Terai News: Lamas Looted, Meetings in Kathmandu, Threat to Journalist

Several buses carrying passengers and escorted by Armed Police Force were attacked yesterday night in front of Chinimill area in Birgunj. Around 29 buses had left the town for Kathmandu at 11 PM. Around 11:20 PM scoundrels attacked the vehicles, smashed wind glasses, and looted the books, clothes, and other belongings of Buddhist monks (Lamas). Attackers, suspected activists of Madheshi Peoples’ Rights Forum (MPRF), looted belongings of Lamas who were returning from Bodh Gaya, India. 43 Lamas were traveling. In the photo above, a Lama shows a book. He said that books like this one were looted. All pics by Subodh Singh

Lamas with scattered stuffs and the looted bus.

An Armed Police Force policeman looks from inside the looted bus.

A rally taken out by the teachers of R. R. Multiple Campus in Janakpur supporting the ongoing movement in Terai. The banner reads: Federal State System, Proportionate Electoral System, Electoral area based on population. Pic by Shyamsundar Shashi

A rally organized by Madheshi community in Lahan, Siraha where the first protests broke out last week. Today was peaceful. Pic by Bharat Jarghamagar

Today in Kathmandu: Task force asks eight party leaders to reach consensus on Madhesi demands

The eight-party task force recommend the top brass of the eight parties in principle to opt for a federal structure of governance, to address demands raised by the Madhesi people. A meeting of the task force held at the prime minister’s residence at Baluwatar earlier today could not, however, decide on the issue of proportional representation election system for Constituent Assembly polls, which is another major demand put forward by the Madhesi community. The taskforce today left it up to the meeting of the eight party leaders, which began a short while earlier at Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s Baluwatar residence, to decide on the issues over which an agreement of principle could not be reached during its meeting today.

According to our correspondent Bikash Bhandary, CPN-UML General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal said that the CPN-UML was in favour of the proposed proportionate electoral system while talking to media persons outside the talks venue. “We are in favour of the proportionate electoral system,” Nepal said, adding “The issue of reconfiguring the election constituencies based on geographic consideration has also come up and we must move ahead with common understanding in this regards.” Nepal also demanded actions against those who have been found guilty of suppressing the April movement by the Rayamajhi Commission. (more)

Interesting development of the day: India directs state govts to increase security along Indo-Nepal border

By Gopal Khanal

NEW DELHI- New Delhi Tuesday asked its state governments to keep a close eye on security along the Indo-Nepal border to control the rising unrest in the Terai region. According to sources, Utter Pradesh and Bihar have already mobilized additional border security forces along the 1800-kilometer porous border with Nepal. The state government also began close vigilance on possible violent activities in the border areas. The Indian government’s move came after the visiting Nepali political leaders met with the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee, Home Minister Shiv Raj Patil and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and discussed the recent unrest in the Terai region today.

The Indian leaders, including Prime Minister Singh, after meeting with the Nepali leaders, urged the eight-party leaders to resolve the Terai unrest at the earliest. “We have increased vigilance along the border,” said Foreign Minister Patil, adding, “You (Nepal) should also remain vigilant.” Visiting Minister for Culture and Tourism Pradip Gyawali, Nepali Congress leader Ram Chandra Poudel and UML leader Jhalanath Khanal separately met Mukherjee this morning. They met the Indian prime minister and Congress President Sonia Gandhi on the sidelines of the Satyaghraha programme. “I want to assure you that there will not be any activities on our soil that will jeopardize the ongoing (Nepal’s) peace process,” Minister Gyawali quoted the Indian foreign minister as saying. When the Nepali leaders stated that “royalists and some extremist groups of India” had stirred the Terai violence, Indian Minister Mukherjee said that “some elements with bad intentions could have taken advantage of the open border.” During the meeting, the Indian minister also acquired information about Nepal’s recent political developments and Maoist arms management issues. (source)

And UWB condemns the MPRF threat to our colleague: Kantipur correspondent receives death threat from MPRF

