Finally Constituent Assembly Election is Uncertain. Damn…

EC asks the government to push it by at least 120 days.

We have just received a report from the Election Commission that the EC has expressed its inability to hold election of Constituent Assembly on the stipulated time of June 20. The Commission had written a letter to the government yesterday and the cabinet is now discussion on the content, reports Durga Khanal, a journalist associated with Kantipur daily from the EC office in Kathmandu. The commission argued that all laws should be formulated (there are three laws yet to be brought) and the date of election must be declared at least 110 days prior to the voting day.

This means that the date of the election of Constituent Assembly will have to be differed by at least 110 days. As per the interim constitution of Nepal 2063 the election must be held within mid June. Recently, a meeting of eight ruling parties had decided to hold the CA election on June 20. Many people were skeptical about the possibility of election by that time. The skepticism was fueled by occasional remarks from some western diplomats including UN General Secretary’s personal representative to Nepal Ian Martin. The EC was also complaining about the limited time for the preparation.






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  1. noname Avatar

    Wagle, you are an idiot. When the whole world is saying that the elections can’t be held in such troubled times when SPAM is continuing it’s criminal ways…you are crying foul.

  2. Bidhan Avatar

    Royalists and Gyanendra must not be happy with this decision because if you dare to act against democracy, the parliament will declare republic Nepal in an hour. Election will happen and that will happen even after three months. No one can stop progress; no one can stop the flowing river. Election is the way for Nepal to progress, to move forward. We will march ahead.

  3. hell_supreme Avatar

    just getting the date fixed is useless. All the preparations will definitely take time. wanting a quick result will be like the one done for municipal elections…….then sb will cry foul!! and fightin resumes……

  4. sonam Avatar

    Another 120 days of Interim and period of strikes, bands and the YCL above law operations.

  5. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    “Another 120 days of Interim and period of strikes, bands and the YCL above law operations. ”

    I don’t think this would have really changed even after the elections.

  6. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    If the Maoists and the SPA are indeed serious about holding elections on time then they should all work togeather and create a suitable enviroment that would make free and fair elections possible.
    ….nah who am I kidding?

  7. sonam Avatar

    Get the UN Army or the Indian Army but hold the elections on time. The King has denied us the CA elections since about 2013-14 BS. This time the CA elections must be held otherwise the Maoists must take responsible for the elections not being held on time. They must improve their behavior and control the YCL.
    Its like 2036, when the communists supported the King and went against the Multi Party Democracy.
    Once the elections are over things will change, either better or worse. But there will be a final showdown and one party either the King or the SPA or the Maoists will win and Nepal (If it does exist) can move forward.

  8. sonam Avatar

    Maoist revive parallel governance

    Kantipur Report

    KATHMANDU, April 13 – In a boldfaced defiance of the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) that entailed the dissolution of all its parallel government, the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (CPN-M) has reopened its United Revolutionary People’s Council (URPC) Offices – which served as the Maoist’s government offices in its insurgency heyday – in every ward in Pokhara.
    At a time when the Maoists themselves hold the Local Development ministerial portfolio, the offices have been activated in various wards in Lekhnath municipality to establish control in those wards.

    Cadres have said that they have received circulars to spearhead the campaign nationwide.

    The Maoist cadres have been putting up signboards proclaiming URPC ward committee in buildings right beside the government’s Ward Offices.

    They say that they received a “central circular” asking them to put up People’s Council offices equivalent to the level of the government offices.

    Lekhnath area commander Darshan informed that the Maoist offices had been put up to resolve unresolved problems in the government ward offices and for “ward office observation”.

    “Parallel council offices will be opened … at ward offices, municipal offices, District Development Committee offices. All this is according to the circulars,” Darshan said.

    Meanwhile, Maoist cadres today put up council signboards at Lekhnath’s Ward No 4 office building.

    However, after the arrival of reporters, Maoist area commander Bishwaprakash Baral relocated the signboard to a private home stating that placing the board at the ward office had been a mistake.

    No wonder the elections are being postponed.
    Maoists must take the blame for the delay in elections.

  9. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Maoists take blame? where have you been for the last year Mr. Sonam?

  10. Patriot Avatar

    There is really no choice but to postpone CA elections.

  11. Blog Gossip Corner Avatar

    Dishing the Dirt: Gossips just about Nepali Bloggers
    Gossips and only gossips.

    Patriot and Bhudai, give a look at it.

  12. gm Avatar

    Girija must have known all along that the CA election was not possible in June. Just think about the logistics. You need to register the party, get the nomination, print the ballots, and hundreds of other things. I think it is a year of work.

    Nepali people must have been stupid to believe that CA will take place in June. CA elelction is not like organizing a party or something.

  13. sarki ko choro Avatar

    There is one more blog “” (?????????) that blogs about recent situation in Nepal. It aims to present a kaleidoscope of opinions including translations from different sources. Have a look!

  14. sonam Avatar

    Happy New Year 2064 to all the bloggers

  15. sonam Avatar

    CA Elections was the Maoists main agenda. They should have checked their party comrades so that the elections could be held peacefully. But I guess due to inexperience they the maoists were caught in the party politics of Kathmandu.
    Now the elections will be in Kartik, and we should not lose this opportunity to have the elections.

