Hello World, Maoists In Nepal Have Entered Parliament!

11.34 PM Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula is tabling the interim constitution 2063 for the approval of the house. 11.34 PM Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula is tabling the interim constitution 2063 for the approval of the house. Honestly, the great Bal Bahadur Rai is doing favolous job. It’s almost mid night and 80 plus year old octogenarian leader is reading the procedure paper finely. He just declared the approval of the constitution after no one voted against it. The meeting is now announced adjourned till tomorrow. Tomorrow is declared a public holiday.

11:14 PM Unbelievable it might seem Maoist spokesperson Krishna Bahadur Mahara who is leading the Maoist party in the interim parliament, is on the rostrum. He said, “With the promulgation of the interim constitution, the beginning of an end of monarchy in Nepal has begun. It’s a declaration of republicanism in Nepal.” Maoist chairman Prachanda, with his deputy Dr. Bhattarai on his side, is listening. Mahara is the first speaker in the first meeting of the interim parliament after the members took oath from elder member Bal Bahadur Rai. Mahara said: “We have vowed from today that we will finish the progressive restructuring of the state of Nepal and its economic and social transformation in united manner. We will begin that from politically transforming it via the election of the constituent assembly. Let’s make it (interim parliament) a forum for constructing, meaningful and result orient debate… It is necessary we develop habit of working and moving together while engaging in fair competition.”

maoist and other members of parliament taking oath

9:25 PM A historic and appealing scene is being witnessed in Nepal. Member of interim parliament, including Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, are jointly taking oath from the eldest member Bal Bahadur Rai. Maoist chairman Prachanda and his deputy Dr. Baburam Bhattarai are on the visitors’ gallery inside the parliament house to witness the proceedings.

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January 15, 2007

Hello World, (the Capitalist World, the Anti-Capitalist world, the Bourgeois World, the Proletariat World, the Anti- Proletariat World and all other Worlds in between!)

Maoist insurgents, without guns and grenades, have entered inside the legislature building

Dear all,

Putting behind their weapons in UN monitored cantonment sites (the process has started today) Maoists in Nepal have entered inside the parliament building in Kathmandu to attend the first meeting of the interim legislature. Less than an hour ago, people of Nepal via their representatives, promulgated a brand new interim constitution for the first time in the history. The interim legislature came into effect along with the interim constitution. Clad in brown jackets, 73+10 Maoist appointed members of the interim legislature were waiting outside the parliament building for formalities to get inside. Those who were fighting a violent war against the state of Nepal until a few months ago are now inside the parliament building. Yes, violent guerillas are now members of parliament. Today marks the beginning of a NEW ERA in Nepal that is bright and peaceful.

Signing off
A Nepali blogger in a merry mood 🙂

This Is How Maoists Entered Parliament

By Bishnu Budhathoki

Kathmandu- The road to parliamentary democracy, for those living with guns and bullets for over a decade, can indeed be unusual. While preparing to enter the parliament building in Singha Durbar on Monday, the Maoists too faced a number of hurdles, that would appear funny to others.

* Maoist Chairman Prachanda, who probably had never entered the Singha Durbar premises before the peace process started post-April 2006, didn’t know where the parliament building was located. When Home Minister Krishna Sitaula reached the Parliamentary Party Office (PPO) of the CPN-Maoist, which is just a stones-throw away from the main parliament building, to call Prachanda and his deputy Dr. Baburam Bhattarai for a meeting with the Prime Minister at the latter’s Chamber in the Parliament building, Prachanda looked visibly lost. “Sitaula ji, where is (PM’s chamber located) and how can we get there?” Prachanda asked. Then, Sitaula led the duo to the PM’s Chamber where they held a two-hour long meeting, (regarding how parliament business is run) with PM Girija Prasad Koirala and other leaders of the seven-party alliance.

* At around 6:30 pm, after coming out from the Chamber, Prachanda and Bhattarai asked the PM’s security guards about where their own guards vanished, as they couldn’t spot them around. Dr. Bhattarai thought ringing their cell phones would help. As cellphone connections have been blocked inside the parliament building, his efforts proved futile. Furious, the engineer-turned-politician sought help from the PM’s guards. One of them went to the PPO and returned with Maoist spokesperson Krishna Bahadur Mahara, who later led them to their office. After reaching the office, both Prachanda and Bhattarai, rebuked their security guards and asked, “Why didn’t you stay outside the Chamber?” In reply, Maoist guards said, “The security personnel of the establishment scolded us and stopped us outside the parliament.”

