Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) Registers at EC for CA Polls

April 10 – Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist Tuesday registered itself at the Election Commission for the upcoming Constituent Assembly (CA) elections. The Maoist leaders, led by Dr Baburam Bhattarai, today submitted their application to register the CPN-M as a political party at the EC.

The former rebel party is participating in the elections following their entry into the mainstream politics. The date for the CA elections, as agreed by the eight parties, is set as June 20, which however, has to be formally announced by the interim government.

The Maoists have 83 seats in the interim parliament.The party has five ministerial portfolios in the current interim government. Earlier, CPN-M had been unable to register itself due to the lack of citizenship certificates of some of its central committee members.





4 responses to “Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) Registers at EC for CA Polls”

  1. Captain Crash Avatar

    Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) Registers at EC for CA Polls, Lets wait for the result and hope there will be no killings and blood bath of NEPALESE people during the poll..

  2. noname Avatar

    The following is a must read regarding the above news…here is what has been found…it’s in

    This news will astonish some non-Nepalis…except Nepali people themselves. The Maoist terrorists went to the (illegal) Election Commission to register themselves as a party on Monday (09th April, 2007) but they could not get registered themselves because two of their comrades “Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘Badal’ and Barsha Man Pun ‘Anant’ did not have citizenship certificates.”

    Now, how could anyone go to the Election Commission without being a Nepali citizen? How could a person try to be elected as a politician in Nepal without even caring for getting a Nepali citizenship all his life? Perhaps he didn’t fit the ‘criteria’ to be a Nepali? Perhaps he is a non-Nepali by nationality? This baffles you? Nevermind.

    No citizenship? No problem. You desire to take part in sham Elections in Nepal? You have the blessings of SPAM Government and foreign interference in Nepal. So, “The two leaders acquired Nepali citizenship certificate from the District Administration Office of Kathmandu on Monday.”

    Well well, further analysis can be done by you on how and who are getting into the Election mood and ‘how’ and ‘who’ are going to win it. Not Nepalis, none for sure!

    How nefarious can things get in Nepal? Everything that is happening here is a virtual sham. The Maoists and SPAm can do anything and everything there and the public is just clueless and helpless. The Indians and the UN have managed to get their way in Nepal…we have another Sri Lanka (civil war torn country) in the waiting!

  3. emurhfkq Avatar

    people are stranger

  4. ranjan Avatar

    In India we heard heard heard and heard that there is no alternative to neo-liberal globalisation -a handy work of US imperialists -and Proffessor Francis fakuyama declared that
    it [the collapse of socialist bloc in europe] is the-end of History and the world is make to believe that the capitalism is the ultimate system that prevails in the history of mankind.

    I extend my warm greetings to all the Nepali people who proved the Proffesors and likes to be on wrong foot.

    Who starts marching with right?

    March on Nepal… March on
    u created a history

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