Portfolio Seniority Dispute Derails Interim Government Formation

Contrary to widespread expectations, the interim government couldn’t be formed today because of the UML introduced seniority bargain.

Who is senior between Ramchandra Poudel and Sahana Pradhan? Who should come first in the cabinet list? [We mentioned RC’s name first based on alphabetical order, by the way.] Nepali Congress thinks its general secretary is senior where as CPN UML firmly believes its senior leader is senior. Poudel is a former Speaker of the parliament and former Deputy Prime Minister where is 79 year old lady started her political career almost 6 decades ago. Her political background is enough to make her qualify for the number second in the cabinet, UML argues. According to C P Mainali of Left Front, a coalition partner, Nepali Congress had expressed its interest in nominating its member on the second position after PM. “At a time when even Maoists have abandoned their demand of appointing DPM from their party and Nepali Congress has expressed its intention of keeping second position with itself in yesterday’s meeting,” Mainali told KTV, “UML’s today put forward a name of the senior former minister and stressed that she should be given the number 2 ministerial position.”

Here UML is clearly acting like a problematic child. After accepting Nepali Congress president Girija Prasad Koirala as the Prime Minister who isn’t very well and clearly needs an aide from his own party to run the government it’s childish for the UML to argue for a mere issue like seniority of a minister in the cabinet. It is worthy of mentioning that recently UML had proposed Sahana’s name for the ambassadorial appointment for Russia. Meanwhile, Ramchandra Poudel refuted the report that Nepali Congress had objected the UML’s choice of Sahana Pradhan to lead the party in the government. “Mr Koirala asked me to assist him as a senior minister in the cabinet as he is not very well,” he told KTV. “How could I reject the request of my party president? But Nepali Congress has no problem with Sahana Pradhan. It’s UML’s right to send whoever they want to send to the cabinet.” Poudel hoped that the unexpected problem would be solved through conscious by tomorrow. Another problem came in the form of Amik Serchan who said his party wasn’t consulted while distributing cabinet portfolios. Serchan is DPM and Health minister in the current cabinet. Big four parties have agreed on removing the post of DPM which means it will be almost impossible for him to continue as minister because of seniority problem.

Contrary to widespread expectations, the interim government couldn’t be formed today because of the UML introduced seniority bargain. Diplomats had reached to the parliament this morning to witness the oath taking ceremony. They returned as politicians failed to reach conscious and the meeting of parliament was cancelled for the straight second day. Huge media presence was witnessed in the parliament and at least two TV stations had planned to broadcast today’s parliament session. Prime Minister Koirala will head for New Delhi tomorrow 4 PM to take part in SAARC meeting. Let’s hope, we will see the new interim cabinet by then!






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  1. paribartan Avatar

    Interesting development. Definitely there are vested interests of both sides.

  2. yacc Avatar

    stop the charade please….

  3. Deva Avatar

    UML’s claim of the next senior level appointment is quite valid. They have supported the NC over the past so many months, so why should they not get the next senior appointment.

    Look at Amik Sherchand – a joker.


  4. Charitrawan Avatar

    I agree that Amik sherchan is a joker.

  5. Nepali Avatar

    IMAO …all the politicians are JOKERS…….What a drama going on…..

    I hope for these Fossils….that interim govt. will be formed by tomorrow….without any kind of delay…otherwise Nepali People will take on in the streets to eradicate all these incompetent Leaders out of their position and fill in by Young and Educated People

    ……Too much……

    What these Fossils are doing in our National Parliament…is not even acceptable by a 4th grader….. What a Shame…



  6. Stop Violence Avatar
    Stop Violence

    Well I thought that Sahana Pradhan had retired from politics, because she was definitely out of mainstream politics even of her own party UML.

    So, its a foolishness of UML to bring such a person. I am even surprised that she has been given the portfolio of Foreign affairs. Moreover, there is widespread rumour of corruption while she was Minister.

    If UML had appointed a dynamic person, then their demand would have been justifiable, but I dont thik Sahana Pradhan will be able to deal the cabinet, deal with foreign diplomats, generals from army in the absence of Koirala.

    Currently the country is in need of a dynamic person to be the senior cabinet minister.

    Thus, it should definitely be from Nepali Congress or Nepali Congress (Democratic).

