Maoists in Bullying Spree: What is the Problem Comrades?

Apparently it’s a season of clashes for the Maoists. They are in the bullying spree as soon as it became clear to the world that they are not reporting all the weapons they have to the UN. They have clashed with members of an indigenous organization in Chitwan and bullied over the cadres associated with parties like Nepali Congress and CPN UML. But the most disturbing event was seen in Rupandehi today where Maoists and Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) activists fought. The leader of MPRF, Upendra Yadav, is not a person with his own decision. He is a puppet of some unseen forces and is doing a lot of harm to Nepali nationalism by staging one agitation after another and disregarding the offer made by the Prime Minister.

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Cartoon by Dovan Rai. Uploaded in 27 Feb

Who is encouraging Updenra to go back to the streets of Terai is the one who will benefit the most if the problem in Terai turns into worst. Generals like Dilip Shumser Rana are still there in Nepali Army who will take no time to act for the interests such force. India didn’t want to revise the Trade treaty and their brat soldiers entering our territory and beating up our policemen. Sad but true, the Indian bureaucracy has never been a true friend of Nepal.

By now there is no doubt the Maoists want to push the CA election date because they were badly wounded, politically, in Terai during the recent unrest in the region. Irony is that reactionaries want exactly the same: pushing the election further to uncertainty. Maoists must realize that their actions will have long lasting repercussions for the stability of Nepal as a state. They shouldn’t give any excuses for puppets like Updenra Yadav to work for his masters. Nationality is at stake and it high time everyone behaved responsibly.

Maoists, MPRF cadres clash in Rupandehi

By Madhav Dhungana
Rupandehi- Over a dozen people were injured, one critically, after Maoist cadres and activists of the Madheshi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) clashed at Majhgawa area of Marchwar in Rupandehi today. Four police personnel were also injured in an attempt to break up the fight between the Maoists and the forum members. Condition of Police Sub Inspector Gunj Bahadur Gurung, who was seriously injured when a gun went off accidentally in the ensuing chaos, is critical. Gurung was immediately flown to Kathmandu from Bhairahawa for treatment. Meanwhile, police said that Gurung received injuries after one of their own guns went off by mistake.

Tensions have soared high in the region after the Maoists sent more cadres in the region. The scuffle had started after the forum activists torched a passenger bus (Lu 1 Kha 4162) ferrying Maoist cadres to Butwal where a mass meeting of the CPN-M was schedule to take place in addition to blocking traffic in the Majhgawa area where the incident occurred. Forum members had brought all traffic to a halt by felling trees near the site of the arson. Meanwhile, some 10 Maoists who were injured in the scuffle are undergoing treatment at a Medical College in Bhairahawa. (more here)

Other Disappointing Headlines:

Narayanghat goes tense as NFIN activists clash with Maoists
Maoists disrupt MPRF programme
Maoists assault NC, UML-affiliate workers
Maoists release 94 MPRF cadres from custody
NA detains eight armed Maoists at Bardiya reserve
Indian SSB personnel arrest two Nepali youths from Janakpur
No revision on Trade Treaty
Govt calls MPRF for talks again; only if Sitaula resigns, says MPRF
Indian Army claim on Maoist-Lashkar nexus fictitious: Indian media





46 responses to “Maoists in Bullying Spree: What is the Problem Comrades?”

  1. Ajan Avatar

    The problem is not with the comrades, but with the stupid intelligence and journalists like you who could not still understand the underlying motive and portray maoist as hero of the country.

  2. Ajan Avatar

    Also read the list of summarized list of Maoist atrocities in last 1 month at
    madhesh dot com

  3. xyz Avatar

    Dear All,

    Think about your double standard,
    When Maoist charge NFIN, Nepali Congress and CPN UML, it is fine. But when MPRF is on receiving side, you see conspiracy??

    F**k your common sense.

