‘MPRF Hired Professional Killers in Gaur’

Dr Mathura Shrestha, a prominent human rights activist, visited Gaur a day after the carnage, in which 28 persons died. Dr Shrestha served as Health Minister in the post-1990 interim government. He attended a meeting of MPRF in Delhi and met also Chief of Janatantrik Mukti Morcha, Jaya Krishan Goit, a couple of times. Dr Shrestha out-rightly rejects Prachanda’s view of outlawing MPRF. He suggests that addressing the Madhesi problems and implementing the decisions taken by the SPA plus Maoists, thus far, help restore peace and democracy in this country. Dr Shrestha shares his opinion and recounts eyewitnesses’ count on the Gaur carnage with Puran P Bista and Ghanashyam Ojha of the Kathmandu Post.

Q: How do you recount the gory incident of Gaur after your recent visit?

Dr Mathura Shrestha: Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) had made an announcement through mikes five days ago for holding a public meeting in Gaur at 11 pm on last Wednesday. Madhesi Mukti Morcha (MMM) set up the stage for the carnage after it, too, decided to hold the public meeting on the same ground at the same time on the same day.

The locals feared of something. As a result, president Deo Padayar Gupta of Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Rautahat branch, invited the MPRF and MMM cadres to attend the meeting on Wednesday morning at around 8:00 am.

But none of them attended the meeting. At around 10 am, rallies of both the parties began. Some of the participants in the rallies had come from adjoining VDCs. The rallies, organized by both the parties, met near the district court. The participants in the rallies waved, clapped their hands and welcomed each other’s rally, showing an understanding on the holding of Wednesday’s public meeting. The locals took this incident as a good gesture that MPRF would hold its meeting first, and then MMM would do so, on the same ground but at different time. Then, the Maoist rally passed through Gaur, while MPRF’s rally converted into a public meeting at the Rice Mill ground.

The ground is near the district court. First, the MPRF cadres dismantled the MMM stage built for the public meeting. A few MMM cadres present there were beaten up. These MMM cadres left the ground to inform their leaders of the incident. Chairing MPRF’s meeting was Ram Prasad Biswas. No sooner had Biswas taken his chair as a chief guest, than the MMM cadres entered the field and began to disrupt MPRF’s meeting. Then, from the southern and western sides, some people fired shots at MMM cadres. Later, some MPRF cadres fired from within the stage at MMM cadres.

According to eye witnesses, MPRF cadres used socket bombs and small fire arms, besides sharp weapons and cleft bamboo sticks. I think MPRF had hired notorious higher killers.

Q: How can you claim so when you were not present there?

Dr Shrestha: Within two minutes, over a dozen MMM cadres were killed. Then, the MPRF-hired professional killers chased the MMM cadres. Some of the MMM cadres not acquainted with Gaur entered into nearby houses for safety. They were dragged out of these houses and killed. Some of the MMM cadres were chased as far as eight kilometers and killed. Some of the dead bodies were buried in a water canal.

I was told by eyewitnesses that eight of the killers were local Nepalis and 25 others were Indians. The three locals are Balru, Hafij Mukhiya and Binda Hasin Sahani. The eyewitnesses recounted that “the police force could do nothing”. But local police contradicted this statement saying that “they blank-fired to stop the killings”. Some local people even claimed that Upendra Yadav was staying at the house next to Dr Tayab and the superintendent of police escorted him up to Barganiya near Nepal-India border.

What was heinous was that five of the women were raped in public. Two people caught their legs and other MPRF cadres raped them in public. Later their breasts were chopped off and burnt to deface their identity. Gagan Singh, Bhusan Singh, Baban and Guddu Jha were involved in raping and chopping-off-activities. Two local Muslim girls were taken away and their whereabouts are still unknown.

Q: Are these rapists local or Indian criminals?

Dr Shrestha: They should be local people because the local residents knew them well and everyone could pronounce their names clearly. Twelve of the MMM cadres were killed at Hajmonia, some 12 kilometers away from Gaur. They included three women and nine men.

Q: According to your assessment, what was the police force doing at that time?

Dr Shrestha: Police could do nothing when government offices were set on fire by the MPRF cadres some weeks ago. The police force has been unable to wipe the sign boards written Madesh Sarkar in government offices. What can you expect from them?

Secondly, you must understand that King Gynendra conducted municipality polls. All the political parties boycotted the polls except Kamal Thapa’s. And you must have learnt that the highest turn out in the country was at Gaur – almost 72 percent of the voters cast their votes in Gaur municipality polls. And Kamal Thapa’s candidate got 92 percent of the votes polled. Now you can think of the situation there. Recently, all the government offices have been set on fire. By whom?

