Prime Minister Koirala: Forget the King, Talk About Gyanendra

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, who is also the president of Nepali Congress party, has been over the past several months showing signals that his party might leave the king behind the history and go for the constituent assembly election because of the increasing public pressure. A few weeks ago in his hometown Biratnagar, Koirala had suggested the king to abdicate. Here comes the latest from the leader of the interim government

By Gopal Khanal in New Delhi, India

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala today said that he will begin talks to resolve the Terai issues as soon as he returns to Kathmandu. Talking to Nepali reporters in New Delhi – where he went to attend the 14th SAARC Summit- PM Koirala said that he was ready to hold talks with concerned groups to resolve the Terai problems. When asked “What will you do if king Gyanendra tries to disrupt the Constituent Assembly (CA) elections?”, Koirala replied with a question of his own, “Do you mean ‘king Gyanendra’ or ‘Gyanendra’? Forget the king, let’s talk about Gyanendra.”

Koirala, in a roundabout way, denied that king Gyanendra would be active during the CA elections. Furthermore, Koirala also said that his party Nepali Congress (NC) would come to a decision regarding the king before the CA elections. “I can not talk about the issues of CA right now; we need some “spice” to create an environment for the CA and NC will provide the “spice”.”

When asked about NC unification, Koirala said that in the present condition, unification was necessary, not only of the two Congress parties but among all the eight parties. He also revealed that talks were being held with NC-D President Sher Bahadur Deuba. “When I managed to get united even with the Maoists, of course unification with NC-D will happen,” said Koirala. The Prime Minister also said that Nepal’s prestige among the international community had increased as the peace process was moving ahead positively. Stating that the peace process was yet to reach a conclusion, Koirala expressed his commitment that he would make it (peace process) reach a final destination within his tenure.

PM Koirala, who is scheduled to return to Nepal tomorrow, met Bangladesh’s provisional government’s Chief Advisor Fakrudhdhin Ahmed this morning. Koirala is also scheduled to meet Indian Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee and former Indian PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee later today.

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114 responses to “Prime Minister Koirala: Forget the King, Talk About Gyanendra”

  1. Republic Avatar

    It’s very nice to see a changing Girja Prasad Koirala. He is slowly heading towards republic Nepal and that’s only because people in Nepal are in favor of the country without a king and his feudal institution called monarchy. This is also necessary for Nepali Congress if it wants to continue as a political party. Otherwise, it will be voted out and Maoists will come in which is another worry for now. That’s why Nepali Congress must go for republic and this is what slowly happening. Good!!

  2. NotMystery Avatar

    Then the NC too is officially advocating the Republican set up.
    With NC’s this chunavi masala, there willl be the majority of republican parties in the votes.
    All the best

  3. endnote Avatar

    koirala in no way seems to give up the king, he wants the king at all costs but what he doesnot want is gyanendra or paras to head the country, so is it hridayendra or his elder sister????

  4. Rame Avatar

    Makune ko chittai dukheko rahecha, sabaile makune bhani dinne, aali milaera Pradhan Mantri Koirala bhanne ni hunthiyo ni. Ma ta Makune nai bhanchu, lau ja.

    Mula Girija, King Gyanendra bhanna garo maane. Saale aat cha bhaane gyane lai khedai haal na. Tyo Shah Dyanasty nai faal diye huncha. Lau ja. Bhutro King Gyane ra Gyane ko discuss gareko.

    Mula, congress party ma koirala dynasty banauna khojne le dynasty falcha? Fataha bahun. Momo khanne hunnu parcha!!!!!!

  5. Jhapali Keto Avatar
    Jhapali Keto

    Monarchy should not be abolished because that holds our history, culture and tradition and we should protect it.
    Late King Birendra’s grand daughter should be made Princess. Why Hridayendra be made King to allow Gyanendra play his cards yet again. Royal Palace finance should be totally monitored by the Parliament. Now that the Army is under Parliament, Palace will not have much influence. Monarchy should be protected but the institute of Palace should be abolished from Nepal.
    Only the Narayanhiti Durbar be given under Royal Palace and all other property be nationalised or may be thought over.

