread as soon as sher bdr took the chair, and in my point of view it spread because sher bdr was more inclined to USA and China than he was to India in comparison to others in his party!!!

  20. koko32 Avatar

    hahahaah, what are you guys smoking?

    Yes, who in their right minds would want to take over a country where the only thing people know to do is riot, bribe each other and procreate like rabbits. One only needs to look at the huge number of Nepali immigrants in India and Bhutan as oppose to miniscule immigrants from those countries in NEPAL to realize that Nepal right now is not a country that even Nepalis want to be in, forget other countries wanting to take it over..

  21. Steven Avatar

    Well its really surprising for me to go through this blog, because everytime you guys seem to be blaming Indians for meddling too much in your country’s affairs. why dont you realise that India is not always too gung ho about poking her nose in your matters.but your politicians are too stupid and immature to handle things and all that they do is squabble among themselves. There has to be someone who has to do the refreeing and its always going to be India, you have to keep the geopolitics of the area in mind,India is the dominant power and thats why not even China,the US or even the UN would like to interfere too much as long as India can keep the peace. its only with India’s permission that they will like to step here. Look at Sri Lanka, India has refused to play much part on the going ons and the so called neutral western country like norway is now finding it difficult to even get any of the side to even talk to her, they have been requesting, or should i say beseeching India to step in. even the LTTE and the Sri lankan Govt has been asking the Indian govt. to play a bigger role. look at Bangladesh, its going to become the next Afganistan as the Al quaeda have already set up bases there with help from their political parties. India is not interfering there and see what a mess it has become, as for Pakistan, the lesser said the better. So dont you see what a bad neighbourhood India has to deal with. So dont’ think that India likes to meddle with her neighbours affairs and as the saying goes, you cant choose your neighbours and we want our neighbourhood to be peaceful and i must say that your politicians and your maoists are giving it a bad name. and for god’s sake what are we going to do by taking over your country, we already have too much problems on our hands just by being a neighbour, we dont want to own you, or perhaps you would like China to interfere more and support a dictatorship, i guess then it will be the end of this blogsite.

  22. Patriot Avatar

    Steven – its easy to put the blame on something that seems obvious on the outside, means I agree that we have to get our house on order and our politicians are sons of pigs who care for nothing but themselves.

    But common – wake up, perhaps I cant blame you if you’re a common Indian citizen going about his/her usual way, but if you’re a south block official or one of those external affairs hawks you’d know better.

    Stevie – the truth of the matter is India will never let Nepal breathe on its own and will always interfere in a way that will race us down. We will have to wait for the day when Indian policy makers mature and adopt progressive measures to deal with its smaller neighbours.

    Till then, if you insist India has no sinister interest in Nepal, I suggest you turn the pages of Nepal’s history to see how India has always played spoiler.

  23. koko32 Avatar

    These people are the biggest losers I have every seen. Anytime there is any problem they’ll be the first ones to go and ask India to get involved. And then all this crap about the sinister neigbor intefering blah blah. Why should China care about whether you are screwing up your country? you’re not even the same race as them.

    I have a message for all you people. If you really don’t want Indians or other intefering, then start caring for your country. Work hard to buid your country up. Compromise with each other for the benefit of the country. Don’t break up the peace process because of a little technical matter that won’t make any difference in the big scheme of thing.

  24. Kirat Avatar

    koko32- ouch! that hurts. and a lot of what you say is sadly true. but you underestimate the power a country like India can exert on a country like Nepal. You oversimplify. Look at the political map of South Asia and Nepal’s position vis-a-vis India. Perhaps then your smartness can comprehend what the reality must be like.

  25. Rohit Avatar

    Steven thinks that India has led South Asia by example. Just like the way France, Germany and Great Britain are leading Europe. No wonder South Asia is overtaking the European Union under the auspices of India 😉

    I wish all the South Asian countries bar Bhutan (which is out of question) opposed India’s bid for permanent membership in the UNs SC from the very beginning. Would be a perfect treat for our glorious neighbour.

  26. Steven Avatar

    See the main point of this article was the fact that India has been interfering too much in the politics of Nepal and worsening the situation. i had reacted to this as i feel that there is only so much that India can do, after all whatever factions, sides or party that our present Govt. supports in Nepal, the end result will be what the people of Nepal wants. Because who will be voting for these parties or candidates? its the people.Now it will be an interference if India stops a candidate from contesting or a party form taking part in the elections, but India has never done that.You must agree to this fact that India has talked to all the diffrent players, be it the Maoists, the Monarch or the Political parties and at diffrent points of time.And it has done this when there has been a stalemate with one party or the other adamant on a point or two. and i a sure it must have required a lot of cajoling, threats and prodding for things to move ahead, but India had to do it. I understand what Rohit is trying to say, we are not the shining examples of democracy but we have managed to build a system where even a labourer, a surrendered dacoit or even an illeterate can get elected. and believe me we too are sick of our politicials and they are not at all an inspiring bunch but however much we may hate them, we still need them. the only thing is to get the process of democracy rolling and not lose faith in it. Koko32 has rightly said that its only the common man who can make a diffrence, and put enough pressure on all the diffrent sides to just quit fighting and start making some real progress. and hey Patriot dont be so steeped in history that you forget about tomorrow, its good to learn from history but no use if you only use it to tie chains around yourself . the world is no longer what it was even a decade back.