    See your dicotomy here,

    “The leader of MPRF, Upendra Yadav, is not a person with his own decision. He is a puppet of some unseen forces and is doing a lot of harm to Nepali nationalism by staging one agitation after another and disregarding the offer made by the Prime Minister.”

    By now there is no doubt the Maoists want to push the CA election date because they were badly wounded, politically, in Terai during the recent unrest in the region.

    Dilip Shumser Rana statement was against Madhesi. Prachanda statement was against madhesi, Bhattari statement was against madhesi.

    Madhesi is also expecting statement from Girija, Madhav, Deuba, against madhesi. Common guys do it. Motivate these leaders too.

    hardcore f**cing

  4. CharitrawanChela Avatar

    They are bullying because they don’t have belief in peope, probably.

  5. replytoall Avatar

    Hypocrite Journalist………..

    21 dead in 19 days……………system changes upside down…… you and your kind bark for the “JUSTICE”…commission made..people blamed… blah blah blah

    15 odd days in madhes…. 29 dead….. maoist kill some of them…. and you and your kind turn blind eye………. not a single word against that…………

    Hypocrites….. journalist with a yellow taint and no balls.

  6. Ajan Avatar

    Wagle, you are the greatest example of

    I just recommend to read this blog as example anyone and ask them to see themselves the poor position of Nepalese journalisms. Wagle, how did you become journalist?

  7. CharitrawanChela Avatar

    Ajan, why you think Wagle is racist and unprofessional?

  8. kanchha pahadi Avatar
    kanchha pahadi

    stop causing turmoil in nepal. go back to your country of origin (Indian).

  9. sathi Avatar

    hey guys pls writes some suggestion to tshese people too.
    some of them are our prime minister’s advisors a

    Contact Address
    Dr. Suresh Chandra Chalise

    Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers
    Tel: 00977-1-4211094
    Fax: 00977-1-4211065
    P.O. Box : 14234
    Kathmandu, Nepal
    Tel: 00977-1-4374175

    Ramesh Jung Thapa

    Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers
    Tel: 977-1-4211529

    let us drop few words to these people may they wanna know what we (nepali people) want.

  10. bridohi Avatar

    Wagle I know its your blog & its your opinion. However, you write this blog as a journalist and not a private citizen. Even if it is your opinion it has to be logical. You accuse Upendra Yadav of being a puppet and you smell conspiracy without offering any evidence. You cannot accuse or imply someone of being a stooge to another greater force without providing us with proof. This is yellow journalism. Please do not offend us with your innuendos.

    Remember Hritik Roshan fiasco. “Yo Halle halla ko desh…Gumne kurchi ma andho manche…”

  11. gookhanekobabu Avatar

    What is the motive of Uperdra Yadav is very doubtful. Whay sould not MPRF start constructive dialogue with the government. Why should it stick to Home Minister’s resignation. This is Royalist strategy.

    If MPRF is geniunely concern to resolve the problem it should start working with the members of House of Representatioves to amden the constitution as per their demand. Democratic way is to resolve issues with the dialoques.

    Madeshi and other ethnic group of poeple have now become the scapegoat of the Royalists. I hunderd percent agree with Wagle.

    Now it is time for the House of Representatives to deglare Nepal ‘Federal Democratic Republic’ It has to be Federal Democratic to fulfill the demands of the Madeshi and other ethnic communities. Once it is declared then from their we can start what kind of Federal Democratic Structure we want for our conty can be work out with constructive consultaion in national and international level.

    Walge should streat jounanlize the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.

    Those who do not agree are regressive chellas of gookhanekobabu

  12. Neil Horning Avatar

    21 people died in Kathmandu because the king absolutely refused to relinquish power.

    27 people died in the Terai because the SPA could not concede a point fast enough.

    Prachanda said that they demands of federalism and proportional representation should be met from day 1. The UML went along after him. When it got to the NC, Koirala was to old and habituated to talking out of both sides of his mouth to make a strait speech. So then it continued for another week.

    So, 21 people dead to to intransigent absolute monarchy vs. 27 people dead due to bureaucratic foot dragging.

