Nepal in Transition: Prachanda Will Be Public After 25 Years!

An overview of the gathering. Click here for the image. And here is an experience after attending the mass meeting.

All campaigns need an effective tagline and the Maoists in Kathmandu are repeating that line (see the title) for past several days in a loud voice. Comrade Prachanda will appear public first time in the last 25 years, said their spokesman Krishna Bahadur Mahara. Every poster publicizing today’s event is dominated by Prachanda’s image. Newly designed t-shirts for volunteers boast a big black and white image of the chairman. Even the identify card those volunteers are using have the photo of Prachanda. The Brand Prachanda is everywhere: from hoarding boards in prime locations in the city to posters pasted on the walls and pamphlets Maoist cadres are distributing everywhere.

I am not sure about the marketing impacts of a commercial product if Prachanda chooses to endorse but I think he is the most visible face in Nepali society now. Even before being public, he is one of the most widely recognized faces in Nepal. The tagline hype is nothing more than the Maoist’s effort to gather as many people as they can in today’s mass meeting in Tundikhel. Prachanda had already become public when he gave that famous interview to journalists Narayan Wagle and Prateek Pradhan in February last year. Then we saw him on Kantipur TV talking to Sohan Shrestha in June. Then he was live on TV in Prime Minister’s residence in Baluwataar. (Here is the photo from that day.) Prachanda was supposed to appear public last November but the program was cancelled in the eleventh hour.

Today is important for Maoists (and perhaps for Nepal) because their Peoples’ War was started exactly 11 years ago. This is the first peaceful Falgun 1 that they are marking. That too in the heart of the capital city, brining traffic to standstill and completely disrupting the general life. Rallies are moving towards the central ground in the city screaming slogans for republicanism. Today’s mass meeting is one big opportunity for Prachanda to make public his party’s plans and strategies for peaceful politics. His cadres need to be assured about the party’s permanent path to peace and competitive politics. I guess his speech will be long (may be longest ever!).







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  1. sagarmatha Avatar

    Let’s whole nation bow and salute to him for this great changes in Nepal and coming either communist or communist influence rule. No doubt Prachanda is the hero of this nation whoever accept it or not. Don’t tell he is iron- beaten-rice.

  2. mahila  sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    NOT YET !! Dear Sagarmatha and half communist of world. The changes are yet to come in Nepal, that is only after failure of communist system ( which has already failed in world) in Nepal. I bet there will be nothing new in comrade Prachandas long bhasan only the selling of impossible and impractical dreams. They are orgnizing this rally just to raise the moral of cadres after getting brow beating by their erstwhile comreds and formar chella’s in Madhes ( where they have been wiped out). Now they are afraid that they will suffer setback in Pahad as well from Cheated Janjaties like Magars, Limbus etc. Last time rally was cancelled due to immense opposition from brave people of lalitpur who resisted their unlawful demand for money and shelters. I bet they will be using schoolkid to increase the crowd ( remember kings royal visit where people were ferried like goats in buses and trucks). Maoist have nothing new to offer and they have only rhetorics like telling farmer to not to pay loans etc which will backfire on them like before even they manage to go to power which will be very short. SO NOTHING NEW THEY ARE LIKE OLD WINE IN NEW BOTTLES ( MUCH EXPENSIVE THAN BEFORE DUE TO THEIR EXTORTION AND DESTRUCTIION OF COUNTRY’S INFRASTRUCTURE).

  3. smt Avatar

    Prachanda will be public after 25 years!! What ??
    Hasn’t he already been? It is surely a sign of his desperate measure to save his face from the Nepalese of Pahad. He and his party got a wallop from the people of Madhesh !
    It is his last gasp to save himself. He has given enough sufferings to the people of this country ; the responsible people should take him to gallows like they did to Saddam Hussein. His hollow rhetorics are nothing but means to give false hope to the people and incite them into violence to achieve that.
    If he is accusing the king of suppressing the Janandolan , isn’t he suppressing the voice of those people who do not believe in his ideology.
    He has killed those people who did not believe in him. he called them regressive force of the country, he tortured them, and he mamed them .
    Are we going to be ruled by goons all the way??
    Save this god-forsaken country.

  4. stoic_ros Avatar

    prachanda is being public…..people are eagerly waiting for his voice…..
    the traffic is disrupted in KTM valley due to ralley organised by different maoist orgn. .

    is this 1st time ,that prachanda is being public.?no..not really ..he had already present himself in front of medias and other political party’s he is being public for public.. “the medium and lower class people”

    is n’t this bias ?yes really…but the people are not ready to accept the fact thing that the leaders are utilising them especially the lower class (for me
    lower class means who are poor and uneducated)people who doesnot understand whats going on or they are under pressure specially medium class people (who can differentiate trure and false but the situation makes them accepet the false thing)..

    anyway lets hope a broad and covering voice from TUDIKHEL ,KHULA MANCHA….


