Surya Bahadur Thapa Interview: Hidden Messages?

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle’s Web Log

Surya Bahadur Thapa has appeared in TV today in a very suspicious manner to defend the king. Former Prime Minister Thapa, who formed his Rastriya Janashakti Party after the royal takeover of Feb 2005, today told Kantipur TV’s Fire Side program (hosted by Bhusan Dahal) that the Interim Parliament has no right to take any action against the monarchy. “This parliament is not sovereign,” Thapa, a lifelong royalist who was instrumental in repressing democratic movement in the dark autocratic days of pre-1990 Panchayat system, said. “Only the Constituent Assembly can decide on big national issues. We shouldn’t give importance to who says what. The king can’t have any impact.” Thapa, who was nominated the Prime Minister by Gyanendra after the king with autocratic ambition, dismissed a democratically elected Prime Minster in 2002, also categorically said: “The time hasn’t come for republic.”

Thapa said: “When you talk about taking action [against king], you are taking about an individual. A person has given [the statement], how can you strike against the other [monarchy]?” Thapa said, “Let’s wait for a few days and see how the government acts [on the parliaments directive to take action against king].

Meanwhile the government today formally condemned the king for giving out the Democracy day statement without its approval or knowledge. “This is unconstitutional, undemocratic, unauthorized, condemnable and contentious,” government spokesperson and information minister Dilendra Prasad Badu told reporters. “The cabinet has decided to take appropriate action against king based on political understanding [with ruling parties.]

These views from government and Thapa come at a time when rumors are doing rounds in Kathmandu that yet another coup, from military, is being mulled in foreign land. Even Prachanda mentioned about such rumors the other day. This must be noted that Surya Bahadur Thapa visited India for about three weeks recently. He came back to Nepal two weeks ago. We have no information what Thapa was doing in India and whom he met. There are many such forces who will not hesitate to exploit and sabotage the current fluid situation in Nepal? Is there any coincidence between Thapa coming to the press and the dubious Upendra Yadav of Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum (MJF or MPRF) re-starting the agitation in Terai for no reason? Will any sensible person believe that MJF is restarting the agitation that clearly threatens the social and communal harmony in Nepal just because they didn’t get Home Minister’s resignation? In addition to this, there is no surety that Yadav will not launch another round of agitation after the Home Minister resigns. He might come with another excuse as he as done in the recent past. That is because he is not deciding for himself; he is working for someone else who wants to create havoc in Nepal.

Thapa was asked if he was leading an alliance of pro-king groups. He didn’t categorically deny but said: “Kathmandu is a country that is engulfed by gossips and rumors etc.” He said a broad democratic alliance was necessary to save the sarbamanya prajantra (democracy of wide acceptance) and [to act] against the dictator.” He didn’t elaborate about sarbamanya democracy but it could be easily understood that he was dismissing the democratic republic (or loktantrik ganatantra) and using the “sarbamanya prajantra” term instead.

“Who is that dictator?” Thapa was asked.

“That will show up itself in a few days,” Thapa said.

“Who do you think monarchy is closer to: democratic forces or dictatorship?” Thapa was asked.

“You can’t see him closer to either force if you see the statement,” Thapa said. “Monarchy is not the topic for debate. [This whole debate on monarchy] is just a diversion from the main issue.”

In the interview with KTV Surya Bahadur Thapa cleverly avoided answering the question on the possibility of CA election by mid-July though he repeatedly stressed on the argument that only CA can do whatever is needed to be done. “Do you think CA election could be held by Jestha?” Bhusan asked. Thapa replied: “No one can end this uncertainty. Only CA can. The sooner the CA comes, the uncertainty will go. But whatever activities are happening….sovereign people are now hostage of Maoists.”

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63 thoughts on “Surya Bahadur Thapa Interview: Hidden Messages?

  1. I agree the monarchy issue has be to be decided after the CA elections. Just because Prachanda’s is worried about how badly he has messed up in Terai or the fact that he is going to win a small minority of seats in parliment, he can’t go around demanding Nepal be made into a republic. Prachanda is really in no position to demand anything.

  2. “Gyanendra deserves death penalty according to Hindu religion”

    Republic is necessary to penalize Gyanendra, who is more a businessman than a king. Who does not know in nepal that he killed Birendra and his family? We all know he used to amass wealth by smuggling god’s idols, narcotics, gold and gaida ko khaag.
    He is a culprit, the sinner of all sinners and according to our Hindu religion, he deserves no less than death penalty. Death penalty is given only to sinful kings according to all our Hindu scriptures. If you read Mahabharat, Ramayan, Puran, you see death penalties given only to the kings and not to the common people.
    So according to our holy scriptures, Gyanendra deserves to taken to the courst, his crimes investigated and death penalty be conferred with all Hindu rituals; baajaa-gaajaa and jaatraa before Lord Vishnu is obliged to come down to the earth and demolish him, like he has done to all evil kings.