A girl of late 20s raised a question. She asked me, “Dr Sahab, is political change meant for criminals or the people?” I was shocked to hear such a question from a girl who I think was forced to leave her studies. Then, I asked a few more questions. Her response was: “there is none who supports MPRF at Gaur and I do not know other places. But whatever MPRF wants, it happens here. We can do nothing in the presence of MPRF because of criminalization of politics, culture and religion”.

Until the restoration of democracy 1990, there had been a mafia group operating in Gaur. This mafia used to smuggle hashish, gold and idols, and traffic women. But the restoration of democracy led to an emergence of another mafia group. This group killed the leader of the Panchayat mafia in Janakpur. The locals say that the democratic parties have given this mafia group a political protection. Whenever they are arrested, the parties ask the police force to release them. The NC, UML and other political cadres feed and pay them. During the early 1990s, there had been clashes between these two mafia groups. Today, they have joined their hands and the dacoits across the border have also been working in tandem with these two mafia groups.

So, it looks that these groups have been very active in Gaur and its adjoining districts. The locals say that MPRF is a mere mask. These two mafia groups are active in the name of MPRF. Even human rights activists cannot release any report on these mafia leaders as they threaten to kill them.

Q: How could these mafias be hired by MPRF to the extent of butchering so many MMM cadres?

Dr Shrestha: MPRF hired professional killers. They paid them money. Eight of them were Nepali criminals and over 25 were Indian professional killers. I am talking about only those who fired gunshots. Today, the cost to hire the professional killer groups comes to 15 million rupees.

These killers are used during the elections in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh states also. You do not have to campaign if you pay 15 million rupees to these professional killers. You win the elections. I was shocked to hear such stories from a girl who was forced to leave her studies by these local mafias.

I was further told that a girl cannot get married to a man of her or her family’s choice in Gaur. These mafias come and ask the girl to get married to their choice. If she refuses, she is threatened to be taken to a nearby mango tree and raped to be left a prostitute. Such incidents are common in Gaur. These mafias have been very active since King Gyanendra’s regime conducted municipal elections. Now they are being used by MPRF.

These are the tips of the iceberg. In fact Gaur is ruled by criminals and the SPA government, until recently, considered them its allies. Apart from eight Nepalis and 25 Indian professional killers, some MPRF cadres hit with cleft bamboo sticks. Each MMM cadre killed and injured had deep cuts in their heads. You see a cleft bamboo stick is as sharp as khukuri. And you can’t survive if you are hit with a cleft bamboo stick on your head. They used other sharp weapons too. All the hospitalized had head injuries. One MMM cadre, who left the hospital after a doctor advised her to leave, was later caught and hit by a cleft bamboo stick. Now that girl is on her death bed. I was shocked to learn that MPRF hired professional killers to kill unarmed MMM cadres.

Q: Whom do you blame for the carnage?

Dr Shrestha: What I have been advocating for the past several months is that we should not have opposed MPRF-organized protest programs. The main reason that let the Maoists oppose the MPRF organized protest movement is that the SPA gave up its stance on addressing the Madhesi problems. First, the SPA gave up its stance on federalism in the interim constitution. Second, it gave up its stance on proportional representation. Third, it raised the issue of public opinion and later it gave it up. All this disappointed the Madhesis and other ethnic groups in the hill and mountain.

Now we must realize that democracy did generate hope but doubts are undermining our hope for democracy. I see this is the emergence of people’s resentment. It is there in Madhes, hill and mountain. The movement in Madhes was not started by MPRF but by Nepal Sadhbhawana Party (Anandi Devi). MPRF shot into the fame only.

I agree there are politicians in MPRF. I met Upendra Yadav personally and informed him of SPA’s stance on the demands. I advised him to give up the political demands since the SPA government was preparing to address his demands. Secondly, I told him to use peace as a weapon to raise the demands. His response was “we have been put behind bars, now all our cadres are out of our control”, adding that “it will be a peaceful movement.” He had assured me that he would even hold talks with the janjati groups, which he did not do so. Let us not talk of him now. He is not the right kind of politician. He was just a village level leader though he may claim himself a national leader.

Second, the primary concern is that the second revolt (April uprising, even if you call it a people’s movement) brought the eight parties into a single platform. If these leaders of eight parties continue with leg-pulling politics, then the Gaur carnage is the beginning. These leaders take decisions but fail to implement them. What is the reason behind the failure to implement or delay in implementing and blaming one another? This is not the way of playing politics.

Q: But the SPA continues to insist on arms registration before the formation of eight-party government. Isn’t it?

