Demands of Madhesi Janadhikar Forum: Some Highlights

The Madhesi Janadhakar Forum’s behavior starkly differs from the list of demands they have put forward. The behavior is inflammatory and aims at disrupting communal harmony.

By Chhatra Bahadur

The Prime Ministerial Address of expressing acceptance of federal governance structure intent and earlier arrest of main actors of ‘regressive elements’ will subdue the Madhesi movement has belied the expectations. However, strict enforcement of curfew in some of the affected areas since few days have given a hope that anger will pacify in time. At the same time, widespread arson, destruction of public property and vandalism has continued abetted in some of the affected areas.

The media has hinted that the Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF) [also known as Madhesi Peoples’ Rights Forum (MPRF)], which had initiated the movement, had completely lost control over the movement. It may be true since the movement is becoming increasing violent whereas the Forum has repeatedly pledged peaceful one in interviews and press releases.

In press releases for media consumption, the leaders of MJF has put forward attractive list of carefully worded demands such as: (1) federal democratic republic; (2) proportionate electorate system; (3) autonomy to Madhes region; (4) end of internal colonization; (5) regional autonomous governance system that includes right to self-determination; (6) rights on the land, natural resources and biological diversity of madhes; (7) racial and regional discrimination; (8) provide citizenship certificates to all madhesis without discrimination.

However, their behavior starkly differs from the list of demands they have put forward. The concluding speeches at the end of the demonstrations (aam shabhas) are invariably in Hindi whereas they could have had spoken in native Maithili or Bhojpuri. Maithili are spoken about 13% of the population, Bhojpuri by about 8% as mother language whereas Hindi is spoken merely by 0.47% (as mother tongue) according to the Population Census, 2001. Maithili and Bhojpuri are similar and there is no difficulty in comprehension. The concluding speeches as inflammatory in content aimed at disrupting communal harmony. The speakers often demand compulsory expulsion of people of hill-origin, and return of land to madhesis. Another example would be a slogan: ‘pahadiya chor, desh chod’ meaning (people of hill-origin are thief, leave the land).

The general understanding of madhesi is anyone residing in Terai region of Nepal. And there is impression that this movement involves whole of Terai region encompassing people from all communities. In fact, the MJF have tried to create an impression of including broader participation of communities-based in Terai (by mentioning Dalits, Janjatis, ethnicities, etc in their demands), the reality is completely different. None of Hill-origin Terai communities have participated in this movement because the MJF already excluded these communities by their slogans and labeling them ‘pahadiya’. Maithili communities such as Jha, Mishra (who are considered aboriginal) or other aboriginal communities such as Tharus, Rajbhansis, Dhimals, Jhagars have not shown any inclination to participate in this movement. In fact, Tharu community (6.8% of the total population) has already informed through press-release that it does not consider itself madhesi community. None of the Terai-based Dalit communities such as Mushar, Dom, Chamar, Harijan etc have found reasonable existence within the MJF. In reality, the MJF have considered only the people of Indian-origin from certain communities to be madhesis and have taken pains to exclude others. The central committee membership and its activists belong to Yadav, Mahato, Mehta, Gupta, Kamath, Sah, Das communities. Unfortunately, it has now become community-based politics instead for Terai region. In comparison, the Maoists had more diversified ethical participation than the MJF.

Some of the demands put forward by MJF are justifiable. The PM, in his address, has already accepted in principle that it needs to be addressed. However, it will be addressed by the Constituent Assembly. And his stand is democratically correct because then people would choose their actual representatives who will have legal and moral authority to decide the fate of the nation and the form of governance.

At the same time, some of the demands appear unreasonable and illogical: especially right to self-determination. Autonomy is justifiable but right to self-determination is potentially fatal because it essentially provides an autonomous geographical region a legal and political right to segregate and declare itself as an independent nation if it desires to do so. Geographically, Terai is at advantageous position because of plain and fertile land with maximum of economic activity concentrated in that area. The entire transport network linking whole nation is based in Terai. In other words, the resources of the entire nation are in Terai. And, if it decides to segregate, then rest of Nepal will be landlocked doubly – first by India and then by independent Terai country. Aspirations for autonomous regions with right to self-determination such as Limbuwan, Magarat, etc will have nothing to gain and can merely exist on its own in economically integrated world if Terai segregates. The situation can be most unfortunate with huge disadvantages.

