Gagan Thapa Declares Nepal Student Union Presidency Candidacy

Update: Pradeep Poudel, with 830 votes of 1500, won the presidency of NSU, the student wing of Nepali Congress, in it’s 10th National Convention. Bikash Koirala got 402. “I will take forward the aganda of democratic republicanism,” Poudel said. Gagan Thapa, at the eleventh hour, decided not to fight and supported Poudel who is a senior.

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Republicanism Vs Monarchy: Has The War Formally Begun?

In a dramatic (but somewhat expected) development today in Narayanghat, Chitwan, Gagan Thapa, an influential student leader has declared candidacy for the presidency of the of Nepal Student Union, the sister organization of Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s Nepali Congress party. Gagan Thapa is a popular figure among Nepali students. He is also a vigorous campaigner of the democratic republic of Nepal. He is also considered a “thorn” for the conservative section of Nepali Congress leadership, including Koirala, who in one way or the other want to give space to the monarchy. Gagan Thapa is the symbol of Nepali aspiration for change and new Nepali youth consciousness.

NSU is organizing its national conference that will select new leader. The election is expected to be held tomorrow in which, it seems, Badri Pande will be fighting against Thapa. Pande is considered a favored candidate of the Koirala camp. If Thapa wins, that will have a huge impact in equation of Nepali politics in the coming days. That will also be considered a blow to the pro-monarchy forces within Nepal’s largest political party that is also leading the ruling Seven Party Alliance.

How will the Congress brass react to this development? Well, they might well try to prevent Thapa from being elected. They can do anything from even derailing the Conference. Lets see what happens.






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  1. ravan Avatar

    A failed symptons of spaM

    -doing nothing political goods to its citizens
    – the economic infrastructure has failed
    -the educational system is in fiasco
    – GDP per capita is steeply declining, not meeting to even population growth
    -the country is in the process of partition

  2. scoop Avatar

    Our brothers and sisters going to the middle east are also escaping the same things as ones going to US and Europe. By the way, you were complaining against all Nepalis going abroad (refer to your statement: “Let them wipe white, yellow, black and yes, brown, Indian a$$es wherever they are”), so how come now you change your focus to suite your needs? I’m afraid your as fickle as our politicians.

  3. scoop Avatar

    Further junior,

    Money is required, but the brains who go to US and Europe are also required to build Nepal. So trying to lock them out is plain dumb.

  4. nepalayan Avatar

    ” hot here………..Its latest, Pradip is winning” Though I wasnt supporting the both. but you see the fate of Nepalese People, they nev got option ‘C’. Always the same.

  5. Shaman Avatar

    Will Gagan Thapa ever grow up and stop becoming ‘student’? How many more Masters degree is he going to gather? Last count, I guess, was three.

    Really bad precedence.

    Perhaps he will remain a ‘student’ leader when he is 60 years old as well. Pathetic, really pathetic.

  6. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Shaman: we would be better off posing that questions to NC leaders who have simply not allowed young leaders to grow up.

  7. america Avatar

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  8. Janakpure..! Avatar

    Shaman….. you’ve got a good point there.
    If Gagan is staying in school just to do politics, hoping to become minister and make a lot of money some day then it’s really pathetic.
    Forget about setting up the bad precedence , I think it’s giving continuity to the shameful culture that has plaqued our country ever since. Where people join Government positions for money and and fame and nothing else. Leaders are suppose to lead his/her followers from darkness to brighter side not viceversa. That’s Democracy 101.
    “Ask not what country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” get this in your mind if you want to get into politics …. you fu.king bastards. Really im sick of these people. Somebosy give me an AK47

  9. guyfromktm Avatar

    how useless can a goernment get than the kind of government we have in place (BTW, do we have a govt?)– now, they are blaming India’s elections for having no petrol supply for the next three days— saturday being closed in Nepal, Sunday closed in India, Monday elections in Bihar so we will get our supply only on Wednesday– and if your not one of the corrupt thugs or are a terrorist, then you will not get passes to get petrol under the most favored client scheme/ Bihar elections were annouced six months ago, and Saturdays and Sundays have been closed in the respective countries for god knows how many years, so, why wait till May 25th Friday to deliver the bad news of the people, people holding certain positions are supposed to plan ahead- and sadly, these SPAM thugs and their political appointees are anything but responsible to people. Oh wait, I think there is another excuse that can be thrown in– Nepal is in transition on the way of becoming a New Nepal… well, at the rate we are going, this might be a transition waiting to be NO Nepal…..

