Tension in Terai: Protest and Curfew Continue

The local administrations in the eastern Terai today extended curfew orders in various parts of the region that was under the grip of violent demonstrations and unrest for the last few days. Tensions, however, have gone down a notch with city centers remaining comparatively quieter although there have been reports of sporadic protests since early morning today. The District Administration Office (DAO) Birgunj today clamped yet another 10-hour curfew effective from 10am to 8pm after the situation did not appear to be improving. Likewise, DAO Lahan issued a four-hour curfew order beginning at 12 noon. Meanwhile, a rally staged prior to the curfew in Lahan today traversed the city, reminding the residents that the ongoing protests were not communal in nature and urged Lahan residents not to make it so. (more)

The district administration in Parsa has issued curfew orders in Birgunj from Thursday after the protests organized by Madheshi Peoples’ Rights Forum (MPRF) turned violent and communal. Foreigners like these seen in the photo had to walk up to Simra Airport (as long as 29 kilometers) Friday, 26 Jan to go to Kathmandu as there were no vehicles on the street. Pic by Subodh Singh

Madheshi Peoples’ Rights Forum (MPRF) activists staged a peaceful sit-in demonstration in front of Banke district administration office Friday, 26 Jan. The demonstration was organized to protest recent police highhandedness in Siraha, said Sarwadev Yadav, chairman of MPRF, Banke. Pic by Janak Nepal






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  1. Indian Avatar

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    Anyway until then…use the head that you have and think about this:

    1.Madhes’s [Terai’s] Contribution to Nepalese Economy
    Terai people (Madhesees) have made significant contribution to the development of Nepalese economy. 60% of the total land of Nepal falls in the plains. Thus the plain people make 60% of contribution in the entire agriculture. Gross Development (GDP) made by the Madhesees is 65%. On the other hand, they contribute 72% to industrial inputs. They run about 49% of industries. Thus they contribute 76% to the revenue. All the major dry ports and transit points lie in plains on the Nepal-India borders.

    2.Problem of Identity and Recognition: The state tends to recognize only hill natives as Nepalese citizens. On the other hand, it shows reluctance to recognize the Terai people as the native citizens of certain region [Madhes]. Rather it treats them as recent migrants of India, which is quite wrong and malignant. It has deprived them of due recognition on the basis of their distinct Indian culture, language and lifestyle. It has also deprived them of the rights universally accepted as the ideals and norms of United Nations Organization. Instead, they are regarded and hated as the followers of Indian culture, speakers of Indian languages and people of Indian race.
    Problem of participation and representation in state power: The Madhesees people do not have due say, participation or representation in those constitutional bodies patronized by the state as legislative, executive, judiciary, besides court (palace) services, army and police. They are not given any opportunity for the same. There has been an undeclared ban on them against policy-making and power exercise in the state.

    3.Problem of citizenship or nationality: It is mandatory to acquire Nepalese citizenship for entering all government and non-government services. Lacking which, a citizen is deprived of all state privileges as provided by the constitution and existing laws. But the reality is that 4 million Madhesees origin people out of the total population of 22 million have been deprived of the Nepalese citizenship. Even different commissions erected by different governments in past have accepted and admitted this fact. Thus the government has forced them to live in their own native land stateless floating people.

    4.Problem of recognition of language and culture: The Madhesees of Nepal speaks different languages like Hindi, Maithili, Bhojpuri, Awadhi, Tharu, Rajwanshi, Santhal, Tajpuriya, Bengali and Punjabi. The state plays no role in their promotion, prosperity, practice and protection. It has given no award and incentive for their development. The state – owned printing or publishing houses do not publish any books written in these languages. Hindi has long been a lingua franca among all sectors of Nepalese society. But the state makes clear discrimination against them. It gives no recognition to the regional dress of the Madhesees like dhoti, kurta, pyjama and gamchha. They are denied entry to National Secretariat (Parliament) and major government offices in dressed in those traditional garbs. Similarly, no distinction and honor is awarded to cultural events and festivals based on Indian culture like Chhatha, Dipawali, Holi, Judsital, Chaurchan, Samachakewa, Maghi, Jitiya, Id, Bakra-Id, which are observed by the Madhesees community.

