Nepal in Transition: Curfews in Terai, Fire is Spreading

Curfew in Siraha, Janakpur, Birgunj and Biratnagar (here is more)

News reports coming from Terai parts of eastern Nepal are indeed alarming. The fire is spreading rapidly. The authorities were forced to impose curfew in Birjung today (1.30 PM to 10 PM) afternoon after doing the same in the past few days in Lahan and, from yesterday, in Dhanusha. The chairman of Madhesi Peoples’ Rights Forum (MPRF), the outfit that is behind some of these protests, Upendra Yadav has responded positively to the Prime Minister’s call for talks yesterday even though he has intended to continue the protest. To continue “peaceful protest” in these times means no other than turning them into violent one and creating communal fire that threatens to engulf the whole nation. Some people with vested interest are definitely trying to fish in the dirty water. Some have fresh ambitions of becoming a “leader” by exploiting these situations.

Reports from Birjung suggest that those who are organizing these protests had planned for these situations for quite some time. A reporter from the town said: “They started circulating video CDs of Nepalgunj communal tension from Poush 1 and they issued circular to forcefully take out topis (caps) from people of pahade (hill) community.” Even those these groups are claiming to fight for the benefit of Teraians (people from flat region) they are basically targeting the pahades and trying to make the whole affair a communal conflict rather than the fight for the better representation of Teraians in the state of affairs.

That is why we are seeing a group after another in Terai these days that is claiming to fight for Teraians. Maoist breakaway faction has been spitted into two (Goit and Jwala Singh) and there is MPRF. There are other small time groups that are trying to emerge as the leader in the crisis by doing things that hurt the social harmony. Do all these people who are protesting in various parts really understand what they are doing? Are they all Nepalis? Are all these groups or persons behind the unrest politically motivated? If so, why can’t they wait until the CA elections and vote for the change that they want. After all, Constituent Assembly is the forum that is supposed to be working on restructuring the nation and overhauling the ruling structure of Nepal. Why are these folks trying to disturb the biggest democratic exercise that people of this country are about to exercise for the first time in history?

The letter above is written by Goit faction of Terai Janatantrik Mukti Morcha (TJMM), a breakaway faction of Maoist, to the owners of industries, banks and other financial institutions in Terai area. The letter “orders” to fire all staffs of pahade origin (hill) and hire educated Madhesi or youths from Terai within seven days. The letter was written some 9 days ago. “Harsh action will be taken if our cadres, who will come to inspect your office, find any pahade staff.” says the letter. It instructs not to give donations to any of the seven parties or the Maoists. “If you receive threats from those parties for not giving donations we will protect you,” states the letter. UWB erased the name of the addressee and date.






33 responses to “Nepal in Transition: Curfews in Terai, Fire is Spreading”

  1. stoic_ros Avatar

    these all things that are happening now a days is a gift of PRACHANDA’S SANGHIYA RAJYA PRANALI… its begning let see what will happen at the end……………………

  2. sameer Avatar

    The unrest in eastern Terai district due to the protests of Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF) continued on Thursday as well. The local administrations in Lahan and Janakpur imposed day time curfew in the districts on Thursday. The Forum also ruled out talks with the government saying the government called them for talks without doing proper homework to resolve their demands. The local administration imposed curfew in Janakpur district on Thursday.

    Similarly, terai districts of Udaypur, Saptari and Biratnagar remained shut on Thursday due to the bandh called by the Forum.

    This is the current situation.

    For how long.

    Why is the Government NOT taking any immediate step?

  3. Guyfromktm Avatar

    “Some have fresh ambitions of becoming a “leader” by exploiting these situations.”

    Of course people now have ambitions– thanks to the terrorist Pushpa Kamal and ceremonial Baburam. If you can kill thousands of people and displace millions and then end up getting all the media attention and are being potrayed as the first President of Nepal 9with no possibility of being tried for the war crime), what kind of a culture are we setting for this country– who will ever think of working hard when, by mobilizing a group of people, one can become a hero overnight and if the group becomes big enough then even become part of a farce poll (W-POLL) about being a contender for the nobel peave prize… of course more people will revolt, and more people will come out to the streets to protest for everything under the sun. If Pushpa Kamal and the likes can do it and get rewarded for it, why can’t others?

