Prachanda on TV: Reactionaries Stealing Our Slogans

A day after Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s appearance on TV, it was Maoist Chairman Prachanda’s turn today to face the media (which was broadcast live on at least on TV station in Kathmandu) and provide his version of what’s going on in Southern Nepal and Kathmandu. Naturally, Prachanda came heavily against “those elements” in southern Terai that are trying to “steal our slogans and take credit of the achievements of 10-year-old peoples’ war and 19-day historic peoples’ movement.” Prachanda also didn’t waste much time before issuing a stern warning to “those elements”: Keep quiet or we will come and take charge of the movement and flush you out. He also talked about the possibility of using AMRIES to bring Madhesh situation under control. “Peoples’ Liberation Army will be taking part if the government decides to mobilize Army” in Terai, he said.

Federalism and proportionate representation are our slogans. We raised those issues. Now reactionaries who were always opposing those issues and were against the election of constituent assembly are stealing those slogans and trying to portray themselves as the biggest republicans, Prachanda said. The Maoist leader also said that the party will launch offensive (in the form of “movement”) if the situation continues.

Here is more from eKantipur: To begin with, apologizing for the weaknesses and mistakes committed by his party cadres, Prachanda said that the Maoists have not given up their political demands of federal governance system, democratic republican set up and proportional electoral system, which he said are interconnected and accused some organizations of trying to distort the CPN-M’s image.

“During brainstorming sessions with the seven parties, the CPN-M did struggle to convince them about our agenda, however, later we agreed for the time being so as to raise the issue again during the CA elections,” said Prachanda. Stating that right to self-governance is the fundamental requirement for the republican set up, Prachanda stated that the CPN-M was deeply concerned over the seven party alliance government’s sluggish and inactive approach towards holding CA elections.

When asked whether the PM’s address will resolve the Terai issue, Prachanda said PM’s address was incomplete and added that the way the issues were put together in the name of addressing the Madhes problem was never going to help find solution to the problem. “We don’t express our solidarity with those who involved themselves in flaring up violence in the Terai region, however, the genuine demands put forward by the Madhes community should be properly and completely addressed and we express our solidarity with the protesters in this regard,” added Prachanda.

Prachanda said that his party believes in peaceful demonstrations and the CPN-M would be organizing peaceful rallies across Terai and that his party would concentrate on revealing those regressive forces that have played roles in instigating violence and unrest. Prachanda also said that he wanted to appeal all to remain alert and cautious as some regressive forces were trying to disrupt the communal harmony and instigate violence. Prachanda also reiterated that the demonstration the CPN-Maoist was planning to organize was not a warning but a notice that if the government failed to create conducive environment to hold the CA elections by the stipulated time, the CP|N-Maoist would take to the streets.





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  1. sarki ko choro Avatar
    sarki ko choro

    They created this mess, and it is up to them to sort it out. No more cheap sloganeering about other things – first thing first. Get on with it!

  2. sonam Avatar

    they are playing vote politics, their base in terai is wiped out and without the gun they are going to have a lot of problem

  3. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Prachanda is making a fool of himself by the day. What an Idiot!

  4. Patriot Avatar

    Mother Fcuker Prachanda –

    You shout as if you truly care. Its easy to rebel isnt it? But to govern ?? no no … you stoked this communal flame and rode on the shoulder of oppressed people to come to power. And once you did you thought you could ignore the promises you made. And now some freakin royalists took advantage and incited Terai, and now you are on your high horses … stealing your slogan and all tht crap. Your worried tht you lost Terai didnt you. Now you will lose Limbuwan too. And your PLA will be no more my friend, they will be Limbuwan Mukti Army …

    You fcukin asshole, you aren’t any different from Girija or Gyane are you. You are just another greedy bahun. You and your caste have destroyed Nepal. First it was Shahs, then Ranas, then you … You betrayor, power hungry leech.

    May you die in hell.

