Southern Nepal Conflict: When Criminals Take Charge of Demonstrations

A peace rally in Jhapa

With the heinous killing of Assistant Sub Inspector Naresh Jung Karki in Biratnagar this evening, it has become crystal clear that the ongoing movement in eastern Terai is more than just an expression of political dissatisfaction: it is overwhelmingly dominated by criminal intentions. To carry swords, iron rods and go on rampage in residential area can’t be a political demonstration. To demand federalism and proportional representation in election is a political work but to continue with murderous activities even after listening the genuine answer from the government established by the peoples’ movement is a deplorable act. Today’s killing of the policeman and other violent activities in the recent past in eastern Terai marks the spectacular comeback of royalist elements in political scenario that were sidelined by people in April. It was an open secret that they would seek ways for comeback to try their best to make democracy a failure. They will do anything to create the impression that monarchy is needed in Nepal. They used the Maoist movement in the past for the same and now they are trying to deliver this message: look what’s happening when king is sidelined. They will do everything to turn these demonstrations into full fledged communal conflict in Nepal which will ultimately weaken peoples’ united power to run the government.

How can anyone justify the brutal killing of a policeman? [ASI Naresh Jung Karki was leading a 13-member police team at Buddhanagar, Biratnagar at 5 pm this evening. Criminals associating themselves with the Madheshi Peoples’ Rights Forum (MPRF) surrounded the police team and barbarically killed Karki to death by using knives and swords. The protesters, according to eKantipur, also abducted three other policemen after attacking them with sharp weapons, sources said. The criminals also took away 2 rifles and a pistol from the policemen. In retaliation, the police had opened fire on them. The bloody protests in southeastern Nepal have already claimed the lives of ten people over the past two weeks.] How can you justify a movement that, it seems, doesn’t believe in talks? Even the Maoists, who were waging a violent war, came to the talks table and engaged themselves in peace process. But these elements that are spreading violence in Madhesh under the cover of political demands are exposing themselves as days are passing. They will put forward one nonsense demand after another as the government goes on addressing them. The government must use its machinery to expose infiltrating criminal elements. It has partially done so by arresting Kamal Thapa, Badri Mandal and Salim Ansari but this must be intensified. We are running out of time.

Prachanda Says

CPN-Maoist Chairman Prachanda today assured that the eight parties would address the demands of the Madhesi people since an agreement in principle for a federal democratic setup had already been reached. Prachanda made the comments today while talking to the media after a meeting with representatives of various human right organizations. He also added that homework was being done to implement a proportional electoral model in the country. Prachanda further claimed that the demands of the Terai community were also the demands raised by his own party, adding that this had make things “easier” for him. He also assured that the CPN-M was taking the issue of the Madhesi movement very seriously.






36 responses to “Southern Nepal Conflict: When Criminals Take Charge of Demonstrations”

  1. noname Avatar

    A government established by the Mob and Goon movement (which SPAMmers call as People’s movement). A sham movement in which the terrorists took part – a fact accepted by the terrorists themselves. Stop your SPAMming rhetorics, idiot.

    People listen to a democratic and constitutional government. Not to someone like SPAM terrorists. When educated youth and minds like me are against SPAM, we can easily understand the frustration running in the bloods of deprived, destitute and illiterates.

    GPK or anyone in SPAM has no right or constitutional or elected authority to take decision of behalf of any Nepali! Got it? Get it clear in your head.

  2. noname Avatar

    And where were the Mob SPAM idiots when the then REAL GOVERNMENT OF NEPAL IN APRIL 2006 asked all the parties to stop the violence and come to talks. Faggot, the clock is turning and it is going to haunt you bastards. Tell this to your SPAM masters.

  3. nepali Avatar

    noname is (?????? + run-d) ??-cho-??

  4. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    nepali: that was actually pretty funny! lol

  5. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    no offence ‘noname’.

    1. Carley Avatar

      An inlgntieelt point of view, well expressed! Thanks!

  6. madhesi Avatar

    This is not a regressive force, if we are criminals then so are the Maoists who have done this for the past 13 years. We will do what needs to be done to be heard. M..chods and B…chods don’t test our patience anymore my calling us puppets of the King or India. We are who we are and we will fight for our rights.

    GPK and Prachanda as well as other political parties get ample amount of money from Indian Businessmen for their parties. Remember they are indian businessmen not madhesis. Idiots how long will it take you to realize that. Bloody Pahade haraamis always treated us like second class citizen just because you had the army and the King…ab dekh kutte ki dum kahan hoti hai.

    B…chod pajero mein ghoom na chod, kathmandu mein rehne wale think kathmandu is the rest of Nepal, saale until violence comes there you will not be shitting in your pants.