  4. lahure Avatar

    now now MR. Prachanda

    why did u not take responsibility for the current “Terai situation” earlier and not let the situation get as worse as it is now.

    why can’t u take responsibility of the situation which was created by ur cadres? and in time???

    why why?

    it is ur kind of rule or…… what?

  5. Captain Crash Avatar

    They are product of Prachande… he has opened the door to hell for all the Nepali people. Still they are blaming THE KING. They don’t have control of their own party carade. If one of the arse hole had not fired the gun this thing would not have happened. Prachande’s dream of becoming president of Nepal should never come true or else we are f#@%ed up. Taking action to the king as recommended by the pannel is the most important thing we should do right now, so people like prachande, baburam will never get a sound sleep during night. Let them live in fear about their future. If we take action to king and then the moabadi and rest will never have guts to kill people in the name of freedom and run a gang.

  6. Bitter Truth Avatar
    Bitter Truth

    A TERRORIST calls the peaceful protestors terrorists and is unhappy with the
    talk offer. !!!!!!!!!
    Both govt and MAOISTS have to take the blame.
    FOOLISH govt should not have arrested protesters from MAITIGHAR and
    BASTER terroists should not have killed the protester in LAHAN.
    They initiated the process of destroying communal harmony.
    Protesters are simply demanding federal structure and anybody talking about
    democracy should know this is legitimate demand.

  7. shankar gautam Avatar
    shankar gautam

    ok, Prachanda and baburam ko naya formula le janayudhha safal bhayo . abba nepal ko terai part lai indian ma ghavne yogana pani safal hunchha. Ke garne hare [icd] parchanda [icd] garda mero nationality change bahyo bahne ta [icd] os bahnne parmanit hunchha. [icd]

  8. peace Avatar

    i wonder why is this happening in nepal. does any nepali feel proud of himself at this condition.i am a madeshi ,,, but i am a nepali first . power of gun cannot force me to take a indian citizenship.
    my strong comment is that we need to respect all consider madhishi to be nepali . and stop adressing us as madasia in pahad specially in ktm.
    i have more phadi friends than madhesi . do we young generation really care on these issues ,, we have much more to do. lets show our power .THE PEOPEL POWER to these currupt leaders and terrorists like prachanda.( a chinese agent)
    lets have peace in nepal and feel proud to be nepali

  9. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Good for you peace. Now only if we get other Madeshi people to think like you.
    I agree that something does indeed need to be done about the Madeshi situation. For a long time they have been marginalized, loyalties questioned and treated with disrespect. However, the protests and violent activities are all a product of the April revolution which seems to have given Nepalis the sense that anything is achieveable as long as they come out on the streets and vandalize property. I am sure India is not helping the situation either…

  10. Reality Bites Avatar

    Think twice that We are Nepalease or not !!!! If yes, then, confidently , we have better solutions for any matter, any thing any agenda and any discriminacy……that we want…… So, for all communities and all religions , we must follow our national harmony and unity. We are the poorest country in the world. If this situation continues next another week, then really we cannot find our position on our own legs.
    At this time, United We Live …………Otherwise , We Destroy…………

  11. Patriot Avatar

    The problem in nepal is barring a few priviledged class/caste majority of us have always been oppressed through centuries. It is ok to protest and things can turn violent at times but we need to understand that it doesnt make sense targeting all Pahades most of whom have also been just as oppressed as the Madhesis.

  12. Kirat Avatar

    It was inevitable, the way all the players-Maoists, SPA, King, us the Nepali people-were playing the game. Stop the blame game-we are all at fault for this. It will pass. I just hope we learn our lessons from this mayhem.

  13. thapa kancha Avatar
    thapa kancha

    Stop the blame game, Huh? How come? First punish the culprit like Prachande ceromonial Babu ram and all other baboons! Without this there will be no peace.