  5. Patriot Avatar

    You were supposed to champion the cause of marginalised and oppressed. Our people died for you hoping you would deliver, hoping you would keep your promise. But no, your are too busy enjoying your new found glory. You dont talk about federalism so aggressively as you used to. You only talk about removing King. So this 10 year so called people’s war was a farce isnt it?? It was actually your war isnt it. Why are our people alone today voicing for Limbuwan, where is the support we so badly need from Maoists. Our people comprise most of your front line guerilla army, our people have given most blood for your revolution. And today you left us in the cold, a raw deal is wht you dished out to us didnt you.

    You sonofabitch Pushpa Kamal Dahal … aka Prachanda the Betrayer. You bloody greedy Bahun. It is coz of people like you and your divide & rule policy, Nepal could never unite, its coz of people like you we dont trust each other community in Nepal, especially Bahuns.

    Watch out. You think your 10 yr revolution means anything … it means nothing. You fought to change the system, but we will fight to defend our identity, our culture and our self respect. Lets see who wins.

    Jai Limbuwan !!!

  6. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Prachanda is pissing all over his pants right now. Because if Madeshis get their way and have equal representation in parliment then the Maoists are going to be screwed. Madeshis aren’t necessarily supporters of Maoists and if they come to parliment the Maoists are going to be sidelined. Hahah I bet Prachanda didn’t see this coming.

  7. Patriot Avatar

    Perhaps if Prachanda had a genuine agenda he wouldnt have any need to piss in his pants, but like I always strongly suspected allll along that it was the lust of power …

    This war will go on and must go on even at the risk of losing our nationality to India or China or whatever. Whats the concept of nationhood anyway. I dont want to be in a nation called Nepal where people are treated unequally based on their ethnicity. I am a patriot to my people only. This state of Nepal is not nationhood. It is a system devised to prosper certain castes at the expense of others. I dont want to be a part of this fucked up system called Nepal. I want my land and my identity.

    Madhesis contribution to the 10 yr revolution has been negligient and today they burn few vehicles, kill some people and they get all their demands. We have given an identity as brave Gurkhas to all Nepalsese in the world. We have maintained Nepal’s economy through our remittance. We have shed blood to overthrow monarchy and put people like Girija and Prachanda on power. And today we are betrayed and we are alone. Such an unfair world it is, isnt it ??

    It wont be long before we will start our own guerilla insurgency. So out Prachanda here we come. We dont need you to champion our cause anymore. After all what has a Bahun done for his countrymen anyway.

    Call me communal for I am. But it is you who made me communal. You and your untrustworthy Bahun clan.

  8. vahsek Avatar

    identity crisis!

  9. Patriot Avatar

    That includes all Girija, Makune, Deuba, all the corrupt Bahun govt. officials that consist nearly 98% of all govt jobs. You and your clan in connivance with Ranas/Shahs have truly destroyed Nepal. Dont you feel a little responsible and maya for your country and your countrymen even though many of us might not look like you. Dont you have even a snmall sense of “nation building” thing in you? When are you going to get rid of your greedy culture and truly work to make this country a great country.

  10. Patriot Avatar

    vashek – did you call me identity crisis ?? Did you dare say that you motherfcuker ?? Do you realise that Nepal is a big shit hole today with all of us inside. You probably sitting there pretty tight, your fat ass in some velvet sofa and passing your half baked comment. Oh I know wht it is … you got that guilty monster inside you isnt it?? Gulity that you and your clan destroyed Nepal. Guilty that you have it in you – those common chutiya triats you know – of betraying, taking peolpe for a ride, considering urself high & mighty. Oh boy let me have this last laugh … coz rhetorics from people like you, protectionist, or royalist or Bahun or whtever … doesnt work anymore u knw … tomorrow wew gonna have our own land and our own peopl in administration. We will build our own Limbuwan territory and promote our own culture. And guess wht, we gonna fight for it. And I know it means slitting throats of people like you, which I’d happily do.

    Till then enjoy your last few days of priviledged lifestyle that you sucked from others …

  11. Patriot Avatar

    vashek – Your inability to empathise with our problems is an indication that Nepal as a nation is indeed a failure.