Dr Shrestha: Arms registration is not a big deal, nor is it the problem. The Nepali Congress did raise arms against the establishment, not once but twice. If we add the incident of Okhaldhunga, it raised arms thrice. When the NC reached an agreement with the then government, it did not surrender all the weapons; so did the Marxists after the Jhapa killing. The Marxist and NC did not surrender all the weapons they had in their possession.

So, history clearly tells us that registration of weapons is not the primary concern. The Maoists have agreed to join mainstream politics. Why can’t the SPA be accommodative now? The Gaur carnage is an outcome of Maoist pride and the anarchy let loose in the country. There are several counter-Maoist groups unleashing anarchy. Unless the eight parties come together and build trust among themselves, the country will continue to reel under violence.

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63 thoughts on “‘MPRF Hired Professional Killers in Gaur’

  1. Dr Mathur Shrestha a big clap. What a detail account of Gaur.

    Do you have any account of , How 38 people was killed in madhesi movement ?

    You can’t have, because. All (NC, UML, Maoist, Royal) will conspire to put madhesi out of the show. Blacklist SPA, who was mum in Lahan. Black list Maoist who killed Ramesh Mahto. Black list Royal, who is taking namefame, by saying madhesi is for their support, without any visible support to madhesi in last 50 years. Black list SPA, who killed 38 people in madhesi movement.

    Dr Mathur Shrestha a big clap, you also joined the bandwagon of some pahari elite ruler, who believe in making noise, but no solution, who empowering madhesi is issue.

  2. This clearly is a very biased account of the incident. Dr. himself acknowledges that he was not an eyewitness to the incident and he gathered these information from reliable sources. However, we know how reliable relable sources are in Nepal. These so called civil society workers are the most responsible of them all crooks fro this situate in Nepal. I am sure dr. will be awarded with a medal of honor from the maoists

  3. I know Dr. Shrestha quite well. He’s a nice fellow, intelligent, but he should know better than to inflame passions at this delicate hour.

  4. These are the tips of the iceberg. In fact Gaur is ruled by criminals and the SPA government, until recently, considered them its allies.

    The main reason that let the Maoists oppose the MPRF organized protest movement is that the SPA gave up its stance on addressing the Madhesi problems.

    Good Dr. You diagnosed the diesease. Big Clap for Doctor.

    – First, the SPA gave up its stance on federalism in the interim constitution.
    – Second, it gave up its stance on proportional representation.
    – Third, it raised the issue of public opinion and later it gave it up.

    All this disappointed the Madhesis and other ethnic groups in the hill and mountain.

    Great visionary statement. But a mear lip service. Keep up the leap service. It has been only 55 year (Since 2007 BS). Poor Terai Congress, forgotten for visionary statements.

    history clearly tells us that registration of weapons is not the primary concern . The Maoists have agreed to join mainstream politics. Why can’t the SPA be accommodative now?

    Oh… my god, where you where Dr. you sould be in UN peace keeping team. What a nice peaceful solution.

    Clap once more.. clap clap

  5. The So-Called ‘Civil Society Leaders’ are a bunch of con men. but Thanks for printing the Gory Details. It made quite a Pleasant Read for Me.
    Thok Maobadi Lai!

  6. I agree with manan that the dr. needs to be a little more careful. It is not the job of civil societies to be declaring verdicts in public. If they have found something prepare a report and submitt it to the government. They should not make statements like these in public even if they were neutral. These are a bunch of idiots just like the officials in the UN.

  7. Hi Dr Mathura,
    I strongly condem the incident that happened in Gaur and at the same time I am really disappointed with your on-sight observations and explanations there after.How did you conclude that Gaur is ruled by mafias? I have spent almost 20 years over there and couldn’t see any such incident which can prove your findings true? there could be some incidents that might have happened because of tussles among mafias in gaur but I strongly denounce this that Gaur has been ruled by them.

  8. How come Dr. Shrestha as a civil society called their mass meeting as ruled by mafia like as said by Prachanda? I see their is some logic behind their anger although whole incident wasvery sad. Their presence in the beuraucrats and even in the parliament is not match their population. None of them are CDO in 75 districts. Their presence in the security force is very nominal. Although SPA mentioned themselves as the representative of people ever since 2007 but they are being neglecting eventhough they represent the 48% of the population. Ethnic crisis is “do not touch” issues, it will definately bring civil war if it is not handled properly. The clear picture of African countries potrays the reality than imagination of SPAM. More the government try to supress them more the fire will definately ignite whatever the name the government and their sister organizations try to give for their conveniences. So, it is wise if the government formed the commission to look starting from Nepalganj incident to Gaur without bias.

