Latest on Nepali Politics: Four Key Points

Amidst seeming deadlock, the political parties are busy in behind-the-scenes parleys and making tangible progress.

By Ameet Dhakal

The negotiations are mainly in two sets – between the Nepali Congress and the Maoists and between the government and the Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF).

Negotiations between the Nepali Congress and the Maoists are focused mainly on four issues:

A. Return of seized property
B. Release of salaries for the combatants
C. Construction work at the cantonment sites, and
D. Monarchy.

Return of seized property

The Nepali Congress has taken a strong stance on return of seized property and has linked this to the release of salaries for the Maoist combatants. Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala told Maoist Chairman Prachanda that the government would not release salary for the combatants if the Maoists did not return seized property. Finally, the two sides agreed that release of salary and return of seized property would progress simultaneously. “That’s why Dr Baburam Bhattrai and Dr Shekhar Koirala went to Dang last week, to facilitate the return of seized property,” said a source. But the Maoists received a jolt in Dang when their cadres and peasants refused to oblige and instead engaged in manhandling of NC cadres. Dang soon became a ‘test-case’ for whether or not the Maoist leadership could assert its authority on its own cadres.

But they succeeded in making significant progress in Dang Friday evening. Following a public statement by Maoist Chairman Prachanda on the return of seized property and strong directives from the Maoist high-command to the district leadership, Maoist and NC district leaders in Dang held a meeting Friday at which the former agreed to return the seized property of 83 people in the district. But they have held on to the property of 15 people saying they would be released after completion of the investigation. Maoist district commander Surya issued a press statement Thursday urging all the displaced to return to the district and reclaim their property.

“Now the government will release part of the pending salary for the Maoists combatants and release the rest as progress is made in returning seized property,” said an NC source. The prime minister has already agreed to provide a monthly benefit of Rs 3,000 each to the combatants starting from the day they entered the cantonments.

Construction at cantonment sites

The sub-human living condition at the cantonment sites was emerging as a major irritant in the peace process, with commanders at the cantonments threatening the Maoist leadership with revolt if things did not improve soon. Though the finance ministry had released funds for construction a few weeks ago a dispute over the modality for fund release at the site had held up construction work.

The Maoists were demanding that the money should go directly into the hands of the commander at the cantonment, but the government had proposed that it should go to a committee headed by the Chief District Officer.

A high level meeting this morning attended by four ministers — Ram Chandra Poudel, Dr Ram Saran Mahat, Krishna Bahadur Mahara and Hisila Yami — sorted out the issue.

They have agreed to form a committee with the chief at the cantonment site (a government under secretary), an engineer of the Department of Urban Development and Building Construction and the cantonment commander as members. The cantonment site chief will oversee the funds. At the centre, the funds will go through the Ministry of Physical Planning and Construction headed by Maoist leader Yami. Finance Minister Dr Mahat informed the Post that his ministry has already released Rs 90.3 million for cantonment construction.

On Monarchy

The NC and the Maoist leaders haven’t discussed the monarchy much since they were preoccupied with “more pressing issues”. The Maoist public stance still remains that the monarchy should be abolished by the interim legislature before the nation goes to the constituent assembly (CA) poll. But NC sources say the Maoists haven’t raised the issue with the same vigor during closed-door negotiations. In all probability, the leaders are likely to agree on amending the constitution — a bill for which is already in the legislature — giving powers to the interim legislature to abolish the monarchy if it were found to be meddling with the CA poll. The implementation of past agreements on monarchy such as nationalization of the king’s property, scrapping of the army secretariat at the royal palace and further severing of the army’s ties with monarchy are other likely agreements.

MPRF, Govt near deal

The government has made significant progress in its negotiations with the Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF). In its negotiations, the government has conceded the major demand of the MPRF — formation of a judicial commission to investigate the loss of life and property in the terai during the Madhes movement. The Commission, however, will also investigate the Gaur incident. The MPRF has demanded that the commission be led by a judge of Madhes origin but the government has told the Forum not to stick to any individual name. Once the government forms the commission the two sides will hold a formal dialogue and seal the deal. “Whenever the next cabinet meeting takes place we will form the commission,” Minister for Peace and Reconstruction Ram Chandra Poudel told ekantipur.

Significantly, the MPRF has dropped its demand for the resignation of Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula but has raised seriously the issue of security for its leaders since it fears retribution from the Maoists. “We are confident of resolving the rest of the issues with the MPRF when we sit for a dialogue the next time,” said Minister Poudel.

(Ameet Dhakal is the news editor of the Kathmandu Post where this article originally appeared.)