  14. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    I hear people suspecting the palace to be behind all this. Well, that was also what everyone thought when the maoists barbarians started. ‘sanka ko kunai ausadi chaina’. Why only blame the palace? It could also be a grand design of the Maoists. After all Terai janamukti used to be their branch. At present, the red army has 83 seats in the parliament. Perhaps it has realized that it cannot do any better in the elections and is trying to maintain the interim situation by instigating this violence. Further down the road they might even topple whatever government forms, blaming them of being incapable of maintaining order in Nepal and then come to power themselves. My point is that there is no end to fantasizing and blaming any group (as has also been concisely put by thapa kancha). The real issues in Terai need to be addressed.

  15. rajesh awasthi Avatar

    It gives the feeling that Shiv Shankar Mukerji is the real boss behind this mayhem. But on Jan. 26th Prachanda and other stooges including Koirala will go to the India House and lick his feet. Why are we becoming victims of a conspiracy? Its all hatched in Delhi, first get rid of the monarchy, then demantle the Nepal Army, then finish off the political parties and finally finish off the Maoists because they are terrorists anyway. Indians will again be sending its troops to control the situation like they did in Sri Lanka. This is going to happen pretty soon. I think we all have to get-together whether we are royalists, democrats or Maoists. No other way now.

  16. Kumar Avatar

    WHAT KIND OF DEMAND IS THAT? That too in Hindi, they sound like “daku” of hindi movie. Nepali janata are being bullied by one terrorist after another, the patience is running out. Madhesi organization, be careful what you wish for. This will lead to communal violence, where wounds run deep and are very difficult to heal. This will give birth to another Afghanistan or Iraq only this time trapped within our borders.

  17. sandip Avatar

    I do not think, India is behind this mis-advanture. Look, there are not more than 200 people involved in the vandalism. This is very marginalized madhesi group which is a heteregenuious collection of failed and frustated individuals. Obviously, roalist must have penetrated and encouraged them since they might have seen it the as the last chance for come back.

    Unfortunately, the incient will hamper the Madhes interest most. Since this kind of communal voilence is first of its kind in Nepal, we do not know its full implications until later. For example, one of my Madhesi friend who is Kathmandu based and planning to buy a house there is now changing his mind. Likewise some Pahare, say in Janakpur, might have faced similar dillema.

    If our politicians are not wise enough to diffuse this ugly wave of communal conflict, the picture of Nepal after couple of months could be changed by an unimaginable scale. Then we can only repent…no one wins..all of us would be great loser…

  18. Bitter truth Avatar
    Bitter truth

    Shekhar Mayavi

    I totally agree with you.
    Most satisfactory explanation of the present crisis.

    Government has to be very serious on this issue unlike Prachande’s thought.
    Prchande is saying not to give any importance to the issue. How strange.

    If Maoists revolution pushed Nepal 10 years back then this crisis if not treated
    in time will push 20 years back.

  19. Raj Kumar Avatar
    Raj Kumar

    It really pity that our government still wants to sit on dialogue with these “atmaghati” kukhyat “terrorist”.
    They all should be shoot on sight.
    This “Devendra” deserves to be executed like Saddam Hussein.
    We are still waiting for few more days to let him bark on the street…..

  20. sarki ko choro Avatar
    sarki ko choro

    Margaret Thatcher once said ” Give the terrorist the Oxygen of publicity” and they will be more encouraged.

    The Kantipur Group did the same with the Maoists and now they are doing it again with this mob of terrorists. Giving the terrorists the Oxygen of publicity.

    The Kantipur Group either the does it for some vested interests or it never learns lessons .. either way it needs regulating it seems,.. totally free press in country like Nepal where the journalists are bought and sold in two paisa puts the country in jeopardy.

  21. NepArmy Avatar

    This is how Maoists came to power, so why are we blaming JTTM for what they are doing ? This is how u become a politician in Nepal, in fact now it is a requirement.

    They are fighting for what they want, and whats wrong in that. Did not the Maoists do this? Yes Madhesis have been supressed and their voices were not heard.
    They deserve what they are fighting for. They have the courage and also the power to do this. None of the big revolutions originated in the capital, and remember that unlike lazy pahade nepalis, they do not wait until the violence comes to their doorstep.
    Much like indians, madhesis are very proactive and also very vigilant about how the government and its actions.
    They realize that they do not have representation in the government, and before that, I am glad they are doing this.
    Long Live JTTM. Fight for your right with all your might.

