Political Polarization in Nepal: Final War against Monarchy

Election Is The Battleground. Pro-republic forces are making their stands clear while pro-monarchy forces are also in the process of consolidating their strength.

By Dinesh Wagle

As Nepal is heading towards key nationwide polls to elect an assembly that will, on its first meeting, decide the fate of monarchy, formulate new constitution, and decide on new governing structure of the country, an all out war and polarization has started against progressive democratic republic forces and those who want to stick with the past by joining their neck with monarchy. I agree with the moderate Communist Party of Nepal (United Marxist and Leninist-CPN UML) General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal to conclude that remarks made by former Prime Minister and founding member of Nepali Congress party yesterday (and today) that NC should stick to constitutional monarchy or monarchy should favor democracy are utterly irrelevant in today’s scenario. Remarks of Bhattarai come days after NC, the party of Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala who is leading a multi-party cabinet, decided to go with the agenda of republic in the polls in November. Bhattarai cites the policy of national reconciliation introduced some decade ago by godfather of NC and first elected prime minister of Nepal late BP Koirala. BP Koirala, whose birth anniversary was marked by Congress workers today, had returned from exile to Nepal in 1976 saying that it was time for NC to join hands to the king to for the national interest. Time has gone through a sea change and Bhattarai is the perfect example of those who haven’t updated themselves with the happenings of the past several years. To say that Nepali Congress should stick to the working-together-with-king policy now is same as saying that I want to I want to ride Bikram Tempo in Kathmandu (which are no more in the city) or want to travel in Tokyo trains run by steam engine. Monarchy is a snake and to talk about constitutional monarchy in today’s scenario is to provide milk to the snake.

And guess what was the most disgusting scene in Kathmandu today? A man in his eighties who is unable to walk on his own and can’t even wipe out saliva running all over his lips went today in wheel chair to see a 40 something brat who has been hospitalized for his failure to maintain health because of excessive use of God knows what in daily diets. Yes, that was same old Krishna Prasad Bhattarai visiting Paras, son of suspended king Gyanendra, in Norvic hospital today. It was okay for me to learn that Tulsi Giri, another oldie in his eighties and the infamous vice Chairman in the royal cabinet formed after the 2005 royal coup, went to see Paras in the hospital. KP Bhattarai bowing in front of the pampered young man, who has a record to killing people in hit and run case and firing indiscriminately in the discotheques, really made me astonished. Some old people completely turn insane as they get older and Bhattarai just proved that he has lost sanity. Today I have decided that I will think twice before attending his funeral procession. I am that much disturbed by the old man’s odyssey to the Norvic hospital today. As one reader brilliantly pointed out yesterday in this post, Bhattarai has almost come out of grave with a sinful and utterly unethical purpose of trying to save monarchy’s ass in Nepal.

A female counterpart to insane Bhattarai on this regard is Prime Minister Koirala’s daughter Sujata who has been defending monarchy shamelessly in the past few days. Kathmandu tabloids have reported that she was lately sponsored by the palace to argue on behalf of pro-monarchy agenda in Nepali Congress party and I can’t say for sure if those reports are entirely incorrect. Sujata is the kind of person who can very well sell her own father for the shake of money. She is the one responsible for the failures of Koirala as the Prime Minister in the past decade because Sujata exploited and misused his name to loot the country. She is the one who pushed the state carrier Nepal Airlines Corporation to the state of bankruptcy.

As I said earlier, an all out war has begun. Pro-republic forces are making their stands clear while pro-monarchy forces are also in the process of consolidating their strength. Take an example of Pashupati Shumser Rana, another fool who forgetting that once his forefathers controlled the Shah kings as pawns is trying to lick the shoes of the same Shah kings by advocating constitutional monarchy. He is talking about unifying his party with the breakaway faction of Surya Bahadur Thapa, another pro-monarchy man. Many other smaller-than-a-local-club parties with pro-monarchy agenda are also forming alliance in the hope of winning a few dozen seats in the Constituent Assembly. So there is a clear polarization taking place in Nepali politics currently.

Palace will definitely play its hands and Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula appears to have the right judgment on the possible steps by the fedual institution. Addressing a two-day orientation programme on security for the upcoming Constitution Assembly elections in Birgunj today Sitaula said that the political parties had no other choice than to unite to counter the royal palaces’ old strategy of divide and rule. Stating that the elected Constituent Assembly was the overarching goal of the April uprising the Home Minister also that the Constituent Assembly was essential to enter a new era and the process was necessary for the betterment of the Nepali people and not for any particular party and leaders.

That’s right but one of the biggest threats to the CA election is unjustifiable 22-point demands put forward by the Maoist party. NC leader and Peace and Reconstruction minister Ram Chandra Poudel today rightly said that to run away from the election is to run away from the opportunity to make Nepal a republic. By putting the CA elections in uncertain, Poudel argued, Maoists are putting the republic agenda in uncertainty.

I rarely agree with Nepali Congress leader Shusil Koirala but today I find him convincing when he said in Pokhara that 22-point demands of the Maoists are their way of bargaining things. “They will not quit the government [as Prachanda has threatened to do by September 16 if their demands are not met],” said Shusil Koirala, the bearded backbencher in the parliament and Vice President of NC who is infamous of holding kothe baithaks (closed door meetings) to conspire against colleagues of the party. Shusil was speaking in the general assembly of pro-Nepali Congress journalists’ group Nepal Press Union in Pokhara today.