    Hindu Republic of Nepal

  3. I can’t believe how stupid these royalists are…they keep adding fuel to the Maoist monsters fire.

  4. I can’t believe how stupid these SPAMmers are…they keep adding fuel to the Royalists’ fire.

    Just when one thought one had seen it all. What are the chances we’ll see SOMETHING similiar to 01/02/2005 again?

  5. gorkhaligurung:
    Hey just out of curiosity which King in the Mahabharat, Ramayan or any of our purans received the death penalty? I just want to brush up on my knowledge of our purans.


  6. We laugh and laugh and laugh and still can’t stop laughing at the mentality and astute knowledge of SPAMmers. LOL.

    You guys are just brilliant. Still dragging on with HM King and still not able to deliver one single positive for Nepal.

    And the best part is the discussion that you all do.

    Left hand’s 3 finger salute to you all.

  7. Dinesh Ji

    SInce I happened to follow many information provided by your goodself and enjoy reading your blog as well. In this context I request you not to MISGUIDE ur fan like me by giving wrong informations like in this topic…SBT was in INdia visit recently. Pls verify it (at least Gopal@kantipur reporter from New Delhi can justify it) …ITS 100% UNTRUE. This type of MISLEADING INFROMATION will tarnish ur brand image.

    Regarding other points, I respect your thoughts though I have my own. My only open thought is EXTREMISM should be not prevail whether its Kind G or Comm. Prachanda. At one time SPA + Maoist were instrumental to fight against the Authoritarian rule and now its high time to voice against the Moiast “Jyadatiz” like chanda atankaz, beating Congress Cadres in districts, beating UML cadres in Rolpa and obvious ones like panchas. Also if we are really heading for TRUE DEMOCRATIC NATION let the great people of this country decide its fate, make the environment free and friendly. In today’s Nepal, I strongly beleive that even “Indre ko Bau Chandre” cant stop the great Nepalese people to establish and institutionalise TRUE sense of DEMOCRACY if given a chance to vote in free n fair manner. Lets allow all including King n pachas to go to voters without threat, let them give chance to put their Idoelogies also….and lets defete the regressive force from ballots.Let this Ballot be acceptible to all and for good. This is DEMOCRACY from my understanding.

    Democracy RULZ!!!

  8. Now, there is someone talking. Way to go Sathya Tathya.

    Though, the fact of the matter remains is that darkened dreaded situation we are in today is because of SPA! Nepal was so peaceful…if anyone is 20 years or over must be remembering the pre-1990s days.

    Nepal – A mecca for gentle hippies now beset by vicious SPAM guerrillas. (with due respect to the eternal Bob Seger)

  9. I agree that CA should decide fate of the king but G is increasingly becoming a monster. Lets forget the massacre for a moment, but i think we know well enough he is behind this whole madhes thing. Could a man go to such extent of endangering his country’s nationality for the sake of power? well given G’s history, i think yes.

    The point is CA might save G or it might not but whatever be the outcome, G will remain the same. And that is no good.

  10. Great conpiracy?

    – MPRF people was arrested on 16th Jan, later to be released after.
    Does MPRF told govt to arrest them , so that they become popular in
    madhesi. Great conpiracy?
    – Maoist killed Ramesh Mahato on 19th Jan (The day after Maoist joined
    temple of democracy). Does any one told maoist to kill MPRF boy, so
    that he becomes martyr in front of people. Great conspiracy ?
    – Maoist take hold of Ramesh dead body, and criminated forcefully ?
    Great Conspiracy ? Does people told maoist to criminate dead body
    forcefully, so that people come in solidality of incidence. Great
    – Prachanda statement “Gangsters & Criminals” are in protest. Millions
    of people embraced the punch line, in honour. Great Conspiracy?
    – Prachanda wanted to use Army & PLA militia to suppress people
    protest. People listened the golden word peacefully. Great conspiracy?
    – Generals Dilip Shumser Rana also wanted to use Army against people
    protest. later Generals Dilip Shumser Rana was summoned to NA head
    quarter. Great Conspiracy?
    – Maoist have started intervening part meets of NC, UML, NSP, MPRF,
    NFIN. Arjun Narsingh KC denounced the forceful undemocratic act. Great

  11. The discrepancy in weapon registration and the maoist fighters leaving the camps sound more controversial than the king’s message. Dinesh Wagle ji do you have updates on that also ? I don’t understand the motivation behind above article. So, now the king can’t speak and his supporters also can’t say anything ? Madhav Nepal had warned that there will be a hindu uprising on Shivaratri in favor of monarchy. Instead the king got stoned. Now, you sense conspiracy in what SBT has said. The obsession with the king has given an excuse for the govt. to overlook the real issues in Nepal. According to a recent survey in one of the articles in Nepali Times the republic agenda and the king are the last thing people are concerned about. Simply getting rid of the king is not equal to total democracy.

