Suffered by Gyanendra and Guerillas, Nepal Gets Inflation Headache

While former autocrat Gyanendra and Maoist Guerilla are stealing all the attention for all bad reasons, here comes yet another bad news for Nepal. The central bank says inflation stood at seven percent in the first six months of the current fiscal year where as the economy is expected to grow by 3.8 percent.

Central bank of the country, Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), yesterday released the mid-term review of Monetary Policy, which leaves all monetary measures unchanged, giving up on efforts to curb rising inflation. Reckoning that inflation is spurred by supply factors including rise in prices of food items, the Policy concluded that taming inflation was not possible only through monetary means In the present context, it is not necessary to change monetary instruments for the purpose of containing inflation, states the Policy.

“Private sector’s investment has not picked up. The government’s expenditure remains contained. As a result, the aggregate demand of money is low. This justifies that money supply does not have any contribution to push up inflation,” states the Policy. The central bank has projected inflation based on consumer price index to grow to 6.6 percent this fiscal year, up from the earlier projection of six percent. Inflation stood at seven percent in the first six months of the current fiscal year.

The NRB has estimated that the country would see surplus of Rs 10 billion in balance of payment this year against the earlier estimate of Rs 16 billion. The central bank, in the mid-tern evaluation also stated that the rate of broad money supply (M2) will remain at 16 percent, the same rate as its earlier projection.

To further liberalize foreign currency transactions, the Policy gives a nod for commercial banks to provide exchange transfer facilities for up to US$ 2,500 for miscellaneous purposes. There has been simplification over the opening of letters of credit (LC) as well. The Policy introduced a provision to allow review of the LC on the basis of ‘already shipped documents.’

The economy is expected to grow by 3.8 percent this fiscal year due to slower-than-expected rise in capital expenditure, growing power load shedding and its subsequent impact on industries, states the Policy. Due to steep fall in paddy production caused by adverse weather, the Policy said that the agriculture gross domestic product would creep up by a nominal 0.7 percent. The Policy also envisages a plan to speed up the process pertaining to opening up the financial sector for foreign financial institutes. “The central bank has already prepared a study report over allowing branches of foreign banks to operate in Nepal allowing them to engage in wholesale banking transactions. Steps would be taken to implement the report,” states the policy.

In order to encourage banks to reopen their rural branches closed due to the conflict, the Policy states that contrary to the previous system, the banks do not need NRB’s prior permission. “They can just send information of resumption of the branches’ service to the NRB,” it said.
According to the Policy, the central bank purchased IRs 17.72 billion by selling US$ 390 million in the first six months this year to meet growing demand for Indian currency. Due to soaring trade deficit with India, the country has experienced paucity of Indian currency in recent periods.







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  1. Shaman Avatar

    Whoever wrote this article must be really copied and believed what the central bank has to say. This person has no understanding of economics.

    According to the research, in recent years, the prices in Nepal is governed largely by Indian prices since India is the largest trading partner and Nepal’s agricultural and manufacturing output has declined more rapidly. Nepal does not have domestic output to support domestic demand which means we have to depend on Indian imports. And in India, inflation has been rising rapidly reaching almost 7% from about 3.8%. Thats the reason why the RBI (Indian central bank) has raised interest rates (repo and reverse repo rates) to about 6%. In such situation how inflation can be at 6.6% when the source of all items (India) itself is concerned about rising inflation? This because Nepal experiences about double the inflation (to be precise, 85% more) that India experiences.

    Where as money supply is concerned, the commentor is either unaware or ignorant of new research which says that precice inflation is determined when GDP growth is substracted from money supply growth. On this account, 16% money supply growth (according to the article) – 4% GDP growth rate equals to 12% inflation. Incidently, this is almost the double the Indian inflation figure.

    My honest request to the article writer is to do research before writing this kind of horseshit.