Kantipur correspondent for Sunsari’s Inaruwa, Bedraj Poudel Tuesday was issued death threat by cadres of the agitating Madheshi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF). Alleging Poudel of not publishing stories regarding the forum’s ongoing stir, the MPRF yesterday evening threatened Poudel over the phone. Following the threats, Poudel abandoned his work station citing security concerns. According to Poudel, a man identifying himself as one Nanda Lal Mehta had called him through a mobile phone registered in the name of the forum’s Sunsari district chairperson CN Mehta and said that because he had refused to publish news about the forum’s unrest, the forum would kill him and torch his motorcycle if they caught him in Inaruwa. Meanwhile, issuing a press release today, Mahottari chapter of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists said that the ongoing Terai unrest had grown intolerable and urged the agitating sides to understand that journalists have their own limits and compulsions.

stating that the recent attacks and threats to journalists and media houses were out of line with the universal notion of free journalism. “News reporting and publications process is guided by its own code of conduct”, the statement read, adding that the entire media sector has to stand by these codes. Likewise, Reporters Without Borders (RSF), international association of journalists has flayed the recent attacks and threats on media persons. Stating that such attacks jeopardize the normal reporting of events of national concern. Issuing a statement yesterday, RSF has urged the government to guarantee security for the journalists in Nepal. The release has also appealed the agitating sides incluing the MPRF to be conscious regarding press freedom.





33 responses to “Terai News: Lamas Looted, Meetings in Kathmandu, Threat to Journalist”

  1. Patriot Avatar

    Moist have been the biggest disappointment it seems (while I never had any expectations from SPA). Coming to power riding on the shoulders of oppressed communities and now conviniently ignoring the promises they made is the biggest crime Maoists have committed. This farce govt. just agreed on a 4 pt demand for Madhesis which includes commitment in principle to create a federal democratic set-up for Madhes through constituent assembly elections. What about the rest of the communities. Will they keep quiet and look on … no way. There is no turning back and as I understand most communities are waiting for Madhesi agitation to cool down before they start theirs. This is just the tip of the iceberg and we can never have the CA elections unless federal democratic set-up is granted to all other communities.

    Power indeed comes from the barrel of the gun. That’s what Maoists have taught us and so shall it be.


  2. Patriot Avatar

    Jai Limbuwan !!!

  3. Patriot Avatar

    And the SPA-Maoist indulging in blame game, blaming royalists, VHP etc is not relevant. This is a hurricane that has swept the nation and there will only be more to come. Blame-game is a waaste of time and instead the sooner the govt meets this demand for all communities, the more time we save.

  4. Patriot Avatar

    Hail Federal Democratic setup !
    Hail proportionate representation !
    Hail Quotas for oppressed communities in all govt jobs !

    Hail new Nepal!

  5. ya Avatar

    Quota, hell yea.

    50% for Madheshis
    14% Dalit
    24% Chepang
    40% Women
    41% Hijadas
    66% for SLC failers
    34% for Janaandolan victims
    56% NC activists
    55% UML activists
    54% janayuddhamaa marekaa activists.

    Where will it take?

    The key to remember is Quota Distorts The Economy, stupids. You want a job, study like all those smartest kids in your school. Period.

    No quota.
    No bhikaari employment system.

  6. suman Avatar

    whats goin on ? its really sad news ….

  7. sarki ko choro Avatar
    sarki ko choro

    These MPRF are criminals and they should be treated as such.

  8. Vahsek Avatar

    Now people are divided again.

  9. sonu Avatar

    Jai Madesh
    To satisfy the hill people MPRF should immediatly ask for closing of the borders and ask the “Central Govt. of Nepal” to introduce passport system between travel to India & Nepal.

  10. Bismriti Avatar

    What about 50 percent quota to Kantipur correspondents and their families. They have done a good job reporting all the false news and not reporting all the incorrect ones.
    What about reporesentation to the Indian Embassy staff?