    Bloody police also provides no protection instead the bloody DSP says we should go back to india, haraami terai mein aake saale mujhe bolta hai ki I need to go to india. DSP, agar mein whan hota to tujhe pahad nahin I would have sent u to bhagwan ke paas.

  7. Bubblebomb Avatar

    We do not know who MPRFs. People, government, human rights agencies and journalists have to investigate these people who are so violent in the name of protest for the rights of Madheshi people.

    Royalist regressives could be the founders of MPRF. The Eight political parties have pleaged for the Federal government system for the country and propertionate voting representatives is going to be implemented for the constituent assembly elections. Yet they kill policemen and keep destroying residence of people of Nepal.

    It is time to pinalize MPRF members as memebers of regerssive royalists and call them terrorists Madheshi.

    It is time for Nepal people and political forces to unite to fight with the regressive force like Madheshi gullamasala of Shah regime.

    This protest of MPRF is anti-democracy and people’s movement.

    Demand of Federal government system and propertionate repressentatives of the constituents of Nepal was raised by MJTF. MJTF have taken precausion and warn the MPRF regressive force.

    In my observation MPRF is the regressive force organized by the Palace.

  8. Aalok Avatar

    This is not a political movement. Political movement stops when the demands are addressed. Slaughtering Karki will NOT give them peace. It must be investigated and criminals must be punished.

    If MPRF does not come to the table talks they need to be instantly arrested and punished. They are butchers. They are working in behalf of palace. Remember, even when Madhesh will be in federal system they will try to suppress minority inside their own community.

  9. U2 Avatar

    Boo hoo hoo Wagle. You are breaking our hearts. Puspa Dahal murdered god knows how many policemen in 10 years and today you journalists worship the ground he walks on. If the MPRF come to power in the future, will you kiss their feet too?

  10. kathe Avatar

    Bunch of Bihari Criminals, Dacoits and Hooligans hired by Mahilo Sahu… That’s it. Crush them brutally, and don’t let them get away with crime. Bring them from Delhi to Tundikhel and show them the justice,

  11. Bismriti Avatar

    Can you justify the killing of IGP Krishna Mohan Shrestha and his wife Nudup Shrestha? Well, we justified it by brining the Maoist terrorists in the mainstream and allowing them in the parliament. Now, the Terai people are doing the same to reach to the parliament. They will kill policemen, extort money from businessmen, kill journalists and become a hero like Prachanda. I see no difference.

  12. replytoall Avatar

    I remember reading maoists saying it was only a handful of people doing that and now thier chairman says that this was their agenda from the beginning and its made it easier for the maoists.!!!!!!!!!

    man how much hypocrite can you get maobadis…………. SPAM………… i would rather be a “raiti” of a raja than “thugs” who claim they are there for people,.

  13. Kishor Avatar

    We all know that the wannabe terai “kings” were once Prachanda’s subjects trained well to wage war against the state without anything to start with. This matter is very serious and if not dealt with properly could bring yet another misfortune for us.

    Yes, in days to come the “hidden” factors will be unveiled but the worry is that how many additional innocent person should give up their life for that? There are some people who believe that they are not Nepali. Well then they don’t have any right to play their dirty games in Nepal. If you think you are not Nepali – you don’t have any right to say anything about Nepali politics. It is the people of Nepal (regardless of caste, creed or color) who decide not those who are not Nepali.

  14. Guyfromktm Avatar

    “But these elements that are spreading violence in Madhesh under the cover of political demands are exposing themselves as days are passing. They will put forward one nonsense demand after another as the government goes on addressing them. The government must use its machinery to expose infiltrating criminal elements.”

    Wow, de jau isn’t it? idn’t we hear the same words by the corrupt fatsos during the 1990s in Nepal– and the corrupt fatsos later befriended with those terrorist “elements” who grew larger than being a criminal element. Even then, the words used were “nonsense political demands”, spreading violence under the cover of these demands”, “handful of haisiyat nabhayeko” people. Too bad, wagle and the likes are now having to resort to the same head-in-the-sand tactics by writing off these display of discontentment as criminal acts. And wagle’s supremo leader the very corrupt Girija came out yesterday and tried to woo the people by virtually saying nothing. He was more along the lines of- we will sacrifice nothing we already have but if otehrs want more, we will be happy to increase the pie. Yeah right, he can always increase the pie when he doesn’t have to foot the bill himeself. And who is he to come out and say that the CA will make sure there is a federal system in Nepal. Why is he undermining the rights of the people who were told, during and after the April revolution, by the terrorists and the corrupt fatsos that our aspirations will come out to be true after we vote for our chosen ones for the CA. And now, the giddhey buda is making all the decisions for us. And Kanitupr, as biased as it is, sees no grand design in it at all. Going by the corrupt Koirala’s statement yesterday, fi we were to have a CA on time.. for nearly 2 years or so, Nepal government will be feeding 330 corrupt “tikey” parliamentarians and another 500+ members of the CA elected persons. By the end of it, the process would have become soooooooo financial resource sapping that all the tax payers monies would be diverted from running this country to the so-called defining new Nepal process which will end up in a consitution that is not very dramtically different to the one we had in 1991. Good luck!!

