Nepal in Transition: Terai Gets Tonnes of Seats in Constituent Assembly

With a smiling Prachanda, Maoist Chairman, on his left and a satisfied Madhav Kumar Nepal, CPN UML General Secretary, on his right, Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala appeared in front of cameras (which was nationally broadcast on Radio Nepal) 11 PM yesterday to declare that the eight parties have agreed to guarantee the Terai region representation in the constituent assembly in proportion to its population. Addressing the nation for the second time in less than a week, PM Koirala said, “The constituencies in the terai region will be increased in proportion to its population and the seats to be elected through a proportional representation system will also be increased accordingly.”

Leaders involved in the negotiations said that the 20 districts in the southern strip with 48.4 percent of the country’s population will get 49 percent seats in the Constituent Assembly, while 51 percent seats will be divided among the 55 hilly and Himalayan districts that have 51.6 percent of the population. Koirala also said that all the groups in the country including Madhesi, dalits, janajatis, women, laborers, peasants and backward classes and regions will be included in the state organs on the basis of the principle of proportional inclusion. Koirala said the government will make necessary arrangements to address the issues of a federal system of governance and delineation of electoral constituencies through immediate amendment in the Interim Constitution.

“The government is committed to fulfilling the legitimate demands raised (by Madhesi people) during the movement. It is our collective commitment to hold constituent assembly elections by mid-June, for which the constituencies will be delineated on the basis of equal population, geographical feasibility and specialty.”

Koirala also appealed to all the agitating groups to end their protests and explore solutions to their problems through dialogue. Koirala applauded the role of the Madhesi people in past democratic movements and said he respects the spirit of the Madhesi people. He also expressed sorrow over the demise of civilians and security personnel during the three-week-long movement. The prime minister also pledged relief to all the victims’ families, wished for the speedy recovery of the injured, assured their treatment, and regretted the loss of property. The prime minister also appealed to the people for their goodwill, tolerance and harmony in order to hold constituent assembly elections as a way to consolidate the democratic system in the country.
The terai unrest, which sparked from Lahan on January 19, claimed the lives of 21 people and left hundreds injured. Similarly, hundreds of government offices and private properties have been vandalized during the last three weeks. The violence began after a Maoist cadre escorting party leader Ram Karki shot dead Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum activist Ramesh Kumar Mahato in Lahan. The violence spread to other terai districts after Maoists seized Mahato’s body and forced family members to cremate the body.

Now everyone is happy

Leaders of the eight parties have voiced their collective support for Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s address to the nation and said it will put an end to the terai unrest. The leaders have also made a written commitment that they are serious about and sensitive towards the movement in the terai and want to resolve the problem by addressing the Madhesi people’s demands and aspirations.

“We support and agree with the issues addressed by the prime minister, to amend the constitution to ensure a federal structure, and provide for more constituencies in the terai districts based on population,” said the commitment paper signed by the eight party leaders. Sushil Koirala of Nepali Congress, Madhav Nepal of the CPN-UML, Prachanda of CPN (Maoist), Gopal Man Shrestha of NC (Democratic), Amik Sherchan of People’s Front Nepal, Bharat Bimal Yadav of Nepal Sadbhavana Party (Anandi Devi), Narayan Man Bijukchhe of Nepal Workers and Peasants Party and CP Mainali of United Left Font signed the commitment.

“This was a unanimous decision. It has addressed the demands of the terai and the protests would come to an end,” said Rajendra Mahato, general secretary of NSP(A). Dr Ram Baran Yadav of NC said all the demands of the Madhesi people have been addressed. Bimalendra Nidhi, general secretary of NC(D), said the address by the prime minister has fulfilled the demands of the Madhesi people. He said, “Now we should stop the agitation and work to amend the Interim Constitution.” Similarly, UML General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal said the prime minister’s address was complete unlike his previous address. “This address has amended the weaknesses of the last address,” he said.







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  1. Mausam Avatar

    Congratulations to all Madhesis in this great victory after 238 years! Lets celebrate the freedom that we hav finally gotten after Shah invaded Nepal nearly two and half centuries ago. Congratulations again!!!