I don’t even want to think about yet another deferral of the election. I think, perhaps I want to think like that, that Maoists are using their 22-point demands for the publicity purpose and to create slogans in the election campaign so that they could face people. The scenario is such that even Nepali Congress, a party traditionally considered as centrist and “bourgeois” by the communists, has the slogan of establishing republic Nepal and in such scenario Maoists definitely need slogans that sound more revolutionary and more unrealistic.

So let me repeat again, Nepal is going through a polarization which was expected and the progressive forces with republic agenda are destined to win in this battle. And the best case scenario is: all of that will happen by means of election, by means of democracy and without violence and killing.

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58 thoughts on “Political Polarization in Nepal: Final War against Monarchy

  1. A little bit of hyperbole there, but some solid analysis. I don’t believe the Maoists are trying to delay the elections, however. They are trying to get their agenda passed before the elections happen. It’s a subtle but important difference.

  2. Mr Wagle:

    I do not think Gyane and Paras are good people in absolute terms, but they are better than monsters Prachande and his YCL goons in relative terms. If we want peace and stability in Nepal, We need to eradicate Prachande and his YCL thugs from Nepal by orchestrating incidents like that of Gaur. Remember one thing!! Once these thugs get into power, they will not hesitate even to blow you up inserting explosives into your ass hole. Prachande, ONE OF THE GREATEST MURDERERS IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY, never believes in politics based on competition that will embraces people from all walks of life.

  3. I do not think Gyane and Paras are good people in absolute terms, but they are better than monsters Prachande and his YCL goons in relative terms. If we want peace and stability in Nepal, We need to eradicate Prachande and his YCL thugs from Nepal by orchestrating incidents like that of Gaur. Remember one thing!! Once these thugs get into power, they will not hesitate even to blow you up inserting explosives into your ass hole. Prachande, ONE OF THE GREATEST MURDERERS IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY, never believes in politics based on competition that will embraces people from all walks of life.

  4. We need to finish both maoists goons and monarchy simultaneously because both of them do not believe in competitive politics and both of them are dictators.

  5. The need of the hour is to kick out TTT (Teacher turned terroist) Puspa kamal Dahal and his criminal gangs from the Nepalese political horizon once and for all for the brighter future of Nepal.

  6. Fundamentally, both Bin laden and Prachanda are not different because both are terroists and both resort to violence to fulfil their dirty goals.

  7. I agree with Q and Bhante, SOB should be shot in public, soon the Hindu fundamentalists will do it. Jai Hindu Rastra, Jai Shiv Sena.

  8. It appears that most Nepali Dailies and unpopular Indian newspapers are trying their best efforts to defame the institution of Monarchy, Hinduism, and Nationalism of Nepal. Finally, Krishna Prasad speaks for the Monarchy; at least I salute this old lion for being firm in his belief. I wonder how few Nepalese dream Prachandu to be the president of Nepal. I hope none of their relatives have been killed by this demon, instead, I suspect, they might have been associated in with this mass killer in some form. I am sympathetic to those who still support this killer who presents himself to the future potential leader. Everyone knows that Maoists and Democratic Allies are afraid to lose the election against the monarchy, and hence, they do not even let the influential people contest. Now, common Nepali Hindu are blamed to be “fundamentalist and extremist” by these newly emerging newspapers. India vests more interest in Nepal, than it does in its own failed nation. Kantipur is campaigning for Maoists. Great! This is what the newspaper of a democratic nation does. Kantipur states “Both Subedi and Prasain claimed that the eight-party alliance has no right to abolish the monarchy and declare Nepal a secular state.” Absolutely, eight dictators have no right to represent Nepal. I notice that after that April movement, people are blindly following Maoists, regardless of the parties they represent. Summing up, the coalition formed itself represents spreading disease of communism. I can just say, to achieve absolute democracy, right people should follow right step at the right time, and I am sure, nothing is right at this time. There won’t be democracy, if there is no monarchy. Imagine you being the cadre of Prachnadu. There won’t be Madheshi if there is no monarchy. From the time of my birth, I have seen suppression against Madhesis, and even today, Madhesis COULD NOT force this government to resign Krishna Situala. What can be more compelling shame for Madhesis to accept that there is no place for them in this coalition government? Once the power is transferred to these dictators, Madheis will be exterminated in Nepal. Madhesis still have time to rethink and follow a solid strategy to make their base strong rather than blindly following to what others say. Visionary will the one who will survive in the ling run. With unclear strategy, attempting to rule overnight, failing to unite, following others – the demise of solidifying madhesi power is certain in the time to come. No communist country has been stable, financially or politically. Nepal is already on its making to a dictatorship and communist country. Good Luck to this part of Third World. Baba Pashupanitah Le Sabai ko Rakha Garun!

  9. ohhh here we go again Neil. I don’t disagree with everything you have to say. For example I totally agree with your analysis on why a movement like the Maoist movement would have started in Nepal. But you over do it buddy!

    The Maoist movement for the most part has been a sham. They had no grand vision nor were they inspired by some great philosophy. It’s clear the the Nepali Maoists are just another incompetant political force. It must suck for you Neil to have wasted years of your life trying to understand the Maoists and then to realize that it was nothing more than a movement of “gunda giri” (there some homework for you: go find out what that Nepali terms means).

