The Royal Moustache and Baluwataar Tea Pary

gyanendra shah moustache Gyanendra, the ‘ousted’, rejected and ejected (any other words out there?) king, has sported the mustache, huh? Don’t dare to dismiss this as yet another Gyanendra bashing cheap joke but that was the talk of the town today after newspapers in Kathmandu came up with front page image of the monarch in question. Gyanendra with moustache? No serious answer was received though. Honestly, people in my circle hate to even pronounce the name Gyanendra, such is the intensity of hatred towards the monarchy that is on the verge of disappearing from Nepal. Or, so we like to think about! Anyway, moustache for Birendra, Gyanendra’s brother and the king till the palace massacre in 2001, seemed unmovable part of the facial structure. Birendra’s son Dipendra also used sport junga (and occasionally beard or daari). I don’t claim this is the first time I have seen Gyanendra with moustache but I think I don’t remember seeing him with mustache before. Paras occasionally sports junga but haven’t seen him with daari so far. Anyway, I don’t remember if seeing a dariwal Paras. Am I already giving 197 words to junga of Gyanendra, who according to news reports, have been removed from the bank notes?

On the serious note, Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala today hosted a tea party for leaders of Seven Party Alliance and Maoist party in his residence in Baluwataar. Was that just a chiya party? No way, Koirala actually wanted to thrash Prachanda, the chairman of the Maoist party, for the latter’s irresponsible and deplorable behavior in Lahan, Siraha recently. Yes, telephone conversations between Koirala and Prachanda are taking place almost regularly but the chiya meeting was needed because something serious is happening in Siraha and other parts of Terai and that needs to be addressed collectively by the SPA and Maoist leadership. This is the chance to make something difference. There is no way you can ignore it and move ahead as if you are unaffected. That is exactly why these words came from Koirala, otherwise a hardliner, in today’s meeting:

“All of us have our right to speak and express our views as this is a nation which has unity in diversity. Therefore all our problems should be resolved through dialogue. So, I request the people of Madhes to resolve their problems through talks. If we tried to walk away from dialogue, the reactionary forces could rise and the nation could be in danger. The ‘regressive forces’ could take advantage of any protests for the time being.”

Koirala is right in his words and intentions. They are raising some valid issues but Goit, Jwala and Madhesi Peoples’ Rights Forum and a few other known/unknown groups are increasingly turning into the weapons of reactionary forces (who are sporting jungas and may be daaris) and Indian religious fundamentalists. I know what Maoists did in Lahan (fired upon a crowd) was deplorable but I think Prachanda must be taken seriously when he says “Hindu extremists are behind Terai unrest.” He said:

“A few days ago some Hindu followers had a gathering at Gorakhpur in India (bordering Nepal). Some elements, who were involved in terrorizing Madhes, also participated in the gathering, which has already been publicized in the media. These incidents (recent unrest) happened after that. Therefore some Hindu extremists, not through religious belief but acting as extremists and royalist forces, who are against the Constituent Assembly elections, are involved in the incidents.”

Unfortunately Prachanda didn’t feel responding to the question, at least publicly, why on Earth his —- cadres were roaming around armed in Lahan and killed the boy. -Wagle

For the record: Monitoring of Maoist arms management at Shaktikhor, Chitwan was halted abruptly on Tuesday (23 Jan) as a string of arguments arose between the UN team and Maoist cadres, Kantipur reports. Sources said the UN team refused to register those Maoist cadres who seemed to be of the ages of 12 to 15 – but the team was pressurized to register them as 18-year-olds – which gave rise to an argument, with the UN team ultimately deciding to stop the registration process. Maoist deputy commander Barsha Man Pun ‘Ananta’ confirmed the news and informed that from Wednesday (24 Jan) the registration process will resume.







