Upendra Yadav on Maoists

Chairman of the agitating Madheshi People’s Rights Forum Upendra Yadav has said that the Maoist intervention in the forum’s program in Nepalgunj was the height of “terrorism and militant philosophy”.

Condemning the Maoist disruption and vandalism during the forum’s mass meeting in Nepalgunj Saturday, Yadav today (25 Jan) said, “This exemplifies that the Maoists are still following the philosophy of terrorism.” Yadav also accused the Maoists of harboring a tyrannical manner.

Labeling yesterday’s disruption of the MPRF mass gathering at Tribhuvan Chowk in Nepalgunj as an attack on democracy, the forum chairman said, “The attempt by the Maoists to crush freedom of expression is reminiscent to Pol Pot’s tyranny.”– by J Pandey (continue reading here)






2 responses to “Upendra Yadav on Maoists”

  1. RB Ray +Rad Avatar

    Dear John,
    We are very shocked to see the terroristic attack of Maoists insurgents on the participants of the MJF in Nepal gunj. It is remarkable that the last mob of the MJF was also caused by the dominant suppression of Maoists and this one is also affected by them. They want to show their power that they have too many supporters in the country whch is only a day dreaming. They have already lost their goodwill among the people of the Terai and I am sure that they are not going to win even a single post from the Terai if the election is held free and fair. Not only the Madhesi people are dominated by them but also the followers of all the other parties such as NC, CPNUML and several others. I would like to request UN officaial to take very serious action against them and to conserve human right or all the people of the nation for holding the constuent assembly scheduled for June.
    RB Ray and Rad

  2. sonam Avatar

    yadav is 100% correct, but the leaders of SPA don’t see it.

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