    So let’s get back to the topic. Why are the Maoists stuck up on their demands being met especially with regards to the republic issue. Why not have the CA elections and let the issue to decided through that? I’ll tell you what I think. I think the Maoists are shi*tting in their pants at the prospect of free and fair elections. Because they have squandered their support base with major constituencies – the Madeshis, the indeginous people, moderate lefts and anyone else who might have previously been under the notion that the Maoists might inspire some genuine change.

    I think you have been in Nepal way too long Neil. I say it’s time to hitch a ride back home and call it a day. Maybe that will give you some fresh prespectives.

  10. Mr. Wagle,

    I don’t know what to call regarding your write-up. You have followed the same dictum as others in this blog do – calling names, labeling in a demeaning terms when they do not agree to your conceptions and ideals. And you call yourself ‘responsible’ journalist. It is ok that you support republican set-up. However, that does not mean that people who support something else are stupid, irrational and illogical. Just as you have reasons to support republican set-up, why can’t you accept that people have reasons to support otherwise.

    Grow up, Wagle. If you call yourself democrat (above your republican credentials), give some objective reasoning, and not your blatant subjective and judgemental horseshit.

  11. War against monarchy – what war? There is only two options left for the monarchy and one is purely constitutional and the other none at all. The war my friend is between the totalitarian rabid maoist extremist and separatists and the moderate democrats in the SPA and some in the maoists as well. Or has that passed by you somehow? If it has, come back when the $hit starts hitting the fan in a few weeks or months time and write like you always do in hindsight and with one track thinking but remember I told you so, just like I told you so from day one that the maoists are upto no good. How can you demand another 22 points after signing agreements left right and centre for peace? This is an outrage and a deception. The SPA may have to sever ties with the maoists once and for all after they quit the govt. for breaking the pacts and this time make it right no repeats of Holleri. The only one responsible then for the breakdown of peace and the possible comeback of monarchy will be the maoists and noone else.

  12. Dear Mr. Wagle,

    Hope you remember this old friend of yours from NBC currently posted in New Delhi.

    Not to judge you from any level, but I truly enjoyed reading this article. I am not sure whether it is by design or by lack of relevance, you seem to mysteriously not include any reference to Madhesis and their stake in the future of Nepal.

    I really hope one day you will lose your bias against the Madhesis so transparently it is almost amateur like.

    For a reporter of your potential and calibre, I sincerely hope you can lose your personal bias and put yourself as a “reporter” first

    Look what a mess these 8 parties in association with their Indian masters have made of nepal? Monarchy is culturally , socially bound in the lives of Nepalese. NOT some terrorist called Prachanda and Sitaula who have been made hero instead of being tried in international tribunal.

  14. Friends, come on, read the masterpiece of Sudhir Sharma, and you will understand what people like Dinesh Wagle are heading towards. It is just a few minutes. You will understand what is at stake?

    The pain of losing a nation

    The last Prime Minister of the Himalayan kingdom of Sikkim , Kazi Lhendup Dorji, met an ignominious death.

    On the northern corner of West Bengal state of India , there is a hill station– Kalimpong, which once hosted celebrities from all over the world. The hill town, where most of the settlers are of Nepali origin, no longer retains its old charm. But until a few weeks ago the last prime minister of a country—that has lost its independence—used to live here. Kazi Lhendup Dorji, who died on 28 July this year at the ripe old age of 103, had played a pivotal role in the merger of Sikkim into India .


  15. DInesh wagle,
    i cant figure if this article was a love letter or a real piece of journalistic mishap. i am not sure if you are the same person who used to deliver real news. but lately just like this blog your articles are seem to be laced more with personal emotions then facts. i used to have high opinions about this blog for its articles and its bloggers but lately things have changed a lot. the articles now seems more a propaganda and there are all to many idiots comenting just for the sake of comenting. just because there are two visible sides does not mean that you need to lean on one of them.
    i agree that kisun prasad really touched your nerve. and man did you diss him. this article has a tone of one of eminems song.

    ¨And guess what was the most disgusting scene in Kathmandu today? A man in his eighties who is unable to walk on his own and can’t even wipe out saliva running all over his lips went today in wheel chair to see a 40 something brat who has been hospitalized for his failure to maintain health because of excessive use of God knows what in daily diets¨ i really dont hold both of them in high esteem but what you wrote is pure hate and disgust and very personal.

    you have a responsiblity so fulfill it.

  16. OOaah….Wagle is wise. After 20 years when Bihari rule this country and that time people will like to see Wagle and his masters face and..
    read his sooooo….bihari democratic article.

  17. Final war should be against extremism!

    Monarchy is on the verge of fall down. A final blow will topple it. We are yet to fight the final war against extremism and political baloneys.

  18. I have never estimated Wagle as a true journalist even after his rounds of US study trip conducted by his masters. He talks about snake but he is a snake in the grass. Being “nowhere man” his comments are shallow, vinidictive and downright cheap. He ain’t any better than the trash you get to read on streets. Kevin’s insight never rubbed off on him except may be stick from the back- a true picture of so-called-peusdo intellectuals of Nepal- prostitutes on bidding war.

    The attempt is to polarize Nepal to a point where it destructs from within and henchmen come in disguise of -mother of All republican aka Wagle.

  19. Nepal: Hegemon Hectored By Its Own Haughtiness
    By Maila Baje

    From the jumble called the peace process comes another rare flash of candor. Nepal Workers and Peasants Party (NWPP) President Narayan Man Bijukchhe insists that the elections to the constituent assembly would be held only at India’s pleasure.

