Koirala on TV, Addresses Madheshi Demands

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala appeared on national television a few minutes ago to tell the country that the government has agreed to address the key demands put forward by the agitating Madheshi groups in southern Nepal. That wasn’t exactly what we call an address to nation (Koirala was addressing a gathering of selected leaders from different political parties and that was broadcast live on at least two TV stations in Kathmandu, around Nepal and abroad via satellite links) but Koirala delivered the message effectively. In the beginning he gave unwritten speech in his own trademark style. Then he grabbed a written statement and read out the content. That statement contained the decisions made by the eight parties in the past several hours on the ongoing Madheshi movement.

girija prasad koirala addressing nation

Prime Minister Koirala seemed genuine and honest in his words. He said that he was worried about the possible involvement reactionary forces in the agitation. Prime Minister Koirala said he was worried about not being able to hold election of constituent assembly election on time, a key mandate, he said, of the April uprising. Prime Minister emphasized that the problem in Terai was internal and Nepalis themselves should solve it. This country belongs to all of us Nepalis, he said, it doesn’t belong to any one individual. He said the government has decided include federal governance structure in the upcoming constitution to be formulated by the Constituent Assembly. He also said the electoral constituencies will be revised on the basis of population. While doing so, the Prime Minister said, no existing constituencies in districts will be removed.

NOW, the movement in Terai (Southern Nepal) that is increasingly turning into communal and secessionist MUST be stopped. AND the state of Nepal must focus itself to the election of Constituent Assembly.







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  1. noname Avatar

    The same MOB method with which SPA+M terrorists came to power is coming to haunt them. Good good. Hail MOBilisation because this is how SPAMmers and their supporters like it.

  2. Bed Prakash Bhatta Avatar

    What the hell are these Darbariyaz doin? I heartly request Nepalese brothers and sisters, be they from hills, himalayaz or the tarai, wake up- feel the sense of fraternity…aren’t you tired of blood spilling for over a decade…
    probe your evil and throw these royalists apart…

  3. noname Avatar

    There comes another Maobadi. Haha terrorist. The same person, the different names. Do you terrorists even think that Nepalis or for that matter anyone in the world will believe that the Violence is spread by the Nepalis (which means any one who supports democracy in Nepal and not terrorism)? I mean the real people who believe in the Unity of Nepal and Nepali culture.

    16 years of violence that you SPA+Mmers have given to Nepalis.

    You terrorists (SPAMmers), the days are numbered. Seriously, they are!

  4. prakab Avatar

    Mr.Koirala, do your best to stop the criminals… shoot on site those Madheshi Janaadhikaar Forum’s cadres… why are they trying to spread communal violence…. down with Gyanendra and his worthless tricks…remember that candle has not extinguished, before extinguishing, it will use its optimun to devour the nation.

    Jay loktantra.
    Madhesh, Pahaad, tarai…
    Kohi chhain paraai.

  5. Bed Prakash Bhatta Avatar

    hey noname..
    down with your words! I’m neither a maoist nor a admirer of govt. i don’t know why passive revolution is criticsized by people like you ???????????

  6. noname Avatar

    Haha. Same person, different names. I am so astonishingly bemused by the Maobadis and SPA+Mmers.

    And listen, Madheshi, pahadi and blah blah. We do not believe in these names. We believe in Nepali! Use that and use sensible arguments; otherwise get right down and dirty again.

  7. Bed Prakash Bhatta Avatar

    how come you judge me as a terrorist? it seems as if u r in the hell world of terrorism………………………….

  8. noname Avatar

    Monarchy…the only system that is keeping the Nepalis alive and Nepal existent. Otherwise, just read the downright dirty comments of some Indians here. They are right there ready to gobble the sh*t out of Nepal.

  9. Bed Prakash Bhatta Avatar

    Nepali… of course… we are all Nepali…but also remember that there is a geographical division… there’s no biasness…. and what is your SPAmmers and so..so…. have a sensible blogging…. language isn’t only key of writing… have some content as well… criticism is nice… but judging as M and SPA..what does that mean????????????????????????????

  10. Bed Prakash Bhatta Avatar

    Monarchy???????????? hell with it?????????? a useless form in Nepal?????????????

  11. noname Avatar

    If you don’t know SPAM, your knowledge regarding your terrorist identity is NIL. I am done with you. Welcome to the iggny bin. Next one please.