  2. Helambu Avatar

    Now is the time to put all animosities behind, reactionary forces on cold and move ahead to hold the election of constituent assembly on time. Congratulations to all!

  3. sonu Avatar

    Now let us build a new nepal where all people irrespective cast, color are treated equal.
    Jaya madesh

  4. mjf activist Avatar
    mjf activist

    No, I am not yet happy.

    First of all, I am not happy with Kantipur and its baised coverage throughout the revolution. I urge all madhesis to boycott kantipur. (I was hoping at least one of you would die considering how your said our martyrs “got a bullet” as if they deserved it. Though I am an ardent supporter of human rights, believe me, I wouldn’t have shed a tear for your reporter.) We shall never forget or forgive.

    Secondly, I am not happy with the home minsiter and the cabinet in it’s role of supressing the revolution with such cruelty. A Rayamajhi-like committee has to be formed to punish the repressors.

    Thirdly, I am not happy with the Maoists who paid lip-service to the revolution but was the real regressive force.

    And remember, Madhes is the only region in nepal where anti-monarchy sentiments are deep-rooted. After all, it was in Janakpur that an assasination attempt was made on king Mahendra instead of you gutless pahadis.

  5. sagarmatha Avatar

    Whatabout Mr. Sitaula…

  6. mahila  sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    MJF Activist you are right, all said and done what about making on comittee about investigating about loss of life in Terai and punish the guilty ( 8 party chiefs) like these buggers want to punish culprit of Jana Andolan or Madhesi blood is cheaper than Pahade’s blood. Life if life and any loss of life should be investigated and culprits punished. MJF if true to Madhesi’s feeling should pursue this matter and demand resignation of Maobadi ko bodyguard and chakh chatuwa Home minister Situala and punish him. Otherwise it will look like double standard and then we have to assume that bullet that killed the demonstration in Janandolan II is reactionary and bullet now used is Loktantric bullet and its allright. I am not Madhesi but if we support loktantric way then we should follow it for all. and what about the guy who shot the first shot in Lahan or it is allright for Maobadi to kill and plunder and still be Loktantric. This is question to all the friends who consider thenselves loktantrik.

  7. arun Avatar

    “Manu Makhu Marsya” During 1990’s great Bhuinchalo, Chandra Samsher sent his men to find out the damages in Madesh. After they came back, Chandra Samsher asked his men how many people died in Madhesh. They said that no people died but quite a few madhises died.
    So since no people died and only madhises died, there will be no inquiry commission. LOL

  8. scoop Avatar

    I agree with the sentiment that a commisssion has to be set up to investigate the the murder of martyrs for the Terai cause. But this time not only the Home Minister and gang but also the media have to be investigated for any incitement of the supression of the Terai people.

  9. scoop Avatar

    Commisssion should investigate and charge obviously:
    1. Home Minister

    The commissison should investigate and possibly charge:
    2.Prachanda,and the maoists who killed in Lahan (you can add this to the charge of the people murdered in 2005 in Magdi as well)
    3. Kantipur for incitement and biased and anti madhes reporting
    4. Basudev Oli should be fired ASAP. He was also present in the April janandolan, so infact he has now 21 + 25 martyrs under his belt.

  10. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal


    I support the point raised by MAHILA and SCOOP.
    How can Sitaula and Maoists murderer scape free.

  11. Balkrishna Avatar

    mjf activist,

    Keep on with your agitation and you will continue getting more bullets from today onwards. You will be singled out and shot to death, for sure. Until now, the government exercised restrains and behaved responsibly. You guys must be selectively killed.

    Inquiry commission? Inquiry sinquiry kehi chaidaina. Know why? Read this:

    Terai protests are not peaceful: NHRC


    KATHMANDU, Feb 7 – National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on Wednesday said the protests organized by Madhesi groups in the Terai region are not peaceful.

