Nepal in Transition: Maoist and Madhesi Forum Clash, One Dies

Voice of Terai from the United States of America

The following is a press statement issued by ANTA (Association of Nepali teraians in America) NY chapter president Dr. Binay Kumar Shah in 20 Jan.

Association of Nepali Teraian in America (ANTA) has noted with concern the continuing disruption of normal life in the Terai region of Nepal. ANTA believes that the recent success of negotiations between the Seven Party Alliance (SPA) Government and the Communist Party of Nepal (M) leading to the promulgation of an Interim Constitution, Interim Parliament and the forthcoming Interim Government offers the best opportunity ever to restructure the Nepali state so as to reflect the best interests and aspirations of all Nepalis, including the traditionally marginalized people of the Terai region. ANTA firmly believes in democracy, fair political competition and proactive policies by national government as means to overcome the disadvantaged position in which the people of Terai have been relegated by the past regimes. Keeping a forward looking approach, ANTA sees the holding of the Constituent Assembly (CA) elections as central to forming an inclusive democratic system in Nepal.

Aware of the high stakes in a successful transition, ANTA calls on all the political leaders and Nepali people to show highest levels of tolerance, restraint and accommodation at this critical juncture of political transition. Welcoming the statements, as reported in the media, by the government leaders as well as the leaders of both factions of Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha (JTMM) to engage in negotiations to resolve outstanding issues, we call for expedited negotiations to end violence and strengthen the democratic process. ANTA also shares The UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) Nepal’s concern over the arrest of Madhesi activists and political party members and calls for their immediate release. In the best interest of Nepal’s national unity and democracy, ANTA also calls on the government to
respond promptly to the legitimate demands of the people of Terai region including speedy distribution of citizenships to all those eligible population as the basis of representation, greater autonomy to the people of Terai region and better and visible representation of Terai people in all aspects of government. ANTA firmly believes that the overall development of Terai can only result in a stronger Nepal.

lahan maoist tension

Scene from Lahan, Siraha: Protestors burnt several vehicles.

UWB notice: It has come to our attention that some web sites and publications are using photos published in UWB without our permission. PLEASE do not do so.

By Bharat Jargha Magar

Siraha Distric Administration has clamped a curfew from 6pm today to 4am tomorrow in Lahan, Siraha and the surrounding regions after the entire locality grew tense following the death of a student during a scuffle between Maoist cadres and Forum for Madhesi People’s Rights. A 16-year-old student Ramesh Kumar Mahato of Majhaura, Siraha died when he was shot by the Maoist cadres on Friday at Lahan Chowk. The Maoist cadres opened fire following an argument between them and the forum activists killing Mahato. The forum activists were staging a demonstration at Lahan Chowk when Maoist cadres who came in two minibuses and a jeep accosted the demonstrators just before one of the Maoist cadres opened fire. Following Mahato’s death, a group of angry locals attacked the Maoist cadres. Shiyaram Mahato who opened fire was seriously injured in the attack. The agitated locals also burnt two trucks and eight other vehicles. The forum activists had been staging demonstrations since the morning protesting against the arrest of their president Upendra Yadav. Police later fired several blank rounds to control the situation and have detained two Maoist cadres. CDO Shashi Shekhar Shrestha said that a curfew order has been issued to bring the situation in the region “under control.” Despite the curfew, irked locals kept on staging demonstrations in several thoroughfares in the city.

lahan maoist tension

Questions we ask to Nepal government and Maoist:
1. Why are Maoist cadres still roaming around with arms?
2. Why both of you don’t start talking to groups like Terai Janatantrik Mukti Morcha (TJMM) [both Goait and Jwala Singh factions] and Forum for Madhesi People’s Rights (FMPR)?

lahan maoist tension

lahan maoist tension





47 responses to “Nepal in Transition: Maoist and Madhesi Forum Clash, One Dies”

  1. kool guy Avatar

    These are the things that should not be happening. the people in the top places should keep check on things like these which may disrupt the main peace process.

    some unwanted forces may be trying to drag your focus on to different agenda rather than on the main one.

    also, the government should try to stop things like these to happen in the future.

  2. raj Avatar

    The culture of guns is falling of victim of its own guns. Provocative regional and communal slogans raised by Maoists for their petty and shorttem interests are firing back to themselves in Terai. Bad luck! This country is moving toward disintegration, if Maoists do not behave as a responsible peaceful political intity to solve the crisis. If idea of Dr Baburam prevails we are doomed.

  3. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    This is indeed a serious event with very far reaching implications for the future of Nepal. Many commentators say the Maoist revolution was inavitable given the marginalization and opression of Nepalis. Well for a long time Madeshis have faced a similar belittlement from the Nepali people and now it is coming back to hunt us. For too long we have ignored the grivances of the Madeshi people and now we are faced with this problem. Moreover, this problem also adds a new twist to everything.

  4. Neil horning Avatar

    There is nothing wrong with people demanding their rights. This is indeed a test for the interim government. Yes, there should be talks, but there is a significant problem in that the military option is effectively off the table (as both sides of the conflict are not allowed to move now). This puts the JTMM and others in an unbalanced negotiating position.

    The real issue will hinge around how much public support these groups actually have. How does their program differ from that of the Maoists? Are these groups just flailing about as they lose relevance, or do they have a broad base of support?