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94 thoughts on “Latest on Nepali Politics: Four Key Points

  1. On Monarchy: Declare Republic immediately through the passage of the bill in the interim legislature.

    On YCL: Mobilize National Army to control YCL. Maoist leadres need to be warned of the consequnces. In the end YCL will turned out to be bad for Maoist health.

  2. For the sake of the country I sincerely hope these clowns manage to work it out. They should always remember that another clown is just waiting for the opportunity that will come his way if they fail. How sad that the fate of the country is in the hands of all these clowns.

  3. this failed goernment and tikay parliament headed by the biggest failure of all SPAM can talk as much as they like.. what the people want is not talks and then indescriminate speeches that these senseless highly irresponsible terrorists and corrupts thugs continue to give… what they want is performance on the ground and these thugs have failed miserably… they are too self-serving.. terrorist teacher Pushpa Kamal was again talking about strikes and andolan yesterday.. you can’t continue your sabre rattling against the same givernment that your party is also represented in.. Nepal can’t be held hostage by these thugs anymore… what it needs is a mass movement by the people showing their discontentment with the current non-performance of the lazy bums — we need a young and new breed of politicians that can take this countr forward.. not these selfish thugs who are ruining our lives and our future… they have lost every right to rule us due to sheer lack of capacity, lack of focus and self-serving attitude… an example is terrorist Mahara who was justifying YCL activities the other day saying that in transitional period, these things happen.. well the next time someone meets this thug, they can slap this a** ho** and justify it by saying the same words… these thugs are really moving this country to total anarchy..

  4. I don’t think it is fair to provide Rs 3,000 per month to maoist combatants because the government decided to do so under maoist’s threat. There are so many unemployed people in the country. Now, all the unemployed people including the cadres of MJF should give ultimatum to the government to pay them Rs 3,000 per month. This government is totally controlled by maoist thugs. The need of the hour is to hang all the leaders of SPA and maoist in Tudhikhel.

  5. I wish I could be a part of YCL terrorists too. Beat and kill and rape people and get paid by the Government. It’s a different thing that this is a illegitimate government. Yet another reason for the King and RNA to step in.

  6. Well, it’s just another case of biting the bullet. Prachanda threatens and the govt. follows suite. Prachanda seems to be getting away with it all. After the laying down of arms by both factions, tell me what have the maoists given? They have just taken and taken and taken.

    I believe now is the moment for the government to get things in return. Returning peoples property should not even be a bargaining chip for the maoists, after all they are in government and they should follow the law like everyone else. However, the YCL should be put out of commission and the issue of monarchy should be decided by the people. People who suggest that this interim government, that are packed with these same maoists, packed with corrupts, murderers, and one that has absolutely negligible representation from women, madhesis and janjatis representing it, should decide on major issues are nothing but mouthpieces for these goons. They are just chumps. Lets get on with the CA election process, truth and reconciliation and a return to peace and government.

  7. And yes, with regard to this article, it is a completely useless piece of information. I don’t know why this site bothers with these couple of paragraphs of Kantipur kiddie write ups.

  8. Hey Krishna Sitaula,

    Tomorrow, If Pol pot Prachande gives you ultimatum to send your [icd] will you fulfil that demand or not? I think you will.

  9. When maoist victims staged protest at Tinkune, they were chased away instead of fulfilling their legitimate demands. When maoist thugs’ leader Prachnade gave ultimatum, the government without people’s mandate immediately decided to provide Rs 3,000 per month to these thugs. What type of justice is this? This type of unjustice will continue until Prachande ko Habaldar Krishna Sitaula and pol pot Prachande are hanged at Tunduikhel.

  10. Total Crap!
    Only thing that got done was the release of salaries to the Maoist dogs. They continue their terrorist activities and Now we have to pay for them, too. SPA is a group of corrupt and worthless eunuchs.

  11. binash kale biparit buddhi

    Bhimeswor idol sweats twice. Something big is going to happen soon.

  12. What a confounding news- all cherries and lathery like sweet cream. In today’s KTP- in the extra section there is a tit bits by Mr. Rai and in it his interview with one of YCL head- they state that toppling of statues of kings are their initial effort in their quest to “revise” past- that is to say like stalin they will go full throttle with their” revisionist” effort which means stamping out all the vestiage of our culture, tradition and religion and anyone associated with it. The way the things are- they want us to be experiment in the lab even if it means killing in the name of reeducation.

    By the way Dhakal may be pressured to give us rosy picture but the ground reality just does not cut it. If shit-owla goes along with his threat- terai will separate and who new ball game will roll.