    I wonder why UML is just acting in a childish way by proposing her name.

  7. tulsi Avatar

    Entertainment of the week for “we the people”
    Unbelievable though it may appear, however, the fact is that the country has been thrown to the benevolence of political “comedians”, to put it modestly. The fact is also that these jocular habits as it is with our august leaders are at best entertaining the entire countrymen. Thanks, almighty that we have such leaders who do care the “people”.

    The whole of the day today, Saturday, “we the people” laughed at the manner our “internationally recognized” political actors behaved with each other on a matter that is by all means a “trivial” one. However, for our “highly acclaimed politicians” it was a matter of “prestige and popularity” that they differed with each other on the petty question of “seniority”. After all what defined seniority? What standards we have so far developed in ascertaining as to who is more senior to his nearest rival?

    It was this seniority factor or say, the complex that brought the UML and the ruling Nepali congress face to face which is why the formation of the interim cabinet got delayed by some eighteen hours from now.

    For the congress, the obstinate party that it is, the party demanded that the next to the PM post should go to the Congress again. The UML forwarded the name of the UML stalwart, a lady comrade, Mrs. Sahana Pradhan-the widow of late Puspa Lal-as the second senior most post after the Prime Minister. Though there has not been the post of the DPM this time, nevertheless, the UML and the congress and the UML are dying and competing for this post that is related with “seniority”.

    Entertainment thus is free for the Loktantric people of this country. We the people have some more hours to laugh until the things get sorted out.

    It is not for nothing that a small group of highly sensitive population this evening came out to the streets in Putali Sadak in order to exhibit their resentment at the unnecessary delay seen in the formation of the interim cabinet. They must be the Loktantric youths. They must have felt the delay as to a sort of betrayal to the entire new order. Thanks the youths. You must rise to the occasion or else “we the people” will have the same fate.

    In a some what modest way, the Maoists appear disciplined. What the top-hats decide is binding on all and hence there is no haggling over the posts.

    Unsubstantiated reports say that former Minister Hridayesh Tripathi thundered when he heard that his colleague Rajendra Mahato is being sent to the Cabinet by the party.

    “Who says that he is the party nominee”, blasted an ailing Tripathi.

    Problem cropped up in the UML as well. Bhim Rawal was all set to become the next Foreign Minister of the country by replacing Woli- a declared political detractor of Madhav Nepal-too denied the ministerial post when he was offered by the party to look the affairs of education and sports. A master’s degree holder in the domain of political science demanding the portfolio of the country’s Foreign minister. Not bad! This explains our competence in the conduct of international RELATIONS.

    Thus, poor Rawal who in haste arrived Nepal cutting short his luxurious trip to Norway is, as is expected, a frustrated political personality. Console Mr. Rawal. Politics never goes as you think or would want to go your way!

    What is interesting of it all is that Mr. Khanal and the more radical that the Maoists, Bam Dev Gautam-the UML leader, have been thrown to the oblivion and instead some other less politically known figures have been nominated for the cabinet that is yet to take a formal shape.

    This means that Mr. Madhav Nepal will have his immediate rivals with him all the time to conspire against his GS ship.

    Mr. Nepal, admittedly, is proving himself through his irresponsible utterances that he is making of late, a childish politico who needed some rest, speaking on political terms.

    The congress under Koirala has so far not declared the names if its nominees. So does the NC-D. The other left forces are quarrelling over the names. This is not an unusual phenomenon in this country which, I presume, my valued readers know well.

    The politics thus continues to remain fragile till this whole night. Have nice sleep dear friends. When our leaders “reconcile” and come to terms, we will keep you informed.

    The parliament has been postponed till next day to convene at eleven in the morning. The parties, according to the government mouth piece, are to meet once again at eight in the morning.

    We saw King’s rule; and we have been left to the mercy of the Loktantric leaders.

    Are they really what they preach and sermon to us all round the clock?

  8. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    These ministers (all of them) need to kept under house arrest and be given a daily beating. Damn Monkeys. They are back to their old ways again. UML is the most worthless pathetic party and now they are acting like a 3 year old. I understand MKN’s brain hasn’t yet fully developed but this is just too much.