  10. sick Child Avatar
    sick Child

    I am sick of these Nepalese moron politicians… Everyone are fighting for power and money. No one cares for the country and the people… we need a fresh candidate… but well, I don’t think it is ever going to happen soon. I wanna f***ing blow the brain of every politicians. Man, I am sick and tired of reading the same news everyday, violence, protest, murdered, corruption, plots…. sick sick bastards. This is my country, f**king leave me alone and live my life in peace.

  11. scoop Avatar

    Don’t blame the country. Take charge of yourself and begin working to improve it.

    If Pradip can do it, you can do even better.

    Pradip Paudel elected new NSU president

    Kantipur Report

    KATHMANDU, May 26 – Pro-republican candidate Pradip Paudel has been elected as the new president of the Nepali Congress (NC) affiliated Nepal Students’ Union (NSU).
    In the elections held yesterday in Chitwan, Paudel obtained more than double the votes obtained by his closest contender Bikash Koirala.

    A total of 1540 district representatives out of 1611 voted during the elections.

    Paudel obtained 830 votes while Koirala received 403.

    Badri Pandey, who was nominated by the NC management and Sagar Khanal— backed by Sujata Koirala—obtained 179 and 113 votes respectively.

    Meanwhile, talking to Kantipur this morning, newly elected NSU president Paudel said that under present circumstances there were many challenges in front of him and that he was committed to fulfill his responsibilities keeping in mind the aspirations of the young students.

    Paudel further said that in case of political issues, he would pressurize the NC in a positive way to move forward as per the views of the students.

    A 28-member central working committee has been elected.

  12. ????? ????? : Avatar
    ????? ????? :

    when did gagan thapa turn republican? Have you all forgot when gagan attended party in Narayanhiti with a glass of whiskey on his hand and talking to then head of state “King”, duing king’s regime?

    Its a game of politics, doesnot matter wether he is pro-republic or pro-monarchy?

  13. scoop Avatar

    “Money is required, but the brains who go to US and Europe are also required to build Nepal. So trying to lock them out is plain dumb.”
    Oh, I had missed this idiocy. You mean any Nepalese with any brains will go to US and Europe? Patriotic Nepalese stay back in their country and fight with Mandales, Males and Kamandales. Future of country depends upon their effort. Dishwashers at Patel’s better stay where they are.

  14. Pencil Avatar

    Great! I am liking it. Democracy wins!

  15. Kirat Avatar

    Like in economics, with the accepted theory that bad money drives good money out of circulation, so too with the people of Nepal. Maoists, SPA and Royalist scum have driven all the good people out of politics, govt. and also the country.

  16. scoop Avatar


    I’m afraid I was just following from your argument, when you claimed

    “Rest assured, most of the money comes from Gagan-like brothers in Middle East and South East Asia. Very little paisa comes from bright butt-kissers in USA, Europe, Canada or Australia.”
    Therefore, you not me claimed that “bright b-tt k-ss-ers” head of to the nations you have stated, with the emphasis on bright. And no this does not mean all bright people go abraod, but too many have done so.
    By the way “even” dishwashers abroad have learnt something you probably have not – the discipline of honest, hard work. Not to forget respect for not only what you do but what others do as well whether it be rocket science or dishwashing. The faster you learn this the better for you.

