Cartoons: A Prime Minister Among Women and the Rayamajhi Report

According to a report in Kantipur by journalist Saraswati Karki, a group of women met Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala in his home district Morang Saturday for about 20 minutes. Guess what was the woman might have talked about: Election system? Creating awareness about CA election? Problem faced by women? Worsening security situation? NO. All women, turn by turn, requested the Prime Minister to provide job to their relatives! Some talked on behalf of their daughters or sons. “Women activists are political sufferers,” said Gita Silwal, president of the Morang district chapter of Nepal Women Association, a sister organization of Prime Minister’s Nepali Congress Party. “That’s why we talked about jobs with the PM.” She said the Prime Minister assured them that he would do his best. “He didn’t discourage us,” she said. “We were worried that he might dismiss us for bringing up such issues at a time when the nation is going through such problems. He was positive.” Sketch by Dewen via Kantipur

>Disclosure of he Rayamajhi Commission Report

Cartoon by Batsyaan via Kantipur





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    I don’t understand about this post content, but i like these cartoons.

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