  12. Patriot Avatar

    I pray you and your types come to your senses so that we can save Nepal.

  13. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    Save yourself first. Nobody can dare to steal the slogan’s of Shri 3 Prachanda Bir Bikram, the supreme commander of peoples’ army and the future supreme commander of Nepal army and Peoples’ army, the brigadier general paramadhipati blood sucker. He is the lion of the jungle called Nepal. Who is this Patriot who dares to speak against Prachanda? Today Madhesis have asked for appropriate representation in the elections and that is enough for SPAM to contemplate mobilizing the ex royal warriors and peoples’ warriors to ’safaya’ them. You speak of creating your own Limbuwan; they will bury you alive in Tundikhel, plant a tree on top of your grave and call it Limbuwan.

  14. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    When will you realize that its not just about Bhun and Ranas anymore. It’s about greed, money and power. Bhuns don’t sit around and conspire about how to make everyone worse off. Besides you are just talking about the valley – Bhuns in rural areas are just as bad off as anyone.
    Nepal has many injustices and maybe that’s why the Maoist movement started in the first place. But this is not the time to flare more communal tension. You call yourself a patriot, try to live by that as well.

  15. Sunatali ko Pooe Avatar
    Sunatali ko Pooe

    I’m a menace, a dentist, an oral hygienist
    Open your mouth for about four or five minutes
    Take a little bit of this fluoride rinse
    Swish but don’t spit it, swallow and I’ll finish
    Yeah me and Nate d-o double g
    Looking for a couple bitches with some double d’s
    Pop a little champagne and a couple E’s
    Slip it in her bubbuly, we finna finna have a party

  16. Patriot Avatar

    Alright, I know I overreacted. And my views maybe too narrow to benefit only my race. My apologies, I need to keep my kool at these times. Its true in Nepal 95% is always worse off. But its disheartening to be oppressed and used and betrayed throughout history. Give me one example in the history of this country why I should be proud to be a part of this country. Its easy to sit back and ask people to practise restraint. But to always be on the other side & face the wind … its different, you understand that dont you …

    As for Shekar Mayavi – I dont know if you are serious or are you a joke, is Prachanda truly your God or you’re being sacarstic.

  17. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    Patriot, I am glad to hear that you have decided to calm down. Nepal needs energetic, enthusiastic people like you, but your vigor should be channeled for constructive means. You see my friend, discrimination is everywhere. Even in a family, sometimes the eldest son seems to be loved more than mailo, or kanchi tchori might be the most beloved. This however, cannot justify discrimination at a national level, and I understand that. I think the way forward should be integration and not further division. People of different casts, races, ethnicity etc should be schooled together and they should be allowed to grow up together as friends. This, I think, is happening with the present generation. Our fathers’ and grandfathers’ generations were dictated by castes, division etc. We are changing and we have to appreciate that also. The debate should be about what we can do to make a better future for all our people and how we integrate. We can refer to the past but we cannot argue endlessly about the time when you and I didn’t even exist. It is time for a national reconciliation. Jai Nepal.

  18. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    Patriot, I am glad to hear that you have decided to calm down. Nepal needs energetic, enthusiastic people like you, but your vigor should be channeled for constructive means. You see my friend, discrimination is everywhere. Even in a family, sometimes the eldest son seems to be loved more than mailo, or kanchi tchori might be the most beloved. This however, cannot justify discrimination at a national level, and I understand that. I think the way forward should be integration and not further division. People of different casts, races, ethnicity etc should be schooled together and they should be allowed to grow together as friends. This, I think, is happening with the present generation. Our fathers’ and grandfathers’ generations were dictated by castes, division etc. We are changing and we have to appreciate that also. The debate should be about what we can do to make a better future for all our people and how we integrate. We can refer to the past but we cannot argue endlessly about the time when you and I didn’t even exist. It is time for a national reconciliation. Jai Nepal.

  19. Patriot Avatar

    Whatever it be dont underestimate us or we will bury you head down first and shit on your grave.