    There are two conclusions I draw from this.

    Someone needs to be held accountable for the actions of the police. Probably not the home minister. Upendra Yadev may not be a puppet, but he is at very least an opportunist.

  13. scoop Avatar

    Let’s blame the “unseen forces” (the King, India who else I wonder?), when the seen forces are clearly doing all the damage.
    Accountability some say, well what do you expect when a Home Minister is asked to resign by all and he will not with maoist backing of course. Lest we forget Sitaula’s wife and Prachanda’s wife are sisters. saand dai and sannd bhai. Meanwhile more people die.

  14. scoop Avatar

    Let’s see what are the key demands of MPRf and other groups like him who are all for the record declared republicans:

    1. Resignation of the Home Minister who is directly responsible for the security forces and therefire the killings in the Terai same as Kanal Thapa.

    2. Federal and proportional representation.

    Number 2 is more or less agreed on, so I wonder which demand is not met and causing all the problems? That’s correct No. 1 – really the simplest of the two. The Home Ministership is an office, there are far more capable people for the post, while Sitaula is just one individual (now responsible for the killings of 30 +), so where are the priorities – the refusal of 1 individual who was unknown a year back or the demands of half our population?

  15. sagarmatha Avatar

    Who the hell is Sitaula for this country? In his abscens if country can turn into peace talk then why he is not resigning? Isn’t SPA is to the people and for the people?

    Maoist are attacking NC, UML, MJF, NFIN, RPP, Sadhbhavana etc with the support of Mr.Sitaula Sandhu Bhai of Prachanda…and NC and UML and Sadhbhavana (Anandevi) of SPA are just watching like gay…how long they are going to sustain in the power if this continue…? Don’t force people to come out of the house for their failure.. and all these occuring just because of yellow journalism, biasness in human rights and puppet slave of maoist civil society and visionless and weak SPAs…the country is running much more worst than royal regime now…that is very true… SPAMorcracy is already failed…

  16. hinterland Avatar

    Mother of all secterian bloodshed will occur and will be unprecedented. Maoist thug have stoked the division of Madeshi and Pahadi which will suck in communities from far and wide, especially from India in the name brotherhood in arms. So much for the afterglow of Wagle and Neil’s euphoria of Inclusive politics even if it meant including child killer. I guess for Neil collateral damage in the name of far left is justified but in the name of ethnic right is sub par- go tell that your friends in reservation (Red Indians).

    When an upstart like Wagle comments, please be sure to use your caution. he is not and will not ever be a reporter of substance, just paper thin. He is what you call backpacker journalist runing on tit bits rather than on truth and ethics.

  17. Shaman Avatar

    From what appears from the incidents and events at Nepalgunj, Bhairawa, Rupendehi, the aura of Maoist invincibility has taken severe beating. Earlier Terai incident has dented the Maoists’ pride of being warriors and above-the-law elements. The recent incidents must have taught them that what you do gets back at you. Unfortunately, it may mark the beginning of an end of Maoists domination from Terai landscape. At least, the top leadership must understand that if they resort to force and coercion, opposite side will do the same. After all, they have shown the way to undertake violence and gun culture.

  18. sagarmatha Avatar

    Heading toward Combodia, Afghanistan, Ruwanda type of politics. I again like to repeat, SPA should surrender politics to UN before it is too late….

  19. haisanlu Avatar

    It looks like the Hindu extremists and the Palace hiding behind the genuine demands of the Madehshi want to test the resolve of the CPN(Maoist) to build a democratic Federal Republic by provoking confrontations.