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  1. Thuldai Avatar

    What is the relation between King’s mustache and the tea party ? One person wrote that may be king wants to hit when Maoists will finishing depositing all the arms. But I think maoists have not deposited all the better arms, AK 47 and other powerful arms to the UN. have they deposited the 80 ” Mortar yet which they looted from Dang. I think king will attempt once before leaving the country. But ultimately he must leave. It is is better to talk with Girija and Prachanda if they agree to have Hridayendra as the future King, as in Japan. May be majority of Nepalese agree to that solution. If anybody has any comment on this ? I think palaca has this as the last resort.

  2. Kishan Avatar

    Of course, the king will hit back if they rest did not prove up to the expectation, once again. He has the biggest stake than any one else in Nepal. If Maoists can be forgiven for killing thousands and terrorizing millions, why not the king? One cannot ignore the power grab that is taking place in Nepal. Even the repeatedly proved to be useless politicians are claiming for the credits and have already hijacked the power of people using the techniques of fishning in mercy water. On top of it, they are giving lectures on democracy to the famously toleraent and long suffered people of Nepal. Look how the marginalized’s demands are being downplayed and attention being diverted to fringe issues. It is becoming increasingly clearer that no one can be trusted blindly. The genuine social and cultural revolution is yet to happen in Nepal where individual’s rights and fair ooprtunities are secured. Looted food can never be as good as earned. We seem to have forgotten that “means justify the ends”. I wonder what would I teach to my kids….

  3. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Since King Birendra was popular among Nepalese Gyanendra is trying to look like King Birendra.

  4. Thuldai Avatar

    I agree with kishan. Because in 1990s also, these leaders already betrayed us. Because they were not competent enough to govern or serve the country. That’s why this situation came in Nepal. Biggest problem is corruption. When the political parties do not have any transparency in their financial accounts, how can a country like Nepal survive. Now I have doubts about the intention of politicians whether they engage themselves in politics for serving the people or for corruption ? We can start debate on these issues.

  5. vivek Avatar

    Well, Dinesh Wagle: Don’t hate the King like you’ve written in your blog. He is all there is now in Nepal. If at all Nepal is to remain Nepal. Look at the sorry state of things in terai. Its a mess, man. After Nepalgunj, it was Lahan, now it is Biratnagar and Janakpur. The whole region is burning and these leaders are laughing and having a tea-party ! Prachanda is afraid because Jwala Singh has become more fiercesome than he.
    If we are to address all the JTMM demands, terai will become separated from Nepal and then the process of disintegration of the country will begin. There will be separate homelands from the Gurungs, Limbus, and the Newars.
    King Gyanendra with or without the moustache is all we have to save this nation, and save us. You don’t like this? Well, then accept constitutional monarchy, forget about republicanism, arrest these Maoist hooligans and begin a new political process. Otherwise, we are gone.

  6. The Shining Path Avatar
    The Shining Path

    As we already know that the ‘ousted’ has only way to revenge bite and bite again… he is on the practice ..started from Nepalgunj, hten siraha now janakpur….. damn ‘rabid’ …. but its anly 13 days of your ‘lean’ cultural and religious status..even will be ‘ousted’ from that arena too…..

  7. rdr Avatar

    Lack of professionality in your reporting is becoming pathetic.

  8. ahimsacitizenship Avatar

    this blog is stupid first you censor my anti comment now you took my idea.
    nepal not jay

  9. Guyfromktm Avatar

    Wagle here contradicts himself in a big way. He says that the kind of “circle” he belongs to– we have no idea what the circle looks like and how many people he is talking about and if anyone from outside Kantipur and the terrorists are in the circle- people love to hate the word Gyanendra and then he says, the “talk of the town” was the paltry of issue of the man sporting a moustache. With that we can conclude two things– that Wagle’s circle is not very representative of the town to begin with because if it was, then the “elite” intellectuals wouldn’t spend so much time talking about the moustache of a man they consider down and out. What a waste of their precious time.