  11. Goit Avatar

    Madheshi rules. Hell with Nepal Govt. We want to join India, whats wrong with it?

  12. kathe Avatar

    Goit, who is stopping you? Lallo does not want you in Bihar, You can go to hell

  13. sagarmatha Avatar

    Are we dividing now ?

  14. noname Avatar

    Bismriti (08:47:40) ,

    I agree. hehe. Kantipur sucks and so do everyone and anyone associated with this terrorist organisation.

  15. guru Avatar

    Have you ever seen yourself in mirror or soul? Well you may write as much as against madheshi, but ask yourself, can you ever call yourself honest? you are just a fucking racist bastard with absolutely no brain and honesty, who reads you

  16. Patriot Avatar

    Fuck Nepal now.

    We want our own Limbuwan too. Now Madhesis probs are kool, lets start ours. Looks like only if you cry fucking hoarse, vandalise property, shoot down few people and impose bandhs will the govt really listen. Fuck SPA, Fuck Maoist, Fuck Gyane, Fuck this country of Nepal …. its done nothing but oppressed us for centuries. Whats nationhood anyways, in case of Nepal – its just a bloody concept concocted by those assholes in power to continue their hegemony. I have no regrets. I am a Patriot – to my people, not this fucked up system called Nepal.

    We want a federal zone too, whats wrong with asking. And we will kill, burn vehicles, impose bandhs if thats wht it takes. Didnt Maoist and Madhesis get their rights this way. So if theres anyone who wants to give me lecture on nationalism and unity and blah blah bring it on ….

    Yeah … the wisecracks are right … Nepal has indeed changed this time like never before.

    Jai Limbuwan !!!

    Power indeed comes from the barrel of the gun, or swords or mobs ….. if these self-proclaimed leaders the assholes Girija, Prachanda, Baburam, Deuba, Nepal etc. dont demonstrate the vision to solve ethnic probs in Nepal, we will vandalise, destroy, burn everything until they hear us out.

    Beware you leaders, the communal fires you have stoked for years and upon which you and your family have fed in the most corrupt manner will come back to haunt you like never before.

    You will be hanged in the middle of Ktm one by one by the people of this country.

  17. noname Avatar


    I have posted comments on Wagle’s racist, ethnically, religiously downgrading articles. He is a shame, a sham. He is getting paid by SPAM terrorists to write sh*t and to divide Nepalis (madheshis+pahadis+newars). We never heard of these divisions earliers. Wagle is a complete idiot.

  18. Patriot Avatar

    Dont blame Wagle. He like all the politicians, Maoists, pseudo intellectuals etc are really not relevant anymore. This division is bound to happen and WILL happen unless the current govt dont catch the bull by its horns and solve Nepal’s ethnic probs forever.

    Blame game dont really matter anymore. We can blame royalists, Maoists, SPA etc etc and yes they are also responsible for all this in a lot of ways, but the fact remains the same. Shit will stink no matter you try to ignore and say its the smell of honey or you try to provoke and say its foul.

  19. Patriot Avatar





  20. Patriot Avatar





    Translation of the agreement between the Limbu ministers of Morang kingdom and King Prithivi Narayan Shah of Gorkha Kingdom in 1774 AD.

    “Let this be our agreement that I want to have you as the members of my own family. My religious mind is good. You are under my protection from now. By my power, your country is now mine but you are still ours. I will take the responsibility of progress and protection of your families. I will retain your rights to anything you possess. You keep in contact with my officers, help them and enjoy your land with full right as long as it exists. You are different from Nau lakh Rai, because their kings will be displaced. You who call yourselves Kings are not destroyable. I know your policy and good intentions.” “The Kingdom of Sikkim had not come to terms with us. My officers have come to your land with full instructions. You will come to now everything through them. You agree with them and enjoy your land individually in a manner as mentioned above. I, hereby, agree to abide by the above mentioned terms of agreement of never taking your land by force and destroying you. I swear on the copper plate and say that if I violate the above mentioned promises, then let the God upon whom I and my family depend and worship, destroy my descendents and my kingdom. I have written the above mentioned agreement and hereby hand it over to the above mentioned Limbu brothers on this day of twenty second shrawan of Sambat eighteen hundred and thirty one at our capital city of Kantipur may it be blessed and fortunate.”

