Business Community Nepal Banda: Deplorable

We also strongly condemn the internet black out for an hour today by Internet Service Providers

Yes, we agree that what suspected Maoist cadres did to Harilal Shrestha of the Hotel Woodland yesterday was inhuman, unjustified and thus qualifies to be condemned without a second thought. The act, torturing and beating, is deplorable. Maoists have denied doing so but THEY must be answerable to that particular incident because they are the ones who are on rampage against almost anyone. BUT the general strike called by the business community in response to that (and recent Maoist highhandedness against businesses around the country) is equally irresponsible and inappropriate. And the 1-hour-long Internet shutdown by the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to express their solidarity to the general strike is deplorable and thus deserves to be condemned. Who are these folks to close down the service that is branded as ESSENTIAL? We don’t need another Gyanendra Shah to deprive us from Internet. [Gyanendra closed down Internet in Nepal for a week when he took over the government in the Feb 2005 coup.] We don’t need another information and communication blackout on any excuse. NO. ISPs must give compensation to the customers and publicly commit that they will never do such foolish thing in future.

And about the sudden banda (general strike) that begin today and will continue tomorrow. Weren’t you the guys (businessmen) who always condemned this particular form of protest? And now WHY you are going for the same? Just because the Prime Minister refused to meet you guys on the gate of his official residence in Baluwataar? Why couldn’t you just sit over there for the day and continue with your protest? Why couldn’t you thought about continuing with dharna and, may be ansan, in front of Singha Durbar? Are you sure your protest program is free from the participation of blacklisted individuals?

Here is the background:

Business community announces indefinite shutdown against Maoist “excesses”

The business community today declared an indefinite closure of all industries, factories, import-export, education institutions, transport, and business from 3pm today, protesting against Maoist attacks on entrepreneurs. The agitating Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FNCCI) today announced its indefinite strike, stating that the government had not appeared “serious” regarding their problems.

A team led by the FNCCI — which had arrived at Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s Baluwatar residence to hand over a memorandum stating their demands– publicized their plan of
agitating during a press meet organized in front of the no. 3 gate of the PM residence. Angered by the PM’s refusal to meet them, the representatives of the business community had announced their strike there and then. According to sources, the irate entrepreneurs had headed towards Durbar Marg following the announcement. The protesters then took out a rally in the streets of the capital.

President of the Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI) Binod Chaudhary said that although there had been repeated instances of Maoist intimidations, threatening, taking over of factories, yesterday’s brutal thrashing of an hotelier was the last straw. “It is pointless to continue with the business and industries when people are being taken from a central place like Durbar Marg and beaten up in such brutal manner,” Chaudhary said. He further added that Nepal’s economy would suffer heavily if the activities to bring down the morale of business community continue as present and the government and the eight parties do not get serious and guarantee security to businesspersons. Chaudhary warned of continuing with the agitation and shut down until eight party leaders are able to “convince the private sector” and until an appropriate arrangement is made to address the demands of the agitating business community.

Following their announcement, all the business ventures including banks were shut down after 3pm today. Likewise, the Internet Service Provider Association of Nepal (ISPAN) today expressed solidarity with the protest, shutting down internet services for an hour from 4pm to 5pm all over the nation.

Earlier, the Maoists had forcefully seized Harilal Shrestha, the owner of the Hotel Woodland at Durbarmarg, Kathmandu yesterday and beat him up severely, on the charge of supporting the king.






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  1. krisha pahari Avatar
    krisha pahari

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  2. Comrade Ji Avatar
    Comrade Ji

    Krishna Bahadur Mahara has denied his party’s cadres involvement in the attack against Harilal but Harilal has said that he was tortured by the Maoists. Of course, Mahara is lying here. Maoists must stop this nonsense. Who the hell are they to take action against anyone that they find culprit? If they continue such incidents, their participation in the Interim government must be delayed.

  3. Suntali ko pooe Avatar
    Suntali ko pooe

    Your view SUCK$ Mr Wagle!

    Who the hell are these Maoshits? Why they are so rampange still? They can go anywhere, do anything for anybody without any apparant resaons and proof. Their proofs and allegations are like those they have shown in their CD Scandal. In the past and still now, they are killing and beating mercilessly in the name of their own $hit reasoning and proofs.