  12. noname Avatar


  13. sagarmatha Avatar

    Does New Nepal means fighting and blaming each other? ???

    We should unite even GPK seems not serious in uniting to make New Nepal. He should come out to the reality instead of just sitting in PM residence and making decision with discussing some few people. It shows he has been barred…

  14. noname Avatar


    Makune GPK has no power. He has sucked the blood out of Nepal. And now it is his time to actually weild power…he doesn’t have it. India and Maoists running the show here.

    Welcome to the Maoists/Terrorist Republic of Nepal or the 29th state of Republic of India. Your guess is as good as mine.

  15. endnote Avatar

    “Prime Minister Koirala seemed genuine and honest in his words”

    he always is

    even raw agent prachanda too is , they have promised the indians to make nepal one of their state and they are really working hard to acheive that goal.

  16. noname Avatar

    Guess what. I have this feeling now that Wagle and his gang of terrorists are Buddhists. Well, Buddhists are Hindus and Hindus and their is no further debate needed on this. And with due respect to all sects and religions, there are terrorists in all religion – be it Hinduism, Islam or Chrisitanity.

    Wagle and his gang (supported by SPAM money), are a separatist kind of thing who want to see Nepal with their own vision of destruction. The way they are funded and support the SPAMocracy shows it all. Mostly, they have written a lot against the Hindu King and the Hindu people of Nepal and elsewhere.

    I have come to this conclusion after checking his posts which infinitely writes about the Buddhist sect and tries to undermine the Hindu religion. And no one has a more cunning than yours truly (me).

    So guys, if you believe in undermining one sect or religion at the cost of other, support this idiot’s lost cause.

    May the land of Lord Buddha be a paradise once again. May the Nepalis be able to get rid of SPAM terrorists with the blessings of Lord Pashupatinath.

  17. noname Avatar


    That was fantastic endnote. You did it, you made it, you said it all. SPA+M terrorists are working double hard to wipe off Nepal from the map.

    Welcome to the 29th state of the Republic of India.

  18. Guyfromktm Avatar

    “He said the government has decided include federal governance structure in the upcoming constitution to be formulated by the Constituent Assembly.”
    If the current “tikey” government holds the power to make pre-emptive decisions ergarding what kind of set up Nepal will have, then why have the constituent assembly and pretend that the new constitution is in fact written by the people chosen by the masses. How autocratic does this government want to be? Also, jsut by wagle and the gand giving upper case MUST AND advice to the agitating group will not cease the current uprising which was dormant for so many years. This is the way that the Maoists have shown to the nation as the most effective path and that is what the others are following suit. Whether there is infiltration or not is not even relevant.

  19. Swraj Avatar

    Gawd! No new proposal to address the problem. Terai is burning and he says nothing. I think we are heading for more crisis ahead.

  20. Bitter truth Avatar
    Bitter truth

    Maoists and GPK dont want to fulfill the demand right now.
    They want to delay so that India will wake up and capture Terai.
    They are trying to give Terai to their Indian Masters.
    What nonsence address when you come with nothing like the first
    one by Gayne during April. These basters are playing the same game.

    Read THe WRITING . All students forums are in favor of Federal structure.
    That is the demand of YOUTH NEPAL. You cannot shy away from it.

  21. noname Avatar

    They are a killing a lot of gooses with one bullet. They are arresting people like Kamal Thapa et. al who are instrumental in fighting off the SPAM terrorists. Now these people won’t be able to Stand in elections and all. So the roads are all clear for this despotic and dictator government.

    I am sorry but no Federal structure is needed in Nepal. What students are you talking about? The illiterates and jobless have been hogwashed and brainwashed by the terrrorists. I would go for Absolute Monarchy now. Down with the bloody terrorists. Down with separatists. Down with Indian hegemonies.

  22. noname Avatar

    I say people, leave the dastards like Wagle – we will take care of these goons later. Let’s join together to fight off his SPAM terrorist masters. Do it people, the voice belongs to justice.

  23. Patriot Avatar

    Fuck Nepal now.

    We want our own Limbuwan. Now Madhesis probs are kool, lets start ours. Looks like only if you cry fucking hoarse, vandalise property, shoot down few people and impose bandhs will the govt really listen. Fuck SPA, Fuck Maoist, Fuck Gyane, Fuck this country of Nepal …. its done nothing but oppressed us for centuries. Whats nationhood anyways, in case of Nepal – its just a bloody concept concocted by those assholes in power to continue their hegemony. I have no regrets. I am a Patriot – to my people, not this fucked up system which is called Nepal.