Second fatal demand is the stoppage of internal colonization. MJF has defined internal colonization as a condition wherein people of other communities settling down for residential and/or commercial purposes in Terai. According to MJF, madhes is being made a colony by people of hill-origin exactly as the Britishers had done with India. Thus, MJF is signaling at a condition wherein commercial transactions such as buying land and setting up of businesses will be legally closed to other communities (as in J&K, Arunachal in India) and these activities can be only undertaken by madhesis as defined by MJF.

The talks committee has been formed at the governmental level and it is wonder what it will negotiate. Because of two aforementioned conditions, the talks may not reach any reasonable conclusion.

The genesis of current agitation is outcome of politics-gone-bad. And the blame squarely lies in the shoulder of the Maoists who during their people’s war had sowed the seeds of communal hatred. Many cadres were lured to support the people’s war with a promise of ethical autonomy and political division on the basis of ethnicity.





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  1. Ironic Avatar

    Mr. Bahadur,

    ‘pahadiya chor, desh chod’ sounds very familiar to “Gyane chor, desh chod” won’t you say?…I bet that was one of your favorite slogan during janandolan-II as well. Why do you see the problem here? You are beginning to show discriminatory tendencies here son!

    “At the same time, some of the demands appear unreasonable and illogical: especially right to self-determination.”

    – Right to self-determination is the fundamental value of democracy. Why? you don’t believe in it? Or do you believe that democracy is only meant for your community?

    You sound more communal and reactionary than the Madhesis. How ironic that you have the nerves to preach about democracy when you don’t have a basic understanding of it?

  2. Bitter truth Avatar
    Bitter truth

    Mr Bahadur

    Don’t try to mislead people saying that the protesters come only from particular
    community. See the report by CIVIL society. You cannot digest the truth
    because it hurts you. You cannot even imagine Madhesi ruling in Terai leave
    alone the case of Madhesi ruling Nepal. Your whole writing reflects
    your narrow mindedeness.
    Next thing why to say CA is the only way to address all these problems.
    When SPAM can suspend all powerful king without CA and can make INTERIM CONST. then why can’t they amend the IC to calm the protest. If CA happens
    without amendment in IC then Madhesi will not be in position to get their demand
    fulfilled and again the same violence. Try to understand PREVENTION IS

  3. Madhav Nepal Avatar

    Madhav Kumar Nepal here. This Madhesi shit really stinks. I have on numerous times won my seat from Gaur (my hometown) and now if I go there I am going to get my ass kicked. I am so effing screwed. All the time I was in power not once did i got to my hometown and and ask my fellow countrymen what they wanted and never did I represent them in kathmandu.

    I am going to be setting up a paypal account ..need help from my the bahun community to donate. I’ll accept US, euro or yen ( I hear japan’s not bad place to flee to)….Thanks for you support.

    UWB We couldn’t verify if the commentator is the general secretary of CPN UML!

  4. Madhesi_Rising Avatar

    Chhatra Bahadur = BIGOT, racist, low life scum…..Why don’t you go to Terai and take your rhetoric there…..A lot of you have heard of the saying “Serenity now insanity later”…For years the people of Terai have be treated like outcasts and they have kept quite, but now its time for Insanity….No one is going to give you anything you have to rise and take it….. Madhesi rule we are kicking butt and taking names…..You’re next asshole….

  5. Vahsek Avatar

    Why bad mouthing on the basis of other’s origin? Love your community but don’t hate others.

  6. Patriot Avatar

    Thats right I truly empathise with Madhesi demands. Nepal has always suffered at the hands of few who believe democracy is only their birth right while the rest suffer. Mahdesis … lets fight these assholes … we janjatis support your cause, we need your support too.

    But whatever we do, we need to be very careful of Indian elements. Its only educated ppl like us can understand. Indians are already infiltrating and we must not let that happen. Thats a bigger and worse threat to all.