  13. I dont agree complelely with this article. It says

    “They succeeded in making significant progress in Dang Friday evening regarding returning of seized property”

    But just today I read that YCL are continuing to Capture private lands and property. Infact they have intesified the capture of land and private property. They thrashed many property owner. They also beat an army simply because he is in Nepal army.

  14. this failed goernment and tikay parliament headed by the biggest failure of all SPAM can talk as much as they like.. what the people want is not talks and then indescriminate speeches that these senseless highly irresponsible terrorists and corrupts thugs continue to give… what they want is performance on the ground and these thugs have failed miserably… they are too self-serving.. terrorist teacher Pushpa Kamal was again talking about strikes and andolan yesterday.. you can’t continue your sabre rattling against the same givernment that your party is also represented in.. Nepal can’t be held hostage by these thugs anymore… what it needs is a mass movement by the people showing their discontentment with the current non-performance of the lazy bums — we need a young and new breed of politicians that can take this countr forward.. not these selfish thugs who are ruining our lives and our future… they have lost every right to rule us due to sheer lack of capacity, lack of focus and self-serving attitude… an example is terrorist Mahara who was justifying YCL activities the other day saying that in transitional period, these things happen.. well the next time someone meets this thug, they can slap this a** ho** and justify it by saying the same words… these thugs are really moving this country to total anarchy..

  15. SHITola’s wife and Pushpa Dahal’s (Prachanda’s wife) are sisters. Both sisters have adopted Christianity. Just a few insights into the life of terrorists.

  16. Now poor people have to pay for maoist warrior by eating half bread. Carry on spa, tomorrow you have to pay JTMM group, Cobra group etc.. etc.. otherwise they will raise the fingers at you for being unfair to them.

    Bau ko ra afno pasina ko paisa jane haina kyare.

  17. Now we suggest to this useless spaM government to provide salary of Rs. 3,000 to YCL also. they are doing volunteer job to spaM government which might be bad for the people but favourable to spaM. Because of their presence no one making guts to go against spaM and its decisions.

  18. It seems Gyancha’s shit-eaters have all the time in the world to ejaculate all over the cyber space.






  21. Just read that Maoists have upped their land seizure drive. With this agreement in place, is it Maoists strategy to keep seizing more as they recede some? A zero sum gameplan? Shameless bastards.

  22. Hey scoop,

    You are another Habaldar of Pol Pot terrorist Prachande. You are one of the YCL thugs who are committing kidnapping, murders and robbery in Kathmandu valley and other parts of the country. You should be in the Hell because people like you are burden on this planet Don’t worry we will fix your master Pataki Prachande before the CA election. The price for his head is still active

  23. I’m sure there are lots of people just sitting around and hoping that a compromise will be reached for peace. But I have also been noticing a lot of these uneducated hoodlums getting a little too cocky. Well, we’ll wait and see, and if these thugs think they can just rummage in and push others out weeeeell I for one am not going to go quietly – there will be hell to pay for it! There will be bloody hell to pay for it! We are not used to dictates – all governments have learnt this the hard way, and if these thugs think they can close down the nation and collapse everything, go ahead there will be nothing to lose and we shall meet with rage. Does’nt matter what happens because sooner or later all of you will be put down by me or someone else. Here’s your last chance to dance, do the right thing and live.

  24. NR 3,000 a month is not a huge figure, but its higher than many people make. Still, if it keeps the Maoists out of trouble, it seems like a good idea.

    Compare that to the cost of fighting the Maoists, and it seems very reasonable. Our 10 year war with them drove the economy to the ground, plus it brought tourism and foreign investment to a standstill. And the Maoists remained undefeated.

    I think the PLA will be pretty happy with the money its going to get. Of course, if they resort to bad behavior, we can always stop paying them.

  25. If someone wants the numbers, we’ll be paying the Maoists approximately USD 18 million annually. By comparison, the military budget during the fiscal year 2005-2006 ( when there was war with the Maoists ) was USD 154 million.

  26. Yes, but the the increase in th defense budget is probably around 15-20% during the insurgency years. Therefore, we are spending about the same USD 18-30 million or so more whether there is a war or not (not to mention many of the military budget includes also aid given by different countries for the insurgency). My point being, the 154 million is misleading manan because even without the moaists there is a large defence budget. It was about USD 35 million in 1989 and has been growing (albeit due to inflation as well) since then. Of course the insurgency costs more, but think about the USD 7-8 billion in damages to infrastructure due to the maoists and now we have to pay up USD 18million a year and that too when 50% or more are children and false PLA recruited after April 2006???? My point being we can do this but we could cut it down to USD 9 million if UN verifies the false soldiers and minors. I think the maoists have cost this nation enough to last many lifetimes. They talk big, but what will they do to first of all to replenish the hard earned USD 8billion (PLUS INTEREST) of destruction, no thanks to their war?

