A College Side Story: Maoist Vs Nepali Congress

Update: Today, a group of NSU affiliated students thrashed another group of ANNISU affilated students in Saraswati Campus.
The Maoist affiliated All Nepal National Independent Student Union (ANNISU) beat up Nepali Congress affiliated NSU students in a college in Kathmandu

Santosh Dahal, president of NSU Thapathali Campus Unit, undergoes treatment in Kathmandu Model Hospital after he was attacked by ANNIFSU (R) students. He gained consciousness after five hours. His younger brohter Jagdish (on cell phone) and sister Nanu Nepal. All pics by Suraj Kunwar

By Suraj Kunwar
[More photos inside]

It was a day of clash between two of the biggest ‘gangs’ err student organizations in Kathmandu. The battleground? A college, of course. Arrogant boys from the Maoist affiliated All Nepal National Independent Student Union Revolutionary (ANNISU-R) came to Thapathali Engineering Campus [on Monday, 13 Aug] to beat up, one by one, the students affiliated with Nepali Congress sister organization Nepal Students’ Union (NSU). At least six students were injured, three of them seriously and are undergoing treatment at Kathmandu Model Hospital.

This all happened in the morning, at around 8:30, when the Maoist students swarmed into the classrooms and hostel rooms with sticks and rods, according to information provided by the NSU. Campus Chief Dhana Prasad Poudel and Free Students’ Union president Sudip Sharma, a member of NSU, were injured.

A week ago, the Free Student Union, the elected governing body of the students in a college that’s dominated by the NSU, had confiscated toy SMG revolvers and 20 pieces of iron rods. The Maoist students said that the confiscation was a result of an unwarranted raid by the FSU/NSU. A group led by Dilip Tamang of ANNISU-R had gone to the campus premise with iron rods, cricket bats and other similar equipments. The Maoist students had assembled the toy arms to display in their cultural welcome programs organized in last December. The college administration has closed down the institute for indefinite period citing the clash.

NSU retaliated by sending a group to vandalize the offices of ANNISU-R, a report that’s denied by the NSU. NSU demonstrated on the streets against the attack which affected the traffic for several hours. Students burnt tires in front of all the campuses in the capital.
Meanwhile, the police have detained four students under suspicion of being involved in the incident.

These campus fighting come at a time when these student organizations’ mother parties, coalition partners in the government, are going through the low point of their relationship. A Maoist cabinet minister, Matrika Yadav, resigned from the forest portfolio saying that the Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala of Nepali Congress Party wasn’t running the government as per the coalition culture. Maoist also seems to be confused about the prospects of CA election, the main task of the current government, that’s scheduled for November. The former rebels have renewed their threat of leaving the cabinet and go for, what they call, revolt go ensure the CA election.
Many in the civil society want the Maoists to be tolerant towards the opposition and maintain harmonious relationship with all parties in the ruling alliance. Contrary to such expectations, Maoists are continuing harassments, intimidation and thrashing of government employees and political activists who refuse to act by their rules.






49 responses to “A College Side Story: Maoist Vs Nepali Congress”

  1. Special Avatar

    Youths of Nepal have gone mad! This is just the beginning! It is the fruit of the armed revolution started by Maoists. Prachanda and his party should be held responsible.

  2. lakure Avatar

    What will be the reaction of Girija and Sitaula ?

  3. S1:17 Avatar


  4. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Sudent Unions all across the educational insitutes should be banned. All the student unions are the pawns of the politicians. These unions are not interested in the educational development of students.

  5. B Avatar

    I completely agree with Shree Shrestha. That would really mean a begining of a New Nepal. Ahmen.

  6. Kirat Avatar

    Yep Shree Shrestha is right…the only correct thing to do is to ban all students unions-they serve no positive purpose. The press should make this an issue for the upcoming CA elections.

  7. Xing Avatar

    Prachande is a Criminal like Hitler who should be tried in international court for the crimes he committed against humanity. These YCL thugs are the products of female maoist cadres who were forced to sleep with many maoist cadres at various maoist camps.

  8. rk Avatar

    I agree with everybody. Student unions should be banned from every educational institutions in Nepal. MBs were never in for peace and prosperity of people in Nepal from the beginning. I hope people will see to it in the CA polls. No wonder they are not willing to go to the polls. All the MBs cohorts are criminals and should be dealt with in the court of law.

  9. XTP Avatar

    Pol pot Prachande never believes in competitive politics. Instead, he wants to grab power through violence using his YCL thugs. I hope all peace-loving parties will unite to defeat this maoist party headed by GREATEST CRIMINAL son of prostitute mother Fuc’ker Prachande.