    Chal ab tak ke liye itna kaafi hai. Haan ab hindi bolna bhi sikhle, it is a language of your country too Samjha

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  4. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

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    I don’t understand why you spent all that time explaining to me the problem of the Medeshi people. I know the Medeshi people have not been treated right in Nepal and hence we have this situation. It’s just not Madeshis that have had to bear the brunt of being marginalized – there are plenty of Pahadis that are in the same boat as well. No country has a perfect system dick wort.

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  5. Nepali Tiger Avatar
    Nepali Tiger

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  6. suman Avatar

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  7. nepali babu Avatar
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  8. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Once again Wagle the [icd]’s moderation is in the way.

  9. noname Avatar

    So you SPA+M (terrorist) supporters are seeing where the situation has boiled down to. An Indian is coming right into your forums and challenging you right about your country’s existence.

    Shame, isn’t it. The siutation is not bad. It’s a lost case for Nepalis now.

    Support the Mobs, supports the goons, support terrorism (all the characteristics of SPAM) and the nemesis comes back to punish you.

    Wagle, the f*cked up idiot.

  10. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    noname: Indians have always been challenging the existence of Nepal. There is nothing new about it.

  11. noname Avatar

    Indians have been challenging the existence of Nepal. And you people have been supporting the people who have supported the Indian expansionism in Nepal. The bloody SPAMming terrorists will sweep the land from under your feet and take away the sky that belongs to you.

  12. hi Avatar

    A typical day in the Life of a Nepal:
    Get up–> use toothpast made in india
    go to bathroom–> use pot made in india
    flush–> goes to india
    watch tv–>probably serial is indian
    drive a bike or car or cycle—> made in india
    fuel–> supplied by india
    factories running–> finished goods goes to india
    schools/colleges–>textbooks printed in india
    watch cricket–>indian games
    drink–>indian brand drinks like McDowals
    without India, nepal would lose its favourite past-time–> critisize india for all its problems.
    Comon Nepalese, solve your problems and don’t look up to Sardar to help you.

  13. Indian Avatar

    Thank You Hi…that was precisely my point. Well put, well said.

  14. noname Avatar


    India, the only country in the world which has no good relations with any of it’s neighbours. A country which has a history of interfering in others affairs. A country in which millions have died in last 60 years due to secterian violence. A country which blames all it’s problems of terrorism on Pakistan and China. A country which is blamed by all it’s neighbours for supporting terrorism. A country which has the most corrupt police force on the planet. A country where wives are still killed (Sati) when their husbands die.

    Just a few problems that India has. And unfortunately Nepal shares it’s boundary with India. Great culture that India has but downgrading policies that it follows.

    Most importantly, all parties in Nepal (be it the SPAM terrrorists or Democratic/Royal parties) put the blame on India. Because India is the problem creator. Sikkim, Bangladesh, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, et. al. are prime examples. Hyderabad and Goa was too gobbled up by India.

    I can go on and on with India’s bullshittiness. But sorry, I will put you too in the iggy bin. Wake up and be perfect on what you are talking about or else people like me will beat you with your own stick. I need some people who make sense.

  15. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Hi you dumbass.
    Who the hell is looking to Sardar to solve our problems? You think Indians want to help solve Nepal’s problem? I don’t deny that India is our biggest trading partner. More then anything our geographic locality puts a severe contraint on our choices. But just because we use some 3rd class Indian products it does not mean we should give up our national sovereignty and join the Indian union. Nepal is an independant country and we are well capable of achieving social and economic develpment without joining the Indian union. Nepal has tremendous untapped potential. Unfortunetly, we have a bunch of sub-human creatures as our leaders and over the past 10 years we have had to endure alot of political turmoil. Before that the Rana/Shah regmies did absolutely nothing to develop the country.
    I certainly don’t think India is to blame for all our problems but I certainly don’t believe that India is a well-wisher of Nepalese success and prosperity. India/Indians have an expansionist mindset much like the jackass on this thread. Hence, they have actively and intentionally prusued policies that keep Nepal in a state of underdevelopment so that they can flex their muscles. Take the treaty of 1950 for example – tell me that isn’t unfair. Or look at economic policies which puts high tarrifs of Nepalese exports thereby making sure that infant industries in Nepal never get a chance to develop. I mean how much damage can Nepalese exports do Indian markets? The effect of the exports would be miniscule but yet India refuses to change their stance. It’s their mindset. I don’t put the balme squarely on India’s shoulders since our pathetic politians have made no effort to change things.

  16. Patriot Avatar

    Hmmm …. a very heated thread indeed.