  7. Diwaker Avatar

    Mr. Bahadur,

    The comments were better than the whole long article. anyway again u talked about the census u made for u that noway reflects reality. see Bahadur People like u will divide country. there has never been an easy and sweet way to tackle revolutions if u try insisting u will be amplifying the hatred and then u will lead to a state where there exist no turning back to a bitter future u wont want to see neither me.

    as u talked about language, german always underestimate Austrians. neither austians love german. But they both have German as National and people’s language. See switzerland they have 4 and they hold great prosperity. Language is something related to heart and really matters. and whatever why are u trying to dilute the issue, just address the core and then its to end. u are amplifying the problem excavating those unimportant and issues that only can be called light inclusions that comes along with for agood cause.

    hope u could understand, and would not take this as a fight against Pahadies, its just a fight for good and democratic governance dont u want that.


  8. Patriot Avatar

    Moreover I truly think Madhesis need to get rid of the “Pahadiya chod” slogan. Its inappropriate since most Pahades are just as discriminated. We need to understand that there are few ruling elites who suck all our blood. Our slogan should be directed towards them and not all Pahades.

    Maoists have done enough by sowing seeds of communalism. But again they only exploited what was already there. But we need not make it worse. Lets fight for our rights no doubt and take advantage of the situation but lets not further divide this country ….

  9. nepali Avatar

    guys…u r madhesis doesn’t mean tat u ask for everything…wat wil ppl do if..u guys start askning independent terai….wat wil others do if limbu…ask for hills….n newars start askin fo ktm.????????/think abt it……..leave my country as it is..don’t break t houses…u u madhises…tats y people don’t like u…now better start crying .jerks

  10. sprasha Avatar

    Very well said Vahsek

    Why are we fussing about pahadiaya or madhesi? What is the definition?? By and large I am sure there would be so many families who have been living in Terai for centuries but family name would suggest that they are from Pahad would be considered pahadia or madhesi or vice versa.

    For God’s sake why we Nepalese find reasons to fight among ourselves. Let us be practical and nation loving people.

    Violence is not the way to solve the problem of oppression. I think the new political scenario has given ample opportunity to resolve the issues by peaceful means.

  11. newera Avatar

    what if the nepali people rounded up all the current leaders (including the maoists), the king and all his henchmen, and all the sachips who’ve screwed over this country over and over again and locked them in the slammer? maybe, that should be the first step towards making a new start.

  12. Bitter Truth Avatar
    Bitter Truth

    Mr. Bahadur

    Well 13 % Nepalese speak Maithili. Does this language get that much share in
    govt Television or Radio. This is just an example of discrimination.
    People like you take this revolution against your community. In fact its
    not that way. Its revolution for right not against any community.

  13. non-madheshi Avatar

    well, of madhesiz are on the discsn, i being a non-madheshi want to argue whether the non-madheshi movement be brought out. Madheshi revn, is a fake- a blind imitation of Darbarism.
    hell with those who participate and anticipate such movements. let bullets roll to each an every revolutionary’s chest, ; primarily the Upendre?????????

  14. ????? ????? Avatar
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  15. sonam Avatar

    problem is not only the king but the maobadi also, kill people and then say sorry, no punishment. Punish the maobadi and other people will not raise guns for political demands.
    Maobadi is leading the terai movement: what a joke.

  16. Pahadi Avatar


    For your kind information, the JTMM activists had first shot a Tamang (janjati) on the head when they had stopped a bus at Saptari. They had kidnapped Subba (your Limbu brother), working at Nepal Telecom, from Saptari even though he was permanent resident of that area. Thirdly, your Limbu and Rai brothers (janjatis) had come down from Dharan in nine buses and trucks to beat up your beloved MJF activists in Biratnagar. Police had pretty hard time convincing them to return to Dharan from Duabi. Fourthly, your two limbu brothers were hit with bamboo sticks while traveling in motorcycle to Dharan in Inrawa by your beloved madhesi brothers. These two stopped at Itahari, collected few friends and thrashed your beloved madhesi brothers in Itahari creating a big circus. Fifth, your beloved MJF brothers had taken pains to vandalize few of Rai and Limbu houses in Burmali tole at Rani, Biratnagar near Indian border and your janjati brothers killed two of your beloved MJF activists right there on the spot. Even now, Burmali residents wake up whole night with weapons to protect themselves from your beloved MJF brothers.

    Wake up from your stupid dream that your beloved JTMM and MJF brothers will kiss your Limbu butt because you are another oppressed janjati. They don’t care about your stupid rhethoric that madhesi and janjati are the same. Your kind are the first ones to be maimed given an opportunity to JTMM and MJF.

