Nepal Peace Process: MP Blame Maoists, Prachanda Directs His Cadres

Members of Parliament have accused Maoists of not being serious about the upcoming elections of the constituent assembly (CA).

Speaking during the special session of the House of Parliament, the MPs Wednesday said that the frequent Maoist muscle-flexing and obstruction to the reinstatement of village secretaries and displaced police posts had shown that they were still not serous regarding the upcoming elections to the constituent assembly.

MP from CPN-UML Pradeep Nepal pointed out the necessity of setting up an interim government immediately so as to make the Maoists more responsible towards the CA.

Expressing concerns over the continued extortions and donation drives, Nepal urged the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist to be responsible towards the CA polls.

Romi Gauchan Thakali urged the Maoists to immediately correct their ways stating that their recent activities would have a negative impact on the planned CA elections.

Warning that barring the reinstatement of displaced police stations and VDC secretaries would only delay the distribution of citizenship certificates, Thakali urged the Maoists to reconsider in this regards.

Chetan Rai accused the government of remaining indifferent towards controlling the Maoist excesses.

Claiming that the recent unrest in Nepalgunj and Birtamode were examples of “attempts by royalists to disrupt the CA elections,” Rai sought the government’s attention in this regard.

Likewise, MP Ratna Prasad Sharma Neupane said that Maoists – under their parallel government — were threatening people in the rural areas. He urged the government to incorporate the Maoists in the interim government to bring back a sense of security.

Prachanda directs his cadres to assist rebuilding police posts

Chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (CPN-M) Prachanda Thursday directed all his party cadres to assist the government in rebuilding the police stations in hills and Terai belts that were displaced during the decade-long insurgency.

Issuing a press statement today, Maoist Chairman Prachanda said that the directive was issued in a bid to expedite the issuance of interim constitution and setting up of interim legislature as well as to hold the election to the constituent assembly by mid-June.

Prachanda also gave special directives to the party cadres, asking them to “assist VDC secretaries in the electoral process and leaders of political parties in the election campaign.”

”Failing to hold the Constituent Assembly elections by mid-June and to issue the interim constitution and legislature in time will effectively render these decisions meaningless,” said Prachanda.

He also clarified that the government’s unilateral directives for the reinstatement of police stations and VDC officials had created a “difficult situation.”





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