Dead Bodies On Their Sides, Maoists in Nepal Publicly Mourn Gaur Massacre

Gaur killing update:Rautahat police on March 24 arrested six persons from district headquarters Gaur and Sirsiya village on suspicions of having being involved in Wednesday’s deadly Maoist-Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) clash that claimed 28 lives. The police had made the arrests during a series of house-to-house searches today, district police office, Rautahat said.The names of the six, however, have not been publicized. (details) Also: India to Help Nab Assailants

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The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) today held a memorial service for the Maoist cadres who died in Wednesday’s Rautahat carnage at Tundikhel’s Khulla Manch in Kathmandu. Maoist Chairman Prachanda draped party flags over the bodies as a mark of respect. The Maoists had airlifted the bodies of 25 of their fellow activists who were killed in the clash with the Madhesi Peoples’ Rights Forum (MPRF or MJF) cadres to the capital yesterday.

A Photo Blog. All photos taken in Open Air Theater in Kathmandu. All pics by Wagle. Captions will be added later.

It was a day for mourning not only for the Maoists of Nepal but also for those who are praying for the success of the peace process. And it was yet another historic day for Nepal as Kathmandu saw what was unthinkable before: 25 dead bodies of the Maoists cadres were lined up in open air theater this afternoon. They were all Maoists, attendants of the memorial service in Tundikhel were told, and 17 of them were verified by the party. The spectacular show of the corpses has one strong message: how far the Maoists have come in the past one year. During the insurgency Maoists would carry away the corpses of their comrades along with them; they would hide the corpses, bury them quickly or even try to reduce the actual number of casualties on their side. Today it’s a different scenario. They are involved in the peace process, their arms (not all though) have been put inside the UN supervised cantonment sites, they are represented in the parliament, and, comrades are on the verge of joining the interim government. That is why Maoists publicly displayed the corpses amidst a ceremony that was attended by major political leaders of the parties in the ruling alliance. Speaker of the parliament and Home Minister also briefly attended the memorial service.

Here is a vidoe from the venue: (Another video inside)

Maoists say they didn’t start the Gaur fighting (and a team of human rights activists have concluded that the massacre was perpetrated by the professional criminals), they didn’t fire bullets. Instead, Maoists are demanding that the government should take action against the attackers. Expressing the commitment to the peace process Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, the second in command in the Maoist party, said that such incident would not obstruct the peace process. He said: “We might have done some technical mistake [by choosing the same venue for the Gaur meeting] but we didn’t start the fight. Those who attacked us were militarily trained. We Maoists are also militarily trained and no one without military training can attack us [that way].” At one point, Dr. Bhattarai asked: “What if others declare war against us?” The crowd responded: Fight back, fight back! [Prachanda, the Maoist chairman, was present in Tundikhel but didn’t address the meeting. When the announcer said Dr. Bhattarai would address the ceremony as the last speaker, Dr. Bhattarai appeared stunned. It appeared that he was insisting Prachanda to speak. They took a few seconds and Ramchandra Poudel, who was seated aside Prachanda, intervened! He sounded like, jo bole pani bhaihalchhani, janus na Bhattarai ji! [Doesn’t matter who speaks, go and speak Dr. Bhattarai! I didn’t hear these words but mentioning these based on the body language and facial expression of three leaders. So you have the liberty to not to believe this.]

Maoists want all killed to be declared martyrs and they ghearoed the rostrum of the parliament today to make the point. We can expect the Maoists to try to hunt down the perpetrators of Gaur massacre if the government doesn’t strongly and efficiently act. The Maoist party leadership will come into strong pressure from the cadres if government fails to bring the criminals to justice.

Dr. Bhattarai said:

The naike (derogatory word for leader) of the criminal group [read that as MPRF] must be arrested and the outfit must be outlawed. They can’t do such criminal thing. People might tell us that we had also fought in the past. Yes, we fought against the state openly declaring that and denouncing the then constitution. But how can you wage arms if you claim to support the present constitution and political setup. If you want to fight, first say that you don’t support the constitution.