  9. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    I still think this is a progress. There will be a lot of in-fighting. In the end, all the nominations and promotions will be done by the agreement of these ministers.

  10. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    As they say-child shows the man and morning shows the day. It is easy to predict how this new govt. is going to function. Anyways, good luck to all the bastards out there. Afterall what option do we have. The only silver lining is that the comrades seem to be quite in control. Man, these people know how to strike the iron when it is hot. They will take over Nepal soon and it’s pathetic that we have to hope that the lunatic, greedy parties will protect us from all out communism.

  11. Who's "WE" Avatar
    Who’s “WE”

    In this article, the writer or writers write “[We mentioned RC’s name first based on alphabetical order, by the way.]”

    My question is who is the “WE” that the writer is talking about. Is this article written by a group of people? who are you trying to fool ?

  12. Greedy Girija Avatar
    Greedy Girija

    I ask, WHY DOES NEPALI CONGRESSS deserve more than UML??

    The only party that doesn’t deserve anything really is the Maoists party. They should have been happy with their seats in the Parliament.

    Down with Girija. Why is he getting so greedy. Is Nepal heading towards a non-democratic path with Autocratic and secretive rule?

    Does there smell a secret coalition between the maoists and the Congress?

    Has the Maoist party been a secret army of Girija to rebuff the Nepal Army, ROyal rule, and a front for the Seculars who are totally against our traditional values like the Hindu ways..

    they will now start selling cow meat in front of Pashupatinath believe me.

  13. Captain Crash Avatar

    what difference does it make which ministry you handle… whoever gets whatever they don’t have any educational background on that portfolio so why dispute? If you want to really help Nepal then stop politics and do the job you are given to handle.

  14. sonam Avatar

    Captain Crash you are right: First tackel the portfolio you are given and if done successfully than demand for a better portfolio. Now we have the Prime Minister who is sick and confined to Balwater most of the time, and also the Foreign Minister, who is also sick and will be in her house most of the time. I think, KP Oli did a good job as foreign minister, or the UML could have sent Jalnath as the foreign minister.
    With an old primeminister, we needed a dynamic foregin minister, and UML has let the nation down.
    Anyway don’t expect much from this govt. formed on April Fools day.

  15. mahesh cumar Avatar
    mahesh cumar

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  16. deubakobau Avatar

    As I previously stated this “JOURNALIST” DUDE is one with a CONGRESSI HEART. You will hear this guy say some bad things about Girija once in a while to portray himself as a “true non-leaning” journalist, but when his heart speaks, you hear his congressi jargon.

    So if UML did ask Girija to lead the Coalition government, so what? Does that mean Congress should lead it forever? Its NOT the congress government UML supported, its the coalition government with Girija at the top. If Girija falls, any other leader could emerge. There is no reason for Girija to pass his thrown to his liking. Does the attitude of Girija sound like that of dictator Gyanendra?

  17. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Oh Jeez here we go again with the fights over ministerial portfolios. These ministers are just monkeys. A bunch of hungry monkeys fighting over a coconut.

  18. Rati Avatar

    N. P. Upadhyaya,

    Very well said man. Though I felt while reading you that you were tring to create unnecessary fun out of the politicians but you put it well. I mean the wait for the government yesterday turned into a joke.

  19. deubakobau Avatar

    And did we forget that the CONGRESS has the 3 portfolios- Home, Defence and Finance to itself. So why this blame game on UML?

    Maobadi on the other hand did give up their stand which is a good part on them.

    I have heard the latest news that UML is giving up on the stand….

  20. bridohi Avatar

    8 Blind men & an Elephant!!!

  21. ram prasad Avatar

    This is a great day for Nepalis who believe in democracy,freedom,and liberty.These people who have taken the oath of office must prove that they are for the people and good government.Instead of critising them let us support so that they do what tey are supposed to do.

    Jaya Nepal

  22. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Ram Prasad: this is a great day for people who believe in anarchy, curruption, petty fighting, terrorism, selfishness etc. We have all given the Maoists benefit of the doubt before. Clearly they did not abide by the peace agreement before. I see no reason why they will adhere to the agreement in the future. As for the SPA nothing is going to change on their front until these old, stale, moronic leaders step aside and have bring in new people. Preferably people who have a brain and who don’t act/think/behave like monkeys.

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