  17. domesticviolence Avatar

    When I was a student leader it was in a nice boring country, but I met a peruvian who believed in the shining path, this was also the University of San Marcos in Lima were they plotted everything and put them all to jail. Actually many of those students activists are just totally nice and normal people in a shit environment, I have checked on the internet their children became herbal therapists with websites, the same people that the military government of Belaunde would torture and in jail. In Argentina 30.000 dissapeared, people like you and I…………..brahmins and chettris with decency and ethics, trying to do something for their countries and belittled by idiots with guns.
    so I visited the secret revolutionary meetings and fight for farmers’ rights campesinos human rights committees and so on, I was an activist in the womens movement and nearly ended up in jail myself because with a catholic nun (sic) we protested against the Miss elections saying it is denegrating for human beings to be like pigs with swimming suits on a platform.
    then I took a nice distance because I like ahimsa.
    Thank god the peoples people get their voice, be very careful they will be like any socialist from Congress party, and it is a matter of time they will have cars and careers. All humanitarian activists apart from true people are actually selfish in the end, they pretend to save the poor, and end up with fantastic jobs like the people from the communist parties. By the way there is a lot of looting in all eastern european countries. Try a buddhist republic, convert Thapa to anti materialism.
    Or put his sister if he has any. Do not trust anybody who is not buddhist or in the case of men feminist. If nepal does not promote women and resolve the matter of domestic violence it will forever be shit.
    Look at Nicaragua they have God and Daniel Ortega, there is hope for God.

  18. domesticviolence Avatar

    America if your mind is empty you should love somebody try taking a dog.

  19. Kirat Avatar

    domestic violence to quote you : ‘people like you and I…………..brahmins and chettris with decency and ethics, trying to do something for their countries and belittled by idiots with guns.’

    You sure have the nerve! Look at all the major players in this present mess…Koiralas, Dahals, Bhattarais, Nepals, Thapas, Shahs…all brahmins and chettris without an iota of decency and ethics. Is your comment just a joke or are you totally shameless and brainless?

  20. scoop Avatar

    Honest work done in the country is honesty. Abroad, it’s slavery–honest slavery.

  21. scoop Avatar

    Really junior,

    So you think most of our farmers slogging day and night to barely provide food for their families is better then slogging abraod and saving up for a better future for many families while the “honest” folk in the cities mostly in the government services do us justice??? I’m afraid you have very naive views of international migration, the history of migration for work and a better life, and the general need of people to seek better opportunities for a better future. What I am sure you will be narrowly aware of is the fact that these opportunities barely exist in this country and will be non existent if things go on as they are doing (the most recent example being the locking down of schools). Or maybe just like your buddies the maoists you will have all of us including elders and minors dig fields for say a golden bumber harvest or a great peoples road to nowhere (honestly of course, as honestly as not even taking pay for it) for the rest of our lives?

  22. sick Child Avatar
    sick Child

    I am very sure all of the participants in this blog are concerned citizen like me … do you guys think our words in this blog are being heard or read by any of the leaders… do you think our words will make any difference or in any way will help destroy those fat f***king rats… or is it just a way to express our anger , frustration but nobody gives a damn about…

  23. scoop Avatar

    Sick Child, Budhhi Bilas is a harmless way of letting off steam, specially for NRNs bored stiff with their McJobs.

  24. Patriot Avatar

    another fucking poudel bahun president of nsu.

    nepal will never go the path of prosperity this way. for those who dare to argue, digest this first – nepal is screwed coz of 90% of all posts are held by bahuns/chettris and they’re the most corrupt greedy bastards. i know u’ll come back on that 10%, but lets talk abt the overall effect here.

    btw – no offense to those 10%, u are barred from the wrath

  25. obserber Avatar

    nepal is screwed coz of 90% of all posts are held by bahuns/chettris and they’re the most corrupt greedy bastards.Pariot says.

    not only that. They are indian black dravidian ghosts. First, they came to beg for something. second,they came to nicely talking. Third, they came with cunning mind and greedy. Last, looting,robbing,threating etc. so became buffalo horns…..they are poison….more danger than HIV virus……dots…………

  26. Satish Limbu Avatar
    Satish Limbu

    Have you ever seen that anything creative, help, support and progressive things or works done by Nepal Student Union (NSU) = (Nepal Bidarthi Sanag) in Nepal?