Another video 2 (from the same day but added on March 24)

Another video 3 (from the same day but added on March 24)

Committee Formed to Probe Gaur Massacre; Unilateral, Unacceptable, says CPN Maoist

An emergency meeting of the Council of Ministers was held at Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s Baluwatar residence on Friday to discuss Wednesday’s Gaur carnage and security situation in the country. The meeting also decided to set up a four-member judiciary committee headed by the Patan Appellate Court judge, Hari Prasad Ghimire to launch an investigation into the Gaur incident. According to sources, the committee has been directed to submit its report within 15 days. The committee also includes officiating secretary of Rastriya Satarkata Kendra Ram Sarobar Dube, Joint Attorney General Tika Bahadur Hamal and Deputy Inspector General Niraj Pun as its members. The cabinet meet has also urged all parties, civil society and general public to help make the Constitution Assembly (CA) elections successful by making a commitment to prevent such acts of violence from recurring.

Talking to media persons outside Baluwatar, government spokesperson and Minister for Information Dilendra Prasad Badu said that the government was committed to initiate action against those responsible as per the committee’s report. Badu further informed that the meeting had decided to heighten security for the CA elections. Meanwhile, stating that the government had formed the probe committee with a unilateral approach, Maoist leader Baburam Bhattarai today said that the committee was unacceptable to them. During today’s meeting, Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula, who had gone to Gaur on Thursday to inspect the situation there, briefed the cabinet about the clash that occurred two days ago.

According to sources, the Council of Ministers criticized Sitaula, claiming that the incident had occurred due to the lack of foresight on the part of local security agencies. Meanwhile, PM Koirala today discussed the Gaur killings and formaiton of the interim government with Nepali Congress (NC) leaders this morning. Likewise, the PM had also debriefed the Chief of Army Staff (CoAS) Rukmangat Katuwal regarding the country’s security situation.






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  1. waiba Avatar

    Tulsi Bajee..You are happy to the brutal killing of fellow human being? How would you feel if your brother or sister is killed and someone gleefully say the same thing as you have said here? Your kind of mentality is what is plaguing Nepal, no sympathy, and no sense of morality, just barbaric instinct.

  2. Tulsi Belbase Avatar
    Tulsi Belbase


    I have seen Nepal before moist emerge and within 10 years of moist insurgency they have dismantle our country’s infrustructure, they killed 13000 people like this same way. They make many women widows, many children orphan they played holi with poor undefendable people’s blood. What do you think that they will get out of that ? I have deep concern with those who lost their near and dear not with moist thugs. I think you are not staying in Nepal or some urban area like big cities otherwise you would have known their barbaric in the velliages of our country. They are killer and what a killer will get?

  3. Captain Crash Avatar

    Maoists say they didn’t start the Gaur fighting, Maoists are demanding that the government should take action against the attackers.

    Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, said: “We might have done some technical mistake [by choosing the same venue for the Gaur meeting] but we didn’t start the fight.

    Choosing the same place to intimidate people is not fight, huh bhattarai?

    You choosed to kill 14000 innocent nepalese people, they choosed to kill 25 maoist people.
    You killed Nepalese, Madhesi killed maoist.

    sooo……… You did start the war, just joining the government is not solution for you… stop the blame game… one generation of people did not have proper education because of war… and you created that mess.

  4. Rame Avatar


    OK carnage was bad, but I strongly beleive the henious look to the deaths (stoning to death, dismembering etc….etc.) were given by maoist. Afterall, they are trained for dismembering. Lets not forget that just a year bact, it was these maoist who burnt their own members face beyond recognition. Mr. Prachanda can do it as well, if he had taken that training during his war. However, even seasoned criminal will have difficulty in giving henious look to the killings. Afterall, there can only be few (extremely few, other than maoist) who can be psycopath.

    Sale, maobadi ko dadagiri, katti sahane, aarko ko aam sabha bigarne.., lau ja thikka paryo.

  5. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal


    Why not to blame the govt. Why did they allow two sides to organize program
    at the same place. Is it not the STUPIDITY of SITAULA and his local administraion.