    Before mocking his assertion as an obsequious affirmation of India’s omnipotence, we must delve into the man’s record. Bijukchhe was the first politician to criticize the Seven Party Alliance (SPA)’s 12-point agreement with the Maoists during King Gyanendra’s direct rule.

    Of course, Bijukchhe sounded a little disingenuous at the beginning, especially since his party is part of the SPA. But the man’s underlying objection was to the notion of selling out national sovereignty in the name of restoring democracy. Almost two years later, that has become the defining trepidation of the nation.

    Ponder a little deeper and it becomes clear that Bijukchhe’s statement is not so much an assertion of India’s traditional hegemony in Nepal. It’s the creative ambiguity that New Delhi has perfected as its Nepal policy. Playing all sides of the Nepalese political field is something New Delhi inherited from the British Raj. What has changed recently is the domestic content of India’s imperatives.

    While the Indian left, right and center have been conducting bilateral relations with fraternal organizations in Nepal, key institutions, too, seem to be anxious. Army Chief Gen. Rookmangad Katawal’s purported four-hour one-on-one with his Indian counterpart in Australia must count for something when opinion polls show the military as the most trusted institution in Nepal.

    In all of this, Indian Ambassador Shiv Shankar Mukherjee is in an unenviable position. In the end, he had to sneak into talks with King Gyanendra. But he couldn’t fold his sofa bed in Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s bedroom. His Excellency’s narration of his palace confabulations at Baluwatar must have elicited more than loud snores from our premier.

    The Indians are at a loss for good reason. China’s silence on Nepalese affairs has been as menacing as its increasingly candid statements. Washington, for its part, must have something up its sleeves, especially since James F. Moriarty has returned as ambassador to a country barely 25 kilometers away from where the Maoists had stoned his vehicle.

    Ever creative in extending overtures, the Pakistanis scored points by becoming the first foreign government to commiserate with Nepalis during the recent devastating floods. The frequency with which Nepal figures on copy transmitted by the Islamic Republic News Agency and Prensa Latina makes you wonder how far stakeholders in our stability are spread out.

    Coming back to the constituent assembly elections, many Nepalis believe the Indians have already drawn up the text the people’s representatives are supposed to draft. Maila Baje strongly disputes those reports. New Delhi already must have drawn up a couple of different drafts conforming to specific scenarios.

    Maila Baje writes about Nepal at http://nepalinetbook.blogspot.com

  20. Neil horning: “I don’t believe the Maoists are trying to delay the elections, however. ”

    Does this statement matter? nothing to me…

    When we two brothers fight with each other, selfish westerner like Neil Horning try to prove one of them is better.

    Neil, you love to see nepalese fight with each other, right? you love to see blood spilled over hills and mountains, right?

  21. People are being killed almost everyday in Terai by criminal groups, and just last night headmaster Arun Kumar shrestha was killed by randi ko aulad Jawala Singh’s man Raju singh, but people like Girija, Sitaula, Om Bikram rana, and Basudev Oli who responsible for providing security to public are doing nothing. Pataki Girija should quit the PM position if he can not maintain law and order in the country.
    He is holding PM position not to provide secuirty to general public but to provide opportunities to his whore daughter, Sujata koirala to earn millions, and who was involved in many scandals like Dhamija scandal. Everyone knows that once she was mistress of Arjun narsingh KC, then she started becoming mistress of Purna bahadur Khadka. Then she was dumped by both of them. Girija has become the PM of Nepal five times, but what has he done something remarkable to benefit the general public?. He is holding the PM position like BUDHO SADHE LE GAI OGATEKO.

  22. I fully agree with PQR and understands his/her frustration. PQR frustration represents the frustration of the people of Nepal that they are bearing. This useless Girija should have been cremated at Pashupati Aryaghat long ago. Girija does not care whether people are safe or not as long as his PM position is safe.

  23. Dear Wagley Jee,

    Thanks for balanced and realistic viewpoint. You are absolutely right in your assessment of KP and Sujata. But, I agree with Neil also. He has clearly said that the Maoists are trying to get their agenda through. When everybody is politicking, why some of us always pinpoint faults on the part of the Maoists only ?]

    This is my question to Ashutosh and Bhudai.


  24. Girija is a low class animal who promoted the culture of nepotism in Nepal. For example, he made his daughter Sujata (who is corrupt both morally and financially) the MP sidelining all the senior leaders of the Congress party. He also made Ramesh Jung Thapa his security Advisor who has family relation with Girija. What type of security advice is Ramesh jung providing to Pataki Girija? Is Ramesh jung a security expert? The answer is BIG NO!!! Then why did Girija appoint Ramesh jung in the post of his security advisor? The answer is CRYSTAL CLEAR: To promote the culture of nepotism.