    In the last 10-15 yrs, opposite forces has greatly invaded Nepal and India. While India rode the wave of economic revolution, Nepal slithered down on a bloody revolution. 10-15 yrs can make a lot of difference isnt it??

    Indian – you watch your word my friend, I dont want to get into petty technicalities of what your GDP is vis-a-vis ours, or your currency, ur 2 inch penis whatever … things change pretty fast my friend. 50 yrs ago you were licking British ass and its only 10 yrs you got the taste of globalization. You seem to offer a lot of reasons why Nepal should be a part of India … but you fail to understand that India lacks far behind in terms of nationalism. Infact they are ashamed to admit they are Indians the moment they step to a foreign country. And why not when everyone views you guys as thieves and crooks.

    Let me remind you this: India as a nation has zero national pride. Its more like a convinient marriage since the going is good. But make no mistake, India will gradually disintegrate. Its already happening in Northeast. South Indians cannot tolerate North, Hindus cannot tolerate Muslims, your farmers are committing suicide ….

    The point is just because India is bigger than Nepal, doesnt mean you insult our sovereignty. Nepal is still far far better than many of your states like UP, Bihar, Orissa, WB, Northeast, Kashmir …

    I empathize with the terai dwellers, I come from a marginalized Pahade community myself but your verbose and attitude is downright unacceptable and reflective of your population in general.

    Get a life man. You have enough of your own probs with Pakistan, China, Naxalites, Bihar, HIV … just let us do our on stuff ok.

  17. noname Avatar

    India’s contribution to the world ‘0’.

    Get up–> use toothpast NOT INVENTED by india
    go to bathroom–> something they started having when they saw that the whole world is watching them take a Naked dip in the pond. You can see this still when you try to go to the dirty surroundings of Calcutta. And my o my. The ponds are dirty and filthy! Most indians take part publically than in a bathroom. And more and more indians use the free sky and land as toilets.
    flush–> not an indian concept. The local ponds where they take bath are used as toilets too.
    watch tv–> not invented by india
    drive a bike or car or cycle—> not invented by india either.
    fuel–> indians cry over something which is not even theirs.
    watch cricket–>indians play Kabbadi and they hate britishers. but alas! everything do is english! ironical and funny, they sure are.
    drink–>alcohol is a taboo in india. why do you export things like these?

  18. hi Avatar

    Well grapes are sour. when you don’t get them.

  19. mail me Avatar

    Time for “Absolute Rule”

    Time for the absolute monarchy again…Nepalese need the rule like China which never allows you to speak except for you name….enough is enough….then Maoists problem was the biggest..now after we solve that here comes another protest…why??????

  20. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    please be so kind as to explain to me what your little saying means.

  21. sus Avatar

    hey who r u so called indian??
    u hav darjeling ,sikkim ,asam wher maost of people speak nepali(all over our country)
    ther r places like bihar n other wher people speak vojpuri n mithali(like in birgunj)
    ther r place like mumbai n delhi wher people speak hindi like many places in our country(janakpur,neplagunmj?
    so give us whole of ur country
    ur many leaders has fleed 2 nepal during moment against british
    we gave them shelter n gave new life
    we have given u many employement
    so give ur nation we will make it
    have u ever heard any janakpure,any nepalgunje ,any pokhreli died of hungr??

    but u r country mhave infinite no of people dying hunger
    but we will make them rich
    only we neednot need is UR LEADERS WHO ALWAYS INTERVET US

  22. sus Avatar


  23. sus Avatar


  24. sus Avatar


  25. hi Avatar

    Cant you slove your own problem.
    You rush to Delhi to whenever you have a problem, be it political, economic or any other.
    If Delhi says things that are not in your favour, then the favourite nepali pasttime starts->criticize india.
    All aggrements, SPA + M, are signed in delhi, plus now SPAM + MJF will also be signed in delhi.
    Comeon nepali politicians solve your problems before it gets late. If you can’t let us know, we will send Karan Singh to solve it like the last time he was sent to mediate between the king + SPA

  26. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    hi: I just finished smacking around that other Indian. Now I guess its your turn.
    Why don’t we solve our own problems and come to Delhi you ask. Fair question. Here is the answer: because India is often behind the Problem. Often INDIA is the problem. Look the at Maoist situation. Where was Prachanda and the Maoists getting funding, santuary, moral support etc? It sure as hell wasn’t in Nepal. As mentioned in the above posts India obviously has political and economic leverage in Nepal. Since India hates to see Nepal function as an independant country and constantly wants to poke its nose into our affairs, our Prime Minister has no choice but to go to Delhi. Believe me no one goes to Delhi thinking India is going to solve our problems.