  12. Nationalize Surya Bahadur Thapa’s ill gotten properties from Panchayat Era. Teach him a lesson for speaking against Democracy. He made the King rich and on the way enriched himself.

    To stop people like him on track:
    1. Send the King to exile.
    2. Declare People’s Republic of Nepal
    3. Form Interim Government

  13. LOL. Now, now look who is talking about ill-gotten wealth. LOL, our dearest SPAM corrupt terrorist warlords. The same people whose sons and daughters are in PH-OREN lands, with the help of their mommies’ and daddies’ wealth earned with 17 year long corruption and terrorism and aid money, and making these posts.

    LOL. Kids, eh? So now that you are getting the stick, feeling the heat, and being taught a lesson or two in Democracy (without any violent means) you are not able to take the lessons?

    Ummm, I can understand. Maoists are getting beaten in their own game by the Madhesis. And without the M, the SPA is like a cane without it’s balls (yeah right, I am talking about that).

    So uh. Uh. Spreading violence. LOL. Call us Royalist/Monarchist/Feudalist/Regressive/Hindu Fundamentalist/etc. the thing is you are getting it bad.
    Can’t take up any more challenge? Can’t take up an opposition? Oh yes, you can’t! Your supreme warlord commander Pushpa Dahal already retaliated your visions of having a Democractic Parliament without an opposition party. The past is coming to haunt you. The ill-gotten money of your warlord families (SPAM) is coming to haunt you.

  14. ” shekhar mayavi (02:20:26) :”,

    Mate, thanks for reminding me. People are most concerned about the feudalistic, terrorist, warlords – Prachanda and GPK!

    The most destructive forces in Nepal.

  15. noname:
    Nepalese people are capable of getting rid of one bad apple at a time.
    The King and the Royalists are first to go.

  16. noname is back for yet another round of hard spanking. Great!

    For those people who say that the King is behind the Madeshi movement I would ask you to hold your horses for a second. I don’t deny that the Royalsts might have been instumental in adding fuel to the fire but let’s not lose sight of the fact that the Madeshi problem is a genuine problem! Madeshis are underrepresentated, discriminated against, desrespected and have always been made to feel like an outsider.

    Noname, being the idiot that he is, points out how peaceful Nepal was in the pre 1990 days. I should remind him respectfully (although his posts here have clearly shown he deservs otherwise) that these conflicts we see today were just brewing in the background. Panchayat days may have been quiet but let’s not forget that Madeshis were ill treated, other ethnic communities opressed while Bhun, chettri, newar trio monopolized and horded all power and influence.

    I don’t like spaM and I especially don’t like M. But let’s still put things into prespective without going into both extreams.

  17. In any case, I would like follow up and say the Maoists seem to have screwed themslves over. They are fighting with everyone – Madeshis, NC, UML cadres etc.


    By Prakash Bom

    It is time for Madhesi People to take Pre-caution on MPRF Leaderships

    Civil rights issues are not only of Madhesi people, but also of all Nepali people whose life is marginalized by the feudal oligarchic governance structures and its ruling elites. Who were and who are these ruling elites in the feudal oligarchic government of the monarchy? It is not statistically correct to point that they were and they are only Bramin, Newari and Chetri feudal elites even though in average they may be in majority among all ethnic groups. But equally the feudal oligarchic establishment has manipulated elites or feudal lords from all ethnic groups.

    All recent surveys (whether sponsored by the palace or otherwise) indicate that the regions along the India have more royalists than in the high lands. This is one of the statistical evidences that there were quite a number Madhesi elites or feudal lords in the recent previous royal governments (from Mahendra to Gyanendra). Therefore, the surveys may be true that there are indeed far more Madhesi royalists than other ethnic royalists at this point and time evolving against the achievements of the people’s movements II.

    If the following news is true and such measures MPRF leaderships have planned to be implemented then the motives of the MPRF is something else. It may be trying to topple the democratic achievements of the people’s movement II. Perhaps the followers do not know about the true motives of MPRF leaderships.

    [”The Madhesi People’s Rights Forum said its activists would block 22 trading points from today along Nepal’s border with neighboring India, which supplies the bulk of essential goods and fuel to the landlocked country.”- Source::: REUTERS 2/26/2007]

    The consequence of such program will devastated the daily lives of people in the first place; it will undermine the democratic politics and its developments; and slowly it will force the elections of the constituent assembly elections unattainable.

    It seems both care taking government and the leaderships of MPRF have failed to resolve civil rights issues through dialogues and conference. Why MPRF leaderships are not willing to dialogue with the government representatives is questionable. If they were honest with their movements then they will avoid such violent confrontations through dialogues. It is not wise to be too rigid with the demand of home minister’s resignation if MPRF leaderships had farsighted vision for the nation and for all Nepali people with their ethnic issues.