  22. Sud Avatar

    This issue has to be resolved by the method of elimination. What I mean is that, remove one after the other items that might have caused the issue. Remember, I said “might”. Obviously we are not Gods.

    Now if you are as smart as you think you are then obviously, so called KING comes to your mind who might be the root of this Madhesis issue and root of evil in general..Now think about this..Do you think Gyaney is any help to the country – NO . Do you think this moron could harm the country at any time – YES. Do you think this idiot is still taking money from Nepali people where as people are dying due to hunger left and right – YES. So let us take this idiot out first. No problemo is going to be solved until and unless we remove this variable – sorry idiot – sorry Gyney out of the equation..

    We will see after that if Madhesis issue is still an issue.

  23. Ghana Sham Avatar
    Ghana Sham

    Well Said Sud..We have to remove the so called, variable, from Nepal lives equation. WHY is he still there..I am still baffled. He is not good no matter whatever the case. Guys let us not talk about all these theories as to who are the culprits and what can be done to solve this issue…Let us jut get this thief out and we – Nepali people will figure out the solution

  24. bitter Avatar

    when violence get political recognition, this kind of activity is not inevitable.

  25. NepArmy Avatar

    Thank you bitter. Well said. To get political recognition in nepal u need to be violent. Louise Arbour has implicated Prachanda and the King for gross violations, and yet Prachanda sits like he is the King. This whole thing is farce and bull shit.

  26. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    Sometimes even dummy variables are needed to find solution to difficult equations. People like ‘Sud’ and ‘Ghana Sham’ are totally overlooking the most impending problem. Wake up guys. Do you think that the day the king is removed from Nepal each hen in Nepali houses will start laying golden eggs. Do you think that whatever money the king is taking (as if the politicians and maoist are all Robinhoods) will trickle down to those people protesting on the streets. “Let us jut get this thief out and we – Nepali people will figure out the solution”, you say. Can you give some examples how? Oh you might be thinking that once the king is out the hindu extremists will also get violent. The hindu fundamentalists and the madhesis will kill each other and the rest will remain happily ever after. Is that your formula??

  27. novadi Avatar

    the gohit and jwala singh are nothing but the frustation of the muderer gyane shown to the nepali people for kiking him out as the executive head of the country……………………………..but you will never prevail …………………………….

  28. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    novadi, people said that same thing about BRB and prachanda 10 years ago.

    Can somebody please list how exactly the Madhesis want the interim constituition to be modified? I am aware of some of their complains, but what is the official demand. Thanks.

  29. eij Avatar


  30. mithila putra Avatar
    mithila putra

    f*** you pahade ass holes

  31. Sud Avatar

    Dear shekhar mayavi,

    You are right. But read carefully as to what I have said. There is no magic wand that is going to fix the issues of our country. It is people like you and I who needs to fix them. Nope you are again wrong – Not the variable king. No matter what the solution comes out but as long as Gyaney is there, please try to understand, he will manage to poison it. May be not in a year but may be after years. Perceptive person like you should realize that there has never been a better chance of change than now. So why loose the opportunity.

  32. Deva Avatar

    Someone in this blog wrote that the Maoist’s pushed back the country by 10 years and the JMM will push it back by another 20. I think that we have already pushed the country back by 237 years. King Prithivi Narayan must be watching his creation coming apart. Cheers!

  33. AnEnthusiast Avatar

    Variables in the equation is an interesting metaphor used above… Too many variables currently seems to be the cause of conflict (regardless of good or bad variables). While too many variables causes unnecessary complexity, it is also the most important factor for a diverse system, which can produces incredible solutions. The catch is we need to balance the equation.

    Lets not remove anybody, lets just develop a mind-set that brings every body to consensus. Regardless of good or bad one thing we all have to admit is they are all enthusiasts. Lets put this enthusiasm to the right track. A body of torpid people never leads to development, we have to have the enthusiasm. We have barren fields, we have sufficient water, albeit in the form of rampant river which is flowing in all direction destroying the houses. All we need to do is create a canal to channel the flow and all the dry fields will grow green.

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