  5. Patriot Avatar

    This calls for all parties to engage in serious discussion wrt state restructuring. If we grant wht Madhesis want today there will be another group demanding the same and then another …

    There must be state restructuring along ethnic lines but in doing so Madhes must be treated as a sensitive case as they are most likely to be infiltrated by foreigners – RAW, ISI, Biharis …

  6. manan Avatar

    A little violence can be expected, given the way things have turned out in the last year or so. I think the government moved too fast to appease the Maoists, but there might have been no other way.

    There are two ideas that may not be so easily reconciled. One is to have a country that respects the rule of law, the other to have sufficient representation. The best solution then may be to find some sort of compromise. Since Girija Koirala proved himself quite capable of negotiating with the Maoists to reach a compromise, I have sufficient hope that he will be able to find another compromise. On the other hand, we can’t rely on old Girija for too long given his age. So Nepali politics has to come of age and find out a workable compromise on its own.

  7. Chatra Bahadur Avatar
    Chatra Bahadur

    Maoist and JTMM are same. They used to spy on each other and help the army kll each others. Now there is still some bad blood.

    Frankly, all these people fighting are Madhesis. Look at the name of the guys who died and who opened fire.

    One reason why Madhesis are not able to get votes from Madhesis themselves is because they are so damn divided among themselves. Look at fractions of Sadbhabana, JTMM, Madheshi Forum bla bla bla. And of course, Nepali Congress, UML and Maoists all have Madhesi khatara leaders. There is little support for these fringe groups, they can’t win election in madhesh, and all they can do is destroy buses/trucks.

  8. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    This Madeshi situation is more complicated and pressing then a group demanding their rights. The Madesis are effectily asking for their own homeland. They are looking like a seperatist movement which is more worrisome to me then the Maoists.
    They might be split but if it comes to fighting for autonomy my guess would be that the factions would all back that. At the end of the day we are ourslves to blame. For centuries the Madesis have been marginalized and have never been given their due respect. You need only to see how they are treated (vegetable vendors etc.) in KTM. They have always been made to feel as if they were not Nepalis at all… even the word Madeshi is used in a derogatory way. And now this is the consequence! I don’t know what Girija or the government can to do persuade or negotiate with them.
    I am also certain that our big brother to the South is not helping this situation.

  9. Ram Manohar Avatar
    Ram Manohar

    Will the future disprove the old theory of “Divide and Rule” from ruling class, as said by Chatra Bahadur ?

    From Heart, every madhesi wishes so, may be it is taking time to bring it in practice.


  10. Chanchal Man Avatar
    Chanchal Man

    Could there be a direct relationship between this kind of writing and the conflagration in the Terai?

    Monday, January 08, 2007

    India’s National-Security Stakes In Nepal

    By Dipankar Biswas

    The recent communal violence in the southwestern Nepalese plains was a stark wake-up call for India. Deep-seated tensions between Nepalis from the hills and the plains adjoining the Indian border have been simmering for a long time. The rapid political changes since April 2006 have only exacerbated those tensions. Unfortunately, for India, the worst may be yet to come.

    The rest of the world can continue to relish in the triumph of the Nepali people over the autocratic monarchy. Indians cannot afford to do so. New Delhi led the crucial effort toward peace and reconciliation by facilitating the anti-monarchy alliance between the mainstream opposition parties and the Maoist rebels. After King Gyanendra’s capitulation, New Delhi went several extra miles to assure visiting Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala of India’s continued goodwill and support. Yet many of the same leaders who had camped in New Delhi during those crucial talks in November 2005 have reverted to the virulent strain of anti-Indianism so characteristic of the Nepalese polity

    Etymologically, the term madhesis, as Nepalis native to the Terai plains are known, contains a geographical connotation. In reality, it has become a pejorative emblematic of their status as second-class Nepalis. Madhesis are excluded from the army and remain a disproportionately abysmal section of the police and civil service. Worse, their loyalties are constantly questioned, although many madhesi families can trace their presence in Nepal far back before than the many of the hills people subjugating them.

    The 22 districts of the Terai are the breadbasket of Nepal. Industry is heavily concentrated in the region. If the overall contributions of the region and peoples were ignored in the past, one could at least blame the autocratic and exclusionary nature of the successive political systems.

    Tragically, the democratic government has contemptuously sidelined the madhesis in the current campaign to restructure the Nepalese state. Superficially, the recent citizenship bill parliament voted into law aims to provide millions of Terai-based Nepalis recognition long denied them. Yet Nepalese parties, primarily the communist factions, have begun posturing. Nepal Sadbhavana Party, a constituent of the Seven Party Alliance government that draws its support from the Terai, has expressed serious reservations at the continued marginalization of the madhesis, especially over their representation in the new constituent assembly. The situation is complicated by the existence of two armed Maoist splinter groups pursuing a purely violent campaign of regionalism.

    There is a more insidious aspect to the communal violence. Nepal’s Muslim population is a ripe constituency for anti-Indian forces. Pakistan and the Gulf monarchies have invested heavily in Nepal’s Muslims. Today, Al Qaeda-linked outfits are active in the country. Specifically, India needs to take seriously the recent statement of Ayman Al Zawahiri, Al Qaeda’s chief ideologue, calling on supporters to enter new conflict zones to consolidate the international jihadist movement. In some recent statements, one must recall, Al Qaeda leaders have identified India by name as a major target.