  25. Wagle– firstly, you are assuming Bhattarai will die before you do– so, you point about not attending his funeral is a moot one. And can of course continue to ignore losers from the West like Neil. Of course, if there is any benefit of doubt to give then it has to go to the Maoists– what a joke this nation has become. Today, it was painful to watch a bunch of terrorists and corrupt thugs trying to evaluate if a Chief Justice nominee was worthy enough or not. And of course, their verdict was – NOT worthy. If the same terrorists and corrupt thugs were to have a public hearing to figure out if they are worthy enough to judge a Chief Justice, the answer will still be “NOT worthy”. and the point Wagle makes about polarization in Nepal between those who want a republic set up and otherwise is also misrepresented. What is happening in Nepal is polarisation between those who want to push this nation into an autocratic communist people’s federal republic led by either teacher turned terrorist (TTT) Pushpa Kamal or CEREMONIAL(suspended) Baburam and between those who want to keep this nation a liberal republic. Now, Wagle’s ‘moderate’ UML is playing both sides- it has never made it clear if they are for liberal market policies or not. If they were to have their way, I am sure they will join hands with the terrorists and turn this nation into a communist nation. Just because it is not palatable to the voters at present, they are not coming out to say in so many ways. I still believe that we have to come out and vote these terrorists out so that we can stop this nation from becoming a totalitarian communist state. I maintain that the non communist forces can still be checked using democratic means– at least, can be stopped from taking hardlines measures. The communists, for one, CANNOT be changes/checked once they take over. They will bulldoze over us all with their communist ideologies and take this nation into stone age. ANother generation will be lost before by the time we turn it around!! So, come out and vote and defeat the Maoists. Talking about the King or responding to losers from the West is a BIG waste of time.

  26. Brilliant piece from Newsfront (http://www.newsfront.com.np/)

    Captured State

    Yubaraj Ghimire

    Nepal, at the moment has escaped a debate whether it is failing or a failed state. But political pundits have begun fearing the worst. Nepal perhaps qualifies to be listed as a ‘captured state’ where some powerful personalities and groups or parties have monopolised or captured the state power as well as privileges without people’s mandate.

    Any differences or quarrels among those who have captured power at the moment is not so much because they are opposed to it, but simply because they want an increased dose of power, perhaps at the cost of other partners. The government is purely running on a contract system where principle of collective responsibility or accountability has become the casualty. It is a weird system of politics and governance where government’s powers have been clandestinely transferred to political parties or individuals and their decisions are final. Personalities are getting stronger at the cost of the institutions.

    With elections to the constituent assembly around the corner, the government is hardly bothered about maintaining law and order. Instead, the home minister has been given sole monopoly over the institution of the police and the armed police force. Similarly, cabinet or the prime minister would have no right to interfere in what Hishila Yami will be doing on Melamchi. Almost all the government hospitals and their management, top level recruitment as well as transfer are in the sole hands of Giriraj Mani Pokharel and Shashi Shrestha, the ministers who represent Jana Morcha.

    The most classic example of this contract system that has surfaced, in the so far incomplete attempt to appoint secretaries to the government departments is that; each party prepared a list of ‘loyalists’ from among the bureaucrats. Assessment of their pro-people credentials, efficiency or performance was not at all the criteria for considering their promotion. Jamuna Krishna Shrestha, the senior-most joint secretary, tendered his resignation from the post after he got to know that he did not figure in any of the political parties’ list for promotion. The fact that he did not act as a politician, and only acted as a bureaucrat went against him at the end of his career. Yet, he showed guts that bureaucrats rarely display.

    Maoists did not behave differently from the Congress and the UML during several rounds of meetings and lobbying, for who they thought were their loyalists, for filling up the posts of ambassadors and commissioners for the National Human Rights Commission. Such a brazen appropriation of the authority and power of the states by individuals and political parties weakens the state, and may become the cause of its fragmentation in the long run.

    Maoist Chief Prachanda has declared that the Kangaroo Courts have been reactivated. KB Mahara, the government spokesperson as well as the Maoist leader in the cabinet, is in favour of such parallel private courts’ effective existence. On the other hand, parliament’s special committee is now going through the process of hearing chief justice’s appointment case. Naturally, and justifiably, Maoist legislators are a part of this committee. But conducting parallel courts under their parties violating the authority of the state, and having a substantial say in appointing the chief justice of the country’s legitimate apex court is ridiculous and a contradictory exercise in any country allegedly practicing democracy.

    When ruling parties appear more in favour of going republic than having a constitutional monarchy; it obviously means putting the king under an effective control of law. Might is right has already become the mantra for the key political players and the parties. The state has totally abdicated its role and responsibility to the private political parties and the gang of eight that rules through the coalition now.

    As a result, the country is moving towards a civil war. Parties are defying the traditional and constitutional norms of exercising power with responsibility and accountability. In absence of involvement of the people in the business of political parties, their chiefs are gradually turning into tribal chieftains and acting like one, some even questioning the basis of integration of the society. That is just one step before the era of war-lordism begins.

    Strangely enough, absence of rules and refusal on the part of the government leaders to adhere to established norms do not raise eye-brows of the international community anymore. Instead, they have resorted to the politics of appeasement of the national players, and in a way, recognised their way of governance. There has been no concern expressed over the threat that an independent judiciary is facing over a period, or about unfair trial and persecution by the state, through its regular agencies, or the ones created for a particularly motivated purpose.

    The home minister has now admitted publicly that there were some lapses on the part of the commission in recommending action against two officials, the then CDO of Dang and Superintendent of Police of Jhapa. But it was the ministerial committee in which the home minister himself was a member that scrutinised the report and recommendation actions against 201 people including the two, who he now says are innocent.

    All this only shows that the state authorities and power under Koirala indulged in a game of unfair persecution. And the international community, mainly the designated UN bodies, which were so dutifully vocal during the king’s regime against the state’s persecution campaign, is now mysteriously silent. This indicates that these bodies are as responsible for the current state of mess witnessed in this hijacked country. Hopefully, UN Security Council will soon be taking stock of the situation and the role of its designated agencies in Nepal; so that they could play much more positive and constructive role in retrieving the situation before it is too late.

