Again Nepal Banda: Bus Wallas Protest

For the record (22 Jan): The Banda continued. Two boys killed in Lahan.
nepal banda chakka jam

Normal life in the city was disrupted and people had to walk, like these women with a kid in Koteshwor, because of banda. Pics by Wagle

In an IM conversation yesterday afternoon, an American girl who was here in Kathmandu a few weeks ago had asked me the latest from the city. “Everything is fine,” I had replied. “Traffic is okay. No rallies.” I went to New Baneswor half an hour after that and saw a protest rally of Madhesis. Traffic was disturbed but not as badly as today. Yes, after posting these lines, I will have to walk to office, a job that I don’t really like though I love walking.
The National Federation of Nepal Transport Entrepreneurs have called an indefinite traffic strike (chakka jam) today to protest the torching of public vehicles in Lahan on Friday (19 Jan). Once journalist Bijay Kumar talked about difficulties in predicting Nepali politics. As the editor of Nepal Magazine that had to be in press almost a week ahead of publication date, he faced a peculiar challenge: to make the magazine seemed like produced just a day before by writing in such a way that even if the context is changed, the write-up remains fresh and up to date. He became successful in almost all issues but it’s indeed hard to predict the political and other developments in today’s Nepal. The trend of creating anarchy and take advantage of such situation has increased over the past several months. There is a kind of planned competition to exploit the situation. You never know what’s going to happen when. Anyone can call a Nepal banda any time. General public has to face the difficulties caused by such prompt and unnecessary decisions. Public have always become the victim of such bandas in the past. What can they do other than quietly suffer? –Wagle

nepal banda chakka jam

There were hardly any four wheelers on the street today but I saw several motorcycles. Bikers faced assault and foul words from arrogant drivers and other staffs of buses who were supporting the banda and were active in disrupting the vehicular movement in key sections of different streets. Bus staffs, like the man on right, were particularly unhappy with young motorcycle riders. “You guys ask too much money if our bus hits you,” said an angry man. “And now you are disobeying our call for banda and riding bike? Return to where you came form or I will blow the tires of your bikes.”

The organizers/supporters of today’s traffic banda were rude and assaulted the motorbike wallas. Here is what I saw in Koteshwor. After all, every dog has his day.

In previous Nepal bandas, these transport entrepreneurs and bus staffs were one of the most affacted groups. Today, they were one who were stopping vehicles from playing on the street.






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  1. Afno Kura Avatar

    What the hell is going on in our country? What things the maoists want to prove by their activities? What the hell this government is watching? Who the hell is playing game behind the scene? If such kind of activities couldnot control in time then the situation will be most dangerous for our country. The CA election will be imposible. And, again our country move towards instability and anarchy. I don’t believe that these Madhesi forum and JTMM is truely working for the Madhesi People. They are only trying to benifit from the sentiment of the Madhesi People and trying to benifit from their problem like Prachanda and Baburam have done in the past and most of our leaders have done and still doing.

  2. physco Avatar

    don’t worry we r in nepal and this is the identity of nepal. we had already learned to live with this n we will. i don’t think nepal will be free frm these problems hey.
    who will cum to teach nepali? actually we should learn it from seniors and leaders but all so called leaders r lyers, corrupt and now even the most wanted murders were on the front row of parliament.
    so do we think nepal will be peaceful n all people can live with their basic rights,Na. what we gonna do ????????

  3. meditate Avatar


  4. dialogue Avatar

    Who is benefitted by prolonged war?