    Speaking at a press meet organized by the commission to make public the findings of preliminary investigations into the ongoing protests in the terai, Dhruba Nepal, acting secretary of the commission, said, “Although the Madheshi People’s Rights Forum has claimed that the protests are peaceful, they are violent. The protesters carry domestic weapons like spears and iron rods, which has created fear among people in the region,” he added.

    He also said some ‘elements’ have been provoking the protests. “We have found proof of infiltration into the demonstrations,” he said. A press statement, issued during the meet, also said police personnel have used excessive force while trying to contain the violence.

    The commission has appealed to both the government and the protesting groups to immediately sit for a dialogue to stop the violent demonstrations in the region.

    While urging the government to provide compensation to the families of those killed during the protests, the commission has also appealed for a relief package to those displaced due to the demonstrations.

    Similarly, the commission has appealed to the agitating groups to immediately stop the use of domestic weapons during their protests. It also urged the groups to spare human rights defenders, journalists and health workers during demonstrations.

    ‘Maoist cadre was provoked in Lahan’

    Meanwhile, the Human Rights Monitoring National Committee and the Human Rights Organization, Nepal (HURON) have jointly publicized their field report on the Lahan incident. The report said that Maoist cadre Siya Ram Thakur was provoked by the agitating demonstrators when he opened fire.

    According to the report, Thakur opened fire at Ramesh Kumar Mahato after the former was beaten up by the agitating protestors. Following an altercation with the agitating Madhesi student group, Maoist cadre Thakur had first fired in the air and returned to the bus they had hired. However, Mahato, along with three other persons, had chased him and beat him up. The Maoist cadre had then shot at Mahato.

    The report has asked the government to excercise restraint and the demonstrators to refrain from violence. It has also asked the government to fulfill the political demands put forth by the agitating groups at the earliest.

  12. Afno Kura-The Stupid Feelings Avatar

    This should be done early but even it is late it is nice to hear that the geniune demands are addressed. But, till it is not completely inclusive. There must be proprotionate based election with closed list (the list of the representatives are declared as per the castes, genders, races, cultures, professions etc by eacy party) system on the CA Election so that the people may have rights to vote the paties as well as their leaders and their rerpresentitives as per their castes, genders, races, cultures, professions etc. And, only every groups may have their right representatives on the government exactly as per their population. But, it is the begin point of the way out towards the solutions. Even if some persons and groups continue their voilent activities than they are non other than the persons feed by palace and the regressive forces.

  13. scoop Avatar

    “the government exercised restrains and behaved responsibly.”
    More people have lost their lives during Madhes uprising than in April uprising. Pahade protestors run away when they see police or shit in pants. Madhesis bravely face bullets. How many do you want to kill to destroy Nepal? Just shut up if you want to save Nepal Sudip Pathak and company.

  14. HIV Avatar

    what if the pahad and the himal uprise again?

    the country feeds on the tourism based on the Hill areas!

    what if somebody asks about the unjustice?

  15. sagarmatha Avatar

    Oh no! Again Bandh in Chitwan
    Tharuwan is launching bandh again…

  16. scoop Avatar

    NHRC, are a bunch of hired mouthpiece of the government. People must be foolish to believe what they say. The terai andolan is no different from the janandolan in April, except for the fact that the terai people mostly had lathis and came in voluntarily, while the janandolan was infiltrated with armed maoist goons who also forced people to take part. Another difference was that media like Kantipur was bought off like a cheap prostitute by foreign nations during the aapril andolan while the Terai andolan had no media speaking their voice for them.

  17. scoop Avatar

    ‘Maoist cadre was provoked in Lahan’

    Yeah right and Kamal Thapa’s police was not provoked at all. Ha Ha Ha what a f$^&*ng joke the maoists are making out of us.

  18. scoop Avatar

    Of course you bloody fools the protests were not peaceful – how can it be peaceful when the police are cracking your skulls and firing live bullets?

  19. scoop Avatar

    Yeah the maoist was provoked with a bit of a shove and push here and there – and he just happened to retaliate with a gun shot killing the person, so it’s not his fault. Maybe tomorrow the maoists will feel provoked by argument and they will again retaliate with a shot in the head killing us all.

