Moriarty Ka Kura: Democracy Doesn't Come From the Barrel of a Gun

united states ambassador james moriarty U.S. Ambassador James F. Moriarty participated in a roundtable interview today with journalists from several news organizations. At the beginning of the discussion, the Ambassador read a statement addressing recent developments in Nepal. Here is the text:

This has been an historic week for Nepal and its people. A new Interim Constitution is in effect, which the United States welcomes. A new Interim Parliament, the product of November’s historic peace agreement, also has been formed. And the Security Council is expected to pass a resolution committing the United Nations to help ensure free and fair elections in Nepal through arms and election monitoring.

The United States supports a robust and effective role for the UN in the peace process. The commitment of UN personnel and funds guarantees increased scrutiny from the Security Council and the General Assembly. Not only will Nepal benefit from the assistance of the world body, but all the Nepali parties and leaders involved in the peace process, including the Maoists, must take responsibility for their actions in front of 192 member states.

The United States welcomes the announcement that the Maoists will dissolve their “parallel government” structures and participate in joint local governments. Since promises have proven hollow in the past, to be credible, this commitment must be fully and immediately implemented.

The parties and the Maoists have signed on to the strict cantonment of Maoist fighters and weapons, placed limits on the Nepal Army, and committed themselves to holding a free and fair election to a Constituent Assembly later this year. The United States believes the arms management process must be completed in an effective and transparent manner before the Maoists enter an interim Nepali Government. No partner in a coalition government should expect to retain a private army. Destabilization, mistrust, and insecurity invariably would result.

Democracy comes from the consent of the people, not the barrel of a gun. As the Maoists are now represented in a democratic Interim Legislature, it is time they finally and completely renounce violence, intimidation, and extortion. The Nepali people deserve nothing less.

Maoists seek ‘crummy’ guns for lockup: Moriarty

By Tilak Pokharel

United States ambassador to Nepal, James F. Moriarty, has bluntly accused the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) of trying to acquire “crummy weapons” from the Indian state of Bihar for locking up in cantonments, while retaining the “modern weapons” they already have. “…they (Maoists) are – even as we speak – trying to buy primitive, hand-made weapons down in Bihar so that they can put crummy weapons into the containers instead of the modern weapons,” said Moriarty in a roundtable interview to a select group of journalists, at the American Center Friday.

Moriarty, who is known to be an outspoken critic of the Maoists, also said the Maoists went into a “big recruitment drive” in November, as instructed by their central leadership, to “come up with a whole bunch of new recruits to put into the cantonments”. Stating that the Maoists haven’t improved their conduct much even after they entered into peace negotiations with the government following the popular April movement, Moriarty said, “On several occasions, central leadership had given orders that were very much against democracy, very much against their commitment.” The US envoy also claimed that the “big recruitment drive” took place following the CPN-M’s central committee meeting on November 10-11.

“Probably they didn’t have 35,000 members of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), but partly because they also want to keep the PLA out of the cantonments to the extent possible. [It’s] not a good sign,” he said. “Another central committee meeting [took place] in Bhaktapur. Within a few days of that, nationwide, the Maoists began to push back the police posts that had been reopened. Obviously the central committee gave orders that no police posts should be reopened until they were in the government.” He, however, said that the United Nations does have ways of understanding the age of people trying to get inside the cantonments. “They can ask questions to try and understand whether they have really been in the People’s Liberation Army,” he said. “When we talk about complete and transparent process, [what] we mean is you really do end up with mainly combatants in the cantonments and really do have a bulk of the weapons in the containers. And, the UN knows what’s the bulk of the weapons are.”

Moriarty asked the UN to make sure that real weapons and real Maoist combatants are in the cantonments. “If you [UN] don’t need to run a count, you do need, at some point, to say we are coming close to that goal. You don’t need media people sitting around containers recording what is going on…but you do need the Maoists to really hand over the bulk of their weapons.” He also made it clear that he has no communication whatsoever with the palace these days.

‘Situation in countryside horrible, thanks to Maoists’

Moriarty claimed that, during his and his officers’ extensive visits to the countryside, they saw that the conditions there are “so horrible that extortions and intimidation continue, the parties are not allowed to act freely, internally displaced persons are not allowed to return freely by the Maoists”. While agreeing that the Maoists make up a political force “in this country” and the goal here is to bring them into mainstream politics, he said, “But they ultimately will decide [through their action] whether they come into the genuine political mainstream.” But, he said things are much, much better now than a year ago. “If the Maoists improve their conduct, it will be even better.”