    Then, quite expectedly, he goes on to defend Pushpa Kamal’s statement that “(invisible) Hindu extremists are behind the tension flaring up in the Terai”. well, who are these Hindu extremists and where are they? And how is their approach any different that the approach that the Maoists have used throughout– why is their cause any more trivial than the Maoists when they started the movement? And why doesn’t Wagle write anything about Pushpa Kamals claim that these elements have, at present, no capacity whatsoever and thus have no right to demand anything? How big was the Maoist movement when it handed over the 40-point demand and what was the words that the then corrupt government use– same words that Pushpa Kamal is now using. So, Pushpa Kamal should give up his style of projecting “my cause is bigger than yours”, “the Maoists can do no wrong”, “the others can do no right” and “the one and only credible movement that every was and will be in Nepal is that of the Maoists”. Wake up and try to address the problems… do sit on your bums and blame the invisible forces like the rulers have done throughout our history and try to fool the people yet again. Take some responsibility now that the reigns are in your hands and start to perform!! make no more lame excuses.

    And my last point is also about another omission on the part of Wagle who claims to be from a very professional publication house. Pushpa Kamal while extending his rhetoric about the invisible forces being behind the terai incidents threatened to declare Nepal a republic before the constituent assembly. Quite understandably, Wagle’s professional newspaper forgot to tell its readers that the aspiration of the April movement was to have a “nisarta sambhidan sabha” and it was never to allow a terrorist like Pushpa Kamal to decide for us what kind of set up is best.

  10. lahure Avatar

    get up, stand up…

    stand up for your rights

  11. sagarmatha Avatar

    Mr. Wagle,

    Almost half of the nation is burning since 10 days and people are dying for their rights and media people are happy to know inside story about king’s moustache and SPAM’s jubilation party. almost the same story goes to SPAM right now “The Nepal is burning and ruling class are busy in having big jubilation party with happy faces.”

  12. Biswo Poudel Avatar
    Biswo Poudel

    I wonder if the king knows how to smile. His attempt to sport an avuncular appearance by growing moustache has been undermined by his inability to smile and project a congenial personality. This man looks arrogant, implacable, and unbroken. For his own sake, he needs to learn how to be friendly. He did try to be movie-star like, giving autograph and talking to villagers once in the past, but none of those worked.

  13. Sailesh G Avatar
    Sailesh G

    He… he, actually Birendra was far more smiling and had pleasant personality compared to his father Mahendra and cunning brother Gyanendra. People talk about Mahendra’s heavy and charismatic personality and his personal ego clash with B P Koirala. To the extent I can remember, Mahendra didn’t sport moustache. But Birendra did. Don’t know why Gyanendra, the true son of Mahendra, choose to sport junga at this time. May be he realized that it’s hard to implement the hardliner policy that HIS dad Mahendra opted some 45 years ago? People say Birendra was a bit liberal (I am not trying to wash a donkey with milk though) and Gyanendra publicly said he wanted to be, unlike his brother, a constructive king!

    Enough with the junga and daari of Gyanendra. We are in the process of getting rid of him, not only his junga.

    Oh..yea, this man can’t really smile. That’s for sure. Even if he smiles, people get afraid.

  14. vivek Avatar


    I know I have been idiot by supporting King in my previous blog. It was not real me, hehe It was my innerself speaking. What we royalists should do is to support the kind of unrest, create anarchy and constitutional assembly election will go to hell

  15. Afno Kura Avatar

    What situations are facing here its all on the directions of this gyanendra and his devotees hindus extremists. It is as clear as mineral water. This is the grand design for making obstacles in CA election.

  16. sameer Avatar

    It does not matter if he puts on a moustache or a beard or a dreadlock.

    Our main agenda is the “PEACE IN NEPAL”

    We do not have to talk about the king right now. he has been stripped of most of the power he used to have. One should continuously keep an eye on him so that he does not do anything foolish again.


  17. monk Avatar

    Nepali people neither have any personal hatred to King Gyanendra nor any special love to 8 Kings of SPAM. What and how they act is the only concern for us.