  15. Mahila Sahu Avatar
    Mahila Sahu

    The fucking SPAM has destroyed the country and I Mahila Sahu will come back and crush all the fucking people of SPAM. Who do you think they are now they are getting the taste of their own fucking medicine and what terai people are doing is right becuase they have seen this style works and they will go to parliament without election and join the loot of nations coffer also.

  16. mayalu Avatar

    Preoccupying are all disasters.
    But I have decided Nepal will overcome. These days I interviewed a few dozen people, the opportunists from the would be in power class are sad, the low castes are somehow very good.
    We will never have happy loosers.
    Just watch the anti maoism news in Cnn related news agencies….
    brain washing has not yet begun.
    do not listen anyone.

  17. noname Avatar

    Mahila Sahu (12:36:40) and others,

    You can rant against SPAM but what have you done to fight against these terrorists? Unless you don’t fight the problem and you continue suffering it…you will yourself be considered a part of the problem.

    Wake up, Stand up!

  18. hi Avatar

    The voilence taking place in Biratnagar and other areas of Terai should be moved to kathmandu, so the various politicans act.
    MRPF leaders reside in Kathmandu: do they know what is happening in the terai ?
    SPAM leaders reside in Kathmandu: they don’t know what is happening in terai.
    Bring all the leaders to Biratnagar and have a public view round table conference in the market place, Let the public know where they stand.
    All the leaders are only interested in vote politics, and least bothered about the development of the country, and they should be banished from nepal.
    remember: Rajtrantra, Loktranta, Prajatantra, or Ganatantra will not work unless Arthatantra works, so let the Arthatranta work.

  19. noname Avatar

    Well Hi,

    You got your ass beaten for your earlier comment but this one sounds logical. But let me tell you, Baburan & Prachanda (both Christian fundamentalists and of course terrorists) are spreading this violence. SPA (a toothless snake) is supporting their vicious acts of terrorism.

    SPAM is not going to solve this problem. SPAM is the problem! Girija, Madhavey, Puspa Dahal, Baburavan, etc are the problems. If you look at their histories, you would find that Saddam was a kid in front of these dirty rascals.

  20. noname Avatar

    Saddam at least had this nationalist, pan-Arab feeling. He wanted to bring the Arabs together.

    But the SPA+M terrorists have divided us Nepalis based on caste, creed, sect, religion. They are trying to sell us off and our identity. Not to mention all the acts of crimes against Humanity they have committed. We Nepalis are ONE! And we should take the fight to SPAM terrorists.

  21. mahila sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    You are right no name. We were coward and because of us this problem arose. this is the time to stand up and fight againts SPAM and all the commies.
    The Nepali who is calling you name seems to MahaRandi Ko choro as he seems he has SPAM and Maoist for father what a fuck !

  22. note31 Avatar

    If the war criminal possibly becomes president?

    They certainly imitate.

    This all imitates Maoists???

  23. noname ko" baaje" Avatar

    naati noname,
    gyaane, sachhite kukuurharu ko pewaa naban, saddam laai kasari taile Spa & M haru sang ddajn sakchas!ekchoti saddam ko profile herera aaa. BR, PKD, GPK chor huun bhane, ta laagayat gyaane maahaaaaaaaaaachor hau..
    ta jastaley bhukdainma liberty ra fraternity dagmagaauuney waala chhaina…

  24. noname ko Avatar

    it would be better if all the criminals provoking communal violence are subjected to lethal injection or hanged till death…and this corrupt unvisible vigilante be murdered on the spot…

  25. Nepali Avatar

    noname ???? ??u ?? ??????? ?????? ???? ??????? ???? ?????? ?? ?? ???

  26. Waw Avatar

    I’m really sad to see that the discussion in this forum is so low. Mayalu, I think that brain wash have already suceed. When I read that Baburam and Prachanda are Christian Fundamentalists and terrorists I feel like human stupidity is incarnated in these words. There is very few interesting coments. What we find here are people who display there stupidity through a computer. I believe that they even don’t feel lucky to have access to this technology.
    Hmm, things won’t change with this kind of people who cannot see other thing than their own reflection in the mirror.

    Sorry, I feel very sad.