  6. noname Avatar




    Girija barks in Delhi that the SPAM warlords will decide before CA elections regarding the future of Monarchy. He says this to please his Masters in India. He knows that the more he licks the feet of his Masters in Delhi, the better his chances of staying in power in Nepal. The bastard knows that the moment he stops licking the feet, he would be killed not only by Nepalis and Maoists but also by Indians for not supporting them. So this was his propaganda to bark in Delhi. Moreover he was in India…so he wanted to show the Indians how much he is supporting their case for Nepal being India’s puppet. And then there were other SAARC heads whom he wanted to show that the King has been sidelined. What did India get in return from Girija’s talks today? Well well…India wanted to show to the King that he has been made powerless now and India tried to show the King that he is being punished for bringing China and Japan into SAARC last year. You see…I am very good at deciphering the propaganda of the warlords.

    Tell us bastard, tell us who are you all decide on the Monarchy. You bastards came to power with terrorism and foreign inteference without any mandate whatsoever of Nepalis. We Nepalis have brought the Kingdom and now you are trying to take it all away from us and giving it on a silver platter to India to enslave us. BASTARDS LISTEN, you can carry on your propaganda. You don’t even have a mandate to have CA elections. Bloody rascals, who are you to decide what happens in Nepal? The moment India stops funding your terrorism you will die the death of an anti-social grasshopper without food. Nepalis will get together to keep you alive and give you the nemesis that you might not have dreamt to get when you reach hell after your death.

  7. scoop Avatar

    This ‘courageous’ patriot who lacks the guts to declare his name and whereabouts will save monarchy in Nepal!

  8. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    When King Birendra died monarchy died with Him. We just forgot to clean up the Narayanhiti Palace for the new residence President of the Republic of Nepal.

  9. manan Avatar


    Just get out of here. You are beginning to irritate me.

  10. no name Avatar
    no name

    kina je ma pani monarchy lai dosh

  11. noname Avatar

    Cadres and comrades of SPAM warlords. Haha Scoop…lol…first reveal your name and place and address…faggot. You all don’t even have an individual identity and are going through severe identity crisis that you have gotten low down to imitate others’ names (i.e., Mine).

    Be a first class yourself rather than be a second class imitation of others (i.e., SPAM warlords)

    Supporters of terrorism must be severely dealt with.

    King Birendra died and Monarchy died? Haha. Just because you and your warlords were able to kill and corrupt freely during his reign between 1990 and his death?

    You people are losers with no rights to live. Propagandists! Killer bastards!

  12. tapaiko Avatar

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  13. Rame Avatar

    haare shiva,

    maobadi paachi rajabadi ko voilence, yo “noname” le ta maobadi jastai bolne rahecha.

    Nomame bro chai Hotel Soltee ko sau lai pitne hola…., to begin with.

    Pashupatinath le raja ra praja ko kalyan garun

  14. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Mr noname, Can you come up with the list of things king did for our country?

  15. noname Avatar

    Uh…now SS is asking a valid question. King G had direct power for around 13 months, the best thing he tried to do was to get rid of terrorists…his fundamental goal to take up power. He tried to be a people’s king and went to villages meeting people. He gave one of the best speeches of this decade (or perhaps of last 50 years) in Dhaka’s SAARC summit. The best thing was he helped China and Japan get SAARC observere status…India and Bhutan voted against it and all other members supported Nepal’s initiative.

    He wasn’t handling day to day affairs in Nepal…but still the crimes rate went down significantly in the first 8 months of the rule. And then the trouble came. India brought together the SPA+M warlords and started the troubles in India. And then the whole world knows the story.

    So basically this King didn’t even have much time to do Great things. But he had Good visions and was working on it. We must have given him 3 years and India should have kept out it’s vicious dirty interests. He tried elections and invited everyone to take part. It’s sad that the criminals and terrorists didn’t take part. And even if you compare the past 12 months with the 13 month rule of the King…well King’s rule was Awesome and stands out. Today every Nepali is insecure!

    Now, we talk about the contribution of SPAM warlords to Nepal and Monarchy to Nepal. Everything good in Nepal (from roads to rules) is a contribution Well, SPAM has made NO contribution except terrorism, corruption and violence. So there is no need to talk on this.