    Here it becomes pertinent to point out that the palace-led regime between October 2002 and April 2006, for its authoritarian nature, was able to check anti-Indian activities originating on Nepali soil. It was no mere coincidence that the masterminds of the Mumbai train bombings could find safe haven and succour on Nepalese soil after the restoration of democratic rule.

    India is paying the price for its folly of not having integrated Nepal in the early years of the union. Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel was prescient in explaining how China and other forces inimical to India could use Nepal against the nascent republic. He was a proponent of absorbing Nepal or at least closely integrating the kingdom into the Indian security perimeter. Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru rebuffed his counsel. He must have been guided by an idealism that saw China and India as natural allies. By the late 1950s, Nehru recognized the real motives of China. But by that time, Nepal was already flirting dangerously with India’s rivals – China, Pakistan and the United States.

    The history of Indo-Nepalese relations is a testament to the failure of New Delhi’s policy. The Nehru-Gandhi penchant for appeasing the palace emboldened Nepali leaders to deliberately spite India at every opportunity. India’s post-1990 preference for democracy as a moderating influence stood discredited two years later when a genuine effort to bolster bilateral cooperation in water resources bred a level of anti-Indianism even the palace could never foster.

    During the complacency fostered by Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral’s doctrine of non-reciprocity in foreign policy, anti-Indianism gained enough momentum that became conducive to the hijacking of an Indian Airlines flight from Kathmandu to Kandahar. The greatest symbol of India’s failure in Nepal is the fact that relations with the world’s only Hindu state hit their nadir during the rule of the avowedly Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party.

    A section of the Indian establishment is currently gripped by the illusion that they can make friends out of the Maoists. Indeed, Maoist leader Prachanda has been going to great lengths to win over India. Yet Indians must not forget that not too long ago Prachanda was claiming that the real purpose of the Maoist “people’s war” was to draw in and bog down the Indian military in Nepal in order to foster revolution across the region.

    The Maoists’ 40-point charter, the justification for their insurgency, begins with a series of anti-Indian demands. Moreover, Prachanda and other Maoist leaders have not retracted their pernicious claim that RAW, together with the CIA, masterminded the 2001 massacre of King Birendra’s entire family, virtually guaranteeing the enthronement of the current monarch.

    The Nepalese Maoists give the impression that they have renounced any form of ideological or material ties with Naxalite groups in India. This is merely a ploy. The Nepalese Maoists, one must not forget, were signatories to the latest affirmation by South Asian Maoist groups, to set “revolutionary flames” across the region.

    Then there is the China factor. For all the hype Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit to India produced last year, it is clear that Beijing has only decided to prevent bilateral political disputes from blocking economic cooperation. China has made clear that it does not see India as an equal and torpedoed New Delhi’s bid to become a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. Beijing singlehandedly thwarted Shashi Tharoor’s candidacy to become U.N. Secretary General.

    In Nepal, Beijing has long supported the monarchy. Now it has been warming up to the Maoists to checkmate India. Officially, China has not said much. But Chinese media and academics – clearly reflecting government policy – have gone overboard toward embracing the Nepalese Maoists as ideological soul mates. Their consistent emphasis that Beijing had never considered the Maoists terrorists is primarily a swipe at India. Knowledgeable people claim that China is quietly pressing for a Maoist-palace alliance in the model of the Khmer Rouge-Sihanouk front in Cambodia.

    The stark truth is that India must prepare to exercise its right to self-defence in Nepal. A republic of Nepal, the most likely outcome of the current political process, is simply unviable as a peaceful and stable state. There are too many fissures and fault-lines the monarchy has managed to suppress or subsume. The best hope is the emergence of some form of tenuous balance in the form of warlordism, which would prove costly for India.

    Indian security interests cannot be served without the full and formal absorption of Nepal into the union. Currently, Nepalese public opinion may not be conducive to that objective. If events spiral out of control in this way, to the detriment of Indian national security, Nepalis may have no choice in the matter. Indian leadership and diplomacy are on trial. Time is running out for India in Nepal.

    Posted by Dipankar Biswas on 07:27 PM 0 Comments

  11. Kumar Avatar

    There is nothing wrong with people demanding their rights unless you, as innocent bystander are caught in the cross fire and realize that you are running for your life and there is no right turns. And why burn and destroy all those private and public properties? We are not that rich to start with, remember.
    So the chain reaction has begun, the Maoist started it and set a bad precedent. Now they are in the parliament, what an inspiration for upcoming terrorist. I am not judging their competence but the method, they couldn’t be any worse than what we already have.

  12. Biswo Poudel Avatar
    Biswo Poudel

    I praise ANTA for the statement.

    In my opinion the following will be key for our future:

    1. How fast and fairly citizenship can be distributed?
    I think the govt intends to give citizenship to all deserved, and people in Terai need to make sure that all deserving people get the citizenship, while undeserving people don’t get. Most, if not all, of Terai people are smart enough to know and safeguard the country, I believe.

    2. How “good” people in Terai can make sure that “good” people–people who truly represent Terai’s aspiration rather than being someone like Badri Mandal– are elected in the next CA. I think people are wrongly emphasizing on Hindi or “whole Madhesh should be a free state” slogan. Terai people care about whether their children get a fair chance to be in government, to lead Nepal and to live with dignity in KTM and/or any city. They really don’t care whether Hindi-which is not their mother language- is Nepal’s national language or not.

