US Backs Maoist Inclusion In Nepal Interim Legislature

Jan 17- US ambassador to Nepal, James F Moriarty today morning said that the United States welcomes the Maoist’s inclusion into the new Interim Legislature. Moriarty today made the comment during a meeting with Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala at the latter’s residence in Baluwatar this morning. According to sources, Moriarty informed the PM that Washington was positive about the recently promulgated interim constitution and the Maoist participation in the interim legislature. Meanwhile, Moriarty’s visit marks the first time any foreign diplomat met the PM in the days following Monday’s historic promulgation of Interim Constitution of Nepal-2063 that brought into effect the Maoist- included interim legislature.

Subash Nemwang appointed Speaker

Jan 17- Subash Chandra Nemwang on Wednesday was sworn in as the Speaker of the newly formed Interim Legislature-Parliament. Today’s sitting of the interim parliament formally elected the former speaker of the dissolved House of Representatives, Nemwang as the new speaker by a unanimous consent. Nemwang’s appointment was unopposed in the Interim Legislature.

Earlier today, the eight parties had agreed to continue with Nemwang and Chitralekha Yadav as the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the parliament respectively despite the CPN-M demanding the new Speaker to be someone from their party. The parties had opted for a general consensus to decide on the new Speaker instead of holding elections for the same after CPN-UML and CPN-M both lay claim to the post of Speaker.






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  1. lahure Avatar

    after all the “US” ppl are not also saying good things about that the maoists are also finally in the parliament, but still there words are carefully choosen.


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