  9. (Dr. Shrestha has been mispelt in the beginning! (Hadn’t I seen “Mathura” below, I would not read this entry…) Correction garney ho ki? 😛 )

    Professional killers hired! May be.

    But what’s the basis of the claim, if not blame. Just speculation or Dr. Shrestha has got some solid proof?

    It’s not hidden that leaders of the Madhesi Forum who have come to the public have nexus with Indian “bahubali” politicos and extremist oufits. But who knows, our neighbour is behind the carnage!

    And, there are some leaders in seven parties too who have played a dubitable role in the recent days.

    Take example of Gachhedar. Can one believe now that his ferocious speech in the HoR before it transformed into Vyawasthapika Sansad on Magh 1, mere speculation?

    There was some preparation from the very beginning to destabilise the nation again.

    The Gaur incident is the tip of the iceberg. There is something very horrendous in stock.

    Insurgency is now over. But the neighbour in the south, has decided to deploy Border Security Forces……. Why?

    The SPA and Maoists who only see the Durbar as foe are being dodged by some other quarters too. The SpaM too is being used as trojan horse to breakaway the unity of the country.

    It’s high time they realised who benefits the most from the instability of the country.


    UWB: It’s been corrected. Thanks!

  10. MPRF might have hired professional killers but the maoists are themselves professional killers. How does this dr know that the 25 of the attackers are indian? Maybe they came from other parts of Nepal? How can this dr. or his beloved eyewitness confirm that the 25 of them were indians or did the eyewitness check their citizenship cards as well?

  11. It is a same for maoist army they could not even take action to the professional killer. These guys cannot save their own people from outside people, how will they save ALL NEPALESE? It is a SAME maoist… You want to rule people with fear now face what is fear…

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  13. Prachanda also hires professional killers all the time to kill poor village teachers and children

  14. I had this feeling that Mathura is a wise man but now I see he is such a idiot who is total bias. Why don’t he blame maoist for igniting the forum people. Aren’t they the one who is too be blamed because they still think Nepl as their property and who ever has different ideology is their enemy. They want to be the police of the society and time to time they have been doing this types of killings in different parts of Nepal. So when their own people is killed then they see crime. Hey so called civil societies don’t open your shit eating mouth anymore. We have had enough of your judgements. You people first come to the floor giving up those big consultancy fees and then you will see the truth.

    Why are you silent about the killing of Mukti adhikari, Why are you silent on the people killed by maoist by burning bus, why are you silent when journalist karki is murdered, why are you silent when ganesh was killed. It only matters when you see military killings because it brings more money to you by writing report on military. People killed by maoist doesn’t hold any monetary value reports.

    You people complain of raping women in Gaur but here you are raping your own mother by being too hypocrats and holding double standards. You are taking this situation as a money making season.

    There is no any words that describes people like Mathura, running behind money. In few days you will see big reports submitted to some Human Right Organizations and making money. You are worst then the political parties. Wolf hidden in sheep’s skin.

  15. Dr. Shrestha, it was the maoists, who went looking for a fight. Why did they have to go for a mass meeting at the same ground.
    The maoists beleive they only have the right to hold mass meetings and in Gaur, they were proven wrong by the Forum. Well the maoists should know that two can play the same game. The forum is using guns to control the maoists, since the maoists only understand the language of guns.
    As for professional killers, it was the maoists who trained the Forum.

  16. India created the Maoists. Now, the utility of the Maoists to India is over. Upendra Yadav is more useful to India than Maoists. THis is the fact of the matter.

  17. =========>>>>
    Hired are interviewee and interviewer. I am sure you got pretty good amount of money to sell all of your remaining morality. But remember such propaganda messages is just making you naked.

    And readers are not that intellectually-devoid that you will shout and they will care. Save this message, and look after 10 years, and you will see what level of racism you have shown.

    Thank you very much.

  18. The bottom line is the attitude of us Nepalese. We are not accomodative and so far don’t have visonary Leaders to come up with solution.

    Nepal Hardly existed pre Prithivi Narayan shah era, infact it was a piece here and there, it was good start in the begining with his the famous quotes to bring these pieces with in his belt ” Char jaat and Chattish Barna,” but the cast system was to blame for everything from then on.

    Can one label human in different grade and at the same time say we are equal, may be it was alright in those eras but it didn’t in the last few deacades.

    Have had leader realized this thing earlier, probably once of peaceful country would not had to pass though these horrible scenario, Haven’t we have enough of these?

    The Rana regime and uprising against it, the democratic uprising in 90’s, the moaist movement, Janandolan II, now Madhesi uprising and I think it would not just stop there if we are to sidelines the Janajatis and dalits.