    Sometimes do write a unbiased version yar… But I know, you can not coz you are also one of those who is sponsered by the donations drawn by those caders. When there are no donations, you can not sustain this blog. So it is clear that why you condemn the business shutdown!

    Later on their may come a biggest jerk ever Mr Prachande and will say: this was a mistake and may ask for a forgiveness… Nakacharooo …

    Aru lae k ko dhanda.. Ghar gawee lae khan ko dhanda… Mr Wagle!

  4. haha Avatar

    Hye UWB team,
    how far can you guys go to support these maoist? Eventhough i hate shutdowns i 100% support this shutdown. We really nead to get rid of these f*k-ing barbarians and their forceful donation collection

  5. noname Avatar

    I do not know how successful is the idea of Business bandha. The successful part will be to stop giving taxes and asking all the international donors to boycott Nepalese government and put it in harsh sanctions. I have already asked the Business community that I know of to do so. Another thing I have done (in cooperation with others) is to ask the International Governments to declare Nepal a failed terrorist state.

  6. What would u do Avatar

    If YOU got your a$$ trashed by the Maoist??? Your article makes the victims look like the culprits when you should be focusing on the root of the problem.

    Oh wait … were you (the author) by any chance at the woodlands?

  7. mahesh cumar Avatar
    mahesh cumar

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  8. Boombastic! Avatar

    Wagle doesn’t get it! SPAM and their ilks can call bandhs and stuff whenever they fcuking fancy and for any reason and it’s ok with him. But, when the business community have decided that “enough is enough” and to show solidarity with Mr. Shrestha, decide to call for a bandh, it’s deplorable, huh?

    Let people feel the pinch. Then, may be they’ll be able to see that this Maoist machinery needs to be stopped and its recalcitrant powers curtailed.

    Prachanda and Co. are now going to lie through their teeth and claim that it was not them who unleashed the wrath of demons upon Mr. Shrestha.

    This bandh is legitimate and needed at this juncture!

  9. Sankar Avatar

    Dear Business people, yes, request to international communites to declare Nepal a failed terroeist state. And Nepal needs Army rule to save the Nation

  10. U2 Avatar


    Quit bitching about having been without the Net for an hour. And how is internet service in Nepal an ESSENTIAL service anyway? What percent of Nepalese have access to the Net? How many Nepalese will starve by being without the Net for one hour? The Maoists commit a violent crime in the heart of the city and all you can think of is access to the Net? GROW UP !!!!

    Besides, it was YOUR spam gurus who taught us Nepalese that the only way to be heard in Nepal is to shut down the country. Nepali businesses are simply utilizing the same methods. AND WE APPLAUD AND SUPPORT THEM. The taste of your own medicine can be quite bitter, no?

  11. HIVman Avatar



  12. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    I am surprised that the maoists haven’t accused the palace for buying the businessmen and orchestrating this whole thing to derail the peace process.

    Anyways, here is the highlights:

    4 weeks ago: prachanda says that their weapons were swept away by floods and burnt in fire

    3 weeks ago: prachanda claims that the palace is going to assasinate US officials. The American ambassador is still asking for proof.

    2 weeks ago: prachanda says palace is going to assasinate all political leaders

    1 week ago: maoists present the CD as a proof that the palace has plans to assasinate political leaders

    today: Maoists beat up a businessman as he didn’t ‘donate’ money

    1 week later: Maoists are in the government

  13. Nepali Avatar

    What Maoist did is completely WRONG….
    They are digging their own Grave…by such kinds of activities…..

    I hope Nepali people will let them know by their right to VOTE..if there will be any Fair Election anytime soon…

    And on the other hand….business community announcing “Nepal Bandha” and closer of all business sector. Including shutting down the internet is condemnable.

    They should come up with better, creative and effective way to Protest. …

    It seems that, the chair Person…Binod Chaudhary lacks decision making skill and gets played by the situation like this…….Yesterday condemning about the BANDHA announced by other organization….Today is announcing the BANDHA……what a shame…….!!!



  14. Sunil Avatar

    Media Communications Center
    September 21, 2006
    The Anatomy of a Maoist Extortion – “Time to think of protecting ourselves”

    Editor: Dr Thomas Marks

    (Courtesy: Account of events provided by eye witnesses and summarized by our local correspondent in Kathmandu)

    It is time again to talk again of protecting ourselves. The Maoists behave in such rampant, undisciplined manner, people beg for protection. The government, with its outside friends, who have words and money but not much else, will not do the first thing demanded of them: protect us.