  5. ram shingh mahato Avatar
    ram shingh mahato

    I think JTMM is doing right. As we see in the history of nepal, maoist did violence and they killed many people for the shake of getting power only. I pray that the republic may come nearly to nepal, so that we can see how prachande can manage the nepal. I want that the madesh should be seperated from nepal , so that we can have independancy. and I want to see hoe these kathmandu people eat and drink when we are freee from nepal. Thats why I want the republic system of nepal come so fastly.
    And why I want republic is that if repulic is eastablish I can say that nepali leader are the hunuman of our mother country india,, so I think if my mother country say them to free the terai region then it will be very good.
    so, I am waiting for republic nepal and independent new country Terai.

    jai Terai

  6. Reality Bites Avatar

    It’s a real stories of Nepalese people that BANDA and JAM are there basic needs. I am upset with all those political gossips which indirectly mislead public to take part in such BANDAs.
    Hopefully, your stories all aroud music, entertainment, trekking and Youth related things are fundamental requirements of todays young people rather than bad politics of ups n downs. So , media indirectly motivated people for these BANDA, so what you can do to STOP these events, again!!!!!?
    I am upset because I am here in KTM with such BANDA today….. So I am again
    leaving KTM soon.

  7. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    This is just a chaotic situation where anyone unhappy with anything can call a bhand. The April revolution seems to have given the impression to people that they can do anything with bhands and violent protests. That being said the Madeshi situation does seem very serious. Hopefully the leaders will not waste any time and contain this alarming situation.

  8. Thuldai Avatar

    I don’t thin that CA elections are held in June if we go like this. Where is ‘chyanse’ Sitaula who has the responsibilty of law and order ? Now it is clear that CA is distant dream. if that does not happen, GPK and his team will be a big flop in the political history of Nepal. Maoists have not fully disarm themselves. How they can join the Govt; ? It seems Prachanda and his team do not have any control over their militants. Who will fix the problem of Nepal ? or we have to give it to foreigners ?

  9. Rosha Avatar

    I had no any aura(n idea indeed!) of banda actually speaking.I had a great time with my frens ,mostly in Bhaktapur at namunaghar,enjoyingFood-feeding ceremony of the owner of the Namunaghar.

  10. Masayo Avatar

    You guys will go on like this forever and ever! That’s Nepal.. and Nepalis.. What else?!

  11. replytoall Avatar

    This is what nepal wanted and this is what nepal is getting.

    i remeber a metallica song:
    careful what you wish
    careful what you say
    careful what you wish
    you might just get it

  12. Guyfromktm Avatar

    well the Maoists asked for it and they aer getting it now… they are the ones who are supposed to have “educated” the nepalese people about the oppression for so many years (they have their own magical figure for it), they also the ones who have time nad again taken credit for the awareness people have about aunomous regions and federal system and they are the same people who have been very vocal about inclusive competitive democracy where people DEMAND for what they consider tehy due rights– well, now the people who have been suppsoedly educated, as claimed by the maoists, are asking for it– and coincidently, the maoists are in the parliament that, in theory, can PROVIDE for those demands… so, let the demands be met!!

  13. Shaman Avatar

    People often suggest negotiations as a way out. Unfortunately, there are remote chances that talks will be possible at present.

    1. JTMM (Goaith) has already ruled out talks because they feel that the govt. trying to supress their movement.
    2. JTMM (Jwala) has put forward demands that asks for declaration of Terai as independent state and it has said it will not backdown from that demand. Only then it has said that it will decide on negotiations.
    3. Janadikaar Forum has asked for PM’s apology and resignation of Home Minister. It appears unlikely that it will happen. They have not put forward any specific demands except stoppage of discrimination.
    4. Sadbhawana (A) is already in the govt.
    5. Sadbhawana (Mandal) has not pressed any demands till now.

    To whom the government talk to settle down this issue?

  14. Shaman Avatar

    JTMM (both groups) and Janadhikar Forum has already hinted at disrupting CA polls. Other political parties are missing-in-action in Terai region. Even all-powerful Maoists will not be able to control the present situation because most of the Maoists activists have gone over to JTMM. In Lahan, we could see that CPN (Maoists) offices being brunt down to ashes. ‘Sadhbhaw Rally’ is not likely to smoothen things out. Even Laloo is supposed to visit Janakpur to appeal for communal harmony.
    Even present MPS like Bijaya Kumar Gacehedar [representing NC(D)] have hinted at support of these issues such as segregation of Terai and displacing all pahades (whether janjati or brahmins or chettris) from Terai.
    It looks like there will be explosion of communal war.