    The CPN (Maoist) has demonstrated its resolve with over a decades struggle and will demonstrate it once again by bringing democracy to the Terai and its people and relegating the separatists and religious bigots to the dustbin of history where they belong

  20. mahila  sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    Nobody is surprised by this Maoist tactics. I have been telling everybody to read History. They are following the tactics Hitler has followed. Hitler created the private army first Brown Shirts and then when it signed symptom of revolt he brutally anihilated it by support of his new more fanatic group WAFEEN SS.. Now parallel can be drawn thru People liberation army which is equivalent to WAFFEN SS and now they have even brainwashed shit headed kids to create Young communist league in line of youth Nazi. It is primary use is to terrorise or silence the any sign of opposition thru voilent means. Hitler used it while at same breath using other stupid democratic parties and also having won the seat if German parliament BUNDESTAG. Once he bullied the President to make him Chancellor he engineered the fire in Reichstag ( Parliament) and that time blamed the communist for it and declared emergency and suspended all other rights of power and effectivel became Dictator then one by one eliminated all the shit headed polticians and journalist and nobody could do nothing againts this terror. I am writing this long history so that fellow bloggers can draw its own conclusion. If we do not stop this Maoist menance in time then Nepal will also face destruction or decend into bloody civil war. Also note that now this Kantipur and its FM is also playing exactly same role as FM station in RWANDA which was intrumental in increasing hate and later exhorting people to murder fellow Tutsi in name of ethnic cleansing. SO much for the press freedom. Nobody is also raising the concern why one media group has control over TV, RADIO and NEWSPAPEER which is not allowed in most democratic country like U.S and E.U as well and where is the money coming to run the Newspaper ? and this blog ? well I will write seprate story about that later. BEWARE BLOGGERS AND CITIZEN OF NEPAL AND RISE TO DESTROY THIS UNHOLY ALLIANCE OF SPAM, MAOIST AND BIASED MEDIA.

  21. scoop Avatar

    I’ll tell you the conspiracy – There is none!

    It’s simple violence begets violence sooner or later!

  22. scoop Avatar

    Another fact regarding the maoist resolve over ten years is that – being destructive at the expense of mostly other peoples lives you can do it for decades but trying to come to the forefront and build something takes more then being ten years of destruction personified, it takes vision not brute force, murder, and thuggery. But most of all it takes honesty and a commitment to democracy which I am afraid the maoists don’t have.

  23. scoop Avatar

    I’m afraid there is only one way out – inclusion for everyone, elections and peaceful existence. Definitely not forceful dictates, threats and a reluctance to accept election results or to not have elections at all (a maoist agenda).

  24. paribartan Avatar

    Wagle is right. Maoists are definitely bullying. Accepted that they are just out of jungle. But, they have made it a habit now to keep on vandalizing other political entities and their programs.

    What is Upendra Yadav is not our concern. But, his advocacy of federalism deserves credit. Maoists need to exercise restrain and must evolve as responsible political party.

  25. charitrawan Avatar

    Now I am sure Nepal is going to practice undemocratic system. It’s going to be racist and discrimatory.

  26. haisanlu Avatar

    Who is provoking violence ?

    Dozens of workers from CPN- Maoist and Madhesi Jana Adhikar Forum (MJAF) were injured in a clash at Marchbar Majhangwa of Rupandehi Saturday.

    The fighting ensued after Forums workers intervened into a bus that was ferrying the Maoists towards Butwal for a mass meeting.

  27. Patriot Avatar

    Only way to move fwd and save Nepal is for SPAM and Mahesis to make a deal and share power while letting the monarchy go. monarchy represents one extreme while maoists and madhesis represent another. SPA is dudh bhate, they are in the middle so quite irrelevant. Hence maoist n madhesis interest meet more than with monarchy.

    But with madhesis new found power, will they be willing to play second fiddle to maoists? i dont think so. thats another angle that need sorting out but later.

  28. Observer Avatar

    Hail UWB for brining out this issue. Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) of India, the intelligence agency that has made Kathmandu (and Terai) their playground is planning something sinister. Expect a RAW sponsored military coup by the end of April in Nepal. This Terai problem will be cited for that coup. King will not take part (remember what happened in Thailand). Why Upendra Yadav is now launching fresh rounds of protests even after the government fulfilled all of his demands (except the resignation of Home Minister)? Because he is not deciding what to do and what not to do. RAW is telling him what to do. My friends don’t think RAW is working only against Pakistan in Nepal. They are working day and night to destabilize Nepal. Maoists must understand this. They can only save Nepal from the looming disaster. People are more important and powerful and their arms. They must win people and give up arms. If they do so, no one can defeat them.