    What the Maoists Call “Peace”

    How do the Maoists play the game? We could choose from hundreds of episodes, but let us take only one. On August 27th, a gang of 25 ultra-Maoists – the type who spout the labels they teach the children they kidnap – the words of hatred, the false categories of “oppressed” and “oppressor” – came to Nepal Dairy, Mahaboudha, Kathmandu.

    They were armed, as they always are, in violation of the agreements, but they hid the weapons in their bags. But they made sure all knew they were armed. Claiming to represent the Maoist-affiliated trade union, they barged into the kitchen, bakery, and fast food outlet and forced all present to join them in a mass meeting “to empower the workers.” They were arrogant, like criminals, humiliated and insulted one and all, especially the management.

    They tried to impose a Maoist trade union on the workers, although virtually all of the staff and workers agreed that such matters were internal concerns of the industry and signed the minutes that the staff could harmoniously work with the management and mutually settle any problems that arose.

    This mattered nothing to the Maoists. They are trying by force to establish their union in industries and factories so that they can paralyze the government by closing down business as and when negotiations fail. They have no goal other than to disrupt business and eventually close down businesses when they need to do so to cripple the country.

    As the Maoists threatened the workers, they were helpless. A complete failure of law and order meant there was no one to come to the rescue. Management decided to call the Nepal police.

    A group of police came, but they also were helpless. Obeying the agreements, they did not have arms! Looking to the fast developing crowd in the courtyard, the Maoist thugs departed.

    Temporarily, the problem was solved, but the Maoists vowed retaliation.

    This would be only a matter of time, because there is no security, and the government has turned a blind eye to the problem that the industries are facing everyday. The concerned ministers seem more interested in photo opportunities with foreign delegates instead of pragmatically solving problems.

    What are we to say when this is the present state of affairs at the grassroots level right in the heart of the capital, Kathmandu? Is it any surprise that businessmen are confused if they should continue to struggle to keep their businesses going?

    Nepal Dairy, established in 1980, is the leading private dairy and food processing industry in Nepal. It has four dairy-based fast food outlets and more than 300 affiliated retail outlets. Its total investment is to the tune of 90 millions of Nepali rupees. It has given direct employment to 200 staff and indirectly supported more than 7,000 farm families by procuring milk and other agricultural products.

    None of this reality seems to matter in the make-believe world of the Maoists.

    Maoist Way of Doing Business

    One of the Maoists, as he left, threatened one of the management, saying, “This guy should be wrapped up in a jute Bag” – the way of killing the Maoist thugs have used before, especially in our countryside. They are no different from the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, who used the same methods.

    Following this incident, the owner/operator, Dr. Heramba Rajbhandary, informed the Chief District Officer and the concerned ministry. All the major political parties were informed about the incident informally. After that, Dr. Rajbhandary and son stopped taking calls from outsiders and stayed away from public places.

    This did not matter, since on September 16th, the Maoist thugs returned.

    Again, it was about 25 Maoists who appeared. They entered the residence of Dr. Rajbhandary in Lalitpur and thrashed him and his son while they were still at bed in the morning. Remaining female family members were helpless. Dr. Rajbhandary is 74!

    Nepal Police were present, but they could not stop beating and just watched the incident helplessly. In fact, it was factory workers who came and stopped the attempted abduction of Dr. Rajbhandary and his son.

    Dr. Rajbhandary is being treated at Bir Hospital. The Maoists threatened the family members not to release the information to media, but this correspondent has learned the truth from the witnesses.

    The workers say there were no problems or issues between management and employees in the company. No staffs had been sacked. Problems such as existed were created by Maoists themselves in their effort to achieve their goal of control over the industry.

    Some media have reported differently, but that is the way things are now in Nepal. Many media traffic in lies. I do not need to name them here.

    Where does this leave us? Industry is the backbone of the country. Nepal government is not in the position to protect its citizens much less its industries. The Maoist goons have not stopped their extortion, their abductions, and their threats against people who differ with their wild ideas.

    In such a situation, what hope is there for the true peace that Nepalis long for so desperately? A Constitutional Assembly can’t be achieved with this type of actions and mentality by the Maoist thugs. Nepali people yearn for a lasting peace and prosperity in the country, not the imposed “peace” that the criminals have brought to our homes.