  6. waiba Avatar

    Ok, you might have seen more of Nepal and I have, but besides the peace and serenity, did you wanted to go on being poor, underdeveloped, exploited over and over by the same old recycled politicians and autocratic regime?

    Nepal needed to change, and its unfortunate that violence had to be used for change.

    There is plenty of blame to go around, but it’s not the time to play a blame game now. Captain Crash and you should not dwell in the past but look forward to the future, brighter side of things. Nepal is at a historic crossroad and blaming this and that does not offer any solution. On brighter side, Nepal, is a secular country now, monarchy is finally striped of power that kept Nepal under the darkness. All this would not have happened if there were no people’s revolt. It’s too bad we didn’t have Ghandi or Dr. Marlin Luther King alike in Nepal.

    Captain crash, if you abhor killing, why only blame the Maoist, what about your former Royal Nepalese Army who killed twice as many people. At least Maoist was more selective of their target. I suggest you examine both side.

  7. guyfromktm Avatar

    the only positive out of this is that the terrorists are also learning the fact the death of every human being is to be “mourned” and not just benefitted from. Until now, their version was, “people die when we are working towards a better future”. Now, I have no idea 13,000 deaths in Nepal will really end up providing a better future for the Nepalese.. but, the teorrists and the corrupt thugs are certainly having a field day burning up our scant resources while they give back nothing to the nation.

  8. waiba Avatar

    GuyfromKTM, it’s your prerogative to believe what you may, but please do some reading of world history and see and understand the meaning of terrorism as well. There are many countries that have gone through what Nepal is going through now, maybe breaking away from monarchy, fighting feudalism, or denouncing tyrannical government, you can compare where would those country be there was no cry for change. Mandela and his party once was considered terrorist, George Washington was also consider a terrorist so was the Mao.

  9. mp sharma Avatar
    mp sharma

    Maoists, Madhesi, Matawalis are exis of evil.

  10. Vahsek Avatar

    Mr. Sharma,
    What if they call your clan evil? Don’t go to extreme.

    It’s ATTITUDE that makes one evil or god!

  11. replytoall Avatar

    sahid………martyr………. one word that has been made super cheap in Nepal.

    i support monarchy……… i may or may not like a particular king, but i support the inistitution.

    and i would not mind if there was no monarchy or raja or whatever only if there are no maobadi. raja is a human and maoists be it 2 years old or 90 years old, keta keti or chakka whatever ,….. them are no human.

    raja goye ni jaos, desh rahos narahosh, 80 tukra ma nepal bichajit hos………….maobadi ko rajya chai nahos Nepal.

  12. replytoall Avatar


    dude…….dont use the term human and human right is a total wrong phrase to use when it comes to the maoist………..

    Nepali ho bhandai ma rakhchyasi prabirti bhako manchey lai nepali ley maya garnu parcha bhanney kunai jaruri chaina.

  13. Kirat Avatar

    Hey waiba-I can see you are trying to show some of these bloggers some sense but these idiots are beyond redemption.

  14. guyfromktm Avatar

    waiba.. your perspective from Japan is completely out of place….. for the records… the Maoists insurgency killed 13,000 people in Nepal while you were away.. and there is no doubt they have had the photo opportunity with the corrupt thugs through the power of the gun where their major tactics was based on intimidation……. that to me is terrorism…. may be you don’t subscribe to this idea. It is irrelevant to Nepal if Washington, Madela and the likes were in fact called a terrorists or called by other euphemisms of the same term. What matters to us is that the means used by the Maoists before the much touted peace deal and a year after tantamounts to acts of terrorism. But let me applaud you for seeing some brighter sides in current Nepalese context… I, for one, can’t see much…. but it seems like we are using different lens to begin with to look at the current situation.

  15. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    “At least Maoist was more selective of their target”

    Oh really? So all the villagers they used as human shields against the RNA were selected?

  16. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I am not a barbarian. Contarary to what you may think I don’t enjoying reading about death, destruction and carrnage. I too, like you, would love to hold hands look the sky and sing John Lehnon songs and preach human rights.
    And after the April uprising I was begining to do just that. Unfortunetly, the Maoists have not been tamed and I frankly don’t they are capable of being (at least the lower level cadres) into mainstream society.