  16. KALANKI Avatar


  17. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Not necessarily. I don’t think the bottleneck here is the printing of the ballots or registration of the party. The problem is that the security situation is simply a mess. The Maoists seem to be more eager to hold elections. The SPA on the other hand seem to fine with this interim state. I think the ball is really in the Maoists court but let’s see how they handle this.

  18. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I don’t know about you all but I have had enough of this sham of a peace process.

    “50 locals injured in a Maoist’s attack” –

    Girija Babu must give the Maoists an ultimatum to STOP such activities immediately otherwise I SAY LET’S PUT THE MILITARY OPTION BACK ON THE TABLE. I am sick of this BS from the Maoists. These Jungalis are never going to improve.

  19. methepeople Avatar

    Because the people of Nepal have choosen wholeheartedly and the outcome is totally wellknown it is in the best interest of the loosers to say it is NOT POSSIBLE
    get our ACT TOGETHER

  20. Stop Violence Avatar
    Stop Violence

    I wonder if it is any use discussing about democracy, peace and governance in Nepal when the entire government structure is still occupied with same old corrupt and inefficienct government staff, who still have the mentality of SHREE PAANCH KO SARKAR.

    We should first try to change the structure of government staff, and introduce some system of check and balance and make government staff accountable.



    The entire corrupt government staff and corrupt ministers have found a new way to hide behind this thing called CA ELECTION. Is any damn bloody person interested in creating an environment where a normal Nepali person can leave peacefully and freely???

    I am sick of this new method of “blocking all other agendas of the country in the name of CA election”. There should definitely be preparation for CA election ( for which I dont think there has been any preparation apart from the analysis of the situation by election commision), however there should also be attempt to make some changes in the meantime.

    Hell there are so many ministers each with their own portfolio, at least raise some issue on what they are doing.

    Are journalists blind in Nepal ??? Whats the use of this boom of journalism during democratic period if al journalists can do is bring news about only one thing to the main news. Sabai jana bheda ko pachhadi lageko chha…aba bheda kun bela bhir bata khasne ho ………ani sara bathan pani tehi khasne chha.

  21. Stop Violence Avatar
    Stop Violence

    Happy New Year to everybody by the way.

    May our 33 crore gods and goddesses bless us Nepalese with peace, prosperity and some ethical thoughts.

    Let us hope that we will now be known as country of “Lord Buddha” and “Land of gods and goddesses”, not land of autocrats and communists.

  22. asmita Avatar

    Now, Gen. Katuwal must take over. He has already established a precedent by giving a new year message to the army men which was telecast on the media. Well done. If the King and the SPAM cannot rule the nation, then the people of Nepal are looking upto a man of courage, determination and honesty to salvage the nation almost on the verge of a collapse. Afterall even in Bangladesh the military has written an arrest order against Sheikh Hasina for murder charges and against Khaleda Zia on corruption. India has welcomed and backed this move of the Bangladeshi military.

  23. Stop Violence Avatar
    Stop Violence

    Which world of fantasy are you living in?

    General Katuwal and man of integrity ………..what are you fantasizing about.
    Right now the best thing for Nepalese Army would be to stay neutral and serve the nation rather than become a slave.

    Those people who believe in grandiosity of army would soon be termed pathological in Nepal as well. So, those classes of KAJI khalak who has been enjoying the privilige on the basis of their power to cheat Nepalese people should understand now that their days are just numbered.

  24. Stop Violence Avatar
    Stop Violence

    By the way, I think Nepalese army should be utilized for development work in rural areas now, to prevent landslides, to build road and bridges now rather than sit in their chairs in Kathmandu and major towns and do nothing.

    Isnt that what army is supposed to do in times of peace?

  25. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Well sorry to bring this up Stop Violence but let’s not forget you too are no less adept at fantasizing given your high regards for Mr. Deuba.
    I can certainly understand asmita’s frustration. But a military coup is definetly not the answer – not in Nepal anyway. In Bangladesh this inteirm govt. backed by the military has actually done wonders! However, the head of the interm government is a smart man – very well educated and a former world bank employee. We don’t have anyone like that in Nepal to orchastrate a military back coup and make things right. A military take over given the utter incompetance of the NA would be even more disasterous to Nepal.

    The point is that the Maoists need to be given a very strong warning right now. Their behavior the behavior of the YCL is just unacceptable. These guys will never learn to live under a demoratic mandate. Those people here who think and say “peace peace peace….” are just deluding themslves. How much more time and benefit of the doubt do we have to give someone?

  26. mahesh Avatar

    I am just wondering why this big cries when this thing was not possible. Normally to hold CA Election there should be more than a year as people who are going to elect the CA members should at least know what exactly CA is. If you go and ask 10 parliament members then hardly one can define properly so forget about the normal people.

    Sometimes there are things to learn from other countries and this time why are we not learning from the Bhutan. They are going to hold pseudo CA election this year just to make people understand what CA is all. So why not do similar thing in Nepal.