    PN SHAH and your generation of Shahs … you have been cursed by your own King and today your Kingdom is gone and your family destroyed forever because you betrayed us and betrayed your own GOD.

    Its time to fight back for our land.


  21. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    The planet of Apes.

    24 and 24 rajya is the only solution. The end to all problems. The unity of Nepal was necessary when both our neighbors china and British India were imperial powers. That is no longer the case and so just as monarchy has become irrelevant and obsolete in Nepal so has Nepal’s unity as a nation. Let everyone be their own master. Let each have the pie with the topping of their choice. Let Nepal be divided once again to 22 and 24 rajyas. Lets only speak our regional language and only dance to the tune of our regional folk music. Why only in public occasion, at all times, it should be mandatory to wear your ethnic dress. That is the only way to ensure that your culture is recognized.

    Even after 300 years we still feel so strongly attached to our limbuwan, kiratban, madhesiban and all those other wild forests. The western science says that even before we were kirants, limbus, tamang, newar, bahun, chettri etc we were ape men wandering in the woods. I propose that first we divide Nepal into 22 and 24 rajya. As we become more free, educated and intelligent we then take course to integrate ourselves with the wild and become one with the animal kingdom. There lies our ultimate freedom, peace and the republic. Jai Limbuwan, Jai Madhes, Jai Kirant, tamang, bhote, bahun, chettri, magar, etc. Jai Caveman.

  22. Nepali Avatar

    Well said shekhar mayavi!!! Thanks a lot for your words.

  23. Bubblebomb Avatar

    You never know who are the Madheshi Peoples’ Rights Forum (MPRF) activities. They could be the regressive force too.

    Government, Human Rights Organizations and Jornalists must investigate who really they are? Their activities indicates they are Mandales of Hindu Exterimsts and Madheshi chamcas of kings boodie – chakhmalises.

    In past history there were many Madheshi chamcas of kings boodie – chakhmalises in Panchayet time. In fact Madheshi chamcas of kings boodie – chakhmalises sustained Panchayet regime.

    Now it is time may be the rest of the people of Nepal and government has to unite to fight with this evil of Madheshi chamcas of kings boodie – chakhmalises giris.

    I give them ulitmatem of 7 days then after hot Nepali blood will rise to wipe them of the land to Bihar and UP.

    MPRF is reaching to off-limit and crossing the degree line of normal activities of the protests.

    Let us unite and cross MPRF.

    As Maoist leader said they are huligans Gundas of Tarais might be true.

  24. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    Mr. Bubblebomb, you have made some fiery interesting comments. You say,

    “In fact Madheshi chamcas of kings boodie – chakhmalises sustained Panchayet regime”.

    I am interested in hearing more on this. Who are these chamchas? Please state some examples. The reason I ask is that I have also heard of the palace being accused of treating Madhesis as second class citizens.

  25. statusquoist Avatar

    Shekhar mayavi, why such a feeble attempt at sarcasm when you could have come out and said it straight up that you would like to see nepalis categorized according to a hierarchical caste system? Why not Jai status quo?

  26. unknown Avatar

    “You bloggers are just cunts who think they know everything and have a solution for everything.”