    In last 50 years, Just to earn democracy Nepal had to go through 3 big movement, ie; we have not had good enough show from the leaders. Every time it was their greed to retain the power and sweeping the others at the bay.
    We still are running with the inefficient leader at the top, why is he inefficient? You can see it, he wants everything for his clan not caring for the rest.

    I Strongly condemn the Gaur incident and once again voice against the use of force to solve the indifference.

    Come on, we don’t want to repeat history again. It is the right time to give them what history had unjustly made them deprived off.

  19. I totally agree with Gante. Before maoists entered Kathmandu valley, there was no armed dacoity. Stupid Habaldar of Kukur Prachanda, Krishna Sitaula allowed criminal maoists to enter Kathmandu valley with arms. Consequently, that has led to armed robbery almost everyday in Kathmandu. Just imagine what the current situation would be if some maoist thug is made home minister.

    If I am right in my prediction, the act of killing of maoists will continue in terai in future. As a result, the maoists will be eventually chased away from the terai. Prachande, your dream of becoming head of the goverment of Nepal will never be materialized. Even so called Dr. Baburam lacks vision because he is a stupid Indian Ph.D.

  20. Who is this dude Dr. Shrestha? Any Joe blow that you find on the street gives his opinion about the incident and we r going to believe it. Kantipur should know better than that and so should u wagle, although I know how desperate you must be to show that this was a”regressive force” once again.

  21. “After the Maoists cadres beat up some women who were fetching grass for their livestock (in village Hajminia), they yelled for help- and some MPRF activists who were passing by heard their voices. The MPRF activists then came to the place, and took the Maoists cadres under their control. They took them to the nearby temple- BodhiDevi Temple- and killed them,” a local said to BBC Nepali Service correspondent Brij Kumar Yadav. Altogether, 12 Maoists cadres were killed at the temple premises- out of a total of at least 28 people including Maoists cadres.

  22. However, MPRF has denied taking the responsibility of the tragedy. MPRF General Secretary, Ram Kumar Sharma, talked with BBC Nepali Service and defended his party and gave some light into the details about the incident. He went on to say that MPRF will take the responsibility if found guilty by a high level international human rights commission investigation into the Gaur killings.

    “The Maoists-affiliated Madhesi Mukti Morcha led by Prabhu Shashtri tried to attack some twenty-five thousands people who were participating in our mass meeting. They tried to foil the program.”

    “Our program was scheduled to be held there, and we had informed people about it a week ago. But they went on to call another meeting at the same place- that too on the same day but they announced their program just a day before our meeting was going to take place- I call this drama- to make our program unsuccessful.”

  23. “However, there were only 200-300 Maoists cadres who under the leadership of Shastri attacked us. Our 20-25 thousands people retaliated and the incident took place.”

    “It should be taken into account that only Maoists have not sustained casualties. Our speaker … Patelji was also injured and so many other people have also received injuries. But due to the large number of people retaliating against a handful number of Maoists cadres- the casualties on their side was high.”

    “We have also recorded a video of the incident. You can also watch Nepal Television- the women brought by Shastri attacked us all by sudden. There were also Indian media persons.”

    “We are ready to take the responsibility of the incident if we are found guilty by an independent probe led by a high level international human rights commission into the killings.”

  24. I may be wrong in my prediction, but I think the probability of murder of maoist people like Prachanda, his son Prakash, baburam, Dev gurung, etc within six months is very very high unless these people stay inside their house.

  25. I think Dr. Shrestha has more credibility than those of us who are using pseudonyms here.

    Dr. Shresthan is a trained physician, he can decipher the cause of death and nature of wounds more than anyone else on this blog. Yes, his graphic descriptions are hard to digest, makes us feel uneasy to read and visualize the nature of the crime. He is a trained medical doctor not savvy politician or businessman to tone down his description and facts. How else one to describe the raping of helpless girls on an open field, cutting off their breast and dismembering their body parts.

    Dr. Shresthan is a member of the society and a trained physician and he has the responsibility to share his find to the people; he has the right to speak freely in an open society.

    Those of you who providing excuse and condoning this kind of crime against women are sick, and don’t even know it. Those victims could be your neighbor or relative or your own kin. How would you like to have your sister’s breast slashed and burned just because they happened to be wrong place at a wrong time and happened to associate with the wrong crow? We should all be outraged against this kind of violence and crime,

    My friends, its not time for revenge, its time to reconcile and make peace. If we take the path of revenge, it will never end. Let’s learn from Tamil Tigers, 30 years of paradise lost, still fighting, Shining path in Peru, still fighting and getting nowhere. At least in Nepal we have a chance to for peace.