  27. By the way the 8 billion above is a british 8 billion which is USD 800 million in the American language. Yep That’s almost a billion buckaroos. Not to mention all the productivity, the potential income and earnings, etc. etc. for the nation, it could very well be the American 8 billion.

  28. To put it in perspective, with that money we could have had Arun 3 for free or Melamchi plus some. A north to South railway line. Truly free education or better health care.

  29. I 100% agree with ZYX that this Scoop is a YCL cadre. This Scoop guy sounds like the nephew of terroist Kiran Baidya.

  30. This government consisting of useless SPA and maoist terrorists is the worst so far in Nepalese history because it is doing nothing for the betterment of Nepalese people , besides taking care of these maoist thugs.

  31. Manan,

    Some of your points seems logic. But if you look at macro level then all the things you have mentioned are futile and which give nothing for this country and poor people. We are more concerned about the cutting of the present security budget, but this spaM is more emphasising in increasing it. Your saying of this small amount brings tussle and encouragement to others. This small amount can be usefull to very poor who are starving and have no clothes to wear and shelter. Due to over pampering the maoist, many terai groups who previously affiliated to maoist are rising with the expection to get similar status and facilities. Poor peoples of Nepal are being cheated due to wrong sector funding. One weapon one rebel soldier can be acceptable to fund but one weapon and more than 10 rebel solders cannot give any logic to invest for peace. This is cheating and thug mentality. The question here again arise why Girija and Sitaula making their future enemy strong for which they have to fight like in hell to bring even today’s status ?

  32. Hit me, kick me,
    thrash me, kill me..

    I will pay you 3000 Per Month..

  33. Besides all the controversy regarding how many in the cantonements are real PLA and not those recruited after April 2006, I have to say I thoughr these chaps were fighting for the betterment of Nepal and Nepalis with their great “sacrifice”, so why can’t they just leave the camps and go back home and not demand so much from a bankrupt government? After all the rest of Nepal suffered through their war, a war no one wanted but the maoists. We are still suffering through the peace procees and are just waiting for elections so we can get on with our lives in peace, so if the Nepali citizens can tolerate all this for over a decade, why can’t the PLA tolerate going to their homes for another 6 months and that too when people say half of them are recruited after April 2006? Fantastic way to sacrifice with 3000 rupees a month, food etc.

  34. Forgot to add:

    Schools are closed, businesses down, extortion, threats, best time to join the PLA – a salary for doing nothing, food, peace in tha cantonements, where do I sign up?

  35. It is better to be the maoist than other parties’ activists. Atleast job is secured, ministerail post is secured, parliament member is secured.

    Look YCl, how powerful they are in the city ??

    PLA are getting bread and butter without competition and work.

    Money, fame and power is there in maoist party…

  36. Is this a nation that can govern itself, NO WAY. To play with future of nation (students) is a crime even worse than maoist atrocities but no one give a damn. These SPAM mother needs to be hung, dry, and quatered for all i care. I do not give a shiot about politics but once it starts biting in my daily life- I get ideas, too. If there is a free lunch to be had by acting anti-social and anti-establishment then you scum of the earth (SPAM) yoy have made by day and many others who might be forced to resort to actitivites which you wilfully reward. After Goit group, Limbuwan, Tharuwan, Morchas of all kind and shape, terai cobra etc., we will be standing in line.

    The precedent to get free lunch set by SPAM will snowball into mother of all insurgency in any pretext. But remember its our hard reaned money which you are squandering away without any mandate from us. You ain’t any different than other dictators-call youself loktrantric or whatever suits you but in the end- you ain’t nothing but autocratic and a lap dog to boot.

  37. whatever the causes and consequences be, nepal is to go forward… so which party is the best fit then? it is we nepalese that we have developed these old pig-heads as leaders so why dont we blame us? now i think we nepalese should bear yet another blow by feeding their cadres and lets see prachanda. perhaps he might be a leader we have aspected. OTHERWISE HAND OVER NEPAL TO GYANENDRA OR INDIA OR CHINA ! WHAT DO U WISH NEPALESE !