    3. If CA results in a fair election, and if a lot of Madhesi bidhayaks get elected, then it will really assuage people in Terai to some extent. Then government should provide autonomy to local administrations. The govt should also make it criminal to use derogatory words against any citizen in the country.

    To quote Lincoln: A House divided can’t stand on its own. The nation will remain united, and we will be prosperous. Goits and Maoists should stop fighting if they can. Their bad blood is not even issue between Madhesi and Pahade, it is a fight between Matrika Yadav and Goit for leadership, and it runs deeper than what we think.

  13. bhupen Avatar

    Nepal looks like it is going back to Royal Regime Again.

    I once heard that there were Maoists that supported King, are they in Terai ?

  14. lmc Avatar

    ..I think all this will someday lead to communal tensions between our own people. the issue presented by JTTM might be right but the way they are fighting for it proves that they are fighting against maoist and nothing more than that . About sadhbawana(A), i see no fault with this party coz this is a party which has been raising issues for decade due to which today citizen ship bill was passed …atleast they are not killing people instead they are fighting in the parliament.
    Infact terai issue is going be the nations worst outcome if leaders in position sideline the issues of madhesi people. Madhav , girija , situala ….even they got elected from terai regoins . what are they doing out there….i guess CA is the right spot where madhesis can fight for their rights by not sending those leaders into parliament who has no relation with medhesi people.

  15. 1whocandie4u Avatar

    It is not the Protests for rights, rather a move to disintregate Nepal and increase communal disharmony. The best time has come to be ready for Constituent Assembly Election and to send the best representatives in CA parliament. Goit, Singh and Maoists should immediately stop the violence. Seperate Madehi state(country) neither feasible nor can improve the situation of Madhesis.

  16. Kishan Avatar

    The first attempt was to threaten the Madhesis as seen in Nepalgunj, with government police watching over it. The second is clearly seen in the mobilization of Maoists cadre to wipe them out. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT SHARING POWER WITH OTHERS, WE WILL TAKE CARE OF THEM – seems to be a promise already made before walking into the parliament as part of securing their grip on state power, vowing to walk over JTTM in a matter of week. Could it be such a simple strategy?

  17. Gopali Avatar


    You said it right. Whatever happening in the name of Teria has some vested interest of pro-Indians in Nepal. They are trying to do the politics of secession in the name of raising voices of Terai. It’s time all sides who are truly interested in geographical integrity of Nepal focused themselves in the CA elections.

  18. moo Avatar

    Check out this Indian spin. These Indians just cannot refrain from spin-doctoring every event to suit their cause.

    “Today, Al Qaeda-linked outfits are active in the country.”

    Tomorrow, they’ll be blaming every bandh on the Al Qaeda.

  19. KrYpToN Avatar

    a guy named dipankar biswas wrote the blog in an indian blog site which was brought to our attention by chanchal man.. biswas calls for the absorption of nepali state into the indian union. .. unbelievable !
    he considers all of the indian policies towards nepal till date were flawed and the only right way to go about business is to integrate nepal into india.. and,in his own words,this will mean better security for india..
    is this guy dipankar is out of his mind? his policy of so called “absorption” is the best ever, eh? fellow bloggers! is our sovereignty for sale? is our future doomed?
    in his own words – “Currently, Nepalese public opinion may not be conducive to that objective. If events spiral out of control in this way, to the detriment of Indian national security, Nepalis may have no choice in the matter.” So we will have no say in our matters, our dignity will mean nothing and our freedom will be raped???? is the very existence of our country and our very identity at risk? somebody please answer…

  20. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I too was just flabergashted by this man’s blog. I also wrote a comment (which hasn’t been published for some reason). I would encourage you to go to his blog and let him know your feelings by posting a comment there. This way he will get an indication about what we Nepalese think of this ‘brillant’ idea.

  21. Nhorning Avatar

    I seriously doubt India would invade at this point. But if they did, I swear I would pick up a gun myself.

  22. Yatri Avatar

    Welcome to the New Nepal…..everybody, every ethnic group wants a piece of the pie to call their own……….this is especially true for margianlized groups who seem to be empowered by the recent political developments in the country….chaos and anarchy only perpetuates that euphoria.

    You have Magarland, Kiratland, Madeshiland, Tamangland, Gurungland, Tharuland, Newaland, etc.

    One fine day India will claim that the situation in Nepal has became a subject of great concern to India’s situation vis-a-vis “security” and India will negotiate with the puppets at the parliament and put Nepal under Indian’s “Security Umbrella” ala Bhutan.

    “Welcome to the Jungle…..we have fun & games………..”

  23. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    No Neil India will not invade. India’s long term strategic goal for Nepal is an eventual Bhutanization. Nepal has become some what of a headache for India. ISI and other terrorist elements are inflitrating into India via Nepal, various seperatist movements in India are finding encourgement from the success of the Nepalese Maoists etc. So how to Bhutanize us? Cause mayhem and chaos to the point where the international community will implore India to take some action since no one wants to see a “failed state” anymore.

  24. KrYpToN Avatar

    India cannot bhutanize us if we remain united. i have posted a comment in that biswas guy’s blog. the comment not yet published. i told him India has its fair share of problems already. kashmir, assam, nagaland, manipur, in fact the whole of north east, and then jharkhand, chattisgar, mumbai.. every year there are few incidences of communal flare up in India.. India should try to solve its own problems before giving silly advice to its neighbors. and about invading Nepal, well .. they can try.. they will open the Pandora’s box.. it will be like disturbing a hornet’s nest.. integration of Nepal into the Indian union will be the first step in the disintegration of the Indian union..