  27. Nepali Blogger Avatar

    lovesnepal.blogspot.com has many self-contradicting statements from our enlightened politicians. Just read my blog…

  28. angelica Avatar

    people say bahuns and chhettris have filled alll the high level posts..why wont they after all they are the ones who are educated….u go and take a look at boarding school there are more lahure ko chora chori than bahuns and chettris….but they are busy flirting each other….in rural areas drunkard parents send off their kids to work as kamaiyas instead of educating them….so the only educated bunch left are bahuns and chettris and newars so naturally they will be the qualified ones to fill up the posts…..only those who wasted their time of eduction in playing marbels and khopis or dancing the night away at discos and pubs shout uot for inclusion in politics…you know why…coz they can do nothing else productive than play dirty games as politicians…just like “sigane” Kamal Thapa…he used to play “GUCCHA” instead of studying and when he was grown up he used to employ gundas around him and play gangster in birgunj….he’s the one behind the terai unrest at present….employing his long lost gunda emplyees…

  29. stoic_ros Avatar

    don’t take the matter of cast and color so seriously.let the qualified person be there on the position…33 % AARACHAN by govt. will not benefit anyone ..let make them qualified and capable to hold the position…
    and one more thing ,let make a law by govt. to the govt. that -from now ahead one who is holding public position( specially political leaders) must be at least university graduate in any faculty-

    it ‘ll be benefitial to them also cause they can take decesion by their own. they can better understand their problems and can think abt how to solve that.no need to consult their secratery and others..

    and whats going on terai is also the result of bad politics …and i have heard that peoples from western are going to announced THARU BAN BANDA .

    the persons who are representating our nation ( i mean ANTARIM SANSAD ) are not qualified and capable…they are there because of their interest and expereince in POLITICS..thats not the rite way to give one such big responsibility….

    in this country EXPERIENCE is the big and the whole thing to be in or to do something….even to find a job in any (public/private) organization one is asked abt his pror experience….if you are experienced then you get that ..if not then PLZ TRY AGAIN…..

    this system must be changed then something good/better can happen ….we are young and energetic ..we can do anything ….we can make anything possible….at least we can try for our better …..but we need opportunity ……….i don’t know where it can be found???????????????

  30. sabin Avatar

    some of the remarks made by bubble seems that he is either mentally bankrupts or a paranoid personality. i chalenge him if he is a real bastard of bhikhmanga bahadur then he can come to fight with us we are ready to eliminate these sorts of bastards on earth from our part of terai.

  31. lamaslooted Avatar

    For the safety of our children we need to provide jobs and future for all. The looting I predict will as we all know be HEAVY the coming ten years, who looks like they own one RUPI will be hijacked, such is our republic of AFGHANISTAN NEPAL.
    all must be less talibams.
    How about eductation, life long education for all.

  32. domesticviolence Avatar

    porn photos contribute to domestic mess.
    Depends on what u preach total degeneration or something for the people to look up to, to believe in.
    pornography keeps women down, you cannot believe in pornography and have respected female leaders in any place or home or country. Be very careful with even joking about these issues. Actually the sex industry is another caste system the paperless east european and asian women are made to be prostitutes just like nepali girls in India and before south american women, only because they have no money. The good men that help them take all the money.
    The good thing again about Nicaragua is the first thing we did when I was there in 87 was convince the prostitutes to resocialize. Now there are also people in Italy doing projects like this.
    Nepali people that travel abroad, just like south americans get very excited when they believe european women are all whores because they do not wear kurta and sari or so.
    But european women are president not whore.
    Nepal has a long way to go, so many important little men with the wrong education. Not that women are better, but look at the world. There is climate change, it is snowing in Brazil. This is the equivalent of the porn industry it is capitalism even the pope said so he said capitalism and communism destroyed the world.
    Become ecological, these amazonia indians wear no clothes at all and nobody projects samsaric mind on it, but they are dying because the oil companies have destroyed their natural habitat they have lead in the blood and skin diseases. Everybody likes whatever they like but be mindful of the other people looking at those pictures. cute?????????????????????
    Mother Earth is Sacred

  33. rocky Avatar

    hey madheshi guys u r all dam,aculy u re bheda of upendra ,gachedar n other,if the upendra tell to eat stool u will eat so u r bheda,lets take all the terain to india,we ara the chinese lover,a powerful contries in the world

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