    There are only several options in such circumstances.

    If the Maoists want peace, their leaders must use their disciplined members to end the reign of terror being inflicted on us by the criminal elements.

    If they will not do this, then the Nepal Police must again carry weapons and must be supported by the Armed Police Force and the NA.

    If none of them will do this, then the people must organize and arm themselves.

    “All power to the soviets,” claimed the Maoist god, Lenin. Are the Maoists so foolish not to see that we, the businesses and the workers, are the “soviets”?

    It is time for Nepalis to fight back. If our government will not protect us, we must protect ourselves.

    (Note: The individuals who provided this report to Nepali Perspectives wish to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals. Speaking out in Nepal, as past atrocities have demonstrated, is unsafe).

    Pictures associated with “The Anatomy of a Maoist Extortion”

    Nepali Maoists force dairy workers to hear their indoctrination.

    These pictures document how Maoist thugs intimidated and forced Nepali Dairy Staff to sit through one of their indoctrination sessions – in the middle of a working day, in broad daylight, in the heart of Kathmandu.

    Note the Maoist thugs in camouflage pants, idolizing their boss Pushpa Dahal with t-shirts, donning Pushpa’s smiling face.

    Here’s a question for SPA leaders to answer: “Are SPA district level cadre even allowed to hold rallies/meetings on their own accord or do they still need permission from their Maoist bosses? Because here’s irrefutible evidence of the Maoists holding “meetings” at their will, on the SPA’s turf.”

    Nepali Maoists force dairy workers to hear their indoctrination.

    Some food for the SPA to think about…

    Picture-2 – “The Anatomy of a Maoist Extortion”

    This image says it all. No more need be said. Click to enlarge and study in detail, the manner in which the individuals are being held against their will.

    Note once more, there is sufficient information based off these images to do one of a combination of the following:

    At a minimum, launch an investigation and track down the goons in camouflage. Three faces are crystal clear in this image itself.

    Obtain testimony from any number of seated individuals and then proceed to issue warrants for the arrest of those conducting the indoctrination (intimidation/unionisation) session.

    All those who work to guarantee human rights in Nepal should work double-time to guarantee that no harm comes to any of the victims of this gross violation.

    Send e-mails/letters/faxes to every human rights organization operating in Nepal, regionally and internationally, to appraise them of what is happening in Nepal.

    Send this link ( to the head of the UN mission in Nepal who claims that “human rights violations have gone down.” Ask him to compare notes with another report that hit the media two days earlier: Nepal UN chief says government control in countryside eroding. Help these people get their facts straight.

    Links/e-mail address to prominent human rights organizations:,,,

    If no action is taken to apprehend, question and if found guilty, jail the guilty parties in the image above, demand resignations starting from the top of the chain of command – First Krishna Sitaula, then the Chief of Police and moving down the ladder.

    No one has the right to violate anyone else’s rights. This is the most FUNDAMENTAL human right.


    Dr Thomas Marks is a Honolulu-based political risk consultant; author of a number of benchmark works on Maoist insurgency.

  15. Roshan Avatar

    We should not take this bundh called by the Business organisation as bad move as it is a protest which reflect the continuty of Maoist barbarism against busineses in the country eventhough they are in mainstream politics.

    why on earth these business owners should be subject to such humiliation??? To save the integrety of the business community they have right to protest in their own way as long as they do not resort to the violance.

    A bitter truth is that the Maoist Cadre so called YML are thinking themself as the ruler than just an ordinary nepalese.
    These thughs have been tought nothing but gain power through the means of violance by their so called leaders so WHAT SHOULD WE EXPEXT FROM THEM?

    this is a question mark to the all nepalese ‘How much you are prepared to put up with Maoist barbarism???

    Wagle Ji, King had shut down the service for whole week & without any notification & we all know that it was dictetorship however here the Internet provider have given very clear message that when the service will be down & why?
    Why don’t you support their cause so the solution the existing problem will be made & internet will be back to normal or you may wish to continue with you judgement with low level of self orinted analyse of the situation & comment on it irresponsibly.
    Thanks, Rosan

  16. replytoall Avatar

    Wagle, you are the the voice of all the problematic mentality of Nepal. maoist nuthugger.