  20. Deva Avatar

    Nepal is no longer a viable nation state. The sooner we realise this hard and bitter fact, the better it will be for the people. The people have nothing to loose, but the leaders will be held in check by a higher force than the King i.e. Delhi Durbar. They will all be licking feet in Delhi. Hurray!

  21. Man Daley Avatar
    Man Daley

    Narayan Narayan Narayan

    I liked the fury in the people heart. Keep it up with your feelings. Go to the mass and preach (blog). We need new and young people in politics who can raise their sense above all the caste and creed in the society and be an example to the nation. Kick the asses of those corrupt politican no matters which ideology they follow.
    Be a party in your self. and take out your khukuri ( not the real one-the spirit associated with the weapon) and clean the mess. Be ready to gets dirty.

  22. GM Avatar

    Prachanda is an opportunist and he is trying to do damage control. He cannot believe that he lost all his support he built in 10 years in Terai in 10 days. This is because of their own high handedness. They should have apologized earlier. Instead of apologizing immediately, the disrespected the Madhise community and blamed the royalists.

    Common, you cannot blame others all the time. Sometimes, you have to behave like an adult, take responsibility and move on. There may be no King in the future to blame. At some time, you need show responsibilities and get some results.

    Politically, I think this is a big loss for Maoists. They have realized that it is easier to fight the war from jungles or streets than in Singha Darbar. So they want to fish in the dirty water. I think if they do, they will be lose even more credibility.

  23. noname Avatar


    I still consider SPA thugs to be the bigger opportunists than Prachanda. Pushpa Kamal is a know terrorist with InterPol notices running against him. He is going to be a prime reason when Nepal is declared a terrorist state. But how do you justify the unknown killings that SPA is responsible for? How do you justify the seeds of secterian violence that SPA has sowed among Nepalis? Earlier we had ONE IDENTITY. Today we have a hundred identity and none of which are valid! SPA has ruined Nepal!

  24. sonam Avatar

    go through the whole incident
    Prachanda: No Talking to Goit & Jwala Singh (They are crinimals)
    Lahan: Prachanda Party Fires the shot: Prachanda says they did not fire.
    they don’t want the govt to talk to MJF. They say MJF is funded by mandalas.
    They give their consent to Koirala to address the nation. They know what is going to be said as they were involved in drafting it.
    Now they say PM address is not sufficient, and they support the MJF demands. They are playing vote politics.
    If anything goes against their wishes, they say Peace will be broken.
    This part is fully responsible for whatever is happening in Nepal.

  25. gangster. Avatar

    bahuns created all this caste system in nepal, made constitutions, laws accordingly, they shared almost all the powers, the facilities, all thier religious ceremonies could hav public holidays even jania purnima which hey also hav thrown away in bagmati, in aaikadashi no one can eat meat, wat the hell do we had to do with that, n for them that was fking fair n just to the nepalis people. there was some hope after april movement which just happened to b a hope and now madhes people n janjatis r uprising they call us inciting communal violence, disintegrating nepal, assimilating nepal to india, royalits n all shits, no caste n creeds in twenty first century, which is actually hot issue of this century globally, give them education hahahha it was education that made us aware looooosersss…….

  26. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I understand of course. Because of the opression and injustices we are where we are today. Nepal was a pressure cooker waiting to explode. Hopefully from here on out leaders move away from their Kathmandu centric mindset and address the concerns of all communities.
    What Nepal needs badly is a new batch of leaders. This one is way past its due date!

  27. Guyfromktm Avatar

    Pushpa Kamal is himself turning into a reactionary, in fact, he has already become one– and he is trying to make use of this situation to send his murderers, who are starved of blood after having been confined in the cantonement for nearly two monts, and carry out another round of blooshed. This is how Pushpa Kamal stamped his authority before and it is clear that he hasn’t changed much. He is blaming the invisible forces to take advantage of the current situation and go on rampage to kill every one who has been bold enough to oppose him and burn his eiffigies. Poor guy is hurt that his “jwala to tap” is decreasing and he is ebing turned into a mere figurehead– he, too, like Baburam, is close to being a ceremonial leader now…… and he is frustrated…. he has every reason to be.