  10. scope Avatar

    Pol pot Prachande never believes in competitive politics.
    –Yes, yes, yes. Only Gyansahu and Chaukidar Katuwal believe in competitive politics.
    wants to grab power through violence using his YCL thugs.
    –Yes, yes, yes. Girijau doesn’t want to capture power by using Katuwal’s goons.
    I hope all peace-loving parties will unite to defeat this maoist party .
    –Amen. And peace and prosperity of Panchayat era will return once again.

  11. XTP Avatar


    Has any cadre of peace-loving parties like UML, nepali congress, and any other parties ever attacked CDOs like you YCL did? You are definitely one of the YCL thugs who were born at one of the maoist camps. Both Gyane and your lord Prachande should be hanged at one pole at Tundikhel. One day you will face the same fate that your comrade Kumar Tolange met at Gaur. So, be ready to be mutilated before long.

  12. Q Avatar

    He Stupid YCL criminal Scope:

    GO TO HELL!!

  13. nepalite Avatar

    khuching girijako YCL haru
    salle yo girijako YCL pani no. 1 gundadal haru ho… yo salle girijako YCL harule aafnai sathi gagan thapako pani hatya garna khojekai ho
    ajhai aau maobadiko YCL haru ra ajhai marne gari dhulai deu mula Girijako YCL lai
    badhai chha maobadi ko YCL haru

  14. junge Avatar

    Now YCL has treatened to close engineering campuses all across the country – and bring down the educational institutes nationwide if the government does not release its leaders.

    I hope the current government will be able to salvage some pride and control these YCL “hooligans”.

    I say put more of their leaders in custody and force Prachanda to cut ties with them.

    YCL activists are a disgrace to all students.

  15. replytoall Avatar

    RAJA ko sadyantra ho maobadi lai naramro dekhaunu.

    Morang ma bhako bus durghatana pani Raja kai sadyantra ho.

    Asti pareko ganghor pani pani Raja kai sadyantra ho.

  16. replytoall Avatar

    Or is it rather that Raja is not involved at all??

    King G made his mistakes… the main being father of Paras…. but was it even remotely I mean remotely close to what is happening right now?

    Dont know if he would had gone on to become a true TYRANT by now…… But, for a normal Nepali citizen, his active rule was nowhere near to what you can call a dictatorship or tyranny.

    Again at the end…… the People deserve the Government they have…. Have fun with SPAM cause that is the so called MANDATE of people’s voice… The restoration of DEMOCRACY and the country called NEW NEPAL. Have fun. hahaha.

  17. michell Avatar

    Communism ka dushman haru ho!
    Maobadilai badnaam garne timiharu ko badniyat lai dhikkar chha
    Desh banaune naam ma tashkari ra gunda gardi garne timiharuko nepal ma kunai thau chhaina.
    Mandale murdabad,girija ajhai dherai murdabad

  18. michell Avatar

    Hosh garau nepali ho
    Girija is a second dictator

  19. michell Avatar

    yo comment section ma pani mandale harukai samrajya rahechha oho ganayo kasto durgandhit!Hinsha ganayo,hatya ganayo,bhrastachar ganayo,sadayantra ganayo,balatkar ganayo,tashkari ganayo, sadeko rajniti ganayo,rayamajhi ayog ko sino ganayo…chhi chhi thuk…

  20. XXX Avatar

    YCL goon michell:

    Look at the atrocities committed by YCL goons like you at thapathali campus. The terroists like you and your leader murderer Prachande should be hanged.

  21. Patriot Avatar

    I truly despise such activities of students but lets take a step back before we propose banning them. In times of need its mostly students who are critical agents of change. They were instrumental in forcing G to cede. Tomorrow they will play a role again to force Maoists out. They will always help keep check on parties with their street style protests.

    Conculsion – they are two sides of the same coin, so while we despise their rowdy activities, they are crucial in times of need. Its really people at the top who need to be changed so using students for cheap politics can stop.

  22. AHIMSA Avatar

    Too stupid to be free!

    How sad that again the hooligans of Nepal, the ones who are too stupid to study and create a new Nepal by studying and working honestly are ruling the streets with the only language they understand – violence.

    These criminal gangs calling themselves political are just primitives, unable to express themselves in a political way. These criminals abuse the freedom, they must be treated with the full force of the law. I mean both sides, as in such situations of mutual criminal behaviour there is no more use in asking who was first, the hen or the egg.

    The tragical weakness of the security forces, seemingly unable to control any kind of such difficult situations, raises concern, as there is one force silently smiling at all this, the still not gone last, evil king of this tragic country, which was once well known for being peaceful and an abode of wisdomseekers.

