Nepal Government Will Give Additional Rs. 50m to Maoists

The government today (25 Feb) decided to provided Rs 50 million per month to the Maoists for the management of Maoist cantonments that are set up at different regions across the country. In a meeting of the Maoist Cantonment Management Committee today, it was also decided that each Maoist combatant would be provided with a daily allowance of Rs 60.

The CPN-M today also submitted the expenditure details of Rs 35 million that has already been provided to the party by the government for the purpose of camp management. Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula said that whatever problems being faced by the Maoist combatants would be solved by the government after holding discussions with the Maoist leadership.

The government earlier had stopped allocating additional funds to the CPN-M after the latter did not provide the government with expenditure details. Today’s meeting also concentrated on the other problems that have been noticed in the Maoist cantonments.

Criticizing the government for not providing enough food, shelter and other essential amenities and stating that the living conditions in the cantonments were extremely poor, thousands of Maoist combatants had deserted their cantonments a few days ago. But, following criticism from all quarters including the government and the UN, the combatants returned to their respective cantonments.





7 responses to “Nepal Government Will Give Additional Rs. 50m to Maoists”

  1. scoop Avatar

    Great, now where are the accounts for the intial 380 million+? What a loser govt., providing more without accounting for previous funds, okay maybe the PLA need it ASAP, but it should have bneen given wuth the condition of accountability of past funds as well. This would not be such a big deal if the maoists had not recruited 20000 after April who have nothing to do with the PLA in the first place, then we would only have to feed 10000 of their PLA, and the cost to the nation would go down by 2/3.

  2. Ashutosh Shrivastav Avatar
    Ashutosh Shrivastav

    New Way of Employment Discovered:

    Sounds really funny, I am so glad I am out of Nepal. I would have probably committed suicide if I were in Nepal.
    Terrorists are rewarded because they killed 20 thousand. The more you kill, the more you are rewarded.

    First time in the history,

    Prize for killers

    what a shame

  3. peaceeconomy Avatar

    double it

  4. noname Avatar

    No SPAMmers talking here, eh? Busy in their darkened history and ugly present? Must be somewhere burning tyres and throwing stones somewhere and when done with that, killing someone and balming the King and the Royalists/Hindu Fundamentalists/Mandales/Nepalis/Madhesis/etc. for the crime.

  5. sonam Avatar

    waste of public tax payers money.
    With the strike in the terai, revenue generation must have dried up or they are at a minimum. Where is the SPA getting the money to give the maoist.
    May be they are printing more money and we could end up with more depreciation of our money.

  6. Captain Crash Avatar

    This is not fair for Nepali, I believe. Giving away the money form National Treasure. To feed bunch of killer. They should not be just given money this way. They must pay Nepal by working. They should be given job to build roads and Buildings they have destroyed.

  7. TheWho Avatar

    This is another example of a day light robbery! Grass root level cadres of the Maoist party are engaged in extortion in every day life. They are threatening and extroting from business community and ordinary Nepalese citizens. And the party leaders are extorting from the government. I think SPAM leaders must announce Nepal bandh against Maoists’ demand for protection payment! Or may be they dont want to bother about it just because it is not their hard earned money that they are using but taxpayers’ money.

    What a pathetic bunch of fools!

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