‘Peace process at risk if Maoists join govt before arms mgmt’

Moriarty warned that if the Maoists are included in the interim government “without effective arms management, what we are seeing is that the peace process will be at risk”. He added that if the rebels are actually inducted in the government before the arms management process is completed in “an effective and transparent manner”, it will never be completed. “We worry that… they will try to intimidate the government into doing what they want. We worry that, under those conditions, Nepal has no hope of having a genuinely free and fair elections. No partner in a coalition government should expect to retain a private army.” Prime Minister GP Koirala said Thursday that the Maoist-included interim government would be formed within 20 days.

As the Maoists are now represented in a democratic interim legislature, said Moriarty, “it is time they finally and completely renounce violence, intimidation, and extortion. The Nepali people deserve nothing less.” While welcoming the Maoists’ decision to scrap all units of the “people’s government” and “people’s courts”, Moriarty said, “Since promises have proven hollow in the past, to be credible, this commitment must be fully and immediately implemented… Unfortunately, the Maoist actions indicate that they continue to rely on violence and intimidation rather than democratic politics. But we are all hoping that this [arms management] process will change that.”

‘No US support to Maoist-led ministries’

Moriarty reiterated his government’s position that if the Maoists join the government without “improving their conduct”, “we don’t want to be giving assistance that the Maoist ministries take credit for”. He also said that the US is not contributing to the UN Trust Fund for supporting the UN mission here. “…because the Fund is also going towards helping the Maoists directly. My government is not ready to do that,” he said. “My government has understandable reluctance just to be supporting, prime part of which will go to the Maoist leadership.”

‘I hope I’m wrong’ When asked if he was proven wrong in saying last year that the reaching of the 12-point agreement between the Seven-Party Alliance and the Maoists was wrongheaded, Moriarty said, “I hope I am proven wrong.” He, however, said the Maoists to date are not giving the people “much evidence” that they genuinely believe in demo-cracy and are willing to abandon violence. “I hope we have a process that will invariably lead them there.” He said he will welcome it if what he has said about the Maoists is proven wrong again. If the Maoists allow freedom to the people and parties in the countryside to carry out their activities, Moriarty said, “[If] Moriarty is once again proven wrong… for right reasons, I will welcome that.”

Govt rules out possibility of Maoists buying weapons from India

Jan 20 – The government today ruled out any possibility that the Maoists have acquired any weapons from India and retained their modern weapons. The government reaction comes a day after US Ambassador to Nepal James F Moriarty accused the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) of trying to acquire “crummy weapons” from the Indian state of Bihar for locking up in cantonments. Talking to journalists at a press conference in the capital today, Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula said, “I cannot believe that the Maoists have acquired weapons from India.” He said that the Maoists will handover all their weapons to the UN team. “The Maoists will not use any weapons (after they are locked up).” On Friday, the US envoy told a press meeting that the Maoists were “trying to buy primitive, hand-made weapons down in Bihar so that they can put crummy weapons into the containers instead of the modern weapons.” Home Minister Sitaula also said that the Maoist arms management would be completed within the next three weeks and the former rebels would then be joining the interim government. “The arms management will be done by the end of Magh, according to Nepali calendar (February 12) and that the government will be formed within the same date,” said Sitaula. (here is more)






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    Unless Maoists’ arms are fully locked up they should not be in the Govt. I suspect these murderers’ intention, they have fooled us before. They can fool us now. Pure and simple..

  3. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I fully agree with Moriarity’s statement that unless the arms management process is complete the Maoists should not be allowed to join the government!

  4. HIV +VE Avatar
    HIV +VE

    Oh yaeh! He is damn good in his words!

  5. Neil horning Avatar

    “Democracy Doesn’t Come From the Barrel of a Gun”

    That’s interesting he should say that. What was that whole Iraq thing about then?

    As for the Maoists stoping taxation and law enforcement. This is exactly when they said they would stop it. Not before, not after. So to say that they have not lived up to their agreements in the past is not acurate. They even started allowing the police in well before they said to do so.

    This statement is useless beyond the policy interests of the United States. Legitmate Maoists are not in the interest of the United States. Remember that the U.S. advice to the SPA was to take the kings first offer in the Janaandolan II (which would have kept the Maoists sidelined). If it were up to Moriarty, the this event never would have happened.

  6. Newar from UK Avatar
    Newar from UK

    Its a fact that Maoists should decide whether to continue with their violent means or join mainstream politics. Other political parties should also very cautious in the current stage and not let any armed party like Maoist join the government. Otherwise the country will get into trap of extremism.

    If Maoists are to gain the trust of public then they must give up arms ASAP.

  7. the burningman Avatar

    Moriarty does not represent the people of the United States. He represents the criminal Bush regime and US imperialism.

    The people of the USA hate George Bush and everything he stands for: torture, war, capitalism and the ideology of conquest.

    Political power does grow out of the barrel of a gun… just like crops grow from fertilizer.