  2. scoop Avatar

    Yeah right UWB the state of the economy is also the King’s fault. I guess you just added in the guerilla factor to sound unbiased due to immense pressures from your forum recently. Frankly, the economy has been spiralling down for one reason only, these maoists and their extortion and anti liberalisation policies since the beginning of their wretched war. Also, bad policies currently, with the parliament being supreme the Finance Minister could have done a lot better. As for the private sector – who in their right mind will invest with the power and fuel outages etc., extortion and bloody maoists running around. Hell, this government can’t even get something like the garbage situation sorted. Pathetic.

  3. noname Avatar


    Again, you are giving logics to SPAM terrorists. We have been doing that for 2 years. It just doesn’t help! Even people like HM King couldn’t get these terrorists to the table to talk. These terrorists and hooligans just understand one language:

    GUN LANGUAGE – barbarianism. How to suck out the Nepalis.

    Their entire genealogy is made up of heinous crimes.

  4. noname Avatar

    My above comment 13:14:22 was for Shamam too.

  5. Neil Horning Avatar

    You think thats bad… at the time the Maoists took over China, the inflation there was at 300 percent.

  6. scoop Avatar


    So let’s aim for 301% and break the Mao record!

  7. scoop Avatar


    Here’s another one for you – We only have 13000 + dead, maybe we should go for the Chinese record here again in the time of Mao, what say you?

  8. ???????? ???? Avatar
    ???????? ????

    Next time you fall off your bike, blame the King.

  9. noname Avatar

    Damn it. There is no water in my home today. Must be the King?

  10. Captain Crash Avatar

    Horning is an a#% hole, he is enjoying the death of Nepali People no matter what the terrorist do he is always supporting them, he is enjoying money of NGO.

  11. sagarmatha Avatar

    I don’t trust inflation is 6%. There are shortage of Gas, petrol, kerosine and food items coming from terai region and India. The inflation is much more higher than 25%.

    1. The price of the kerosine in the black is Rs. 50 (which is also not available)
    2. No petrol, effecting all the prices of transportation
    3. Price of the gas is increased by almost 30% and still shortage
    4. No electricity causing indirect price hike like grill business and others.

    This next terai movement is going to effect very badly to the people of hilly region specially Kathmandu valley…If about 50% people are demanding the resignation of Mr. Sitaula for their daily needs and right then why SPAM is silent about it? Are they for the people or themselves? Who is supreme, people or SPAM??

  12. Ashokanism Avatar

    Yep ! the inflation is much more higher I guess. Let’s not compare Nepal with China because the time was different and of course context and countries are different. One thing is true. We all Nepal are suffering and non other than Nepali can rescue us. (UN and other rescue and development agencies are just a**holes who acquire high salary and benefits in a name of aid)


  13. B Avatar

    Yes, everything is King’s fault. SPA are supreme and the most democratic. Good on you. The SPA rule has always been rosy and GPK has been the most democratic leader of all times. Yes, we should award him the Nobel peace prize as well. GOod on you man. Long live SPA and their corrupt and anti democartic leaders. May death come to all of these leaders soon.

  14. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal


    Maoists , KIng and SPA all have made Nepal HELL LAND. No doubt.

    Prachande sees conspiracy in Terai MOVEMENT.
    Is there royalists behind Maaoists fleeing from contonments?

  15. noname Avatar

    One thing is for sure. Even in SPAM’s heartland the support for SPAM terrorist warlords is waining. Take this blog for example. For the SPAM, by the SPAM, TO the SPAM (or however you phrase that out) Wagle’s blog is seeing just 3-4 SPAMmers once in a while.

    The ratio for SPAMmers: SPAM haters = 2:5
    right here in this blog!

    Comeon SPAMmers. We need some more of your rhetorics so that we can beat you up more.

    And oh, a parting shot to the SPAMmers:

    Long live thy King! Long live thy People!

  16. Loktantra Mama Avatar
    Loktantra Mama


    King is Chhulyaha.
    SPA & M is KAAMCHOR. They don’t have done anything to CA elections.
    Girija is sick old man.
    Prachanda is supporting corruption by eating Maasubhat in the corrupt’s home.
    Makune is only Bhashan. Only speaking, doing nothing.
    Then who will work ?

    So they are taking the country to another big desaster so that Indian troops will intervene. Wah re NETA ?