  15. haribol Avatar

    Indians are doing this. No doubt about it. Its high time all of us unite otherwise we”ll soon become Sikkim.

  16. Tips Avatar

    i know everyone is sick of bandhs…n beleive me i’m one of you..there has been countless number of bandhs which didn;t make sense at all…but out of all the bandhs in past couple of months..this is one of the few that makes sense ( others being doctors on strike etc.)..the reason being, people are just attacking the vehicles and burning them as if they cost nothing..those idiots should understand that vehicles are very costly and it is our government who should make them understand, afterall those people in the government are the ones who taught them such activities…so why not make the government pay for it so that they would get a good lesson from it and n will from now on think million times before destroying any property, whether public or private, for any cause whether good or bad.

  17. noname Avatar

    The SPAM terrorists followed this same method with the help of Indians to terrorize Nepalis – remember the 16 years of insurgency by SPAM terrorists and remember the Mob and Goon movement of SPAM terrorists which bought shame to nation for so many days? It’s the SPAM terrorists who followed these violent and dreadful methods.

    Now their own ghost is coming to haunt them. Believe you me, take my words, SPAM terrorists are hell bent on dooming Nepal.

    Now, the 8 party (SPAM terrorist) dictatorship is going to sell off Nepal by saying that we can’t handle this situation!

  18. sagarmatha Avatar

    Terai is going to be a problem forever until and unless their demands are being addressed tactfully. Maoist activities with the support of SPA detoirating the situation more. And Mr. GPK and Sitaula and maoist should take somehow the responsibility for worsening the situation. Blame game and supression is not going to work in terai.

  19. lahure Avatar

    why is this type of bands being in nepal.

    this type of clashes r happening in nepal quite too often now. first in the terai. and now trying to get more media in the ktm.

    why is this happening? who is it doing? and why? what for?

    and who is suffering?

    they, who organized this should be made anserable.

  20. kool guy Avatar

    laure dai k ko, website is cool ni 😉

  21. Vahsek Avatar

    I also was victim of the banda yesterday.

  22. why not Avatar
    why not

    Guys simply blame king for everyhting. Even this chakka jam and siraha incident or whatever incident had happend in past and going to happen in future, just blame there is hand of roylist and regressive force. Thats what this 7 parties and moaist been doing even they fail to address people’s mandate correctly. why should they worry after all they all in parliament and getting hefty salary from goverment …….. just kick the people’s a**s**e. keep blaming king “raja badi getting active”.
    Look at siraha moaist shot the fire and dev gurnug simply royalist for everything.

  23. what if Avatar
    what if

    I totally support even i’m the victim of this bandh. 12 vehicle was burnt down at lahan and similar number at nepalgung incident. who would take responsiblitly of thos vehicle: protesteor or goverment. Under this situation how it is possible to operate the transporation business. who would assure the saftey of passenger and vehicle staff.
    Goverment never showed any seriousness to curb this problem despite transpoter already address this issued in previous bandh. so there is no choice except calling indefinite strike.
    wheter it is bandh or burning down vehicle, it is all taught by our great leader on the name of democracy and people’s war. so why not we as a people of nepal follow their footsteps.

  24. Sathi Avatar

    Really bad situation. Actually it is lack of education . this country never change and like such Badar jamat cha. how rude they are? what they want? kasto maparitantra , je gare pani choot cha? Non sense haru.


  25. Sathi Avatar

    Hey ram ,

    what you write? think twice, you want to independent country , like terai. or you want madeshi rights? these are two different things. let thought , before writing ,


  26. shayam Avatar

    You desh drohi ram shingh mahato you want to separate Terai from Nepal that is possible only in your dream. In this situation we have to unite not to divide, wh are you talking this nonsense you bihari dhoti be a proud Nepali rather than chutiya dhoti got it…

  27. shayam Avatar

    Did anyone read the comments of dhoti desh drohi ram shingh mahato who wants to separate terai from Nepal and also saying that his Jtmm is doing right thing.