    As of now, UN bodies’ silence over these malpractices committed by the state will mean that they have endorsed it. It will also mean that the international system will be fast discredited in the same proportion as the current political dispensation in Nepal.
    The first mistake of the international referees as well as the designated UN bodies was to keep mum when the executive began systematically violating the principles of separation of power and independence of judiciary.

    Secondly, their silence over the new eight-party regime monopolising every political process by literally excluding the rest of the population has created an impression that the UN system at times endorses policy of persecution as well as exclusion of political minority. And finally, it has not been able to prove itself effective enough in putting pressure on the government to have monitoring committee for an effective evaluation of the peace process as well as the code of conduct.

    The outcome of these failures is all the more dangerous and in Nepal’s context, it will mean endorsing hijacking of the state apparatus by the high and mighty, with the people having no role in it at all.

  27. Bhudai Pundit:

    As was stated and agreed upon before, the Maoists squandered their support base in the terai when they made a deal with Koiralla to have the elections on Jun 22.

    Now, since they didn’t get what they were promised, they want what they gave up back (the proportional representation issue). Now, you can all say screw the Maoists, Screw the MJF, this is politics and they lost. Thats fine, but your going to have to think whats going to happen when all those “former” combatants find out that they have been fighting 10 years to be sold up the river by the congress. Whats going to happen with all the Maoist officers slightly down the chain who were never really happy with this “democracy experiment” that Bhattarai managed to convince Prachanda to make in the first place.

    And while you might not care, what lesson are the Naxalites going to take from this when the peace process turns out to be the worst blunder the Maoists ever made?

    Those are questions that need answers if there is to be a stable peaceful country.

    Read this: http://www.crisisgroup.org/home/index.cfm?id=4842&l=1

    here’s the upshot, the Maoists always have a plan a and a plan B. Plan A is the Constituent Assembly and they don’t see it happening without some of the 22-point demands being met (I’m betting now Republic is a bargaining chip and Proportional representation is a goal). It would be better not to find out what plan B is.

  28. To Those who think I am biased:

    There is no compromise to the basic principles of democracy (loktantra not prajatantra). Why I am so much angry with KP Bhattarai? I used to have respect for him for his crucial leadership in the 1990 transition and I admired his role in the fight against Koirala dictatorship in NC. When he kept on insisting that not a single word could be changed in the 1990 constitution even as Maoists were killing people on daily basis demanding CA, I had started loosing faith on Bhattarai. What’s there in 1990 constitution that is wasn’t changeable? Anyway that’s old issue for now.

    Also Bhattarai didn’t take part in the April revolution, he didn’t attend a single meeting of the parliament BUT found time to visit a druggist in a hospital. You can see where his allegiance is. It’s not hidden that KP Bhattarai spoke on this issue because of ‘request’ from palace. Palace is playing game by mobilizing whatever resources it can. Palace was hopeful from Nepali Congress that the biggest party won’t go for republic so that Gyanendra could stay in Narayanhitti forever and continue conspiring against democracy. But that didn’t happen. Congress decided otherwise and the palace is desperately pulling all sorts of strings for one last time. Call me whatever you like but I can’t stand mute when someone vehemently talks against the progress and democracy. Progress in this context means going towards republicanism.

    A commentator says: “There is only two options left for the monarchy and one is purely constitutional and the other none at all.”

    I say it’s too late for monarchy to go with the first option. The train has already left the station. Now the only option for monarchy is to shift from Narayanhitti to Nirmal Niwas (if that building legally belongs to Gyanendra and company). It’s been proved that there can be no purely constitutional monarchy in Nepal.

    Dictator-turned-‘constitutional monarch’ Birendra always blatantly interfered with democratically elected government’s affairs and after he was killed the person who came to the throne in mysterious circumstances actually proved that kings are the biggest brats in this country. The only best think that the Ranas did in their times was to put these Shah kings in prison like situation. Shah kings rightly deserved that kind of treatment. Kings are the pampered pigs who, without working, eat and enjoy exploiting the blood and sweat of poor Nepali people.

    Look how far we have come: Even people like Surya Bahadur Thapa and other staunch royalists are talking about Constitutional Monarchy these days. It was unimaginable for these people to advocate for other than direct rule of the king until a few years ago. For them, constitutional monarchy, at that time, was like the idea of republic these days. And those who used to advocate for CM at that time are now advocating for republicanism. It’s all because of change in time. With the change in time and disappointing results of experiment with Constitutional Monarchy, it’s time the country leaped for a republic set up.

    I am not a fan of the Maoists. Yes, by unjustifiably presenting obstructive 22-point demands, Maoists have proved that they are no different than a stubborn and stupid kid who always looks for some freaking reasons to create a problem after another. Maoists are immature for democratic politics but as American Ambassador Nancy Powell today hoped they will improve themselves as they immerse with the multiparty political practice. Just look at CPN UML. How “radical” and “immature” the party was in the first half of 90s? They used to break railings and throw bricks even for an insignificant reason. Now I hear their leaders frequently talking against general strikes. Time teaches all.

