Buddha Boy Update: Ram Bahadur Bomjon Now Meditating in Pit

28 March: Ram Bahadur Bomjon, popularly known as the “Buddha Boy”, who stole the limelight after spending months in meditation, reportedly without food and water, has been found again, meditating inside a pit dug underground at Ratanpuri recently. Bomjon, who had started meditation under a Pipal tree in the village, had gone missing since March 11, 2006, and again reappeared on December 25 the same year. According to Inspector Rameshwor Yadav of the Area Police Post Nijgadh, Bomjon was inside the bunker-like square ditch of seven feet.

“We call it bunker,” he said, adding, “Although it’s seven feet deep, there is no lack of oxygen inside,” said Yadav, who claimed to have seen him going inside it from close range Monday (Mar 26). A police team, under the command of Yadav, had gone to the place after word of Bomjon being on underground meditation spread in the area. “His face was clean and hair was combed well,” Yadav said. According to him, “the bunker” has been cemented from all sides with roof of tiles. Even as frequent “hide and seek” were continuing, some locals recently spotted him in the local forest on 9th March. After his mysterious disappearance last year, his “disciples” had claimed that he had gone in search of a peaceful place for the purpose, as thousands of curious people began visiting him daily then. However, a few others had even termed it a ploy of his followers to earn popularity and money.

Indra Lama, a local, who has been deployed as caretaker for him since he began meditation, said the “bunker” was prepared as per Bomjon’s order. “After granting audience a week ago, he expressed his desire to meditate inside the ground; so we built it,” he said.By Upendra Lamichhane

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54 thoughts on “Buddha Boy Update: Ram Bahadur Bomjon Now Meditating in Pit

  1. I think his “disciples” are really obstructing the Buddha Boy to get what he wants to get. I mean why not leave him on his own and let him meditate freely and without any disturbances. His so called “disciples” are trying to exploit his fame.

  2. Keep it up Bomjon. The whole world is with you and is closely watching you. You must get successful in your mission to get Bodhisattwa. Cheers!

  3. His life is in danger with the way things are being handled now. They’ve got figure out a way to let him do what he needs to, but not interject. Provide security, but at a greater distance. But as someone above said, the followers purposes seem less interested in his spiritual pursuit than their earthly ones.

  4. “has been found again”

    He was not lost to begin with, so he cannot have been “found.” Leave him alone. If he wants to meditate, let him meditate in peace. At least he’s not guilty of preaching and proselytizing like the fakirs, babas and godmen who manipulate the minds of so many people in the subcontinent.

  5. I wonder why people are disturbing him. Let him meditate so that he can become a Buddha and bring peace to the whole world. His meditation is for the benefit and well being of the humankind. The birth of the Buddhas are rare in this world.

  6. i think, people are after Mr Bomjon to find whether he can live without food and water. and may be some want to meet him to get blessings. for us these two things are unusual.

  7. I feel that people are trying to be over protective and not realising that a person who can meditate like this would have energy enough to take care of one’s self. Also with all the mumbo jumbo happening using the monk as a tool is purely commercial.

    Man Please leave him alone and let him achieve his goal. And let’s not call him a reincarnation till the time he feels there is a reason. He maybe reincarnation of Buddha or anybody like we all are reincarnations of some spirit somewhere. But what should matter is that he is on a mission and he should be left alone.

    Give him a break from the commercial jing bang which is happening around him.

    New Delhi

  8. Please…Leave Him Alone…Let Him Meditate …

    Let’s give him Six years as he asked…

    Though the Only thinG that disturbs me is that the claims that he has NOT taken FOOD and water for months and that he is carrying a SWORD!…We’ll these are extremes…Which the Buddha had actually asked us to shun…Why carry a SWORD for Self protection when there are other tools!…Buddha asked us to follow middle path…Why is he practisinG extremes..No food or water…(if he is–NOBODY knows the Truth)..Only time will TELL!


    I BeG to the World NOT! to disturb him in his pursuit!…

    Let’s see if we have a Future Buddha Here…Maitreya (((Maybe)))

    If he is THEN it’s a Fantastic BlessinG for all of us…BeinG born in same Age…Just waiting for the year 2012!