  26. The “Madeshi Incident” in Gaur is only the begining of an end to the “Red Corridor” attempt of the Maoists of both India and Nepal. Look at it from a different level and perspective and you will understand the reasons.


  27. Criminals used rape as a weapon in Gaur carnage, says a report

    Following the field investigations by the women rights activists in Gaur, they have reached conclusion that the carnage (of March 21) was effected by criminals who even used rape as a weapon.

    The nine activists of Shanti Mallika including Sharada Pokharel, Shobha Gautam, Kalyani Shah, among others, had conducted field investigations for three days in the Gaur area.

    At a press meet organised on Monday to make their findings public, the activists said the tragic incident occurred due to communal and revenge feeling spread by the Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF) and arrogance by the Maoists.

    The activists informed that three women who were trying to cross the Bagmati river in Pataiya of Hajmaniya village were attacked by criminals who raped and killed them. “They were chased, raped and killed in most barbaric manner. Their bloods were spilled in the local village temple also,” said Sharada Pokharel.

    “The incident showed that women were subjected to worse treatment just because they were women. The dignity of women was violated,” said Pokharel.

    The activists also said that most of those who were killed were killed in an inhuman and barbaric manner – by thrashing with bamboo sticks, extreme torture and rape. Of the 28 who died in the incident, 12 were killed five kilometers away from Gaur in the field of Hajmaniya village where they were stoned and beaten with sticks.

    “The criminals have even used rape as a weapon,” their report concludes. The activists have also condemned the administration for complete inefficiency and inability to prevent and control the incident.

    The activists have also criticised the government for not including women in the committee formed to probe the Gaur incident even though women were subjected to horrendous crime in that incident.

  28. He Krishna Sitaula (Prachande ko Habaldar),

    When are you going to stop robbery in Kathmandu? I know you do not want to control it because it is being done by your malik’s people maoist thugs. If you control it , then your master thug Prachanda will get angry with you.

  29. I’m sure the Good Doctor will present his Evidence on a CD. 🙂

    Guys, remember the crude bombs planted at the homes of two so-called human rights activists. What happened to those Incidents? Were we Supposed to be Fooled in Thinking that Royalists were Planting Pressure Cooker Bombs? I think Prachanda’s endeavor into Comedy started from that Point. From then on , He has Entertained Us with ‘Weapons being swept away’ statement, CD evidence of Royalist Plot against U.S. Nationals and himself, Gaur’s National Martyrs, Blaming Royalists for his wife’s Pregnancy etc. The last one might not be entirely accurate, I suspect.

    Another thing. The Maoist leaders must have known there would be a Violent Confrontation in Gaur as they decided to hold their Rally at the Same Time and Place as MPRF (who had announced their rally 2 weeks in advance). When Maoists showed up in far smaller numbers, the Madhesi Mob Slaughtered them. Do you think the Dead were sent there to Die or get Injured? Just to Get Public Sympathy. It’s not Above the Maoist Leadership to use Janjatis and Poor People this way.

  30. If this dr. is a great physician or a trained one (u know how hard that is to find in Nepal), then why does he not stick to the medical side of the story. The criminal part can be investigated by experts in the respective field. Just because he is a doctor does not make him an honest person. How, can he say that the murderers are Indian or were hired? Or how can he say that the MPRF was in the wrong? Is he saying that the MPRF cadres were involved in the killing and if so how can he claim this?

  31. B… What expertise or credential does you told to question Dr. Shresthan’s assertion on how the crime took place? I am not saying his is right or wrong, but he has the right to express his views. As to why he is not practicing medicine, it’s his life; he can do whatever he wants. Why are you wasting time on the net and not busy harvesting crops? If your choice, isn’t it?

    I believe MPRF should be held responsible for this crime. How can you justify the rape and mutilation of bodies of your fellow human being. B, you probably sympatric to Taria basi’s struggle, nothing wrong with that, many people, especially indiginious people support you, but with this kind of crime, I am afraid your days are numbered.

  32. Waiba,

    You can not express views like that? Here he is represented as an expert. Nowhere is it mentioned that his expressions are his personal views but they are represented as facts by this site. He does not mention anywhere that these are just his personal views. Now, i dont really care why he is not practicing medicine and it does not really interest me. But my point was that since he considers himself a medical expert, he should limit his diagnosis to medicine. If doctors could investigate crimes and investigators could perform surgery, it would have been a different world.

    If you think democracy mean anyone can say anything he or she likes with utter disregards for the consequences suffered by what sorounds us, i have nothing to say. If you are among the ones to say that everyone has the right to block highways to express his or her dissatisfaction against the government and that is what you think democracy is, i have nothing to say. If you think democracy come without responsibilities or obligations, i have nothing to say.

