Tense Southern Nepal: Terai Demonstrations

Quick info: Nepal is geographically divided into three regions: Himal (Mountains), Pahad (Hills) and Terai or Madhesh (Plain). People residing in those areas are called Himali, Pahadi and Madheshi.

Biratnagar, a town in Terai Nepal, was tense today as Madheshi Peoples’ Right Forum (MPRF) called for Banda (strike). A group of residents opposing the Banda clashed with those supporting it. Forum activists vandalized 18 trucks loaded with production materials and destroyed 11 buses that were parked in the bus park. As the mob started vandalizing everything around the district administration of Morang imposed curfew effective from 4 PM to 10 PM targeting major precincts. The demonstrations continued as the curfew came into effect and police fired 18 rounds in air and 24 tear gas shell. All pics and reports by Bhim Ghimire

biratnagar strike

Madheshi Peoples’ Right Forum (MPRF) activists with lathis in their hands

biratnagar strike

The deserted road after the curfew came into effect.

biratnagar strike

Policemen firing tear gas shells near Mahendra Chowk

biratnagar strike

Policemen washing their eyes after the tear gas came back to them.

And in Janakpur

jaleshwor forum activist lathis

In Jaleshwor of Dhanusha, Madheshi Peoples’ Right Forum (MPRF) organized a demonstration in which activists were armed with lathis. All three pics by Rabindra Upriety

janakpur maoist literature burnt

Forum activists set ablaze the CPN Maoist office in Jaleshwor after vandalizing it. In the photo above, curious kids watch the fire as Maoist literature turn into ashes.

koirala prachanda effigy burning

Forum activists burnt effigies of Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and CPN Maoist chairman Prachanda in Jaleshwor’s Mahendra Chowk.

janakpur rama hotel vehicle

More than half a dozen private shops were burnt by the angry mob as thousands hit the street of Janakpur. Three vehicles belonging to local Rama hotel were burnt by the demonstrators. Pic by Shyamsundar Shashi






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  1. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    In democracy you can’t make everybody happy. Having said that you can’t ignore the demand of the Madhesis. They need to have proper representation in the House. Ranas and Chhetris will never represent Madhesis in true term. For the upcoming election we need to give the right to Madhesis to draw electoral maps so that they will elect their own representatives. Hills, rivers should not be the basis for electoral boundary. Electoral boundary should be defined be ethnicity whereever possible.

  2. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    This is only the trailer. A lot worse can happen if we don’t read between the lines. Either this is the beginning of a real revolution or it is being orchestrated by the palace. In any case, the lesson is that ‘new Nepal’ can only be constructed by assimilating everyone. Any group that feels left out is going to come down to violence as the great comrades have shown it to be the most effective way to be heard. Finally they are also getting a taste of their own medicine. The Terai issues need to be addressed before it is too late. They should not be brushed off calling them hooligans and non political people as has been done by Prachanda.

  3. Kishan Avatar

    The problem is the Madhesis (by the way it means mid country, not plain land as defined at the begining of the article) make about half of Nepal’s population. Can we imagine and accept a situation when half of all the government posts, ministerial posts, diplomatic posts, judicial posts, police and army posts are filled with madhesis, even if we ignored the treatment of ‘previously disadvantated’ to them? With new citizenship drive they may even be more than 50% of Nepal’s population. Proportionate representation in all aspects does not seem to be viable in Nepal. No wonder they are pressing for total autonomy. It is scary!

  4. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    The downfall of ‘new Nepal’ started prematurely with the new citizenship drive and the declaration of Nepal as a secular state. They are the cracks that will eventually tear the country apart. There was no need to declare a secular state. It must have been a part of congress govt. of India’s conspiracy of giving a blow to BJP, and these Prachandas and politcal parties were happy to make the deal. Within a span of few months communal conflict has become the biggest problem in this country which has always boasted of its unity in diversity. Suddenly we only see how we are different and we overlook what binds us together.

  5. Kishan Avatar

    I am wondering as well – what binds us together anymore? It was the ‘shah kings’ and Hinduism which kept us living togther. After trashing the king and hinduism, now what will bind us together? Means justify the ends……..