    Diversities in physiology are natural process with the genetic make-up and the DNA structures. However, the ethnic, cultural, religious, or linguistic diversities are learned social behaviors. They have evolved among certain group of humans in certain geographical regions at certain period. Overall, their motives and structures are identical yet apparently they had declared and they will still claim their difference and uniqueness with each other for their identity recognitions. This is how the birth of tribalism took place and superior tribes marginalized the weak ones. If all ethnic groups of Nepal at this transitional political period are protesting for their unique identity recognitions then they are in opposition with the 21st century’s mainstream doctrine of Democracy.
    Democracy on the other hand transcends the status quo of ethnicity, culture, tradition, religion and language with its universal premises and with its competitive electoral system. It rather becomes a melting pot under its fundamental doctrine that all men are equal to have their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Democracy makes social integration viable and workable with the rule of law.
    The primary tasks of democracy in a democratically declared nation is to protect the national integrity and the civil liberty of all citizens regardless of ethnic, cultural, religious, linguistic, economic and other differences. In order to accomplish the tasks democracy must build governance structures that allow people to rule (manage and develop) their constituencies on their own. This means restructuring the governance structure to abolish centrally controlled systems of the government that are governed by the privileged oligarchic elites. The best-known system for the governance structure of the 21st century’s mainstream democracy is ‘Federal Governance Structure.’
    If that is the objective of MPRF movement then leaderships must be committed to achieve such goals not only through the means of peaceful protests but also constructive dialogues with the government. If not, it is playing regressive role for violent come back of the monarchy. Once the county’s law and order gets crippled having home minister resign to create vacuum in the nation; then plotting murders of political leaders rampantly with masked ‘royalist Mandales’ is viable; then this will compel the Maoists go back to the jungle again to be wiped out the army. These are the plans of the royalists Madhesi elites and palace. SPAM leaderships and cadres, and the followers of MPRF must take pre-caution immediately on MPRF leaderships.

    • Form the Interim Government with the Maoist representations immediately
    • Have House of Representatives declare Nepal ‘The Federal Democratic Republic’
    • Amend the Interim Constitution according to the spirit of the declaration
    • Amend the Interim Constitution to accomplish electoral and democratic demands of all ethnic group – comply with the federal governance structure, proportional electoral, provision of the self-governance, autonomous of the regions (states), district (county), and city governments under the federal democratic constitution, bills and amendments.

    Once such provisions are amended in the Interim Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic then rest will be sorted out through dialogues upon many questions. Questions on ‘what kind of federalism we wish to adopt?’, ‘how many regions (state) governments, how many districts and city governments in each region?’, ‘Up to what level of government has provision of self-governance and autonomous?’, and so on. We will have to look into the models of federal governance structures – Swiss or New Zealander, Canadian or United States, French or Germany, Indian or Chinese and so forth – to answer these questions.

    SPAM & the House of Representatives must have visions to act with no delay. The time is getting late and if waited too long the regressive force will compel the king to take over the county. Their fundamental motive is to obstruct the Maoists from getting in the mainstream politics by making MPRF supporters, and JTTM cadres scapegoats. They have been successful so far and if they continue with this speed they will cripple the nation.

    Surya Bahadur Thapa’s interview is ambiguous and anti people’s movement II. He is afraid of the Maoists overtaking the country.

    Elections of the constituent assembly is to draft new constitution of Nepal for ‘Republic Nepal’ or ‘Feudal Oligarchic Nepal’. From king’s message it seems that he has no brain to be democratic. The brain plays a major role for change.

    So therefore it is he best choice for House of Representatives to decide what form of Democratic government the nation should adopt – ‘Federal Democratic Republic’ or ‘Feudal Oligarchic Democratic with the ceremonial monarchy’. Since the institution of the moncarchy is built up on the feudal oligarchic premises it with monachy as ceremonial the democracy cannot be people’s democracy. This means “back to Mangalman – kukur ko puchar jati pipe ma hale pani jasta ko talstai’.

    People lose and regressive feudal oligarchic force win – keep murdering statesmen and masacre the legimate royal family – ‘sati ko sarap lageko Nepal’. How could Suray’s mind be enlightened for the ‘people-power’… never…

  19. I like Prachanda’s sense of humor:

    Rivers swept our arms away: Prachanda


    BUTWAL, Feb 25 – In his rather puny attempt to satisfy critics that the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) kept many of their weapons back from the United Nations registration teams, Maoist Chairman Prachanda said here Sunday that the weapons registered with the UN were indeed less than the actual numbers as many of them were “swept away” by rivers while others were “burnt down”.

    Claiming that the allegation that Maoists had concealed many of the weapons was totally false and thus baseless, Prachanda said, “Many of our weapons that we had earlier seized from government security forces were burnt to ashes when Nepali Army soldiers set fire to houses in villages.”

    “Many other weapons were swept away while crossing rivers, and others were made dysfunctional due to various

    reasons,” he added.