  9. I do not think that anyone with a deep meditation can be disturbed. No matter how much sound or light or whatever. Secondly why fear the death and carry a sword in hand to proctect oneself when acheiving the salvation is itself not caring for this body.
    I like the story by Ram Bahadur Bomjon but I doubt.
    If someone is so scared of death why not practise meditation at home where no one knows about it and no one is to disturb or kill.
    If twice snake bite did not kill him then what can even touch him. No need of any voilance in path to buddha. Those who do false things to make money will suffer for their act.
    I do meditation and it is so different experience. Who is scared of being killed when in meditation you do not even know you exist or not.

  10. i feel strongly that Ram Bahadur Bomjon is giving hope to people around the world that he is on the way to god hood.the minds of people is that they only think of themself, i dont blame people because in a would that has noting but hate and hate related concepts.
    so meny people would want to be free from this sick world.i believe that Ram Bahadur Bomjon is leaving a legesy as a hero.Ram Bahadur Bomjon is no buddha but wanting to find salvation through buddha.As maha avathar babaji said everyone is god its just realising the inner power in oneself that will release the mind to the truth.

    i pray for u Ram Bahadur Bomjon

    i hope to meet u at the end.

    geevaraj athamanathan

  11. why doesn’t he make the move to a monastary or a temple where he won’t be disturbed?

  12. Peace,

    The Ego is threatened by him, Find peace in your mind and you will offer peace to the world. And you will bring Peace to the minds of your brothers, and the pilgrims who are your brothers will be at Peace, Ram Bahadur Bomjon will offer Peace as spirit, “To have is to give, to all”

    When all the Ego has to offer is attack, Defenselessness is where Peace is found.


    Thank you

  13. I wonder why the nepalese buddha to be / bomjon did not enter into a monastery to continue his 6 yr. meditation. I am sure that in the confines of a buddhist monastery or temple he will be more at peace and the monks can also ensure that he be not disturbed by the outside world.

    Can his family members or the council responsible for him or anyone address this question?


  14. Ram Bahadoor Bomjon is Humanbeing, We all should wish him to achieve
    his goal final after Six years with eternal energy , security, health, Courage to find real peace for the world. I believe , I always pray for god to lookafter him from any disturbance. Public and Media should not disturb this meadiation.
    That is why he is moving to interior jungle to looking for pure silence environment and without looking any humanbeings. Until fully enlighetment achived.
    All humanbeings should pray for any living god to secure his courage and health and energy to achive his goal. I am planning to see him later stage.
    my email Karun125@yahoo.co.uk

  15. A good thing the pit he ordered for the meditation was big enough and with air to breathe, samadhi is dangerous, the Jain gurus they in the past used to take bhu samadhi which meant entering a pit – obviously underground and then the pit was sealed from outside and the fellows met their end in the pits, Samadhi. Mr. Bomjan isn’t that foolish it seems and just practising meditation, he should be allowed to that, there are proven benefits of meditation, health benefits and psychological benefits.
    i just hope he doesn’t become like the countless modern gurus that you find in India, these fellows are good at duping people and making all the world appear asses, donkeys. Anyhow their trade is booming, they are motivational speakers, healers, physical exercise expets, yoga experts and what not, cheats, thugs, rapists, conduits, agents for communal groups, fund raisers for communal orgs, like RSS, VHP , financiers for riots and killings like that happened in Gujarat, recruitment agents for communal groups, goons missionaries for enslaving Tribals and Dalits, like Ashraram Bapu in Jhabua. So these fellows are multiplying.
    Let Bomjan be different, he is Buddhist and surely would be different from other gurus, he would follow the teachings of the Buddha.
    Jai Bhim!