    There is only one way to come to a positive outlet in the ever more complicating situation of Nepal, the civil society must rise again and finish what has been left undone last time people sacrificed themselves in the streets. Common men and women must rise to chase away the king, this symbol of rulership through unlawful violence, they must again stand united to separate the oldfashioned, unable politicians, these symbols of ineffectivity and lazyness and corruption from any future access to power.

    People of Nepal must take into their own hands this beautiful country which is almost squeezed to the limit by the continued undemocratic interference of so called political, but in truth simply criminal, corrupt and powerhungry gangs, who are by no means as democratic and Nepal-loving as the big majority of the simple Nepalese civil, common man and women.

    AHIMSA knows, kings are history and violence only creates more violence!

  23. yyac Avatar

    I second shree shrerstha…

    BAN the politics in education institutions!!!

  24. Baje Avatar

    Everyone gets what they ask for. Sometimes, people just don’t realize what it is they want and are surprised by the results.

    Nothing shocking about this “clash” and no surprise about many more to come.

  25. NST Avatar

    AHIMSHA said: “Common men and women must rise to chase away the king…”

    Clearly this guy’s head is firmly stuck in the hole where the sun don’t shine. The maoists go on a rampage and unleash terror and it is the king who should be punished. WTF??? This is the problem with coward Nepalis – the maoists commit the most henious crimes yet the king is reviled and not the maoists. Some people were even blaming the king for the floods in Terai. No wonder then Nepal is in a pathetic state.

  26. TR Avatar

    really nice link. thank you

  27. michell Avatar

    oi samanti ko chhauro XXX ma kunai maoist goon haina bujhish,i am a normal student .Malai rajniti tetti audaina tara maile bujhe samma ,yo barshaun dekhi
    ko samanti soshak haru lai challenge garne aru kohi nabhayera Prachanda nai ho.Ma kunai” ism” lai mandina tara girija ra aru mandale neta haru jo sadachhari ko mukhundo lagayera hindchhan tiniharu ko puchhar samatdaiu hidne aru kohi nabhayera samanti nai hun.
    yedi XXX talai gyane ra girija jasta deshdrohi harukai puchhar samatna man lachha bhane ja mandale harule gut banairahechhan din raat mehenat gardai janashasan lai pheri dhalna,ani nakkali YCL banera feri sabailai bhram ma parde maobadi agragaman haina ugragaman tira jadaichha bhanera
    ani moj garna pauchhas feri samanti banera sarbahara lai lutera akhir sabailai bani parisakyo ni gariblai soshne!

  28. deshpremi Avatar

    To Parash 2(xxx):
    tero kam nai girija ra gyane ko wakalat garne ho kya. tajasta lai ta janatako adalat ma jhundyaunu parne.Ki taile rakta cvhandan chorna painas,ki ghush khana painash,ki kt jiskyauna painash,ki manchhe marna painash,ki gundagardi garna painash,bhan k garna painash ……

  29. Quantam Avatar


    Hi XXX , it is useless to argue with a YCL thug like Michell because he is an abnormal person like criminal Prachande. If you are a normal student, then why do you blindly support one of the greatest criminal like Pataki mother fuc’ker Prachande? Even a child does not believe that you are not a YCL thug. People like you do not deserve to live on this planet. Do you know your father Prachande killed 13,000 innocent people to challenge samanti sosak as claimed by you. One day you will face the same fate that your comrade kumar Tolange met at Rautahat if you keep on blindly supporting GREATEST CRIMINAL PRACHANDE. You are a stupid brainless puppet of Prachande.

  30. Yadav Avatar


    Who said Paras, gyane , and girija are good people. What everyone is saying is people like murderer Prachande, Gyane , and Blind supporter of GREATEST CRIMINAL PARCAHANDE like you SHOULD BE HANGED at one pole at Tundikhel. You are a stupid person that is why you don’t know who is right and who is wrong. You are a YCL thug born in one of the maoist camps who can’t identify his father because your mother were forced to sleep with a number of maoist thugs at the camp. Do you know your father murderer prachande does not have any hold in Terai that is why he is afraid of CA election. Do not worry, pretty soon we will have another Gaur incident to tame YCL thugs like you. You are not despremi, but a stupid supporter of murderer Prachande

  31. T Avatar

    Hey despremi:

    What is your level of education?

  32. Vibek Avatar

    Michell and despremi:

    You two claim that Prachanda is fighting against samanti and sosak, but who is sosak? Don’t you think Prachanda is a sosak (exploiter) too because he can spend money to make a trip to switzerland but does not distribute the salaries that are allocated by the goverment for the maoist cadres stationed at various maoist cantonment? That is why there was a revolt against maoist leadership by one of the maoist fighters at Chitwan camp couple of weeks ago. So, I suggest you two to think carefully before jumping to conclusions.

