Nepal Army Weapon Storing Process Begins

April 10– As per the tripartite agreement reached between the Nepal government, Maoists and the United Nations the NA weapons are being stored in the 14 containers placed at the Chhauni barracks today. Brigadier General and NA Spokesperson Ramindra Chhetri informed Tuesday that the storage will begin shortly at the Chhauni barracks.

The United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) team has already arrived at the site. Chhetri further informed that Joint Monitoring Coordinating Committee (JMCC) comprising representatives of the Nepal Army (NA), United Nation (UN) and the Maoists plans to complete the process within three days.

The second phase of the arms registration process will begin after NA’s arms are stored. According to an agreement between UNMIN, NA and Maoists, NA will be storing arms equal in number of that stored by the Maoists. Earlier UNMIN had stored 3,500 Maoist arms during the first phase of Maoists’ arms registration. However, during the process, 96 arms assigned for Maoist leaders’ security and 522 arms assigned for security in camps would not be included for storage, UNMIN stated.






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    By Suresh

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