  17. Ram Dulari Avatar
    Ram Dulari

    Wagle is finally trying to assert himself by assigning some of the blame to his master, “Prachanda”.

    What’s with the article? Copy pasting some news item from The Kathmandu Post and hoping to portray oneself as a quasi-economist has backfired. The difficiencies rightly pointed by our right-honourable gentleman, Shaman.

  18. bibakananda Avatar

    This time Im trying to speak public fears. What public want to hear for their leadership? Every time all the political leader trying to obtain wealth and privilege. This is the case Iam trying to indicate Maoist so called leader obtained pasport from Kathmandu without any legal ground. This all buaurocratic mal-practice plagued the whole country. These so called leaders are taking hammer and sickle flag and giving so much words to public and reversly, doing nothing but only despair to future and deliberately abusing the public trust. This is the thing they are doing for our national politics and economy. King or Koirala administration we can not expect much from them because of ten years blood bath. We must understand that Maoist tried to divide us and rule us on the name of cast,creed and ethinicity. Unfortunately we never understand this factor. But what happened here so called civil society’s harebrained fantasy rehearsal to the infront of Baluwatar and Sinhadarbar.

    We know the fact bigotary politics in between TJMM and Maoist engulfing the nation. Oppositely we are blamming each other. Country already being hostality by all this agitation but we are balming feudal king but not violent political paries. This is the reason I call Nepali intellentia ‘means of decadence’. I heard the news that some of so called intellegent circle lobbying for lucrative post for personal gain. In this stage I laugh with Maoist comment to make country European standard with in ten years ? Those people who has never paid even a penny to the state fund as a tax or other types of revenue ! On my judgement Maoist are vilify agent for our nation for our precious 12 years.

  19. sonam Avatar

    who cares for inflation, when the economy of the country is at rock bottom.
    First King sucked the people
    Now SPA M are milking and sucking the country
    Business man the suck the country through the commercial banks by not paying back the loans
    Forum suck the madeshi by having forced donations
    Everyone is sucking the country whenever they get a chance
    Inflation or no inflation the country is doomed.

  20. Patriot Avatar

    “Suffered by Gyanendra and Guerillas …” ?? Wht abt SPA?? – Wagle wake up man. I understand your masters pay you to protect these SPA criminals, but common you wud have some sense that SPA is just as hopeless dont you? You are truly pathetic and a disgrace to journalism.

  21. nepali_choro Avatar

    If not SPA or SPAM then who??? Looks like bloggers here don’t have any alternate… if election takes place tomorrow who will come in power??? the power will go to one of the SPAM itself… the people not satisfied all they can do is Nepal banda, valley banda, destruction of public property. Looks like most of the people in this blog is against the SPAM… if that is so then you are for the monarchy since there is no other force besides these 2 at the present moment… looks like terai is the 3rd force but, don’t know if they are the real force or another power hungry or it is the same frustrated public again(who is expecting too much in very short period). People like you expect too much from a poor country like ours. The question is do you want the dictatorship or democracy??? Why doesn’t some capable people form a new party who can fulfill peoples problem overnight? The only question is who is that going to be and is it possible???

  22. noname Avatar


    Can you just shut up and cry?

    You present just no logics. Stop whining. Start crying.

  23. noname Avatar

    The boss of SPAM warlords gives another double whammy to the Proponents of Democracy itself. UMMMMM…well, well. I am speechless. From where to where to where…the fundamentals of Democracy has been refined and redefined by the feudalistic, dictatorial, terrorist SPAM warlords.

    Interim parliament will declare Nepal a republic: Prachanda

    Maoist chairman Prachanda today claimed that the Interim Legislative Parliament would declare Nepal a democratic republic.

    Addressing a mass gathering in Birgunj, Prachanda said the resolution would soon be tabled in the interim parliament to declare Nepal a republic. He claimed that no political party in the parliament would go against such a resolution.

    “However, the King will not run away just because the parliament makes such a proclamation. People will have to come down to the streets for republic,” reports quoted Prachanda as saying.

    He also said the recent controversial statement by a Nepali Army general and the message of the King coinciding with the Democracy Day on Monday came as a “preliminary exercise of feudal reactionaries” to create disturbance in the country.