  5. angelica Avatar

    hahaha…all the fuss and what he says “we fought janayuddha to build naya nepal so let’s build a new nepal” isn’t that ironic new nepal in an all new ditch and he’s so elated about his achievements…”aasman se tapka khajur me aatka”( sorry i used indian proverb i couldn’t remember nepali proverb for my idea)…anyways i’d like to see what measures he’s gonna take to build a new nepal…

  6. Anjil Avatar

    Here is a Nepali proverb…”Chockta khanna gaako budi jhol dubera mari”

  7. Loktantra Mama Avatar
    Loktantra Mama

    I don’t see any relevence of prachanda after they deposit their arms. He himself called that maoists are rifhgtist communists. I think they are the stooge of RAW. Not more than that. It was the Grand Design of India to destabilize the politics of Nepal. After 13000 killings and economy of the country in shatter, What next for him ? Only we got is near abolition of Monarchy. But still it is not sure. You can see now also how a SAWARI of the King was handled yesterday ? Monarchy is not dead yet. Police and Military are still behind it.

    In Madhesh, Maoists have lost their ground. India is certainly behind it. Now India is more influencial in the politics of Nepal through the politics of Madhesh. 49 percent of representation is from there. I contemplate a big fiasco in Nepal if diadvantaged people are not truly represented in the parliament. Maoists have already put fire in Nepal with the politics of Janajatis, Dalits and Madheshis knowingly or unknowingly. Actually they are facilitating the politics of India in Nepal. So we can prove mathmatically that Maoists are used by India to their maximum.

  8. Captain Crash Avatar

    Hey where did they get all those money for the marketing campaign. recently I heard that they lost Rs 20 million which they had buried in the jungle. He is no public figure he is the gangster who knows nothing but to kill people. There will be lots of people of-course coz maoist have been going to those people and threatening to kill if they don’t come and attempt the party meeting… History is repeating again it was feudal royal regime before and now the maoist.

  9. Loktantra Mama Avatar
    Loktantra Mama

    These Maoists were fed by India and put in a secure place by the agencies of the govt. of India. I ask Prachanda where is your anti India policy of ‘Indian Expansionism’ today ? Can speak about it ? In hindi, there is proverb “SATRA CHUHA KHAKE BILLI HAJJ KARNEKO CHALI”. After the deposit of arms, these peole do not have any value politically. People are coming to their meetings only by the threat of the gun. But beware!!! all the guns have not been deposited. They have still many AK-47s and other poweful weapons smuggled from India buried in the forests of Nepal.

  10. Neil Horning Avatar

    Those who are new to reading this blog should understand that the above people have no idea what they are talking about.

  11. m Avatar

    if you want to talk about real foreign intervention in nepal, look at what has been going on in the terai. undoubtedly there are real and legitimate demands there. but the cia has taken the tactic straight out of the textbooks: exploit legitimate demands of an ethnic and regional minority to try to create splinters in the government. it is the same tactic they used on the atlantic coast of nicaragua and that they are attempting in bolivia now. if you think the US ambassador is going to sit around on his thumbs in kathmandu all day while there is a potential for a communist majority in the constituent assembly, you are dead wrong.

  12. vahsek Avatar

    Funny, it is.

  13. suntale Avatar

    ridiculous and wastage!

  14. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    They should have armed Dipendra to the teeth and sent him to Rolpa, Rukum etc to finish the Maoists. Like a Rambo he would have single handedly got rid of them. Unfortunately he is no more. Now no one can stop don Prachanda. He is the new godfather of Nepal. All hail to Prachanda. This reminds me of one the dialogues of an Indian movie called sarkar in which subhash nagre ‘sarkar’ says:
    There are no rights and wrongs. Only power…

  15. Loktantra Mama Avatar
    Loktantra Mama

    Indians and Americans are are trying to destroy the state of Nepal. Bhutanization of Nepal is in full swing by the powers of India and Americans are supporting it. Americans want to create trouble in Tibet to destabilise China. Chienese are very smart and they will block Americans everywhere. They can do it also.

  16. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Oh my. How many people are coming to hear this murderer speak. What the hell is wrong with people?

  17. thewiliestofthemall Avatar

    The ban manchhe hits the pulpit! Talk about accelerated human evolution!

  18. Loktantra Mama Avatar
    Loktantra Mama

    We should promote the original parties of 1990. All these new parties are new BUNKHYACHA of nepal. Forget Prachanda, vote for Democracy.

  19. angelica Avatar

    putting up the video of nepalese idiocy on YOU TUBE…great…one more raeson for the world to laugh their guts out at Nepalese

  20. Tara Avatar

    Good to see whats happening in KTM. Thanks for posting it.

    It is better to acknowledge things than to be ignorent… this is what I would say to Angelica

  21. attawtc Avatar

    Hi Sir: Its amazing that Prachanda won the election!!revelution is great,fuduliam has gone to disappear.

    Atta will support you libertae Palestein,smash Isreal very soon

  22. dr ramji Avatar
    dr ramji

    hi folks! wow, prachanda seems ignorant now. he is saying that “china and India can’t develop further without nepal’s development” ha ha ridiculous………………nonsense!!! fuck this guy’s ass…

  23. Manga Avatar

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