Constituent Assembly Polls to be Revolutionary:PM (Government unveils new fiscal policies, programmes)

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KATHMANDU, July 4 – Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala Wednesday suggested what he calls feudalistic elements to leave the country before the Constituent Assembly (CA) elections.

Addressing the parliament prior to the unveiling of the government’s annual policies and programmes at the Interim Legislature-Parliament, the PM called for the CA elections slated for November 22 to be taken as a “revolution”.

Alluding to the palace, PM Koirala said, “Old relics of feudalism must either disappear from within the nation or walk away from it before the election to the Constituent Assembly,” adding, “The Constituent Assembly polls, which will lead the nation towards a new era, will be a revolution.”

Govt unveils new fiscal policies, programmes

After the short speech by PM Koirala, Minister for Peace and Reconstruction, Ram Chandra Poudel read out the government’s 45-point policies and programmes for the new fiscal year on behalf of the Prime Minister.

The programmes publicised today mention that all resources of the state will focus on holding the CA polls on November 22 and that the polls will usher in a “new age.”

The points also include the formation of a National Reconfiguration Commission to prepare a modality for the transformation of Nepal into a federal state, a monitoring mechanism to implement the peace accord and the preparation of a special programme to step up reconstruction and reestablishment.

The programme also incorporates a common national concept paper for economic and social transformation and the implementation of a three-year interim work plan and formation of infrastructures for scientific land reform.

It also includes a detailed work plan for the democratization of the Nepal Army, its deployment for development works and to fully equip the police and intelligence bodies in order to stabilize and strengthen the law and order situation in the country.

The government today also expressed commitment towards national restructuring and reconstruction, provision of relief to the victims of the conflict, increment in the salaries of civil employees, formation of a security task force to provide official security, nationalization of late King Birendra and Queen Aishwarya’s property and setting up of a trust to nationalize national parks taken up by King Gyanendra in his capacity as the head of state.

Presented by PM Koirala, the government unveiled its policies and programmes for the next fiscal year at today’s sitting of parliament for the first time since the Maoist rebels joined the interim parliament and government. A core group of ministers had finalised the paper on Tuesday.

Earlier, the king, as the head of state, used to announce the government’s policies and programmes. The new fiscal year begins from the Nepali month of Shrawan (July 17).





11 responses to “Constituent Assembly Polls to be Revolutionary:PM (Government unveils new fiscal policies, programmes)”

  1. pradeep Avatar

    pm is wrong

    election of ec is not gonna be a revolution.the real revolution would have occured if our leaders hadn’t withdrawn the jana andolan2 at its peak.Leaders to withdraw janaandolan at such height by pressure of foreign countries could agree at constitutinal nepalease dream of ganatantra would never be anticipate the leaders not to get carried away by foreigners pressure is to deceive ownself

  2. Patriot Avatar

    I repeat, PM calls to “feudalistic elements” to leave is hilarious. If theres anymore more feudalistic and autocrat in this country, it is this shameful, corrupt, disgraceful SOB PM, the guardian of all things corrupt and feudal. The person almost single handedly responsible for a fcukd up Nepal. I hope he rots in hell.

  3. Baje Avatar

    Hey, does anyone have information on this:

    Is there any truth to what is written at the above URL? I haven’t heard anything in the media of lately….

    UWB, how about some analysis on where we are with arms verification on your blog? It’s worth getting some opinions on this. What do you say?

  4. scoop Avatar

    Perhaps UWB can help clarify the following:

    I hear that CA voting will consist of choosing via
    1. first past the post, AND another candidate,
    2. after a closed ballot dropped for one of the parties.

    I have no problem with first past the post for the individual with the most popular votes, but the second representative (remember about 200 will be chosen by popular vote for the MP and the other 200 or so by this second method of closed ballot for the party), should also be by popular vote for the person who comes second NOT another ballot for a party whereby the party can choose to select whoever it wants as the MP if the party should win.

    This means that say Dinesh gets the most votes he is one of the MP’s by popular vote and the second candidate from the same area will be selected after casting votes for parties – the party that wins selects the MP – it can be a murderer, corrupt, or simply unpopular person who would never win from the area represented otherwise. Do we need this?

    I hear that for the second candidate choice the parties have to submit the list of names to the Election Commisssion BUT we the people will not know who these people are – it will not be made public until after the elections.

    This is simply unacceptable.

    We talk about people not knwing what a CA election is for atleast half the population, BUT if people like us don’t even know how it will be conducted how can we expect the rest of the nation to know anything?

  5. Vision Avatar

    Just as the Pakistani army took bold decision by crushing the terrorists, similarly the Nepal government should follow the similar steps to flush out these YCL (young criminal league) thugs because the CA election is impossible to hold without crushing these YCL criminals who resort to violence in order to achieve their political goals instead of creating atmosphere for competitive politics.

  6. daniubad Avatar

    thanks for the info
    it is totally SCARY seeing what is going on de facto.

  7. john black Avatar

    Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so! really nice post.

  8. Janardhanaya Avatar

    It sounds like you’re creating problems yourself by trying to solve this issue instead of looking at why their is a problem in the first place.

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  11. Martin Avatar

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