    You can’t compare God with Devils. You need to have an open mind and be realistic and not get brainwashed.

  16. sonam Avatar

    I don’t beleive NC will give up the king. Girja Babu, will make the son of Paras the king and Gynandera & Paras will look from the sidelines.
    As for unity of the Congress, these two parties must unite at all costs. For this Girja Babu must take the lead.

  17. noname Avatar

    Everything good in Nepal (from roads to rules) is a contribution of Monarchy.*

    The last 17 years have divided us and ruined us completely. We had single identity pre 1990 (even if it was by force as some propagandists like to say). But we were one. We were peaceful. We were much more richer in love. We were prospering. Anywhere a Nepali went he was looked as a Peaceful person. Today no one wants to give a Visa to a Nepali. A Nepali has no respect today anywhere.

    Nepal under the King had it’s greatness and grandeur. Today it is just another terrorist nation with no law and order and everyone wants to get a dirty pie out of it. It is like a soulless whore in the market who gets raped by everyone and gets a coin thrown her way in return.

  18. sonam Avatar

    Things were good during the Monarchy BUT:
    1. we didn’t have freedom of speech
    2. Papers were afraid of writing against the King and writing against the king was banned.
    3. Mobiles were shut down for 6 months
    4. landlines phones were closed for one week and no internet no blog
    5. During travel by road, there were hundreds of army checkposts along the way and sometimes people had to walk for about a kilometer.
    6. There was the Unconstitutional Shahi Ayog
    7. The King called for Vacancy for the primeminister and made the post of the prime minister a joke.
    8. The king flushed the 2047 constitution down the drain, and became a dictator
    9. There was army with armoured cars patrolling the streets, looks like we were in Iraq
    10. The King was a business man, and majority of the business people in nepal are corrupt.

  19. acrokiller Avatar

    “We were peaceful. We were much more richer in love”

    Dear anonymous brother,

    Alas, peace and love don’t feed an empty stomach. Nepal might have had greatness (I disagree, at least in terms of how you’re thinking about it), Nepal might have had grandeur (I believe you’re talking of things like us being the only Hindu KINGDOM in the world). But how would you expect an extremely aloof king to feed his people? Should we be denied the development enjoyed by our neighbors to the north and the south, just for the sake of empty greatness and grandeur? Show me one kingdom that has achieved development. We need at least a semblance of democracy. The fact that our last attempt was quite a failure may have had a myriad of reasons, incompetent leadership comes first to mind. But going back to monarchy is not the answer. Competent leadership is. Problem is finding people for that. The fact that the new boss is the same old corrupt, opportunistic, and generally dim-witted boss is worrisome indeed. There is a very good chance that they’ll run the country into the ground again. But that’s a certainty if you give the power back to the king. So kindly stop ranting and flogging the same old dead horse and say something constructive.

  20. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    Lets save that list posted by Sonam so that when we have similar discussion 5 years down the road all we have to do would be to replace ‘king’ by ‘prachanda’ or ‘maoists’. Nice template.

  21. NepalBlood Avatar

    The KuKur Bahuns are Barking Loudly. Typical of Them. They are Short-Sighted and they never Learn.

    If the Monarchy is removed then the only chance to Unite the Country will be gone. The Country will Break up Further based on Caste and Region. But the Bahun Politicians don’t care. All they want Money and Power for now. Even if the Maoists take over, their Leaders are Bahuns. So it is all the same with SPAM.

  22. noname Avatar

    1) The press in Nepal is a direct funding of India (no one doubts it). It will write everything that India wants and will instigate violence in Nepal. It was doing that and everyone knows this too. In any country of the world the press has to maintain decency or get banned. Even in the liberal democracies of US and France there are limits on what can press write and not. Learn your terms and conditions of press freedom before talking here.

    2) Papers were writing Propaganda. Have constructive criticism. Destructive criticism needs to be punished. Kantipur was afraid. Kantipur is a brain child of India. Kantipur is propaganda. Wagle is Propaganda. And everyone knows this. My 1st point holds true here. The editor of Kantipur is an Indian.
    And then Himalayan times…I don’t even need to talk about it.
    Come up with something new to justify SPAM warlords.