  16. He is fake, and is lying too. How can anyone survive without food and water for so long.

  17. my heart tells me he is for real, may creator bless u in every way to achieve enlightenment dear brother ram

  18. tikaram..you are thinking coz you cant live without food and you have seen people cant live without it but there are so many things in this world which is beyond your mind..you are taking it generally but you forgot the truth and some devine powers. Try to come across of it and you will get the answer

  19. tikaram..you are thinking coz you cant live without food and you have seen people cant live without it but there are so many things in this world which is beyond your mind..you are taking it generally but you forgot the truth and some devine powers. Try to come across of it and you will get the answer

  20. He seems to be learning about life, and when people surround him, question him, blah blah blah he then might learn from them and about them also. Truth is, we have all missed the mark and know not of any enlightened beings on the earth. Finaly one apears with the direction and is going with it, and it seems that we want to cling to him as if he were the last source of food on the planet. He is the example, he is not clinging to anyone else, so why should we. If he has anything to say, we will certainly hear it. Bla bla bla. Perhaps we should find our own truths as he is doing, and leave him alone.

  21. He is just a boy, albeit gifted. My heart goes out to him on his chosen path.

  22. A message of peace to the world

    Murder, violence, greed, anger and temptation has made the human world a desperate place. A terrible storm has descended upon the human world, and this is carrying the world towards destruction. There is only one way to save the world and that is through ‘dharma” (religious practice.) When one doesn’t walk the righteous path of religious practice, this desperate world will surely be destroyed. Therefore, follow the path of religion and spread this message to your fellows. Never put obstacles, anger and disbelief in the way of my meditation’s mission. I am only showing you the way; you must seek it on your own. What I will be, what I will do, the coming days will reveal. Human salvation, the salvation of all living beings, and peace in the world are my goal and my path. “Namo Buddha sangaya, namo sangaya.” I am contemplating on the release of this chaotic world from the ocean of emotion, on our detachment from anger and temptation, without straying from the path for even a moment, I am renouncing my own attachment to my life and my home forever, I am working to save all living beings. But in this undisciplined world, my life’s practice is reduced to mere entertainment.
    The practice and devotion of many Buddhas is directed at the world’s betterment and happiness. It is essential but very difficult to understand that practice and devotion. But though it is easy to lead this ignorant existence, human beings don’t understand that one day we must leave this uncertain world and go with the Lord of Death. Our long attachments with friends and family will dissolve into nothingness. We have to leave behind the
    wealth and property we have accumulated. What’s the use of my happiness, when those who have loved me from the beginning, my mother, father, brothers, relatives are all unhappy. Therefore, to rescue all sentient beings, I have to be Buddha-mind, and emerge from my underground cave to do “vajra” meditation. To do this I have to realize the right path and knowledge, so do not disturb my practice. My practice detaches me from my body, my soul and this existence. In this situation there will be 72 goddess Kalis. Different gods will be present, along with the sounds of thunder and of “tangur ,” and all the celestial gods and goddesses will be doing “puja” (worship.) So until I have sent a message, do not come here, and please explain this to others. Spread religious knowledge and religious messages throughout the world. Spread the message of world peace to all. Seek a righteous path and wisdom will be yours.



  23. He is guided and evolving towards enlightenment, to meet an event coming around 2012. It is the most critical junture in the history of mankind. Every human being in Nepal should try his/her best not to seek him until his mission is accomplished. When he is done, be will come out and guide us all.
    Give him the time and pray quietly.

  24. We need slavation!! Buddhism has been destoryed in our Country Myanmar , many Sons of Buddha , monks are killed Brutally by Myanmar Goverment . They Raid into Monestaries and capture the monks . They have killed lead monks with many brutal way. Please , We are awaiting your enlightment Ram Bahadur , Only ur enlightenment will be able to show ‘Dammah’ to Myanmar Country Leaders , and Save our buddishim and country .

    Myanmar , Thai , Nepal , Srilankar only only country which is left with Theravāda Buddisim , which is the true buddha’s Damma .

    As your Message of peace says , ‘Murder, violence, greed, anger and temptation by our goverment has made Myanmar Country and Myanmar Buddsim ‘ close to be destroyed. And these are the signs thats showing a new buddha need to be born . Or our country and buddisim will be destroyed totally.