    SO YES YOU ARE RIGHT, DR’S MOUTH BELONGS TO HIMSELF AND HE CAN SAY WHAT EVER HE WANTS. THIS WEBSITE BELONGS TO WAGLE AND HE CAN WRITE WHAT EVER HE WANTS. NEWSPAPERS DO NOT HAVE ANY RESPONSIBILITY AS THEY COULD BE PRIVATE PROPERTIES. Look you are so wise, people with responsible positions have to responsibility towards this society? Dr. says that MPRF hired killers to kill nepali people, and you think that is expressing his point of view? What investigation has been conducted to accuse the mprf? Could it not be the maoists fault altogether? Who decides if MPRF was to be blamed>

    Please read my comments again and read yours too? Maybe you are a maoist sympathiser and think that it is only ok when the non maoists are dying but when maoists die everyone around should be hanged without proper investigation but i think that would be going a bit too far. even with your standard, don’t you think?

  33. waiba,

    You are totally wrong. As being a member of civil society of Nepal (not only of pahadi or particular parties), he should not give the statement like “professional hired to kill” although the incident was very sad but where two sides are equally responsible for the incidents. He should also make responsible to the Home minister for not taking any steps to control it. I am against the brutal killings but that doesnot mean I should have to be totally bias. The problem with Dr. Mathura is he had not raised the single word when Lahan and Nepalganj incident took place. He was silent about the killing of 35 madheshis, although the number was bigger than Janaandolan-2. He was silent when maoist and SPA beaten the other groups and disrupted the mass meetings in several places. As being a member of civil society and human right organization he should also have to make guts to tell the maoist not to interupt the mass meetings intentinally everywhere. If their disrupting behaviour continues and person like Dr. Mathura supprt them, then in future many other incidents are going to occured. It would be wise to let everyone put their agenda infront of people and government should atleast listent it through table talk. It has been confirmed from the analysis of the current situation that more the suppress more the people will raise their arms in future. It is not the case of politics only, it is the case of ethnic problems and which is very much sensitive than other issues.

  34. Oh!!!!
    Isn’t Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal a representative of Gaur? I never heard him talking like Dr. Shrestha. May be it was not MRPF and Professional killer or Kamal Thapa’s man but Mr. Nepal men.

    Haaaaa haaaa, lot of may be’s…., We just forgot, how maobadi’s killed Nepalese. I am pretty sure, the rape must have been commited by Maoist to defame MRPF.

    Come on, lets not forget, some of those maoist present there were ex-terrorist, outlawed several times in last 5-7 years. Well, the outlawed Maoist could snatch gun from Royal Nepalese Army…, just like professional killer…..,

    Dr. Shrestha: too much bull shit…,

  35. He MPRF cadres,

    Well Done! Phod de maoists thugs’s ko tauko and thod de maoists pataki ko ghamanda.

  36. I cant understand why Kantipur thinks this interview is so important that it has to publish everywhere (I saw it few other places) when this old man wasnt even present at the time of the incident. And check out how forcefully he contends what happened and what not when he wasnt even there. I think this is childish and based on loose assumptions. Surely the old man is a Maoist’s mouthpiece.

    Having said which, I wont be surprised if this was infiltrated by prof killers. MJF is a byproduct of Maoists anyway. Both axis of evils.

  37. If we want a peaceful Nepal, the need of the hour is to kill as many maoists thugs as possible within this six months period.

    Thus, it is the responsibility of the MJF cadres to tame these thugs because you guys started this auspicious drive and we will be after you, don’t worry.

  38. Peace-what kind of peace ? Have you guys heard anything peaceful since Maosists came into politics ?
    Is this peace-manhandling people
    Is this peace-looting money from finance companies
    is this peace-people feeling secure in their own homes
    is this peace-politicians not allowed entry into their districts
    is this peace-rallies on a daily basis

    I don’t know what kind of peace you guys are talking about? What peace is there right now in the minds of citizens ? How have things been better since April ?

    More importantly, are you allowed to voice opinion against the Maoist in public without retaliation ? IS there freedom of speech from the Maoists?
    What freedom do you have now that you did not have before April ?

    These are questions to think about before saying “we have peace and we are fighting for peace.”

  39. Saale tum log kaise namard ho, mujhe garv hain ki mein MJF ke party mein hun. Saale tum log, yahan aake badbadate ho, Maobadi tumhari maa ki aur behen ki ijjat lut ti hain to tum neeche pakad ke dekhte rehte ho. Baap ko chaata marta hai to sar niche karte ho.