* At around 3:00 p.m., 73 Maoist representatives for MPs, including some of their supporters, entered Singha Durbar in a bus. Ten other non-Maoists, picked by Maoists for MPs, had already reached there at 2:00 p.m. After Hishila Yami distributed gray coats to most of the 73 representing her party in the interim legislature, she turned to the 10 “independents” staying in a separate room and said, “You ten members are free to wear or not to wear [these] coats.” Then, she approached retired Major-General Kumar Phodung (formerly of the then Royal Nepali Army) and said, “You represent the old establishment who is entering into a new system.” After Hishila retreated, Phodung expressed his displeasure at her statement with other nine members. “It is still hard to understand them.”

* According to Maoist leader Barsha Man Pun aka “Ananta”, Narayan Prasad Sharma, 78, from Dang is the oldest member in the interim legislature from the Maoists. He also added that the youngest was 25 years old. Seeing the young women lawmakers, a male MP of the dissolved House of Representatives quipped, “Seems like we will fall in love.”

* When it was time for the comrades to move to the main parliament building, an official with the Parliament Secretariat arrived at the Maoists’ office and led the soon-to-be lawmakers of the Maoists to the House. It was former Prime Minister and Chairman of Rastriya Janashakti Party, Surya Bahadur Thapa, who greeted the Maoist team led by Mahara before anyone else could do.

And, this was how the Maoists entered into the building from where they were declared terrorists for the first time in November 2001.

It Was ‘Grey Coat’ Day For Maoist Lawmakers

By Lekhnath Pant and Baburam Kharel

Lalitpur- It was 2:00 pm. Parliament session had already begun. But there was fast movement of people at the central office of Maoists in Kupondole. Some were visibly anxious and craning their necks to get a glimpse of something. Right at the moment, a taxi arrived. Some of them rushed toward the taxi, took away some grey coats and entered a room. They were the newly nominated parliamentarians of CPN-Maoists who were waiting for grey coats, a ‘dress code’, prepared by Maoists for their lawmakers. After about an hour, 41 Maoist lawmakers came out of the room in grey coats.

However, Maoist Central leader Matrika Yadav was in his own attire, representing the Madhesi community. “I am entering parliament in my own dress. I don’t think dress code is suitable at a time when we are entering another war of equality,” he said. Interestingly, the Maoist party had ordered Tip-Top Wear at Bagbazaar yesterday to prepare 67 grey coats for their lawmakers. The tailor, due to short notice, could prepare only 41.

A worker at Tip-Top, preferring anonymity, said they had to work on a tight-schedule to fulfill the Maoist order. “We couldn’t prepare all 67 grey coats because of power cut at night,” he said. 83 Maoist lawmakers represent their party in the interim parliament. Dharmashila Chapagai, a Maoist parliamentarian said their party had already decided to enforce dress code for them in the interim parliament. “The party wanted uniformity among its parliamentarians in the interim parliament,” she said.

Yadav, who looked visibly happy about entering parliament in the evening said, “Our party will give much priority to constituent assembly polls.” Asked, why Maoist leaders not only enforce dress code but also seem to be living a luxurious life, he said his party leaders have been using cars and planes not for luxury but because they were the needs of the moment. As Maoist lawmakers were preparing to head toward parliament in the evening, Lekharaj Bhatta, another Maoist lawmaker in grey coat, was standing alone outside the central office. “As it was difficult for me to recognize all my lawmakers, the dress code has helped me alot,” he said.

Hishila Yami, another Maoist lawmaker in grey coat was busy talking to foreign journalists. “It’s a new practice and we are committed to introduce ourselves through our good deeds,” she was greeting some foreign journalists at the office. Another Maoist lawmaker on his cell phone, was busy telephoning security personnel stationed at Singha Durbar where the parliament building is located. He was saying, “There will be three big buses, two motorcycles and eight to nine private cars entering Singha Durbar.” He was making sure Maoist vehicles would get access through security check at Singha Durbar.

Finally, all Maoist lawmakers, only 41 in grey coats, headed toward Singha Durbar in the evening.






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  1. finderling Avatar

    congratulations from europe!

  2. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Let them fight inside the parliament so that we could travel anywhere in Nepal without fear.

  3. finderling Avatar

    lol – just tried the automatic translation… doesn’t make too much sense, but it’s great fun anyway! ;- )

  4. HIV Avatar

    Hope all of them will not fight and the reactionaries won’t get any chance to materialise their conspiracy.

  5. HIV +VE Avatar
    HIV +VE

    This is the good chance that we can kill em there and take the revenge of 14 000 life so far! But Prachande ..and other baboons are little clever in the sense that wants to die elsewhere…. they have no courage to face us there.