    We want a federal zone too, whats wrong with asking. And we will kill, burn vehicles, impose bandhs if thats wht it takes. Didnt Maoist and Madhesis get their rights this way. So if theres anyone who wants to give me lecture on nationalism and unity and blah blah bring it on ….

    Yeah … the wisecracks are right … Nepal has indeed changed this time like never before.

    Jai Limbuwan !!!

  24. Patriot Avatar

    Power indeed comes from the barrel of the gun, or swords or mobs ….. if these self-proclaimed leaders the assholes Girija, Prachanda, Baburam, Deuba, Nepal etc. dont demonstrate the vision to solve ethnic probs in Nepal, we will vandalise, destroy, burn everything until they hear us out.

    Beware you leaders, the communal fires you have stoked for years and upon which you and your family have fed in the most corrupt manner will come back to haunt you like never before.

    You will be hanged in the middle of Ktm one by one by the people of this country.

  25. Maila chaudry Avatar
    Maila chaudry

    I am ashamed to learn what is happening. It was the maoist that sowed the seeds of disintegration by recommendation made to the Council of Intermin Constitution (IC) Drtafing Committee, then comes in Hisila Yammi that declared kathmandu, self determination Newar State, then roars Prachnda in his interview not only Nepal, but even India should be self-determination country.
    The maoist are main culprit to todays situation in Nepal, today the identity of Nepal is almost vanishing, when the Unity day in nepal was not honoured and SPAM students under the leardership of maoist destroyed the statute of Prithivinarayan Shah, we are today Nepal & Nepali because of him.
    The drafter of IC were either jokers or fools who drafted an IC which is pulling nepal down, vested interest in the PM, while the IHoR can not excerise the soveriegn power as it is made for us to think so. The draftyer/inkers publicly critised the IC including Khem Lal devkota (Maoist) and PM, and SPAM learders also submitted an amendment. But the same PM and SPAM agreed to pass it as it is and requested the members of disolved HoR to withdraw the amendment, all SPAM leaders, excluding United Front of Chitra Bdr, Navraj, Rastriya Janshakti party and RPP withdrew their amendment fearing Prachanda. They were like dogs with their tails within the legs. SHAME ON U SPAM.
    The demand of madeshi and janjati is genuine and deserve to exploer their rights. but only SPAM only to enjoy the state power and coffer as it is only in nepal, where onyl SPAM is mentioned to have the right to do anything, not even the members of IHoR.
    Enough is enought, when SPAM can not oput the fire in their house, they blame the neighbour i.e. India and royalist.
    Thukka buddhi avay yo ko mo………….haru.

  26. noname Avatar

    A repeat comment:

    Wagle, seriously, there are a lot of people hating on you here. You must do something to save your ass now before it’s too late. You can have democracy and have free speech. But it does not mean that you spread anti-national comments under the banner of Media and Journalism…in no other country of this planet is this allowed. And seriously, just like we wouldn’t allow Kantipur to spread falsifying news, we would wouldn’t allow your dirty ass to do it too.

  27. sonu Avatar

    Koirala’s “last” address is good. Federal structure and increase in the seats in madesh should be welcomed by all including people living in Madesh. The common people of Madesh are scared of both the madeshis and pahades. If the violence does not stop, govt. should consider moving both its armies (Official+Unofficial) to maintain law & order in terai. Even if this does not help then request Sardarji to send his army.

  28. noname Avatar

    Sonu (21:36:32) ,

    Who is Koirala to take decision? By any account, he is not even an elected representative of Nepalis. Ummmm, I though democracy has elections and an elected representative of people takes decisions.

    Grow up brains but alas! brain doesn’t grow like grass. Idiots.

  29. sonam Avatar

    The people who drafted the IC should be put behind bars for giving us such a useless IC and all the money they got for drafting this IC must be returned to the state. They must also stand trail for causing so many deaths in terai.

  30. sonu Avatar

    If Koirala’s (The present king of Nepal) decision is not accepted, then make Mahendra Rajmarg the boundry and give all areas south of the rajmarg to india and areas north of the rajmarg to china.
    After this there will be no nepal and no problem.