  28. vivek Avatar

    Yes, I also think that the Indians are instigating this violence around the terai. Hey! Just think twice. What do the Indians gain by making Nepal go for a republic? They gain by creating confusion, chaos and uncertainty so that they can eat Nepal up just like Sikkim. But look at the situaiton- Mahara says royalists are behind this and not the Indians. He has bowed his head to his Indian masters.

  29. Guyfromktm Avatar

    what I find very surprising is that our very “prefessional” kantipur publication is not even telling the people about the human rights violations that are taking place in Lahan– during the April revolution, the front pages were splashed with pictures of injured people who had faced the wrath of the oppressive regime. However, under this new government, which apprantly is there as a culmination of people’s aspirations, three people have been shot dead and scores have been injured and the only coverage it received was a small box news in the front page and relegation into the third page with NO pictures. Now, that is VERY fair and balanced. How much longer will Kantipur dish out biased news to the public?

  30. Afno Kura Avatar

    Hey all of you guys, its now completely clear that who the hell is behind the scene to make the situations worst of the country. There is no other than palace and hindus extremist who are provoking to make instability in this country to show this government and political parties failure and come in power. And, also i suspect the role of India coz India always wants instability in our country. If here remains political instability than it will be easy to play the game as per it’s interest and to show it’s importance. There is no any need to discuss more in that matter. But, what the hell this 8 parties are doing? No any leaders are competent to lead this country.

    You can also get some clearity from

  31. Shaman Avatar

    Everyone is busy blaming royalists and regressive forces behind Lahan incident whereas MPRF is denying royalist hand.

    Nepal:MPRF leader denies hand of monarchists in Lahan movement

    A central leader of the Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) has rejected accusations that pro-monarchists have any hand in the current movement in Lahan.

    “We are fully republican force. We have nothing to do with monarchy,” said Amaresh Narayan Jha, central leader of MPRF and president of Maithil Society.

    Jha’s rejection comes after the Maoist spokesperson Krishna Bahadur Mahara categorically accused the monarchists and reactionaries of instigating violence in Lahan.

    “We concede that MPRF is not a big party and, therefore, we alone did not have the strength of leading such a big movement. But this has ceased to become only our movement. All the people of Madhes have risen up against oppression and even workers of eight parties have joined us in this movement,” said Jha, talking to an FM program.

    Jha said the MPRF’s movement will not be withdrawn until and unless their demands are addressed by the government. The MPRF has demanded fresh delimitation of electoral constituencies based on population and provisions to ensure rights of Madhesi community in the interim constitution.

    In the last few days, the incident in Lahan has continued to deteriorate. On Monday, two more persons were killed when police opened fire at rampaging demonstrators. Over four dozen persons were injured in the incident. Three police personnel and 11 common people had been airlifted to Kathmandu for treatment by Nepali Army chopper on Monday evening. One of the police personnel is said to have been injured by a bullet fired by demonstrators. nepalnews


    Now who SPA + M is going to blame?

  32. B Avatar

    I absolutely agree with this bandh. After all, people can not go around torching innocent people’s vehicles just because they feel like it. Either the government has to compensate the victims and punish the culprits or this is the way to go. It is also amusing to see the SPAMs requesting others not to call for bandhs. What a load of crap. These SPAM have turned this country into a real mess where anyone can do what ever they feel like. I am sure in about a few months time these spammers will be inviting the Indian security forces claiming that they (SPAM) can no longer control it. This is the grand design MR, GPK was talking about since 2001.