    He also said accusations against Maoists were “mere conspiracy” hatched by those against constituent assembly election.

    Prachanda’s claims come after critics have termed 3,428 weapons to 30,852 combatants (in the seven main and 21 satellite cantonment sites) as disproportionate, as they claim that former rebels must have more weapons.

    The Maoist supremo also said there would never be equal number of rebel army and their weapons in anywhere in the world.

    “We have a large number of grenades and bombs with which we fought; but the UN team didn’t recognize them now,” he further clarified.

    ‘Interim govt within a week’

    He also revealed that the interim government including the Maoists would be formed within a week.

    “We will take over the Ministry of Information and Communications, besides others, in the interim government and will also discourage foreign investment in the media,” he said. “We’ve concluded that we require journalists for the making of new Nepal and for the institutionalization of the republic, but not foreign investment in this sector.”

    He also termed the recent movements by Madhesis and other indigenous groups as “conspiracy by feudal elements”.

    “Once we join the government, we will certainly voice the rights of the Madhesi people and other people of indigenous groups,” he added.

  20. Jay Madesh’s “LONG LIVE GYANENDRA” chant proves that the Indian govt. is behind all the recent uprising in the south.

  21. …and also:
    The Hindu fundamentalist were behind this since they want a secular Hindu state & want Indian control over Nepal at any cost.

  22. its funny that UWB tried to add credibility to its assumption by saying “even Prachanda talked about it the other day”. How times change, now we need to paraphrase terrorists to make our case more believable.

  23. If Maoists takes over the ministry of information & comm, it is the beginning of end for Nepal. I believe they will take over foreign ministry too. Shit ….

  24. This Surya Bahadur Thapa is a sick old guy. Greedy old bastards .. all our politicians. Wish they’d all die of leprosy one by one.

  25. This is for the Bhudai Pundit,

    Why do you loafer around here all the time, do not you have anything to do?

  26. Bhudai Pundit,

    You don’t need to say that everybody in this blog knows your tendency toward monarchy. You would be better talking like noname.

  27. Concerns and Grievances:

    i.) Careful you must be my fellow Nepalis, our unelected democratic leaders proclaim to be our democratic saviors, yet they do nothing democratic. They say they serve the interests of the people, yet partisan interests, always comes first. Inefficiency is rewarded, ignorance the norm and speaking out a crime.

    ii.) I care not if the king wants to speak out, if we can let Prachanda directly responsible for the murder of 13,000 people windbag his sycophancy and ideocracy, we sure can let the king speak out. To much attention is being directed to the monarchy while the main problem remains untouched.

    iii.) Let us not forget that there is a problem, but the political problem is superficial and though it is a precondition to all the other problems.

    iv.) This is not a democracy, this is the rule of the mob, people who are unelected running things, are illegal, and cannot claim to the arbiters of peoples power. They are not; they are the arbiters of gunpowder.

    v.) We must have CA to avoid military rule in Nepal, hopefully centrist leaders like Surya Bahadur Thapa have a sensible solution to our situation.

    vi.) Jaya Nepal!

  28. i watched surya budas interview…there were no hidden messages…..secondly- monarchy is an institution that has belonged to nepali history for over 240 yrs wheter some of us like it or not….so i agree with surya buda that the people should decide wheter they want gyaney or not….its not upto girija and prachanda to decide..its for us….and this article by dinesh has a lot of inaccuracies…surya buda has not been in india for 3 weeks recently…the truth is at the moment even a bhusya kukur and a 3 yrs old child can spit and say anyhting to gyaney…the only option left with the communists is to keep the public busy thinking wat gyaney does when the maos r still killing people everyday….what irony..lets be real! we have been screwed left right and corner by stunt politics….

  29. Wagle
    i thought you are very smart. unfortunatly i was wrong. You are just smart on writing and you are totally biased.
    Contry is in transitional phase and people like you put the fuel on fire.
    You think, you are smart journalist just because you are running this blog in english
    You are good enogh to write artilce on FILMY Khabar and Fashion not for political analysis.

  30. Lahure: Come here and put forth your arguments. Why do u care why I comment here often?

    Nepali: are you the same congressi student activist chumcha that I scolded a while back? I consider myself a moderate. I don’t like people who are extreamists like noname or youself. Nepal has been ruled by an autoractic monarchy and the political establishement – both were failures. So both of you need to shut your little pie hole.

  31. Of course, Wagle and his ilk would see conspiracy in everything – day before yesterday it was the Army General, then it was the King and now SBT. What SBT has said is relevant since it is us, the Nepalese people, who will decide on the fate of the King, not unelected Parliamentarians in the Interim Parliament as of now. Is it really the task of the Interim Parliament to oust the King? Is that what the mandate is? Perhaps you can clarify.