    3) 6 months? Get your facts correct.
    Whenever they did get shut down it was for emergency purposes. Nepal IS NOT IN A NORMAL STATE…it is under terrorism. To get rid of Terrorism extreme measures are to be taken. You should try and got to Sri Lanka, Somalia, Chechenya, etc. to learn more on this.

    4) Again, if blogs like this exist for propaganda purposes…things need to be regulated. People like me have woken up to propaganda now and I am sorry that I have learned the things hard way…learned how to deal with people like you and your masters.

    5) For my safety from your terrorism. Thank god they were there or I would have had no life or no money to be making posts here.

    6) Unconstitutional? You are talking about Constitution? You support SPAM – the most unconstitutional and undemocratic existence currently on the planet.
    Now, the entire Ayog was to find out the level of corruption by the SPAM warlords. Perfectly Constitutional and don’t cry that Supreme court said it’s unconsitutional. SPAM makes the most mockery of Supreme court.

    7) Ummm. SB Thapa was good. Awesome. Much much better than Girija is. Although I will agree with you here that not all the ministers worked upto the expectations. They couldn’t even crush the Maoists and the SPA ganglords.

    8) What has SPAM done? LOL. The supporters of violence, the people who have destroyed Nepal and hijacked power through sheer Mob movement. What have they done?
    And then…Read 2047 constitution first. King had every authority to do whatever you did. STOP YOUR PROPAGANDA HERE.

    9) April. The Mob and Goon movement. Emergency orders and Maoists and Indians trying to create disorders and destructing everything that came their way instead of those orders. Nonthing about those mobs was peaceful.Even Prachanda has accepted everything. Every thing done with India’s blessings.
    Comparing this with the shambles in Iraq? Haha. I think the present condition more resembles what is happening in Iraq. You are either blind or too narrow minded to decipher the right from wrong! Iraq has a civil war…much like Nepal has now…

    10) The Politicians are for business and people. The people & businesses are not for politicians. I think you have some Fundamental disconnect in your brain just like your warlords.

    You are giving all those points which are basically rhetorics of the warlords which have been time and again proved baseless by every sane person. Don’t compare God with Devil. You are comparing SPAM warlords and their reign with somethings that tried to bring a change. You are insane, I am done with you.
    I hate hate hate repeating myself.

    Next one please.

  23. noname Avatar

    Haha. Now coming back to acrokiller.

    Are you comparing Pre1990 Nepal with Pre1990 India? Haha. This is absolute weird. Pre 1990 Nepal’s GDP, Per capita income Economy and Peacefullness was far far far ahead of India. India is still a big disaster…Nepal is in the same plane.

    Anyway, Nepal could have never kept up with India and China. How can you compare a cat with a lion? I have never seen Mexicans (vis a vis) give this weird argument. The short sighted idiotic brains and comments of SPAM cadres are warlords is shown here.

    Anyway, if Nepal got poor…it was after 1990…everything got ruined and destroyed. You just cant compare Pre 1990 with Post 1990. Post 1990 is a disaster and we are seeing it right here.

    King were keeping Nepali’s poor? Damn bloody fool. I have already said…the entire development in Nepal is a gift of Kings or else you wouldnt be here.

  24. noname Avatar

    I have responded to Sonam’s illogical comments. My comment is not appearing here right now. It will appear when Wagle sorts out SPAM messages…please restrain and refrain yourself till then.

  25. noname Avatar

    Test message.

  26. noname Avatar

    my messages are being marked spam. please wait for sometime.

  27. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    Whoever is backed by big brother India has the upper hand. Personally, I have given up hope for any sort of unity or unique proud identity of Nepal. I guess I am frustrated and the best thing to do in this scenario is euthanasia. So yeah we should deliberately push Nepal towards further disintegration or integration with India. The king should pack up and leave. With Monarchy completely abolished Nepal won’t even have an argument for how the country can have anekta maa ekta. It will be easy for India to play the parties and maoists as puppets. Either maoists will take over or India will. I think it is better if India does provided that Nepalis are not treated as second class citizens, slaves. There will be republic and we will get to enjoy the privilieges that Indian citizens have. I think it will work out. In 2007 sure we can have CA elections to vote out the king. By 2012 we should have another CA election to vote for our assimilation into India. That is the best possible thing that can happen to this poorest Godless country ruled by the outlaws and terrorist.