  33. Tips Avatar

    As if our country is facing less problems, that now we got additional problem such as madhesi rights…where does people like ram shingh mahato hail from? if he thinks that he’ll be happy in his mother india why doesn’t he just go there n leave us in peace…people like him are generating unnecessary hatred by giving such comments…

  34. Guyfromktm Avatar

    ok.. while we are blaming the Indians for instigating this event… the terrorists are starting to look at the Indians as friends.. here is one of them had to say about India in a recent interview– note that they are now saying “we don’t cling to the past”. We have to read “if it suits us” between lines. Just as the Maoists were lambasting the Indians, they were and are also going after monarchy like the end of it would solve all problems of Nepal– who knows, down the line the terrorists will change their spots and say– we don’t cling to the past, may be Nepal needs monarchy… you never know with their thugs who are so much after personal interest– if it provides another photo opportunity, they might even go for it… read this:

    Question:Tell us, what is the main reason behind the 180 degree turn in the Maoists’ way of looking at India?
    matrika Yadav:In the beginning India was seen to be against the people’s revolution. In that situation it was very natural for us not to have a positive viewpoint towards them. In the latter phase we felt that a definite change has come in their way of thinking. Although not directly, but India did extend an indirect help in building a conducive environment for the 12-point agreement to take shape. We don’t cling to the past. It has been a long time that we haven’t labelled India as expansionist. We form our viewpoint towards them as per the way they view Nepal and Nepalese people.

  35. Aalok Avatar

    I remember one day – business men were there in the street stopping vehicles from plying. Before that they were the ones criticizing Bandh’s more than anybody else. Drivers and transport people use to call – “bandha lai bandha garne time bhayo” — see today – they are the one doing it. Hare ram hare krishna!

  36. sagarmatha Avatar

    1. Bechan Yadav
    2. Mohammad Modakshin, 18
    3. Pramod Sada, 15
    4. Bijaya Kumar Sahani
    5. Ramesh Kumar Mahato, 16

    are being killed by the SPAM. They are paying our paid tax money as compensation. Then what is the difference between autocratic rule and this rule where people are being suppressed.

  37. Bitter truth Avatar
    Bitter truth

    The whole episode started after STUPID action of the govt.
    Why to arrest those people protesting against the Constitution at Maitighar.
    It is ridiculus. What democracy they are talking about.
    The STUPID PM and BASTERED Home minister are to be blamed for their narrow minded and short sightedness.

  38. Ram shingh Mahato Avatar
    Ram shingh Mahato

    friend donot wory we are very happy about the comment of maoist leader prachanda n oter govt. official that they will proclaim the republic soon. I pray the god,, when this new golden days will come. I am praying anf waiting it vigorously.
    Yup, we want idependent country, so that I want to see what the nepali people eat and drink and you all nepali leader will do. to whome you will rule?? I doot think your capital will be very good if we are seperated from nepal. see the history of pakistan and bangladesh.
    And I am suru that india will support us for this matter .

    jai Terai

    Ram shingh Mahato

  39. ak Avatar

    [icd] this stupid [icd] people nepal is not going to do any better. we need army rule. whoever do bandh they will get bullet in their head. they dont know how this chakka jam bandh affect normal people

  40. Nepali Avatar

    It is what the RAW the Indian spy are doing, they know that the Nepali politician are nothing but bunch of crooks and will sell their daughter to them, and what about Nepal? So they are trying to make Sikkim out of Nepal. The so called Jan Andolan was part of this. Where was Jan,where was the mass movement, it was just poly of Indian to make Nepal Sikkim.

    Now we have to kill, maoist, politicians and so called human right activist who are agent of India

  41. ABC Avatar

    Why the Hell this deshdrohi like ram singh mahato is concerned about what and how we drink, eat and sleep.. Did any of the Mo Fos give us for free? If so then it wud be appreciatable but hey fkin lord we’ve been payin for everything… we are nowhere gettin it for free.. As long as we have money we get to eat from India, china, europe or anywhere frm around the world and u sick fck, Terai people are always proud nepalease, don’t be bihari bhakta and kill your ancestor’s legacy. If your ancestor’s were Motherfkers then U legally prove that u are nowhere nepali and u shall vanish to your bihar.
    With all respect to all himal,pahad and terai ko Nepali haru please lets unite and act together in tough situation like this………..If we start being racist. racism never endss even you and your neighbour or colleague will come against you. So fk the racism/religion and blah blah just remember the cause is for NEPAL.

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