  6. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Can we imagine and accept a situation when half of all the government posts, ministerial posts, diplomatic posts, judicial posts, police and army posts are filled with madhesis?
    Kishan, but look at the present situation according to 1991 newspaper report, summarized in the Nepal Press Digest, revealed that 80 percent of the posts in the civil service, the army, and the police still were held by the Brahmans and Chhetris of the hills, who comprised less than 50 percent of the population; 13 percent were held by Kathmandu Valley Newars, whose share of the total population was merely 3 percent.

  7. Kishan Avatar

    Shree, I agree with you about the figures. But is their a role of merit as well? Also, what would happen to those who are already in the posts? How can the new generation, not used to facing competition with madhesis, will deal with it?

  8. shankar p gautam Avatar
    shankar p gautam

    The new nepal formulated by SPA and Maoist will be nothings but indepent country nepal having area 80,000 square km only not 1,41,181sqaure km.

    I donot know that part is also reduced ? by Newa, magar, gurung or etc..

    But in this time we again need pritivi narayan shah. now the fu– leader understand the value of prithivi narayan shah or not???

  9. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    I don’t think that it is necessary that the percentage of a community in the general population should match the proportion of offices held by them. Nepal has a free border with India. India has so much control over Nepal that every time there is a citizenship issue in Terai the govt. of Nepal stoops to India and agrees to revise its citizenship act. If we insist that since 50% of Nepalese are madhesis, 50% of the leadership should also be madhesis then India may move some of its northern population to Nepal. That will cause a citizenship problem after some years and once again the selfish politicians will change the cut off year for being a citizen of Nepal. This may continue so that a really big part of our population will actually be from India. So, a law that makes the composition of our country’s leadership same as that of general population will not be good for Nepal.

  10. gangster. Avatar

    monarchy was keeping the unity by oppression but there was never a true unity among the people. why people r still crying about secular nepal, the protest never began against secular nepal, it was against interim constituion. royalist might have been using that force for thier interest thats their strategy. hindu based state constitution was never fair to everyone, n there can never be true democracy if the state is declared upon one religion, all of the developed n democrat countries r secualr in nature. where r 30 percent and more bahun, chettris and thakuries hiding in, true hindu population of nepal, why arn’t they protesting ?? n people think madhes folks r uprising against secualr nepal when many of them r muslims themselves. madhes people and janjatis are never happy with the interim constitution collectvely thats about 60 percent of the population, unsatisfactory majority sure hell regressive force wil play the dirty game. janjatis r in the position of wait n see till CA election. n the rulers n some arsholes level them as royalist, then, they used to be level as maoist…so funny, i guess even bahun chettries if were suppressed and oppressed to that level would hav done the same shits that has been going on recently in nepal……

  11. shailesh Avatar

    Sikkimization of Nepal is in its last leg of being fully implemented. Nobody but the Government of India is behind this. Why are the protestors burning Nepali plate vehicles but not the vehicles with Indian number plates? Why are they writing pamphlets in Hindi when Hindi is NOT the language of the terai? Maithili and Bhojpuri are the languages of the terai. It is clear that the Indians are instigating this to annex Nepal into BIhar. And the Nepali stooges instead of uniting are blaming each other. Such is the sorry state of affairs in our country. Heh! Wake up man till we all have to sing Jana Gana Mana and wear Dhoti.

  12. sandip Avatar

    I think there are problems in Madhes but the line of discussion currrently promoted by media, activists, and politicians does not address the root causes. On the other hand, some of the problems or causes of problems are needlessly exaggerated.

    The key issue here is how to ensure representation of Madhesi community in the state affiars. There is no disagreement over this this reality among all section of society. Even the alleged beneficiary group so called “pahare” is steps ahead to raise this issue. What is importnat to realize in this debate is IT IS NOT ONLY MADHESI COMMUNITY BUT EVERY SECTION OF SOCIETY (except narrow band of Royalists which also includes Madeshis) SUFFERED UNDER THE ROYAL REGIME. Surley, Madhesi cummunity has relatively larger share of their grivence, specially in terms of their collective representation in the state affiars. Since all are ready to correct this unequlaity especially in the new political context, it is not big problem. Changes in some key system of givernnance can solve this issues, such as more developmental authority to local government and autonomy in use of language in local level. Romove possible advantage of Neplai language in Lok Sewa Exam (by the way there is not much discussion about sizable presence fo Madhesi people in technical departments of civil service).