  25. sujan shrestha Avatar

    Buses burning, black smoke everywhere, people being killed; Welcome to a New Nepal.

  26. stoic_ros Avatar

    why all this happening ? i think the one cause is maoist and their unclear vision and the other is government.

    The maoist millisias think that they are ruling the country.Actually that is true.tHEY have never came under the govt. rules.They are doing as theY want/thier party want.For them no constitution to follw ,no rules.they can take control of others assets,they can kidnap any people on the name of CHAN BIN GARNA.They can take weapons for their security.Let say they are superior than other CIVIL PEOPLE.For

    The govt. is also the cause for these all happening.Why the govt. is not controlling the activities of maoist comrades.They are not allowed to do accroding to their wish now they are like us simple civil people.why they are not accepting this truth while prachanda has already declared that JAN SARKAR and JAN ADALAT is no more in use.
    Why govt. is being so flexible for these maoist?

    In Case of Lahan’s clash the maoist and the govt. is 100% guilty .why maoist interfere Madhesi Forum,JTTM while the Police station was there and the army camp was also there ? why govt.didn’t take action?

    Government is not only to compensate the destruction.we are not paying taxes to compensate others we want reconstruction ,renovation, we want pease and we formed this govt. but the leaders are only finding ideas to use their chair for more time.only maoist and thier weapons is not a problem there is a lot to do.

    we are not fully depends upon govt. we only want environment to work and survive our life.

  27. sandip Avatar

    The possible effects of current movement by JTMM (and other supporting groups) could be (likely scenarios though not desirable ones).

    1. Break the present fragile political arrangement through ethnically dividing movement taking it beyond the control or management by the present state. It might lead to (1) foreign intervention, may be under UN or (2) come back of King and RNA (with support of US and India).

    2. Other possibility; the growing unrest and anarchy open opportunity for Maoist to demonstrate their ability for control to maintain national unity. Though the slogan of federalism and ethnic autonomy was originally invented by the Maoist, mainstream political analysts are totally failed to understand what exactly Maoist meant by this. The ethnic autonomy could have served well for the Maoist (as a tactical tool) if they were able to win the state by complete revolution. In a centralized communist system, the local autonomy has different meaning as the communist party has supreme authority.

    But under the negotiated arrangement, Maoist clearly understands the limitation of their control and consequent risk of ethnic model. That is probably why after the Janaandolan II, Maoists are not that much vocal for this issue. It is interesting to note that it was because of Maoist’s pressure that the interim constitution was not revised (to incorporate the demands of Madhesh and Janajati groups).

    So if the new conflict (so called Madhesh vs Pahade OR Janajati Vs Khas) gets worsened further, it will provide good ground for Maoist to come forward and take the helm of the state to control the situation. Maoist leadership has already indicated such intents (See Kanak Dixit article in Today’s Kantipur). By the time Maoist joins the government, this problems might get worse showing a real possibility of full fledged communal conflict. The present government can do nothing except issuing statements or inflaming the situation by arresting peaceful demonstrators.

    Maoist has already earned good will and some degree of much needed political legitimacy by demonstrating their ability in Nepalganj case. The SPA could not hold already announced good-will rally while Maoist could hold it single-handedly. If the new conflict worsen to the crisis level and if Maoists are able to control it (perhaps through their political mobilization plus use of legitimate arm force on behalf of the state), they can easily sweep the CA election with added legitimacy as the ONLY credible force to govern a nation potentially with multiple fissures.


  28. Plain Voice Avatar
    Plain Voice

    What do People think ?

    Madhesi as a “use and throw” material.

    Nepal is having problem with India, so where does madhesi comes. Go talk and fight, what ever you feel like with India. But please both India & Nepal, leave madhesi for its shake, in your political war.

    When “Maosit Raised voice of fedaralism” it is OK. But if it is madhesis voice, it becomes against Nepal Interest.

    If Maoist raise arms, its for “Madhesi Mukti”, and if JTMM raise arms, it becomes Indian agent & King Agent.

    If Maosit fight (with arms), it finds place in parliament, If madhesis fight on street, it finds place in jail.

    Madhesis is not play ground of Indian & Nepalese politics, its Madhesh Madhesis property & livelyhood. So , plz if any one thinks Nepals sovernity & Integrity is somehow inpacted with Indian bulliness, please go talk to India, and leave madhesi on their own. If Nepal & India has right to think about its soverinity & selfrespect, so has the people of madhesh land.

    Plz note, Madhesh is not kurukshtra for Nepal & India & King war. Madheshis has its own needs, requirement, aspirations, and selfrespect, from the time of Sita, Buddha, Birath (Mahabharath), Vijaypur kingdom, Makwanpur kingdom, Dand Kingdom.

    Lahan & Nepalgunj is in Madhesh, and these people has to suffer. Neither kathmandu nor Delhi has came for rescue.

  29. sagarmatha Avatar

    I am more surprised with Mr. Sitaula motive and intentions toward solving the problem of terai. It was already forecasted by sociolist earlier, either SPA had not listened to them or they are more interested with power only.

  30. noname Avatar

    So well. I am back. Terrorism reigning supreme in Nepal to the point that even the name Nepal is at stake.