  17. shayam Avatar

    Good one shekhar mayavi, I don’t understand what these jungalee are trying to do. They think they are above the law. We should wipe out these bastard maoist from our peaceful (used to be) nation.

  18. shayam Avatar

    These maoist are dacoit actually they only wanted to make money by looting people. They can’t make money by hard working after all they all are used to with looting people easy money these Virappan prachande daku is just blah blahing all over the country.

  19. shayam Avatar

    Guys did you read this article it is natak , Gohi ko aasu prachande ko dekhaune daat…Prachanda expresses sorrow over attack on hotelier, promises to punish guilty

    Kantipur Report

    KATHMANDU, March 19 – Maoist Chairman Prachanda said Monday that his party would take action against those responsible for Sunday’s attack on a business entrepreneur at Durbar Marg in the capital.

  20. matribhumi Avatar

    Is anyone planning to send any of the Maoist leaders to heaven ? I am thinking it should not be too hard and considering what they have done, one does not need to blame Paras for the deed. There are plenty who visit this website that are willing to do so. Any ideas or plans ?

  21. matribhumi Avatar

    Krishna Bahadur Mahara can continue to go on and screw his mother and tell the world he did not do it. The problem with these terrorists is this:


    Whay is that so hard to understand ?

  22. Pakhribas Avatar

    Guys, you have forgotten the main point of why the bandh was called. Was it not because Girija Babu wouldn’t even listen to the businessmen? Isn’t it the job of the PM to entertain the business community in these times of stress (distress?). What was so important for Girija that he could not even listen to the complaints of the Nepal business community. It’s not rocket science…it’s not like this is the first time…’s not like S*itaula has been doing his job…..!

    And what are all the other dogs doing???…just fighting over the bone(s). Even that they can’t make a decision as to who is to get what!

    You know….if it wasn’t so sad….it would be damn funny!

  23. savingnepal Avatar

    WAGLE, Shut up with your propaganda you MAOIST.

    DO not forget that the fact you are a maoist is not hidden from other maoists who really know your true affiliations.

    if you get beaten up like one Mr. Hari Shrestha, then I am SURE you would not complain about not having internet for an hour.


  24. Suntali ko pooe Avatar
    Suntali ko pooe

    Q. What are the two greates lies ?

    A. 1) Black is beautiful

    2) Prachande is a poltician, not a terrorist.

    Q. How do you know if a woman is wearing underwear ?

    A. Look for dandruff on her shoes.

  25. Sarki ko choro Avatar
    Sarki ko choro

    Maoists are the biggest Fascist of present time.

  26. Nepali People's Rights Forum Avatar
    Nepali People’s Rights Forum

    Apparent Appatide for Democracy:

    The royalists are having great time now backfiring on the Maoists. Who knows what happened with the hotel owner – the proporitor? But the business comminity took to the street perhaps out of their frustrations and anger over all previous bitter experience.

    —It is dangerous for business community to call for the indefinite strike

    —It is not at all good for the Maoists to continue with their old bulling habits and taking properties and cash of innocent people in the name of donation.

    –Maoists cadres are having double staandard – getting money from the government and looting the people in the name of donation.

    –Maoists cadres need to be descipilined and business community must be careful that their act does not jeopardise the democracy.

    –There are many royalists on this blog and all over the internet back firing with the intention to down play with the democracy.

    –Maoists leaderships have apologized and promised to investigate the situation asap and will punish the cadres that are involved beating businessman.

    –This is shame on the Maoists. But we should not allow the royalists and regressive forces to take the unnecessary advantage of the situation.

    I hope the SPA are thinking to resolve the situation and speaking with supporting evidence – not at will “whatever one likes.”

    Speek without supporting evidence turns political situation worst. This has been the political ligacy of Nepal.

    This is ladus of the royalists.

    RPP Royalist chair person Sharma has given the ultimate to create havoc in Nepal and this situation should be caught up with that wave.

    RPP Royalists are trying to put oils on this fire and how we have to prevent is the responsibility of all Nepali.

  27. pidit Avatar

    “Maoists leaderships have apologized and promised to investigate the situation asap and will punish the cadres that are involved beating businessman. ”

    This statement makes me laugh. I know one murder case and it was filed against Prachande, baburam and 3 other maoist cadres. Now those 3 cadres are facing 4 years jail term but look at prachande and baburam, they are having their good time. I hope their good time wont last too long.