    What is amusing to note now is that some of the Madhesi activists are claiming that in the past Madhes was deprived of all state resources and public investment. This is simply rediculous. If we look at the past public investment data and infrastructure development trend, is Madhes region really discriminated? Were does the Madhes stand in terms of key public infrastructure, road, electricity, telephone, schools, hospital? and how does it compare with other so called “pahare” domonated district?

    While taking about Madeshi’s issues, we need to have balanced discussion on both the favour and apperent discrimination/suppresion that Madhes suffered in the past. On the issue of discrimination/supression too, there are two aspect, one due to systemic anamolies with the state, and other internal problem of Madhes. The root of feudalism and castist segreegation is far deeper in Madhes than in rest of Nepal. it is interesting to note that Madhesi activists are not keen in discussing this issue.

    Lets be more fair and objective while discussing these issues.


  13. Dipankar Biswas Avatar

    An Indian perspective: India’s national security stakes in Nepal


    The recent communal violence in the southwestern Nepalese plains was a stark wake-up call for India. Deep-seated tensions between Nepalis from the hills and the plains adjoining the Indian border have been simmering for a long time. The rapid political changes since April 2006 have only exacerbated those tensions. Unfortunately, for India, the worst may be yet to come.

    The rest of the world can continue to relish in the triumph of the Nepali people over the autocratic monarchy. Indians cannot afford to do so. New Delhi led the crucial effort toward peace and reconciliation by facilitating the anti-monarchy alliance between the mainstream opposition parties and the Maoist rebels. After King Gyanendra’s capitulation, New Delhi went several extra miles to assure visiting Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala of India’s continued goodwill and support. Yet many of the same leaders who had camped in New Delhi during those crucial talks in November 2005 have reverted to the virulent strain of anti-Indianism so characteristic of the Nepalese polity Etymologically, the term Madhesis, as Nepalis native to the Terai plains are known, contains a geographical connotation. In reality, it has become a pejorative emblematic of their status as second-class Nepalis. Madhesis are excluded from the army and remain a disproportionately abysmal section of the police and civil service. Worse, their loyalties are constantly questioned, although many Madhesi families can trace their presence in Nepal far back before than the many of the hills people subjugating them. The 22 districts of the Terai are the breadbasket of Nepal. Industry is heavily concentrated in the region. If the overall contributions of the region and peoples were ignored in the past, one could at least blame the autocratic and exclusionary nature of the successive political systems.

    Tragically, the democratic government has contemptuously sidelined the Madhesis in the current campaign to restructure the Nepalese state.

    Superficially, the recent citizenship bill parliament voted into law aims to provide millions of Terai-based Nepalis recognition long denied them. Yet Nepalese parties, primarily the communist factions, have begun posturing.

    Nepal Sadbhavana Party, a constituent of the Seven Party Alliance government that draws its support from the Terai, has expressed serious reservations at the continued marginalization of the Madhesis, especially over their representation in the new constituent assembly. The situation is complicated by the existence of two armed Maoist splinter groups pursuing a purely violent campaign of regionalism.

    There is a more insidious aspect to the communal violence. Nepal’s Muslim population is a ripe constituency for anti-Indian forces. Pakistan and the Gulf monarchies have invested heavily in Nepal’s Muslims. Today, Al Qaeda-linked outfits are active in the country. Specifically, India needs to take seriously the recent statement of Ayman Al Zawahiri, Al Qaeda’s chief ideologue, calling on supporters to enter new conflict zones to consolidate the international jihadist movement. In some recent statements, one must recall, Al Qaeda leaders have identified India by name as a major target.

    Here it becomes pertinent to point out that the palace-led regime between October 2002 and April 2006, for its authoritarian nature, was able to check anti-Indian activities originating on Nepali soil. It was no mere coincidence that the masterminds of the Mumbai train bombings could find safe haven and succour on Nepalese soil after the restoration of democratic rule.

    India is paying the price for its folly of not having integrated Nepal in the early years of the union. Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel was prescient in explaining how China and other forces inimical to India could use Nepal against the nascent republic. He was a proponent of absorbing Nepal or at least closely integrating the kingdom into the Indian security perimeter.

    Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru rebuffed his counsel. He must have been guided by an idealism that saw China and India as natural allies. By the late 1950s, Nehru recognized the real motives of China. But by that time, Nepal was already flirting dangerously with India’s rivals – China, Pakistan and the United States.