    I told you all, SPAM terrorists won’t do anything. And be ready for the Indian colonization or merger.

  31. manan Avatar

    Dumb Indians like this fellow Dipankar Biswas are the reasons India is so messed up today. I mean, how long before India splits up? Not too long. India “the union” is a farce, a joke, much like the Soviet Union was, and everybody knows it. Remember how the S.U went up? India is facing the same pressures.

    And if idiots like this Biswas chap have their way and India invades and gobbles one more country, ( i.e our Nepal) then the country will be that much closer to disintegration.

    As Winston Churchill said of India, ” it is no more a country than the equator.”

  32. manan Avatar

    “India” has already split into 3 countries. Just you wait, it will split into
    25 more. The idea that “India” is a country was the biggest joke perpetuated on the world in the last 50 years.

    Muslim vs Hindu, Sikhs vs everybody else, low caste vs high caste, center vs periphery, south vs north, that’s India for you, a perpetual list of conflicts. How can an entity like this survive for so long? The miracle of India is that it has managed to survive as a single entity ever since 1947.

  33. shaiva Avatar

    manan is right in his bigoted way. If India is to survive, it must take initiatives to become USA–United South Asia. It should begin by annexing Nepal–a punny little kingdom of bahadurs ruled by fools

  34. ahimsacitizenship Avatar

    Actually nationalism is the tendency worldwide. However there are pitfalls: undiscriminated hatred of the ‘other’which is wrong again. We need to embrace diversity India does not exist Usa does not exist, nepal is a melting pot, we need to listen to etnic minorities, we need to be a little indifferent and accept we have royalists we have opposition. Fully legal and democratic so far.

  35. Kirat Avatar

    manan-i’ve always thought about India the same way as well. It is a miracle that it has not torn itself into so many pieces. How long this ‘miracle’ will last is the billion whatever question. perhaps we Nepalis could learn something from this ‘miracle’.

  36. krish Avatar

    The demands raised by Madhesi are correct but the method using is completely wrong , everybody has to be careful and pay attention to the positive interest of whole nation. Nobody should be used by wrong person.


  37. Harlequin Avatar

    well i am not a think-tank, but from what i have observed being in Nepal for the past two years, sends chills down my spines. I have been living abroad in UK for the past twelve years, saved and made some money by working my arse off( Nepaleser living abroad should get my drift), the streets of America or Europe are not paved with gold, one has to earn every single penny. I knew i was taking a big risk in investing in Nepal, but i did it anyways. I am not here to talk bout’ my profits and loss. But ever since this so called revolution entered the mainstream politics, ..things are changing, but not the direction which the people intended it to be.
    Lemme give a brief example, there was this lad who used to live with us and handle my younger brother’s business, my brother is partially blind, so he needs trustworthy people around him. Being partially blind doesn’t mean that he should sit at home and do nothing, we supported him and he was doing good. But just bout’ a month ago, the same guy who used to live with us walked in our home along with couple of thugs, armed and robbed us. We had provided him everything that was necessary, a payroll living expenses was free, a shelter within our own house ( not in servant quaters ), a bike, cell phones ( bills paid by us). …but unfortunately he choose to make money by robbing us. This is not an isolated incident, it’s happening everyday in Ktm.
    And i blamed this so called fucked up corrupt, self serving tossers,wankers who called them self Maoist. Most of the people robbed don’t even complain to police, but i did it, while they were robbing us the proclaimed themselves as Maoist rebels. Everyone was hooded except the guy who use to live with us. They might have thought once u use this term ( Maoist), out of utter fear we wouldn’t pursue them. Who planted this seed of fear ? it’s it obvious ?. For crying out loud Hasn’t this ideology failed in every corner of the universe ?.
    As for Nepal, ninety percent of our border where trade is possible connected with India ( the biggest democracy in the world). We rely heavily on donations from first world, what infrastructure do we have? whatever little we had has almost been closed by thugs who extort money, who are they ? Maoist ? ….a simple person like me can figure out this much ? doesn’t our so called revolutionary leaders who i guess is far more educated then me realize that ? I don’t blame the nepalese people coz they are illiterate, it’s easy to brainwash them. But our leaders are playing with fire, personally i think neither India,US nor EU who are major players in world politics will allow our state to be turned into a Maoist state. Especially India, coz it will certainly have ripple effects on their side of the border,… wonder the people from Terai region revolted, and boy it worked, they grabbed these leaders right into their balls. Twenty four days of highway blockade, and us living in Ktm, ran out of basic supplies. It was tough but i loved it, yesterday Janjati morcha brought our capital to standstill. Every caste has their own forum now , where is this leading to ? …………my point is that the seed was planted by this self righteous man named Babu ram bhattrai, and his enforcer Prachanda. Now let them face the music ….oh yeah, they will face it. One more point before i stop, ….Maoist don’t want King to become the head of the state ! If u happen to drive around Ktm these days, almost every corner of the capital Prachanda’s portrait is there. What is he trying to prove ? …unless my brain serves me wrong i think he is trying to make a statement that he alone has the string to run this country. That much power to a single individual?…..
    Kathmandu right now is in a state of anarchy, the rule of law dosen’t exist here. These bastards brought this disease,……….gift wrapped into something which poor common Nepalese was made to believe ( Revolution). I believe in democracy, of course it has it’s flaws, but i believe in individual elected by the people without fear, oppression. Ruling with guns on one hand, ha! lemme finish by a quote in bible ( u will reap what u sow).