  17. Kirat Avatar

    So Bhudai you thought that after the April revolt everything would be so rosy so quickly? Ten years of waging a brutal war with the govt. and in a snap everybody suddenly becomes model citizens. C’mon you are smarter than that. We all knew that there would be a phase of ‘settling down’ where problems would arise as a result of integrating the Maoists into mainstream society. What was totally unexpected was the bloody uprising in the Terai. The violence in their protests sort of makes you wonder a bit doesn’t it?

    Like I have stated umpteen times I am no Maoists but the Army/Police did kill more people than the Maoists during the recent insurgency. That is a fact. But go ahead twist it around to suit yourselves.

  18. Suntali Ko Pooe Avatar
    Suntali Ko Pooe

    who founded and polticize the so called different janjati forums? Be it be madhesi, newa, tamang. .. ……….and started division among Nepalese soceity?
    Who gave the cheap dreams of so called SWAYATA PRADESH for different regions??
    Who is the upendrann jaadav from where he came??
    Who started the Madesh conflict in Nepal?
    Root is the Prachanda, his party, his Chamches outdated communist idelogy, …

    SO, First get rid of Maoist to solve the problems!
    Maobaad … Murdabaad!!

  19. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I didn’t expect them to become model citizens. Why would I hold the Maoists to such high standards when 90% of our non-Maoist population is far from being model citizens?
    What I expected Kirat, at the very least, is for them to abide by the peace agreement. I expected them to stop their excesses. I expected them to stop attacking other political activists and gatherings, I expected them to stop their extortions and intimidation. I expected the Maoist leadership to condem such as actions not look the other way and implicitly justify their cadres excesses. You think that time would have changed the Maoists? Really? Why is that? When the cadres get used to living on intimidating others and getting their ways with force why would they change?

  20. matribhumi Avatar

    You cannot compare Maoist to local people, Maoist torture, threats, rapes and murders cannot be compare to the 90% of local people in Nepal who may have done come illigal activits but not to the extent these bastards have done.
    Maoists need to be slaughtered left right and center and in the most brutal fashion to show that terrorists like them should not be born again.
    More importantly, Prachanda and his goons including his family needs to be hanged. Uneducated fools trying to to un a country on the basis on gun.

  21. Kirat Avatar

    Bhudai, I think you are nit-picking a bit. By and large the pact has held. Sure there have been violations from the Maoists but really the leadership isn’t completely in control of the lower level cadres (almost a bit like the RNA soldiers misbehaving now and then). And the SPA govt.’s unwillingness to enforce the law isn’t helping. Think about it. If it wasn’t for this explosion of violence in the Terai things would have been more or less moving along the lines we imagined in April 2006. To get a proper perspective think back to two/three years ago when the Maoists and the Govt. troops were slaughtering each other and the poor civilians who were getting caught in between.

  22. BetterNepal Avatar

    For maoists it was like “What goes around comes around.”
    But still lots of nepalies lost their lives its very sad.

  23. guyfromktm Avatar

    but two and three years later… the civilians are still be caught in between.. the pact has by and large held only for the benefit of the terrorists and the corrupt thugs.. for the people on the ground, little has changed and going by the current environment, little is going to change for a long time to come. So, people are bound to ask why they are always at the receiving end of the asaksham and non-performing groups of thugs who can’t see beyond their own benefit.

  24. Neil Horning Avatar

    My point, Bhudai, is that calling for the wholesale slaughter of people in the name of democracy is what you have been doing for the last few days.

    I’m not accusing you of anything else. You seem like a rational individual most of the time.

  25. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Horning don’t get too dramatic. I haven’t been calling for the wholesale slaughtering of people. I might have become emotional and thus not articulated myself properly but that is certainly not what I was trying to get at.
    What I am trying to say however, is that the govt. should not rule out the possibility of reverting back to a military confrontation if the Maoists DO NOT abide by the peace agreement. Unfortunetly our brain-less, ball-less political leaders are incapable of putting their foot down. The Maoists are essentially jungalis and without ultimatums and threats they aren’t going to be tamed.