    The history of Indo-Nepalese relations is a testament to the failure of New Delhi’s policy. The Nehru-Gandhi penchant for appeasing the palace emboldened Nepali leaders to deliberately spite India at every opportunity.

    India ‘s post-1990 preference for democracy as a moderating influence stood discredited two years later when a genuine effort to bolster bilateral cooperation in water resources bred a level of anti-Indianism even the palace could never foster.

    During the complacency fostered by Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral’s doctrine of non-reciprocity in foreign policy, anti-Indianism gained enough momentum that became conducive to the hijacking of an Indian Airlines flight from Kathmandu to Kandahar. The greatest symbol of India’s failure in Nepal is the fact that relations with the world’s only Hindu state hit their nadir during the rule of the avowedly Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party.

    A section of the Indian establishment is currently gripped by the illusion that they can make friends out of the Maoists. Indeed, Maoist leader Prachanda has been going to great lengths to win over India. Yet Indians must not forget that not too long ago Prachanda was claiming that the real purpose of the Maoist “people’s war” was to draw in and bog down the Indian military in Nepal in order to foster revolution across the region.

    The Maoists’ 40-point charter, the justification for their insurgency, begins with a series of anti-Indian demands. Moreover, Prachanda and other Maoist leaders have not retracted their pernicious claim that RAW, together with the CIA, masterminded the 2001 massacre of King Birendra’s entire family, virtually guaranteeing the enthronement of the current monarch.

    The Nepalese Maoists give the impression that they have renounced any form of ideological or material ties with Naxalite groups in India. This is merely a ploy. The Nepalese Maoists, one must not forget, were signatories to the latest affirmation by South Asian Maoist groups, to set “revolutionary flames” across the region.

    Then there is the China factor. For all the hype Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit to India produced last year, it is clear that Beijing has only decided to prevent bilateral political disputes from blocking economic cooperation. China has made clear that it does not see India as an equal and torpedoed New Delhi’s bid to become a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. Beijing single-handedly thwarted Shashi Tharoor’s candidacy to become U.N. Secretary General.

    In Nepal, Beijing has long supported the monarchy. Now it has been warming up to the Maoists to checkmate India. Officially, China has not said much. But Chinese media and academics – clearly reflecting government policy – have gone overboard toward embracing the Nepalese Maoists as ideological soul mates. Their consistent emphasis that Beijing had never considered the Maoists terrorists is primarily a swipe at India. Knowledgeable people claim that China is quietly pressing for a Maoist-palace alliance in the model of the Khmer Rouge-Sihanouk front in Cambodia.

    The stark truth is that India must prepare to exercise its right to self-defence in Nepal. A republic of Nepal, the most likely outcome of the current political process, is simply unviable as a peaceful and stable state. There are too many fissures and fault-lines the monarchy has managed to suppress or subsume. The best hope is the emergence of some form of tenuous balance in the form of warlordism, which would prove costly for India.

    Indian security interests cannot be served without the full and formal absorption of Nepal into the union. Currently, Nepalese public opinion may not be conducive to that objective. If events spiral out of control in this way, to the detriment of Indian national security, Nepalis may have no choice in the matter. Indian leadership and diplomacy are on trial. Time is running out for India in Nepal

  14. Vahsek Avatar

    I assume that some anti-national elements are funding if not participating directly provoking sort of activities.

  15. Bitter truth Avatar
    Bitter truth

    The election of CA is going to be derailed. Its unfortunate.
    Govt is saying to keep quiet untill CA. What a foolish idea.
    Within the present case
    50% Madhesi will be sending 20% representative in CA and that is not
    going to meet their cause. Forget about posts in people service, they
    deserve 50% seat in the house. That is the only way to address the problem.

  16. Aalok Avatar

    Yo sabai [icd] haroolai nepal bata pheri bihar nai pharkai dinu parchha. Oye “bitter truth” – kaile dekhis nepalma 50% [icd] haroo… 300-400 raja ka bhadaka gunda haroole 2-4 wata saharama dada giri gare bhandai ma nepal le sabai bihari haroolai nagarikata dinu parchha bhanera kahan lekheko chha. Nepal is for nepalease people not for biharis. send biharis back to bihar. close the border people. It is just creating havoc.

  17. Raj Kumar Avatar
    Raj Kumar


    GREAT.. wonderful comment!!!