  38. Shankar Karna Avatar
    Shankar Karna

    The most important thing regarding Madheshis that anyone must remember is that Madhesh region of Nepal is not a sovereign and independent of itself. Let’s take a look. Physically it is a part of Nepal currently but ethnically it is a part of Mithilanchal and was physically too a part of Mithilanchal in past. Mithilanchal is a place where most of the people speak Maithili and infact is a mithila region that ranges from Terai parts of Nepal to northern parts of India, the capital of which is Janakpur which is located in Nepal where King Janak ruled and his palace locates here. So the aspirations of people of madhesh are more directed towards the people of mithilanchal where they have family ties and infact the motherland where people share same culture, customs and brotherhood.

    Like People born in Rukum have ties with people born in Dolpa culturally, politically and racially even if they don’t know each other but they understand people by culture and they take no time in recognizing each others. Obviously It is a natural phenomenon supported by science and similarly one who is the aborigine of Janakpur and one who is the aborigine of Darbhanga (a city in India in northern Bihar where the great poet Vidya pati was born and is a part of Mithilanchal) and both being the part of same anchal i.e. “Mithilanchal” no one can deny the fact that Mithilanchal is our home (both people living in Janakpur and Darbhanga) by birth like hilly region for pahadis. Its therefore common the internal migration taking place in Mithilanchal (eg. Some migrating from Darbhanga to Janakpur and some migrating from Janakpur to Darbhanga for their easiness and they see it migrating in their own home). Mithilanchal is a territory that occupies both the parts of India and Nepal. Infact Pahadi people want to be identified themselves by the name of Lord Sita and Gautam Buddha in the world but after recognizing they are the part of Terai and Mithilanchal they show their their outrage to madheshi people and infact become jealous at us. Its their judgement that the people of Terai are Indians and they say it because their only source of nationalism is anti-indianism.

    I don’t think there is any wrong in that because that is a truth because we had been Indians for so long and only before 238 years we physically became a part of Nepal. So there is no need to feel bad for Madheshis if somebody calls them Indian because it is Madheshis right to be called Indians. If people want to hear we calling Indians ourselves, we must tell them and clear them our identity and thus fight for that identity regarding the truth. And remember Truth always wins the battle whatever be the consequences and if not we will prove it so. We are mentally and physically prepared for that though we prefer to resolve the problem through table talk and common consensus rather than violence. But it has now been clear among all madheshis that they are not going to live under such inequality and injustice and with very negligible participation in state of affairs despite the madheshis accounting for half the population .Now we have already known that we are deciding our future and our way of living.

    And the Pahadis are fool to think that we Madheshis have forget our motherland , our culture and our social structure and accommodated in theirs because of their feudalistic power and threats under a controlled territory. Pahadis can not tolerate the fact of ties that Madheshis have to Mithilanchal of India. Besides they are always afraid of the future if whole the people of Mithilanchal comes and conquer the power in Nepal and they remain with nothing at all. But they must evaluate the consequences if that really does happen. And till now they have been successful to keep us under control knowing our weaknesses and fooling us in the name of Hinduism. They know Madheshis enjoy simple ,innocent and hard-working life with mutual understanding and brotherhood and thus they take advantage of our innocence and remain in power and utilizing all the resources that madheshis have (75% of revenue generated from terai and madheshi people) for their benefits alone. The reason they praise our valued Deepawali, Holi and chhat festival because they are well aware of our simple ,happy and brotherly life. Infact some kind of jeolosy is always there in their mind and they are aware that once we madheshis are given opportunity in state affairs we always tend to march above them politically and culturally.

    So the problem seems to be never ending for now. We must terminate the violence and look for a happy, peaceful and successful life individually. So the question arises on how we can solve the problem? Yes, there is a complete solution for this. I will tell you. There are only two ways. The first one is to fulfill the demand that the terai activists are currently demanding i.e. representation on the basis of population and declaring the Madhesh a separate state. This only ensures the Madheshis rights and their freedom and their right of self-esteem, self-actualization self-determination and self-rule because the history has shown that Madhesh never runs for the welfare of Madheshis if it it in the hand of Pahadis. This way Madheshis can make their life better and obtain a good standard of living because their resources will no longer benefit for others except for themselves and this can be obtained through peaceful revolution and table talk. We become a part of Nepal in this way not only physically but emotionally as well but with our unique identity, our own culture , our own understanding and our own way of life with self-esteem, self-determination and self-actualization.

    The second way follows the first way if the first way is not fulfilled. If the first way is not fulfilled, we madheshis compulsorily but not by our will have to go for revolution both armed and unarmed and we are determined for our identity and the truth. And we the people of Mithilanchal have always remained truthful and will remain truthful forever. And after complete freedom , its Madheshis who are going to do decide what they are going to do with their land and their motherland with a distinct identity that they are not having at present. So it’s not the madheshis who have to act or suffer now. The madheshis have for now only to look for the responses from Pahadis regarding the first way that the madheshis have sought. Its pahadis who have to act now and on the basis of their performance Madheshis are going to decide what measures they will take in future and they have already pre-decided about the action and reaction. So its better for the Pahadi government to decide on time the needs of Madheshis otherwise they have to repent in the future. Moreover, Pahadi people and Pahadi government have very few time to decide otherwise they will be the ones responsible for the mass destruction of lives and infrastructure.