    Kirat: comparitively yes there might be a slight improvement in the situation in a sense that there wasn’t a ‘war’ happening. But really that is a superficial way of looking at it. The groud reality is not that much more different for people in the villages.
    Besides I don’t buy the Maoists were giving up all their guns for one moment.
    You actually believed Prachanda’s claim that it was washed away in the river?
    They were cooking up something – and it didn’t smell too bad to me.

  26. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    “It didn’t smell good to me”

  27. waiba Avatar


    Please get the fact right, the Maoist alone is not responsible for 13,000 lives of your fellow countrymen. Agree?

  28. waiba Avatar

    Budai Pundit,

    Ok, you have outlined what thte Moaist should do for the peace process, would you also care to outline the responsibility of the political parties.

    You have been vociferous opponent of Maoist from the start in every way. It doesn’t matter to you that there is no open war it does not matter to you that the Maoist have given up arms and they are working towards peace. I think instant gratification is your problem. I think man of your wit and intellectual caliber should run for the public office and teach those illiterate Maoist of what is right thing to do, and kick those political old hags from office.

    There are plenty reasons to doubt the Maoist and their claims. The Maoist may not truthful about their arms, and they are still using fear tactics and extortions, but its a start, at least they have handed over their arms. Its better to have some arms locked up than no arms. I suppose you would not want the continuations of war, would you? more later..

  29. replytoall Avatar

    dude, you have been one hell of a sucker from the time this blog started and you havent changed a bit till now. very like Wagle himself but with a different view.

    what is so idiotic on being happy on the brutal death of people who lived by their sword? the very sword that could had been in every non maoist nepali necks?

    and stop trying to preach your “humanity and compassion” shit ! Neither you nor i like violence and killing. However, maoist are the bunch of same people whose hands are wet in the blood of toooooooo bloody many nepalis. So their death is not unjustified.

    If you plant a landmine somewhere in the field and happen to step on it at any point, you will become a vicitim of that explosion even though it was you who planted it and it was you own landmine.

    I wish all maoists are killed brutally……….. bal bridha nar nari sparing nobody……….. madhesis have shown the way of retaliation i hope rest of nepal learns a thing or two from it.

  30. manan Avatar


    I don’t advocate killing Maoists now. Before, maybe. I would have wanted a strong, professional army to have taken them out after they started killing those cops.

    But the army turned out to be corrupt, brutal and inefficient. I only want the NA because without it, Maoists would be running the country by now. So basically, its one evil neutralizing another evil.

    You’re right that the NA has killed its share of people. But it was the Maoists who started the killings, so ultimately, the 13,000 people killed are their direct responsibility.

    Anyway, Maoism is a failed ideology. It has failed everywhere in the world. China is now as far away from Maoism as possible. What good can Maoism do for Nepal? It is already one of the world’s poorest countries. Maoist ideology will make it poorer still.

  31. Kirat Avatar

    Bhudai-I think you are looking at it the superficial way. We have Maoists who were just over two years declared terrorists by our own govt. integrating into mainstream society (albeit with problems) and you think that’s just superficial? It’s just that this Terai thing has exploded in all our faces that has given a strange twist.

  32. Jigumana Avatar

    Only maoists and maoists did for the nation l…..Love live maoists….Only the maoists solve all the disaster of Nepal….only maoist and maoists…….and do whatever it is only for the Nation and the name of Maoists….Hope of Nepal is Maoists only maoists can change modern Nepal….long live maoists…

  33. XYZ Avatar

    Curfew in Siraha to avert clashes [ 2007-3-25 ]
    By Our Correspondent

    GOLBAZAAR (SIRAHA), Mar. 24: The local administration clamped day-long, 10 am to 8 pm, curfew on Saturday in the Golbazaar area of Siraha to avert possible clashes between the Maoist cadres and the Mahdesi People?s Right Forum (MPRF) after the later announced a mass meeting at a local school.