  18. Boombastic! Avatar

    Wagle the [icd] doesn’t have any qualms about the sorry of the affairs that seems to propel itself to anarchy and possible break-up of the nation state. But, much ado about King G sporting a moustache and taking a stab at him seems to be his priority. This half-witted, pseudo-journo probably has no apprehension as the Maoists lock up of all the hotels and lodges in Dhulikhel, continue to possess weapons outside the cantonments, dismantle police posts and issue summary judgments by acting as judge, jury and executioner themselves. t is a matter of grave concern to the vitality of this nascent “democractic” gain of the past 6 months or so.

    It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. The biggest threat to Nepal right now is the unbridled reign of Maoists whose power seems to grow exponentially day-by-day as the SPA fools know only how to appease them.

    Junga ta aba Prachanda ko ukhalna parcha!!!

  19. Kirat Avatar

    So the stupid cycle in Nepal continues huh? King=mayhem, then SPA+ Maoists=mayhem, then King=mayhem,then SPA+ Maoists+Terai extremists=mayhem etc,etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseaum. Stop the world we wanna get off!

  20. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    When Maoists started people said that the palace is behind them. The same is being said about the rebels in Terai. The blaming game has to be stopped and the real issues need to be addressed on time before things get out of hand.

  21. vivek Avatar

    No, the second blog isn’t written by me. Its somebody else using my name. I very much stand by my previous comment. The monarchy in Nepal is as relevant today as never in its past history.

  22. sarki ko choro Avatar
    sarki ko choro

    This is an appaling peace of journalism. It King does not have any power or rejected by the people then why are you so OBSESSED with the King.

    Mind boggles with your obsession with something that you call a spent force.

  23. Vahsek Avatar

    Yes King G appears very off. And, that is understandable. Make mistakes and repent on them!

  24. Dr. Singh Avatar
    Dr. Singh

    yo k garna thalnu vako…why are you obssessed with gyanendra\’s junga when you write sth. as \”Honestly, people in my circle hate to even pronounce the name Gyanendra, such is the intensity of hatred towards the monarchy that is on the verge of disappearing from Nepal.\” sarai na guff hanna thalnu vaako jasto lagyo…uve just inspired me to start my own blog. tapaile chai maobadi ko govt. aayo vani kunai na kunai mantri ko pad chai awasya paunu hunchha vanne guarantee chha. journalism vaneko ta unbiased hunu paryo ni, k ko yesto hatred ho baba. even i dont like the old king tara yeti sarho natak garera lekhnu ta pardaina ni…i used to think highly of you, i mean your articles are moving, now they sound so monotonous and antiking matrai, tyo charm harauna lagyo ke mitra!!!

  25. novadi Avatar

    this brother killer needs to be eliminated from the country………….otherwise he is planning to divide the country

  26. manan Avatar

    I don’t like Gyanendra Shah anymore than Wagle, but making fun of him at every given opportunity is a little childish, if not mean.

  27. noname Avatar

    Wagle, eating the bread bought with terrorist money writes “Honestly, people in my circle hate to even pronounce the name Gyanendra,”.

    Bastard (sorry to use such a heinous word but it perfectly suits your downtrodden status), what circle are you talking about? Your vicious dirty circle of SPAMmers? I mean how dare you use those words against the Head of our Nation whose identity is keeping us alive? A system that has given us Nepalis our identity, our status, our belief, our culture, our tradition.

    Do you even have brains to decipher what you are being paid to write?

    Bastard, seriously, you need to be dealt with and done.

  28. noname Avatar

    Just went through the comments made above. Wagle, seriously, there are a lot of people hating on you here. You must do something to save your ass now before it’s too late. You can have democracy and have free speech. But it does not mean that you spread anti-national comments under the banner of Media and Journalism…in no other country of this planet is this allowed. And seriously, just like we wouldn’t allow Kantipur to spread falsifying news, we would wouldn’t allow your dirty ass to do it too.

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