  17. hmmm Avatar

    hmmm the divide and rule huh pahadi?

  18. sonu Avatar

    JTMM & MJF activits target all phades irrespective of whether they are janjaties or not. What “Pahadi” says about Burmali Tole is a fact. Janjaties and other pahadies of other areas like puspalal chowk, jatua (Biratnagar) stay awake all night with weapons to protect themselves. You must be in Biratnagar to feel the tension.

  19. sonu Avatar

    Looking at the above comments, i beleive a time will come (rather shortly), when the MJF will raise its main demand, i.e. Ceremonial King.

  20. purgethedisease Avatar

    the ethnic problem should not be a problem the way we make it out to be. after all, everyone has an ethnicity. we all adopt certain cultural mores and norms because that’s life. the larger problem in nepal is the hierarchical divisions–whether sanctioned by the state earlier, or thrust into our psyche from the day we are born–the hierarchical division of caste. we must find a way to mitigate the effects of this disease, this jaundiced way of seeing people as either a member of a higher or a lower social order. how often have we asked each other, “what’s your caste?” that’s tantamount to asking another human being “how should i view you on the social scale?”

  21. sonu Avatar

    the cast factor can only be overwritten by EDUCATION. The GOvt. must give high priority to education and in 10 years nepal will be a very castless society.

  22. mahesh cumar Avatar
    mahesh cumar

    Now by this time most of Nepali and people around the world must have realized that the last April Revolution was just to bring the khas people on top of Nepali food chain. Previously it was occupied by Shah and Rana. Girija and Prachanda secretly worked on this Grand Design. Madhesis were the first to realize the up coming menace of Grand Design. If Nepalese people were to go Constitution Assembly with present form of interim constitution, rest of Nepalese would have approved that Grand Desing without knowing the secret of Design and would have ensalved themself for century. Thanks God. Go on medhise, do good job. Present interim constitution is nothing but farce.

  23. Ironic Avatar

    Pahade bahun,
    As usual, you are attempting to instigate violence between janjatis and Madhesis so that people like you can protect your arse. This has been typical of your kind for ages. Apparently, it looks like you were eye witness to all these events and fortunately for you, you only saw Madhesis beating Janjati and vise versa. This is typical bahun mentality, corrupt to the core! Given the steady rise in communal violence (all thanks to people like Girija, Sitaula, Nepal & Dahal etc…all of them are your kind), you actually think you will be the last one standing? You fu*cks have been on the run for a long time, ever since the Muslim invasion. If you folks don’t clean up your act, time will soon come for you to pack your bags again. Lets face it you fu*cks don’t have the stomach to fight!

  24. Nhorning Avatar

    This article is not an honest analysis. It is partisan, self serving, and full of convenient facts. Implied in the assertion that this is somehow the Maoists fault, is the idea that the Madhesi are to stupid to understand what has been happening to them. They have to have the Maoists come along and tell them they have been screwed and offer them “False hope.”

    This situation was not created by some group that sewed the seeds of discontent. It was created by internal colonization (which is real), discrimination, and marginalization. The “legitimate demands” of proportional representation and a federal system are the same demands that the Maoists had raised with these communities. They were legitimate back then as well. It should be no surprise that the denial of these demands from the two Nepali congress parties (and the inability of the Maoists/UML to prevail) before the CA would cause discontent within the community.

    It should also be no surprise that Koirala’s vague facile promises to not placate the masses. What few people realize is that this movement is not a bad thing. The marginalized people of Nepal have stood up. They know how to fight for their rights, and they aren’t going to put their blind faith in the Maoists or any other political party to carry out their agenda for them. It is up to the various parties to decide whether to stand aside gesticulating criticizing while these events run their course, or to take this energy and channel it into making this nation a vibrant, diverse, egalitarian, and yes democratic society.

  25. gangster. Avatar

    pahadi katte bahun, there might hav been individual targets, it happens in the time of war. there r many freindly fires n casaulties as well even in most sophisticatedly managed warfare with the help of every possible modern technology. this is uncontrolled mob with an objective but there r opportunists working who creates all this unwanted problems. neverthless thiers n ours objectives r same n we hav already made an alliance. ur provocative, dividing, info won’t effect a bit arshole, the revolution shall continue…..