  31. noname Avatar

    sonam (21:43:18) ,

    Hmmmm. We are talking International Laws and justice here. We will read into what actions can be taken. Keep hold of this one. You would be needed to fight off SPAM terrorists. Each one of us is needed.

    sonu (21:48:39) ,

    LOL. Nice comments.

  32. Patriot Avatar





    Translation of the agreement between the Limbu ministers of Morang kingdom and King Prithivi Narayan Shah of Gorkha Kingdom in 1774 AD.

    “Let this be our agreement that I want to have you as the members of my own family. My religious mind is good. You are under my protection from now. By my power, your country is now mine but you are still ours. I will take the responsibility of progress and protection of your families. I will retain your rights to anything you possess. You keep in contact with my officers, help them and enjoy your land with full right as long as it exists. You are different from Nau lakh Rai, because their kings will be displaced. You who call yourselves Kings are not destroyable. I know your policy and good intentions.” “The Kingdom of Sikkim had not come to terms with us. My officers have come to your land with full instructions. You will come to now everything through them. You agree with them and enjoy your land individually in a manner as mentioned above. I, hereby, agree to abide by the above mentioned terms of agreement of never taking your land by force and destroying you. I swear on the copper plate and say that if I violate the above mentioned promises, then let the God upon whom I and my family depend and worship, destroy my descendents and my kingdom. I have written the above mentioned agreement and hereby hand it over to the above mentioned Limbu brothers on this day of twenty second shrawan of Sambat eighteen hundred and thirty one at our capital city of Kantipur may it be blessed and fortunate.”

    PN SHAH and your generation of Shahs … you have been cursed by your own King and today your Kingdom is gone and your family destroyed forever because you betrayed us and betrayed your own GOD.





  33. noname1 Avatar

    Let’s go back to a little more earlier in history. Anyone else wants any pie of Nepal?

  34. Vahsek Avatar

    yes gpk was very sentimental before addressing the nation. but how effective he will be, time will show

  35. Kishan Avatar

    It is amazing how the present government can promise what will the CA decide? They themselves are self-appointed and do not represent Nepal. There are minsters who had lost the election, I even forgot when any election took place the last time. In the house, there are people who slit throats of the Nepalese people and gave orders for committing most heneous crimes. Many of them are still holding on to the properties looted from the people who had lawfully earned them. Cannot believe they even now try to fool people to perpetuate their power-grab. The nation, which it once used to be, has already been hi-jacked from the general populace and the King. We Nepalese are so naive to buy any garbage. Time to think of a way to get rid of all these proven exploiters, time and again….

  36. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    22 and 24 rajya is the only solution. The end to all problems. The unity of Nepal was necessary when both our neighbors china and British India were imperial powers. That is no longer the case and so just as monarchy has become irrelevant and obsolete in Nepal so has Nepal’s unity as a nation. Let everyone be their own master. Let each have the pie with the topping of their choice. Let Nepal be divided once again to 22 and 24 rajyas. Lets only speak our regional language and only dance to the tune of our regional folk music. Why only in public occasion, at all times, it should be mandatory to wear your ethnic dress. That is the only way to ensure that your culture is recognized.

    Even after 300 years we still feel so strongly attached to our limbuwan, kiratban, madhesiban and all those other wild forests. The western science says that even before we were kirants, limbus, tamang, newar, bahun, chettri etc we were ape men wandering in the woods. I propose that first we divide Nepal into 22 and 24 rajya. As we become more free, educated and intelligent we then take course to integrate ourselves with the wild and become one with the animal kingdom. There lies our ultimate freedom, peace and the republic.

  37. sagarmatha Avatar

    The country is going toward more complication.

  38. stoic_ros Avatar

    today Koirala addressed Madhesi’s Problem.Later some day may be koirala have to addres LImbuban’s problem, Kirat’s problem,Tharu’s problem…..and many more others problem. is this the write way of solving problem ? In BRT the tension is spreading day by day and the other parts are not also quite and peace……we have to stop this class and caste struggle….

  39. Patriot Avatar

    stoic_ros – this class & caste struggle will only stop when Nepal is divided into a federal structure based on ethnic identities where everyone has the rights to protect and promote their cultures. It will not stop until people like Girija, Gyane, Prachanda, Deuba, Makune are gone.

    This war will go on and must go on even at the risk of losing our nationality to India or China or whatever. Whats the concept of nationhood anyway. I dont want to be in a nation called Nepal where people are treated unequally based on their ethnicity. I am a patriot to my people only. This state of Nepal is not nationhood. It is a system devised to prosper certain castes at the expense of others. I dont want to be a part of this fucked up system called Nepal. I want my land and my identity.