  28. sagarmatha Avatar

    Mobilising army and maoist will be another blunder mistake. It will definately divide the nation. I think Prachanda is too much ambitious and Girija is Stupid whereas Mr. Sitaula is CHAMBU BAHUN (CLEVER FOX). Killing is not the solution to the problem. There is no one is left to blame now because all the family members of each house of madheshis are coming to the street.

  29. stoic_ros Avatar

    PRACHANDA have to react for this situation .he must address the problem of this cast & community problem.the whole country expects something innovative from him and his party . media person often asked him abt his plan for FUTURE PRESIDENT.the expection is high …..but the result is similar to other politician.He want to show his superiority.somewhere he talked that PLA will also take part if GOVT. mobilize his security personnels to control the situation.what this shows ? prachanda is a hunger of POWER.

    Well this is not a time to critisize someone ….after all who is prachanda ? till the election of SAMBIDHAN SAVA everything will be flashed …for now let be serious and think how to get rid of this situation/problem?

    Noone is gonna do for us, we have to do ourself …..

  30. Sharad Avatar

    It is nothing more. They want to cultivate their voilence more.

  31. Kishan Avatar

    I am thinking of the ones who will loose the most from the proportionate representation and then I also think of the ones who are supposed to address the aspiration of general people’s fight for it. Very ironically, that they appear to be same ones. I wonder it ever can happen unless a third force comes in.

  32. Patriot Avatar

    My point is differential treatment cannot be meted to to citizens of a country along ethnic lines. I understand integration than division is the way to go forward. But that will only happen later. First there must be fairness and constitutional guarantee that oppressed communities can promote and safeguard their identities too. Even if this means spilling further blood. Even if this means another civil war. Even if this means more dividion among Nepalese.

    Isnt this what history has shown. Isnt this what is supposed to happen before a truly equal society is created. I know I am saying things here that are very provocative and esp at this times, its not the best things to say. But common … enough of bullshit dont you think?? Injustices are there and it will continue until we rise and fight for our rights.

    Ask me to soften down, my language, tones et al and I will (as would befit an educated person like me) but ask me to change my argument and I WON’T. My argument still remains the same, as strong as I have always believed, i.e. To create a truly inclusive and a progressive society where we come to respect each others cultures, we must have the provisions to safeguard and promote our own cultures. So we feel secure enough to look forward and respect each other and make this a great nation. And to create that truly equal society, if more agitation, more blood, more civil wars are needed – SO BE IT !!

  33. Patriot Avatar

    And I am not sitting in some nice cozy corner passing comments over a hot cup of coffee … I am actively considering and talking to members of my party for a position … if it’s what it takes to give up my jetset corpo career – so be it!!

  34. sonam Avatar

    the events in the terai indicate that prachanda, goit, + jwala singh have never seperated and are working together through their front man upendra yadav. So the slogans are the same, and prachanda is deliberatly causing the SPA govt. to delay is reactions so the problem worsens.

  35. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    There was a time when whole nation was on fire Gyane was celebrating his
    holiday in Pokhara. The present crisis is not less than that and the present
    HEAD of STATE came on TV even worse way.
    That shows how lightly the present Govt is taking this case.
    I wonder how comes Nepal Govt is full of STUPID people.

  36. guyfrmktm Avatar

    sonam– u r absolutely right.. this entire this is the making of Pushpa Kamal.. he is the one is trying to hijack all the agenda by killing innocent people in terai..

  37. sonam Avatar

    Puspa Kamal is very smart and cunning, his ultimate aim is power and he is least bothered about the terai problem.

  38. Yechu Avatar

    So many comments are appearing on this blog. Most of the comments are from patraiot and ….Pandit. But guys is this the appropriate time to blame each others?? Aren’t all of are responsible fot this situation of Nepal?? Can we be in safe postion pointing our fore finger to others?? The remaining four are pointing to us too.