  28. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    Alright, no need to make a fuss. Comrade Prachanda has said that they will investigate and punish the culprit. As we all know, he never lies. He is a man of his word, haina ta? As NPRF says “This is shame on the Maoists. But we should not allow the royalists and regressive forces to take the unnecessary advantage of the situation.” Yeah right, no matter what Maoists do at the end of the day they support democracy and that’s all that matters. The Maoists may kill, extort or even rape somebody but that’s insignificant. The primary task is to wipe away the royalists who have burnt our houses, raped our women, enslaved and whipped us for no reason since time immemorial. NPRF , on a serious note, let me tell you this-anyone who supports Maoists/communists or has sympathy towards them by definition has no desire or respect for democracy. I have added you in my list of hypocrites.

  29. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    “It is not at all good for the Maoists to continue with their old bulling habits and taking properties and cash of innocent people in the name of donation.”

    Really? What a insightful observation!! Must have been quiet an effort to get to that conclusion! Bravo. Keep up your good work.

  30. sonam Avatar

    shut everything down in nepal, so that the politicians can get their act together.
    Sack the home minister.

  31. Guyfromktm Avatar

    its funny that UWB finds everything that is anti-maoists to be deplorable and highly so….

  32. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Maoists are indirectly encouraging the Royalists to take over. Or comrades are not listening to their leaders any more. The way it’s going on Maoists as a political party will cease to exist sooner than we are expecting. I can say safely that Maoists politicians are out, Ethnic politicians are in.

  33. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    The Maoists have really screwed up too many times – first the whole terai incident cost alot of political capital. The worst part is that they are still blaming reactionary forces. This ‘reactionary’ element has become easy for politians, maoists, self-made up wanna be intellectuals like Nepali Rights Fourm or something like that Bulls*it to put the blame on. It’s a sad state of affairs really.

  34. matribhumi Avatar

    I am a ROYALIST becasue I am so anti-Maoist that I cannot even come close to being friends with them.

  35. Link to above post Avatar

    copy and paste the entire link in your browser

  36. matribhumi Avatar

    Whoever, wrote this article and compares the bandh to the abduction and beating of a civilian in a country that has law, courts and a constitution is blatantly abusing the freedom they have.

    The terrorists who are terrorizing the citizens of Nepal are these drug addicts from the Jungles who have no rule to live by, no civilized manner of behaving.

    What they need is a thrashing judging by the current situation the way this can be done is if all citizens pick up arms and find every guy who carries a red flag and hunt that bastard down. If there is no security then one has to arm themselves and this is the situation in Nepal in the capital.

    Today it was the businessman, tomorrow it can be you, your father, your brother, or your sister or mother. What would you do then ? Just keep quiet.

    These bastards are bringing in a revolution that is hurting innocent people. Aim to kill sons of Mahara. Prachanda, Babu ram. That will hurt them the most, if other terrorists die it is not going to affect them, until their children are slaughetered.

    Theer are ample people I have met who are willing to take on this path, and perhaps it is time that these terrorists know this. Perhaps the best way is Wagle or Neil telling your bosses warning them that the more they intimidate innocent civilians by doing these activities the closer we are in joining hands with Mr. G and his Son and taking your kids away from you.

  37. HIVman Avatar

    you can still be nationalist without being royalist or maoist!

    both are selfish and autocratic by nature!

  38. tarai2280 Avatar

    CPN-M has times and again showed that they do not belive in the democratic values and have no regard for the law of the land. Now its clear they are enjoying full support from the NC.

    They havn’t been punished for their involvement in Lahan and also not been responsible in other voilent incidents following it.

    They need to be given lesson on how to behave in democratic society. Above all oppurtunistic Situla has to be fired to let the justice survive.

  39. Shaman Avatar

    C’mon guys, gameplan is really simple.

    Whatever the Maoists will do, they will not be held responsible or accountable at this stage by the Home Minister. However, we may deplore/criticize his lack of courage or inaction, he is going to be there as home minister. All the ministers may change, but he is going to stay put as Home Minister.

    The reason is simple. If he resigns then the MJF will take the spotlight away from the Maoists in Terai as they were the first ones demanding Situala’s resignation; and the Maoists would not let that happen. The SPA would not let resign Situala because they want the MJF to counter the Maoists in Terai. If he resigns then the whole applecart is upset both stakeholders. Both SPA and Maoists will retain Situala anyways because of their interests. So Situala will be there as Home Minister whether we like it or not.