  20. scoop Avatar

    I wonder if the maoist in question did not provoke the provokers in the first place? Or he was just passing through peacefully, and a bunch of people came to beat him up unarmed of course for no reason whatsoever, so he thought he would take out a gun a kill somebody. What gives this maoist the right to carry guns in the first place after signing all these agreements? Should’nt he be arrested on the spot? He should not be having a gun in his possession to begin withm that would be enough to provoke anybody. All these reports are obviously made up to quieten down the realities.

  21. scoop Avatar

    “Until now, the government exercised restrains and behaved responsibly. You guys must be selectively killed.”

    Yeah right, kill 19 people and you set up a commisssion and call for blood. Kill 25 and it is the government behaving responsibly. What an a$$sucker of Sitaula you must be.

  22. sagarmatha Avatar


    it is democratic killings and suppression, you can’t compare with April movement.

  23. Guyfromktm Avatar

    why did the corrupt fatsos and the terrorists take 22 days to come to this agreement which should have been a given from day one? Will this government take any responsibility for what happened in the terai for so many days with so many people killed. Oh yeah, I forgot, these fatsos are friends with the same terrorists that once said 13,000 deths is not a very big sacrifice for the country..

  24. Bitter truth Avatar
    Bitter truth

    Maoists provoked?

    What about the provocation of crowd by the maoists, and Sitaula?
    Any answer?

  25. Kishan Avatar

    What about the representation in the present parliament?
    What about the use of live bullets?
    What about the murder and looting by Maoists?
    What about the right to natural resources?
    What about propotional investment?
    What about mechanims to ensure proportional share in the state organs? Since when?

  26. danab Avatar

    PM address covering widen second time on demand raising by madhese people since three weeks in terai yesterday, after pm’s address terai still is not returning normalcy. people associate with Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) protesting rally in some part of the major cities in i read out through internet biratnagar still in tense and curfew is not call off yet. shop and other activities halted by forcefully in janakpur and other a layman i didn’t understand what are MPRF’s demand ? as i know what they are putting their demand is fulfuill after PM second address, why are they not to withdraw their protest, why they are forcing the nation to the oncertinity, any they are forcing near about 3 million nepali people’s fate to the dark? as they know country is in transition period and just release from the atrocities and it is shaping by rules and regulation gradually. we have to long way to make the new nepal, we have to make the nation facing so many challanges ahead. country is preparing the CA by mid june this year and all necessary procedure is going speedly by election commission but after the terai unrest voters list updating process and the citizineship distribution is completly disturbing in terai destricts with this disturbations hole process would be halted and ca election could not complete with stipulated timeframe. PM himslef including eight political parties are very much positive on the terai demands and they have already commited for their demands why MPRF is not responding reuqst and why don’t come for the dilogue and ignoring for dilogue after the official invitation from the government side. this has been creating so many confusions. so we have a mission to make a new nepal. we all should be unite for this mission. if we unite we can do lot, if not we lost many things.we the people from montain-hill-terai should unite for the new nation building.we should think time is precious, if can lot in this period we get lots if not we lost whole.

  27. sagarmatha Avatar

    Now time to bring all ethnic group in power sharing. That will solve more than 90% of the problem in this transitional phase. People no more trust with all chatak,tigdambaji and bakwas gaph until and uless they get equal opportunities in power sharing. It is right time to raise the voices and fulfill the demand without disturbing peace and democracy.

  28. Loktantra Mama Avatar
    Loktantra Mama


  29. Bideshi Avatar

    When the election come, it must be made absolutely certain that all those voting are, in fact, Nepal citizens.

  30. Bideshi Avatar

    When the election comes, it must be made absolutely certain that all those voting are, in fact, Nepal citizens.