  27. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    By the way, don’t gloat over Karan Singh. He had no bearing on the situation.

  28. Ram kumar parajuli Avatar

    Madhise people were hated by Pahade nepali because they “looked” like indians, talked like indians, dressed like indians. Pahade people were led to believe that madhise people were indians and they were a threat to the nepali nationalism. India has been a constant threat to soverignity of Nepal. But look at these facts:
    1. Girija babu India ke talle chat ta hai jab woh khud ki aur apni pariwar ki maddat ke liye bharat aata hai.
    2. Prachanda ko bhi Bharat mein hi aakar usne apni party ki meeting ki
    3. NEpal mein kachada uthane ke liye abhi hamari sahayata ki jarurat hai.
    4. Republic day mein ambulances diye tum logon ko, ambulance bhi khud kharid nahin sakte.
    5. NEpali rupee indian rupee par depend karta hai, hamara devaluate ho gaya to tumhari currency ki “watt” lag jaati hai.
    6. Jo kuch bhi development hamare desh mein ho raha hai us hawa ka jhonka tum logon ko lagi ko thodi ki business tumhare yahan bhi ho gayi.
    7. Kathmandu mein Agar sab sabji bechne wale indians hain to Mumbai aur delhi mein sab chaukidar nepali hain.
    8. Highways se lekar sab kuch hamari maddat se banate ho.
    9. Tumhari movie hall mein sab hamari movies chalte hain.

    Hahahahahah, for your country to be where we are will take 100 years….that is if you get your act together now.

    Hey Pundit, I found something for “bahadurs” like yourself:

    In my humble opinion, Nepal should join India for the following major reasons:

    1. The purchasing power of the Nepalese consumers will instantly INCREASE by 60% since Indian Rs. 100 will no longer be Nepalese Rs. 160. IRs. 100 will be equivalent to NRs. 100. The Nepalese consumers will get the Indian goods for at least 60% cheaper value than before while sell their products to Indians at higher than previous values.

    2. Since India is our major trading partner (about 2/3 of the total trade are with India), our economy will largely benefit from the increase in strength of our currency. The current trade deficit will be less painful to our economy then.

    3. India is often accused of encroaching not only our land but also our culture, language and values. Now if Nepal becomes a part of India, what will India encroach? It’s own land!! The culture of both Nepal and India will flourish as well as assimilate better than now. India, if nothing else, represents a remarkable example of cultural, ethnic and linguistic assimilation. Furthermore, Nepali is already an official language of India, i.e., Nepali is included in the 8th Schedule of the Indian Constitution.

    4. For Hindus, India is “Mecca” and “Madina.” Non-Hindus — Cheer up! The Secular Indian State won’t marginalize your religious rights as they have been in the Hindu Kingdom of Nepal.

    5. Nepal will be a separate state of India and not a part of U.P., Bihar or West Bengal. This means Nepal can exercise almost all of her present rights other than the one involving territorial disputes with China or other Indian States, in which case the Federal Government of India (which in turn is not under control of any dominant group in India, but headed by the representatives of all states of the Indian Union) will take the charge. Under Indian Constitution, states are granted vital rights ranging from levying of the taxes to maintaining internal security, as well as deriving own educational and cultural policies. Nepal should be glad to become a part of the larger body. Any achievement of India will automatically be the achievement of Nepalis and vice versa.

    6. While state leaders of Nepal will work hard to improve the lives of Nepalis, it will be the responsibility of the Federal government of India to counsel the policies of the states, promulgate federal policies for the whole country, provide the Nepalese state with frequent funds as well as take the immediate charge of the natural emergencies like flood, earthquake, etc. The state leaders of Nepal will have better chance of building the Nepalese nation than now, since there will always be someone at the back for assistance and guidance.

    7. The largest natural resource we have is water. Unfortunately, the amount of hydro-electricity generated from it is minimal. The Arun -III, the multi-billion dollar hydro electricity project, was terminated because The World Bank drew off its support, primarily due to the lost of the Bank’s faith in the Nepalese government that was characterized by sharp political instability. The Federal Government of India, with its huge budget and capacity to lure large multinationals and international lending agencies, can easily get several of such Hydo-Power projects going. This will but benefit Nepal and Nepalis in large because the electricity will now be sold not only to China but to several other Indian states with very little hassles.