    The USA became a democratic republic through armed struggle against the British, and through the civil war that formed the Union and ended chattel slavery.

    The USA is right now at war with more countries that we can keep track of.

    Moriarty has no moral authority to say ANYTHING to Nepal. I’d also urge caution to those so afraid of the people of Nepal that they seek foreign sponsors like the CIA: they kill their own. Saddam Hussein used to be their lackey. Manuel Noriega of Panama used to be their puppet. Diem in Vietnam was killed by them when he outlived his usefullness.

    If you are willing to crawl into bed with a monster like Moriarty, not only would that be an act of treason – it would be STUPID treason. US imperialism never takes care of its puppets. It uses them until it discards them.

    Remember what they did to their friend Saddam Hussein, who they armed and assisted for years when he was no longer useful. They killed him, killed his sons – and laid waste to the whole country.


    Without the people’s war, there would be no democracy in Nepal and everybody knows it. Without the decency of the Maoists, the corrupt parties of the SPA would have no table to sit at.

    We await the Nepal constituent assembly around the world with great anticipation.

  8. Chatra Bahadur Avatar
    Chatra Bahadur

    I LOVE MORIARTY. I wish I could say the same thing about US govt, and its involvement in other countries, but in Nepal, US govt has fluctuated between right and wrong. Malinowski was a really bad person, but Moriarty is a cute little man! He speaks what is right, especially vis a vis the Maoists.

    He speaks what he thinks is right. Remember he said something in the line of if the king doesn’t want to flee clinging to the nose of helicopter, he should submit to people at the height of JanaAndolan -2? Whoelse but he could have said that.

    BUT I DON”T LIKE IT WHEN HE GOES AROUND PUBLICLY GIVING US LESSONS. What he says is sorai-ana correct, but we Nepali are a lot smarter than Moriarty bro, and he shouldn’t think he can preach us. Plus, he is just a bureaucrat from a faraway country. we are sovereign people, and we will decide what is the best for us. I miss Rana kaal, when ambassador from Britain couldn’t leave go any further than 12 miles from Kathmandu.

  9. thapakancha Avatar

    I should cut your left limb and right leg as done by maoist and then wanna ask you does with out so called Poeples war there is no democracy?? I should burn you alive when you are riding your vehicle as done in Madi and many other places and then wanna ask you isn’t this like a decent act of Maoist?

    I should shot you like Teacher Mukni Nath Adhikari, I should abduct you when you are heading to your work or home, I should do extortion,and etc….as done by your fellow and then wanna ask you isn’t this really is a peoples war?

    You guys have enjoyed on watching , reading and looking those stuffs from safe side and now have a chance to throw shit at any place. If you were those one of those murdered, then at that moment would you say, oh yeah Maoist are legitimate and doing good?

    Really that was a peoples war because they butchered helpless people and made them suffer but all the leaders are safe without any scartch!

  10. bhupen Avatar

    “thapakancha” has the points.

    But accept the peace even if it means loving the demons. Some say demons become angels over time so cross that out.

    We all humans make mistakes, not because we want to but because we are lead to. Name a leader who is genuine and I will give you Nepal land.

    Talk less, do more, accept what’s ahead, embrace for Nepal, forget the stories of guns and battles which now are the past.

    Smell some roses,
    some grasses and
    some ugly pollutions in streets and in ours hearts.
    Experience life . That’s our Nepal.

  11. BK,UK Avatar

    wot kind of sick comment writters are here in this blog? cant understand, are they working for king?

    hey journalists,,,,,,,, cant u say to shut up to that american man? its not his business to comment whats wrong and wots right. does he think nepali’s brain is full of shit?

    some comments above supporting to moriyarty, shameful guys, if u are nepali sud be ashamed. where and wen usa involvement has been good to other people in the world? kick him off…………….

  12. bihari Avatar

    Moriarti may be true… we cannot believe maoist in their words… my frens from darchula, karnali had informed me that there is mass transportation of ???? ????s from india to nepal by maoist cadres … there are speculation that maoist are fully funded and supported by indian intelligence backed by CIA….

    so we must watch their moves closely.

  13. Shanti Avatar

    US envoy is absolutly right. From the begining Maoists have not following any democratic norms and values, same evil things have been repeating even after joining in the parliament. So, there is no any possiblity of trust in maoist’s behaviours, they will be doing whatever they want. They have killed many innocent people who are still suffering. The maoists leaders have commited same crimes like some evil leaders like Hitler, Saddam, PolPot, Mao and so on had done in the world history. They were violators of human freedoms and right. They were punished. The main leaders of the Maoist like Prachanda, Baburam, Ram Bahadur, Mahara and so on must be first bring into justice against their human tarian crime. These leaders are also the enemy of the nation (Nepal) because of they have flamed the fire of racism, reginiolism, castism, therefore Nepal is in the verge of divisions on the basis of those phenomenons.
    In brief, to maintain army by the political party is always against the law. It is a criminal activity, to posses any kinds of weapons and armies. If someone commits this kind of crime he/she must be brought in to justice.