    Prachanda and his deputies Dr Baburam Bhattarai and Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘Badal’ are in Terai districts since last few days in an attempt to regain the Maoist party’s influence lost in the face of widespread agitations called by Madhesi groups a few weeks earlier. There were clashes between Maoist workers and protesting Madhesi groups during the agitations.

    With anti-Maoist sentiment sweeping across the Terai plains as the agitation raged on, Prachanda had to claim repeatedly that his party was not against the demands of Madhesis.

    Two factions of Maoist splinter group – Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha – have been engaged in armed activities in some Terai districts and both were active in the three-week long Terai agitations. Maoists have been at odd with the JTMM factions since the split. mk Feb 22 07

  24. noname Avatar

    “Patriot (21:18:06) :You are truly pathetic and a disgrace to journalism.”

    Well, Wagle is an opened up SPAMmer spokesperson. You are a hidden one. He gets money to bark. And you don’t. Now you too stop whining kid, eh. Try and team up with Wagle. You may get a few leftovers. Start crying now.

  25. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    noname has spread in this forum like a wild fire. He is a dangerous man, a fanatic….no no a lunatic who dares to defy mighty Prachanda the great and attacks saint Girija. Hang him!

  26. Ram-B-Ler Avatar

    Hornig sounds to be bias, I agree.

  27. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    “Nepal does not have domestic output to support domestic demand”

    Actually Nepal is capable of producing enough agricultural output to meet domestic demand and even export the surplus amount. Unfortunetly, we have had no rural development or investment in the agricultural sector. Coupled with the Maoist insurgency our farmers have taken a beating and now we have to import food from India. It’s really pathetic.
    Our foremost development priority should be rural development and agricultural develpment. Nearly 70% of Nepal’s population is based on agriculture and we cannot even feed ourslves.

    Of course before anything we need some political stability which right now seems a long way off.

    PS. This noname is an IDOIT. Really, I don’t know how this monkey learnt to use a computer but he/she is becoming like a hungry baadar in pashupathinath with a coconut.

  28. noname Avatar

    alright guys i take it back. i am a monkey like that one in pashupatinath. wht to do i got bit by one right in my crotch when i was a kid and seems like its had some kinda genetic effect. that time gyanendra was visitng with his chumpchas and threw me some peanuts. ever since i have been his greatest disciple. infact if gyane goes there will be no one to give me peanuts. i am a pathetic loser and i wanna cry. help me out.

    mailo is my god and i worship him everyday. i wash his dick, balls and ass and drink it like soup without which i will die. if gyane goes i am dead. please help me.

  29. Patriot Avatar

    noname – you are truly sick. you dumbass loser

  30. noname Avatar

    alright i take it back. i am an ass, a moneky, a loser. i wash mailo’s crotch everyday and drink it like soup. i am sick and addicted to it and i’m dead if gyane is gone. what should i do help me out. you are right i come here coz i have no where to go. my god and my master gyane is all i have. i have to support gyane coz i am his illegit child, u must understand that. i am a loserrrr 😦

  31. noname Avatar

    noname (01:34:13) :


    Another good try. I can’t believe SPAMmers can’t write anything more degrading for others. Come on, come on. Be man enough. Write a bit more flith.

    And yet, you know that the Spanking will continue from my side on each SPAMmers ass.

  32. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    “i have to support gyane coz i am his illegit child”

    There is nothing suprising about you Ranas/Shahs having illict children left and right. After all isn’t that why you guys had to classify yourslves as A class B class and so on?
    You are the ONLY ONE getting spanked – both on this website and in Nepalese politics. Even though your ass is red you keep coming back for more.

    Extreamist elements like noname or that other student activist ‘Nepali’ are really the bane of Nepal’s existence. If we are to move forward and achieve any political progress these kinds of people really need to be rooted out.