    How do you deal with a foolish child? Push him to the extreme? No. Give him chocolates! Look, how much chocolates (concession) the SPA has given to the Maoist in the past two years? Many. And who has been benefited? Nepali people because there is no freaking war. That is why I am not against giving chocolates to the Maoists. People are taking note of all the chocolates and if the chocolate is too much people will react in their own ways. I am pretty much sure Maoists are going to loose this election: people’s decision after taking notes! Even if their renewed demand of proportional representation is accepted (for which there is no time if we are going to hold election in November actually), Maoists will not the election. Maoists will have no moral power to raise any issues after the election. I think election is the only way to defeat both monarchy and Maoist.

    Actually I liked the idea floated by pro-Nepali Congress think tank Lokraj Baral in his article in Kantipur today. Baral suggests that this parliament can declare Nepal a republic and the first meeting of the CA can approve the decision. This is a good idea because it fulfills the key Maoist demand and also gives due importance to the people’s opinion and democratic exercise. After all, even a child knows the stand of this parliament in republic vs. status quo debate. It’s a republican parliament.

    I am of the idea that just declaring Nepal a republic doesn’t make it a republic because there are many other important things than just the declaration. But if the declaration alone satisfies the Maoists, what the harm in declaring republic right away and going to the people. Let’s give Maoists yet another chocolate. In such scenario, all eight parties who will vote of the declaration of republic will be going with more or less same agenda: vote for us to approve the declaration. If people don’t vote them which will result in the declaration disapproved in the first meeting of CA.

    About the Madhesi issue (which I didn’t mention because there was no context): I am pretty much clear that talks should get priority but it’s not possible to have talks with every Tom, Dick and Harry of Terai. Government talked to Forum and look what happened: a snake called Kishore Kumar Biswas born. If you talk to Kishore, who will guarantee that another Shore Swas will not born? Then comes Tiger group. If you talk to Tiger, Lion will come because they know how to attract limelight. These individual factions are emerging truly out of greed not because they are serious about Madhesi demands. They have their own vested interests including disrupting CA polls. Yes there are genuine demands of Madhes and I think they have been rightly addressed in the govt.-MPRF agreement.

    Also take this example: you successfully managed to convince a club not to do Nepal Banda and signed an agreement in a glittering ceremony. Then three disgruntled person in Koteshwor go on the street and stop vehicles which will eventually spread citywide due to the volatile situation in the country and turn into Valley Banda. You also hold talks with Koteshwor youth but then four folks at New Baneshwor will do the same. So this talking thing also has limit.

  29. Yea, I like the Yubaraj Ghimire article. It actually tells the Nepali political story from the perspective of a frustrated Indian (BJP) who is disgruntled with the idea of getting rid of monarchy. Yubaraj Ghimire should write an article in Indian Express challenging BJP to establish monarchy in India, replace the woman in Rastrapati Bhawan with a king. And here is the headline of his next article in News Front: Raja aau, desh bachau (Come Oh Majesty and Save the Country!)

  30. Pol pot Prachande and your YCL (young criminal league) goons:

    You always talk about taking physical actions against someone. If murderer Prachande and your YCL thugs are the sons of just one father, do you have courage to take physical actions against the killer of Headmaster Arun Kumar shrestha? I do not think so because these YCL goons are busy in committing abduction and robbery in Kathmandu. What do they get by taking physical actions against the killer of the Headmaster, right? Instead, if they keep themselves busy in abduction and robbery in Kathamndu, they can earn money, right?.

  31. Horning,
    Spoken like a true maoist. On the flip side most would say the pact with the maoists was the worst blunder the parties made. They should have got together and ended this fiasco, they still could. Then we won’t have any peroblems with all the maoist combatents slightly down the chain who are’nt for democracy anyway.

  32. Besides Horning,
    Don’t be so quick to credit your buddies for a plan B only, as GP Koirala could very well have a plan B as well – something we would’nt want to know either.

  33. Mr. wagle,
    you anger towards kisun jii has more solid base than taleju. and i also quite hate everything about that leech. but you hate seems to have originated from him not complfing with your desires and doing what you did not expect him to do. you seem to have held him in high esteem a while back and now you dont just like you have done with the maoist. this is not right is it now amigo.
    a snake is always a snake dude he may have challeged girijas rule just because he himself wanted to rule. and NC the only thing democratic is the name. everything else has a koirala in it. and the maosit well better not start there. another thing what is molesting me a lot is the thing about terai. why everyone so aggresive about the madhesis??? ok they are killing a lot of people but wasnt it what the maoist did too. in fact they seem to have learn well from the maoist. most of their demands are in par with or even resonable than those that the prachanda army made before entering the jungle. the future of the nation lies in uniting. not dividing more to already fragmented nation. what we need more is stability right now more than anything and like someone posted it is in the hands of india.

  34. Mr. Wagle,

    I think you are a wise man. Your points are valid and represent a solid perspective.

    What do you think about the special court that gave former minister chiranjibi wagle a clean chit? Do you think that was proper or improper and with loktantra in plain sight, should be expect more or less of the same?

    Prove you are unbiased to these people once and for all!

  35. maoists’ plan A is totalitarian communist state, maoists plan B is totalitarian communist federal state– both headed by teacher turned terrorist Pushpa Kamal with CEREMONIAL (suspended) Baburam looking on from the sidelines. We need to defeat these terrorists in the upcoming elections. While BIASED people like Wagle might consier this “push” towards a republic state a progress, what we are witnessing in fact is not a fight between monarchy and a republic state– this is just a diversion. What is in display is a grand design by the communists to turn this nation into North Korea. 10 years on after the terrorists have turned this nation into stone gae, we will be surviving on WFP food support—thanks to people like Wagle who I know (not I think) are VERY biased. They could have saved this nation but chose not to for their professional aspirations. I hope he has got his land back by now that the Maoists had taken away from him– well enjoy it while it lasts– pretty soon it is going to be nationalized.