    This is not a time to say LIMBUWAN…TAMUWAN>>SWATANTRA MADESH….etc and etc….We all have problems and issues……but this is not te right time to fight for our in house issue….later we can solve them once we could clean up this bloody GYANE….

  39. Nepali Blogger Avatar

    Why should we trust the maoists? What have they done that should make us believe in what they say and do?

  40. Kishor Avatar

    I have a couple of concerns
    – When hundreds of thousands of people were in the streets during April revolution fighting against the cruel stone age rule of Gyane, where were these Upendra Yadavs hiding? Now they have come forward because they know Nepal is weak and they can hit hard.

    – And those who think that they can win elections by being communal, look at the previous election results. There were some communal parties, however most of them could not even be national parties. It is not a hidden fact that winning people’s heart is not easy. So some loosers want to go an easy way out to get onto top quiclky. But the rule of nature is always there, whatever rises falls. And if you try to rise without base, you fall and never rise again.

    – Population data show that 49% of Nepalese live in Terai, and 40% of the election constituenties are in Terai (source: various data from election commission and national beaureau of stastistics). There has been an imbalance here just to balance the bigger geographical regions with less populations (because that was how Nepal was structured). My personal opinion is that constituenties should be allocated in scientific way, and without prejudice to any communities. (However, in the current scenario they have make it appear that 90% of the voters are from Terai and they have been allocated only 10% of the seats). You have to be fair to people from all over Nepal (and if you are not, those who are oppressed now will rise again).

    – And instead of demanding with a government that has no mandate to make decisions that would take long term effect is just ridiculous. This government (and the legislature) has mandate only to perform CA elections. And due to the current composition, I believe no party can mobilize the state machineries in their favor. Also the international community is watching events closely and it would be very hard to fake CA results. So if you have any ideas for new nepal, go to the CA elections with your agenda and if people trust you – Nepal is in your hands. Nobody is stopping Upendra Yadavs or other communal leaders from participating in CA elections.

    And to the agitating ones, this is not a time to weaken ourselves more. I know national unity, nationality cannot be forced. It is clear that war does not do good to us. Let us talk about our grievances and try to resolve it peacefully. Let all the suppressed, oppressed, depressed communities come together and find a solution once and for all.

    Jay Nepal

  41. Nhorning Avatar


    NC: For being against federalism and proportional representation
    NCD: Same reason
    Royalists: Exploiting the situation for personal gain.
    TMM (both factions) trying to turn a political conflict into an ethnic conflict. Maoists: Firing the shot
    Police: continuing to fire the shots.

  42. Gthug Avatar

    The blame game ain’t helping the nation go nowhere, the division will eventually lead to one family against another down the line.Let us all learn from the past, (if we can )Forgive but don’t forget. Now its madhesis against the pahades; limbus against the bahuns . Obviously this phenemenon will trickle down to create rift within the same clan/tribe as well. Integration of the population I believe is key the national development and that is what Nepal needs the most. We all need to move forwad together in one direction (socio economic development) to achieve a maximum yield in whatever we do.

  43. replytoall Avatar

    Many of you people were chanting that once the king is stripped of the power everything in Nepal would be great. Agadi badcha, agragami Nepal…….Heaven Nepal….. Yesto huncha usto huncha and all that?

    Now, its been a while since the King is out of picture of the Nepalese politics and what have we got. Loadshedding!!!!!!!!!!! Strikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Police firing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Curfew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yesterdays Govt imposed a curfew to clamp down a violent uprising and it was a “pratigami” move………. Now them violent mob are in the Govt. and they impose a curfew to clamp down another violent uprising and now how is this RIGHT. How is this Agragami, progressive.

    A nation only gets the GOVT. what the people DESERVE. Nepal, nepalese deserve this.