  28. noname Avatar

    And by the way…I am never against Democracy. I still stand solidly behind Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy. This way Nepal enjoys the best of the greatest political streams of Human existence.

    All I am saying is that I am against SPAMocracy and terroristocracy. Nepal must get rid of SPAM if it has to progress…it has to have a single identity independent of it’s powerful southern neighbour. We have seen last 17 years of disaster. In order to achieve all this we only have the King to look forward to. He should help us to get rid of SPAM.

    And then we can have King and Democracy…Democracy checks the King and King checks Democratic leaders…in return we, the people, enjoy Peace and Propsperity.

  29. acrokiller Avatar

    Dear anonymous brother,

    Just for the record, Nepal’s GDP average annual growth rate from 1980 to 1989 was 4% while India’s in the same period was 5.9%. Nepal’s GDP per capita was just over USD1000 while India’s was over USD1600.

    But that in no way is my point. I of course don’t claim that Nepal could have matched India’s and China’s growth. My point is that simply that India’s growth has happened in the lap of democracy. China’s has happened because an authoritarian regime needs to legitimize its rule.

    We can’t rely on the benevolence of an incompetent king. If you say that the development is a gift of the King. What is to keep the King from revoking his gift?

    All the liberalization in Nepal occurred post 1990. Economic and otherwise. Even in the face of our error prone democracy we were able to maintain growth rates of about 5% from 1990 to 1999. Yes, had our leaders been competent, we would have achieved much more development. But no way if the King was to brought back in charge.

    Maybe I’m not capable of putting across my point properly, and thus am a ‘bloody damn fool’ in that regard.

  30. acrokiller Avatar

    My response post was a little late.

    Yes i agree that the current crop of leaders have proven to be incompetent. But you can’t get rid of all the major political parties and then claim you’re for democracy. So you want policy debates between the King and his approved set of ‘democratic leaders’? How would that be a democracy?

    The fact is SPAM are the voice of the people. If they’re not, more competent people will crop up eventually. The issue is to see to it that this is done by holding fair elections. So the major concern should be with holding free and fair elections, making the Maoists give up their strong arm tactics (and their remaining arms in the process).

  31. guyfromktm Avatar

    “When asked about NC unification, Koirala said that in the present condition, unification was necessary, not only of the two Congress parties but among all the eight parties. He also revealed that talks were being held with NC-D President Sher Bahadur Deuba. “When I managed to get united even with the Maoists, of course unification with NC-D will happen,” said Koirala.”

    This proves that Koirala was senile when he was talking to the media if in fact he said those words. So far, only the pro-Girija media house kantipur publication has published this news. Come on, what his party did with the Maoists was not unification, what world is he living in? And what does he want to achieve by unifying the eight parties– a monopoly? doesn’t this country need an opposition if the corrup thugs and the terrorists continue to also talk about competitive democracy? Or did we fight during April revolution to give these joint partner in crime a free run to impoverise this nation even further? But having said that, despite the fact the Girija is fast becoming senile, the very undemocratic party, the Congress party has never told the public what it stands for. Corrupt Girija’s version is always “I will tell you when the opportune time comes but that opportune times never comes”– remember ‘grand design?”. Now, how much should the Nepalese people wait to find out where this very undemocratic and corrupt party stands in terms of MOnarchy and even if they found out, does it make any difference?

  32. acrokiller Avatar

    Maybe my arguments do seem a little naive. But i tell it as i see it. I feel there is cause for some optimism at least.