  36. Briliant background of an Indian rightwinger extremist in Nepal, desrves to be read and reread again and again:

    Yea, I like the Yubaraj Ghimire article. It actually tells the Nepali political story from the perspective of a frustrated Indian (BJP) who is disgruntled with the idea of getting rid of monarchy. Yubaraj Ghimire should write an article in Indian Express challenging BJP to establish monarchy in India, replace the woman in Rastrapati Bhawan with a king. And here is the headline of his next article in News Front: Raja aau, desh bachau (Come Oh Majesty and Save the Country!)

  37. I used to speculate often whether Dinish Wagle was really an idiot – this latest rant of his has put to rest this question once and for all.

  38. instead of beating your own drums…..try to see the bare reality…..it is not about maos, rajas, congress, communists….it is about nepal….and the current scenario is that it seems to be going down the drain……

    …try to think how you can contribute to bring it back on track……ganatantra, manatanta, rajtantra…….these are just words……..first try to brand yourself as a real nepali…instead of a congressi, communist, rajabadi, maobadi or others……….

  39. Wagle:

    And I wonder what is the difference between Loktantra and Prajatantra and which word is more near to democracy in English?? Would someone mind clarifying please??

  40. Wagle defends Bhaunist in one of his past article with a plea not to judge every Bhaun with a same yardstick- I agree but his angst against someone who goes against his stinking agenda is unwarranted and totally uncalled for- if he believes in Democracy then he should also learn to respect. Tell me it is not but his Bhaunist megolomania is bordering on insane or may be getting maoist.

    If thinks he is unbaised- he better walk the talk not put few words to justify his uncalled and downright slur on a person’s dignity – is this what he thinks being a democrat mean- I will never use Loktrantra for the fact it is Indianized- they way he shows his tilt will never make him what he thinks he is or aspires to be even with a help from his donor community that are headlong in the destruction of Nepal.

    I even suspect that the above comment Wagle made is not his own- I even think I can vouch for that.

  41. the institution of monarchy has been here since the inception of our gr8 country……n it is here to stay here forever….our so called people oriented political parties….which r filled wid raw agents can try to “get rid” of monarchy…as much as they want….let c how succesful they get…n the bastards….maoists….they r even worth mentioing….LONG LIVE OUR GREAT HINDU KINGDOM OF NEPAL!!!

  42. Wagle – I think you made good read here, except I would’ve added one more thing.

    Besides polarization ref monarchy, the success of CA would depend on SPA ensuring Maoists dont back out, else it’d be failure of not just them but entire eight parties. Since NC seems to take the lead, it needs to take Maoists in its wing and create a more trustowrthy environment instead of setting to steal the wind from them.

    Neil pointed out the waiting disaster if low rung comrades/fighters realise at the end of CA that they fought 10 yrs for nothing. We cant afford them running around like samurai turned yakuza.

  43. Your analysis smacks of anti-Maoist tirade making you sound a typical die-hard cangressi. While i equally loathe comrades childish behaviour, a responsible journalist would refrain from such and instead recognise that peace will never prevail if they are made to feel like losers.

  44. “Final war against monarchy”

    Wagle just tell us what people are getting after suspending all the king’s power ?

    Nothning except more troubles, more chaos, more inflation, more ethnic wars, more black clouds in the sky….

    So your title itself is worthless.

  45. so your title should be;

    “The final war against the political lies; what next option ?”

  46. The root of our problems are political lies…yes… political lies about CA election…political lies to give equal opportunities to all ethnic groups…political lies to bring peace in the nation…political lies to establish real democracy…political lies in trusting free and fair mandate of the people…political lies in bringing security and establishing rule of law….political lies in controlling the corruption…political lies in economic development and poverty eradication…so many lies…

    When person like Mr. Wagle tries to defend the political lies of those ruling leaders of today then this country will suffer more. What justification can he gives for this mess and chaos in the country when it is ruled by his masters ? More he tries to defend their lies and mess more he will be tagged as uncompromising human of peoples’ aspirations. Mr. Wagle should understand the case of 6 months back and present is totally different which has been turned into upside down.

  47. Well, I guess all that fighting was for no good reason. Promises and populist rhetoric are cheap; delivery is not. If the Maoists feel betrayed, their betrayal is at the hands of their own leadership, not any other party or group.

    If the Maoists choose to go back to an armed struggle…. well, those who like to use this subtle threat to get their point across need to consider themselves what the consequences to the Maoists will be.

    As has been discussed before. This is the end of the line for the Maoists. They will be politically manouvered into a do or die situation and they will commit political suicide.

    All those wasted lives…. just so a bunch of leftist fanatics could come to Nepal and live out their wet dreams.

  48. Change the topic to: “Final war againt Nepalism”

    thats what maoist are trying to do.

    Btw, if nepal turned republic, who will be the President?

    Of course “Smt. Pratibha devisingh Patil”.

    And our new trishul baba urf Neil horning, discussing about Plan B of maoists. The reality is when PLA fighters find out about fake people’s war, they will not let TTT “Chhabilal Baje” rest in peace.

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