  29. sonam Avatar

    The Maoists are not sincere in their beleive towards democracy. Their YCL goes around beating everyone and parties who try to hold mass meetings, be it NC, UML, Forum. They have not given up their love for the Guns.
    What is happening in Butwal, Nepalgunj, (Moaist Vs Forum) could easily spread to the whole of Nepal, and Nepal will enter into civil war.
    In Democrarcy, every party has the right to hold peaceful mass meetings, but the maoists think nepal is their personal property, and do not allow others the right to hold meetings.
    The SPA should not include the Moaists in the Govt. untill they stop their undemocratic behavior.
    The Forum if it is the puppet of the RAW, then the SPA should request the Indian govt. to solve the problem of the Terai. If Terai burns again, a lot of people are going to die, as rumerors circulating in the markets indicate that the Forum is arming itself and the maoists are already armed.
    The SPA should wake up before they lose Madesh to India.

  30. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    “The SPA should not include the Moaists in the Govt. untill they stop their undemocratic behavior.”

    Too late for that buddy. Maoists are already in the government and not only that they are by far the most influential force.

    “then the SPA should request the Indian govt. to solve the problem of the Terai.”

    And why would the Indian government want to do that? They are stiring up the problem in the first place.

  31. nepali_choro Avatar

    I compare Maoist with the Muslims… I am not trying to offend the muslims or generalize but, take a look what is going around in the world… Muslims are fighting all the religions(Hindu, Jews, Christians, they also destroyed the statue of Buddha… only that the Buddhist did not retaliate and, they are fighting among themselves(muslims vs muslims)). Similarly, Maoist are fighting all the parties & organizations who does not share the same opinion… among themselves(JTMM, MPRF were once their own supporters). They are basically jungali monkeys(one who does not make its own home and doesn’t allow others to make one).

  32. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    “Prachanda defends weapons count; says he is against foreign investment in media” –

    Oh jeeez let the Maoists handel the ministry of communication and information. The spaM are just hell bent on destroying Nepal!

  33. xyz Avatar

    Dear All,
    I found that, the comment I posted yesterday, is missing today.
    Good example of freedom of expression. Admin can delete the comments, as a practice of freedom of expression.

    Once again posting same comment. It is relevent, since Maoist philosophy so be preached too, as a part of freedom of expression.

    Great Philosophy

    Weapons are an important factor in war, but not the decisive factor; it is people, not things, that are decisive. -MAO TSE-TUNG “On Protracted War” (1938)

    TIANANMEN Square Massacre on 4th June 89.

    Nice going guys. keep it up

  34. sagarmatha Avatar

    Nepal is becoming fertile breeding ground for arm struggle and killings. Where about 160,000 armed forces with the government, and 32,000 registered and more than 100,000 unregistered armed forces with the maoist. The data shows Nepal has about total 300,000 armed forces. In addition, Gohit and Singh are also adding their own which is going to increase tremedously within 6 months if problem of terai is not solved. MJF has now realised that they also need warriors due to the disturbances of maoist in their mass meeting. It has been heard that they are in the process of making their own warriors to fight back. All three groups are capable of making 50,000 arms personals within 6 months. This has not included other groups like Janajati and others. So, we are going to see around 5,00,000 to 6,00,000 forces within a year if government unable to tacke the problem. These trend compelled the other parties to make their own security as well however they are indirectly using student forces without arms.