    In 6 decades of records, This NSU student leaders and members are only work for their future political career, they involve in black-marketing, smuggling and corruption.

    This NSU organization is nothing more than slave of Nepali Congress which party 100% instructed by Indian government and politicians.

  27. Situ Gurung Avatar
    Situ Gurung

    What we need in Nepali government and political parties?

    According to more than 6 decades of Nepalese social and political record of Nepal,

    It proved that Nepalese must change their social, racial and political Behavior, Morality, Mentality and Action. As long as, racial discrimination, national crimes and corruption remain deeply and heavily, Nepal will not have peace and will not move toward developments. This is guaranteed.

    All Nepali tribes, race or indigenous people must get Equal share and treatment, or Fair treatment. All people must be Equal. In-fact, truth and reality, there is NO-BALANCE or NO EUALITY among Nepali races in Nepali social, governmental and political systems. This is a major problem of all problem of Nepal. Equality is the true democratic systems.

    In real context of Nepal, 97% Bahuns and Chettris employ in Nepali government offices, 99% work as a Minister, High ranking officers and High ranking authorities, 99% Bahuns and Chettris get higher educational opportunities, 98% political leaders and members are only Bahuns and Chettris where other Nepali race are dominated. Nepal society technical socially and political suppressed by Bahuns and Chettris. It is shame that those who do not see the obvious major racial problems just in front of eyes in Nepali society, government and politics. If we can solve racial and discrimination problem in Nepal, we can solve 90% of our major problems in Nepal.

    In Nepal, What we need for political and governmental stability:

    (1) No one must be above Constitution, Law, Order, Rule and Regulation. Royal families must be under the constitution and national law.

    (2) All Nepalese tribes and race must get equal opportunities in Education, Government employments, Political participation and representation as well as national social activities.

    (3) Political parties and Nepal government must be truly Democratic with fully fairness and zero tolerance in racial discrimination, crimes and corruption. Equality and fairness is key element of the true democracy. National Law must upgrade or change for racial discrimination, crimes and corruption.

    (4) Nepali election systems and criteria of applicant for election must be changed. Applicant criteria for prime minister and ministers must be very scientific and democratic. Ruling terms of Prime minister must be maximum 2 terms (1 term must be 4 years), then one person can not be applicant for prime minister. E.g. USA. Applicant for minister must be certain age, education, transparency of background or history, clean criminal record history, contribution record to country, must be 4 generation authentic Nepal born Nepali citizen etc. All indigenous people of Nepal must have their own political and governmental representatives in Nepali parliament.

    (5) Crime and Corruption investigation persecute agency or government body must establish and must give it full power for hunt, investigate, seize, persecute and punish to criminals. Eg. CIAA. This body must have full authority and power to investigate and persecute to Royal families, Prime minister, Ministers, Army Generals and Police chiefs. It is very important body of controlling crimes and corruption of country.

  28. telic_op Avatar

    also they r the worst opprtunist of all, using thier cunning n treachery strategy but very incompetent and irresponsible in thier responsibility. indegeneous nationalities of nepal unite for good for the betterment of nation casue we r related with the land, mountains, rivers, hills n valleys, its our identity.

    long live indegenous nationalitites revolution

  29. sanobhai Avatar

    Many of you are saying something like 99% of all our leaders and people in the top positions are Bahun-Chhetri and they are robbing the country. Lets examine your claim.

    Here are the last names of all the individuals in the council of ministers:

    Koirala, Poudel, Pradhan, Mahara, Nepal, Thakur, Mahat, Nembang, Sitaula, Gurung, Mahato, Gurung, Yadav, Biswokarma, Yami, Bogati, Biswokarma, Pokharel, Lekhak, Karki, Yadav, Gurung, Rathour


    From what I can tell, there are more than one or two individuals that do not have Bahun-Chhetri last names. Rather than blaming Bahun-Chhetris all the time, try to hold leaders from your background accountable to you. Most of us recognize that Bahun-Chhetri have dominated many aspects of our country and that is a terrible thing to do. But blaming them for everything is not that different from the people blaming Monarchy for everything. Take responsibility if you consider yourself an enlightened individual and educate people from your background about the exploitation that we had to endure and what they should do to stop that and prevent that in the future. My guess is even Bahun-Chhetri would want nothing to do with the current crop of leaders.