    Madhesis contribution to the 10 yr revolution has been negligient and today they burn few vehicles, kill some people and they get all their demands. We have given an identity as brave Gurkhas to all Nepalsese in the world. We have shed blood to overthrow monarchy and put people like Girija and Prachanda on power. And today we are betrayed and we are alone.

    So you see. This war will not stop. It wont be long before we will start our own guerilla insurgency.

  40. Patriot Avatar

    Jai Limbuwan

  41. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    Nobody can dare to steal the slogan’s of Shri 3 Prachanda Bir Bikram, the supreme commander of peoples’ army and the future supreme commander of Nepal army and Peoples’ army, the brigadier general paramadhipati blood sucker. He is the lion of the jungle called Nepal. Who is this Patriot who dares to speak against Prachanda? Today Madhesis have asked for appropriate representation in the elections and that is enough for SPAM to contemplate mobilizing the ex royal warriors and peoples’ warriors to ‘safaya’ them. You speak of creating your own Limbuwan; they will bury you alive in Tundikhel, plant a tree on top of your grave and call it Limbuwan.

  42. noname Avatar

    Seven Party Alliance created this problem. They should solve it now.

  43. Observer Avatar

    Some peoples that I see here, were commenting right from very beginning of UWB who have been always against peace and stability of country, some declared themselves to be republicans, some never talked about republic or non republic but always were afraid of stability, so by one means or the other expressed their grievances. few of them are (Bhudai or sudai something like that, Patriot, and many more) all are hired, kings mans!!!! Turn old pages to know about them.

  44. aditi Avatar

    Situations in BRT is wosening day by day n me being hailed from BRT can feel the tensions which the people here are going through right from the pahade n madhasi as well. However,the unslept nights,scarcity of eatable items due to curfew, the empty pocket of people depended on daily wages are few exempleries of this situation. people who were so friendly before the Lahan incident now are nomore friendly discrimination has arised.The fear of losing one’s originality and identity is one of the extreme factor which has motivated people divided in two groups and led them aggressive resulting in violence. Can we just imagine the life of People who reside not only in BRT but in other terai districts too. A quick step must be taken to solve this problem or the violence won’t stop resulting people living in insecurity; the increment in no of election seats is not enough proper address should be done for the rights of all the citizens of Nepal with a sense of own.till all go through this just hope that the state will adreess the problem properly and may we all welcome Peace in our doorsteps with zing and zeal.

  45. noname Avatar


  46. hi Avatar

    Brt will do fine if left alone by the SPAM+MJF + other vote players.
    Get your local people to form a comittee and patrol your area. Beat the hell out of any new unknown, person that tries to enter your locality, be it pahade, madeshe, or anyone. Don’t trust the present lot politicians.

  47. aditi Avatar

    The honorable home minister Krishna Prasad Situala said “we all r sailing in the ship of change for new nepal including him n he can’t leave the ship in the middle of ocean” which signifies his resignation from the post of home minister which is on demand in his recent interview in kantipur tv. so the question is shall the regisnation solve the problem which has led terai burning?
    when we talk about problems first arises the preliminary problems which consists of the lack of basic necessities . the population in terai is densed by a huge number of people depended on daily wages . curfew has blocked people to go out n earn so that they could arrange household items and other seful items as well.the most affected are the marginalised people who are now in the position to go through starvation resulting illness and the lack of capacity of people to buy medicines cant b imagined now in such situation.

    Secondary problem arised when the identification and the rights of people; madhesis, janjatis, indigenous people, women, differently abled as well were not addressed properly in the interim constituion.subsequently the volcano errupted leading to the death of many citizens.As a result people dont feel safe and secured in their own communities which led to patrolling in night.No doubt parolling doesn’t give a good message but the main pont is that Biratnagar one of the places which is facing regular curfews and regular patrolling is done in the affected areas.however, what should be noted that in some areas people both pahade and madhesi are combined for the formation of committee and doing the patrolling jointly which indeed is a good sign to resolve the conflict passing a message that we all reside in the same community society country and the harmony between us should not be let diminished within us only then the violence can be subsided with tranquility with a aim desire and will to build NAYA NEPAL.

  48. Severin Avatar

    I like your office raises)

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