    MPRF vice-president Kishor Kumar Biswas was scheduled to address a mass meeting to in the premises of Janata Higher Secondary School, Golbazaar this afternoon but the cadres of Maoist affiliated Young Communist League had rushed to the venue and smashed stage.

    Tension erupted this morning when the Maoists smashed mikes installed at key junctions of market by the forum that fuelled the fears of violent skirmishes between two rival camps.

    Haunted by the Rautahat mayhem that claimed the lives of 29 Maoists in the clash of two sides, the administration swiftly announced the curfew so that law and order would not go out of control in the wake of tension that grew between them from Friday evening.

    ?We heard firing in every 15 minutes from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Friday evening that panicked us throughout the night,? said Aasish Biswokarma, a local.

    He said that they were unknown about the persons who fired in the night but the people were worried about what might the next day.

    According to Chief of District Administration Shashi Sekhar Shrestha, the curfew was imposed from Ramjanaki Petrol Pump in east, Mainawati Khola in west, Nepane tole in south and Asnapur in the north.

    Shrestha said that the administration imposed curfew as it sensed possibility of destruction, riots and arson in the market.

    The Forum?s Central Committee member Krishna Bahadur Yadav claimed that it was forced to postpone the planned mass meeting after the Maoists vandalised its stage and mikes, and the administration intentionally resorted to curfew to disrupt its programme.

    However, the Maoist district secretary Abinas denied that his party was involved in the vandalism.

    ?We are investigation on the vandalism that took place Saturday morning and the firings of Friday evening,? he said.

  34. Deadonarrival(DOA) Avatar

    Time to choose being a pacifist or other. Loss of life, specially in vain, is sad but this tendency was instigated by you know who- Maoist. The sad fact is- Maoist, not the its so-called-leaders (Bhauns), have wontonly scarificed Matwalis in the front line by propogating marginalization, discrimination and ethinc division as an issue to die for. The consequence has been the Forum and their right to demand for it. And to demand for it, through violence, has also been taught by their former collegues- the Maoist. In the end- you reap what you sow.

    Now, the question of how it is all going to end. Do not hold any hope that SPAM will cure all- they are too much engrossed to satisfy their own selfish need by sidelining the issue that we, the common man, have. Only option is to create a voice based upon nation reconcilation and fervor of nationality. It is time to show that we as one without the political coloring-can protect our nation from nefarious design of political parties and foreign governments. It does not take much but we need to be resolute.

  35. Ramhari Avatar

    The best solution for this federal concept is to wipe out all SPAM leaders and even SPAM and all old thugs through CA election. And form the new ethnic democratic forces to generate the new ethnic leaders in each region who will be responsible for development and security within their territory. For this, strong law and order from central judiciary is very essential. So judiciary at central level should be formed with common interest of each federal state and their satisfactory presence. Law and orders should be made more stronger than authority of the state-head whoever it maybe. But our problem right now is neither the ethnic groups are satisfied with their presence at central authority level nor law and order is stronger at judiciary level. The concept of whole authority toward head-of-the- state weakening the country and even democracy because of the vested interest of the head. So at the central level, the presence of all ethnic groups are very essential to unite the nation instead of definate caste control. The new constitution can only be successful where presence of all ethnic groups through nomination in CA is made possible. Otherwise the whole exercise may become futile and unsuccessful.

  36. Shaman Avatar

    Will Maoists stop bossing around? The answer is ‘NO’.
    Will Maoists care about human rights? The answer is ‘NO’.
    Will the government take any action? The answer is ‘NO’.
    Will Situala resign? The answer is ‘NO’.
    Will Mao and MJF stop fighting? The answer is ‘NO’.
    Will there be peace? The answer is ‘NO’.
    Will the CA elections be held? The answer is ‘NO’.

    Will we be stuck in this situation for few more years? The answer is ‘YES’.
    Will ‘new’ Nepal remain unfulfilled dream? The answer is ‘YES’.