  26. neomandale Avatar

    Do you keep a ledger where you take particular care to note down the victims’ family names? Are you an omnipresent being who has been able to see all these attacks? Or could it be that you are masterminding these attacks so that they serve your political purpose? Are you a neo-mandale, then?

  27. comment above Avatar
    comment above

    neomandale was addressed to pahadi the reactionary

  28. mahesh cumar Avatar
    mahesh cumar

    If you read the articles by khas people(mostly bahun) in Kantipur and other Nepali language(previously known as Khas Kura) papers and one article on this blog by Ameet Khanal(needless to say his ethnic background) trying to focus on arithmetic of representative according to geography alone. For example the crooked statistics they love to present these days is

    Tarai population=48%, seats they represent=43%
    Pahada(Hill) population=44% seats they represent=47%, so khas argument is that its just matter of 5% seat deficiency that Tarai people lack. Clearly, this is the geographical representation module.

    BUT my point here is: its only part of the whole picture. The real picture emerges only when you calculate the actual representation on the ethnic background:

    Khas(bahus) population=10%, seats they represent on parliament=60%
    Madhesi population=48%,seats they represent on parliament=20%

    Now, if you take this ethnic discrepancy–which is very wide and deep–and agree to go for Constitute Assembly in present form, the Khas people will definitely going to have a bigger chunk of representative in up coming Assembly, and hence their voice will be the one which will be reflective on nations constitution, which i guaranty won’t be different from constitution of 2046. By the way the constitution of 2046 established the Khas bahun on top position of Nepali food chain, and if this is to continue would have toughen their grip on Nepalese natural resources. The statistics of representation on the government and other administrative post is even worse. About 80% of total government seats, administratives posts, police are occupied by Khas people. Needless to say these post are the one which directly effect the daily life of every nepalese.

    Now medhesi has cleary seen the menace they are going to have if they are to go for Constitution Assembly in present form. So Medhesi demand for self determination, autonomy and federal structure before constitution assembly is legitimate and other Janajati also demand the same. And it can be done before CA, just like we have stripped the gyane from the power. One thing government’s hesitation to fulfill these demands and acting dumb asses like they are doing right now, is that majority of decision makers are Khas and worried that they going to lose the grip on Nepalese natural resource(these guy occupy 80% of it). Well needless to say Madhesi
    and also other janajatis should come forward and push for the one
    final struggle.

    I was surprise yesterday watching Kantipur TV discussion program hosted by Indra Lohani. Even so called journalist was preoccupied by
    Khas arrogance.

  29. Mahila Sahu Avatar
    Mahila Sahu

    The current problem is created by MAOBADI and BAHUN leadership in all party’s. The Madhesi has every right to Demand the representaion reflected in their population Numbers though they will defeat purpose by dividing Pahade Verus Madhesis now the strategy should be whoever have lived in Madhes for considerable time they should be considered Madhesi. I am saddened that instead of promoting all of us as Nepali having equal right and say in Nepalese politics we have degenerated in to ethnic hatred thanks to SPAM and Maoist. They have eliminited the King but could not replace any respectable symbols so we are facing the disintergraon of the country. For common people the power has shifted from RANAS and SHAHS to Bahuns an ironically the most people who died was from Janjatis. Newars of Kathmandu had realized that in 1990 revolution and that was the reason there was lukewarm support for so called April revolution. This is the time we try to break up this dirty nexus between Bahuns of all the parties including Maoist.

  30. Kishan Avatar

    Proportionate reservation – giving extra advantage to the previously disadvatged – in all arena of governance, cabinet, parliament, education and research, army, police, all state jobs, foreign diplomatic service, investment, etc, etc.

    Learn for South Africa.

  31. Chowdari Avatar

    Mahesh cumar,

    Your maths must be really good. According to you, 10% = khas population; 48% = Madhesi population. Janjatis claim that they are about 60% of the population. That equals to 118%. Wow! I thought the country’s total population equals 100%.

    In Madhesis, you must have added Tharu, Rajbhansi, Dhimals. Their press releases say that they are not madhesis but are aboriginal tribes of Nepal. The Janjati and Adhibhasi Mahasangh has already informed the government that it will not participate in the government’s negotiations with MJF though MJF was keen to represent janjati, dalits and other ethnicities for their rights. The reason being the talks committee from MJF will be headed by madhesi and consists only of madhesis and not a single janjati is there.