    As far as I can understand, the SPA government and the Maoists have not anything tangible to show except lip service of democracy, freedom and end of autocracy. Whole country is witnessing indefinite strikes, lockouts, bandhs and what these people are doing? Virtually nothing except dishing out bhasan in the Parliament. If all political parties feel that federalism is the way out, what is the model? Except the Maoists, none of the political parties have anything to show. The Maoists showed disproportionately low number of arms in comparison to the soldiers. Why none of the political parties or nagarik samaj as*holes have balls to protest? These parasites called nagarik samaj as*holes sit in front of the Singh Durbar to pressurize on nonsensical issues which has no relevance to the common man who simply wants to have secure and prosperous life.

    Really, Wagle talk about real issues like (1) poverty, (2) sense of desolation when you are trapped in middle of nowhere without food and water because some group burns the tyre and call for indefinite strike, (3) unemployment, (4) degradation of environment. These issues are more important than what SBT has to say or what the King has to say or what Prachanda declares.

  32. I agree with Ram Manohar that It was the act from Spam; then the voilence erupted into what it is now. SpAm are only trying to throw a smoke-screen and crate a sense of fearfulness so that their pathetic chance of ruling the country isn’t questioned. They are running away from the real agenda and creating a newer ones so that older issues gets buried beneath it. I don’t think they really want to give tarai and madhesi any more representation than there was earlier. It does not simply reflect in their work.

    They are proving no better than ruler they opposed. And if someone is fearful of Indian rule then they should deal with it not try to hinder Madhes getting its own right. Madhes is part of Nepal and atrocities done to its people will be punished within its law. But that seems to be going in the favor of puppet of oppurtunism.Upendra yadav is right in doing what he’s doing now. When everybodyis fighting for bigger loaf of bread then why Madhes should be left behind. If thats the call then whatever is necessary should be acted upon.

  33. The more confusing thing about the reporter like Mr. Wagle are;

    1. “Upendra Yadav of Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum (MJF or MPRF) re-starting the agitation in Terai for no reason?”

    Wake-up man are you in 21st century democracy or 17th century democracy or you are influenced by SPAMocracy.

    2. “He is working for someone else who wants to create havoc in Nepal”

    Mr. Wagle type of reporters are seeing conspiracy when millions of people of each and every house are coming out from terai which resulted 30 people dead and 500 injured. He liked to prove that all dead 30 people and 500 injured are royalist. But your kind of proof is going to help the royalist. Think twice before you write.

  34. I again like to suggest that SPAMocracy is already failed case. So before inviting more worst situation like Afghanistan, Combodia, Iraq etc. it is better to handover the country to UN control for CA election.

    How people can feel safe where a Maoist member of the interim legislature threatened Members of Parliament belonging to other parties with a pistol and challenged them to take action against him for bringing pistol. Which one is more danger?

  35. I guess its alright to proclaim to go for Republic from the podium by Prachande but Mr. Thapa has no right to express his views? If you see jumra in other learn to see Hathi in you as well, Wagle. Why are we all in auto pilot to give up our right to freedom of expression, if you take Wagle for what he is, the effort is subliminal but direction is clear- think like us or your are dead wrong and regressive.

    Have you guys realized how this SPAM is sucking dry common Nepali- just hop on a taxi – if you go by the meter you’re robbed blind so the only thing you should do and can do is haggle with driver and most cases you ride taxi because you have to due to pressing problem or emergency. Lets not even start with load shedding, shortage of gas and petrol and its consequence. Only people who can survive is pistol branding Maoist like MP Bista. So the game is if you are strong by whichever means this is land of reward and bounty. Thanks SPAM for all these goodies you have brought on us by your aspiration of Loktrantra for lokpati like yourself. Just do not sit on your laurels, sometimes time chages on a dime.

  36. Armed’ Maoist MP growls at parliament

    Lokendra Bista
    Photo: File Photo


    KATHMANDU, Feb 27 – Even after serious controversy over the Maoist practice of entering parliament with pistols, a Maoist member in the Interim Legislature on Monday said he still has a weapon and challenged other lawmakers to take action against him for possessing it.
    Putting his right hand on his waist, Maoist Central Committee member and member of the Interim parliament Lokendra Bista said, “I have my weapon here, with me.”

    He immediately pulled his hand from the waist and said, “I had the weapon registered with the UN and brought it here. I have kept it there (in the party’s parliamentary office in another building).”

    In a meeting at the parliament secretariat, he also challenged anybody to arrest him. “If you have the capacity to take action for my rough remarks, you can arrest me,” Bista said. As he started using abusive words, Speaker Subas Nembang had to intervene. Nembang asked Bista to take into consideration that there were other lawmakers around him.

    He was furious that the weapon kept for his security was caught at the Singha Durbar entrance on February 15. He also accused the government of neglecting the problems faced by Maoist combatants in the camps.

    Lawmakers from most parties represented in parliament, and Home Minister Krishna Sitaula were discussing the problem of managing Maoist cantonment sites at the time.