  18. Guyfromktm Avatar

    Going by Pushpa Kamal’s early reaction to the terai incidents, it almost seems like the Maoists had planned this all along. They had worked out that theonly way to make Nepal a republic with a federal make up is to instigate violence in the country after the peace deal– and since their terrorist cadres are basking in the sun in cantonements, they had to do this through their militia and their break away friends. And once the violence had become noticieable, they are diverting the blame to the royalists (who may also have some hand in this) falling short of blaming the Indian goernment because they have already become India’s chamchas. By doing this they are hoping to declare Nepal a republic without having the constituent assembly and also appease India as the terai moves closer to breaking away from the rest of Nepal. Pushpa Kamal is trying to kill two birds with the same stone. I just hope that he hasn’t thrown a boomerang instead of a stone and if he misses the birds, them guess who it is going to come after.

  19. sagarmatha Avatar

    The root cause of the problem is SPAM themselves. They mishandle Madheshi in Nepalganj and Lahan by using maoist and government forces. They should allow Madheshi to organise and demonstrate the peaceful rally. They made the strategy to finish all the political groups except themselves. Specially, Mr. Sitaula seems to be the main culprit for this situation who used both government and maoist forces to suppress their demand. The SPAM should understand, warrior won the battle and rule, but SPAM had not won the battle in terms of geo-politics against monarchy but they tried to rule with Brahmanbad. After monrachy lost the political background, definately why other ethnic groups allowed themselves to dominate one definate caste in the country. So, demand of Madheshi seems to be logic and timely but should be peaceful and which should not be activated toward communual feelings. Specially Girija, Mr. Sitaula, Prachanda, Madhav, Baburam should understand it very carefully where they are wrong. They are the one who are against the unification of King Prithiv Narayan. Then why other suppressed faction will support the present autocratic authoritarians like SPAM. The other caste and maoist themselves are not going to win the election in terai region in near future. Even Girija and Madhav is not going to win in their area of Sunsari and Rautahat. So, not the king but SPAM themsevles be happy to linger the CA election. We are repeating much more worst situation than 2017 due to the miscalculation of SPAM. If SPAM declare republic without having CA election then that is going to be more worst than commual war of the current scenario. That will bring commual war and civil war both.

    Sometimes it seems logic that BP considered GPK as a hawaldar.

  20. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    Raj Kumar
    What inspired you to write great comment.

    The comment by Alok is full of hatred and narrow minded.
    Such comment is fueling the violence.
    These guys are more responsible for the present crisis.
    Labelling Nepalese as Indian cannot be patriotic view.
    Don’t shy away from the truth.

  21. vivek Avatar

    Jay Nepal,

    To those who consider Lalloo Yadav as PM and Patna as their capital, I have no sympathy but majority of Terai people are poor and they consider Nepal their home. Maithili, Bhojpuri, Tharu, all are ethnic Nepalese. Remember dudes, Janaki/sita was Mithila’s daughter. You worship janaki and kick mithila basi, thats not fair ! I have serious doubt about the so called Madhesi forum run by Royalists and BJP. Lets kick their butt and send them to where they belong. Lets find the real Nepalese (include Madhesi). With the violence Madhesis will loose more now as Royalists are taking advantage of it. This is why we need constitution assembly to solve the problems. To establish federal type of states. If no CA, Madhesis will remain worsed. They can bargain about the election system but CA is a must to get rid of King

  22. Guyfromktm Avatar

    please educate ignorant people like me about how the federal system will take care of the problem….. I would really like to know!

  23. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal


    Federal structure is must for the overall development of Nepal.
    There is no doubt about it.
    It is not only the demand of Madhesi but also from various section of marginalized
    people. Of course we need CA to throw the king, but federal structure
    could have been included in Interim Constitution itself. There was no hurdle.
    It seems Maoists who were crying for such system are raising obstacle for it.
    That is evident from the Prachande’s remarks.
    The problem lies with Maoists and some section of govt. They have to
    take it seriously else they are to be blamed.

  24. Guyfromktm Avatar

    but Vivek and Jay Nepal.. will you care to educate the readers about how federal set up will take care of all problems….

  25. lahure Avatar

    the solution of this problem is not the deployment of forces or armed forces, but rather talks with the necessary people and only talks.

    if you try to put out the fire with fire then u know what the end result will be.

    so the necessary steps should be taken and quickly.

    let not this fire spread any more.