  35. Kishan Avatar

    To reflect on how opportunities are shared by Janjatis and Madhesis, see below.
    Fair Trade in Nepal Project
    Study Visit to Italy/The Netherlands:
    10 to 26 March 2006

    List of Facilitators/Visitors

    S.N. Organisation Sex Name (as in the passport) Post Training received under project Visit to European countries Main product lines
    1 Association for Craft Producers F Reshma Kanti Shrestha Department Coordinator – Marketing None UK, France, Denmark Home furnishing, hand made textiles, felt products, knitwear, ceramics
    2 Mahaguthi F Sonali Shrestha Marketing Manager Export Mgmt. Uk, The Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, Denmark, Finland. Germany, Sweden Paper crafts, stationaries, musical instruments and collectibles, Jewelry, clothings, Pashmina, aroma and herbal products
    3 Kumbeshwor Technical School F Sanita Khadgi Business Officer Export Mgmt. No Woolen carpets and knitwears, tea
    4 Sana Hastakala F Manju Shree Karjee Export Officer Export Mgmt. No Natural fibres clothings/accessories and home accessories, Pashmina, Jewelry
    5 Manushi F Nabina Shakya Marketing Coordinator Export Mgmt. UK, Belgium Textiles , clothings, home furnishing, bamboo
    6 NGCC F Uma Shrestha Production/Marketing Manager Export Mgmt. No Educational toys and games, Paper cards
    7 WDSC M Tara Nath Paudel Marketing Manager Export Mgmt. No Mithila paintings, and home furnishing items with Mithila designs
    8 WSDP M Anup Khadka Marketing officer Export Mgmt. No Heavy cotton bags and home furnishing items
    9 New SADLE M Chhabi G.C. Designer Product Development No Dhaka home furnishing items, bags, clothing accessories (botton made of up bone and horn), batik cards
    10 Children Nepal M Dilly Prasad Sharma Project Coordinator Export Mgmt. No Stuffed dolls and children items
    11 NLT M Kamal Narayan Shrestha Chief Executive Officer Export Mgmt. UK Leather bags, batik card and felt items
    12 Janakpur Women Development Centre M Bimal Poudel Manager Export Mgmt. No Mithila paintings, ceramics and home furnishing items with Mithila designs

    1 FTG Nepal F Nina Shahi Coordinator
    2 FTG Nepal F Padmasana Shakya Chairperson

  36. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    Maoists are RAW agents in first place.
    They were and they are the root cause of instability in NEPAL.
    Have we seen any laudable or democratic behaviour from them.

  37. Yatri Avatar

    This Haisanlu dude is still under the delusion that the Maoists are a democratic element. Maoists are a bunch of thugs who have come to think that they can have their way by coercion, extortion, execution, etc, etc. These bastards need to be reined in before everthing blows into smithereens!

  38. bibekananda Avatar

    I never believe Maoist are responsible for national consensus. Because of they are the people who never followed system or ever going to settle in right path.
    And,whatever they are doing is reflection of their political nature. Destructive,degenerate back ward and brutal thought ,they are just following !

  39. Kirat Avatar

    We all know that the Maoists cannot be trusted and that only a strong NA can make them behave. However the problem is that the SPA govt. has no faith in the NA and is too scared to use them incase the influence and power of the NA grows and the royalists within their ranks start getting ideas. This is a sort of catch 22 situation brought about by the stupidity of KG and the incompetence and lack of self belief amongst the SPA leaders. As long as this situation persists the Maoists keep on benefiting as well as the anti-Nepal powers that be. This situation calls for strong SPA leadership but with this bunch of crooks it’s a pie in the sky thing.

  40. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Correct Kirat. Everyone seems to be suspicious of the Maoists, everyone seems to be getting fed up with them. Yet they are by far the most influential political force in Nepal. If Prachanda says sit the SPA sits. SPAM should now be referred to as spaM. This is inciredibly frustrating!

