Peace Process Update: Maoists All Set To Join Sarkar

maoist arms container airlifted

A Nepali Army helicopter ferried two containers Friday (11 Jan) from Tulsipur, Dang to Rolpa from where the Maoist party started the armed struggle against Nepali regime a decade ago. Maoist’s weapons will be stored in the containers that were brought to Tulsipur from Birjung via road. Containers were dropped at Maoist’s Fifth Division Headquarters in Dahaban. A team of former Gurkha soldiers that was recently hired by the government as per the understanding with Maoist is expected to arrive here today. Bibek, the co-commander of the division said the process of arms management will start after the team arrives. Pics and details by Sudarsan Rijal via Kantipur

Maioists are all set to join the government. Now is the time to deal with JTMM

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle Street Journal

It seems joining a government is far more complex and involves to many procedures and formalities than launching a revolutionary movement. Take the case of CPN Maoist for example. Ten years ago they sent a group to Singha Durbar with a paper containing 40 points of demand. The then prime minister Sher Bahadur Deuba didn’t meet them and were barred from entering the country’s central administrative premise. They started insurgency attacking police posts in remote Rolpa district and other areas with handmade guns and lathis.

After the success of the historic peoples’ uprising in April, Maoists are engaged in direct talks with the ruling Seven Party Alliance and the government and, to the relief of Nepali people, both sides have achieved a lot of progress. We saw the lavish signing ceremony for the comprehensive peace agreement, formulation of interim constitution, allocation of seats in the interim parliament etc. Maoists recently made public their foreign policy and yesterday they disclosed a list of names that will represent their party in the interim legislature. They have claimed that the list is inclusive and represents Nepal just like they have been advocating for. Soon they will announce names for the interim cabinet. Maoists are all set to join the government, historic government I should say. We are creating and experiencing too many histories this season.

Many people have been saying that Maoists are getting that many seats in the interim legislature without taking part in democratic elections. Yes but I see no reason in complaining like that. This is a totally different situation and this is all happening to hold the most important election (of constituent assembly) within a few months.

Bargaining for several positions and numbers are going on and will continue in near future but everyone seems satisfied and happy. There is one disappointing part though: Terai Janatantrik Mukti Morcha. The break away faction of the CPN Maoist in Terai region is demanding autonomy for the area and is continuing violent activities. It has called Terai banda today and normal life is disrupted in certain key areas of Terai like Janakpur. To demand autonomy in Terai region at this point and in this manner is no different from demanding the secession. I see some kind of conspiracy against the state of Nepal in TJMM activities. Yes, I agree the state of Nepal must address the issues related to Terai but all the Seven Party Alliance and the Maoists must be united to deal with this snake called TJMM.






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  1. raj Avatar

    Pandora’s box is open and an armed struggle is paid through Maoists entry into the ruling clique. No wonder that TJMM now is asking a solid piece of cake like the Maoists. The great Raute king or Mukhiya too was asking a very small piece of safe jungle from Maoist leader Prachand (hakim saheb in their term) , though the armless miniscule minority had hardly any chance to get it. No wonder if TJMM leaders want a swaraj carved out of Madesh and Dr.Baburam Bhattarai gives them as Hishila Yami wants a Newar swaraj in this capital valley and her husband provides her that swaraj. Minister Amik Sherchan correctly indicated to let Maoists to negotiate with TJMM as TJMM is justing raising the slogan raised by Maoists and TJMM was just a part of Maoists. Maoists now try to avoit TJMM. Funny!

  2. sameer Avatar

    This is all small parts of the the steps that Nepal is taking for a better and more stable Nepal. Hope these small steps continue and peace be finally restored. During this transition time, the top leaders and the policy makes should not be deterred by small anti peace people. These anti peace people should be seperated and be kept out of.

    At, last the maoists are also in the parliament. Hope they do not have their kind of “tough rules” as they had in the jungles and if they do have hope these rules also apply to themselves first.

    Give Peace A Chance. – John Lennon

  3. Rinjan Avatar

    Now maoists are about to join the government. It is a breakthrough in Nepalese politics.No doubs, it adds one more brick on peace process and helps to conduct the most important election of constituent assembly. Maoist party has also put on some more responsibilities after they become a part of government. Most of the people are awaiting to see outstanding performance by the Maoist leader as they are in power holding position. It is my suggestion to Maoist leader that they should come up with new vision and progressive thoughts. This is the right time to do something good and make them difference.
    At the onset of endorsement of interim constitution and joining government by Maoist party, Terai Jantantrik Mukti Morcha(JTMM) is raising disappointments through different public harasshing activities. At this moment, eight parties along with Maoist should take this issue seriously and find the way of solution. Ignorance of other demands or giving damn care may result complications in future just like Maoist. Besides 8 partiess, civil socielty, humantarians and other political parties should also be included in jumbo interim parliament to collectively work with.