  33. Patriot Avatar

    Bhudai – This noname dude is a complete psycho. Hes gone to the point of disclosing his real background this time. He must be really frustrated with his life and rants everywhere just to attract attention. Shit man i cant believe how he can still die for G when he is a royal “illegit”. Probably trying to get back some love hoping royalists would notice. Pathetic … he should just go and commit suicide. I’ll put a sripech on his tomb. That should give his spirit some peace.

  34. Patriot Avatar

    ch ch ch ch ch!!

  35. noname Avatar

    Okay SPAMmers I am going out for sometime. Please collect all your SPAM comments together in a series. Don’t create too much filth. I will come back and give a good dose again. Remember that only people who make sense, give me some new logical explanation of WHY NOT TO HATE SPAM will be treated. The rest can read my earlier sticks again and again.

    And in the meantime if you miss me, there will be other SPAMguards like me who will filter feed the junk and mess you make.

  36. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    that’s right, noname, go and apply some balm to your ass as I am sure its sore. while applying balm please also think up some some more cleaver variations of the word SPAM.
    i think by this point there is no use really being serious with a lunatic like yourself. but please give your little brain some rest and come back.

  37. my father Avatar
    my father

    wey wey noname wey wey. joshyo noname joshyo. noname noname noname

  38. PraytAtma Avatar

    I really don’t understand why most of the people do not blame the so-called democratic leaders who governed this country for its development from 1990 until Gyanendra took direct control in 2005? Why we are just blaming Gyanendra making him a scapegoat for the Nepal’s underdevelopment, particularly in this instance, economic development? Is that so-called democratic parties and their leaders have immunity to be blamed? If that is the case, I have nothing to say, but be sure that Nepal will never see development, and will be always a country of misfortune and misery.

    Of course, Gyanendra and his ancestors had a great deal to suppress people’s voice and ownership of the country, but frankly I don’t think we can blame everything on the monarchy or King Gyanendra.

    If we really analyse the history of multi-party government’s performance when multi-party was in power in several occasions (be it congress, communist government), they were largely involved in the realisation of their vested interest and infighting to topple one another to hold power. They never came up with a sensible and feasible development plan to improve the social and economic conditions of the country. They always indulged themselves in rhetoric of development thereby giving people and their followers a false hope for better future. What a shame on them! Since they are using the name of democracy and called themselves as democrats don’t mean that they were/are better than autocratic monarchs who ruled this country over times.

    If we are the genuine citizens of this country and love to see developments, we should be fair enough in making our judgement while pointing out our fingers to the people who have inhibited, delayed, or obstructed our development. Of course, we should use our people’s power to punish these people who just try to rule over us and do not want to see our development efforts. In essence, be it King, Girija, or Prachanda, we, as a responsible citizen of this country should judge them in equal basis. We should not be biased on the basis of what we hear from someone, or what our so-called political and civil society leaders say. Does it make sense?

  39. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Of course no one think the post 1990 leaders were any good. Who has said that here? Can you quote someone? Gyanendra isn’t being blamed for Nepal’s economic underdevelopment. He is being blamed for doing other stupid sh*t that has destabilized Nepal and given the Maoists legitimacy. He completly polorized the country with his Feb 1st takeover and then proceeded to mismanage the situation.

    Look the post 1990 leaders and the system in general was not good. There were problems – no denyin that. But you cannot expect a democratic system to all of a sudden work overnight. Before the Maoist insurgency started there were certainly problems in Nepal but things were relatively fine. In fact, there were many areas in which we saw progress. If you examine UN HDI you will see that between 1990 – 1996 Nepal was actually improving on numerous indicators. Plus our growth rate wasn’t doing too bad either – we were at 5% – 6%. Don’t get me wrong, Girija, Deuba and Mukune were bickering and making a mockery of democracy but again it takes time for a democratic system to function.
    Unfortunetly with the insugency and the inability of the political leaders to curb the problem in the beining gave rise to this mess we are in.