  40. Neil Horning Avatar

    If the Maoists did indeed do this the strike seems justified to me. If they did not do this they best provide exonerating evidence. I’m going to see if I can get a response from them on this issue today or tomorrow.

    all should keep in mind that it is not unheard of for nefarious people to act on behalf of the Maoists. Case in point:

  41. pontiff Avatar

    I have had it with Wagle- I visted this site to give him benefit of doubt but now with this piece of shit- his cover is blown. In my eyes, he ain’t any different than guy the name of SHIT-OULA. Lets all boycott this site, I mean it. This guy is over the top with propoganda and the intent is very dangerous.

  42. pontiff Avatar


  43. Kirat Avatar

    wagleji-like i said the govt. only listens to strikes so what alternative did the business men have?

  44. mahila  sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    Dear All, Why are we even surprised by this Maoist thug’s action and government reaction. This government is run by stupid people who allowed King to takeover and now they are papmpering Maoist thugs which envetually will beat them to pulp. These stupid SPA still does not get it !! and Wagleji is very concerned about black listed people in demonstration but he is not worried about murdere, kidnappers and rapist in parliament and will be in government also. I can understand why this bahun wagle is anti business because this field is dominated by Marwaris and Newars with sprinkling of other people. Nevertheless they all are victim, Maoist does not distinguish on caste or creed they are only after their loot and power. Businessmen should stop paying tax and stop giving all the revnue becasue this government does not have mandate of people, this government can not provide basic security to people and this government has no moral right to govern at all. Once this government falls then only we can think of new nepal by wiping out all the Maoist and SPA bastards and Royalist. People of Nepal must wipe out old power structure then only ture revolution will begin.

    Jai Nepal

  45. haha Avatar

    I totally agree with you MATRIBHUMI,

    “””I am a ROYALIST becasue I am so anti-Maoist that I cannot even come close to being friends with them. “””

    I so f*king hate those junglees that i would rather have “Maila Dai” back than to even think about these barbarians sons of b**tches

  46. scoop Avatar

    Smugglers and bank-defaulters shut down the country because a notorious operator of flesh trade was given a good thrashing! Nepal Pashupatinath ko na ver pashuharu ko desh ho ki kya ho!

  47. prem Avatar

    All the thugs are commenting in this blog. Who has forced them to give the comments and read what wagle ji writes in his blog. Its private one and should be noted that no one has been forced to browse this website. How can you shut down internet? Whats the difference between king and internet supplier. They were shouting when king shut down internet and other media things. Now the same people are shuting down the internet. what a ridiculous things has to be hear. I am so surprised by the people who gave comment in this blog, saying maoists are so and so? Have you ever tried to follow laws any kind of which everyone is supposed to follow? Tell honestly, if you have done so? Girija did not listen businessman voice untile they went for indefinite strike. These businessman thugs are the one who opposed such kind of shut down. Now they are promoting it. How can we believe on such thugs who they are working for. Country is suffering from various problems, is it right time to go for such activities? of course not if you guys are responsible for the nation.

    God will curse Girija first since he is the one who created this situation.

    Jai corruption free Nepali peoples’ mind and corruption free society.

    Wagle ji carry on the right thing what you been doing, dog barks, never be able to bite you. God bless you.

  48. w Avatar

    Mahara says that his party workers were not involved and then Prachanda says that his party has already “punished” those involved in the attack. What nonsense is this?

  49. Kirat Avatar

    scoop-you are like Prachanda seeing ‘conspiracies’ in everything!

  50. Guyfromktm Avatar

    Neil.. you are to be lauded for the positive outlook you have about the Maoists.. am sure even the Maoists themselves won’t be so hard core than you are. And yeah, nefarious people will alwaysbe acting on behalf of someone as people like you would like to beleive.. but that doesn’t absolve the terrorists from what they have done and are doing to this nation… am sure the political parties will say that the same nefarious groups were hatling development of thise country during late 90s and early 2000, teh King will say that that same nefarious people were acting to bring his givernment down and now, people like you believe that the Maoists can do no wrong and someone else is acting on their behalf for all the wrong doings… congrats on the great analysis and your attempt to sway public opinion in favor of the terrorists…. but, alas, that is not going to happen.

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