  30. Patriot Avatar

    sanobhai – fcuk off from here. Either you are plainly dumb or using ur trademark bahun treacherous deceptive strategy to mislead us. surely the core of discussion is not this current govt who’ve not even been around for more than a yr. talk abt the last 50-60 yrs where ur likes screwed this nation so much that everything u see today is a direct consequence of ur treacherous greedy race.

  31. Patriot Avatar

    forgot to add – unpatriotic.

    but if u fall under those 1% good bahun/chettri, please take no offense.

  32. sanobhai Avatar

    Patriot makes yet another ad hominem argument when he realizes that he is angry but he is not sure why.

    Patriot, if you go through the list of governments in the last 50-60 years as you indicated, you will realize that people from all backgrounds to have become ministers – people from Kathmandu and people from outside Kathmandu, people from Bahun-Chhetri and people from other backgrounds. Of course, you will find Bahun-Chhetri in majority but you will find numerous other people as well. If you could kindly cite the source for your statistics (“nepal is screwed coz of 90% of all posts are held by bahuns/chettris”), I will stand corrected. If you can not cite the source and go hiding, I will assume you are making these facts up because it fits your tirade or you are too lazy to do the research to back up your claim. Personally, I believe the number 90% is too high but I also believe that the Bahun-Chhetri group has enjoyed more than their fair share at the expense of other groups. Another important dimension of unfair allocation of resources that we should not forget is people in urban areas (Kathmandu, and other big cities) getting much more than people in the villages regardless of whether you are Bahun-Chhetri.

  33. Patriot Avatar

    sanobhai – my statistics didnt just come from air, recently I read this article by Kanak Dixit – that editor guy in some magazine, he said in 1991 bahun/chettri constituted 97% of all govt jobs in all sectors and that rose to 99% by 2000 or something like that, tried to google it for you but cudnt find, will try still and come back on this, just hang on.

  34. sanobhai Avatar

    Patriot, I will be surprised if the number is that high but I honestly don’t know the numbers. If you find the source, please post. Maybe Kanak mentions the source in his interview or article which we should scrutinize as well. There are a lot of numbers flying around everywhere and it is difficult to know what motivations result in those numbers.

    Writers from various ethnic backgrounds claim that Bahun-Chhetri manipulate and forge the census data to make it appear that they are the majority in the country. If this claim is true, then I would be very surprised to know of a survey that claims 99% of the government posts are held by Bahun-Chhetri. Wouldn’t the same Bahun-Chhetri, who supposedly have the motivation and might to manipulate national census, want to manipulate this survey as well?

  35. Patriot Avatar

    you got a point there, apparently this survey was carried out by UN, still I’m trying to get that link for you

  36. obserber Avatar

    Situ Gurung, I agreed with your comments. But be careful of using language. Do not be confused btween “Nepali” and “Nepalese”. For example, last name ‘Gurung’ is not ‘Nepali’ but he/she is ‘Nepalese’…. I think you got it now. Thnx

  37. tashi Avatar

    fuck this comment . nepal will never be a peacful and properous country,

  38. unknown Avatar

    GAGAN THAPA is a [icd] hippocrate, alike other leaders he sucks…

  39. me Avatar

    Were I a journalist, I would have exposed this corrupt thug called Gagan Thapa. He had gobbled up between 30-45 lakh while he was a leader at TC. But it sounds like a general allegation levelled to all politicians. who would trust me as I don’t have proofs? This man is one such person who can backstab anybody for success. “Ma jasko chhati ma pani tekna sakchu,” is his motto and mantra. what kind of new nepal such ‘young’ leaders will make? I get sick even while imagining it. One thing is true Gagan knows how to exploit all.

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