  31. narsimha Avatar

    dear all,

    i believe that we all are nepali and please using the word pahadi and madeshi why do we need to differentiate between nepali nepali, either we are from pahad or madesh we all are nepali and we all shoud be united. the only fact is that if any section of nepali is not addressed by the govt. or any system that rules nepal should be protested. and all nepali should joins hands we should not say that this is not our problem so we are out of it. so, i request all nepalis not to divide nepalis other wise like british did divide and rule now corrupt politician will use the same method to rule nepal in future. and i would like to say that there are lot of pahadi people suffering the same way madeshi are suffering in nepal. so, it will be wrong to divide its the politician fault not pahadi neither madeshi people. people are innocent and always be innoccent its politician who manupulates and divides all nepali for there benifit. so i request and when we speak we should speak for nepal as the development to terai will play a major factor in developing nepal and pahadi development will also play major factor in nepal development. there are lot of things that nepal will need from terai and pahad both to build a developed new nepal so we all should unite not divide. i will applozie if i have mistakenly offended any one as i don’t mean to i just want to see a united nepal and nepali.

  32. sonu Avatar

    What united nepal, there is ethenic cleaning going on in the kathari, biratnagar.
    Pahade houses are being set ablaze, even after the protest programs have been suspended. So for a united nepal, these criminals in the madhesi movement must be punished, and Mr Upendra Yadav must take responsibility. The state must now use its heavy hand and crush the revolt, like India is doing in Kashmir, Assam, Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram

  33. Khimbu Avatar

    The PM’s address will result in even greater quagmire and confusion. The aim of MJF and Sadbhavana ultimately rests in call for reservation. They want number of guaranteed seats available only to certain communities.

    Historically, Nepal does not have madhesh because it stands for Madhya Desh which is currently Madhya Pradesh in India. Secondly, this 238 years oppression is a hogwash. Because Terai was dense forest and not fit for human habitat. It had high incidence of malaria. Rana PM Jung Bahadur’s army had carried water all the way to Lucknow from Kathmandu because of unavailability of water in Terai. He had led his army to quell 1857 uprising in Lucknow. Only in 1929 AD, Ranas initiated felling of forests by awarding a contract to an Indian. The present so-called oppressed Terai-communities were brought from neighboring areas to complete that work and later to work in cultivable lands.

    Instead Tharus, Rajbhansis, Dhimals are aboriginal tribes in Nepal. Terai actually belongs to these communities. The current crop of madhesi leaders have no legitimate or historical claim on Terai region and they do not have history of even 100 years. As for Janakpur is concerned, it is Mithila, not madhesh. B_l_o_o_d_y migrant Indians, wherever they go, they create problems.

    The people who were shot dead in this agitation were there because they’ll be awarded 1 million each. That’s the reason why Indians were there in forefront in this movement. Even if these people work all their lives, they won’t earn that much. If they were so brave to receive bullet in their chests, how come British Army and Indian Army does not recruit these people? Why they always prefer to recruit Gurung, Magar, Rai or Limbu? Madar chods, khali sisiwala, khali sisiwala hi rahega.

  34. scoop Avatar

    “Instead Tharus, Rajbhansis, Dhimals are aboriginal tribes in Nepal. Terai actually belongs to these communities.”
    Yes. To quote CK Lal, “Tarai actually belongs to monkeys–our common ancestors. Madhesh belongs to Madheshis”

  35. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    Now, India will be more than happy to offer its Bihar to Nepal. Then the percentage of madhesis-real and virtual combined will go up to near 90 percent of total Nepal. Just wait until the next population survey. Congratulations to all on your f**king federalism. You may as well start learning the Indian national anthem. We have all heard of eka desh ko stories. From now on that eka desh is going to be Nepal. Forget ‘laal salaam’ now say ‘vande mataram’. India is now the ceremonial head of our state.

  36. Kishan Avatar

    If ‘reservation’ can guarantee the proportionate representation of all the oppressed in Nepal’s power-sharing arrangment, then why shying-away from it?

  37. heretic Avatar

    Though MJF have already call back protest program for 10 days, some part of Biratnagar is still very tensed. Residents of Katari of hill origin are being hunt down by the thugs. Their shops, houses are set blazed. Lots of people of hill origin of Katari has feld to other parts of Biratnagar. Even now (midnight) I am hearing news of lots people fleeing from there.

    Now who the hell are these thugs? MJF cadres, ordinary Madhesis. JTMM cadres ??!