  26. lahure Avatar

    why is the so called “maoists” not making any statement to heal this tense situation. since they and only they are the one who are solely responsible for this situation, they should be put to justice. if no action is taken, in words, to heal the terai people then they will face the consequences.

  27. dhade biralo Avatar
    dhade biralo

    there is no easy way out. madhesis have been a part of nepal for a long time, they are part of the fabric of nepal. if we start calling them non-nepalis and label them as indians, what’s next??? label all “bhote” looking people as chinese and tibetans and say they need to go back to China??? someone tell me what a “true” Nepali really look like…. we have all come here from somewhere, some time, this is not what is important… the important thing is now that we are all here, how do we all make a positive contribution to each other and live in peace and harmony… this is the land of Buddha, let us start acting like it…

  28. B Avatar

    How can Terai Mukti Forum which is also fighting for a Republic Nepal have been used by the royalists for their own benifit? I do not understand this. infact, the chances are, the maoists are themselves still partnering with the forum and various other terai morchas to get rid of the king before CA.

  29. Shaman Avatar

    There are lots of voices, here in the blog and among politicians, that current

    tension in Terai can be, and should be, resolved through negotiations. Unfortunately, the issue turns out to be intensely complex and it is unlikely that negotiations would be fruitful.

    The list of demands appears unreasonable and impossible to fulfill. Their main demands are (1) compulsory expulsion of people of Pahade origin (including janjatis of hill origin) from Madhesh; (2) return of all the land to Madhesis; (3) state sanctioned and constitutionally-provided 40% of representation to Madhesis with a legal provision that people from other origin cannot contest elections in those seats (in other words, reservation).

    They have defined Madhesis as people with ‘dark skin’ and of Indian origin. In other words, people with surnames such as Yadav, Tripathi, Mandal, Mahato are considered Madhesis whereas even GP Koirala and Makune are not people from Terai. Sadly, people of hill origin with six generations in Terai are not considered Madhesis. And these issues are clearly beyond ‘ethnic autonomy’ as propogated and defended by the SPA+M.

    These are the basic demands to be fulfilled to create ‘conducive environment’ for negotiations. It is unclear how the negotiations will move forward in this situation.

  30. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    In 1999 election Sadbhawana Party had 5 representatives in the House. In the current interim legislature there are only 3 representatives belonging to Ananda Devi Group. At the same time Ananda Devi Group has nominated 3 more representatives out of 48. Two of the original Sadbhawana Party representatives were kicked out of the interim legislature because of their attachment to the Royal Government. (one was minister and other was zonal administrator).
    So here we are now. Outcasted Sadbhawana Party is showing their influence in the region. Rather in the worst way. As of now SPAs and Maoists has no solution for this.
    The way I see it Royalists are in play. And they are here to stay as long as King Gyanendra stays in the palace. So it is high time that interim legislature should declare the Nepal as the People’s Repulic of Nepal. Make the present Prime Minister as the President of the People’s Republic of Nepal. Prime Minister is already the Head of the State and the King has already lost his role in the government. If we don’t take care of this situation now, the election will not be possible. And if their is no election we will be ruled by non-elected representatives for the long period of time.

  31. Bubblebomb Avatar

    MPRF said their protest is peaceful.

    But there cadre protesting with the ‘lathis’ or Hindu’s justification sticks indicates there is something else is going on.

    nepalnews.com has news on this protest that Sadbhawan Party’s Mandal fraction has joint the protest and it seems they are the one who making it voilent.

    Burning down UML leaders houses, Maoists’ offices and BP Koirala’s statues and so on. Such violent activities of MPRF indicates they have underground network with the Royalists.

    This may be the beginning or the end of the royalists strategy to bring unrest in the country then blame the Democracy not woring in Nepal.

    We can not rule out such option in contemprary Nepali politics.

    Supporters of Democracy will have to come out for a national fight against the regressive force of royalists, especially in Tarai regions if MRF insists on the resignation of home minister and become as stuborn as the Gyanendra.

    There will be real civil war between regressive force of Tarai and Democratic force of the nation. This is a grave situation if not settle with the dialogues.

    MFR, MJTM and Mandal Sadabhavans are crossing over the line with voilence.

  32. Bubblebomb Avatar

    I agree with Shree Shrestha the interim legislature declare the Nepal Republic.

    But in the declaration of the legislature it must define what kind of Repbulic Nepal will adopt.