  37. B Avatar

    Even without the terai unrest (uprising), SPAM would still have been fighting over ministerial portfolios. The maoists would still have hidden arms. Sitaoula would still have been just as incompetent. I agree with Bhudai, things would have been a lot better had the government spine to prosecute maoist criminals from the very begining april last year. Why do we even need ministers at the moment? No one is doing anything anyway? But yes, the impunity awarded to the maoists by this government has resulted in consequences that are for us all to see.

  38. guyfromktm Avatar

    waiba.. I have my facts correct.. what I wrote was “maoist insurgency killed 13,000 people’… all of those may have been alive and kicking now with their respective families had there not been an insurgency… I didn’t say it was the Maoists that killed them all…. although the Maoists did kill quite a few of them and maybe are continuiing to threaten and kill…

  39. dahal Avatar

    bravo more should die…i want to see more maoist die…..let them get a taste of their own medicine,bravo…..kill more of these fucking maoists…dinesh wagle is a maoist 2…

  40. Bhuadai Pundit Avatar
    Bhuadai Pundit

    Kirat/Waiba and the likes:
    I don’t mean to personally attack you guys but I think you are day dreaming and or being extreamly naive.
    The peace process was going well you say? Tell me why did the businessmen have to shutdown Kathmandu for 2 days? Do you guys know what they were protesting against? MAOIST EXCESSESS! Read the report of every major human rights organization and what do you find? Maoist continuing their excessess without any abaitment despite the peace treaty. And Waiba here mentions the arms management as an indicator of ‘success’. I am sorry Waiba but this only shows just how far removed you are from realities on the ground. So Kirat you believed Prachanda when he said most of the weapons were washed away? Give me a break. Without guns, fear, intimidation the Maoists are irrelevent. I doubt they would have given everything up so easily.
    Just look at the atttitue of these Moaists – one of their MPs comes to parliment with a gun and brags about it. The list goes on and on.

    The point is that everyone over estimated the Maoists strength. They have realized just how vunarable they are – they screwed up in Terai and now they given bith to other violent groups that will challenge them.

  41. Peaceland_dreamer Avatar

    Whatever happened ..let be bygone. We all need to bury the past and just work on peace process. Just think how Nepal used to be …the most peaceful country in the world. The country was developing at that time. Now everybody is so opinionated and its not helping. There is violence, blood, poverty, less human rights than before, killings/Massacre. Lets all think about peace. Lets not make it worse. For Nepal more than anything Peace is the only way to go. Forget about any book that you read in the past about any idealist or politician.

  42. prajol Avatar

    Peace peace peace peace. There should not be any bloodshed of maoist, of madhesi, of RNA or of any innocent bystander. We all are Nepali. We are in land of Budha lets set an example. Follow the path of Mahtma Gandhi, Lord Budha and Martin Luther King. Lets organize a BIG Peace rally and pass the message. If you want to get your voice across, just elect the right person. We are democratic country. There would be justice in Peace as well, in its own way and more beautiful.

  43. Kirat Avatar

    Bhudai-don’t be childish. Look at Nepal -who is saintly? The SPA is full of corrupt incompetent crooks. The King had his chance and made a fool of himself. The Maoists are insurgents and a lot of them trained to kill and murder. You expect that just becaues Prachanda and Baburam signed some accord with the SPA that all the Maoists cadres are suddenly going to tow the line? A lot of the lower level cadres are an uneducated unruly bunch used to getting their ways via the barrel of the gun. Neil Horning in his post already explained the problems amongst the lower level cadres who still have not got into their head that they must now not take the law into their own hands but follow democratic norms and due process. When people in the civil service with doctorates and masters degrees are still breaking the law and taking bribes, when so called honorable judges of the court are selling their decisions to the highest bidder, when hon’ble ministers responsible for law and order are purposely letting the country burn and the leaders of the national parties are haggling for ministries while the nation is on life support you expect these half-educated, 20 yr olds who spent the last 7-8 yrs in the jungle wielding the gun to suddenly respect the law of the land when no one else is even pretending to? Sure these Maoist thugs are committing violations of the accord everyday. But what is the Govt. doing about it? What is society doing about it? As long as they can get away with it they will continue to violate the peace accord. It comes as no surprise to me…what stuns me is the complete indifference that the SPA govt. is showing. I hear that they are doing this to discredit the Maoists further. That’s smart but at what cost?