  27. DOA Avatar

    Steven does hit a right note- We got a problem and problem is us not some else. unless we learn to stop making excuses and do away with seize mentality of India, India and India- we will have nothing to show for. Yes, the political actors in Nepal are experts in kow towing to India and asking special favors for their own self serving interest so the perception is India the BAd neighbor. We have saying in Nepal- “when brothers quarrel even the stupid take advantage.” This aptly demonstrates our nation as of now. First nation does not what it wants, second it does not belive in itself and third people are nonchalant with the things are so only thing left is accuse the unseen, denigrate the nation’s identity, and wallow on righteousness of delusional and dogmatic party politics that borders on insanity. Hey, people get to blog and vent their ire with abandon but the truth is- it ain’t gonna stick. So Help Nepal- Pashupatinath.

  28. asheem Avatar

    Stevie, i bet u aren’t the blind musician who cant see anything. alright let me put it this way.
    lets see if any of the neighbors of mighty india really sleeps a good nights sleep.
    nepal: maoist and ycl terror is the least of the problems. there are dozens of other groups armed and unarmed creating a havoc in the society.
    bangladesh: political unrest has been in the core of bangladesh since its independence. besides that, it is actually turning out to be a prime terrorist breeding ground.
    srilanka: 60,000 and counting. check the history if u dont know it and the present situation makes headline every now and then.
    pakisthan: the eastern border is more tensed than the western one, even though there is a war going on in the west.
    china: tibet is still under martial rule as foreigners arent allowed to enter tibet without a special permission. and the main reason is because they dont want foreign influence to start a civil unrest there as india has been supporting illegal aleins to recide and preach about free tibet from indian soil.
    burma: india is one of the few countries to support the military government of burma. the military has been ruling for decades just because there are some regional as well as world power who support them.
    Maldives: even though they don’t share any land borders, mighty India crushed some mercenaries back in 1988 which was opposing the government then. they sent their armed forces to crush the uprising and as a result, the presidency of Maldives has only changed once in its almost half a century’s history.
    Thailand: similarly there has been tension going on in Thailand. it has never been proved that India has played some vital role in the Thai terrorism plot, but just funny to know that none of India’s neighbors have stability.
    Bhutan: is anything there going on right? well it is a puppet of India and i bet everyone knows it, and as far as we know, it might just be the safest and the most stable country in the region.

    well summing it up, all the countries that are india’s neighbors are in deep-shit and well honestly, i do blame india for most of the problems. so open your eyes and see what they have done and what they are doing to other countries including our kingdom.

  29. japjit Avatar


    If I buy your ‘logic’, then all of India’s problems, similarly, can be transposed on to the neighbouring countries. Taking a tunnel vision approach and exchanging sweet-nuthin’ homilies are, at best, lame excuses for failing to come up with solutions to our problems.

    I as an outsider (Indian) would be more worried about traitorous CPI Politburo and Rajya Sabha member, Sitaram Yechury, preaching former collegemates (studied in JNU), Prachanda and Baburam Bhattarai.

  30. asheem Avatar

    well since u are an indian, i bet you should have had a vast knowledge on the hisory of india, atleast the history of independent india. tell me, what is the core problem of the kasmir crisis? india has fought 3 wars over there, 2 with the paks and 1 with china. dont tell me that india had nothing to do it was all pak and china.
    trust me when i say this to you, for nepal to prosper, india has to disintrigate. that is the only solution. well i was going through some archives here in china, and one of the letters caught my attention. just before sino-indian war, the resident ambassador of india in beijing had wrote to nehru saying that it was the right time to take nepal as china was a threat and nepal its buffer zone. it added that if india was in control of nepal, military action will be much smoother.
    if you dont believe me, then google it up.
    honestly, you guys(general population) is more niave in india then it is in china. here even though when there is a communist government that controls all the media, people atleast know what is right and what isnt. but back in india, so called free media are so bias that the people over there think that india is the sufferer and all its neighbours are tyrants.
    u tell me that i am tunnel visioned? well if i am then there is a significant number of people who are too. talk about hypocracy, maoist were declared terrorist by india even before nepal but when it came to curve thier activity, the leaders were sipping tea in new dehli with your politicians discussing who gets what.
    so instead of preaching about great india, look at it and see if you would even spit on it. well damn sure i wouldn’t.

  31. Steven Avatar

    ah asheem is based in china, no wonder his views are like that. i thought i would reply to his first entry,point by point, then i realised that a person with such a view and such a pathetic knowledge just wont get to know what it means to be faced with a free and broad view. his second entry proved my point beyond any doubt, i feel sorry for you man. anyway i have made my views clear and i dont think there is any need for me to add anything further, and i dont want to change this into a slanging match between chinese and indians.As for my Nepalese friends, hopefully the Maoists would come back to the negotiating table soon and the elections are held, more importantly, free and fair.And guys do participate in the voting otherwise you lose the right to criticise the Govt. if they dont perform well.

  32. japjit Avatar


    What have I written that got you so riled up and please point to where I am “preaching about great india”? The Indian media is biased but in favor of China, howzatt…Indian media will paint a gooey picture of railroad in Tibet, posh buildings, big bridges, dams etc but never about the people (land owners) who got displaced and were given the short end of the stick when they demanded compensation, damage to the environment, surface pollution in China and numerous societal upheavals. Similar construction projects in India will have to pass the microscopic examination (all of the above and some more) from our biased media. Why two standards, may I ask? I am all for examining the tiniest details of a construction project but shouldn’t these standards be the same for everyone.

    For India to prosper, Timbuktu has to be disintegrated, trust me. Why should I work when I have a whipping boy handy and all ills that befall me is Timbuktu’s doing. Obtuse thinking, IMHO. When you do not have answers to questions asked by common folks, point somewhere else. It is similar to the Indian Govt blaming pakis for every terror attack in India.


  33. Patriot Avatar


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