    None of the members protested Bista’s remarks, and instead Home Minister Sitaula came forward and apologized. “Whoever commits a mistake, as the convener of the government’s peace negotiating team, I apologize for everything,” Sitaula said.

    He said it is time for all to join hands to make the Constituent Assembly elections a success despite past hostilities among parties.

    “Our destiny is common, as we are traveling in the same boat. We will sink together if there is a hole in its bottom,” Sitaula said.

    Maoist leader Krishna Bahadur Mahara defended Bista, saying, “He (Bista) meant he came here after registering his weapon with the UN. It was just a tongue-slip.”

    Talking to journalists after the meeting, Mahara said it will take time for Maoists to transform themselves, and this includes the use of proper language. “But in essence, it was the present reality that Bista spoke of irrespective of the language he used,” said Mahara.

    Posted on: 2007-02-26 21:22:47 (Server Time)

  37. “Our destiny is common, as we are traveling in the same boat. We will sink together if there is a hole in its bottom,” Sitaula said.

    NC leaders becareful of this Sitaula Guy, he is planning to merge NC into maoist ideology.

  38. SBT is propped up by palace incase Parliament will declare republic. The dynamics then will be different. But, the question is how well prepared mainstream political parties, mainly SPA, are to tackle situations thereafter ?

  39. CA is the most important thing at this time. The delay will be a biggest disaster for the faith of Nepal. Now is the time to stay focused for the CA. Surya bahadur thapa did use one new word for the type they want to rule “Sarbamanjy Tantra”. New one different from other. hahaha… Same as Prachande’s Killing way “Prachande path”. I am interested in the policy of this tantra.

  40. Yes, the king should go because he conspires. Then the CAOS should go because he conspires. Then india will conspire and then the SPAM will say “NEPAL SHOULD GO BECAUSE INDIA CONSPIRES”.

    You are all idiots if you think that SBT is wrong. It was not wrong for the maoists to kill an innocent person in Lahan. Did we hear any retaliation from the government side? did the government say it was wrong on maoists part to kill an innocent civilian that the SPA claim to represent. Democracy my ass! representatvies my ass! The homeminister cheers the maoists on while they abduct, extort and kill innocent people he claims to represent but turns everythin upside down because the King said something. If king is so unpopular why are these 8 bunch of thugs so afraid? What if the parliament tomorrow decides that Nepal does not need democracy anymore, will that be legitimate or legal? What if with 2/3 majority all communist mps decide that nepal should be a totalarian one party communist state? Is that ok with us? I dont even think that SBT said that the king should not be punished. When did he say that? And about gainda ko khaag, did not this spa government set free number of these smugglers as soon as they got in power? All of you idiots are high on garbage that is still not being cleaned up regularly.

  41. Hi Admin,

    I want to know, why the comments are deleted. Today also, one comment is deleted. Yesterday, one comment was deleted.

    Please post the answer in public.


    UWB: UWB: Your comment contained word(s) that, we are sure, you won’t pronounce in your family. And we have recently started deleting whole content instead of replacing the word in question with ICD to save our time. To know more about what kind of words are not accepted, please refer to 5th and 10th comment on this post. Thanks.

  42. 1.) Statment by FOOLISH KING ……………………..CONSPIRACY?
    2.) …………….by THAPA ………………………. CONSPIRACY?
    3.) ……………..TERAI MOVEMENT………………………CONSPIRACY?

    MAOISTS creating all kinds problems to disrupt CA ………..nobody dare to

  43. even if surya buda wants to save the king, he cant….the people alone can save the king…tragically for him, the very subjects he ignored will have come to his rescue if he were to survive…..can an ace a ace, a spade a spade……wagle you are vindictive and biased….if go back and look at history you will see why i am telling you this….first – surya chor released bp koirala from jail at his own risk when he was pm…..second- he labelled gyaney bhumigat griho and surya chor lai marna durbar le dherai garya thyoo..jhalleri kanda etc…….girija et al fought against the king from foreign land…surya chor stayed in nepal and fought against the king where he spent time in jail with kp bhatterai etc…so your thesis regarding surya chor being involved in brutal crack down in the panchyat era holds no ground. you are just trying to divert attention from the main issue…

    people – the maoist army PLA has only fought with state security forces – the militia who torture, intimidate, abduct and kill people are still out in the open with arms…the government has not made any legal provision for the militia to surrender their arms…wagle tell me how these elections would be fair?

    30,000+ combatants and less than 3,500+ weapons…the arymy its self has a list of 3,500 stolen weapons…challenge me wagle…at whose cost will these elections be fought…. the army and the nepali police fought a war they did not create and innoncent impovrished sipais lost thier lives…again for ur protection and the states these ppl will fight…it is because of them we r alive and kicking in ktm without any restriction…..

    ktm post it self had a front page photo showing a burnt house by the maoist in boudha…800 ppl disappeared after april revolution….45 ppl killed……

    38 killed in the terai..if you can nail kamal musa for 21 u can surely nail sitaula down for 38 and prachanda for 13,000+ innoncent ppl…if only security ppl were killed different story but maos have killed innoncent ppl…and even now they continue…only cause u r a journalist you have been spared….