  40. PraytAtma Avatar

    Bhudai Pundit,
    You gotta understand time is money and money, among others, is for development and vice versa. I know democratic system, especially in the situation of mass illiteracy doesn’t work overnight. But if you think, a substantial time of more than 10 years is an overnight for making some significant difference, then I having nothing to argue with you. Secondly, look at the post-1990s UN figures, Nepal was not bad in HDI. It doesn’t mean that I am a supporter of pre-1990 regime and the King, but of course, I am a supporter of truth and reality. Hence, I have no one to appreciate or depreciate blindly in my life.
    Probably, you’ll not be hesitant to accept the fact that the Maoist insurgency started cropping up (and finally got an opportunity to come to the present position) only when they saw Post-1990 era was not better than the Panchayat era. This is the fact my friend. Everybody knows about this, But unfortunately someone, who have some or more affiliation to their preferred political camp do not want to accept this fact, which is not new to me and will remain as it is.

  41. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Oh please don’t accuse me of having a political affliation with any party. Our political parties and leaders are the ultimate scum of the earth.
    But what other choice do we have really in terms of governance? Would rather move back to the Panchanyat era? 10 years is alot of time but it takes long time for a system to start functioning man. Look at India, Bangladesh, Kenya etc. You think these countries don’t have problems? But you can only really make major changes under a democratic framework. You said it yourself – when you have mass illeteracy it even more difficult. I mean did you believe Krishna Prasad Battarai when he said that he would make Nepal into Singapore?
    Tell me what other alternative we have.

  42. Stoic_ros Avatar

    Problem is not Gyanendra or Guerillas ,our big problem is us ..
    we are not only suffered by gyanendra we are sufferring from begning.sometime Girija pd. koirala,sometime manmohan adhikari ,many years ago there were ranas,since 2052 BS there is maoist and now 1/2 months ago Madhesi forum/JTTM , they are the causes of headche for us ‘general people ‘.

    is weapon settlement is done ??? i think its running….so without completing that we are talking abt inflation ….its not fair …let live our political leaders long …. weapon settlement is main thing .1st we have to complete that task then SAMBIDHAN SABHA ‘s election……these two thing …they think only abt these two things…besides that nothing is important …we can imagine how selfist are they ?why they only [even prchanda ] think abt theirselves..their only one intension is to sit on minister’s chairs.

    There are alots of things that must go simultaneously…if that could not happen , development remain constant…now people are talking abt INFLATION …..
    let wait and watch , when Dr. Mahat thinks abt it and take corrective action ……………………………………………………………………………………..

  43. nepali_choro Avatar

    PreyAtma, centuries of monarchy could not get us any where and we are expecting a land locked country like ours to succeed in 10 years of democracy… we don’t have much choice now but, we have the power to throw away those corrupt leaders in every 5 years, we are equally to be blamed for not electing the right people.
    Independant media was getting stronger during post 1990… even for a great leader it would have taken some time to turn the tide when the country’s culture was heading the wrong way(discrimination, racism, nepotism, corruption). Some of kings(Tribhuwan, Mahendra or even Birendra) may have been good person but, they relied to much on their hench men that is what this Gayne is doing too. Kings living in the palaces cannot solve peoples problem, they have to be involved in day to day life to understand what is going in the country. The monarchy is evaluated on the progress during their rule… most of us here agree that panchayat era and monarchy did not work but, how come we are still willing to give them a chance when the democracy is struggling. Monarchy and leaders should learn as the time passes if not then we the people have the right to boot them out every 4 to 5 years… I think we are expecting too much in very short period and we are becoming more violent to solve each and every problem. Every country has its own problem, the thing is that we have more problems, we got to start tackling those problems one by one then only we may get their in couple of decades or even centuries.
    Budhai Pundit, well said about the situation.

  44. B Avatar

    The point mr. pundit is not if we have any other options (as there are always other options) but instead that, do you really believe that the attitude of these seven parties (and maoists) would ever change? Do you sincerely think that these SPA(m) will ever work in our interest? The issue is not that it takes time for a system to work! but it is that, it takes us 15 years (and counting) to get rid of one single person (GPK).