    8. The legendary Gurkha soldiers, who now constitute a significant portion of the Indian Army, are working not for their motherland but for a foreign land. These Gurkhas, in one sense, are not soldiers but just mercenaries (hired army motivated by money rather than love for motherland or national glory). If Nepal were to be a part of India, these brave soldiers would be working for their motherland and their bravery will count as glory and not just paid service.

    9. One may argue against the proposal of the unification by saying that India has very little incentive to have Nepal as its state because India will have to guard hundreds of miles of the Nepal-China frontier, which might suck up its already strained military and economic resources. This is not true. India has already been guarding the China-Nepal frontier indirectly. Just imagine when China invades Nepal, do you think India will sit down there and keep watching? Never. Directly or Indirectly, India has and will have to guard the Nepal-China frontier. In case Nepal becomes a part of India, India will have to divert little extra of its military resources to the frontier.

    10. Finally, I believe, and many of you will agree, that Nepal lacks resources to function as an independent country. About three quarters of the country’s land is mountainous, and the fertile quarter is over populated and prone to erosion, flood, and other ecological hazards. Two-third of the population is illiterate while over 40% live below poverty line. The majority of educated population is unproductive since they are stuck up in the inefficient government services. Natural resource other than water is rare and tourism sector is on the verge of decline because of the negative ecological impacts as well as polluted cities. Furthermore, Nepal has one of the highest per capital foreign debt despite she gets large sums of foreign grants each year. The remittances of the Gurkha soldiers and that of Non-Resident Nepali are not enough to support economy, and there has been continual migration of Nepali, both seasonal and permanent, to India and other countries in search of work and other economic opportunities. Nepal definitely needs both
    “guidance” and “assistance” of the Federal Government to boost up its economy and maximize the utility of her limited resources. Only unification with India will bestow Nepal with such power and opportunity.


  29. hi Avatar

    I don’t think India is that interested and stupid to poke its nose into the affairs of Nepal. It is just that the politicians of nepal are highly inexperienced and not bold enough to take decisions, so even for a minor cold they run to get medicines in delhi.
    Just send your rulers to delhi and we will treat them for the jaundice (they are suffering from now)
    Look we educated all your politicans: King Gynandra, GPK, Dr. BB, etc. so it is natural they come to delhi to get their clearance certificates, or sometimes we send toli (like nagarita toli) to their homes to give them the clearance. Anyway our advice is “free of cost” unlike some of the white people that charge for the advice.

  30. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    No Hi: You are dead wrong. India has always interfered in Nepal’s internal affairs. It tires to interfer in Bangladesh (not as successfully), Sri Lanka etc.
    Politicians of Nepal are terrible. I will give you that. But don’t for one moment think that India is helping Nepal in any way, shape or form. Unfortunetly, like most of you Indians our political leaders don’t have any balls. That’s why we have to put up with the 1950 treaty, unfair and opressive economic policies, enroachments into our territory etc. Ram Kumar the faggot, talks about India building highways and giving us ambulences. But these things are minscule. Nepal is a big market for Indian products and we have had to endure such unfair treties. Give you an example: Nepal has no choice but to buy weapons from India. You know how much money India makes on that? You talk about movies in our cenema halls. You think we get that for free? It’s a two way street, so drop that missionary attitude.
    But you Indians continue to be arrogant. That’s fine with me. What goes around comes around. Continue to slave away at your call centers and do America’s bitch work. You can talk as much as you like but I have seen much of India and there is nothing to be arrogant about!

  31. hi Avatar

    Bhudai Pundit
    Just look how much Nepal is obessed with India.
    Go any major Terai cities, and look at people houses. You will almost half the houses have antennas to connect to indian mobile operators.
    People of Teari cities go to india to purchase essential goods like sugar, other rations, clothese etc. This shows Nepalese people don’t want to buy in Nepal, as they are reculant to pay customs duty.
    My advice to you: Whether Nepal likes it or not, they have to live with India and if the Govt. of Nepal has balls, then they should fence their border, like we did in bangladesh, and pakistan, and introduce passport. Passport will be opposed by the Nepalese people as they have to visit india for education, religion visit, travel, marraige shopping, medical treatment etc.