  44. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    replytoall: all the protest right now are in a way necessary. They are necessary in the sense that Madeshis have long been ignored and marginalized. The way Nepal was functioning was not right. We were opressing everything. It was Kathmandu centric, Rana/Shah Bhun chettri Newar monopoly. For the future of Nepal that is inclusive and secular this might be the price to may. Maybe I am being naive. I don’t condone the violence. I wish the Madeshis would have gone about concerns differently. However, this also speaks volumes about our political structure. There is no avenue for legitimate concerns to be voiced. The only way people seem to get attention is through violent protest.

  45. replytoall Avatar

    Bhudai Pundit

    I always knew that it was coming………….. janajati and madesh issue. if not today then tomorrow for sure.

    But what i mean is what has the change in govt. done???????????? what has the inclusion of maoist done??????

    What has it done to the nation that the king is no longer in power. The curfews are still continuing. The police are still firing. The journalists are still crying foul.

    If King was the source of all evil, what have we achieved now that he is gone. The logic of it takes time is very illogical. It takes time but the morning shows the day…mostly. If this is the morning then how would the day turn out.??

  46. Bubblebomb Avatar

    Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF) has underground work with RSS & VHP.

    Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF) is part of royalists atrocity to bring the monarchy back to power with the attempt that democracy does not work in Nepal.

    Here’s the news:
    Nepal Maoists turn guns on Sangh Parivar

    Posted online: Saturday, February 03, 2007 at 0000 hours IST
    NEW DELHI, FEB 2: Nepal Maoists have turned their guns on the Sangh Parivar for inciting violence at the Terai region of their country, where the Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF) and Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha launched violent agitations for autonomy and greater representation in Parliament.
    “We have got evidence that people close to RSS and VHP are involved in creating trouble in the region. The reports say that they were regularly attending meetings of RSS and VHP and crossing the border to create trouble. This should be stopped,” Polit Bureau member of Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (CPN-M) CP Gajurel said at a meet the press programme organised by the Delhi Press Club. Gajurel also said he would raise the issue in a meeting to be held with the officials of ministry of extrnal affairs on Saturday. “I have discussed this problem with many political leaders. We will also bring the issue to the Indian government’s attention,” he said.

    We must work together to fight MJF. This is serious. Save Nepal from MJF.

  47. kingkong Avatar

    Time to impeach Sitaula and Girija. Time to throw out Prachanda and Baburam. Time to fire Madhav Nepal and KP Oli.

  48. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I don’t think the King is necessarily the evil one. And no I never thought for one moment that the Maoists joining the government is going to bring any positive changes to Nepal. I am simply not convinced that Prachanda or Baburam have the interest of the people they claim to liberate. It’s all horsecrap.
    Now with all the commmunial tensions, and questions of Nepalese national identity the role of the monarchy may actually become more significant. However, if Raja G is smart he will not make Paras King and instead pass the crown to his grandson. It will be more acceptable to the people. Once the Maoists (Baburam. Prachanda and Mahara) get a whiff of the curruption and money involved in politics all their communism and other ideology will go out the window.

  49. sonam Avatar

    Free Nepal from the cluthes of King G and SPAM. Teari is burning and these bunch of jokers are playing politics.
    When the British were leaving India, there was communial tension everywhere, same thing is happening in nepal. When a 240 years old institution is being abolished, there is going to communial tension. I don’t think Nepal Police or the politicans can tackel the terai situation. maybe we get the UN to help in maintaining law & order in the Terai, other wise people of pahade origin will leave the terai for the hills and people of madesh origin will leave the hills for the terai, plus throw in limbuwan, tharu land and i don’t know how many other lands. The situation is really complicated.

  50. sushil adhikari Avatar

    i can’t understand why not taking any action.for who they are waiting?govrt.must gave their right rather than going on curfew.madhesh are also mass of nepal.i think maoists chairman have to keep his mouth closed,he not a member of govrt.,he used to think better to him to go back in pahad otherwise madheshi can do anything to him,JAY MADHEDH, JAY NEPAL.they{govrt}have forgot that 70 %of people is means 1/3 part of land is only for’s SUSHIL ADHIKARI.{JAY MADHESH}

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