  6. ????? ????? Avatar
    ????? ?????

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  7. 1whocandie4u Avatar

    It’s a great day for Nepali people and we can hope tht it can change the shape and fate of this country.

  8. 1whocandie4u Avatar

    Where are photos of this historic session?

  9. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    There are some pictures in Yahoo.

  10. BK,UK Avatar

    hello badri,,,,,,,,,, u will see wot they are doing, i mean maoists, wait and see who has contributed to the nation and who has more studied about the problem of nepal and nepalese, let them practise democracy in the country, control is in people’s hand if people are dynamic n well educated about politics, if again people vote for RAKSI AND MASU nothig gonna change in the country.

  11. HIV +VE Avatar
    HIV +VE

    Kill them!

  12. Patriot Avatar

    The priority agenda of this govt apart from CA elections must be to parallely address concerns of other agitating parties like Madhesis, Janjatis, Dalits etc.

    Of course the state must not be taken hostage by militant orgs like JTMM at this crucial juncture of our nation’s history.

  13. Bubblebomb Avatar

    Nepal made histroy not only in Nepal but also in the world. This is how we can unite and the question of Madesi will be solved soon.

    We are all human the rights for all are must. But we can also share the resources if we can arrive to a constructive dialogue to acheive it democratically.

    Let us all make peace and democracy for all Nepali regardless of labeling people with Madesi and Pahadi attributes. We all have to live our lives in peace and freedom.

  14. Guyfromktm Avatar

    now that we have a “tikay” parliament sans all the regressive forces, I hope we can make some decisions in favor of the Nepalese people and to which the bloated parliament can be held accountable. However, it is not clear what will be the process to hold these people accountable for the next 3-5 years before the first elected government udner a new constitution will assume power. In the meantime, we can only keep our fingers crossed, hope that the doomsayers are wrong and that these people (with a history of corruption and bloodbath) will work for the interest of this country. Let’s also hope that we are not slowly slipping into being a communist state under the weight of the terrorists and the UML.. let’s also hope that this small nation is not divided into pieces in the name of federalism– and let’s also hope that the voices of the forces like JTMM will not be ignored as was the Maoists mvoement ignored during its early days. There is little to rejoice at the moment because this is just the beginning and we have a very log history of spoiling a good start– however, all this shouldn’t stop us from being hopeful if not euphoric.

  15. Afno Kura Avatar

    yeap, this is great achievement that we have get success in bringing the forces which has carrying weapons and fighting voilently into the peaceful political democratic competition. We have got success in bringing them inside the parliament who used to blame that parliament is the place where dogs’ meat were sold showing goats’ heads.

  16. Afno Kura Avatar

    well, happy interim constitution, happy begining of a new nepal, begining of a democratic republicanism.

  17. Afno Kura Avatar

    NOW, it’s the time of discussing about the restructuring of the system and the process of constitutional assembly.

  18. chande munde prachande Avatar
    chande munde prachande

    If saddam deserves undignified execution due to 148 shia killings, our prachanda deserves 100 undignified execution for more than 148 times 100 killings in the villages of nepal. He tried to thrive on the power of weapons, and he has the curse of millions of nepalese. Civic society has voice against government, Hari roka n khagendre kaka can write about government misdeeds, krishne pahadi n his gang can pressurize government, but no one talked about the unjust of maoists. Not even kantipur daily. All cowards silent about the loopview all people are feed upon. Your time is coming Prachande n f[icd] followers. You are destined to die like street dogs. BEWARE ass[icd].

  19. gooddialogue Avatar

    Pluriform Diversity to keep all happy after voting cow vote intllligent, how about stop verbal violence and lets get civilized.

  20. sagarmatha Avatar

    Gun won the battle.Now time for JTMM and Khumbwan and Limubawan after that and New Mukti Morcha, Karnali Pradesh (maybe Khas) everyone going to raise the gun for their demand. This is going to be the trend of demanding and raising the voices in Nepal. It is nice, peace has occured atleast in one sector but many sectors are to be solved in the future.

  21. stoic_ros Avatar

    yea its seems good that smg slr is turning into pillars of nation….let see how much strong it will be?

  22. Rinjan Avatar

    At last long, Maoists have entered into interim parliament which shows their acceptance on democratic politics. More than one decade civil war, of course, has taught them to choose right way to go. Anyway, this is a very good omen to all people to think about so called ” New Nepal”.
    Maoist party, representing Interim legislature with 83 candidates, is not able to convince people that they are seriouly taking the peace process matter since most of the senior leaders are still outside the interim legislature. This sort of step taken by the Maoist party makes people confused and turn their fear on.
    Now the time has come in front of Maoists to present themselves as a party that will do for people and will never go on voilence again.