    The present crise with diverse ethnicity, culture such Pahadi and Madeshi can only be address, in my opinion with Federal Democratic Republic government system.

    Such amendaments are required in the Interim Constitutions and the base of the upcoming New constitution. Federal Democratic Republic will set the legislations for the decentralizations of the regions of Nepal.

    Under the Federal Democratic Republic New Constitution the constituents of the nation will have rights to run their local governance through the elected members of the assembly of the constituent and the govnor.

    Without defining what kind of Republic we want to address the current crises the socio-political situation will detoriate in the nation.

    We must address the crises by setting Federal Democratic Electoral process to have people the each constituent of the nation to rule through the electoral process.

    For example, a permanent resident of Lahan Madeshi or Pahadi can only contest for the position of Governor or assembly member or judge or attorney or law enforcement officer. This way the majority of the populations in the contituent will determine the appointments of thier constituent legislative, executive and judiciary through the election.

    We must under stand how Federalism can settle the current crises of the nation regarding the rights of the different ethnic group of society.

    Republic Nepal will fail without Federal Democratic government system like the feudal olgarich system of the Royalists.

  33. peace Avatar

    Dear Alok sorry for my replay to u . The rute cause of all problems are not these political parties . the cause is peopel like u who have wrong ideology about madhishi. where did u come from alok and how many centuries back. these madheshi are there from time of LORD RAM. Change your ideology,,
    any society is going to seek progress if every individual in that society plays equal role. i mean how many ears would u leave peopel of interior pahad and
    peopel from madhesh . We need to change our thoughts and that will be key
    to be a pure nepali and proud to be nepali.

  34. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Thinking along you. There should be local parliament in each and every district and all CDOs should be directly elected by the people of the districts. Eventhough, there is no mention of National Assembly in the Interim Constitution, I think we need National Assembly with 75 members (one from each districts). Number of members in the House should be determined by the population (one member per 100,000 people). Local people should have a say on how the electoral ward is drawn.
    In the mean time SPAs and Maoists should invite 2 of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party Members and 2 of the Sadbhawana Party Members to the Inerim Legislative body.

  35. Pradhan Avatar

    one more act of getting highlighted either by crook or by hook………..you are great Mr. Upendra Yadav………….tum jiyo hajaron saal…………may be this is the language what we pahade also may need to use…………if you are fighting for madhesis from nepal why don’t you use the largely spoken maithili or bhojpuri……….?? after all one more puppet on the political scenario………..what a irony?? he’s telling journalist that their movement is peaceful, their cadres are clubbing the lathis, torching the vehicles, mishandling the shops and the people……………..if your protest is peace and you are fighting for madhesis……….why don’t you take back your movement for some time?? let the peace be restored then start your peaceful protest…….in that case we will also support……..can you do that??? no, why will you do this kind of patriotic move?? after all you are also another niro playing flute while the whole madhes is getting burnt…………….alas!!!…………….. buddies, lets watch our nation burning and enjoy the notes on flute playing by MJF, JTMM and JWALA SINGH GROUP……….

  36. NepArmy Avatar

    This is what the Maoists started. Madhesis are right, for years they have been discriminated against, I myself as a child have seen them being treated much less like human beings.
    1. When they were selling vegetable in bicycles, rude comments from people who are “nepalis”
    2. Once a macho “nepali” lighted some fireworks and put it inside a lungi of this poor man.
    3. HOw many times have “nepali” youths taken a fruit without paying and when he asks for moeny they shout back at him or even hit him.

    I agree, fully to what they are demanding and want. Long live JTTM becasue they are finally standing up to this shit.
    Also, remember how India helped in the peace agreement by inviting Prachanda to speak, well welcome to another ploy by the government of India.

  37. Kishan Avatar

    Look how divided we are in our views and perceptions. No one can claim to be fully right or wrong. Let the people decide what they want by themselves- biased or proportionate repreprenstation, a separate Terai, or merger with India, or merger with China. Just make a conducive ground and fair environment to allow them to make there own decisions. No one can guarantee whether it is preferable to have a sovereign state and nationality at the cost of: a) most of our Nepalese women working in brothels in India and elsewhere; most of the youngsters working as Gurkhas and Lahures; or chowkidars in other countries; laborarers and sex slaves in the middle meast; or most of our intellectuals working as bhariays of the North. Forgive me my strong words, but are not they realities?