  38. I think King Gyanendra is the only choice. How can a sane mind talk about giving a chance to Pushpa Dahal who has killed 30,000 Nepalis? I think Pokharel (above me) has lost his nuts but none of his family members to SPAM warlords…gawd forbid, I just don’t hope he or family & friends become a victim of SPAM warlords anytime soon.

    I am still saying SPA is a bigger danger than Maoists. Root and rout out SPA.

  39. Pokhrel,

    you choices are coming to near looking at the burining and goalless situation.






    Furti gharney Ramchandra already got his share of blow and empty water bottle in Basnatpur, soon KP Situala etc,ect will face the same music from their one time friend YCL.

    Meaning: too much carrot to maoist is giving them full strength.

    Johnny Gurung

  41. The law and order situation in the country is deteriorating day by day; the armed groups of YCL thugs are looting private property, but the Home minister Krishna Sitaula is doing nothing to stop it. Even MK Nepal suggested to sack Sitaula. I do not understand why Stupid Girija should allow another stupid Krishna Sitaula, the most incompetent home minister in the history, to continue. These three stupid bahuns: Girija, Krishna Sitaula, and terrorist Puspa Kamal Dahal are ruining the country due to their vested interest.

  42. The ADB has decided not to renew its Melamchi project, and prostitute Hishila Yami is solely respossible for this. This is one example of what happens when maoists thugs are allowed to rule the country. Stupid Girija should not have assigned such important ministry to maoist. Girija is man without any vision and he should have been cremated at Pashupati aryaghat by now.
    Hishila Yami is awhore who used to sleep with different maoist cadres.

  43. A civil war in Nepal is immenent. There is absolutely no security in the country whatsoever. This country is on a path that leads no where. YCL abusing the Nepal Army personnel’s family is sickening. It is a shame that family of those who protect the country and the people should live under such humiliation of these goons and thugs.

    YCL will drive the country into civil way. Agitation street protests that Baburam and Prachanda claim will happen will not be peaceful, they are reasons for the YCL to loot and kill on the streets of kathmandu and Kill and loot they will.
    No one will be able to protect the public, this is my suggestion, sell what you have in terms of property in Kathmandu or elsewhere and get out. Exchange the nepalese rupee into indian rupee as soon as possible and go to india. There is no reason to live in Nepal, none whatsoever now becasue:
    1. No security
    2. No water especially in the Kathamndu Valley
    3. With the rupee devalued there is no hope for the economy.
    4. Inflation will be crazy
    5. With no petrol, the transportation will be stuck.
    6. If there is lawlessness in the valley, the entire valley will be closed with no goods moving in or out.

    My sugesstion: Nepal is in the path of doom…Get out while you can.

  44. I never said that USD 18 million ( it might be a little more or less ) is a small amount of money. And I would also rather give it to people in Dolpa or Mugu who are barely surviving.

    But the reality is that the Maoists must be tamed first. And ask yourself this question: if it works, if the Maoists stop their violence, then would this have been a successful first step? I would say yes.

    But will it work? Who knows? Its a risk we might have to take. And yes, I don’t know why NRs 3,000 per month was chosen as the amount to be given. Maybe we could give them half.

    But what we can’t have anymore is war. Because if we have war, the expenses will skyrocket once again. Again, q mentioned that the Maoists destroyed infrastructure–but that was during war. What have they destroyed after they were brought to Kathmandu? But if we go to war, the destruction will continue again.

  45. As for Hisila Yami, while I sometimes think she’s crazy, she might have been on the right track with this one.

    Severn Trent Water does not have a clean record. It is being investigated in the U.K for fraud.

    Also, in Guyana:

    According to press reports, Guyanese minister Harry Narine Nawbatt has said that the decision to terminate the contract was influenced by the results of an audit into STWI’s performance. The audit showed that while 52 per cent of the Amerindian settlements should receive potable water by 2005, only 4.3 per cent of those settlements received water, according to the audit of the contract targets, carried out by Halcrow.

    A company with such a record should be investigated thoroughly. Plus, ADB is itself very corrupt.

    The ADB has long been attacked by both international nongovernmental organizations and former ADB officials as an institution that turns a blind eye to corruption. International economists, lawyers and NGOs keeping track of ADB funding estimate that, on average, 30 percent of all ADB loans, amounting to billions of dollars, cannot be accounted for. The ADB itself has no accurate record of how much money has been siphoned off.

    “I, too, have heard 30 percent of the ADB’s loans have gone down a black hole. But I’ve also heard that, for specific projects, sometimes up to 50 percent of the funds cannot be accounted for,” ADB Auditor General Peter Egens Pedersen admitted.

    Good call Yami.

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