  38. vahsek Avatar

    MFJ pachhi feri arko kunai forum niskina sakchha!

  39. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    MJF activist:

    While I support the plight of the Madeshi people, I find your comment against Kantipur journalists dispicable and morally repugnant. Everyone knows that Kantipur is about the most worthless newspaper but nonetheless Nepal is a democracy and a newspaper is allowed to report whatever the hell it wants. All newspapers in the world are biased in one way or the other.

    I agree with your sentiments regarding the handeling of this situation by the SPAM. It was really unacceptable. However, it looks like your damands are being met. So please stop the violence and insighting communal tensions. That’s about the last thing Nepal needs right now. But you should be especially mad at the Maoists – they really did betray you all.

  40. novadi Avatar

    Did you see the sansads fighting in the Aantarim Byebastika ? Kaman Sigh Lama is damn right. If he starts speking Tamang how many of the so called Pahade sansads understand him, let alone the madhise sansads………….its just the indian love of the madhesi sansads not the love of their mother tongue……………..just imagine tomorrow one speaking Sanskrit, other nepali, another bhojpuri, another hindi, another tharu languane, the other tamang, Hisila Yami using Newari, etc…………………………………………………………

  41. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    King to quit Nepal?

    Faced with a growing possibility that monarchy may be abolished in Nepal, King Gyanendra is contemplating leaving the country, a report said.
    With the Maoist guerrillas starting a new campaign from next week for a republic and the nationalisation of the property of King Gyanendra and his family members, the monarch has been holding a series of hectic consultations with royalists to find a way out.
    The king, who made the palace highly unpopular by seizing power and imposing an authoritarian rule for 15 months, is now ready to abdicate and leave the country to save monarchy, the Ghatana R Bichar vernacular weekly reported Wednesday.
    Prior to the reports, there have been rumours that the king was ready to abdicate in favour of his grandson, Prince Hridayendra, a primary school student, since Crown Prince Paras is even more unpopular than the king.
    At present, Nepal’s new constitution has ‘suspended’ monarchy, giving the king’s last remaining position as head of state to the prime minister. The final verdict on Nepal’s 238-year-old monarchy will be delivered by June when a specially elected assembly will make the fateful decision.
    Before the new constitution was promulgated, King Gyanendra reportedly tried to meet Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala with his abdication plan. However, the meeting is said to have fallen through at the last moment.
    About two weeks ago, when Maoist chief Prachanda was addressing his guerrillas in Chitwan district in southern Nepal, he too talked about a proposed meeting.
    Prachanda reportedly said the king had sent an emissary to him, suggesting a meeting and saying he was ready to abdicate.
    ‘But he laid down some conditions and we were not ready to accept them,’ the weekly reported Prachanda as saying. If the royal family leaves Nepal, London is regarded as their most desired destination.
    A royal son-in-law, who was present in the palace in 2001 during the infamous massacre that killed the then King Birenedra, his queen and the entire royal family, has been living on the Nepal Embassy premises in London since then, reports say.
    Though the king has royal relatives galore in neighbouring India, New Delhi’s support to the opposition parties and the Maoists has come in the way of shifting residence in the southern country.
    The quick-tempered crown prince, who tried to prevent his father from stepping down as head of government last year, however is said to have no qualms about losing his inheritance.
    ‘I was never interested in being king,’ the golf-playing, bike-riding prince is said to have told people close to him.
    ‘I am ready to give up my claim if that will help preserve monarchy.’

  42. ???????? ???? Avatar
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  43. gorkhaligurung Avatar

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  44. gangster. Avatar

    hey arshole u still moaning about secular nepal??? no one has prob with it except some hindu extremist like shivasena who r more like a religious mafia who r really really few in numbers, they hav to import sadhus from india to protest, bullshit. we beleive in true democracy, a nation should not b declared from one religion, its not fair. everyone has equal rights to change or keep thier religions no one can intercept his religious freedom. n bro i know the history of gurung n how they were brainwashed to beleive that they were descendents of indian people n hinduism by RANA especailly junge to gain thier support since he was srii 3 sarkar of lamjung n gorkha. i have respect for hinduism n every other religion, making it secular doesn’t mean to oppress hinduism.