  44. sirensongs Avatar

    Very powerful and thorough photoessay of the event. Thanks for keeping us up to date in a very immediate way.

  45. Budai Pundit Avatar
    Budai Pundit

    Kirat you seem to answer all my questions but yet you disagree. Why oh why please enlighten me would these lower level cadres want to improve their ways? Why would they elect to go from an easy lifestyle to a lifestyle that involves hardwork, disipline and respect for the law. On top of that did you ever hear the Maoist leadership condem their lower level cadres?
    The Maoists were making a mockery of the peace agreement and setting a very dangerous precedent for the concept of abiding by agreements. Do you honestly believe that the Maoist would have accepted the results of the CA election even though it might have not been favorable to them? Oh come on. Even before the Terai flared up they were attacking other political activists and continuing their excesses – I am not making it up. Let’s not even begin to talk about how they have created this militant attitude amongst workers in KTM by unionizing and filling them with propoganda. Now business leaders have to cater to any whim these workers have.
    You are just decieving yourself if you think the long term prospect was bright from compromising with the Maoists. I agree some compromise is necessary but the SPA let them Maoists walk all over them. This needs to stop.

  46. waiba Avatar

    Budai, I may be naive in your eyes because I don’t; see the way you do.

    I hope you don’t take moral cues from one of most exploitive industry (hotel) in Nepal. I know why businessmen shutdown Kathmandu for 2 days, because tide has turned, businessmen are not longer untouchable, their reign of terror and exploitation is coming to an end.

    Why is there no protest and nara when a hotel kancha bets beaten and killed by their owner? I have seen young boys of 10 to 15 years old form village working in Thamel, who were beating by the owner, virtually locked up to work, refused money, and visits to their family back in the village.

    Sometime get off your computer talk to some restaurant boys and find out where they are from, and how they get paid? and come defend your cunning, self righteous businessmen.

    Just watch out Budai, you are next, Maoist are coming whether you like it or not…

  47. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Sorry Waiba you are right. How can I be so naive and irrational? I apologize. That’s right the Hotel industry is exploitative! We should be encouraging the Maoist workers to form unions and make sure these hotel owners are taught a lesson – who cares about unreasonable demands or free market economy? The Maoists have the right idea! If you are disgruntled with your boss get your gang and beat them up and tear the place apart. Hopefull this attitude will catch on everywhere as well – why just stop at the hotel industry? we should encourage others in all industries to rebel and act like this! In fact why stop in Nepal – we should spread this idea to all third world countries (garment workers in Bangladesh and Vietnam, miners in South Africa) it’s time all exploited workers unite and uprise against the evil business owners!
    And what about the thousands and thousands of workers who aren’t mistreated and earn a decent living? Well who cares about them. They can go to India or the middle East and find employment there. This attitude and idea is what’s need. Forget about being business friendly and encouraging investment and such things – they are the work of the capitalist devil.

  48. waiba Avatar


    For better or worst, Nepal now is a secular county, No more stupidly declaring Nepal as the only Hindu country in the world when in fact more than half of country is non Hindu.

    Autocratic Rule, the monarchy that has kept Nepal in dark is virtually gone now. All this would not have happened if we did not have the Maoist.

    I do not share the Maoist ideology but I do believe that Nepal is in terrible shape and it needs change. Whoever comes to power and makes Nepal better I will support whether they are monarchy, Maobadi or prajatantabadi. The track record of monarchy does not look good, various political parties records is not better, so maybe together Maobadi and various political parties maybe able to accomplish some thing. Let’s wait and see..

  49. waiba Avatar

    Bhudai, carry on what more???

  50. waiba Avatar

    Bhudai, Sometime physical beating is the only language that some understand. You probably have not been beating up, I wish you did so that you would at least learn to respect others, learn that some time hand and legs moves faster than your mouth can defend.

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