  14. ke Avatar

    Maybe maoriaty should nhot have used the democracy and barrel of the gun thiung, but let us not compare apples and oranges. The maoists are still up to no damed goog and this has nothing to do with Iraq and invasions. They are still going about this thw wrong way.

  15. nogooddialogue Avatar

    K Was to be expected
    The ONLY REASON TO OVERJOY AT interim is because the whole world knows it is partially bluff and we are not sure any leaders are leaders.
    Government is democracy.
    Democracy is possible life in Nepal.
    Enough hell realm, I wish the fighters would erase those shitty movies from their spambrains. Still I am impressed with the effort to peace. Nepal stands unique in the world. Yes I feel to say somehting good. I understand the mixed feelings. That is also good. All is mixed.

  16. Nhorning Avatar

    Shanti, Get real.

    Then go to insec:

    The Human rights violations by the state and the Maoists are approximately equal. Even after the ceasefire they are comparable (despite what you might think from the news reports). Add to this the revelation that all sentences carried out by the “People’s Court” are considered extra judicial and therefore human rights violations, and you will find some food for thought. It’s not that the Maoists don’t have anything to answer for, it’s just that they don’t have anymore to answer for than the State of Nepal, and certainly not more than the United States of America, and president bush. He has killed more than twice as many civilians in Iraq (by VERY conservative estimates) than the casualties on both sides of this conflict.

    Speaking of the United States. I seem to remember something about our civil war….
    Yeah, it looks like we managed to kill about 600,000 of ourselves at a time when we had less than twice the population of Nepal. Thats about 25 times worse by percentage of population than this conflict was.

    Of course that conflict resulted in slaves being freed. Oh, wait… So did this one.

    Really, if there is one thing to be thankful for in this whole crazy mess, it’s that neither party was American.

  17. sarki ko choro Avatar
    sarki ko choro

    Thank God for Americans..and Moriarty.. without them Maoists have had stooopid Nepalese politicians for early morning breakfast.

    No armed party in the Govt..pure and simple ifs .. no buts.

  18. thapakancha Avatar

    Horn, WHY YOU HAVEN’T BEEN NOMINATED AS MP FROM MAOIST?? I think you absolutely deserves for the same. Might be you haven’t murdered anyone yet and is the resaon?

    Hell, it’s the maoist who are directly and indirectly responsible for the current Terai unrest!

  19. Nhorning Avatar

    Oh my god! They pointed out that they had been discriminated against and marginalized! for shame! The honorable thing to do is sweep everything under the rug and pretend it’s fine. Right?

  20. ke Avatar

    I’m afraid the maoist leadership do not have any control of their militia. This is why they are still misbehaving even after joining the government. The leadership will be thinking of ways to control them – don’t be surprised if they again use force (NA+PLA) to fight their own militia if things don’t quiet down. Many people really misunderstand the fact that most of the militia do not understand or care for maoism, democracy or any other such things. They joined for the money and or the power and they won’t be giving up anytime soon. They will go with whoever keeps them in the persecption of power and with access to money through any means. Romantic notions of the maoists will be a thing of the past and for romantics to write fiction about. The recruiting ground for such thugs are now open, they are free agents so as to speak. Today it is the terai mukti, tomorrow who knows pahadi mukti or even bitter royalists!
    I’m afraid the sooner people including journalists wake up and sme;; the coffee instaed of gritting their teeth in hpe the better. The maoist leadership already have accepted this reality. The likes of Krishna Prasad Sitaula still have to come back down to earth to get a whiff of it.

  21. lahure Avatar

    oh god, this american,

    always trying to put his words in the media. b careful, the politicians, don’t eat his words.

    he is like a camelion. trying to get inside us.

    maybe he does not like nepal and us nepalese being united.

  22. noname Avatar

    Lahure and all,

    Stop giving a dog’s bone and crap to this Neil Horning. Just ignore his cheap sh*t. He is just hired and paid by the Maoist terrorists to justify their case because the Maoists know how to play the media game – a white guy supporting their terrorist cause. The owners of this blog are idiots but the rest of us needn’t be.

  23. Neil horning Avatar

    noname, I think lahure was referring to Moriarty when he said “this American.”

    At any rate, I was lying awake thinking last night, and I realized that no one is going to take me seriously if I respond to posts as I have above. I have become far to accustomed to arguing on the internet and the diminished maturity level it usually entails. Therefore, I would like to thank you for the credibility you provide by your ridiculous accusation.

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