    By the way, Tharus have already demanded Tharuwan consisting of 24 districts in Nepal which was originally theirs. Most of these districts fall in Terai or Madhesh. For example, Morang and Sunsari are claimed by Tharus are their land. Jhapa is being claimed by Rajbhansis as their. And both are in Terai and you want it be declared as Madhesi Autonomous Region. And they are not willing to accept your graciousness to be leaders of Madhesh and work under your wings. Decide with Tharu leaders before you claim it as Madhesh.

  32. Nepal Avatar

    Mahesh cumar,

    Your maths must be really good. According to u, 10% = khas population; 48% = Madhesi population. Janjatis claim that they are about 60% of the population. That equals to 118%. Wow! I thought the country’s total population equals 100%.

    In Madhesis, u must’ve added Tharu, Rajbhansi, Dhimals. They say they aren’t madhesis but r aboriginal tribes of Nepal. The Janjati and Adhibhasi Mahasangh has already informed the government that it won’t participate in the government’s negotiations with MJF though MJF was keen to represent janjati, dalits and other ethnicities for their rights. The reason being the talks committee from MJF will be headed by madhesi and consists only of madhesis and not a single janjati is there.

    Tharus have demanded Tharuwan consisting of 24 districts in Nepal which was originally theirs. Most of these districts fall in Madhesh. Morang and Sunsari are claimed by Tharus are their land. Jhapa is being claimed by Rajbhansis as theirs. And both r in Terai and u want it be declared as Madhesi Autonomous Region. And they r not willing to accept your graciousness to be leaders of Madhesh and work under your wings. Decide with Tharu leaders before u claim it as Madhesh.

  33. mahesh cumar Avatar
    mahesh cumar

    Chowdari Nepal or Nepal Chodwari or whatever, correct your name before i answer your question.

  34. Rakesh Avatar

    Good job…Mahesh…..Thats the right way to oppose those communal pahares…No more moderate language……..You take care of this wagle’s site ….I will be there to support you.

    Jo Madhesi hit ki bat karega
    Wahi madhesh par raj karega

  35. jeewan Avatar

    all nepalese people are inherently racist. being racist is Nepalese culture.

    and i am with Sonu here- we need better education to all in order to get rid of this ‘nepalese culture’.

  36. Solar Avatar

    Andolan in Terai looks good. It will be remembered as a greatest moment in the overall development of Nepal.

    The agitators are killing their own population because most of them are daily wage earners. It is total bandh – it means all these are without work and face starvation. Most of them are forced to migrate to India. Forum activists should be honored because they are contolling Terai population and it is set to go down if it continues for another month or so.

    All Limbuwan and Khimbuwan activists are also very happy because their entire population will be forced to eat stones anytime soon and the mountains will be converted into plain land to be cultivated. They were happy because they will enjoy eating tea leaves instead of dal and bhat and sending to pahade bahun areas. These people have declared that they will innovate technology to turn their piss into petrol and diesel.

    Andolan must carry on for federal democratic republic of Nepal.

  37. nd Avatar

    its bahuns (Girija, Madhav Nepal, Prachanda, Baburam etc etc) who have made nepal worst place to live in. Bahuns netas only need power to rule this country and people like girija who is 80++ still want to rule eventhough baluwatar is almost a hospital. Noone knows how long will he live.

    If one can get rid of bahuns, nepal will be a peaceful country again.

    what do u thinks?

    please do comment

  38. Kirat Avatar

    An intelligent person would think…why are these janjatis and madeshis protesting? Perhaps they have genuine grievances perhaps they don’t. But it would be the duty of every educated Nepali…let alone so called political leaders of the Congress, UML and Maoists to look into their demands properly and address it in the best way possible. After all a new Nepal must include the aspirations of all of it’s people or is to be the same Girija, Deuba, UML leader, Thapa, Chand merry go around with the same corrupt, inefficient bureaucratic set up? The more things change the more they stay the same? Or are we really to see a truly new Nepal?

  39. Narayan, Saptari Avatar
    Narayan, Saptari

    After being through all the comments made by people of highland(Pahad).

    Kale, Dhoti words come easily in any highland’s people mouth.

    Highland people call to madheshi foriegners such as Indian or so on.

    People from Bhutan, Tibet and have light skin are easily acceptable as Nepalese but Madheshi are not.