  27. Nepali Avatar


    I think I too fall in same catagory that you say but, what to do same stupd words that annoys you makes me write the things too. quaility less arguments and miss argument vanda ta gali nai better huncha hoina ra?

  28. think tankar Avatar
    think tankar

    yo andolan tarai basi ko naam matra ho. maag heru tarai basi lai cash garna matra rakhiyeko ho. lots of hindu extremist and criminal gang is there. yo andolan chhanik matra ho. sarkar le baal prayog lai santulan maa rakhera samadhan tira lanu parchha. aaba democratic sarkar letarai lai chain sachhikai ramrai sanga sochhnu parchha.
    think tankar

  29. sonam Avatar

    Recent comment on EL TV Bihar (Apna Bihar):
    MRJF Activits in Araria (Bihar) seeking support from the local people of Bihar for their agaitation in Nepal and requesting the Govt. of India to interfere in the Terai Crises.

  30. proud2bnepali Avatar

    It had been a long time since I had visited the blog after the april uprising. In those days there used to be regular and mostly clean discussion amongst the pros and antis of king and parties except some foul language.But now this blog or at least the comments section has become a total mess.I see nothing but hatred and senseless anger in the form of arrogant and mindless language being spilled out.And the tide seems to have changed now.The regular bloggers seems to have been disgusted with all the craps out here.There is a saying in nepali that “Murkha dekhi Daiba Pani Darauchha”, it seems like it has happened in this blog already.Especially the royalist seem to have the feeling of intense pleasure by speaking foul against the SPAM; the matter of fact is they always did but they losed everytime.Before the uprising, they always shouted that there would be nothing as so and that the people doing aandolan were hired and that the aandolankari will never increase.That showed how logical and true they were so I urge all the people who are for democracy,fratenity and equality to all not to comment on any useless foul language they say…Only your hands will be dirty if you touch the shit…and like the classic nepali proverb “Kaag Karaudai garchha pinna sukdai garchha”
    And about the ongoing aandolan..there are two aspects of it.One is that it is the rightful struggle but at not the best of times and two its just a last grand royal struggle to keep up its head.Just look at the dynamics of the ongoing agitation and everything will be crystal clear.First it was called by so call Forum but now it seems lost in its own aandolan…second thing is that the JTMM is using this agitation as a perfect cover up which is seen in the police post attack..they first went as agitators and then started firing and we all know how they killed the police officer and now they are proudly saying they attacked..What a farce of the so called aandolan. They are proudly destroying the statues of BP, Ganeshman..They are carrying weapons in a “peaceful Demo”..And the problem is everybody is saying its our agitation but nobody is taking responsibility for anything..So its clear…Theres chaos everywhere and it will increase and if it goes away also it will reappear somewhere else cause this is the nature of interim period and Nepal cant be no different.And from the unity we have seen time to time, nobody can divide us…but I wish this madness stops soon cause its just taking more lives for nothing…

  31. sonam Avatar

    this andalon is a grand rehearsal for the final event to come later: from both the Maobadi and the palace. If the SPA is not clever enough, then they could be wiped out from nepal. Maobadi wants to take the country back by 238 years while the palace wants their rule. If this problem in terai is not stopped in time, we are headed for a civil war. Maybe Morehati is right about the weapons

  32. Yechu Avatar

    Yeah we are actually being pulled away 238 years back. Compare our country with others really we are 238 years back not only 238 we can say 300 or 500 years back than others. Incidents that happened at ancient ages of Europe is being held these days. Others run forward but still we are running backwards…….if condition remains same we ” reach the deadline soon…

  33. A Nepali first and then A Madhesi Avatar
    A Nepali first and then A Madhesi

    The madhesi movement is directed towards ensuring rights to the madhesis, it is also an uprising against the discrimination, negligence and oppression faced by them for decades. but can this happen in an environment of insecurity and mistrust amongst the citizens? and why to choose an evil way (violence, bandh etc.) to attain such a noble cause? if we are trying to move on the lines of maobadis(murder,loot,rape and bandh) i doubt the future of the movement, the way i doubt future of maobadis in Nepal(being a part of government by putting guns on the head of people will not last long). I firmly believe that people of Nepal today understand that equal rights should be given to madhesis so lets not fall prey to the self proclaimed leaders of madhesi movement (yadav etc. who have their own interest in being part of the movement) and find a peaceful solution to it. We are nepali first and then are we part of any ethnic, religious, social, regional group so lets take the movement ahead keeping in mind a larger cause – ” A Progressive Nepal “

  34. uvwzbynudo Avatar

    Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! jzrguierke

  35. nepali nari Avatar
    nepali nari

    hey u people what is wrong with u this is a public website and u r using foul language . u should be ashamed of yourself u and bringing down the name of our country

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