  38. Victory Avatar

    The Royalists are still then a threat the only way to beat them is to never give in to them, all their demands, are blackmail, destablisation, and more, the only way to beat a enemy is to beat it, If we give in to their deamnds they will know they have some strong parst of them if we do not, we will show they have weaknesses and must accept they are not a nazi master race to rule over Nepal, but deserve to be treated as a destablisation threat, that can be beaten

  39. Afno Kura Avatar

    What the way out is: the SPAM should address all the reliable demands of Madhes and all the Madhes Division of SPAM should have to take programs to the Terai Region to convience the Innocent Madhesi People for not being provoked by the royalists and hindu extremists on their interest of disturbing the CA election and making instability in this country. The need of hour is unification and solidarity among SPAM and to make strength to face every possible challenges from regressive forces. These JTMM and Madhesi Forum are groups operated by royalists and hindu extremists by vested interest. It is clear fact. They should be totally ingnored. They can do nothing if this government will be succeed in addressing the Madhesi Peoples’ problems and demands.

    If this palace still continue its such blady movement than this interim parliament should have to announce this country REPUBLIC and go for approval to the public along with this CA Election. The Prime Minister should have strength of warning to the king.

  40. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    Stupid Baburam opposing negotiation.
    Whats the point. May be he wants to give a chunk of Nepal to please his Indian Master. Initially Maoists were blamed to be agent of King and India.
    Now they are putting Madhesis on the same footing.

    Negotiation is the need of the our. No alternative to it.
    Else we will see worse scenerio than we have been seeing for one decade.

  41. dhade biralo Avatar
    dhade biralo

    I agree with NepArmy. Yes, the madhesis have been treated as third class for a long long time. There is even a newari saying.. “Mana makhu, marsya kha” which literally means “it’s not a human, it is a madhise”… this treatment has been so engrained in our culture, has gone on for generations that it has become acceptable to many, and a part of daily life… madhesis are one of the hardest working people… they struggle and try to build a better future for their families, just like anybody else… when there was no aloo, tarkari, nuun, chini etc during all the one after another banda imposed by maobadis, who was taking risk and selling these essentials door to door in ktm? who is driving all these buses and trucks to bring in food, fuel, supplies to the valley? when people are building houses who is doing the jyaami work? who is picking up your garbage and waste and taking to recycle them? The answer is madhesis. These guys have been and are essential to nepal’s economy and society. It is time they said enough is enough. The question is not IF we allow them into the mainstream of socio-political landscape, the question is HOW do we do this most effectively without further violence and equity so as to impact the majority of madhesi sentiment and not simply pander to their extremist faction.

  42. NepArmy Avatar

    Thank you dhade biralo. I completely agree, these are the facts. No politician has the right to criticize these violent protests. This needed to be done long ago. No ROYAL REGIME needs to be behind this, recall the under-representation of Madhesis in the ARmy and also recall the Mahendra plan of moving Pahade to chitwan to offse the high population of madhesi in the region. ROYAL PALACE never sympathized with Madhise. To blame this on regressive forces is turning a blind eye to the reality and deplorable situation of the madhise people.

  43. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    I read all the comments in this thread and I am frustrated. Everyone should be happy if they have their own rajyas. We should bring back the baise-chaubise rajya set up. It may be identified as Nepal geographically, but they will be separate nation states like the European union.

  44. dhade biralo Avatar
    dhade biralo

    shekhar jee — while separating nepal into smaller states may sound like a easy-fix to the solution, it really is not practical nor will it address the core issues that are at hand. As you know the EU is significantly larger – geographically and financially – and the unification rationale was compelled by trade and economics as opposed to a resolution of ethnic tension. As stated earlier, the only way to TRULY resolve the situation is 1) accept as a nation that the madhesi voice is real and justified 2) accept that there is not a “quick fix” to the situation and that there needs to be a long-term, and genuine solution 3) engage the appropriate representatives of the madhesi platform (these may not necessarily be the extremists how currently happen to be in the spotlight) and bring them to the table 4) engage in debate and dialogue, as mature adults, and align on a common vision 5) set forth the plan and set expectations — this is not a switch that can be turned ON and everything is fine, it will take time, possibly years if not decades to truly arrive at true peace…
    I realize this is all “bhanna sajilo garna garo”, but we need to take the first steps sometime and that time is now…

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