  45. nepali_choro Avatar

    Why not a constitution with max of 2 term PM(10 years)… but, the problem is that even with the clear majority the opposition still manages to take the country down with banda, vandalism… these negative politics should not be allowed and should be included in the constitution also. Performance of PM and the cabinet should be judged after the 5 year term not during the term(unless the PM does a impeachable offence)… what we are doing is electing a person and immediately going against him within 1 year.
    Like Stoic_ros said above that our problem is us…

  46. sagarmatha Avatar

    All of certain there is no news about king’s speech. Maybe human right organization bassed the SPAM about the freedom of speech and lawyers advised not to talk about sacking the king in the rule of law without public opinion…

  47. PraytAtma Avatar

    Bhudai Pundit

    Good to hear your comments. Don’t get me wrong as I didn’t directly accuse you of being affiliated with some party. My friend, even if you have an affiliation, I have no problem, and there is nothing wrong about it.

    Panchayat is not a good option for us to replace this existing system. We should completely forget about it.

    What is now needed I believe is to overhaul the existing political practises used in the name of democracy for the people. This means we have to bring the new generation in power who can spend their energy more in national development strategies and implementation rather than in political infighting to gain power to rule over poor and hungry people. Having said that it does not mean Maoist is a viable option for this generational change, because communism is now obsolete in this 21st century of free world and free economy. I think there is a need for someone to stand up and lead a democratic party abiding by core values and principles of democracy and at the same time teaching people how to exercise their democratic rights and responsibilities. As you know, the current politicians, their parties and people know just how to fight for the rights, but don’t try to know how to fulfil their responsibilities smoothly to sustain democracy and serve the nation effectively.

    I think, wherever we are now, in or outside the country, lets try to form an alliance to establish a democratic party that can successfully replace the existing parties that are operating on the basis of either Indian style old-fashioned politics (with slogans, naaras and vandalism) or Maoist’s ideology (blood bath-based activities to get rid of Bourgeoisies).

  48. sagarmatha Avatar


    I will also support your idea and ideology about real democracy with real democratic parties without being bias to anyone and getting power without bowing the head to any countries. But I don’t think these SPAM will allow to come anyone else except themselves. They will start to say there is conspiracy in the democracy to new one. Like in maoist insurgency, the SPA leaders were saying that Prachanda was staying in Sital Niwas and there is the conspiracy from the palace. Even in Madheshi andolan they saw the conspiracy about the palace and which were made propoganda that palace was behind it. I was just confused to hear the news that royalist have that much strength to bring whole madhesi in the street, then I started to ask myself why SPAM is ruling this country when country’s more than 5 million people are on the street?? The SPAM is making fool to everyone and they just believe their individual tenure only. Look at GPK and Prachanda, do anyone forecast what is going to happened after their tenure of rule??? GPK is putting not only congress but even other SPA leaders to unknown future, forget about other people. I don’t see differences between Prachanda, Castro, Saddam etc, they rule only in their tenure and whole their ideological system will be considered as failure in future. There is no such party and leader coming with clear vision till now like you imagined. That is what people are looking for…and it is hardcore true…

  49. mahila  sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    dear all, what do you expect from this bastard SPAM and all. I think Nepal Ratra bank is putting rosy picture when reality is lot worse. Price is everything has doubled and even with money it is hard to get things like fuel, Bijuli and water. This time these bugger will not get away with only blaming King. This clueless and shitty SPAM warlord doen not know ABC of economy so we do not expect to get economy any better. Then if you are wondering how our economy is running ? answer is our traditional export, Manpower and tit power ( Nepal is one of the top exporter of women for sex ) That is where our money is coming from. If country goes in same way we have to double our export.

  50. noname Avatar

    mahila sahu (12:58:16) :

    Good observation. SPAM warlords are good in that trade. They sell and suck and kill Nepalis to send their own children abroad. And the children of these warlords come to the internet and try to show the power of their corrupt terrorist di(a)ddies and mu(o)mmies.

    I see no where else the support for SPAM warlords and terrorists except from their own children and people who benefit from the dirty money of the warlords. Pushpa Dahal has long treated his parents like dawg – what else do you expect from such a ruthless bastard. And his children are all out of Nepal trying to gather support for their pathetic bastard.

    Coming back to your point – corrupt SPAM politicians can sell their own wives and daughters and kids for money and alcohol and power…forget about selling others’.

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