  41. pontiff Avatar

    If people let themselves be bullied, they get bullied just like in school yard- this is nothing new, is it? SPAM is just acting like a feeble child who is forced to cough his pocket money to placate the bully (Maoist). The problem for SPA is there is no alternative- it does not require rocket scientist top figure out their quandry- rock and a hard place. So maoist rule by proxy, is there any doubt on this? Ask spa, they will defend but we all know the truth. And if we continue to buy into spa argument- truth will be elusive and nationhood will be elusive, and lastly our right to stand for ourself will be elusive. That means we will remain bullied for a long time. By the way just blame it on King G for running low on gas, running low on security, running low on national integrity, and running towards national disintegration. That is all bullied to the core can do, anyways.

  42. scoop Avatar

    Traffic in Lalitpur obstructed over torn 10 Rs note

    Kantipur Report

    KATHMANDU, Feb 27 – Irate microbus owners protesting against the beating up of a microbus driver by Maoist cadres on Tuesday staged demonstrations and obstructed traffic in Lalitpur since early morning.
    According to the protesters, driver Saroj Shrestha and conductor Tirtha Shrestha of a microbus (Ba 1 Ja 5916) plying the Lagankhel-Ratnapark route sustained serious injuries after being beaten up by the cadres of Maoist affiliated Tamang Mukti Morcha (TMM).

    According to the victims, the TMM cadres, who had boarded the vehicle at Kupondole, began beating up the duo over a torn 10 rupee note while collecting fares.

    The driver and the conductor further claimed that the cadres took them to their party office where they were meted out further beatings.

    Meanwhile, a scuffle ensued between the protesters and a group of four who were demanding the resumption of traffic in Kupondole.

    The altercation started when the quartet on two motorcycles tried to forcibly get the traffic moving.

    During the clash, one Pradip Silwal from the group was injured by the protesters whereas the other three managed to flee the scene.

    Silwal is currently in the custody of Lalitpur police, sources said.

    The protesters have organized a sit-in in front of the Maoist liaison office at Kupondole demanding immediate actions against the culprits.

    Due to the demonstration, the traffic is disrupted at Lalitpur while shops in Kupondole area shut.

    Meanwhile, the protesters and the Maoist affiliated Akhil Nepal Transport Workers’ Association are holding dialogue in a bid to diffuse the situation.

    The situation is returning to normalcy after chairman of the association, Jagat Bahdur Simkhada assured the demonstrators — prior to sitting for talks — that actions would be taken against the culprit and suitable compensation would be provided to the injured.

  43. manan Avatar

    Maoists appear to be little more than petty thugs. Take their guns away from them and they’ll start whimpering.

    They are real scared. They know they don’t have much of a base. The janjati issue has already stolen the thunder. So without the guns, they could be out of power very shortly, and they could be on the receiving end of the stick; justice as administered by some of their victims.

    So they cling on to their guns. Don’t expect them to give those up. Guns are what they’re bargaining with.

    Nothing could be more damaging to Nepal than taking up gun culture. That may well prove to be the Maoist legacy.

  44. ck2 Avatar


    I am for a change on your side with this. I have many a times openly stated that I would vote for the party who has amongst many other things a ceremonial monarchy on their agenda. Many months ago, this seemed to be the only thing people thought would be an easy thing to get rid off, in the lines of – get rid of the monarchy and then we will deal with the maoists. I argued that if the monarchy went, the maoists would gain unprecedented totalitarian control. Well, now things have changed as we well know, and I will be the first to tell you that if we can get rid of the maoists altogether then the monarchy is not a big issue for me. At the time one extreme force required the other to balance things, but if you democratic republicans are for getting this totalitarian maoists out along with the monarchy, I will place my hands forward as well.

  45. scoop Avatar


    I can understand where you’re coming from, but I feel it is still a little too early for that. We have to have these mass murderers begging to get out. It will be a few years still before we have the likes of Prachanda getting off his high horse and begging for mercy instead of the pompous “sorry” he has been dishing out, not meaning it and demeaning the value of the word.

  46. manan Avatar

    The Maoists are thugs, nothing more. The Baburam Bhattarai faction may have been a little ideological, but I suspect most Maoists simply want a thugs’ life.

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