  32. hi: Avatar

    u dead rite man..india is aal behind this…i truly believe…..remeber maoist have a huge chance of getting into power .after t elections…n india doesn’t like tat….they’re aganst maoist….n they know…madhises don’t support maoist..so they’re trying to keep maoist away from power…tats t bottomline..whether u believe o not….india is india after al….it can’t put its nose directly…so its using t madhises to do it…trust me i’m gonna smash some madhises out here in inida…..wat is this..its my country…madhises r from inida livin der..so better stay away from riots..n tat also look at t demand….assholes want to break t country into pieces.

  33. hi Avatar

    Nepal is broken up into many many countries. Only the formal announcement is to be made.
    Madesh Land
    Tharu Land
    Limbu Land
    Tamang Land
    Newar Land
    Kirat Land
    When the whole world is going forward with free market economy and globalization, Nepal is moving back into the 14 century. At this rate in a couple of years Nepal may not even exist.

  34. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    put up a fence? Many people from Nepal have long advocated this. The Madeshi living in Terai have family in Bihar/UP and some in Nepal. For their benefit passport control hasn’t been put up. And don’t forget pleanty of Indians come to Nepal for tourism, religious purposes, begging in temples etc. After all Nepal is like heaven compared to that hell hole called Bihar/UP.

  35. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    hi: don’t say the whole world. Even in India there are a few Southern States doing well. The rest of the county is a sh*thole. Nepal going back to the 14th century? hahaha you guys were dealing with the plague (disease from the middle ages) just 10 years ago. You talk about us going back to the 14th century. hahahaha

  36. hi Avatar

    Nepal should bear the cost for the fence, and it would be wonderful to have immigration check posts at only a very limited towns. I am waitng for the fence to come up.

  37. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    oh what a paradise it would be if these dirty biharis stop inflitrating into Nepal.

  38. godrownyourself Avatar

    typical indian bs: sit in your comfy room and pretend to take up the madhesi cause. while you are using this forum to provoke people’s ire, the real madhesis are on the streets fighting for their lives. and why do you come to this forum? to feed your malnourished indian ego at the expense of the madhesis. get a life and scram from this site.

  39. hi Avatar

    you should welcome comments from indians. When you see negative comments about your country, then your nationality arises. Keep it up nepalese, be proud of your country and stop the ethenic cleaning about to take place in the terai, and other areas.
    Forget history of how nepal was born, but look forward and move on. This is the world of WTO and globalization.

  40. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    We are very proud of our country, you shemale. Don’t worry about us. I think its really flattering that you take time out of your life to visit this site and post comments. Now please leave us with our problems – we will sort them out. Please get back to your call center.

  41. hi Avatar

    best of luck in building your naya nepal comprising of about 26-30 different naya “countries”

  42. angelica Avatar

    hey bhudai….i am falling in love with you…….kudos to u…keep up the fight

  43. hi Avatar

    News from BBC Online

    India could overtake Britain and have the world’s fifth largest economy within a decade as the country’s growth accelerates, a new report says.
    If trends continue, India’s economy may then surpass the US and be second only to China’s by mid-century, the report by investment bank Goldman Sachs says.
    The report says India’s programme of reforms has brought increased competition and efficiency.

    This is where India will be and as for Nepal, still fighting among themselves.

  44. angelica Avatar

    ya rite, when 9 more farmers have commited suicide within a couple of days india will surely take over britain..hahaha….first up go get your KOHINOOR…if u can do that then talk ’bout taking over britain

  45. HI Avatar

    This was said by investment bank Goldman Sachs: And Nepal has a habit of listining to what the white people says.
    Agreed you can never compete or overtake India, India is too big a country and market. When India progresses economically, the overflow will also help Nepal to move ahead economically.

  46. Open Border Avatar
    Open Border

    as long as there is an open border between nepal & india, give or take a couple of years and Nepal will a state of India like sikkim. So for all these violence and pahade madhesi feelings to stop, the Govt. of Nepal & India must think seriously in closing down the border and introduction of passports. Then only we will be two different countries, and then there will be a distinction between Indian madehsi and Nepali Madhesi, and Nepal will remain united.

  47. angelica Avatar

    who said about taking over india…i never said Nepal wud take over india…besides in all these years if india’s economic success did not help nepal’s ecnomy to flourish then how can it help in coming years…no country helps it’s poor neighbour out of love or even pity for that matter unless the poor country gives up something it treasures…and Nepal has a lot of treasures india and china are eying on…

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