Common Minimum Program of Interim Government of Nepal

Political parties (members of Seven Party Alliance and the Maoist) yesterday (30 March) finalized the Common Minimum Program (CMP) of the interim government that will be formed today. The leaders also gave final touches to the code of conduct for ministers, a commitment paper for creating a conducive atmosphere for elections and guidelines for the future coalition. They decided to set up a committee to maintain coordination among the ruling parties. In the CMP, the parties have given top priority to promotion of national interest, loktantra and progression; improvement of security situation; change and reforms in all state systems and immediate relief for conflict-hit people. Major points in the Common Minimum Program are:

– CA polls in free and fair manner by mid-June
– Promotion of competitive politics, human rights and press freedom
– Strict implementation of peace accord
– Formation of peace and rehabilitation, truth and reconciliation, and state restructuring commissions
– An action plan to democratize the Nepali Army, a special cabinet committee to oversee, integrate and rehabilitate Maoist combatants
– Proper management of Maoist cantonments
– End to all sorts of red-tapism and corruption
– Nationalization of royal property
– End to strikes and bandas
– Reconstruction of destroyed infrastructure
– Education and health institutions to be peace zones
– Creation of investment-friendly environment, strong action against willful defaulters
– Common development strategy and effective social reforms and welfare programs

The parties also finalized a code of conduct for ministers. The code includes:
– Immediate ouster of ministers involved in corruption
– All political appointments based on political consensus
– Implementation of eight-party decisions major duty of ministers
– No public comment on matters of cabinet debate
– Respect for a coalition culture

The parties agreed to bring the country’s situation to normal as a means to create a conducive environment for polls. The agreements include:
– The Maoists will stop extortion and intimidation, return sized
– Both government forces and Maoists will leave all forcefully captured buildings
– All weapons outside cantonments will be declared illegal
– Joint committees to be formed in districts for monitoring agreements

The parties will form a United Coordination Committee (UCC) at the center to assist the government in implementing the CMP in coordinated manner. Parties’ senior leaders will be members in the UCC. The common programs, government’s operation guidelines, code of conduct for ministers and parties’ commitments to peace will be made public on Saturday after an eight-party meeting.





16 responses to “Common Minimum Program of Interim Government of Nepal”

  1. Kirat Avatar

    The CMP looks good-what chance that it is implemented? Just no more strikes/bandas would do it for me!

  2. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    “Immediate ouster of ministers involved in corruption”

    Is this a Joke? What does this mean? The Prime Minister was involved in shameless curruption… so we are to ouster Girija Babu? Who will be left to run Nepal if this is the case?

  3. Kirat Avatar

    Hi Bhudai–that one is funny. But seriously I maybe wrong but though corruption at the bureaucratic level-including Supreme Court judges-has continued after Janandolan in April 2006, I have heard little of corruption at the ministerial level i.e. by ministers since that time. Perhaps they did not get the opportunity, perhaps it has not been reported by the media but if indeed the present ministers have abstained from such practices it would be remarkable wouldn’t it?

  4. Mero Desh Avatar
    Mero Desh

    No public comment on matters of cabinet debate.

    what does this mean? the corrupts are running the country and they don’t want any comment from public ?

    We finally have democracy (minister tantra) I guess so ha!!!!

  5. Kirat Avatar

    I think ministers are supposed to keep matters discussed in the cabinet confidential i.e. no leaks to RAW! The press can report on whatever it wants.

  6. Charitrawan Avatar

    Best of luck to the SPA-M government.

    Let’s see how they will work together.

  7. endnote Avatar

    The DEMOCRATIC Terai Mukti Morcha- Democratic Terai liberation front-has finally declared the entire Terai as “Republic Independent Terai State”.

    A press release issued by the DTLF march 28 says that ultimately the Terai has been made a republic through the sacrifices of many precious lives in the past.

    “Our Terai republic would honor all those who have been living in the Terai including the Tharus, the Awadhis, the Mithila and Bhojpuri”, adds the press note signed by Jwala Singh.

    This brings to an end to the colonial rule of the Nepalese in Terai, says the press release.

    The press release declares its phase wise protest programs as follows:

    March 30-April 3: Awareness campaign

    April 4- April 5: Unfurl the JTMM flag

    April 6- April 7: Showing presence in Terai

    April 8- April 9: Lighting candles to mark victory

    April 10: Public Holiday, Public closure

    (30, March 2007)

  8. Charitrawan Avatar

    Kirat and Bhudai,

    Get up and comment on SPAM government.

  9. Kirat Avatar

    Hasn’t been properly formed yet how can we comment? But if Sitaula remains Home Minister expect more of the same in the law and order front. They should give him that Peace MInistry or something like that.

  10. Sarki ko choro Avatar
    Sarki ko choro

    yeh .. yeh .. pigs will fly. Maoists will return looted property.

    Keep on dreaming ..!

  11. sonam Avatar

    Let’s wait and see if the maoists will return captured property and stop collection of money by force.
    Sitaula should not be given the Home Ministry, this should be given to Dr. Ram Baran Yadav.

  12. Wagle's Measure of Success Avatar
    Wagle’s Measure of Success

    Wagle, Have you posted a single article here in this UWB since its inception that is

    1. Not pro-maoist.
    2. Not pro-Girija.
    3. Not anti-madhesi.

    no, no, no.

    You might fool some drunk truck driver by the side of the highway near Chitwan, but listen we are living in a different world now. You are not the only one that knows ABC anymore.

    I am tired of your propaganda. WE are tired of your propaganda. will you please let us know who really recognizes this government?

    Will the US allow an ambassador to the US to be an ex maoist? remember the maoists are still listed in the OFAC list as terrorist group.

    Welcome to the terrorist group mr Girija Tuppi.

    KAAALO ACHHHERRR bhaisi barabar bhane ko yehi ho saale tuppi Maowadi haru

  13. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    Maoists didn’t even register all their arms and we expect them to follow all these guidelines, return properties and what not. jasko shakti usaiko bhakti. You can’t teach new tricks to an old dog. As long as Girija is there there is some hope. Once he is out these people are going to forget about the CA election and fight among themselves over ministries and political appointments while Terai will burn in flames. Mark my words, soon JTMM is going to attack one of Maoists’ cantonments.

  14. Captain Crash Avatar

    Hey that is one positive sign… there was a peace agreement signed b4 the April movement… and that has not been followed properly now another CMP will they follow it? I doubt.

  15. sonam Avatar

    Do we beleive in this govt. to be formed on April Fools day.

  16. mffqahiofm Avatar

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