  33. guyfromktm Avatar

    It seems like there is a new group of “36” is developing in Nepali Congress and that is why Giddhey Koirala is trying to shift his stance towards republicanism… read the following from a more balanced newspaper- THT

    NC Dissident Group Lobbies for Monarchy

    THT Online
    Kathmandu, April 5

    A group of dissident NC activists have come up with a notion of promoting constitutional monarchy in the upcoming constituent assembly elections.
    Organising a press conference on Wednesday, Yuvraj Khati, coordinator of the Nepali Congress Baicharik Abhiyan, said that they would protest against “extremism in NC” seen recently.
    “We are sorry to say that both the NC and NC-D are now led by the leaders who lack theoretical base and they are only running after power. We want to create a group to keep the NC in its old middle path track,” he said.
    “We neither support absolute monarchy nor a republic. We prefer constitutional monarchy,” he said.
    He also said BP Koirala’s return to Nepal and reconciliation with the king was a historic move and was a milestone in the political development. “The problems the country is facing now should be solved through national reconciliation,” he said.

    And it was very funny that Giddhey Koirala said soon after becoming Prime MInister for the sixth time that he is not there for the greed of power but the day he figures out he cannot deliver, he will resign. I am wondering that how he will figure out that he is incapable when he couldn’t figure it out in his last five tries when each time, he failed miserably and with him failed the country, thanks to his very undemocratic and very corrupt means and family.

  34. noname Avatar


    Per capita income of India was more because there were/are BIGGGGGGGGGGGG businesses in India and not even a single business in Nepal that can match the Top 500 businesses of India.

    Your point of arguments are rhetorics and don’t hold much ground. I am sorry but i cant indulge with you.

    India started a policy of liberalisation 43 years after independence and attaining democracy. Do you the kind of hardships Indian businesses had to face under Indira Gandhi? All petroleum companies were nationalised…etc., etc. China opened up in 1970s. I mean you just cant compare Nepal with India and China. Both India and Nepal are poor nations. People die of hunger in India since ages. It is only in present day Nepal that people have started dying of hunger.

    You can’t bring in bull shits of liberalisation when talking politics of sanity and insanity. There is just no ground that holds true to justify the misrule that exists post 1990. Nepal under an Autocrat (a word used by SPAMmers) King is far much better placed than SPAM warlord themselves.

    Nepal has to somehow get rid of SPAM. And that is the reason I say, bring in the King…and then give him a couple years…and then we will see what course of Democracy that can be best suited to Nepal.
    India and Pakistan and Bangladesh are failing and there is anarchy everywhere in these countries because Democracy is an alien concept to these countries and Democracy was forced on these countries by British.

    Nepal is failing as a Democracy because Democracy has been forced upon Nepal by Indians. We have to adopt Democracy but we have to adopt democracy that suits us! We do not have to get ourselves dictated by others.

  35. noname Avatar

    test comment. spam filter stop filtering my comments. wagle please sort this out.

  36. NotMystery Avatar

    Nationalise the property of the royals! Swiss bank ko account pani khojnu parchha… they have been hoarind property in swiss banks since the time of Tribhuwan.

  37. Patriot Avatar

    Like I’ve said before in my posts – the best system for Nepal would be one without a king, and both SPA & Maoits sharing power. I’d hate to see only SPA in power coz that’d be revisionism of Bahunism, I wouldnt want to see only Maoists in power, coz we could head the Cambodia way. If I represented 100% of Nepali votes, I would vote SPA & Maoists 50-50.

  38. ???????????? Avatar

    Cook it nicely! all the best!

  39. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Democracy checks the King and King checks Democratic leaders…this is oxymoronic theory.

  40. B Avatar

    acrokiller, you want to see one kingdom that has developed, well here is a list:

    U.K., Japan, Spain, Monaco, Denmark, Holland, Norway, Sweden, also several middle east nations are faring better than their non-kingdom islamist states, Thailand is’nt doing too bad either of course not to mention Australia and Canada.
    Ofcourse these are all nations who have made a successful transfer from monarchy to constitutional monarchy (except the middle east and Thailand). It has also been clear that nations which are constituional monarchies today have a much more equitable democracy.

  41. noname Avatar

    Great comments by B (02:38:22). I will use it a lot in my point of arguments. Thanks for this B.

  42. noname Avatar

    I just want to tell everyone that I have replied to most of your comments. They have been blocked my SPAM guard and my comments will be published when Wagle filters his spam messages. Thanks.