  45. ????? ????? Avatar
    ????? ?????

    ????? ??? ?????? ???????? ?????? ???????? ?????? ?????? ??! ?????? ?????? ??????? ??????? ?????? ???? ?? ????? ????? ?????? ??????? ???????????? ?? ???? ???? ??????? ????????? ??????? ????? ????, ?????? ???? ?????? ?????? ??????? ?????? ??????? ????, ??? ??????, ????? ?? ?????? ?????? ??? ??? ????????? ?????? ????? ?? ????? ????? ?? ??? ???????? ?? ????? ???? ???????? ???? ???? ????, ???? ???????? ???? ?? ????? ?????? ???? ????? ?????? ???? ?????? ??????? ?????, ?????? ???????? ???? ?? ???????? ???? ?????? ??????? ??? ?????? ????!
    ????? ?????? ???????? ???? ???? ????? ?????? ???? ????? ??????, ???? ???? ??? ??? ?? ??????? ??????????? ?? ????? ????? ????? ???? ?????? ? ????? ???? ??? ?? ???????? ??? ?? ??????? ??? ????? ?? ????? ?? ????? ?????? ???????? ?, ??????? ?????? ????? ?? ? ????? ?? ??????? ??????????? ??? ??? ???? ??????? ?! ?? ?????? ????? ??? ?? ???? ???? ??? ????? ???? ?????? ? ??? ??? ???? ?? ?????? ?? ??????? ??? ?? ???? ????? ??? ???? ??????? ??? ?? ???? ????? ???? ?????????; ????? ???? ????? ?? ????? ?????? ???? ?????? ??? ???? ???? ????? ???? ???? ???? ???, ?????? ???? ??? ???? ???? ??? ????? ?????? ????? ???? ??? ??? ???
    ???? ??? ???? ??? ??? ?????? ??????????? ????? ??, ????? ?? ???? ?????? ???? ?? ????? ??????????? ????? ????!
    ?? ???? ??? ???? ???? ??? ???????? ?????? ? ?????????? ??????? ??? ?? ???? ????? ????? ?? ?????? ???? ??? ??????? ???? ????????, ????? ??? ?????? ?? ????? ???? ??? ???, ???? ??? ?? ?? ????? ??? ???? ??? ?? ??? ?????? ???? ???? ?????, ??? ???????? ??? ???? ??? ??? ???????????

  46. sagarmatha Avatar

    Table: Involvement of Madheshi People in Media ? Pahadi Madheshi
    A. Government Media: Management Committee ? ?
    Press council 10:1
    Radio Nepal 4:1
    Gorakhapatra 5:0
    Nepal Television 5:0
    Rastriya Samachar Samiti 5:0
    Subtotal 29:2
    ? ? ?
    B. Non-government Media ? ?
    Nepal Patrakar Federation 23:1
    Press Chautari 21:0
    Nepal Press Union 12:0
    Press Group 22:1
    SAAF Nepal 25:0
    Nepal Environment Media Group 15:0
    Federation of National News Media 12:1
    Subtotal 128:3

    Source: Madheshvani, January 2006

    The time has already come to rethink about not only in media but civil servant as well. Otherwise this country will suffer even worst than this.

  47. angelica Avatar

    what will this change…nothing…there are a lot more tribal protests to come…everyone will want their tribe to be recognized and why shudn’t they…but wouldn’t that delay development…

  48. Talla Ghare Saailo Avatar
    Talla Ghare Saailo

    Do you want to spare a little time for something interesting? If yes, visit

  49. sagarmatha Avatar


    this is the right time to demand in this changing phase. If suppressed people don’t demand right now then when they are going to demand? If the things are suppressed now then that will head to division of the nation. The mentality of SPAM to suppress is going to backfire themselves.

  50. scoop Avatar


    Democratic killings? You’re obviously joking right? I hope you are for your own mental state of well being.

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