Gaur Killing: India to Help Nab Assailants

RAUTAHAT, March 24- Indian security officials yesterday promised support to Nepali policemen in capturing the culprits of Wednesday’s attack in Gaur, who reportedly fled to Indian territory. Suspecting that some assailants fled to India, Nepali officials asked for support from Indian authorities. The officials yesterday held a meeting at the district police office Gaur. Suman Kumar, district majistrate of Sitamadhi district of India and MR Nayar, superintendent of police (SP) of India, DIG Kiran Gautam and SP Ram Kumar Khanal from Nepal Police and Chief District Officer (CDO) Madhav Ojha, among others, discussed the security situation during the meeting. Indian security officers were ready to help capture the culprits, according to DIG Gautam.

At least 28 people were killed during the clash between Madhesi People’s Rights Forum and Maoist-aligned Madhesi Rastriya Mukti Morcha in Gaur, the district headquarters of Rautahat, Wednesday. As speculations of an impending Maoist retaliation against the bloody attack spread in the area, locals in and around the district headquarters are terrified. Terror-stricken pepole fear even to come outside their houses. The situation is Gaur is yet to see normalcy.

Meanwhile, in Dang, Nepali and Indian authorities agreed to work together to curtail violence and other irregularities along the Nepal-India border. They agreed to discover, restore and monitor border pillars at Koilabas VDC in Dang district, according to CDO Rudra Prasad Paudel. DIG SK Mathur of Saraswoti in India, among other Indian security officials took part in the meeting.– by Shiv Puri






5 responses to “Gaur Killing: India to Help Nab Assailants”

  1. XYZ Avatar

    Kathmandu Delhi Bhai-Bhai,

    Middle madhesi, bye-bye

    Two F****** politicains in Kathmandu & Delhi are same… see there blood relation.

  2. Kirat Avatar

    India to help Nepal nab Gaur killers? Yeah, right!

  3. Captain Crash Avatar

    Till yesterday it was royalist and today indians?

  4. sonam Avatar

    why will India help?
    The BJP led NDA and the Congress led UPA are fighting their proxy war in Nepal.
    One want’s the King to stay and the other wants the King to be kicked out.
    Where is Mr. Sitaram Yechury or Karan Singh. Its time for their visit to Nepal and expecially the Terai area.

  5. matribhumi Avatar

    Please INdia should help kill these Maoists, and this time it seems Bihar has to come to our rescue since we ourselves did not have the balls to stand up to these Maoists. Thank you for the slaughter.

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