  43. B Avatar

    The U.K was not unlike Nepal today when the hand over from monarchy to constitutional monarchy was in process. There was also a republican movement for some time and a lot of tussle and hussle. However, the majority of British people today are glad they have got a constitutional monarch (and so too Canadians and Australians who share the same monarch and the ties have helped all three nations). Imagine if it was gone forever during the old days which it nearly did and imagine if it went today – as it is the govt. is having problems with a minority (over Iraq) of their own citizens, I can bet if the British monarch were to be removed not only would Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales separate but they will also have a lot of homegrown problems with immigrant citizens – for this you do not have to look far, example being France (a republic).

  44. noname Avatar

    B (05:24:58) :,

    Let’s take case of Iran here. The SHAH was ousted with the help of foreign powers. Britain and USA (and to some extent France) helped the Ayatollah to spread the Islamic Revolution. They were thinking that they can have a puppet government which will be a constant supplier of oil to them. And then everyone knows how the Islmaist regime has treated the West after that..
    And now everyone of these countries are crying because of the Islamic state. Now there is an entire league of Iranians in USA who are trying to get the Shah’s son (who lives in USA) get back to Iran and throw the regime of the Isalmists.

    I think Ms Preeti Koirala had also talked about Iran and Afganishtan in one of her articles.

  45. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    It is true that in the countries you listed a constitutional monarchy has successfully co-existed with multi-party democracy. But you must understand that in these countries the institution of Monarchy is seen as a benovelent, neutral, non-partisan and fartherly institution. Do you think the Monarchy still holds this kind of esteem in Nepal? It did when King Birendra was alive I would say. But I think today the institution of Monarchy brings with it alot of suspicion, disrespect etc. The monarchy today has become a source of tension, conflict and polorization. Besides being a symbol of a fedalistic era it has also become an impedement to stability.

    Now don’t get me wrong. I would also like to see a constitutial monarchy in Nepal. The reason the British are so attached to their monarchy is because it gives them something to hold on to in the a world where their cultural identity is under seige because of things like immigration (like you pointed out). Maybe Nepal would also need something like this. I don’t know. I guess the people will decide that in the CA elections. Whatever the verdict we will have to accept.

    If Gyanendra was smart though, he should abdicate pass the succession past Paras and make his grandson the heir. Because no matter what your sentiment towards the institution the prospect of Paras becoming King is just an unacceptable senairo to even the moderate Nepalis.

  46. noname Avatar

    Again, the problem with SPAM warlords and cadres is that they throw and force their agenda and propaganda on others. Their main aim is to create the mindset of distrust towards monarchy and King Gyanendra to secure their source of corruption. I get really pissed off at hearing the same rhetorics again and again. I mean duh! Just who are these warlords? I mean, what is their identity in Nepal? Who are they to even speak on behalf of Nepalis or on the institution of Monarchy or King Gyanendra. They are just a bunch of criminals ruling Nepal with foreign interference. Nothing more, nothing else. They have just made up their minds to defame King Gyanendra because he tried to uproot them. They just have the propaganda to try and show that King G is really bad and King B was really good and they would only accept King B (who doesn’t exist). And then they try to show that Prince Paras is a bad guy. Haha. I mean how can you even compare Prince Paras with SPAM warlords? I mean…the propagandas just don’t hold true. They just have want a clear path to continue their heinous crimes so that no authority in Nepal speaks against them.

    It is just not acceptable. The propagandists are just criminals.

  47. Captain Crash Avatar

    Now maoist holding the Information and communication Ministry let us see how much freedom journalist will get to write… how they will be using RSS, NTV and Radio to start propaganda.

  48. noname Avatar

    I think one Nepali columnist has already mentioned that the Maoists took up I & B ministry to Market their ideologies. SPAM warlords are very very good at selling their crap to the world. Hats off to them for this. I am learning a lot of lesson in this game from them.

  49. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Whatever you say, Mr. B, when I listen to nutjob luatics like noname then I fully support getting rid of the Monarchy altogeather!!! Even though he is down he still loves to get kicked. What a pyscho.

  50. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Prince Paras? LOL.

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