  33. Suntali ko poi Avatar
    Suntali ko poi

    Gadha despremi:

    Tero kam chai kehoni? Just to lick criminal shephard Prachande’s asshole, right? how many times do you lick criminal Prachande’s asshole everyday to please him?

  34. Madhesi Avatar

    Tu Hijade lok despremi:

    Why do bark like a street dog staying in Kathmandu. Come to Terai, then we will show you how will cut you into pieces.

  35. Harke Avatar

    Randi ko chhoro despremi:

    I do not think you know who your father is because your mother is a female maoist cadre who was forced to sleep with different kinds of people of different castes to bring you to this world. That is why people like you are called YCL (young confused league) because of different characters you inherited from your different fathers.

  36. seema Avatar

    ya i agree with rk. Educational sector should be free of politics.

  37. Madhesi Avatar

    Bhusiya kukur of kathmandu street despremi:

    Ta kaha chhasa? kina bepatta bhako? Ta lai haija le lago ki kaho? Tero gardan baliyo parera rakh kinaki talai tudikhel ma tero malik randi ko aulad prachande saghai jundiyaunu parchha.

  38. bunchidiots Avatar

    Better to learn how to shut up and not give opinions, Universities traditionally are not supposed to be right wing. That would be the army I think.
    These guys went to wrong college.

  39. matribhumi Avatar

    Welcome to Free Nepal, welcome to anarchy nepal, welcome it with a new flag and new national athem. Finally we are free, so free we can do what the hell we want, akiil anyone i wish, loot anything I want, say anything I want, behave in anyway I want, who can stop me ? Who dare stop me? This is my country and I am a free Nepali, welcome to republic nepal, free to do anything one wants, and the only membership required is to join the YCL and lick prachanda’s feet, like “desh premi” does and like “michel” I am sure they are university students becasue they wrote in Nepali, English ma ta bichara haru lai gaali garna aaundaina hola. Maybe they just joined university for a major in english from the Maoist Army.
    Madhesi you are right, cut these YCL into pieces, just do it soon becasue only hijras live in Kathmandu.

  40. Madhesi Avatar


    There is a BAD NEWS for you and your lord kukur prachande: we have been hunting down your lord ‘s son prakash for some time. Once we capture him, we will chop off his both hands and tongue so that he won’t be able to write and speak about the oudated maoist ideology advocated by his father pol pot prachande. we won’t kill him because we are not as cruel as his father,

  41. Madhesi Avatar


    There is another BAD NEWS for you: That is we think we figured out who you are. So, don’t ever try to put your feet in Terai. If you did so, you would be finished.

  42. KingCobra Avatar


    You will be a dead man any time, but we can forgive you if you condemn killer Puspa kamal dahal and his maoist ideology on this blog.

  43. KingCobra Avatar

    We have the records of all those YCL members active in Kathmandu. If they travel to terai, then we will kill them

  44. Kuber Avatar


    How does you know who is ycL members from Kathmandu?

  45. KingCobra Avatar

    We have adopted “THE” strategy against the YCL thugs. “THE” stands for Track down, Hunt down and Execute. First, we track them down, then we hunt them down until we catch them, then we execute (behead) them. Our spies have worked for many months in Kathmandu to find out who these YCL members are because nowadays we hardly find any YCL in Terai. Most of these YCL thugs are nowadays in kathmandu. When any of them get into the bus heading towards Kathmandu, our spies call us in Terai to provide the number of the bus they are traveling in and the type of clothes they are wearing and other information. Then, once they reach Terai land we track them, then we hunt them, then we execute them => “THE” policy against the YCL in Terai. So, within 3 to 4 months you will hear the execution news of many YCL thugs in Terai. we do not kill the activists of any political party, except the cadres of maoist party because they are the ones who started violence to kill 13,000 innocent people.

  46. KingCobra Avatar

    Error: It is not the bus heading towards Kathmandu, but the bus heading towards TERAI

  47. srun Avatar

    my dear parash pls be a good son for now rather that enoling in politics. just enjoy ur life by playing golf,dinning good restaurants getting drunk socialibal. the more u disturb ur father d more ur life style n come to footh path..,,,,,

  48. ZZBISHA Avatar

    Hey madhesi bullies,
    Don’t u believe in pacifism,u all are obsessed wid the sectoral violence.By ur knowledge it seems that u all know every right and wrongs of life.Don’t let the country head toward regression.Nepal doesnot belong to any madheshis or pahadis it belongs to nepalese.We desperately need PEACE.Don’t let our hope down plz.I guess this website is for peacelover and wagle ji why are u lettin these bullies to enter.

  49. sanjiv Avatar

    maoists its all your fault… AND political parties too

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