Birgunj Protest and Chitwan Rally

For the record (Photos from yesterday protests): Saturday saw continuity in protests violating the curfew orders in Birgunj. Demonstrators set afire a small hotel and destroyed half of dozen vehicles. All pics by Subodh Singh

>>>The situation in the eastern Terai region that has been under the grip of unrest for the past few weeks did not seem to improve today as well. Another protester was killed in police firing in Kalaiya, Bara today. Police opened fire on the protesters when the agitated Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) activists defied the curfew orders, according to eKantipur. Sporadic demonstrations are being carried out at various places in the region since early this morning. The local administrations in Kalaiya, Janakpur and Birgunj imposed daytime curfew so as to curb any untoward situation in the cities. A 13-hour curfew has been imposed in Kalaiya, Bara, where the situation seemed to go berserk today following the death of a protester there yesterday, to thwart any violent activities. The local administration has imposed a curfew from 8am to 9pm in order to control bring the situation under control. Similarly, in Janakpur, local administration has imposed a nine-hour curfew – 8am-5pm – after agitators began protesting since early morning. The protesters who had blazed the Janakpur Customs Office building three days ago put its vehicles to aflame. On the other hand, Lahaan, the epicentre of the eastern Terai region from where the spark of unrest got spread, remained comparatively calm today.

Security personnel guard the shop after it was vandalized.

Protestors captured a temporary police post in Nagwa, Birgunj and burnt it.

The tear gas shell comes back to police.

chitwan harmony rally

Participants of a Maoist organized Harmony rally Saturday in Chitwan. Pics by Dipendra Baduwal

chitwan harmony rally

Members of a Maoist-affiliated Muslim organization in the rally.





9 responses to “Birgunj Protest and Chitwan Rally”

  1. Nhorning Avatar

    OK, three reactions.

    1. What in the hell do the police think they are doing? There is going to need to be a large retraining. Killing a protester every other day is not a way to cope with this.

    2. Muslim Maoist organization? WTF?

    3. I can actually read and understand that banner!

  2. gangster. Avatar

    madhes people hav really good unity, try confronting one in a chowk then whole lot of thier mates doesn’t matter if they know each other or not but come for thier support. thats why thier movement has become such effective. n they hav made an alliance with janjatis, because the interim constituion was by far unfair to this groups including dalits. janjatis hav been struggling peacefully from long time but it didn’t even break the hair of rulers. so they might change thier strategy n go for more extreme alternatives. and if that happens it sure could be given the name JANAANDOLAN 3 and the final uprising for overall nepalis peoples welfare n equity.

  3. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    gangster: i am afraid it isn’t that simple. janandolan’s cannot be the avenue to solving every problem that crops up. We must develop a political system whereby people’s voices can be heard without the andolan, violence and vandalism.

  4. sagarmatha Avatar

    Why SPAM is delaying the table talk…..??

  5. vahsek Avatar

    more delay finding out a peaceful solution to this crisis means worsensing of the situation……

  6. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Why is SPAM delaying you ask? Because they are SPAM. Do you know what SPAM is? It’s Pig fat – the most unutritious, fattening, disgusting food on the planet – very similar to the people who make up the SPAM.

  7. noname Avatar

    Suddenly Bhudai Pundit is coming back to senses after getting scared by the fact that he might soon be holding an Indian Passport.

    Ah doesn’t matter. SPA+M terrorist’s drama and destruction and violence continues to ruin the Nepalis in the meantime.

  8. gajendra Avatar

    nepal governmennt should have proper maintained of well educated society and the curruption first.

  9. Coaching Avatar

    This post couldn’t be more on the money..

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