    On other hand why not all the members elected for CA contribute voluanteer. Then see how many people are willing to go there. Let all party declare that they are not going to take a penny from government fund.

    Otherwise we will need more money for the CA members then for holding the election.

  27. sonam Avatar

    Everyone of the Leaders knew the CA was not possible in June, but no one dared to say in public. We neede martin to tell us the truth and now the Election Commission will be made the scapegoat.

  28. Blog gossip corner Avatar

    You did not respond me.
    You know why most of the journalists blog? Have a look at me.

  29. Blog gossip corner Avatar

    Sarkiko chhoro thanks for the link.

  30. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Blog gossip corner:
    I had a look at your blog. I applaud your efforts and I think its a good blog. I will be sure to visit and leave some comments should I feel the need to comment that is. Keep up the good work.

  31. comrade Bhayankar Avatar
    comrade Bhayankar

    This delay in CA elections is a royalist conspiracy. Everyone wants a republic and it is obvious that only CPN (M) is up to the task. So, if CA elections are held then it is certain that we will have landslide victory. This is a grand design to defame our party and bring autocracy back. The elections must be held on the decided date. After all it’s only formality. We all know the result so why this hullabaloo over a simple thing. We demand that the chief election comissioner be fired and anyone who welcomes this news be declared a traitor to the country.

  32. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I welcome this news whole heartedly. We ‘Royalists’ are really scared that you Maoists (you have become so popular in recent times) will win the CA elections and boot the Monarchy out of Nepal. Well we can’t let that happen now can we? Thankfully for us Girija Babu, Sher Badhur Deuba (who is a closet Royalist), Surya Badhur Thapa (lol another closet Royalist), Pasupathi Rana (another closet royalist), Lokandra Badhur Chand (yet another closet royalist) have support this move by the EC. Otherwise if the people had their say Monarchy would be a thing of the past.
    Well its back to the drawing board for us Royalists.

  33. bridohi Avatar

    Maoists are primarily responsible for the delay of the CA elections. If the Moabadis had followed the Peace Agreement & functioned as a political party, then, may be it could have possible hold the CA elections.

    My pessimistic analysis is that firstly, Maoists felt the pulse of the nation which is they were not going to win the CA elections if the election was held in a free & fair manner. Maos need to keep on whipping the culture of fear to ensure that they win the elections with the fear factor.

    Secondly, with the Terai in flames, their agenda has been pulled under their feet by JTMM. Moas are unlikely to get the votes in the Terai. Their maligned ethnic based federation has come to haunt them.

    Finally, the Maos ultimate agenda is to establish a republic. Now the postponement of the the CA elections has given them a the perfect opportunity to usurp the nation’s political agenda by delcaring a republic through the self appointed parliament. Maoists, UML & the fringe Leftists hold a majority over NC in the Parliament so they can declare a republic without even having to go to the polls.

    Who needs the CA elections? Ovbiously not the parties.

    The CA elections is suppossed to write a new Constitution & decide whether Nepal should remain a Constitutional Monarchy or become a Republic. It is the people who should decide about the future of the country, NOT some handful of politicians with their own self-interests.

    This self-appointed Parliament does not have the MANDATE from the people to decide any important issues concering the country. They need to contest in elections in a free & fair manner, then, only will they have the legitimacy to decide on the future of our nation.

    Without a free & fair election, NO ONE has the right to decide anything on behalf of the Nepali people.

    If it is done without the MANDATE of the people, then, we are replacing one autocrat with another. Only the King will be replaced by the Chairman, one-party Panchayat system by one-party Communist system, Mandales by YCL, NA by PLA, royalty by the “New Mandarins”.

    It seems like everyone is foregetting the PEOPLE in this equation. Ultimatley, there will be a price to pay for that. We will not forget. NEVER. (Our time will come.)

  34. sonam Avatar

    The king can sleep in peace for the next 4 months.
    The maoists can have the best of both worlds (govt. + above law operations) for the next 4 months.
    The UML can keep shouting for the next 4 months
    The Congress has 4 months time for unification
    The royalists party have 4 months for winning back the people
    the Forum has 4 more months for burning the Terai
    People get 4 months of uncertanity.
    There is something for everyone, that New Nepal.

  35. sonam Avatar

    The per prachanda’s view, he says that the 8 party coailation is finished. So guess there are bound to be strikes and chakka jams.
    I hope he publishes the schedule for the next two months, when there is a band or not, this will make the like of the people much easier.

  36. sandeep Avatar

    i am a research student of international relations at jadavpur university, kolkata. as per my research requirement, i am keeping a watch on ongoing developments in nepal, particularly the peace process, which is a very important phenomenon in whole south asian region. i am looking for materials related to forthcoming constituent assembly election in Nov, 2007 but failed to gather the elction procedure including the role of the parties, election commission, elction observers and district wise seat distribution etc. can you provide me a detailed report containing the above-mentioned points?
    would be grateful.
    sandeep kumar.

  37. alan Avatar

    Great post, really help me a lot. Thanks

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