  25. I agree with what other people are saying. Why can’t they leave the boy alone to meditate. Why are “his” disciples disturbing him by showing him off to the media.

  26. I’ve been to Nepal. It is a beautiful country with beautiful people. They are full of love, peace and humility. I wish you love, Bomjon. You are truly a special being. I am thinking of you and all peaceful souls all over our unique planet. Om Mani Padme Hum.

  27. His message speaks it all. A Buddha is going to be born soon. As Nobel Laureate Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore said, to make the earth spotless. I bow to Ram Bahadur Bomjon, the Buddha of our time.

    As I am a Buddhist and from Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh, I know a few things about Buddhism. Here in CHT, there is an Arhant Bhikkhu, who is called Bana Bhante. He has meditated in jeep jungles of CHT for many years. He now lives in Rangamati town. Please, come and visit the Great Bana Bhante, the Light of Chittagong Hill Tracts.

    Buddha was also an Arhant.

  28. Hooray for Angela, and hooray for Ram! He’s reaching us loud and clear. Any of you who are reading this: come and join us at Ram Bomjon’s Google group. We have wonderful people with similar interests.

  29. what is wrong with you people,this is a kid,a kid starving for attention.all of you talk foolish,i will bow to you,you are the real buhdda,he has come here to save us-whatever .just because someone does one or two amazing things,doesn’t make him worthy enuff for me to bow down to him,and for all of you that would,you are weak,you are the type of people that put there problems off on other people,in hopes that they will be fixed,and you don’t need to worry about them any more,simply put,your insecure with yourself and your life.we will see what will happen when this little punk comes forward at the end of his meditation(if he lives that long).and all of you that have read this,will sit back and say damn that reply that i read on that website was dead on,i wasted my life,and for what,this little kid that sat around for 6yrs,and now he has nothing for us,what a waste……….

  30. Many strange things happen in our world.
    Our cultured society shoud not disturb one’s own meditation.
    If there is disturbance and no free meditation he cannot get enlightment. Please pay due regard to the human environment.
    Fake and real will prove by itself one day.
    Let us be patient ,wait and see.

  31. Buddha boy told tht he will be meditating for 6 years . And only thn he will reappear , So i can say tht this person in the photo might not be the real buddha boy.

  32. There is a special stone containing shilajit that yogis can place under their tongues and live off the minerals in the stone as they meditate. Besides, as you meditate you acquire siddhis.

  33. seria tudo mais fácil de perceber se não criassem tantas manobras de diversão,sejam claros….

  34. I believe he is very real in his meditation. let him be free to do it in piece and quiet. Im praying for him,love to you ram . through jesus i pray. god bless you

  35. In Hindu and maybe Buddhist mythology, when great yogis meditated there were constant distrurbances by devils, some in the form of very beautiful upsaras (fairies), trying to distrub his meditation. ( my source: teleserials of ramayan and mahabharat) I think in this day and age the people who are disturbing him are the devils. Or maybe the devilish part in them makes them anxious to know, to poke to question. I pray he excels dispite all the disturbances.

  36. I guess he is having lots of fun by fooling the people. Only thing he does is creating media attention.

  37. I’m just confused for this meditator Bomjan given title as Boudha boy by media persons for what reasons? Did they explain us before they are given such titles to him as Boudha they have analyse the philosophy of great Gautama Boudha and his principles and teaching that of Bomjan? How could our media person is unknown for the simple explations and truth. It is written in the story that Boudha is mediating in the tree underneath for month without food and water but he didnot get any knowledge of wisdom but atlast one women given him some food to eat then he try to meditate he was enlighten weith knowledge of wisdom. Then he said one cannot get knowledge in empty stomach, Does this mean something familiar to This so called boudha boy? What we expect from this level do some of this writers still think Nepalese are still dumb enough to know real truth and they are unnecessary make some person without any true reasons to limelight or given such a respectable titles of our country reknown for his teaching around the world for baseless topics? I see no reason for this this boy to consider with lord Gautama Boudha, Maybe he try to prove something but still his way are far different than him? Please analyse the real fact before given such a title.

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