  44. SPAM warlords do it again. Ooops they do it again. The proponents of Democratic (Autocratic/Authoritarian/Terrorist) Nepal do it again. The feudalistic, SPAM, terrorist warlords do it again.
    Maoist MP brags about his pistol

    To the discomfiture of other lawmakers, a Maoist MP bragged that he was still carrying his pistol during an all party meet being held in the parliament secretariat.

    Lokendra Bista, Maoist MP, boasted that he had a pistol in his pocket and claimed it was already registered by the UNMIN. Bista dared others to take action against him.

    At the meeting convened by Speaker Subas Nemwang to discuss camp management, Bista made un-parliamentary remarks compelling Nemwang to intervene and ask him to watch his words. “I hope the overfed pigs will not have to be thrashed,” Bista said at the meeting.

    Bista’s words also forced Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula to seek apology from the lawmakers. Later, Maoist spokesperson Krishna Mahara told journalists that Bista used such words by mistake.

    Interestingly, it was from the guard of Bista that police had confiscated weapons recently in Singha Durbar. sd Feb 27 07

  45. And while the SPAM warlords are busy carrying weapons in the streets, in the parliament and killing and murdering and looting people on their whim…the Nepalis continue to die…and there is no word from SPAM warlords as sympathy for the accident. I am sure they are going to shift the focus again on the Palace in order to hide their incompetency to act fast to provide relief to the victims of this accident.
    Death toll in Chitwan bus mishap reaches 14

    The death toll in a bus accident near Kurintar reached 14 after one Indian national who was undergoing treatment died this morning.

    Indian national Rajendra Prasad Yadav died while undergoing treatment at a local polyclinic. 13 people had died on the spot while 25 passengers were injured.

    The bus was heading to Birgunj from Kathmandu when it fell into the Trishuli river in the Prithvi highway.

    The bus with registration number Na 3 Kha 2141 fell 150 feet into the river near Kurintar, according to reports by Radio Nepal.

    The accident occurred at around 1 am midnight at the Daharechowk VDC of Chitwan district.

    Police had been dispatched to the site of accident to rescue to the injured persons. sd/pb Feb 27 07





  47. Wagleji– aren’t you going to blog about this latest happening in the democratic Nepal? Oh, how could you.. I forgot, that would mean exposing the Maoists…… that is a no-go zone for you.

    KATHMANDU, Feb 27 – Irate microbus owners protesting against the beating up of a microbus driver by Maoist cadres on Tuesday staged demonstrations and obstructed traffic in Lalitpur’s Kupondole area for five hours since early morning.
    According to the protesters, driver Saroj Shrestha and conductor Tirtha Shrestha of a microbus (Ba 1 Ja 5916) plying the Lagankhel-Ratnapark route sustained serious injuries after being beaten up by the cadres of Maoist affiliated Tamang Mukti Morcha (TMM) yesterday.

    According to the victims, the TMM cadres, who had boarded the vehicle at Kupondole, began beating up the after the conductor refused to accept a torn 10 rupee note while collecting fares. The driver and the conductor further claimed that the cadres took them to their party office where they were tied up and meted out further beatings.

    Meanwhile, a scuffle ensued between the protesters and a group of four who were demanding the resumption of traffic in Kupondole. The altercation started when the quartet on two motorcycles tried to forcibly get the traffic moving. During the clash, one Pradip Silwal from the group was injured by the protesters whereas the other three managed to flee the scene. Silwal is currently in the custody of Lalitpur police, sources said.

    The protesters have organized a sit-in in front of the Maoist liaison office at Kupondole demanding immediate actions against the culprits. Due to the demonstration, the traffic is disrupted at Lalitpur while shops in Kupondole area shut.

    Traffic in Kupondole finally resumed after the Maoists apologised for the incident and promised to provide adequate compensations to the duo, pay up fares after using the microbuses and not to repeat such cases in the future during a meeting of the protesters and the Maoist affiliated Akhil Nepal Transport Workers’ Association.

  48. And Wagleji… what is your opinion about declaring Nepal a republic without having the promised CA? Would you call it a conspiracy to prevent the CA elections so that status quo can be maintained (in your words Royal conspiracy) or would it rather be a conspiracy to prevent CA so that people’s real verdict can never be sought and the terrorists and the corrupt fatsos can have a free for all for god knows how many years (in my words the terro-corrupt conspiracy). Why is your sex-symbol hero Pushpa Kamal trying to come up with laughable excuses as he shies away from directly asking people to vote their choice. Let me guess, may be his wisdom was also washed away by the same river that took the guns that he said his terrorist thugs lost. But what ever happened to your wisdom?

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