  23. Neil Horning Avatar

    sagarmatha. That is a common concern. However I don’t think the other insurgencies will materialise in the same way that the Maoists did. You may want refer to Chalmers Johnson’ theory of revolution that I summarise here:

    If a new transfer culture is created that successfully synchronises the division of labor and the structure of values, then the society becomes stable. It has very little to do with arms being a legitimate way to gain political power. Political power comes from arms. It always has, and it always will. It’s not something that Mao (or the Maoists) came up with at all. Mao was simply paraphrasing Clausewitz. The question is over who will follow you once you raise up arms. If Most Nepali people (especially those in the terrai) feel that their aspirations are at least being addressed by this new Parliament, then the other insurgencies will disintegrate as they lose relevance. Such is the fate that Most revolutionary organisations suffer.

  24. justice Avatar

    Why can’t somebody posts the pictures of gray coats and other stuff they descrbe they saw?

    Honestly, this blog is much better with pictures (only) than lengthy description.

  25. HIV +VE Avatar
    HIV +VE

    Neither nepal made history nor that was a heyday as attributed! The Basic questions are still there like the mountains! Few persons entered the Durbar with the grey coat: It doesnot necessarily mean that all Nepalese will able to meet their basic needs. There is no reason to be happy!

  26. shayam Avatar

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  27. Jesus Avatar

    Yes Yes….Just remember that years of bloodshed, mercyless killings and looting by the Moaist will not be forgotten. Just because you enter the parliament doesnt mean the soul purifies itelf. We will only forgive you if you sacrifice yourself to develop and give life back to the families who remain without children, fathers and sons.

  28. Jesus Avatar

    This blog very very biased. I dont see any news talking against the Maoist. It is rather a statement and a command…not a place to analyze…there is nothing to learn here.

  29. Jesus Avatar

    I’m also very dissappointed and alarmed that much of the leading media and newspaper sources in Nepal are biased…There is no true spirit and form of journalism

  30. Bhupen Avatar

    Are there Journalists in the Kingdom who have analyzed these components and have they ever brought these to the public. If not? Can we expect these to come out – the time has come!

    (1) Killing by Maoists
    (2) Killing by Royal Army (Cross that out — Nepal Army)

    Did the #1 killed more than the #2 ? Did the #1 raped more girls than #2 ? Who is the bad guy and who is not ? Isn’t this time of reconciliation.

    Better to hug peace than any war.
    Love your enemies.
    Tell yourself your are a senior.
    God will Forgive you!

  31. sameer Avatar

    this is good lesson to the other countries which is in civil and other types of internal war. we, nepalese once again have proved that we can and i mean can solve our internal problem ourselves.

    let’s prove it.

  32. Peace Avatar

    Well, people shoud start thinging positively not negatively. Finally we have peace in Nepal. Doesn’t matter Maoist or Congress or “any” we are all Nepali and we are talking about Nepali people. Whatever Maoist did before they did it for Nepali People. People who are living in Kathmandu may not see what was the reality in the past but people in village areas who suffered the most. Now time is coming for Nepali people and we should think of what will be the best for our people. We are all Nepali. Please think Positively.

  33. UWB Avatar

    Maoists in parliament: then and now.

    maoists in parliament

    A cartoon by Dovan Rai [UWB received this cartoon in email and posted on her behalf on 17 Jan]

  34. Freemind Avatar

    The inevitable happened and it happened the better way without bloodshed but still why don’t the Maoists renounce violence completely and start trusting those that have not held weapons for a long time….. For Nepalese people’s sake let those in the interim parliament think before doing anything rash….

  35. HIV +VE Avatar
    HIV +VE

    Chande Mundae Prachande::::
    You are absolutelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy right!!! Prachande deserves immediate execution! So called few fellows ALSO deserves shit in their mouth!
    LETS EXECUTE PRACHANDE AT FIRST! Need few JALLAD? Do you have any idea where can we get Jallads??

  36. akela Avatar

    samay balwan huncha bhaneko sanchai rahecha. Raja le utpanna garayeko maobadi bhandai rajaniti garne prajatantric party haru aja uhi raja lai phaldai maobadi ko saran ma gayi antarim sarkar ghathan garna pugeka yi prajatantrabadi lai ke bhanu.

  37. anjan Avatar

    What did they change? Except killing afew hundred.
    Its was the same pirlament with same people in it. The politicans are the same except a few more “an-padh”s added.

  38. odobbybix Avatar

    Ya prishol

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