    If you are Madheshi its almost impossible to find any jobs in Nepal Goverment without paying large sum of illigal wealth.

    Highland’s people do not let Madheshi to reach into disicion making level position.

    People holding Master degree in Terai engaged in farming because Goverment do not have jobs but under graduated people of highland are chief district officer.

    Billions of Rupees come to Nepal as international help and loan which goes straight to highland and some places in Terai where people of highland live but loan have to pay by everyone equaly.

    People who work in tourist line do not let tourist to visit places in Terai by feeding lots bollocks to them.

    In the wider World Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Nagarkot, Pokhara, and Himal only exist as Nepal.

    Half of the population is from Madhesh and hardly any local representative to the Goverment.

    If any natural diseasters happend in highland fully goverment support and help + international but if it happens in Madhesh then Madhesh is not in Nepal and Madheshi people life doesn’t count.

    Most of the cities in highland depend on Terai resourses but people from Terai are not Nepalese.

    Today in 21st centuary where everyone has equal rights and freedom so in my opinion if Nepal goverment and people from highland respect Madheshi, make them feel like part of nation, share everything equally and stop being racist then Madheshi people may change their mind to have federal system goverment.

    Jai Maatri Bhumi.

  40. AltaGid Avatar

    Hello! Help solve the problem.
    Very often try to enter the site, but says that the password is not correct.
    Regrettably use of remembering. Give like to be?
    Thank you!

  41. Maalik Avatar


    Where were you? I have been looking for you since last 10 years my beloved servant. You were really good at cleaning and cooking but not so good at show polishing. Have you improved your skills???

    Come back and serve me!

    Your maalik (Owner)

  42. Dhoniram Chowdhury Avatar
    Dhoniram Chowdhury

    hey brothers,
    Would we want the things to be repeated which we have seen in the past few years? Do you think history would forgive us? Do you think violence is the only solution for Nepal? Do we fight among us and build a healthy Nepal?
    Don’t blame anybody, only to blame ourselves!!!!! The way we are fighting and shouting, is just ridiculous. Try to respect each other and not to blame on either Pahari or madheshi or Indians. We need out hurdles to be rectified and for so we have to fight unitedly! Come and unite and love with each other, then we can present a better Nepal for our GENX.
    Please think over it and leave your comment here. Thanks.

  43. alokypela Avatar

    [b]???? ??????!!![/b]

    ???? ? ??? ???? ????? ?????? ? ???????????? ??????????, ? ????? ??????? ????????, ??????????? ? ??????????, ??? ? ??. ?. ???????????!

    [b]???.: (495) 939-44-89[/b] [b]???????!!![/b]


  44. Rishi Sah Avatar
    Rishi Sah

    just fuck u all stupid madhesi politician… till the time u r in govt u dnt care abt the problems of madhesi people… once u r out of govt u guys start yelling again… u guys r just dogs… and fuck u all asshole.. just bcoz of u assholes madhesi people r suffering.. due to madhesi andolan the business environment of lahan got worst and gaighat developed more fast and the people of lahan have no other option but to suffer…
    i suggest u all to leave the politics and get some job… or else dnt play politics based on ethnics… if u r so intelligent then and caring abt madhes then do pure politics and dnt bring the people of madhes in politics… in my perception madhesi jan adhikar forum is responsible for huge losses of madhesi

    if u want to more abt ur self and ur asshole party members feel free to write me

  45. Dizincill Avatar

    It is easy to produce a buck. It is a lot tougher to make a difference.
    Share values are actually quoted in fractions for 2 centuries, with different system descended from Spanish components of eight. Each dollar was cut into eight bits worth 12.5 cents each.
    One’s mind features a way of making itself up without anyone’s knowledge, and yes it suddenly becomes clear what one methods to do.
    If you do not drive your business, you’ll be driven out of business.
    Economic downturn is not cured by legislative action or executive pronouncement. Economic wounds have to be healed with the action from the cells in the economic body – the producers and consumers themselves.

  46. Weed seeds @ Ministry of Cannabis Avatar

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    day or two. This method isn’t as viable because the water
    tension can carry even the best seeds hanging to help you gently drive them down of course, if they
    don’t really drain subsequently, the seeds are most likely harmed.
    I put my seedlings under a T5, 8 lamp growlight.

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