    We want peace but we don’t want peace where lies injustice and inequality, negligible participation in state affairs and lack of self-determination, self-esteem and self-actualization and avoidance from utilization from our own resources and don’t want Pahadis representation in Madheshi areas. Above mentioned paragraph is my independent thought without being pressurized from Pahadis thought of unity in diversity but I love diversity in unity and this is the “aawaaz” and the general feelings and aspirations of Madheshi people. Hope the first way works.

  39. sonam Avatar

    Shankar Karna:
    You seems to be in a hurry to join the Indian Union. You say there is migration between Darbanga and Janakpur. Remeber these are two seperate countries, and you just cannot migrate. You people are misusing the open border. No wonder Govt. of Nepal has to issue so many citizenship certificates.
    you say Janakapur became a part of Nepal 238 years ago and should now seperate. Then first ask your boss: to make Kashmir, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Assam, Sikkim a seperate country, and if India does that, then Nepal should not have a problem in making Madesh a seperate country.
    Its people like you who are the root cause for spreading communial tension.

  40. scoop Avatar


    Thanks for your misplaced patriotism, but we have enough problems with guns already. Don’t you have taxes you need to pay in your country instead of talking like the great white hunter?

  41. scoop Avatar

    It amazes me what we have become, we are a nation where foreigners can come in and sample andolans and guns without it effecting their homeland. Maybe we should start a new package for tourists to come experience bandhs and andolans and how maoists function. Especially for history buffs. They can see extortion and thuggery at an extra price as well.

  42. sonam Avatar

    Madeshi say they Madesh is theirs and the pahade should leave. Forum and other Madeshi parties should keep in mind that some of the pahade came to madesh, when madesh was a jungle and malaria was everwhere.
    Most of the madeshi are have also migrated to Madesh during the past years, from neighbouring states of India. Ask any ole people of madesh and they will tell you who the old migrants are and who the new migrants are.
    This violence is being spread by the new migrants who have come about 10-15 years back.
    The govt has made a blunder in issuing citizenship certificate to every “tom dick & harry”
    Citizenship certificate should have been issued to only people who are living in madesh for the past 100 years, like that was done in Uttranchal, India and even in Assam. We should learn from these two indian states.

  43. Komeddyk Avatar

    Somebody using pheromons to attract women, whether is real it?
    Where they can be got?

  44. kashish Avatar

    dear sonam

    u seems to be very optimistic towards nepal. That’s cool,everybody wants peace just not u. People from TERAI, PAHAD, or where so ever they are from
    around this world,no one wants to die with curse slaying down from arms and ammuniation,do u?

    what’s the matter then?
    is nepal part of india ? if not what has government given to people of terai.
    except poverty more than 45-50 % of nepali are under line of poverty.

    then how development is possible ? can our gov. run trains over mountains like CHINA or US do? do government has enough income.

    yes, they have which our country get millions of dollars AID.if they use this money,no one is going to stop develpoment.KTM is very small(a piece of land),more than 50%of people from terai have to run KTM,is it right of government,making their people suffer?certainly not.

    one thing,have you ever heard of (bombs) before mao exist,have u ever heard any group,gang which evolved before maois,who taught lesson to carry sub-machinegun,and to open gangs and groups,everyone know,

    if one’s creat a terror be sure to be in terror, this is universal rule.
    one things,not only madhesi people but almost most pahade are from indian origin OR SOMEWHERE

    do ,koirala,devkota,paoudal,pokheral,every all bahuns are of nepal origin?NO THEN WHAT’S THE MATTER TO DISCUSS OVER NATIONALITY ,so their should not be religious and culture caste and creed.THOUGH IT IS IMPOSSIBLE PRACTICALLY

    (SOURCE: AMERICAN DEFENCE MINISTRY.U.S entity of nepal profile)

    not my fren,even rai,limbu,gurung,magar almost all today who are called nepali are migratants from either china,indo-china,tibet,middle -east,or somewhere………………………….please try to study lot’s of books and find then.( SOURCE: AMERICAN DEFENCE MINISTRY.U.S(entity of nepal profile)

    only nepali original inhabitat ( aboriginis ) in nepal are THARU and (KTM)NEWAR.










  45. kashish Avatar

    dear sonam,

    go through this blog and get know how tarai’s tharus has been exploited,
    who is original inhabitat and when hilli people migrated terai,which way they tactfully and stratgically snatched their property,who is resistant to malaria and many things

  46. Nepali Avatar

    Those who were Nepalis had the Nepalese certificate; those who were not should have gone back. Is there an end to the problem of Nepal’s nationhood unless all Pahadis are killed and laid to rest? Lets kill them. India needs to do this. Why to kill only King Birendra? Why to depose only Gyanendra? Why just to burn Terai like this. It should not just kill a few of them the way it is doing. It should kill all. Because there is no question of letting them live after snatching their country; their tradition; their identity. Even now after Nepalising almost 6o lakh Indians in Nepal (by distributing 22 lakh certificate), the puppet government has not said it wants to close the border. Even now New people are coming and settling in. They too will be given citizensghip. Our country has become a little India. We dont want it. We want Nepal for the Nepalis only. It was never a problem. No problem, if you want Nepal. Come and kill us; kill us all. Welcome, conme and do it. We are ready to be finished for ever. But we are not ready to see our country killed like this.

  47. Intowndiowl Avatar

    Hello. It is test.

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