    Tum logon ka “Nepal police” dekhta rehta hai jab yeh sab hota hai. Hum mard hai dekha saale ko kya kiya, ab toh saalon ka leader bhi yaad rakhega…dekha hoga usne bhi kya haalat kiya saale ke bhediyon ko humne.

    hum Maobadi ko maar kar chodenge…saale ko pahad bhej denge haarami saale…kutte ke maut mar gaye aba aur bhi marenge. Hamko bahut dukh diya saloon le, baap ko pita, bhai ko le gaye..ab saala nahin chup rahenge. Sar phoda harami ke…accha kiya..salon ke paas koi dam nahin hai…namard sale hijre hain kathmandu ke log..yahan aake baat karte hain.
    Jai madhesi…

  40. madhesi4u – frankly I dnt respond to comments like these but in this case I cudnt resist. I am no sympathiser of Maoists and though I sympathise with Madhesis I think MJF is a crook organization, not much different from Maoists. We’ve all faced atrocities from the feudal classes and i think Madhesis recent snubbing & challenging of Maoists is a good thing, but I warn you – be careful of MJF, they might be riding on emotions of Madhesis today, but its leaders are all crooks and dakus, not much diff from those fringe crook parties in Bihar & UP.

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    Republic of Nepal

  42. Madhesi4u has a point. The Maoists are finished in the Terai. But that vacuum may be filled by thugs and crooks. We heard again today that gangsters from UP/Bihar may have fired upon a group in the Terai.

    The situation is dire. If criminality takes hold in the Terai, Madhesis will be the worst sufferers. Therefore, they must decide if they want to keep company with thugs.

    The vacuum left by the Maoists will most likely be filled by a Bihar-style anarchy if remedial steps are not taken. But for that to happen, Madhesis first have to step up.

  43. B…. I totally beg to differ with you. All over the world doctors do get involved in crime investigation, and its about time a trained professional like doctors and forensic scientists investigate crimes and make their finding known.
    Please don’t be silly, democracy does not mean people can do and say whatever they want. Dr. Shresthan is not yelling for fire when there isn’t; he is not calling wolf when there aren’t wolves. The facts are there. The fact is that 28 some people like you and your sisters are brutally butchered. I don’t know why you don’t seem to have any sympathy or feeling for the victim and their family.
    On newspaper, look, newspaper does have responsibly to its reader and society. Journalists are not high school dropouts; they do go through years of schooling and training, although some of their stories do seem like that; they are a professional news agency. If you don’t like Kantipur publication, then don’t support the paper, don’t subscribe to it, there are other paper in the market. Human being by nature is bias, and humans run newspapers. You have a bias view and some time newspaper has bias views.
    This site may belong to Wagle, but he is not stopping you expresses your views here is he? So please grow up!!

  44. He Prachande and your leutenant Baburam,

    First of all, who is on your side? :
    The Nepal army and nepal police never support you, the International community are not in your support, the intellectual community are not in your support, the whole terai is against you. The only community that is in your support is that khate community who live in these cantonments.

    I do not know what led you to believe that you can rule the country. This is what happens when you try to achieve your political goal with the aid of violence. Both of you lack vision because both of you did not get quality education from the western world. Both of you have a habit of daydreaming.

    The approach you maoist thugs adopted was totally wrong right from the beginning. Let us suppose that you thugs managed to grap power to rule the country. Do you think the Americans and the western countries will allow you thugs to run the country. They will even interfere militarily, if need be.
    So, what is your future? Go back to your place of origin, Rolpa.

  45. Why have people started questioning what Mathura said? What I see here is reality biting. I think many of the people who type here were also involved in the incident. But again I pull back my statement, becuase there is huge gap between putting words on internet and deeds. It needs courage. All you people here have is to form baseless arguments to vent your aesthetic experience in imaging the scenes of crime. All you have tried here is to defend MPRF, and to defend because you see it falling down the tube and making a huge crash at the bottom.
    The only strong point that can be noted is :why did the maoist wing try to conduct their program on the same day, at the same place and same time? I think we need to tie them up inside a sack and whip for 5 days incessantly for this, night and day. But do you think, even then what happened and how it happend can be justified? There’s a dark cloud looming. I think Madhesis have fear that thier sisters’ vagina are also going to be ripped off by the maobadis by a Zigsaw soon. Madhesis rather than putting arguments to save the MPRF should rather start collecting khali sisi purana kagaj again.

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  47. hy are so many Nepali girls stupid? They don’t seem to have any clue about anything. I think that is one of the reason Nepal is so backward. It’s because most nepali gals are stupid. They say behind every successful man is a woman, but due to lack of smart women, Nepali men haven’t been able to be successful and that is why Nepal is so backward.

    Just my humble opinion.

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