  4. sagarmatha Avatar

    Look where we are now……


    Based on feedback by a reader

    Though April movement might have brought some change for Pahadis, Madheshi are still untouchable for the Nepalese government, which deputy prime minister revealed in his talk in Hetauda: “…government WOULD NOT SIT in the talks with the Jwala Singh faction of the JTMM which has been involved in a number of recent violent activities in the Terai belt…” (Kantipur). If government doesn’t want to sit for talk and address the issue, what does government want? He stated that very clearly as well: the government wants MAOIST to ‘solve’ this? The government wants Maoist to fight and kill these Madheshi, commit a mass-annihilation of Madheshi. And it’s not just speculation. When Maoist were killing Madheshi and JTMM activists, even after signing the truce agreement, did the government ever consider killing of Madheshi by Maoist as violation of the agreement and ever spoke about it? No. When Maoist threatened some Pahadi, then the government warned Maoist to abide by the agreement, but not when Maoists were killing Madheshi. It always wants such thing to happen, and possibly in larger scale, recently even seen in Nepalgunj where Pahadis were looting and burning and raping Madheshi, while government officials and security personnel watched on the spot. And now, government wants Madheshi to be finished-off, and eight-parties have decided to give a “contract for finishing-off Madheshi” to Maoists.

    Home Minister KP Sitaula’s comment later came just as a cover-up for the conspiracy undergoing in government and party offices against Madheshi. It was definitely not deputy PM’s personal opinion, as Sitaula wanted to make it appear, as deputy PM clearly stated “..eight parties had handed Maoists the responsibility of..”.

    What is left there for Madheshi now, other than to unite and make themselves stronger and stronger and fight against these forces conspiring and preparing for annihilation of Madheshi?

  5. bpb Avatar

    The bandas being called by ‘Janatantrik Tarai Mukti Morcha aka JTMM’ are worthless and are depicting the deteriorating condition of the nation. I don’t know why communal violence is being provoked by Madheshi brothers and sisters. Revolution is necessary but giving heaps of trouble to native Nepali brothers and sisters through these shutdowns won’t do any benefit. We should believe in an integrated Nepal where Madhesiz , Pahadez, Dalits and Brahmins coexist in harmony. Those dominating anyone on the basis of region, religion, colour, caste and creed should be treated as per the law. I heartly request all Nepalese revolutionary factions to work for stable and prosperous Nepal.

  6. Guyfromktm Avatar

    “Many people have been saying that Maoists are getting that many seats in the interim legislature without taking part in democratic elections. Yes but I see no reason in complaining like that. This is a totally different situation and this is all happening to hold the most important election (of constituent assembly) within a few months.”

    Just two questions– what if the election gets postponsed for at least a year– will these hand picked “tikey” parliamentarians continue to make decisions for us?

    Secodn question – why couldn’t some of these corrupt parties give up some of their seats proportionately so that the terrorists could also be accomodated– why did we have to increase the number of parliamentarians (if it was only to hold the elections as you suggest) and increase the annual budget of the parliament by a whopping 63 million rupees. Is this what the April revolution had aspired for?

    And here is an update after the tikey parliamentarians names were announced by the terrorists yesterday:

    – Maoists threw away all preparatory goods and articles belonging to the police post at Bhotechaur VDC, Chautara (Sindhupalchowk district) and pressured the policemen to turn back from the village.
    – According to locals, Maoists cadres chased away a 15-member police team from Chheda of Gothpaani VDC in Kavre district.
    – Activists of Nepal Students’ Union, Nepal Students’ Union (democrat), ANNFSU and ANNISU- R chased supporters of the monarchy, who had assembled at a building in Nuwakot district to mark The Prithivi Jayanti on Thursday (11th Jan, 07).
    – People of age between 22 to 61 are suffering in Maoists’ detention centres in Harnamadi VDC-7 in Makwanpur district.

    But the same hoodlums are now also going be a parliament- and god knows for how long– what a joke!!

  7. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    Maoists started their revolution with a HANDFUL of people. Slowly they became
    undefeatable. At present JTMM too has few cadres. But, it is the right time
    for the government to negotiate with them at any cost. IGNORING or SUPPRESING
    them will not help as we have seen in last 10 years. But, the foolish goverment
    is speaking the same language as used by the then PM Shere against Maoists.
    Negotiation at this juncture will be easier else we will be losing not only our
    people but may be our teritory also.

  8. Vahsek Avatar

    When they are in the government they should be responsible. More responsible towards people. They should give up propagandist modus operandi, which has been their weapon for years.

  9. Jesus Avatar

    Ok people didnt celebrate Phrithivi Jayanti, fine thats understandable. But, its ridiculous and absurd that antagonists stole and damaged statues of kings or those related to royalty. If they dont realise, the royal presence has been a part of our history whether one likes it or not, and the statues are only symbolic manifestations. Only brutal violent illiterate and extremists would resorts to cheap acts like that. I’m even greatly surprised how people cannot stand a different perspective and a opinion in this country, they take it as a challenge. People should learn to grow up and be more diplomatic. I doubt most of the public in any decisions they make, which are mostly propelled either by self-interest or hate. There is no room for hate and jealousy among nepalese now.

  10. jazmine Avatar

    The Maoist CPs of India and the Philippines already attacked the Maoist CP of Nepal for agreeing to join the government. What do you want? A never-ending armed struggle?

  11. the burningman Avatar

    I don’t think “attack” is the right word. They are cautious because they live in countries that are nominally “democratic republics” and see how democracy has a class content like everything political.

    If the state is not rebuilt root and branch, and a New Democracy formed which guarantees national and popular sovereignty – then the fight would have been for nothing. Much of the world is nominally democratic. That is just a word.

    Will the people rule? The excluded castes, oppressed nationalities, masses of people?

    But other Maoists have not attacked the CPN-M. There is caution, along with celebration for the great accomplishments of the People’s War.

    On the U.S. Maoist blog Red Flags there has been some extensive discussion about this, along with links to relevant documents from the CPN-M, the CPI-Maoist and some other sources.

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